PDG :: Volume #8

#746: Sweeping across

Has not waited for White Lion to say the words that Elena flushed fiercely, her under foot Bang crack, trod out a big hole by her sole directly, leaves behind a series of remnant shades, the place visited raises a piece of air wave, the whole person probably was a missile same hit on the head of hell dog. 没等白狮把话说完,艾莲娜已经猛地冲了出去,她的脚下砰的一声炸响,直接被她的脚掌踩出一个大坑,留下一连串的残影,所过之处更是掀起一片气浪,整个人就好像是一颗导弹一样撞击在了地狱犬的脑袋上。 Until this time, bang a bang spread to the ear of White Lion, in him dumbfounded, among that head that hell dogs had been banged completely into the chest cavity by Elena. 直到这时,轰隆一声巨响才传入白狮的耳朵之中,在他目瞪口呆下,那头地狱犬中间的那颗脑袋已经完全被艾莲娜生生撞入了胸腔之中。 Then in an earthshaking pitiful yell sound, then saw that a Elena foot lifts high, then under presses, struck tomahawk to divide the leg, bang steps on has exploded the backbone of hell dog. 接着一声惊天动地的惨叫声中,便看到艾莲娜一脚高高抬起,然后下压,一击战斧式劈腿,轰的一声踩爆了地狱犬的脊梁骨。 The time of a twinkling, a hell dog has resembled is a beach mud same falls down. 一眨眼的功夫,一头地狱犬已经好像是一滩烂泥一样倒在地上。 Tom of distant place has stood fiercely, had goose flesh simply from top to bottom. 远处的汤姆猛地站了起来,简直浑身上下都起了一身鸡皮疙瘩。 Who this woman is!!” “这个女人是谁!!” Thinks that a hell dog such died, in his heart is the anger is frightened, immediately orders: Kills off them!” 想到一头地狱犬就这么死了,他心中又是愤怒又是恐惧,立刻下令道:“杀光他们!” In an instant the remaining three hell dogs roared fiercely, the flame rises suddenly from top to bottom, same fired into Elena just like three giant fireballs, the place visited, the ground is fired hard cokes directly, entire mountain valley nearby temperature started to promote hurriedly. 刹那间剩下三头地狱犬猛地咆哮了起来,浑身上下火光暴涨,宛如三个巨大的火球一样冲向了艾莲娜,所过之处,地面直接被烧成一片焦炭,整个山谷附近的温度都开始了急遽提升。 Facing this earthshaking power and influence, White Lion has a big shock: Runs away quickly!” 面对这惊天动地的威势,白狮大惊失色:“快逃!” He sways ten platinum Sword Qi directly, cut on the bodies of three hell dogs, but besides enraging three dogs, Biao projected a big piece of blood, is actually not able to stop the power and influence of three dogs. 他直接挥洒出十多道白金剑气,斩在了三头地狱犬的身上,可是除了激怒三头犬,飚射出一大片鲜血外,却丝毫无法阻拦三头犬的威势。 Saw that this Tom has also revealed contemptuous sneering, in the heart the secret passage: Dies to me.’ 看到这一幕的汤姆也露出了一丝轻蔑的冷笑,心中暗道:‘都给我死吧。’ But when White Lion wants to turn around to flee, Elena began once more. 而就在白狮想要转身逃离的时候,艾莲娜再次动手了。 Facing big fireball that these three throw, she has not chosen on hardly, although after all she physical quality is unusual, still will actually be burnt, therefore has not chosen the direct contact high temperature, but directs, the wild strength comes, this finger has exploded the air just like the direct point, explodes to disperse over a thousand Sword Qi instantaneously, toward present three hell dogs **** however goes. 面对这三个扑过来的大火球,她没有选择硬上,毕竟她虽然身体素质超凡,却仍旧会被烧伤,所以没有选择直接接触高温,而是一指点出,狂暴的力量汹涌而来,这一指宛如直接点爆了空气,瞬间爆散出上千道剑气,朝着眼前的三头地狱犬****而去。 Fang Xingjian passes to Elena Supreme Mistwind Sword, this wind sword Sword Qi each round of might possibly cannot compare White Lion platinum Sword Qi, but after Elena directs, is one finger, under the consecutively several fingers, the quick everywhere Sword Qi attack goes, has wrapped three hell dogs just like storm equally thoroughly, Sword Qi, gathered a piece of sword sea to be the same simply probably. 正是方星剑传给艾莲娜太岚风剑,这风剑剑气每一发的威力可能比不上白狮的白金剑气,但是艾莲娜一指点出之后,又是一指,连续几指之下,很快漫天剑气侵袭而去,宛如一阵风暴一样将三头地狱犬彻底包裹了起来,剑气之多,简直是好像汇聚成了一片剑海一样。 Puff puff the sound densely and numerously a piece, has been similar to has several hundred Elena to take the knife continually at this moment, cuts regarding three hell dogs unceasingly, in the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, three hell dogs drop down in turn, flame also gradually extinguishes, has the rock magma to resemble the blood to explode unceasingly to disperse equally from their within the body. 噗噗噗噗的声音密密麻麻连成了一片,这一刻就如同有几百个艾莲娜拿着小刀,围绕着三头地狱犬不断切割,凄厉的惨叫声中,三头地狱犬依次倒下,身上的火光也逐渐熄灭,不断有岩浆好像鲜血一样从他们的体内爆散出来。 But Sword Qi keeps, the ample force inclines toward four around, then in terrifying cutting sounds, directly cut three feet depth the ground, aroused everywhere mist and dust. 剑气不停,余力朝着四周围倾斜而出,便在一声声恐怖的切割声中,直接将地面切下去了三尺之深,激起了漫天烟尘。 White Lion looks at this shocking, Sword Technique that Elena displays in his opinion simply just like the miracle, that dense and numerous Sword Qi is really teaches the human to be alarmed, big of might, is almost not inferior Tomahawk, even also wants the still have it. 白狮震惊地看着这一幕,艾莲娜施展的剑术在他看来简直是宛如神迹,那密密麻麻的剑气实在是教人触目惊心,威力之大,几乎不逊于战斧式巡航导弹,甚至还要犹有过之。 But Tom of distant place saw that four hell dogs do not know on such life and death, only felt the heart must drop to bleed. 而远处的汤姆看到四头地狱犬就这么生死不知,只感觉心都要滴出血来。 But makes his frightened is Elena of sword, looks that the little girl extinguished with ease has killed his three trump cards, his fine hair must raise up simply, impulsion that one type must run away immediately. 但更让他恐惧的则是出剑的艾莲娜,看着小女孩轻轻松松灭杀了他的三头王牌,他简直一身汗毛都要竖起,有一种立刻就要逃遁的冲动。 Also at this time, the offensive of 400 spirit wolves arrived, this getting rid is Jack. 也就是在这个时候,400头幽灵狼的攻势到了,这一次出手的则是杰克 The essence of sound then vibrates, but the vibration possibly is in this world to material structure destructive power strongest one attack method. 声音的本质便是震动,而震动可能是这个世界上对物质结构破坏力最强的一种攻击手段。 When 400 spirit wolf simultaneously reappear, toward three people worried the past time, the Jack mouth micro invisible sword wave from his mouth has released, that was the special sword wave that the human ear is unable to hear by far, but the place visited, resembled the world by 1st stratum invisible strength sweeping. 当400头幽灵狼齐齐浮现,朝着三人撕咬过去的时候,杰克嘴巴微张无形的剑波从他嘴中释放了出来,那是人类耳朵远远无法听到的特殊剑波,但是所过之处,就好像世界被一层无形的力量扫荡。 The earth 1st stratum stratification was the powder pink / white, the vegetation Bang one explodes powder, spirit wolves also ping ping the explosion, changed into everywhere detritus in the intense vibration. 大地一层层化为齑粉,草木砰的一声炸成了一片粉末,一只只幽灵狼也砰砰砰砰的爆炸,在强烈的震动中化为了漫天碎屑。 Under the high-frequency shake, almost does not have the too multi-materials to resist this attack, the direct rapid decompositions, dissipate in the air. 高频震荡之下,几乎没有太多物质可以抵挡这种攻击,直接一个个飞速分解,消散在空气之中。 But the spirit wolf is also so, when they change into the empty body, can avoid with any material contact, but they change into the entity time, can contact others, will represent them to be attacked. 而幽灵狼也是如此,当他们化为虚体的时候,可以避免和任何物质接触,但他们化为实体的时候,可以接触别人,也就代表了他们会遭到攻击。 Struck the second to kill 400 spirit wolves, Tom of distant place also instantaneously lost the sharing field of vision, has stood, he whole face is the panic-stricken color, the under foot flies to flee, just like a remnant shade, ran away continually toward the distant place. 一击秒杀了400多头幽灵狼,远处的汤姆也瞬间失去了共享的视野,一身冷汗地站了起来,他已经满脸都是惊恐之色,脚下飞窜,宛如连成了一片残影,朝着远处逃去。 Terror...... This a man and a woman were too terrorist.’ ‘恐怖……这一男一女太恐怖了。’ How to have the so terrifying powerhouse.’ ‘怎么会有如此恐怖的强者。’ My system at least must promote again three times, no , to promote five times to may the sum they to resist.’ ‘我的系统起码还要再升级三次,不,升级五次才有可能和他们对抗。’ Thinks of here, his movement is also getting quicker and quicker, in an instant both hands both feet all fell on the ground dashes, the whole person changed into an appearance of spirit wolf gradually. 想到这里,他脚下的动作也越来越快,转眼间已经双手双脚全落在地上飞奔,整个人逐渐化为了一头幽灵狼的模样。 But when he runs, the heavy line delimits the expansive sky together, the Elena whole person has broken the sonic barrier, by a terminal velocity sprint. 而就在他奔跑的时候,一道黑线划过长空,艾莲娜整个人打破音障,正以一种极速冲刺而来。 Almost in instance that Tom has turned the head, the fierce fist a fist has pounded in the waist of Tom, tittered to pound two Tom directly around the middle, the blood has exploded instantaneously has dispersed, the lower part of Tom remained same place, the upper part fiercely flew. 几乎就在汤姆转过头的瞬间,凶猛的拳头已经一拳砸在了汤姆的腰间,噗嗤一声直接将汤姆拦腰砸成了两节,鲜血瞬间爆散开了,汤姆的下半身留在原地,上半身则是猛地飞了出去。 The Elena whole person tears the atmosphere once more, comes up is being a fist strike leaves to the chest of Tom. 艾莲娜整个人再次撕裂大气,更上去就对着汤姆的胸口又是一拳击出。 But in the fist of Elena brings the boundless air wave soon to stroke when the Tom body, the Tom whole person changed into the empty body to disappear does not see. 但就在艾莲娜的拳头带着磅礴的气浪即将击打在汤姆身上时,汤姆整个人已经化为虚体消失不见。 Um?” A Elena brow wrinkle, a fist continues to eject, is crazy toward four around the fist, brushes the air, just like lighting bombs, in the intermittent airing, has splashed everywhere dust. “嗯?”艾莲娜眉头一皱,一拳继续击出,然后朝着四周围疯狂出拳,抽打空气,宛如点燃了一个个炸弹,阵阵气爆之中,溅起漫天尘埃。 Changes into Tom of empty body startled and anger looks at this, the lower part slowly is regenerating at present. 化为虚体的汤姆又惊又怒地看着眼前这一幕,下半身则在缓缓再生出来。 Originally each system was promoted, leaves has commanded outside one monster much, oneself was also having the characteristics of new monster, i.e. he simultaneously has the regeneration of werewolf now, the actual situation change of spirit wolf, as well as the flame of hell dog, frightened spiritual energy and physique wait / etc.. 原来他每一次系统晋级,出了多统领一种怪物外,自身也拥有着新怪物的特性,就是说他现在同时拥有狼人的再生,幽灵狼的虚实变化,以及地狱犬的火焰,恐惧灵气和体质等等。 This woman simply is a lunatic.” Tom swallows the saliva, departs rapidly, in the heart decides not to have the complete assurance words, no longer provokes the person of Douglas family certainly. “这女人简直就是个疯子。”汤姆咽了咽口水,飞速离去,心中打定主意没有完全把握的话,绝不再来招惹道格拉斯家族的人。 „Is this woman the trump card of Douglas family?” “这女人就是道格拉斯家族的王牌么?” They also take the ability of spirit wolf not to have the means fortunately.” “还好他们也拿幽灵狼的能力没办法。” Snort, when I will come back next time......” “哼,等我下次回来……” Tom departs rapidly, does not look at rear one, in both eyes is all glittering the fighting spirit. 汤姆飞速离去,再也不看后方一眼,双眼之中全是闪烁着的斗志。 Elena roared angry, has not thought that this Tom actually also has the ability that the spirit wolf actual situation transforms. 艾莲娜恼怒地吼叫了一声,没有想到这汤姆竟然也拥有幽灵狼虚实转换的能力。 Therefore the following Douglas family dispatched various group of strength nosing Tom trails, the opposite party actually probably thoroughly to vanish unceasingly was the same, has not appeared again. 于是接下来道格拉斯家族不断派遣各路力量查探汤姆的踪迹,对方却好像彻底消失了一样,再也没有出现。 Another side is Jack as well as Elena sweeps across to come, under the order of Fang Xingjian, they shocks by the astonishing battle efficiency is going on stage, almost can surmount a city at their speeds every several minutes, they south-north also begin. 另一边则是杰克以及艾莲娜席卷而来,在方星剑的命令下,他们凭借惊人的战斗力震撼登场,以他们的速度几乎每几分钟就能跨越一座城市,两人一南一北同时动手。 Under the information support of Douglas family, enters these reactionary gang headquarters directly, kills a group of people, holds a group of people, can govern a faction directly. 道格拉斯家族的情报支撑之下,直接杀入那些黑帮总部,杀一批人,捧一批人,直接就能掌管一个帮派。 Various types of Chinese civil organizations, Vietnamese mass organization, the Mexican faction, Colombian Faction, the black person faction and so on all was conquered. 各种华人社团,越南人社团,墨西哥人帮派,哥伦比亚帮派,黑人帮派等等等等都被尽数征服。 The entire US West coast is almost nobody may keep off, the short more than ten days of times their then probably storm same sweeps across dozens cities, expanded the entire West coast the influence of Douglas, the governance were innumerable **** influence. 整个美国西海岸几乎是无人可挡,短短十多天的功夫两人便好像一场风暴一样席卷数十个城镇,将道格拉斯家的势力扩张到了整个西海岸,统辖无数****势力。 The power and influence and personal connection proliferate California, Elegangzhou, Washington and other Great State, becomes unprecedented **** empire, has encountered various Great State Officer, FBI wait / etc. state organization of the strict attention, takes Elena and Jack does not have the means. 其权势、人脉遍布加州、俄勒岗州、华盛顿州等大州,成为一个前所未有的****帝国,遭到了各大州警察、FBI等等国家组织的严密关注,却拿艾莲娜杰克毫无办法。 Must know that US **** the influence is always very powerful, especially several hundred factions centered on Los Angeles, that is the fund involves several thousands hundred million, the personnel total is over hundreds of thousands of people, radiates to the food, dining, herb, munitions and narcotics, erotic, entertainment and other professions, affects existence of national level sufficiently. 要知道美国的****势力从来都是非常强盛的,特别是以洛杉矶为中心的数百个帮派,那已经是资金牵扯数万亿,人员总数超过数十万人,辐射到食品、餐饮、药材、军火、毒品、情色、娱乐等上百个行业,是足以影响国家层面的存在。 But various faction internal cliques stand in great numbers, the different faction different background different races, cause these factions to fight mutually, slaughter, has not conformed. 只不过各种帮派内部派系林立,不同帮派不同背景不同种族,造成这些帮派相互内斗,厮杀,从来没有整合起来过。 It can be imagined their movements will have the how big rebound. 可想而知两人的这番动作会有多么大的反弹。 A half month, does not know that many aims at their assassinations, seizing, the sneak attack, encircles occurrence, even also successively encounters to the challenges of 12 unusualness, sneak attacks and assassinates actually does not affect, instead grew their power and influence. 半个多月来,不知道有多少针对两人的刺杀,抓捕,偷袭,围剿发生,甚至还先后遭遇到12位超凡者的挑战、偷袭、暗杀却都是毫无作用,反而是更加增长了两人的威势。 Is relying on the strengths of merely two people, then directly suppresses the innumerable factions, becomes angry while talking about it, the unusual strength also therefore starts to appear in the field of vision of mortal. 凭借着仅仅两个人的力量,便将无数帮派直接镇压,谈之色变,超凡力量也因此开始出现在凡人的视野里。 Elena is because its powerful strength was called the female tyrant, was known as that US West coast most powerhouse, receives the West coast innumerable factions, the respect and worship of hundreds of thousands of faction public figures, every word and deeds mix the mountains and rivers sufficiently, involves the lives of tens of thousands of person. 艾莲娜更是因为其强悍的力量被称之为女暴君,号称美国西海岸最强者,受到西海岸无数帮派,数十万帮派人士的敬仰和崇拜,一言一行足以搅动山河,牵扯成千上万人的性命。 This a series of movement is too quick, is too rapid, has not responded quickly to many people, when they pay attention at the appointed time, the Douglas family became an unprecedented colossus, although is extremely fat, although has not conformed with the director to be inconvenient well, although the personnel are hard to restrain disorderly completely, because even the wealth is extremely disorderly and huge, nobody can calculate the exact digit. 这一连串的动作实在太快,太迅速,快到许多人都没反应过来,当他们注意到时,道格拉斯家族已经成为了一个前所未有的庞然大物,虽然臃肿,虽然还没有好好整合而指挥不便,虽然人员杂乱难以全部约束,甚至因为财富太过杂乱和庞大,没人可以计算出确切的数字。 Actually was still a frightening monster, perhaps did not have any government to accept in own territory to have this uncontrolled huge influence, let alone they were also grasping the massive munitions as well as the unusual strengths. 却仍旧是一个令人恐惧的怪物,恐怕没有任何政府可以接受自己的领土上有这样不受控制的庞大势力,何况他们还掌握着大量军火以及超凡力量。 Therefore the US supernatural management agency, the law enforcement department headquarters finally the attention will also put this to rise suddenly **** in empire. 于是美国超自然管理机构,执法部总部也终于将注意力放到了这个突然崛起的****帝国上。 --------------------------- ---------------------------
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