PDL :: Volume #17

#1692: The strength of Suppressing Jade

Is hearing the story that the world of human beings has in the two years, pours is also makes him hang throughout the heart to put down much, Qin sect was ninth, was he has not expected, these were unimportant, the person who more importantly, he cared about, has not had an accident, receives his implication, he has then satisfied, he said: Then, visited me, must build up the second Dharmakaya with a sense of urgency, returning to the world of human beings to be good.” 在听闻到人界这两年所发生的故事,倒也是让他始终悬着的心放下不少,秦宗位列第九宗,也是他没料到的,这些都不重要,重要的是,他所在乎的人,并没有出事,受到他的牵连,他便满足了,他道:“接下来,就看我了,必须要抓紧炼化出第二法身,回到人界才行。” Now, Ocean Group already frank and upright meddling world of human beings, if were only that four territories said fortunately, if the Ocean Group got rid, 12 palaces, any palace host, can ruin Qin sect with ease.” Qin Shi sets firm resolve, must grasp his leading a pious life in 7000 sea palaces. “如今,溟组已经光明正大的插手人界,若只是那四域还好说,但一旦溟组出手,12殿,任何一名殿主,都能轻松的毁掉秦宗。”秦石下定决心,要抓紧他在7000海宫的修行。 At this time, a cut-throat vision fell, said empty this time ice cold such as the flower scolded to say to the donkey: Girl, are actually you who? This is the matters of 7000 sea palaces, if you come from the outside, when we solve this boy, treats as the honored guest to entertain you settledly, but you, if must meddle, do not blame us not being impolite.” 在这时,一股凶狠目光落下,道虚这时冰寒的冲驴如花呵斥道:“小姑娘,你究竟是何人?这是7000海宫之事,你若是从外界而来,待我们解决掉这小子,定当将你当做上宾招待,但你若是一定要插手的话,别怪我们不客气。” Polite? Why can be polite with me? Doesn't use, I have not prepared to be polite with you.” The donkey such as the flower sneers to say. “客气?为什么要跟我客气?不用不用,我也没准备跟你客气。”驴如花冷笑道。 You!” Said that empty shameless one stiff, such as the flower was feared to the lane by the donkey, could not bear smile to make noise in this time Qin Shi, appearance that this small girl that exasperating did not pay with a life. “你!”道虚老脸一僵,被驴如花给弄惊住,在这时秦石忍不住笑出声来,这小丫头还是那副气死人不偿命的样子啊。 Under the donkey such as the flower wields the small pink / white fist, suddenly said with a smile: Qin Shi, you , the fellow of this crowd of being an eyesore, I helps you solve!” 驴如花挥动下小粉拳,突然笑道:“秦石,你靠后,这群碍眼的家伙,我帮你解决掉!” The donkey such as spends one person, is unexpectedly more aggressive than Qin Shi, formerly Qin Shi lost under assisting of battlefield in ancient, most is also only haughty enough to dares empty and other powerhouses to contend with, but the donkey like the flower, places oneself one person, weaponless, is threatened unexpectedly can kill it completely? 驴如花一人,竟是比秦石还要霸气,先前秦石在古遗战场的相助下,最多也只是狂傲到敢与道虚等百名强者抗衡,而驴如花,置身一人,手无寸铁,竟是扬言要将其全部杀死? Blocking donkey that Qin Shi smiled like flower , he although knows that now donkey such as colored cultivation for great, said that empty and the others all are not her match, but has two boundaries after all completely, he said: That two boundary gives you completely, other people, give me.” 秦石笑了笑的拦住驴如花,他虽知道,如今驴如花的修为不浅,道虚等人皆不是她的对手,但毕竟有两名界境圆满在,他道:“那两名界境圆满的交给你,其余人,交给我。” The donkey such as the flower is not convinced has roused the fragrant cheek, but has not waited for her to open the mouth Qin Shi to leap sets out saying: Like this has decided that you must listen here my.” 驴如花不服气的鼓了鼓香腮,但没等她开口秦石跃起身道:“就这样定了,你在这里要听我的。” Snort! Knows that bullies me!” The donkey such as the flower stared Qin Shi, simply she also indifferent leaps sets out, flew high to jump at this time, the long skirt fluttered in the wind gently, empty and was red leisurely they to approach toward, at this time, said that empty and scarlet leisurely this also wanted to pursue to Qin Shi, but the donkey such as the flowered big hand raised, a celestial mountain of empty vast was flies high to fall unexpectedly, around that celestial mountain, fairyism, will say directly empty they covered, she sneered saying: Two old dogs, I am your matches.” “哼!就知道欺负我!”驴如花瞪了眼秦石,索性她也无所谓的跃起身,在这时凌空跃起,长裙在风中轻轻飘动,朝着道虚与赤逸两人逼近,这时,道虚和赤逸本还欲要追击向秦石,但驴如花大手一扬,一座虚渺的仙山竟是凌空落下,那仙山四周,有一圈仙气,直接将道虚两人笼罩住,她冷笑道:“两只老狗,我是你们的对手。” Bastard!” The empty presbyopia sinks, after that celestial mountain covers, is scolded the sentence. “混蛋!”道虚老眼一沉,被那仙山笼罩后骂句。 In that celestial mountain, the scenery changes once more, was formerly completely was unexpectedly different, beast that celestial mountain donkey such as the flower controlled was void. 那仙山之内,景色再次变化,竟是和先前完全不同,那仙山正是驴如花所掌控的兽界虚空。 Scarlet leisurely this time narrowed cold pupil: He he, these two moves differ actually not much, unexpectedly is own void domain, is only this void, can open in void unexpectedly again void, this strength, actually what's the matter?” 赤逸这时眯起寒眸:“呵呵,这两人的招数倒是相差不多,竟然都是自己的虚空领域,只是这虚空,竟然能在虚空中再开辟虚空,这力量,究竟是怎么回事?” Does not know, but this small girl is strange, the scarlet leisurely palace host, your I collaborates, first strikes to massacre this small girl, by never recurring trouble.” Said the empty [say / way]. “不知道,不过这小丫头诡异,赤逸宫主,你我联手,先将这小丫头击杀掉,以绝后患。”道虚道。 Hesitates scarlet leisurely half sound, nods saying: Also good, although our two old bones get rid to a girl, passes on somewhat disgraced, but, this small girl's 3000 in me also made has killed the evil much, we were also remove harmful things for the people.” 赤逸沉吟半响,点点头道:“也好,虽然我们两个老骨头对一个女孩出手,传出去有些丢人,不过,这小丫头在我内3000也是造了不少杀孽,我们也算是替民除害。” They reach the agreement, from about two wings extremely quick such as the flower gets rid toward the donkey, in the empty dry hand, seethes energy of heaven and earth, the mountains and rivers distortion of ground, at this time, changed into said surely crushed stone crystal extremely quick such as the fireworks and firecrackers shot toward the donkey, but after these crystals, was scarlet leisurely extinguishing is positive **, such as the hot sun fireball seemed Sun falls from the sky to be the same, fierce such as the flower pounded down toward the donkey. 两人达成共识,从左右两翼极快的朝着驴如花出手,在道虚枯手中,翻腾天地之力,地面的山河扭曲,在这时,化为千万道碎石晶体极快的朝着驴如花爆射去,而在那些晶体后,是赤逸的灭阳**,如烈日般的火球好似太阳陨落下来一样,猛的朝驴如花砸下。 But facing two attacks, donkey such as the flower is cold snort who disdains, her small hands revolution, the light god halo opens, unexpectedly is extremely quick becomes a god of journeys mark, made the space of this celestial mountain seem instantaneously static lives to be the same, the donkey such as the flower waved again, that strange crystal, with hot sun **, was crushed unexpectedly, disappearance baseless in space. 而面对两道攻击,驴如花则是不屑的冷哼,她小手一转,淡淡的神光晕开,竟是极快的成一道神纹,瞬间令这仙山的空间好似都静止住一样,驴如花再挥手,那诡异的晶体,和烈日**,竟是被生生粉碎掉,凭空的消失在空间里。 Was red leisurely they at this time fiercely one startled, at this time empty sinking sound track: Damn! This small girl to this void control, is the same to that boy, in she can change unexpectedly at will this is void strength flowing, with space.” 赤逸两人这时猛的一惊,这时道虚沉声道:“该死的!这小丫头对这虚空的操控,与那小子一样,她竟是能随意改变这虚空里的力量流动,和空间。” Really is thorny!” Scarlet leisurely is also heavy, they who changes all can realize that the donkey such as the flower in the strength is also greatly strengthened, they are only not comparatively weak, in addition this strange celestial mountain is void, they want to win the donkey like the flower, is quite difficult. “真是棘手!”赤逸也是变的沉重起来,他们皆是能够察觉到,驴如花在实力上也是极强,较比他们两个也是只强不弱,加上这古怪的仙山虚空,他们想要赢过驴如花,极为艰难。 At this time, outside celestial mountain lost in the battlefield, Qin Shi crooked the head is also reveals to grin fiendishly. 这时,在仙山外的古遗战场里,秦石歪了歪脑袋也是露出狞笑。 In hearing the world of human beings afterward, his anger originally very Xiong Lie, now empty with scarlet leisurely two fellow who makes him dread by the donkey such as the flowered control, that now, vented the anger time to this him, his eyes pupil one cold, the sole treads, the back thunder wing stirs up instantaneously, lets his personal appearance extremely quick exploding direction of fire distant place, he seems a giant capercailye is at this time same, extremely quick entering enters the human tide. 在听闻人界之事后,他的怒火本就十分熊烈,如今道虚和赤逸两个让他忌惮的家伙又被驴如花控制,那现在,是到了该他发泄怒火的时刻了,他眼眸一寒,脚掌一踏,背脊的雷翼瞬间煽动,让他身形极快的爆射向远方,他此时就好似一只巨大的雷鸟一样,极快的杀入进人潮当中。 At this time, profound clear and cracked unreliably they locks the eyebrow, at this time, the profound crack said: We collaborate, this boy was banned the spatial weaponry seal, he cannot in hiding away the space, so long as he cannot escape, our these many people, have certainly the means to kill him.” 在这时,玄清与玄裂两人都是锁眉,这时,玄裂道:“我们联手,这小子被禁空仗封印,他自己不能在隐遁进空间里,只要他不能逃跑,我们这么多人,一定有办法杀死他。” Many powerhouses, reached agreement at this time. 诸多强者,在这时达成共识。 Bang! Bang! 轰!轰隆隆! Ping! 砰砰砰! Suddenly, that startled day bang, all kinds of martial arts lose in the battlefield to spray unceasingly in ancient, a Qin Shi person, keeps in balance with several hundred boundary powerhouses, at this time, his control lost battlefield the embryo of potential surface constantly to change, that space was changed by him, a stretch of battlefield, simultaneously divided to turn into four stretches of battlefields, in each battlefields by the giant mountains and rivers connection, prevented in all directions the relation of potential surface, afterward, the Qin Shi hand imprint lifted off, melts three to do several things at the same time, in addition the main body, entered four battlefields. 骤然间,那惊天巨响,各式各样的武学在古遗战场中喷射不断,秦石一人,与数百名界境强者制衡,在这时,他手心里古遗战场的位面之胚不断变化,那空间被他改变,将一片战场,同时分化成四片战场,每道战场之间由巨大的山河连接,阻挡住四处位面的联系,随后,秦石手印升空,化出三道分身,加上本体,进入四道战场。 Bang! 轰! Suddenly, Qin Shi bombs continually with several hundred powerhouses, Qin Shi rose in this time corners of the mouth, he revealed to wipe woods cold smiling suddenly, a hand picked up once again, on his fingertip, presented a nimble and resourceful ray, was exploding to a crowd. 一时间,秦石与数百名强者轰炸不断,秦石在这时嘴角上扬,他突然露出抹森寒的笑,一只手再度托起,在他指尖上,出现一灵动的光芒,正对一片人群炸去。 Explodes!” Qin Shi recited the sound lightly. “爆!”秦石轻吟声。 Bang! Smashing that ground, suddenly changes, earth changed into innumerably at this time desolated. 轰隆隆!那一片地面,突然间变的粉碎,一片一片大地在这时化为无数荒芜。 Damn! Here, we do not have the means to display fully, here, simply is the world of this boy, they this way, sooner or later will be consumed dead by him!” “该死的!在这里,我们根本没办法发挥出全力,这里,简直就是这小子的天地,他们这样下去,迟早会被他消耗死的!” „, Doesn't have other means?” “难道,就没有别的办法吗?” This bastard!” Cursing angrily that numerous powerhouses cannot bear. “这混蛋!”众多强者忍不住的怒骂。 In a minute, that four stretches of battlefields, were such as the purgatory are unexpectedly ordinary at this time, becomes burying place that the innumerable powerhouses died to bury. 片刻间,那四片战场,在这时竟是如炼狱一般,成为无数强者陨落埋没的葬地。 The squeal, praying for rescue sound, cries loudly sound continuously. 尖叫声,求救声,嚎哭声连绵不断。 Qin Shi is crooked the head, does not have any pitying to them. 秦石歪着脑袋,对他们却是没有任何的怜悯。 But at this time, had form together, suddenly moved sideways, was a quite young youth, youth corners of the mouth rising slightly, suddenly, his vision selected, falls on the Qin Shi main body, his sinking sound track: „, I have the means to kill him, but, I need your full coordination.” 而在这时,有一道身影,突然闪身而出,是一名较为年轻的青年,那青年嘴角微微的上扬,突然,他目光一挑,落在秦石的本体上,他沉声道:“诸位,我有办法杀他,不过,我需要你们的全力配合。” „Do you have the means?” Suddenly, numerous powerhouses are strange looking to Zhang Liang. “你有办法?”突然,众多强者都是古怪的望向张亮。 Under point that Zhang Liang sneered at this time: I really have the means that I can let this strange battlefield time-limit failure, but, the time will not be long, we must unite all strengths, the opportunity can only have one time, if cannot succeed, all our must die in this.” 张亮这时冷笑的点下头:“我确实有办法,我能让这古怪的战场暂时失效,不过,时间不会很长,我们必须要联合起所有力量,机会只能有一次,如果不能成功,我们所有都要死在这。” People hear that, said pleasantly surprised: „Can you make this strange battlefield expire? So long as this battlefield expires, all of us jointly get rid, kill this boy, and isn't easy as pie?” 众人闻言,惊喜道:“你能让这古怪的战场失效?只要这战场失效,我们所有人联合出手,杀这小子,且不是易如反掌?” But, I have a condition.” Zhang Liang flushed the profound clear profound crack to say at this time suddenly. “不过,我有个条件。”张亮这时突然冲玄清玄裂道。 They knit the brows, complexion gloomy [say / way]: „Does boy, you want to discuss the condition with Sanqinggong? Don't you want awfully?” 两人皱起眉,面色阴沉道:“小子,你想跟三清宫谈条件?你不想要命了吗?” He he, indifferent, I have the means to leave this in any case, but you, I think, if I do not stop this strange battlefield, you will die in this, but my condition, is not difficult, you can achieve, I thought that with this condition, trades the lives of your many people, if sect Yuanzi, also will certainly comply.” “呵呵,无所谓啊,反正我有办法离开这,但是你们,我想如果我不停止这古怪的战场,你们都会死在这,而我的条件,也不难,你们都能做到,我觉得用这条件,换你们这么多人的命,要是宗元子在,一定也会答应的。” „Are you threatening us?” The profound clear profound crack complexion sinks. “你在威胁我们?”玄清玄裂脸色一沉。 Zhang Liang default shrugging: You can understand like this that I am threatening you, my threat, has the reason, my condition, will also be very useful to your Sanqinggong.” 张亮默认的耸了耸肩:“你们可以这样理解,我就是在威胁你们,不过我的威胁,也不是没有理由的,我的条件,对你们三清宫也会很有用的。” Is the profound clear profound crack complexion serious, when they who is the high-ranking is threatened by a small sea palace? Ocean palace, although 3000 influence inflation, in front of Sanqinggong, were still but same like the ants in recent years, but this time situation, they also do not have any means that has saying: You said to look, if not difficult, we can promise you.” 玄清玄裂脸色沉重,身居高位的他们何时被一小海宫威胁过?溟宫,虽然近年来在内3000势力膨胀,但在三清宫面前,仍是如蝼蚁一样,但此时的情况,两人又是没有任何办法,只好道:“你说说看,若是不难的话,我们可以答应你。” First, I want the position of your Sanqinggong non-native official invited to serve at court elder, in my sea palace, the senior, has wanted to see three palace hosts in your Sanqinggong.” “第一,我要你们三清宫一客卿长老之位,我海宫中,有一位前辈,一直想要见见你们三清宫的三位宫主。” This is not difficult, the position of non-native official invited to serve at court, our palace host has pledged, moreover there is a friend from the distant place, our palace main also warmly will naturally receive cordially.” “这不难,客卿之位,我们宫主承诺过,而且有朋自远方来,我们宫主自然也会热情款待的。” Em, that is good, as for second, me wants this boy hand sword of that supernatural object.” Zhang Liang said with a smile. “恩,那就好,至于第二么,我要这小子手中的那把神物之剑。”张亮笑道。 The profound clear complexion changes: This is not good, his supernatural object, certainly is our Sanqinggong.” 玄清脸色微变:“这不行,他身上的神物,一定是我们三清宫的。” That does not have the means that I think that you have to hope one can have the life to go on living.” “那没办法,我想你们只好期盼自己能有命活下去了。” You!” Loses one's temper unreliably clear, but profound crack said at this time suddenly: „The sword of that supernatural object can you, but several other supernatural objects must turn over to us, including this strange battlefield war flag.” “你!”玄清动怒,但玄裂这时突然道:“那神物之剑可以给你,不过其余几件神物必须归我们,包括这古怪的战场战旗。” Zhang Liangyan the pupil is wild with joy, at this time under satisfied point: This nature, I want that Divine sword to be able.” 张亮眼眸狂喜,这时才满意的点下头:“这自然,我只要那神剑便可。” You get rid, first stops this strange broken place!” Profound Qing shouted to clear the way. “那你出手吧,先将这古怪的破地方停下!”玄清喝道。 The nod that Zhang Liang smiles, jumps to leap along with it him suddenly, alone appears in the Qin Shi main body not far place: He he, Qin Shi, I early then have said that our gratitude and grudges to the end, I sooner or later will not have made you pay the bleeding price, looked how I broke your this nonsense battlefield!” 张亮微笑的点头,随之他突然纵身一跃,独自出现在秦石本体不远的地方:“呵呵,秦石,我早便说过,我们的恩怨没有到头,我迟早会让你付出血的代价的,看我如何破了你这狗屁战场!” Suddenly, in opening bright hand, presents an extremely tiny crystal fragment, when that crystal fragment appears in a minute, the world is disorderly, in the middle of that battlefield, unexpectedly is static, all seem are framed, loses the war flag, stops wielding unexpectedly, but the rock waste in Qin Shi hand, seems by any giant Tianwei suppressing. 突然,在张亮的手中,出现一颗极为细小的水晶碎片,而当那水晶碎片出现的片刻间,天地凌乱,那战场当中,竟是静止下来,一切好似都被定格住,古遗战旗,竟是也停止挥动,而秦石手中的顽石,也是好似被什么巨大的天威给压制住。 What is more surprised, Qin Shi sees that crystal fierce knitting the brows. 更惊讶的是,秦石见到那水晶猛的皱眉。 Because of that strength, he so is unexpectedly familiar. 因为那力量,他竟如此熟悉。 „The strength of Suppressing Jade?” 崩玉之力?” The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit 最快更新无错小说阅读,请访问 Please collect the home station to read the latest novel! 请收藏本站阅读最新小说!
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