PTB :: Volume #3

#276: Beast person ‚conspiracy’

Chapter 276 beast person conspiracy 第276章兽人的‘阴谋’ Murphy listened, immediately is surprised, 墨非听了,顿时大感意外, Un? Also really came unexpectedly. 嗯?竟然还真来了。 Although he before used the fraternity Calls brothers Function, but has not actually reported too counted on, when previous time meets Alsace and Varian in violent Wind City, how they responded even again, was impossible to fly. 他之前虽然使用了兄弟会的【召集兄弟】功能,但其实并没有报太多指望,因为上次见面时阿尔萨斯和瓦里安都远在暴风城,就算他们再怎么响应,也不可能飞过来吧。 Because of the description of this heroic specialty in reasonable way appearance, moreover there is a certain probability failure, is higher from the farther failure probability. 因为这个英雄专长的描述是以‘合理的方式’出现,而且还有一定的概率失败,距离越远失败概率越高。 Therefore in Murphy opinion, this specialty thinks, only then brothers can be effective in the nearby. 所以在墨非看来,这个专长想必只有‘兄弟’在附近的时候才能管用。 Has not actually thought that also really drew on one unexpectedly. 却没想到竟然还真招来了一个。 King Eden listens is actually the great happiness, makes Prince Alsace come in quickly.” 艾登国王听了听了却是大喜,“快让阿尔萨斯王子进来。” Quick, a Alsace of military garb entered in the meeting hall. 很快,一身戎装的阿尔萨斯就走进了会议大厅里。 Greets his is dozens sparkling vision. 迎接他的是数十道烁烁的目光。 Without the means that Alsace was too famous, particularly to the player, is likes thunder reverberating in one's ears simply. 没办法,阿尔萨斯太有名了,尤其是对于玩家来说,简直是如雷贯耳啊。 The future death knight, leading the loyal son, witch Yaowang, the demon beast world to say that must discover a lead to come, went to none other than him absolutely. 未来的死亡骑士,带孝子,巫妖王,魔兽世界要说非要找出一个主角来,绝对非他莫属。 When sees at present Alsace of youngster version, the people are actually speechless- this? 然而当看到眼前少年版的阿尔萨斯时,众人却都是无语-就这? Actually the 13-year-old Alsace's stature his grade is quite big, although on face still somewhat naivete, but dresses up an armor, after beforehand that several whet, in the makings also had several points to murder the firm and resolute air/Qi. 其实13岁的阿尔萨斯在他这个年级来说身材已经颇为高大了,虽然脸上仍有几分稚气,但披挂一身铠甲,又经过之前的那几番磨砺,气质上却也有了几分杀伐坚毅之气。 The key was the template rank complete steamroll the people, initially went to violent Wind City time is the gold first-order, after with that several wars of tribe, although has not mixed the head/number of people, but the good and evil also hits the full entire journey, now already gold third-order, only from level unexpectedly audience besides Eden this parallel import highest. 关键是模板等级完全碾压了众人,当初去暴风城的时候就已经是黄金一阶了,经过和部落的那几场大战,虽然没怎么混到人头,但好歹也算是打满全程了,如今已经黄金三阶了,单从位阶上来讲竟然是除了艾登这个水货之外全场最高的了。 Eden( King Otte Rank): Prince Alsace, welcome to Otte Rank kingdom, I had heard you in gate of darkness heroic deed, never expected that knowing a person by his reputation not as good as meeting him face-to-face, you look the hearsay is martial-looking, Tyner Reyes really had a good son.” 艾登(奥特兰克国王):“阿尔萨斯王子,欢迎来到奥特兰克王国,我早已经听说了你在黑暗之门的英雄事迹,没想到闻名不如见面,你看起来比传闻中的还要英武,泰纳瑞斯真的生了一个好儿子啊。” Alsace( Prince pill): Eden, is honored very much with you meets, I represent the Royal Father to express best wishes to you.” Alsace is saying, lowers the head to salute, the standard aristocrat etiquette, has the demeanor. 阿尔萨斯(洛丹伦王子):“艾登陛下,很荣幸与你相见,我代表父王向伱致意。”阿尔萨斯说着,低头行礼,标准的贵族礼仪,颇有风度。 After an official smalltalk, Eden's impatient asking has problems. 一番官方客套之后,艾登迫不及待的问出了问题。 What is makes you arrive at Otte Rank this remote place?” “那么是什么让你来到奥特兰克这片穷乡僻壤呢?” Heard that Otte Rank suffered the attack of beast person, I present Royal Father's order, commands the army to come to aid Otte Rank kingdom to resist the war of beast person.” “听说奥特兰克遭受了兽人的进攻,我奉父王的命令,率军前来援助奥特兰克王国对抗兽人的战争。” As soon as Eden listened to stand immediately excitedly. 艾登一听顿时激动的站了起来。 Ha, that may really be good...... the volume, I meant, actually these beast people we can cope, but are many some helpers to be always good, welcome your joining Prince Alsace, comes, we are discussing the strategy, please discuss.” “哈哈哈,那可真是太好了……额,我是说,其实那些兽人我们是可以自己对付的,但多一些帮手总是好的,欢迎你的加入阿尔萨斯王子,来来来,我们正在讨论战略,请一起讨论吧。” Numerous Wang Ziqi simultaneous/uniform Wulian can, your always compels to ascend do not lose face. 众王子齐齐捂脸,你个老逼登能不能不要这么丢脸啊。 How many military then you did have to come?” “那么你带了多少兵力来呢?” I brought pill 30,000 armies who this period of time to deal to assemble with the war of beast person.” Alsace said. “我带来了洛丹伦这段时间为了应对和兽人的战争而集结起来的三万大军。”阿尔萨斯说道。 What? Murphy somewhat is immediately accidental, shouldn't pill army be supports violent Wind City? 什么?墨非顿时有些意外,洛丹伦的大军不应该是去支援暴风城了么? King Eden somewhat is also surprised, I think the army who pill was sent support violent Wind City, haven't the alliance army started to assemble in Arasji?” 艾登国王也有些惊讶,“我以为洛丹伦的大军被派去支援暴风城了,联盟军不是已经开始在阿拉希集结了么?” Several months ago Otte Rank received the praying for rescue letter/believes of storm kingdom, and has made the resolution, the alliance will form the allied armies in Arasji, the army of each kingdom will influence go to there to conduct building up to make treaties of alliance, deals with the attack of beast person together, but happen to Otte Rank suffered the beast person to attack, Eden rejected dispatching troops on by this excuse. 几个月前奥特兰克就收到了暴风王国的求救信,而且已经做出决议,联盟将在阿拉希组建联军,各个王国势力的军队都将去那里进行集结会盟,一同应对兽人的进攻,不过正好奥特兰克遭受了兽人袭击,艾登就以这个借口拒绝了出兵。 However other kingdoms should deploy the army. 然而其它王国应该已经把军队派遣过去了吧。 Alsace has explained that „ our scouting intercepted the letter of beast person recently, originally the beast person wants to construct the transmission gate in Otte Rank mountain range, enabling the army of beast person easily to cross the stop of terrain, arrives in Otte Rank, and occupies Otte Rank kingdom at one fell swoop. 阿尔萨斯却已经解释起来了,“我们的斥候最近截获了兽人的一封信件,原来兽人想要在奥特兰克山脉中修建传送门,让兽人的大军可以轻易越过地形的阻拦,在奥特兰克降临,并一举占领奥特兰克王国。 Otte Rank mountain range is located between various countries, the terrain stands tall and erect, good communications, once were occupied this lands by the beast person, will obtain the huge strategic advantage, poses the huge threat to alliance various countries, therefore the Royal Father decides to stop participating temporarily to make treaties of alliance temporarily, first solved Otte Rank's group of beast people to say again. ” 奥特兰克山脉位于诸国之间,地形高耸,交通便利,一旦被兽人占据了这片土地,将会获得巨大的战略优势,对联盟各国产生巨大的威胁,因此父王临时决定暂时停止参与会盟,先解决掉奥特兰克的这批兽人再说。” Was saying Alsace then took a letter/believes. 说着阿尔萨斯便将一封信拿了出来。 Murphy met to look at one. 墨非接过去看了一眼。 The content probably is, please complete the construction of transmission gate as soon as possible, our armies have built up, so long as transmits the gate to make to march Otte Rank immediately, then takes Otte Rank as the base, attacks all around alliance various countries. 内容大概是,请尽快完成传送门的修建,我们的大军已经集结完毕,只要传送门造好就可以立刻进军奥特兰克,然后以奥特兰克为基地,攻打四周的联盟各国。 Murphy looks, actually frowns, this letter/believes always feels a little issue, others do not know, he is very clear, the transmission gate technology of beast person all depends on Maitri to support and Gourdain's coordination, now Maitri and Gourdain, not making their cross mainland transmit, crack a joke. 墨非看着看着,却皱起了眉头,这封信总感觉有点问题,别人不知道,他可是很清楚的,兽人的传送门技术全靠着麦迪文支援和古尔丹的配合,现在麦迪文和古尔丹都不在了,让他们跨大陆传送,开什么玩笑。 Suddenly in the heart quickly grasps the meaning of something, my day, was this letter/believes the alliance commonly used language writes? 忽然心中一个激灵,我日,这信怎么是联盟通用语写的? Although the beast person civilization is quite primitive, but the writing has, must write a letter certainly to in the beast language write, which useful human language writes a letter, this letter/believes should not be forge. 兽人文明虽然比较原始,但文字还是有的,要写信肯定要用兽人语来写啊,哪有用人类语言来写信的,这封信该不会是伪造的吧。 What then the goal is? Also is who fabricated this letter/believes, answer vivid- Tyner Reyes! 那么目的是什么呢?又是什么人伪造了这封信呢,答案呼之欲出了-泰纳瑞斯! This feared that iron core wants the pit dead storm kingdom, was, if the allied armies form now, went to support the storm kingdom, then the highest direction definitely was King Ryan, after all the title was highest, once the alliance won, that achievement displayed the storm kingdom of maximum strength in this war, without doubt became the leader of alliance, King Ryan can also rely on this score, became the chief words matter person of alliance, this regarding has wanted to found own empire Tyner Reyes who definitely unable to accept. 这老贼怕不是铁了心要坑死暴风王国吧,是了,如果现在联军组建完毕,前去支援暴风王国,那么最高指挥肯定是莱恩国王,毕竟头衔最高,一旦联盟打赢了,那作为在这场战争中发挥了最大力量的暴风王国,无疑就成了联盟的领导者,莱恩国王也可以凭借这份战绩,成为联盟的首席话事人,这对于一直想要建立属于自家的帝国的泰纳瑞斯是完全无法接受的。 In fact Tyner Reyes establishes the ambition of empire never to conceal, this point light/only rolled this name is not difficult to see from pill Imperial family knights, imperial family and Wang Family/prince, absence of one word, but the nature was completely different. 事实上泰纳瑞斯建立帝国的野心从未掩饰,这一点光从洛丹伦皇家骑士团这个称呼就不难看出了,皇家和王家,一字之差,但性质可是完全不同的。 So long as the allied armies go late for several months, making the storm kingdom be destroyed completely, then strength strongest pill undoubtedly became the leaders of alliance thoroughly, even the storm kingdom wanted to retaliate does not dare, because was also counting on others helped the duplicate/restores country. 但只要联军晚去几个月,让暴风王国被灭掉,那么实力最强的洛丹伦无疑就彻底成为联盟的领袖了,甚至暴风王国想要报复都不敢,因为还指望着人家帮忙复国呢。 Really good open intrigue. 果然好阳谋啊。 However also truly was a little black. 不过也确实是有点黑了。 Actually if no Otte Rank this numeral matter, pill is not good to do such black, after all everyone is concerned about face, how to delay your one month two months three months not to dispatch troops again? 其实如果没有奥特兰克这码子事,洛丹伦还不好搞得这么黑,毕竟大家都是要脸的,再怎么拖延你一个月两个月三个月还不派兵? You must have a reasonable excuse. 你总得有个合理的借口吧。 Now had Otte Rank this big excuse, happen to gives up supporting, naturally must have a more powerful reason, after all the frost wolf beast person altogether tens of thousands people, cannot pose the huge threat to alliance various countries. 现在有了奥特兰克这个大借口,正好放弃支援,当然必须得有个更加强有力的理由,毕竟霜狼兽人一共就几万人而已,并不能对联盟各国产生巨大威胁。 Therefore fabricated such a letter/believes simply, pretends that the beast person invades Otte Rank actually to have the following bigger conspiracy, serves the purpose taking advantage of this. 所以干脆伪造了这么一封信,假装兽人入侵奥特兰克其实有着后续的更大阴谋,借此来达到目的。 Thinks of here, he had understood the cause and effect of matter. 想到这里,他已然明白了事情的前因后果。 As the matter stands, made Otte Rank pick up a bargain actually, had such big wave reinforcements, this weaponry was not easy to hit. 这样一来,倒是让奥特兰克捡了个便宜,有了这么一大波援军,这场仗不就好打了么。 Oh, but was a pity the Second Brother, these feared time must heavy. 唉,只是可惜了二弟,这一次怕是要遭重了啊。 He submitted the letter/believes to King Eden. 他将信递呈给了艾登国王。 King Eden read the letter/believes, at present actually immediately one bright, although Eden goes to war not much, but does these schemes and tricks and political strategy battles, is very one set of attainment, immediately understands regarding plan of King Tyner Reyes. 艾登国王看了看信,眼前却顿时一亮,艾登虽然打仗不怎么样,但是搞这些阴谋诡计、权谋争斗,还是很有一套心得的,立刻对于泰纳瑞斯国王的谋划心领神会。 However he did not feel that had anything is not right, changes his him also to do that moreover dead fellow daoist not dead this poor Daoist, Otte Rank was as the matter stands safe. 不过他并不感到有什么不对,换了他他也会这么做,而且死道友不死贫道,这样一来奥特兰克就安全了啊。 On the face makes a shock and indignation expression immediately. 脸上立刻做出一副震惊和愤慨的表情。 Has not thought that these beast people really have the so sinister plan, no wonder these beast people are so fierce elite, so that's how it is! “没想到这些兽人竟然有如此阴险的计划,怪不得那些兽人都是如此厉害的精锐,原来如此! Prince Alsace, please relax, I will certainly assist you full power, crushes the evil plots of these beast people together. ” 阿尔萨斯王子,请放心,我一定会全力协助你,一起粉碎这些兽人的邪恶阴谋的。” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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