OPSA :: Volume #4 星辰大海

#1197: Comet acceleration

The comet plan starts. 彗星计划启动。 Fang Yuan ignites the dark energy flame, shakes a dragon to howl , to promote Dyce comet, changes a small flight angle, with angle superposition of astronomy group of computations. 方源燃起暗能量火焰,震荡出一股龙啸,推动戴斯彗星,改变一个微小的飞行角度,和天文组计算的角度重合。 Also made the slight adjustment, after being completely precise, Dyce comet plans the first step to complete officially. 又做了细微调整,完全精确之后,戴斯彗星计划第一个步骤正式完成。 According to the plan, this comet will hit 27 days later to Asian No. 3 star. 按照计划,这颗彗星将会在27天后撞向亚顿三号星。 However, if an ordinary comet, very difficult to pose the threat to an aristocrat capital star of higher civilization. 不过,如果是一颗普通的彗星,很难对一个高等文明的贵族首府星造成威胁。 Therefore, in these 27 days of time, Niu Dazhi needs to transform the comet internal structure unceasingly. 因此,这27天时间里,牛大志需要不断的改造彗星内部结构。 The goal is not putting in order a comet transforms the strong nuclear potential structure, but is some strong nuclear potential. 目标不是将整颗彗星都改造成强核力结构,而是部分强核力化。 Like watering the reinforced concrete is the same, takes the steel bar with the strong nuclear potential material, the consolidated comet structure, achieves to resist the intensity of antimatter ball bombardment on the line. 就如同浇灌钢筋水泥一样,用强核力材料作为钢筋,巩固彗星结构,达到抵挡反物质弹轰击的强度就行。 Although is not entire comet strong nuclear potential, but covers on the strong nuclear potential steel bar to the entire comet, the consumption is also huge. 虽然不是整颗彗星都强核力化,但给整颗彗星都覆盖上强核力钢筋,消耗也同样巨大。 In order to speed up the progress, Fang Yuan also helped him complete some comet improvement projects. 为了加快进度,方源也帮他完成了一部分彗星改造工程。 Three days later. 三天后。 Dyce comet starts to enter the attraction crossbow range of Asian No. 4 star, the flight direction starts to present the substantive bend, was drawn by the planet attraction is throwing to Asian No. 3 star. 戴斯彗星开始进入亚顿四号星的引力弹弓范围,飞行方向开始出现较大幅度的弯折,被行星引力拉着抛向亚顿三号星。 All are deferring to plan to conduct. 一切都在按照计划进行着。 In these three days of time, each department of human fleet is conducting the conference every day, the detail of discuss plan, fills up the vacancy spot of entire plan. 在这三天时间里,人类舰队的各个部门每天都在进行会议,讨论计划的细节,将整个计划的空缺部位填满。 In this period also came across some difficult problems, but thought of the means the difficult problem 11 solutions. 期间也遇到了一些难题,但都想到办法将难题一一解决。 Just, the biggest difficult problem had not actually been solved. 只不过,最大的难题其实一直没有解决。 Means that because this difficult problem has not been opportunistic, therefore one side the general staff corps and military scientific research class first places this difficult problem temporarily, attacks and captures Dyce comet plan with single-hearted devotion. 由于这个难题没有取巧的办法,所以参谋团、军事科研班都暂时先将这个难题放在一边,专心攻克戴斯彗星计划。 As for the biggest difficult problem, has been placed in everyone's front. 至于最大的难题,一直都摆在所有人的面前。 That is the star level strength is insufficient. 那就是恒星级战力不足。 So far, the star level strength in human fleet, only has Fang Yuan one as before. 到目前为止,人类舰队里的恒星级战力,依旧只有方源一个。 Han Youwei obtained the Zro star source rations of 1000 units, has attempted to break through the Star Power rank in the lesson room especially, but so far, has not known the result. 韩幼薇得到了一千单位的Zro星源配给,一直在特训室里尝试突破星力等级,但到目前为止,还不知道结果。 If the star level strength is insufficient, even if Dyce comet planned successfully, the comet hit to Asian No. 3 star, but the human fleet is unable to attack. 如果恒星级战力不足,即便戴斯彗星计划成功了,彗星撞向了亚顿三号星,但人类舰队也无法出击。 Toques in Milky Way, is almost strongest existence. 亚托克斯在银河系内,几乎是最强的存在。 Fang Yuan needs to challenge Toques, and must withstand his strong strength, the human fleet has the foundation that hits this to fight. 方源需要挑战亚托克斯,并且要顶住他的强大战力,人类舰队才有打这一战的基础。 However, even if Fang Yuan can observe closely Toques's strength, in Asian No. 3 star also has the sacred hall warriors of another two star levels. 然而,即便方源能够盯住亚托克斯的战力,亚顿三号星里还有另外两个恒星级的圣堂武士。 Could not solve these two star level sacred hall warriors, the human fleet attacks Asian No. 3 star blindly, finally was annihilated inevitably. 解决不了这两个恒星级圣堂武士,人类舰队盲目进攻亚顿三号星,结果必然是全军覆没。 If the human fleet does not coordinate Dyce comet plan, attacks Asian No. 3 star. 如果人类舰队不配合戴斯彗星计划,进攻亚顿三号星。 Even if then, the comet hits to Asian No. 3 star, by Toques's strength, completely has the strength to prevent this comet. 那么,即便彗星撞向亚顿三号星,以亚托克斯的实力,完全有实力阻止这颗彗星。 Therefore, Dyce comet plan, although is very ingenious, but wants to threat Asian No. 3 star, is only insufficient by this comet, must coordinate the fleet to eject is good. 所以,戴斯彗星计划虽然很巧妙,但想要对亚顿三号星构成威胁,单靠这颗彗星是不够的,必须要配合舰队击出才行。 However, the human fleet present hard strength, is not enough to challenge Toques's defense fleet. 然而,人类舰队现在的硬实力,不足以挑战亚托克斯的守备舰队。 This as before is a non-solution difficult problem. 这依旧是一个无解的难题。 However, 27 days solves this difficult problem. 不过,还有27天时间来解决这个难题。 ...... …… Everyone is trying to find the solution, enhances the lethality of Dyce comet plan. 每个人都在想办法,提升戴斯彗星计划的杀伤力。 My also idea, the might also insufficient words of Dyce comet plan, we can definitely through improving the comet speed, opens increases the comet to hit the planet might.” In the military scientific research class some people gave an idea. “我还有一个想法,戴斯彗星计划的威力还不够的话,我们完全可以通过提高彗星速度,开增加彗星撞击行星的威力。”军事科研班中有人提出了一个想法。 This idea raises, immediately must come many 's responses. 这个想法一提出来,立即得来了很多人的回应。 This mentality, can toward this direction attempt. Although the flying speed of Dyce comet is quick, words that but can continue to accelerate, is naturally better.” The astronomy group expressed the support for this idea. “这个思路可以,可以朝这个方向尝试。虽然戴斯彗星的飞行速度已经很快了,但能够继续加速的话,自然更好。”天文组对这个想法表示赞成。 Issue is, what accelerates the comet?” “问题是,什么加速彗星?” This no means of being opportunistic, only then advancement acceleration.” “这个没有什么取巧的办法,只有推进加速。” How to push? How many can push?” “怎么推?能推多少?” This has the ready-made equipment, was OK with the power engine of battleship directly. In this star system, the ninth planet, the fifth, fourth planet, we have beaten three fleets, hitting to sink the battleship number to be many. We restored six battleships, hits the cruiser and destroyer that sink also to have many, the battleships of these abandonment do not want, the power engine opens completely, installs to Dyce comet on.” Military scientific research class that member, continued own idea. “这个有现成的设备,直接用战舰的动力引擎就可以了。在这个恒星系里面,第九行星,第五、第四行星,我们已经干掉了三支舰队,打沉了战舰数量不少了。我们只是修复了其中的六艘战列舰,打沉的巡洋舰、驱逐舰还有不少,这些报废的战舰都不要了,动力引擎全部拆下来,装到戴斯彗星上。”军事科研班那名成员,继续说自己的想法。 This idea really has the feasibility. 这个想法确实有可操作性。 Scientific research group calculates, submerging the power engine of battleship installs on Dyce comet, how many can make the comet accelerate?” Fang Yuan hears this idea, thought that can give a try. “科研组计算一下,把沉没战舰的动力引擎安装到戴斯彗星上,能够让彗星加速多少?”方源听到这个想法,也觉得可以试试看。 The power engine of battleship, is used to promote the comet, the effect will not be certainly tangible. 战舰的动力引擎,用来推动彗星,效果当然不会太明显。 After all Dyce comet 20 km in diameter, but the captain generally also 3000 meters of battleship, the disparity is big. 毕竟戴斯彗星直径20公里,而战列舰的舰长一般也就3000米,差距还是蛮大的。 However, is used to promote the comet words, must make the comet make what lightning to be mobile, only needs to accelerate. 不过,用来推动彗星的话,必须要让彗星作出什么闪电机动,只需要加速就可以。 Moreover, has enough 27 days to be used to accelerate. 而且,有足足27天的时间用来加速。 So long as a day can accelerate for 10,27 days also enough to make the hit kinetic energy of comet turn time. 只要一天能加速10,27天也足够让彗星的撞击动能翻倍了。 The scientific research group of fleet calculated a concrete value quickly. 舰队的科研组很快就计算出了一个具体的数值。 Fang Yuan looked at a data, agrees saying: This plan is feasible, arranges the plan.” 方源看了一眼数据,同意道:“这个方案可行,安排方案吧。” , After Fang Yuan considered the moment, said: Since the power engine hits, that is simply ruthless , to continue to calculate, has the possibility of installment curvature engine.” 顿了顿,方源考虑片刻后,又说道:“既然动力引擎都撞上来,那干脆就狠一点,继续计算一下,有没有安装曲率引擎的可能。” The people hear this saying, is the eye opens the eyes, felt that the breath aggravated. 众人听到这话,都是眼睛一睁,感觉呼吸加重了。 If this proposition really feasible, that is any picture. 如果这个提议真的可行的话,那将会是什么一个画面。 Accelerates through the curvature, hits to the comet of planet, that picture beautiful must make people unable inevitably to look straight ahead. 一颗通过曲率加速,撞向行星的彗星,那画面必然美得让人无法直视。 The scientific research group hears this proposition , is very equally excited, feasibility that starts to calculate this proposition. 科研组听到这个提议,也同样很激动,开始计算这个提议的可行性。 The computed result is not ideal. 计算结果并没有那么理想。 The operating condition of curvature engine is quite harsh, wants to put in order a comet to lead into the curvature accelerating regime, is more difficult. 曲率引擎的运行条件比较苛刻,想要将整颗彗星都带入曲率加速状态,更加困难。 What is the biggest difficult problem?” After Fang Yuan sees the scientific research group giving conclusion, has not immediately given up, closely examines the specific issue. “最大的难题是什么?”方源看到科研组给出的结论后,没有立即放弃,追问具体的问题。 „The biggest problem is the volume of comet, the volume was too big, even if we all curvature engines that discard the battleship install to the comet on, cannot bring the so giant comet to conduct the curvature flight.” The scientific research group replied. “最大的问题是彗星的体积,体积太大了,即便我们将所有报废战舰的曲率引擎都装到彗星上面,也带不起如此巨大的彗星进行曲率飞行。”科研组答道。 After Fang Yuan considers the moment, asked: „Is the limit volume that curvature advances how many?” 方源考虑片刻后,问道:“曲率推进的极限体积是多少?” By our computations, the diameter needs to reduce to 10 kilometers may meet the requirements, and has not presented such giant battleship, therefore the actual situation also needs to test has been able to determine.” Scientific research group reply. “按照我们的计算,直径需要缩小到十公里才有可能达到要求,而且从来没有出现过这么巨大的战舰,所以实际情况还需要测试过才能确定。”科研组回答。 «Fist Annihilates the Star» correct chapter will continue to renew in the new books pavilion, in stand no advertisement, but also asks everyone to collect and recommend the new books pavilion! 《一拳歼星》无错章节将持续在新书海阁更新,站内无任何广告,还请大家收藏和推荐新书海阁! 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