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#2693: The war of Supreme Heavenly Venerable ( 6 )

This person obviously is the Bodhi Ancient Temple Sect Buddha, how to make so fearful Demon Dao magical powers? could it be that is he in fact a Demon Dao giant? 此人明明是菩提古刹宗的佛祖,怎么打出了如此可怕的魔道神通?难道他事实上是一位魔道巨擘? In the peak Heavenly Venerable mind the thought flashes, responded is rapid, made his Spiritual Consciousness magical powers. However 巅峰天尊脑海中念头一闪,反应非常迅速,打出了他的神识神通。然 But, fearful appeared, his Spiritual Consciousness magical powers just released to be ground the smashing, in so this unparalleled big demon departed Demon Dao runes incessantly, scatters across his Sea of Consciousness, seal. He 而,可怕的一幕出现了,他的神识神通刚刚释放就被碾成了粉碎,不止如此这盖世大魔中飞出了一枚枚魔道符文,散落在他识海各地,将之封印。他 Sea of Consciousness, is unable to stimulate to movement! 识海,无法催动了! peak Heavenly Venerable looks to others, wants to open the mouth to call for help, the panic-stricken discovery, his voice is actually not able to send out. Tight 巅峰天尊望向其他人,想要开口呼救,却惊恐的发现,他连声音都无法发出了。紧 Then, the unparalleled big demon moved in his Sea of Consciousness, made to kill the technique, the bombardment in all directions, making this peak Heavenly Venerable call out pitifully immediately, the figure flashed everywhere, carelessly made all trades magical powers, if the shape were demented. 接着,盖世大魔在他识海内动了起来,打出了一道道杀术,轰击四面八方,使得这位巅峰天尊立即惨叫起来,身形四处闪动,胡乱的打出一门门神通,状若癫狂。 Amitabha, this donor had overstated, needs fast kill it, can extricate.” Huangfu Jue holds their palms together, evolves Buddha's hand, pats toward this peak Heavenly Venerable. „ “阿弥陀佛,这位施主已经走火入魔了,必须要速速杀之,方能解脱。”皇甫绝双手合十,演化佛祖之手,朝着这位巅峰天尊拍下。“ Grandmaster, I help you! ” Eternal Night Heavenly Venerable vision flashes, makes the light of Eternal Night. 大师,我来助你!”永夜天尊目光一闪,打出永夜之光。 However in a minute, this peak Heavenly Venerable exudes the sad and shrill cry, that treasure that falls/dies, he obtains directly at the scene, received a big damage, becomes the thing of without owner. Incessantly so, floods into everyone's within the body six emperor god sources, immediately changed many. Originally 不过片刻,这位巅峰天尊发出凄厉叫声,直接当场陨落,他得到的那件宝物,受到了不小的损伤,成为了无主之物。不止如此,涌入所有人体内的六帝神源,立即变多了不少。原 This atmosphere, immediately changes is dense, killing intent wells up secretly. Land 本的气氛,顿时变的森然起来,杀意暗涌。陆 Side Heavenly Venerable, Sovereign Clouds Heavenly Venerable and the others, do not have the slight accident/surprise. No 天尊皇云天尊等人,对此没有丝毫的意外。不 Next killer? Is that possible? Each 下杀手?那怎么可能?每 Removes Heavenly Venerable, not only the without owner treasure, the obtained six emperor god sources will change will also stiffen, will most critically put to death in the peak Heavenly Venerable process, their itself vigor, can condense will be more powerful, when the time comes will have many hopes to attack the Supreme Heavenly Venerable boundary. 除掉一位天尊,不仅会有一件无主宝物,得到的六帝神源也会变多变强,更关键的是诛杀巅峰天尊的过程之中,他们自身的精气神,也会凝聚的更为强大,到时候有更多的希望冲击无上天尊境界。 Sovereign Clouds fellow daoist, we collaborate!” Land side Heavenly Venerable drank one lowly, the vision locks on a white hair old man. 皇云道友,我们联手!”陆方天尊低喝一声,目光锁定在了一位白发老者身上。 Good!” Sovereign Clouds Heavenly Venerable nods, lifts the white hands, makes killing move. „ “好!”皇云天尊点头,抬起玉手,打出杀招。“ Snort! I know, you will be anxious the good intention! ” That white hair old man cold snort/hum, collaborated another peak Heavenly Venerable, resists with it. „ 哼!我就知道,你们会不安好心!”那位白发老者冷哼一声,联手了另外一位巅峰天尊,与之对抗。“ Kills, kills! ” Huangfu Jue sees this, the innermost feelings are quite excited, makes moves of Buddha Gate magical powers. In addition 杀,杀起来!”皇甫绝见此,内心颇为兴奋起来,打出一招招佛门神通。另 Outside one side, Qin Nan and the others and leaf dark green two person, do not pay attention to this side situation completely. 外一边,秦南等人与叶苍两人,完全不理会这一边的情形。 Among them the confrontation, the extremely intense bad risk, anybody does not dare to have slightly negligently, because of the words even the slightest misstep, will be seized the time by the opponent, is in danger. 他们之间的交锋,极其激烈凶险,任何人都不敢有丝毫大意,因为稍有不慎的话,就会被对手抓住时机,陷入危险之中。 , All people, have the injury gradually, the clothing that the body wears, contaminated the blood completely. 渐渐地,所有人身上,都已经有了伤势,身上所穿的衣物,全部都沾染了鲜血。就 Qin Nan is no exception, although his present body is very powerful, the emperor level magical powers that but dark green makes with Ye Zhaoxian, easily can break open his defense. Except 秦南也不例外,尽管他现在的身躯无比强大,但苍和叶昭仙打出的帝王级神通,非常轻易就能破开他的防御。除 Beside this, confrontation between treasures, is especially intense. Qin 此之外,宝物之间的交锋,也是尤为激烈。秦 This side south, Israeli day ancient lamp is the head, shells unceasingly is swallowing the day fan and toward song Heavenly Book, particularly side Ruyu, acts at the same time, but also clamored intentionally: You two juniors , not fast fast kneel beg for mercy, forsake the wrong to turn over a new leaf! My today is happy, can show mercy to you especially!” Swallowing 南这一边,以方天古灯为首,不断轰击着吞天扇和朝歌天书,尤其是方如玉,一边出手,还故意叫嚣:“你们两个小辈,还不快速速跪地求饶,弃暗投明!我今天心情好,可以给你们格外开恩!”吞 The day fan and toward song Heavenly Book spirit, clench jaws, whole face anger, for does not affect the entire important matter, they wish one could to spell with side Ruyu now directly. Bang 天扇和朝歌天书之灵,都是咬牙切齿,满脸怒火,要不是为了不影响整个大计,它们现在恨不得跟方如玉直接拼了。轰 Bang! one 轰! The heavens-frightening explosive sound, made a sound unceasingly above the summit, terrifying astral qi complementary waves, to swept across unceasingly in all directions, made that Heavenly Venerable in mountainside, all looked askance again and again, in the heart exclaimed in surprise. 道道惊天爆炸声,不断响在了山巅之上,一股股恐怖的罡气余波,不断地向四面八方席卷开来,令得在山腰上的那一位位天尊们,皆是连连侧目,心中惊叹。 If not for if the summit of this origin mountain is unusual, this war summit all, grinds the smashing sufficiently completely, belongs to the nihility. 倘若不是这起源山的山巅非同一般,这一场大战足以将山巅的一切,都给完全碾成粉碎,归于虚无。 Although the time is passing little, but everyone in this war, has forgotten the time, does not have to pay attention to the time, because in their present hearts, only then a thought that kills the present enemy. Qin 时间虽然在一点点流逝着,但是所有人在这场大战之中,都已经忘乎了时间,也没有去关注时间,因为他们现在心中只有一个念头,击毙眼前的敌人。秦 How long south has not known, does not know oneself made many killing move, vigor that his whole person condenses, becomes more and more powerful, is getting more and more centralized. 南不知道过了多久,也不知道自己打出了多少杀招,他整个人凝聚的精气神,变得越来越强大,也越来越集中。 Suddenly, Qin Nan felt differently. 忽然之间,秦南感受到了一点不一样。 He when wielding each blade, as if with this stretch of strange world, had some subtle response, one invisible things, a little bit water drop is probably same, starts to converge his within the body. Gradually 他在挥出每一刀之时,似乎都与这片陌生的天地,发生了某种微妙的反应,有一种无形的东西,像是一滴滴水珠一样,开始汇入他的体内。渐 Gradually during, he is slaughtering, enters the condition that one -and-a-half types became aware unexpectedly, in his mind appeared Datong day all sorts of mysterious definitely, unceasing evolution, unceasing combination. Early 渐地,他在厮杀之中,竟然进入了一种半悟的状态,他脑海里浮现出来了大同天决的种种玄妙,不断的演变,不断的组合。早 Before, Qin Nan deduced Datong day second chapter definitely, had a fuzzy clue. 在之前,秦南推演大同天决的下篇,就有了一种模糊的头绪。 Now, because Qin Nan first mounts the origin mountain, obtained many six emperor god sources, in addition in origin always invisible blessing, finally in this evenly matched war, Qin Nan had such change. Qin 如今,因为秦南最先登上起源山,得到了最多的六帝神源,再加上起源上无时不刻的无形加持,最终在这场势均力敌的大战之中,秦南才发生了这样的变化。秦 The south speed sped up, blade aura that cuts also becomes more and more, that mysterious that simultaneously he comprehends, becomes deeper and deeper, as if finally must evolve the world highest good, Datong day second chapter definitely, to thorough writing. 南速度加快了,斩出的刀气也变得越来越多,同时他领悟的那种玄妙,也变得越来越深,似乎最终要演化出天地至理,将大同天决的下篇,给彻底的书写出来。 However, in this moment, the Qin Nan soul suddenly is fierce trembles, in his Sea of Consciousness deep place, sent out one bang the loud sound sound. Qin Nan only felt that all of his whole body, as if broke through fog, saw the fog later scene. That 然而,就在这一刻,秦南的灵魂忽然剧烈一颤,在他的识海深处,发出了一道轰隆巨响声。秦南只感觉他全身的所有一切,似乎冲破了一片云雾,看到了云雾之后的景象。那 Is a leafed door. 是一扇门。 A leaf of front door to Supreme Heavenly Venerable. 一扇通往无上天尊的大门。
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