PDL :: Volume #17

#1694: Big event

Space storm of that giant vortex such as in the vaults of heaven strangled to death for a long time, the innumerable skeletons will crush at this time. 那巨大的漩涡在天穹间如空间风暴般绞杀许久,将无数的尸骨在这时都是粉碎。 Succeeded? Did the boy, die really?” Qin Shi, vanishes in that vortex finally, when the Qin Shi aura cuts off, profound Qing and the others all reveals the wild with joy color, but after the moment, in the pupil eyes was the raising infinite fear, Qin Shi, truly died, was only at the same time, together the extremely terrifying strength, such as was cloudy the top of the head to cover several hundred powerhouses all. “成功了?那小子,真的死了?”秦石,终是消失在那漩涡里,当秦石的气息断绝时,玄清等人皆是露出狂喜之色,但片刻后,眸眼间便是升起无限恐惧,秦石,确实是死了,只是在同一时间,一道极为恐怖的力量,如乌云密布头顶般将数百名强者尽数笼罩。 The donkey such as the flower at this time, that thin and small tender body has the change, on her fair flesh grew the cilia to come, she changes an alpaca unexpectedly, when her incarnation alpaca, her eyes pupil like fire, extremely savage glance to profound Qing rank. 驴如花在这时,那瘦小的娇躯都是发生改变,她白皙的肌肤上长出茸毛来,她竟是变化成一只羊驼,当她化身羊驼时,她眼眸如火,极为凶残的扫视向玄清等人。 I want you dead completely!” The death of Qin Shi, making the donkey such as the flower almost insane, at this time her in charge, seemed has the universe change of reduction. “我要你们全部都死!”秦石之死,令驴如花几乎疯掉,在这时她的掌印里,好似有着缩小的乾坤翻动。 Profound Qing and the others at this time the moral nature was one cold, said that the empty and scarlet leisurely two boundaries were complete, that could be said as in the middle of 3000, was next to sect Yuanzi three Yuan child existences, but in the donkey such as under the colored anger, struck by the second unexpectedly is killed? Is this is cracking a joke? A powerhouse, had as if forgotten at this time Qin Shi was struck the joy of killing, is withdraws several steps that cannot bear. 玄清等人这时心底都是一寒,道虚与赤逸两名界境圆满,那可以说是在内3000当中,仅次于宗元子三名元子的存在,但竟是在驴如花的怒火下,一击被秒杀?这是在开玩笑嘛?一众强者,这时似乎是忘记了秦石被击杀的喜悦,皆是忍不住的退后几步。 Damn, will this small girl, so be how strong?” “该死的,这小丫头,怎么会这么强?” Does not have the means that we at all are not her match that treasure, if you have the life to take, you take, I do not want to bring death!” Many powerhouses, backed down at this time, although on Qin Shi has the innumerable treasures, but compared with the poor life, not so was important, many powerhouses, at this time quietly after moves the footsteps, wants to escape. “没办法,我们根本不是她的对手那珍宝,你们要是有命拿,你们自己拿吧,我可不想去送死!”许多强者,在这时打起退堂鼓,虽然秦石手上有无数珍宝,但与小命相比,却不那么重要了,许多强者,这时悄悄的朝后挪动脚步,想要逃跑。 „To walk?” “想走?” The donkey such as the flowered beautiful pupil like ice, her tender body changes to the empty shade instantaneously, extremely quick approaching to profound Qing and other powerhouses. 驴如花美眸如冰,她娇躯瞬间化作虚影,极快的逼近向玄清等数百强者。 Bang! Bang! Bang! 砰!砰!砰! Suddenly, the donkey such as during colored being in charge, as if there is spread of death aura, such as a harvesting sickle of god of death is the same, everything was in charge hit by her, at the scene is all killed violently, this has created the intense panic finally, the innumerable powerhouses, in this time crazy calling out sound, do not give a thought to the life and death the side outward to run away at once quickly, the rapidness of speed, making the human suck the tongue. 突然,驴如花的掌印间,仿佛有着死亡气息的蔓延,如一把死神的收割镰刀一样,凡是被她掌印所击中者,皆是当场毙命,这终是造成了强烈的恐慌,无数强者,在这时疯狂的嚎叫声,旋即不顾生死的极快朝外逃遁,速度之快,让人咂舌。 Zhang Liang narrowed the eye at this time, saw that dazzles the light Divine sword float in not far away skeleton pile, his fierce gripping fist: This bastard! That Divine sword must succeed in obtaining shortly, has not thought unexpectedly by this small girl blocking.” 张亮这时眯起眼,眼看着那炫光神剑悬浮在不远处的尸骨堆里,他猛的攥拳:“这混蛋!那神剑眼看着就要到手,没想到竟是被这小丫头给挡住了。” Does not have the means that this small girl aura is greatly strengthened, felt that including me several points of terrifying, first do not collide with her, first leaves this, since this boy died, that will dazzle the light Divine sword not to run, sooner or later will have the opportunity.” At this time, together the hoarse sound from opening bright within the body resounded. “没办法,这小丫头气息极强,连我都感觉到几分恐怖,先不要跟她碰撞,先离开这,这小子既然死了,那炫光神剑又不会跑,迟早会有机会的。”这时,一道沙哑的声音从张亮体内响起。 Opens under the bright have no alternative point, now also can only so. 张亮无可奈何的点下头,现在也只能如此了。 We remove!” Profound clear this time was also ordering courageously. “我们撤!”玄清这时也是当机立断的下令。 Bang! Bang! Bang! Donkey such as a flowered beautiful pupil revolution: „To walk?” 砰!砰!砰!驴如花美眸一转:“想走?” Bang! Deafening thundering is unceasing, disorderly that on that day arched within as if changed, at this time, the donkey such as the flowered tender body went forward, but opened bright control one revolution suddenly, the tiny crystal block flew high to hit the donkey together such as the flowered tender body, making that tender body gently tremble, that crystal block, considered the Suppressing Jade fragment, under the Suppressing Jade fragment, the donkey such as the flower from the alpaca change little girl, seemed the strength in within the body is suppressed unexpectedly by the limit. 轰隆隆!震耳欲聋的轰鸣不断,那天穹间仿佛都变的凌乱,在这时,驴如花娇躯上前,但突然张亮手心一转,一道细小的晶块凌空击中驴如花娇躯,令那娇躯不由轻轻一颤,那晶块,自当是崩玉碎片,在崩玉碎片下,驴如花竟是从羊驼变化较小的女孩,好似体内的力量被极限压制住。 We walk! That strength, can the temporary seal live in this small girl meeting.” Zhang Liang turns around to shout to clear the way. “我们走!那力量,能暂时封印住这小丫头一会。”张亮转身喝道。 But at this time, profound clear profound crack both squinted suddenly, among the presbyopia unexpectedly was flood the ominous severe cold brightness. 而在这时,玄清玄裂两者突然相觑一眼,老眼间竟是泛起凶厉的寒光来。 „The present is an opportunity, the strength of small girl by the seal, we were collaborated to strike to kill her, so long as can kill her, all supernatural objects of boy, we can obtain, otherwise, returns to the sea palace , not good and palace main confession.” Scavenges unreliably. “现在是个机会,那小丫头的力量被封印,我们联手将她击杀,只要能杀死她,那小子的所有神物,我们都能够得到,不然,回到海宫,也不好与宫主交代。”玄清道。 Under profound knick point, however sees their movements, opens the bright look actually to sink, criticizes saying: These two idiots!” 玄裂点下头,然而见到两人的动作,张亮眼神却是不禁一沉,暗骂道:“这两个白痴!” Bang! Bang! 砰!砰! Next instant, when the profound clear profound crack just about to approaches the donkey such as the tender body of flower, the space disrupts, from that space, finds out two god only hands, holds one person, will be unreliable clear cracks their throats to tighten unreliably maliciously, fierce holding up, along with it, the donkey such as the flower shot a look at the eye indifferently they, small hands kneading together of gently, that two god hands, instantaneously are the supernatural power that changes to seizes every opportunity, on the vault of heaven, resounds two fierce explosive sounds. 下一霎,当玄清玄裂刚要接近驴如花的娇躯时,空间碎裂,从那空间中,探出两只神光之手,一只抓住一人,将玄清玄裂两人的喉咙狠狠勒紧,猛的举起,随之,驴如花冷漠的瞥了眼两人,小手轻轻的捏合,那两只神手,瞬间便是化作无孔不入的神力,天穹上,响起两声剧烈的爆炸声。 Profound Qing, the profound crack two elders, were such as the human bomb are unexpectedly same, blasted out before the people. 玄清,玄裂两名长老,竟是如人体炸弹一样,在众人面前生生炸开。 „The strength of small girl, already rare strength, even if this Suppressing Jade fragment, is unable the complete seal, only if real Suppressing Jade is good, the boy, do not delay, runs with a sense of urgency!” The toxin Venerable the scream saying that the sound also has the fear. “那小丫头的力量,已经超乎寻常之力,就算是这崩玉碎片,也根本无法完全封印,除非是真的崩玉才行,小子,别耽误,抓紧跑!”毒尊尖叫道,声音也是带有恐惧。 !!! Many powerhouses, such as hit cleverly crazy flees this to lose the battlefield. 咻!咻!咻!诸多强者,如撞鬼般疯狂的逃离这古遗战场。 When will be unreliable clear cracks they to strike to kill unreliably, donkey such as flower indifferent supine beginning, she not anxious pursuit, but is the beautiful pupil sorrow certainly looks toward the place of Qin Shi smashing, there, has not stayed behind including the Qin Shi skeleton tiny bit, her alone nan said: I have promised the snow heart elder sister obviously, I must your safety belt, how be able like this!” 当将玄清玄裂两人击杀,驴如花才冷漠的仰起头,她并没有急切的追击出去,而是美眸哀绝的朝着秦石粉碎的地方望去,在那里,连秦石的尸骨都没有留下一丝一毫,她独喃道:“我明明答应过雪心姐,我要将你安全带回去的,怎么会这样!” Qin Shi, you died, that these 7000 sea palaces, necessity that also has not preserved.” The donkey such as the flowered light [say / way], her aura is changing slightly, at this time she does not have naive of that little girl again, under cold wind moving gently, somewhat the meaning of Asura, she deeply inspires actually, at once suddenly is stepping the stride, goes out of that to lose the battlefield gradually. 秦石,你死了,那这7000海宫,也就没有留存的必要了。”驴如花淡淡道,她的气息在微微变化,此时她再也没有那小女孩的天真,在冷风轻轻的吹动下,倒是真的有几分修罗之意,她深吸口气,旋即突然迈着大步,一步一步走出那古遗战场。 The instance when she leaves, has been doomed in 3000 earth-shaking. 而当她离开的瞬间,注定了内3000的天翻地覆。 The donkey like the flower, regarding in 3000, seems was not the wild animal of this world to be common, every place of her institute slightly crossing is infinite in confusion and dust sand, vitality, then has not survived. 驴如花,对于内3000而言,就好似一只本不属于这个世界的野兽一般,凡是她所略过之处皆是无限的狼藉和尘沙,生气,则是没有残存。 The donkey such as the flower does not know, shortly after she leaves, that loses on the battlefield vault of heaven, Qin Shi by the place that the stars vortex strangles to death, suddenly beat baseless slight spark, but that spark, after the moment, then shows by the potential of setting the prairie afire, the fierce growth, lights that clouds, becomes a piece of giant hot group, in the middle of that flame, seems has the phoenix bath fire, circles to live, but in central of that flame, is one is rolling up the youth of body, regains consciousness gradually. 只是,驴如花并不知道,在她离开不久后,那古遗战场的天穹上,秦石被繁星漩涡绞杀的地方,突然凭空的跳动起细微星火,而那星星之火,片刻后便示以燎原之势,凶猛生长,将那云霄点燃,成一片巨大的火团,在那火焰当中,好似有凤凰浴火,盘旋而生,而在那火焰的中央,是一名蜷缩着身躯的少年,渐渐苏醒。 The death of Qin Shi, spreads by viral -type speed quick and violent finally, extremely quick spread from 7000 sea palaces. 秦石之死,终是以病毒式的速度迅猛传开,从7000海宫当中极快的蔓延开来。 This is also doomed into, since 7000 sea palaces many years, rare genuine big event. 这也注定成为,7000海宫多年以来,罕有的真正的大事件。 When innumerable sea palaces obtain this news, is relaxed and felt that several points of regret, what relaxing, Qin Shi in their eyes, has the threat, Qin Shi strength, although is also not enough to alarm 7000 sea palaces now, but his growth, making all people be able to see, on his body, has the greatly strengthened latent growth strength, if nobody can punish him, how long could not want, he likely stamped the feet, will make 7000 sea palaces tremble. 当无数海宫得到这个消息时,皆是松了口气又感到几分遗憾,松了口气的是,秦石在他们眼中,真的是拥有威胁的,秦石的力量,虽然现在还不足以惊动7000海宫,但他的成长速度,让所有人都是看得到,在他的身上,是有着极强潜在的成长力,若是没人能够惩治他,要不了多久,他很可能跺跺脚,都会让7000海宫一颤。 But it is a pity that Qin Shi is the thousand years, can only shake Sanqinggong, these sea palace intertwining, does not want to make Qin Shi destroy 7000 sea palaces, does not want to continue to withstand the suppression of Sanqinggong. 而遗憾的是,秦石是千年来,唯一一名能撼动三清宫的,这些海宫十分的纠结,一面是不想让秦石毁了7000海宫,一面又不想继续承受三清宫的压制。 But news that Qin Shi died, is the biography falls to the surrounding sea palace. 秦石死掉的消息,也是传落到外围海宫当中。 In the surrounding, Qin Gong consecutively for 3rd, was always lighting the spark, all people were mourning completely. 在外围,秦宫连续三日,始终点燃着星火,所有人全部哀悼着。 Official script in Qin Gong, his hand imprint merely covers, at once his vision looks toward the distant place. 隶书在秦宫中,他手印仅仅的扣住,旋即他目光朝着远方望去。 Official script, now what to do? You said that the Boss he like this did say definitely really?” Lu Peng ridiculed drunk. “隶书,现在怎么办?你说老大他真的就这样说死了?”陆鹏酒醉的嘲笑。 The official script has not said a word, seems goes round this topic desirably the [say / way]: Chen elder sister?” 隶书没有言语,好似刻意绕开这个话题的道:“陈焉姐呢?” Now is still hiding the truth from her, she has not known this matter, if knows, I estimated that by her disposition, will not certainly be able to accept.” “现在还在瞒着她,她还不知道这件事,但一旦知道的话,我估计以她的性格,一定会接受不了的。” First is concealing the truth, if not really good, goes to the toba tartars palace to pass on to the Gongshu elder, even if forcefully the seal, must the elder sister keep Qin Gongnei Chen, otherwise, she does not know that will make any crazy matter to come.” The official script deeply inspires, but at this time said: No matter the palace main died, but this news, since has dispersed, how long perhaps could not want, my Qin Gong will turn is the target of public criticism.” “先瞒着吧,若是实在不行,去拓跋宫转告公输长老,哪怕是强行封印,也一定要将陈焉姐留在秦宫内,不然,她不知道会做出什么疯狂的事来。”隶书深吸口气,这时无奈道:“不管宫主是不是真的死了,但是这消息既然已经散开,恐怕要不了多久,我秦宫就会变成众矢之的。” Now, the sea palace in surrounding temporarily has not gotten rid to us , because also dreads our palace host, some, is because the palace advocates the Demonic Talisman Master status, the news that if he dies travels, that only dreading will also be cancelled, at that time, not only ten Fang Dian will get rid to us, perhaps, this surrounding 4000 sea palaces, have the sea palace to be able not to change countenance really slightly, after all in this year, our Qin Gongduo surrounding a lot of resources.” “现在,外围的海宫暂时还没有对我们出手,是因为还忌惮我们宫主,有一些,也是因为宫主符魔师的身份,但一旦他死的消息传开,那唯一的忌惮也会被打消,那时候,非但十方殿会对我们出手,恐怕,这外围4000座海宫,真的是稍有海宫会不动容,毕竟这一年,我们秦宫夺了外围很多资源。” That what to do? Depending on us now, resists some small sea palaces to be good, if twin palace these ranks begin before the sea palace likely, we must die without doubt.” “那怎么办?凭我们现在,抵抗些小海宫还行,但一旦像孪生宫那些排名靠前的海宫动手,我们必死无疑。” Em, does not have the means that transmitted orders, the entire palace alerts, the reconnaissance scope will proliferate to hundred inside and outside, once there is any news to feed in promptly.” “恩,没办法,传令下去,全宫戒备,将侦查范围扩散到百里外去,一旦有任何的消息都一定要及时传回。” The official script, Lu Peng the fast arrangement, Qin Gong also therefore entered an alert of limit at this time, Qin Gong the atmosphere was also imminent danger, the innumerable disciples, the common people, were the startled heart and gall tremble, they know how long was very possible unable to want, the war that one will destroy Qin Gong officially will launch. 隶书,陆鹏这时快速的安排,秦宫也因此进入一种极限的戒备,秦宫的气氛也是岌岌可危,无数弟子,百姓,都是惊心胆颤,他们都知道,很可能要不了多久,一场会毁灭秦宫的大战将会正式展开。 But does not have the accident, the death of Qin Shi cannot hide the truth from Chen finally. 而不出意外的,秦石之死终是也没能瞒住陈焉。 What is strange, Chen when hearing the Qin Shi death news, she does not have the people to expect making a tearful scene, or crazy, but the people actually from that almond eyes, see one, compared with making a tearful scene made one send the cold light color, was empty, was desperate, was Ai Mo, in the following days, Chen was similar to seemed to be in a trance to be the same, she laughed foolishly from time to time, from time to time sobbed. 但奇怪的是,陈焉在听闻到秦石的死讯时,她并没有众人预料当中的哭闹,或是疯狂,但众人却是从那杏眼中,见到一股,远比哭闹更加令人发寒的光色,是空洞,是绝望,是哀默,在随后的日子里,陈焉如同丢了魂一样,她时而傻笑,时而哭泣。 Qin Shi! Your bastard! You owe me! You cannot die!” 秦石!你王八蛋!你欠我的!你不能死!” Qin Shi! Do not walk away remembers that my I then accompany you quickly.” 秦石!不要走远记得等我我很快便来陪你。” I now, I have not been able dead, I must help you defend this Qin Gong, I will make others know that Qin Gong, without you, same nobody can encroach.” “我现在,我还不能死,我还要帮你守着这秦宫,我会让别人知道,秦宫,没有你,一样没人能侵犯。” Qin Shi! My Chen, lives accompanying with you, dies to follow! Your this whole life, being doomed does not cast off my!” 秦石!我陈焉,与你生相伴,死相随!你这辈子,注定是甩不开我的!” After, Chen appears when the field of vision of people finally for a long time again, firmness that under her beautiful pupil, inexplicably changes. 终是在许久过后,陈焉再次出现在众人的视野中时,她的美眸下,莫名变的坚决。 The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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