PWE :: Volume #13

#1219: Victory and defeat

Saa Garne to look at look bad Galos, the brow tight wrinkle, gripped tightly the scepter to sigh to choose to draw back finally to observe, once now will begin to solve the Kundala entire alliance army to look down upon Holy Church, the vision looks at the Ye Cang's back, after the hope, will not be the enemy.. 撒加恩看着神色不善的阿加洛斯,眉头紧皱,紧握着权杖最后还是叹了口气选择了退开观战,现在自己一旦动手解决昆达拉整个联盟军都会看不起圣教庭,目光看着叶苍的背影,希望以后不会是敌人。。 Ye Cang lifts the hand to raise own Godly Artifact, the heart of present six spirits turned into the heart of chaos, contained 8 Godly Artifact shapes, both hands has flung Arsenosh blade, Iraq , Pakistan are many blood slaughter sickle double held in the hand, the green spear/gun back of Mallow is carrying on the back, Wei Leahey tide dagger in waist, reason that he dares to propose that duel one was the Godly Artifact nature change, second is the rank is also lower than Lin Le the battlefield last present 3 levels, and had the possibility of fighting, let alone Kundala was not the most flourishing condition. 叶苍抬手升起自己的神器,如今的六神之心变成了混沌之心,包含了8种神器形态,双手一甩阿森罗什・奥刃,伊巴多・血屠弯刀双持在手,玛露丝的绿枪背在背上,薇利希尔的潮汐匕首在腰间,之所以他敢提出单挑一个是自己神器质变化,第二是等级在战场上现在也只是比林乐低3级,并不是没有一战的可能,何况昆达拉并不是全盛状态。 Come.” Kundala living time in mainland is well-known Sword Saint, looks that Ye Cang's holding the blade acts, knows that the opposite party is also a expert. “来吧。”昆达拉活着的时候在大陆就是知名的剑圣,看着叶苍的持刀动作,知道对方也是一个好手。 Ye Cang adds for oneself holds the storm to protect the shield, Lightning Shield, the shade escapes to arrive at Kundala behind, the blood moon/month sickle incarnadine the space, the blade glow has assumed to cancel the chain saw of blade sawtooth back and forth instantaneously in the space, but the frost prison the card in the chain saw, the hand guard had already fought with the fists, in had planned that arcane marks on own mysterious blade, sank fierce Strength to pull the chain saw to turn round to cut to chop to him. 叶苍为自己加持风暴护盾,闪电护盾,影遁来到昆达拉身后,血月弯刀瞬间染红了空间,刀芒呈勾刃锯齿在空间中来回链锯,但霜狱早就卡在了链锯中,护手一拳打在了打算奥术标记自己的奥刃上,沉猛的力量拉断了链锯回身斩砍向了他。 Ye Cang changed to the current pulse to spread out to avoid to cut to strike frost, extracts Anya in heart of chaos to hunt for the bow to project several arrow beast soul nail thorns, Kundala raises the sword to keep off the arrow once more, prepared to sprint, but Ye Cang projected again at the same time raised green spear/gun Dashing Straight Thrust immediately, but , the spear/gun blade has passed through Kundala with the hand of frost prison, Kundala waved the arms about, but Ye Cang had already let go, the two blades chaotic dance, the arcane missile, the blood blade chain saw interwove, receives Ao Ren, left the Jam al organ, duplicated the flowered person to turn into the Ye Cang's appearance, and received the Ye Cang's al organ, unceasing displaying department of botany magic, unceasing using roaring flame. Sunflower and the others the plant diverts Kundala, another side Ye Cang takes back two blades, holds permanent moon/month chanted moon/month of double staff, poured into the earth, the star light crashes!! The light of myriad stars are similar to the meteor crash to go toward Kundala! Receives the stick to draw out the dagger summon tide to shove open, evades the ice wind purgatory, holds the bow to tantivy the fire to divert once more, mysteriously appears and disappears faintly recognizable illusory. 叶苍化作电流脉冲拉开了距离躲开冰霜斩击,抽出混沌之心中的奥诺娅猎弓射出几箭兽魂钉刺,昆达拉提剑再次挡下了箭,准备冲刺,但叶苍再射出的同时立马就提起绿枪直线冲刺而至,枪刃贯穿了昆达拉拿霜狱的手,昆达拉甩手但叶苍早就松手了,双刀乱舞,奥术飞弹,血刃链锯交织,收奥刃,出珈妙的花器,复制花人变成了叶苍的样子,并接过了叶苍的花器,不断的施展植物系魔法,不断的用烈焰。向日葵等人植物牵制昆达拉,另一边叶苍收回双刀,持恒月・咏月双法杖,灌入大地,星光坠落!!万千星辰之光如同流星般朝着昆达拉坠落而去!收杖拔出匕首召唤潮汐推开,躲过冰风炼狱,再次持弓急奔射击牵制,神出鬼没飘渺虚幻。 The Ye Cang's forms of combat made CloudDragon, FlameEmperor and the others see a complete body of octagon Ranger, Kundala was affirms strongly in his, transformation far and near thing demon that and other attack methods but he not measured through the fairy continually were consuming Kundala, has been able to see that Kundala was getting more and more slow in the consumption, responded also gradually has not started was so rapid. 叶苍的战斗方式让云龙,炎皇等人看到了一个八边形游侠的完全体,昆达拉是肯定强于他的,但他通过神鬼莫测的变换远近物魔等攻击手段持续的消耗着昆达拉,已经可以看得出昆达拉在消耗中越来越迟缓,反应也渐渐的没有开始的时候那么迅速。 But the overspeed loach that in the Kundala eye Ye Cang probably cannot catch, draws a sword to keep off the beast soul arrow, just had to launch the offensive the thought that saw the holding a spear/gun nail punctures, but Ye Cang, aggrieved incomparable, he each time accurate passes through own right hand, cancels itself and resonance of frost prison, then has the issue the green spear/gun, oneself vitality is also passing, this should be Iraq , Pakistan many abilities, is the bow!? 昆达拉眼中叶苍就好像一只怎么也逮不住的超速泥鳅,拔剑挡着兽魂箭,刚有发起攻势的念头,就看到了持枪钉刺而的叶苍,憋屈无比,他每次都会准确无误的贯穿自己的右手,取消掉自己和霜狱的共鸣,那把绿枪有问题,自己生命力也在流逝,这应该是伊巴多的能力,又是弓吗!? Ye Cang once more two blades chaotic dance, when Kundala thinks must spread out, Ye Cang draws out the striking distance of tide dagger resisting frost prison to assassinate personal! 叶苍再次双刀乱舞,当昆达拉以为要拉开距离的时候,叶苍拔出潮汐匕首抵制霜狱的攻击距离贴身刺杀! The one who makes Ye Cang accidental/surprised is Wei Leahey easy-to-use of tide dagger accident/surprise, it can be said as the difficult adversary in frost prison, Strength of tide ocean waves does not fear completely coldly! 叶苍意外的是薇利希尔的潮汐匕首意外的好用,它可以说是霜狱的克星,潮汐海浪的力量完全不惧寒冷! Finally under Kundala in Ye Cang's wore down finally already soon the dancing motionless frost prison, was leaning on the frost prison not willingly looks at the alliance army, not willingly looks at the sky. 最后昆达拉叶苍的消磨下最终已经快要舞不动霜狱了,拄着霜狱不甘心的看着联盟军,不甘心的看着天空。 You lost.” Ye Cang has put out even-numbered month stick in the distant place. “你输了。”叶苍在远处拿出了双月杖。 No.. I have not died, does not calculate that loses..” Kundala said with a smile. “不。。我还没死,就不算是输。。”昆达拉笑道。 „Do you want brazen?” Ye Cang also said with a smile. “那你就是要赖皮咯?”叶苍也笑道。 „Do you realize compared with dying a more painful matter?” Kundala looks at the distant place. “你体会过比死更痛苦的事情吗?”昆达拉看着远方。 Asked not to?” The Ye Cang directly reply has not been only somewhat disappointed saying. “求而不得吗?”叶苍没有正面回答只是有些怅然的说道。 Kundala has gawked, asked not to, yes, asked not to, asking the God who oneself believed to save her unable to obtain to reply, asking Holy See unable to obtain the justice, asked to revenge cannot obtain the fruit, even asked.. Turned into the present so appearance.. All, are strive for not being probable, from my first time takes up the cross to look that the God of light prayed starts, all that oneself asked moved toward another end. 昆达拉楞了一下,求而不得,是啊,求而不得,求自己信奉的神救救她得不到回答,求教廷得不到正义,求报仇却得不到果,甚至求死。。变成了现在这般模样。。一切的一切,都是求而不得,从我第一次拿起十字架看着光明之神祈祷开始,自己所求的一切就走向了另一端。 Kundala took up the sword to lift up high slowly, and trend Ye Cang slowly knight.. Arrived will not give up being able to brandish last sword finally...” 昆达拉缓缓拿起了剑高举,并缓缓的走向叶苍“骑士。。到最后是不会放弃能挥舞最后一剑的。。。” Ye Cang has not hidden has not dodged, the sword has chopped the card on the shoulder, Kundala looks that Ye Cang why doesn't hide?” 叶苍没有躲也没有闪,剑砍了在肩膀上卡着,昆达拉看着叶苍“为什么不躲?” Because you lost, therefore now you are our Goddess Temple execution elder, Goddess Temple will not begin to the person on one's own side, because everybody is because likes gathering together, welcome you... Kundala..” Ye Cang said that poured in pool of blood, in the hand pinched that ring to loosen it slowly.. Finally can give back to you.”. “因为你输了,所以现在你是我们女神殿的执行长老,女神殿是不会对自己人动手的,因为大家是因为爱聚在一起的,欢迎你。。。昆达拉。。”叶苍笑着说完倒在了血泊中,手里捏着那枚戒指缓缓松开“它。。终于可以还给你了。”。 Kundala looks at the ground Ye Cang, single knee muttered in the pool of blood slowly „.. Was I loses..” 昆达拉看着地上的叶苍,缓缓单膝跪在了血泊中喃喃道“真的。。是我输了。。” Guild Master!!!” The elders shout, Calerie changes to the moonlight to carry Ye Cang to come back together, Makarlo and the others hurried to treat, but Ye Cang in the attire, accepts the first cure technique immediately to set out to call out in alarm „the Kundala elder he to be all right!?” 会长!!!”众长老喊道,薇拉莉化作一道月光扛着叶苍回来,麦卡洛等人赶紧治疗,而叶苍只是在装而已,接受第一个治愈术就立马起身惊呼“昆达拉长老他没事吧!?” Kundala also understood Goddess Temple so is why formidable, has such leader, smiles bitterly, fights the fist to know that the disaster had ended, has not paid attention to all people to walk toward model/pattern Daer felt relieved that I give the gift to him.” 昆达拉也明白了为什么女神殿如此强大,拥有如此的领导者,苦笑一声,战拳知道天灾已经结束了,没有理会所有人朝着范达尔走去“放心吧,我是给他送礼物的。” Fought the fist not to fight intent, has placed model/pattern Daer side the star of day collapsing my wish, was, its master from now henceforth was you..” 战拳已经没有了战意,将天崩之星放在了范达尔身旁“我的心愿,算是了了吧,它的主人从今以后就是你了。。” Then, fought the fist to change to the corpse bone ash to fly to vanish in the big wilderness. 说完,战拳化作尸骨灰飞消失在了大荒漠中。 Makarlo, Sha Qi beautiful Muse, Galos, bear Baba and others look at the appearance that Kundala feels a heartfelt admiration, the fool, you do not think that really Lord Sage love, is your love superficially, has come, wants to walk... People forced smile. 麦卡洛,莎琪丽缪斯,阿加洛斯,熊霸霸等看着昆达拉心悦诚服的样子,有一个傻子,你不会真的以为贤者大人的爱,是你表面上看的这个爱吧,进来了,想走。。。众人苦笑。 Saa Garne regarding this result, although does not want to accept, but actually can also accept, at least was not Kundala has won, but faced with an issue, after going back now Goddess Temple the unprecedented great strength, will have the aggressiveness, because he saw superior sneering, the admiration of Encs, Goddess Temple obtained the approvals of mainland almost all influences! Finally this duel is more like a show, making this commander-in-chief move toward the shrine, will recite the roaming poet also to recite is Commander PaleSnow duel has defeated the Lord of disaster finally, the northern boundary, the tree of world, Goddess Temple, will become the huge monster that raised rapidly.. 撒加恩对于这个结果虽然不想接受,但却也是能接受的,至少不是昆达拉赢了,但现在面临一个问题,回去后的女神殿将空前的强大,具备侵略性,因为他看到了优迪斯的冷笑,莱恩奇的敬佩,女神殿得到了大陆几乎所有势力的认可!最后这一场单挑更像是一场秀,让这个总指挥走向了神坛,吟游诗人也会吟唱最后是苍雪总指挥单挑击败了天灾之主,北境,世界之树,女神殿,将成为一个飞速升起的庞然巨物。。 Kundala has joined Goddess Temple, but other have not joined Goddess Temple to lose the Strength legends with fighting the fist same give up the body choosing departure, naturally Sues, Milotic these got the slave mark by Ye Cang actually wants to walk cannot get away. 昆达拉加入了女神殿,但其他没有加入女神殿失去了力量的传奇英雄都和战拳一样放弃了身躯选择了离开,当然阿修斯,美纳斯这些被叶苍打上奴隶印记的却是想走也走不了的。 Reorganizes the disaster time had a problem, the placement of massive disaster undead, Sha Qi beautiful Muse is always impossible to let the people in city of undead and Goddess lives together the words, making Ye Cang nod slowly, the plan makes undead also be a part of the life of city of influence Goddess immediately, normal life, even can find a wife, even if cannot give birth can also join the adoption, and raises the arm stressing that shouted loudly, all were not the issues, loved is all!! This point makes Kundala subdue once more incomparably, naturally Ye Cang is manages their, the strength of Conviction thinks!! What I want is the strength of Conviction!! However what Ye Cang does not know, his race citizen will mix to occupy greatly is the future of city of Goddess has actually built the most important foundation.. 整编天灾的时候就出现了一个问题,大量天灾亡灵的安置,莎琪丽缪斯的一句‘总不可能让亡灵女神之城的人都生活在一起’的话,让叶苍缓缓点头,立马打算让亡灵也融入女神之城势力的生活,正常的生活,甚至能够娶妻,就算不能生子也可以加入领养,并振臂高呼的强调,一切都不是问题,爱才是一切!!这一点让昆达拉再次折服无比,当然叶苍是想的管他们的,信仰之力!!我要的是信仰之力!!然而叶苍不知道的是,他的这个种族公民大混居却为女神之城的未来打下了最重要的基础。。
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