PDG :: Volume #8

#752: Fierce reaction

The Pentagon, defense minister Edward puts out the one breath gently: „ Has shut off the signal of television? Good, immediately sends for the ABC television station, informs other media, I do not see any related report again. 五角大楼,国防部部长爱德华轻轻吐出一口气:“已经切断了电视的信号么?好,立刻派人去ABC电视台,还有通知其他所有媒体,我不要再看到任何相关报道。 That side the network must pay attention, forces out all related information and videos, sends for going to Twitter, on the face book major websites, pushes the special effect the matter in program. ” 网络那边也要注意,封杀所有相关资料和视频,派人去推特,脸书各大网站上,把节目上的事情都推成特效。” When his each article matter told, a military officer walked, said: Senior official, Bright Council telephone.” 就在他一件件事情吩咐下去的时候,一名军官走了进来,说道:“长官,光明议会的电话。” The Edward vision concentrates, in the eye flashes through one, but color. 爱德华目光一凝,眼中闪过一丝无奈之色。 The Bright Council telephone, this possibly is one of telephones this whole life most does not want to meet, because after every time receives, will meet the unprecedented major problem. 光明议会的电话,这可能是他这辈子最不想接的电话之一,因为每一次接到以后,都会遇见前所未有的大问题。 ...... …… But another side, Fang Xingjian actually went out of the television station building with Katherine, in their back, is the staff of innumerable awe, these people have seen with one's own eyes existence of supernatural force today. 而另一边,方星剑却已经和凯瑟琳一起走出了电视台大厦,在他们的背后,是无数敬畏的工作人员,这些人今天可是亲眼看到了超自然力量的存在。 Katherine said in the one side: Government has shut off television signal, their responses imagine us are more intense.” 凯瑟琳在一旁说道:“政府已经切断了电视信号,他们的反应比我们想象中还要激烈。” Network?” Fang Xingjian asked. “网络呢?”方星剑问道。 Katherine smiles bitterly saying: Although is still disseminating, perhaps but most people do not believe that downloads the Sword Technique person also to have a look, radically nobody Cultivation.” 凯瑟琳苦笑一声说道:“虽然还在传播,但大部分人恐怕根本不相信,下载剑术的人也不过是看看,根本没什么人修炼。” Some Fang Xingjian early estimates, he looked up that round bright moonlight of sky, said lightly: Relax, first preheating three days, three days later, all people will rush Cultivation this set of Sword Technique.” 方星剑对此早有预计,他抬头看了看天空的那一轮明月,淡淡道:“放心吧,先预热三天,三天之后,所有人都会抢着修炼这套剑术的。” Fang Xingjian naturally knows that solely relies on video and television, influence in US by far insufficient, let alone is the global scale? Moreover the response of government also imagines him is more intense, but Fang Xingjian early deals. 方星剑自然知道,单单凭借视频和电视,在美国的影响都远远不足,何况是全球范围?而且政府的反应也比他想象中更加激烈,不过方星剑对此早有应对。 Sword Technique material that in the television, video and network retransmit, these are the preheating movements, is only a start. 电视、视频和网络上转播的剑术资料,这些不过是预热动作,只是个开始罢了。 ...... …… In following network, Fang Xingjian video, although has encountered forcing out, but resembled all encounters the video of forcing out to be the same, the program video extensively was still being disseminated. 接下来的网络上,方星剑的视频虽然遭到了封杀,但就好像所有遭到了封杀的视频一样,节目视频仍旧被广泛地传播着。 Many forums, innumerable Internet users were arguing the genuine and fake of video. 许许多多的论坛,无数的网民都在争论着视频的真假。 Even the related video passed to Asian, European and African there, has triggered the debate of broader range, can say that is almost in less than 12 hours of time, this event became the current hottest news. 甚至相关的视频已经传到了亚洲、欧洲、非洲那里,引起了更广范围的争论,可以说几乎是12小时不到的时间里,该事件成为了当前最热消息。 Idiot, this video possibly real, you also really think that has the superpower? Also has opened the entire building, inundated the prestige to look.” “白痴,这视频怎么可能是真的,你们还真以为有超能力?还把整个大楼都拆了,漫威看多了吧。” Immediately some people refuted: On that day I by television station building, I saw the process of that studio disintegration.” 当即有人反驳道:“那天我就在电视台大楼旁边,我看到了那个演播室解体的过程。” Retarded really many, I had not said that superpower is I.” “弱智真多,我还没说那个超能力者就是我呢。” Some people pasted the picture of scene, and added: I am the employee of ABC television station, this is the picture that I made at that time, our world have the superpower.” 有人贴出了现场的照片,并且补充道:“我就是ABC电视台的员工,这是我当时拍下的照片,我们的世界真的存在超能力。” Looks picture that was pasted, looks the wall that in the picture dances in the air, the vacancy building, some people call out in alarm, was exclaiming in surprise said: Video real? Has the superpower really?” 看着被贴上去的照片,看着照片中飞舞的墙壁,空缺的大楼,有人惊呼起来,惊叹着说道:“视频是真的?真的有超能力?” But had more sailors to criticize the authenticity of picture quickly. 但很快就有更多的水军批判起了照片的真实性。 This was too false, looks is PS.” “这个太假了,一看就是PS的。” Exaggeration effect, shadow was extremely crooked.” “渲染效果太过了,影子都歪了。” Some person of one. one seconds second of place editing video, proposed various types possibly are not the real reasons. 更有人一秒一秒地剪辑视频,提出了各种不可能是真实的原因。 After all existence of superpower, regarding most people of modern society is the counter- general knowledge, the counter- three views, want them to acknowledge that existence of superpower, must personally see, or the incomparably practical evidence is good, otherwise most people saw the video, will only suspect that is the computer special effect does. 毕竟超能力的存在,对于现代社会的大部分人来说都是反常识,反三观的,要他们承认超能力的存在,恐怕要亲眼所见,或者无比切实的证据才行,不然大部分人看到了视频,也只会怀疑是电脑特效做出来的。 Let alone the sailors of many US government are also responsible for bothering, lets the authenticity of program and video reduces. 何况还有许多美国政府的水军负责搅局,更加让节目和视频的真实性降低。 However still young some people firmly believed that the video is real, the superpower also exists. 不过仍旧有一小部分人坚持认为视频是真实的,超能力也是存在的。 But some people had found the recent evidence quickly. 但很快就又有人找到了新的证据。 What also argued? The ABC television station issued to announce, the beforehand program was new opera « Ultra Can " preview.” “还争论什么?ABC电视台发布公告了,之前的节目是新剧《超能》的预告片。” Originally is the preview.” “原来是预告片啊。” Ha Ha, I know that is false, sliding that ABC really plays.” “哈哈,我就知道是假的,ABC真是玩的溜。” „The special effect of this play good, I pursued.” “这部剧的特效好棒,我追了。” Most people were given the persuasion by this announcement declaration, even was used to a slap in the face by many person screenshots. 大部分人被这份公告申明给劝说,甚至被很多人截图下来用来打脸。 But most people gradually was persuaded with the mortal world , a supernatural incident was subsided gradually differently. 但和凡人世界中大部分人都渐渐被劝服,一场超自然事端被逐渐平息下来不同。 In the unusual world, is a piece of undercurrent is turbulent, Shan Yu wants the aura. 超凡世界里,却是一片暗流汹涌,山雨欲来之气息。 The unusualness forum dark gate , the news about Douglas family passed on. 超凡者论坛‘暗之门’内,一个个关于道格拉斯家族的消息传了开来。 Short a half month, integration US West coast all **** the influence, has gathered over ten thousand hundred million US dollars properties, but also collected fully over 20 unusualness, this is a fearful strength. 短短半个多月的时间,统合美国西海岸所有****势力,集合了上万亿美元的资产,还凑齐了整整超过20名的超凡者,这是何等可怕的一股力量。 Female tyrant, Elena, she feared now is most powerhouses in US.” “女暴君,艾莲娜,她恐怕现在是美国的最强者了。” This matter is the Douglas family secretly is also adding fuel to the flames, do they want to do?” “这件事情也是道格拉斯家族在幕后推波助澜,他们想干什么?” „ The Douglas family has over 20 unusualness now, in the unusual strength, I thought that perhaps they have surpassed the law enforcement department of US. 道格拉斯家族现在可是有着超过20名超凡者,在超凡力量上,我看他们说不定已经超过了美国的执法部了。 Elena is the land that deserves is stronger, existence of mortal body supersonic speed. ” 艾莲娜更是当之无愧的陆地最强,肉身超音速的存在。” Do not forget that Fang Xingjian, from performance in program, his strength possibly not under Elena.” “别忘了那个方星剑,从节目里的表现来看,他的实力可能不在艾莲娜之下。” Talked nonsense, if he were really fiercer than Elena, was he stays in secretly, Elena was carried front to be right.” “扯淡,要是他真的比艾莲娜厉害的话,就是他呆在幕后,艾莲娜被拎到面前了才对。” But whatever, the Douglas family became a jumbo, perhaps the US government does not dare to take up arms easily.” “但不论怎么样,道格拉斯家族已经成为了一个巨无霸,恐怕美国政府也不敢轻易动干戈了。” In innumerable unusualness thinks that the US government will tolerate existence of Douglas family, probably tolerates Bright Council, tolerates various domestic types of war industry unified bodies time. 就在无数超凡者以为美国政府会容忍道格拉斯家族的存在,就好像容忍光明议会,容忍国内各种军工联合体的时候。 For several days, west the US actually changed constantly, has shocked the eye sockets of countless person. 短短几天内,美国西部却是风云变幻,惊呆了无数人的眼眶。 US Pacific fleet appears outside the West coast jumps over 200 kilometers. 美国太平洋舰队出现在西海岸外越200公里处。 Outside Los Angeles presents the massive army trails. 洛杉矶外出现大量陆军踪迹。 Sky over Beverly mountain village frequently present supersonic fighter. 比弗利山庄上空频现超音速战斗机。 Saw that this numerous unusualness have a big shock, even alarmed the Chinese country, Russia, Britain and France to inquire the US reason. 看到这一幕的众多超凡者们更是大惊失色,甚至惊动了华国、俄罗斯、英国、法国询问美国原因。 But US not any response, even there is an insider to claim that several nuclear bomb launching silos of US entered the highest garrison condition, this simply is the naked threat, but actually nobody can affirm that actually they are threatening anyone. 但美国方面没有任何回应,甚至有知情人士声称美国的数个核弹发射井进入了最高警备状态,这简直是赤裸裸的威胁,但却没有人能肯定他们究竟在威胁谁。 „Is this must fight the civil war? Sent out including the Pacific fleet unexpectedly?” “这是要打内战么?竟然连大平洋舰队都出动了?” Can begin to Douglas really?” “难道真的是要对道格拉斯家动手?” How possible?” “怎么可能?” US Pacific fleet, that is the US is used to deter Southeast Asia, looks at boldly the terrifying military power of entire Pacific Ocean, altogether six carrier groups, dozens all levels of battleships, over 50,000 servicemen compose. 美国太平洋舰队,那是美国用来威慑东南亚,雄视整个太平洋的恐怖军事力量,一共有六个航母大队,数十艘各级战舰,超过50000名军人组成。 This is on Earth the most formidable army, can suppress existence of country's by strength of the. 这是地球上最强大的军队,是可以凭借一己之力镇压一国的存在。 But later has ship-based fighter aircraft to fly the sky of Beverly mountain village, some massive servicemen appear near Douglas the manor and silver plaque building of family indistinctly. 而之后更是有舰载战机飞过比弗利山庄的上空,更有大量军人隐隐约约出现在道格拉斯的家的庄园和银盾大厦附近。 Looks at the trend of Pacific fleet, some people sighed surprised: Douglas ended.” 看着太平洋舰队的动向,有人吃惊地叹道:“道格拉斯家完了。” Yes, although is hard to imagine, but from all sorts of signs, the movement of US indeed newly rises in view of domestic this **** empire. 是的,虽然难以想象,但从种种迹象来看,美国的这一番动作的确是针对国内这新一崛起的****帝国。 Although the Douglas family now is very powerful, but when the US sends really including the Pacific fleet, when seems is sets firm resolve to exterminate this influence, anybody will not have suspected the battle efficiency of this world strongest country. 虽然道格拉斯家族现在无比强盛,但当美国真的连太平洋舰队都派出来,看上去是下定决心剿灭这个势力时,没有任何人会怀疑这个世界最强国家的战斗力。
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