NYSS :: Volume #6

#571: Extremely extravagant spoiled time! Rescues the sunflower department!

Note: The second 5000 characters deliver! Brothers, monthly ticket! The cakes and pastries do obeisance it full of admiration! 注:第二更5000字送上!兄弟们,月票啊!糕点五体投地拜之啊! ...... …… Can South Sea Ning Clan, why Lonely Overseas , almost the disagreement entire mainland have any relations? 南海宁族,为何可以孤悬海外,几乎不和整个大陆发生任何关系? From is not the only issue, although it is away from Central State enough four fifty thousand. 距离不是唯一的问题,虽然它距离中州足足四五万里。水印广告测试 however Yin-Yang Sect is away from Northwest Qin City , over four fifty thousand. However Ximen Wuya, every other ten years, must go to Yin-Yang Sect to worship one time. 水印广告测试但是阴阳宗距离西北秦城,也超过四五万里。但是西门无涯,每隔十年,都要前往阴阳宗祭拜一次。 The only reason is, is this piece of sea area incomparable cut-throat danger, everywhere is rogue sea beast, everywhere is fearful vortex, everywhere is the demon reefs of migration, will raise anytime and anywhere possibly the dreadful rough sea waves. 唯一的原因是,是这片海域无比的凶狠危险,到处都是凶恶的海兽,到处都是可怕的漩涡,到处都是移动的魔礁,随时随地可能会掀起滔天巨浪。 An enough 20,000 li (0.5km) such sea area, makes impossible to develop a safe route. 足足20000里这样的海域,使得根本不可能开发出一条安全的航线。 Can pass through this sea area only, is flies to ride. 唯一能够穿过这片海域的,便是飞骑。 But can fly flying of tens of thousands li (0.5km) sea area to ride, few. 而能够飞过几万里海域的飞骑,屈指可数。 Therefore gradually, entire South Sea Ning Clan isolates on thorough and mainland, to recently, South Sea Ning Clan Li Ming advanced the common people at present, is joined recently even Heavenly Path Alliance. 所以久而久之,整个南海宁族就彻底和大陆隔绝,一直到了最近,南海宁族厉冥推到了世人的眼前,最近甚至加入了天道盟 Naturally, that these tens of thousands li (0.5km) sea areas, there is a safe route? 当然,那这几万里海域,有没有一条安全的航线呢? Has, naturally has! However, this safe route, only then the South Sea Ning Clan imperator knows. 有,当然有!但是,这条安全的航线,只有南海宁族的最高统治者知道。 Therefore, entire South Sea Ning Clan at an incomparable secure environment, almost anybody cannot come, but they can actually exit. 所以,整个南海宁族处在一个无比安全的环境,几乎任何人进不来,但是他们却可以出去。 Also so, South Sea Ning Clan had insisted officially the secluded from the world route, near millenniums does not participate in anything in this world. But the recent ten years, were break a vow thoroughly. 也正式如此,南海宁族一直坚持与世隔绝的路线,近千年来都不参与这个世界上的任何事情。而最近十来年,算是彻底破戒了。 ...... …… At present sees, is the side difficult earth that South Sea Ning Clan is. 眼前入目的,就是南海宁族所在的极难之土。 Unexpectedly is a desert. 竟然是一片沙漠。 Right, unexpectedly is a desert. 没错,竟是一片沙漠。 Cannot look at the desert of boundary, almost does not have the desert of any habitation. 一眼望不到边际的沙漠,几乎没有任何人烟的沙漠。 After they fly into the desert, has flown toward south. Flies toward south. 两人飞进沙漠之后,一直往南飞。往南飞。 After permeating two thousand li(500 km), gradually sees some greens. 渗入两千里之后,才渐渐看到一些绿色。 What here grows is one extremely tenacious bush and thorn. 这里生长的是一种极度顽强的灌木和荆棘。 exceed toward inside, the sight of green gradually is also thick. 越往里面,绿意也渐渐浓密。 The oasis are getting more and more, are getting more and more. 绿洲越来越多,越来越多。 Then, the habitation that sees are also getting more and more. The appearance of all people, are similar. Men. Majority ** the upper body, wears pants, everyone was exposed to the sun swarthily. 然后,见到的人烟也越来越多。所有人的打扮,都差不多。男人。大部分都**上身,穿着裤子,每一个人都被晒得黝黑。 But the woman, the whole body covers in black inside, on the face is covering the veil. 而女人,全身都笼罩在黑色的里面,脸上都罩着面纱。 The major part of body, was covered by black cloth. 身体的绝大部分,都被黑布遮挡。 Naturally, if this is conservative, but they have to expose beeswax color small slim waist. 当然,如果说这是一种保守,可是她们却有裸露着蜜蜡色的小蛮腰 Here each stature of woman is very good, has compact solid small slim waist. 这里每一个女人的身材都很好,都有紧凑结实的小蛮腰 Just. Here woman, the majority of skins are swarthy, is the wheat color flesh, cannot see and Wu Mozhi equally snow white flesh. 只不过。这里的女人,大部分皮肤都非常黝黑,都是小麦色的肌肤,根本看不见和武莫织一样雪白的肌肤。 Then, the crowd are getting more and more, are getting more and more. 接下来,人群越来越多,越来越多。 Saw the crowded cities. 看到了密集的城镇。 Here all houses, are almost the soil and stone build, absolutely does not have the gorgeousness of Central State. Even might as well Western World. 这里的所有房子,几乎都是泥土和石头砌成,完全没有中州的华美。甚至还不如西部世界 Except for these, but also saw the big pile of big pile of whole bodies ** female and man. 除了这些,还看到了大堆大堆浑身**的女子和男人。 These people. In doing most loud living, on the neck is bringing the iron lock, on the foot the handcuffs the iron shackles. 这些人。都在干着最粗重的活,脖子上带着铁锁,脚上铐着铁镣。 This group of people, should be slaves. 这群人,应该是奴隶。 Moreover, the skin color of these slaves, were deeper. 而且,这些奴隶的肤色,就更深了。 And. These slaves cannot let grow long the hair. The hair of each slave is very short, the male slave has about one inch, the hair of female slave also has about 35. 而且。这些奴隶不能留长头发。每一个奴隶的头发都很短,男奴隶只有一寸左右,女奴隶的头发也只有35左右。 Saw that the Ning Shan vision falls on these slaves, Wu Mozhi said: husband, you started bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind. Has the slave. Was the entire Extreme Southern Earth regulations or system handed down by the royal ancestors, your feelings were soft. You must liberate these slaves really completely, Extreme Southern Earth all Master will tear to shreds us.” 见到宁潸的目光都落在这些奴隶上,武莫织道:“夫君,你又开始悲天悯人了。拥有奴隶。是整个极南之土的祖制了,你这个人心肠就是软。你要真的将这些奴隶全部解放了,极南之土的所有主人会将我们碎尸万段的。” Ning Shan deeply sighed, put aside from these slaves the vision. 宁潸深深叹息一声,将目光从这些奴隶身上移开。 Then , to continue south to fly. 然后,继续南飞。 exceed toward the south side, the trees is getting bigger and bigger, the green are getting more and more, the water are also getting more and more. 越往南边,树木越来越大,绿色越来越多,水也越来越多。 The house, is getting more and more magnificent. 房子,越来越华丽。 This magnificence, to finally! 这种华丽,一直到了最后! Suddenly, rivers that a giant lake, goes far away persuasively. 忽然,一个巨大的湖泊,还有一条婉转远去的河流。 The lake like the mirror, the rivers is similar to ribbon. 湖泊如镜,河流如同丝带。 But the end of lake, is a piece of giant mountain range. 而湖泊的尽头,是一片巨大的山脉。 The elevation goes far beyond ten thousand meters mountain range, more than 50% mountains, completely are the snow white white snows. 海拔远远超过万米的山脉,一半以上的山,全部是皑皑的白雪。 This is also not most dazzling. 这还不是最最刺目的。 Most dazzling, is the mountainside following city. 最最刺目的,是山腰以下的城市。 A flake gold yellow city! 一片金黄色的城市! Right, is golden yellow. 没错,是金黄色的。 The wall is faint yellow, the roof is golden yellow. 墙壁是淡黄色的,房顶是金黄色的。 The entire city, hillside constructs, to several kilometers mountainside. 整个城市,依山而建,一直到几千米的山腰。 A snow white bridge, bridges over the river, connects a smooth golden yellow main road, goes nonstop to the city gate of city. 一座雪白的桥,跨过大河,连接一条平坦金黄色的大道,直通到城市的城门。 The entire main road, an enough several meters width, is sparsely inhabited. 整个大道,足足十几米宽,却人烟稀少。 But by the path, plants the straight trees, the tree is sowing seeds the bright safflower. 而道路两旁,栽着笔直的树木,树下种着鲜艳的红花。 Entire Extreme Southern Earth , only then this city, can enjoy the true shadow. 整个极南之土,只有这座城市,才能享受到真正的阴影。 Because, the mountain has 50% times, will block Sun. Remaining Extreme Southern Earth , the vast stretch of flat land, except for the minority thing, without any mask, where person, almost the skin color is very therefore deep. 因为,大山有一半时候,会挡住太阳。剩下的极南之土,一马平川,除了少数的之物,没有任何遮挡,所以哪里的人,几乎肤色很深。 But to this city, has been able to see the snow white flesh. 而到了这座城市,就可以看到许多雪白的肌肤。 Extreme Southern Earth , by skin color humble series. The skin color is whiter, the blood relationship is higher. 极南之土,以肤色陋统。肤色越白,血统越高。 At present this golden yellow city, is South Sea Ning Clan! 眼前这个金黄色的城市,就是南海宁族 Just, in Extreme Southern Earth , this did not call South Sea Ning Clan, but was Silver Ning City! 只不过,在极南之土,这不叫南海宁族,而是白金宁城 What Bai Zhi is the white snow on mountain, what [gold/metal] Zhi is the gold of city. 白指的是山上的白雪,金指的是城市的黄金。 Right, golden color that this city all can see, is the gold. 没错,这座城市所有看得到的金色,都是黄金。 Extreme Southern Earth , has the gold ore of astronomical figures. 极南之土,拥有天文数字的金矿。 However, these gold ores, entirely belong to South Sea Ning Clan. 但是,这些金矿,全部归南海宁族所有。 Or 13,000 thousand li(500 km) Extreme Southern Earth most wealth, entirely turn over to South Sea Ning Clan. 或者说,13000千里极南之土的大半财富,全部归南海宁族 But this situation, has continued for several thousand years. 而这种情况,一直持续了几千年了。 Therefore, South Sea Ning Clan has been looking down upon many influences of mainland. 所以,南海宁族一直瞧不起大陆的许多势力。 Your Yin-Yang Sect cow, your Profound Heaven Sect cow, but your history many years, several hundred years millenniums. 阴阳宗牛,你玄天宗牛,但你的历史才多少年,几百年千年都不到。 But South Sea Ning Clan as the ruler of this lands, at least already over in 2000. 南海宁族作为这片土地的统治者,起码已经超过2000年了。 2000 wealth, built this City of Gold ! 2000年的财富,堆砌成了这座黄金之城 Powerful and wealthy of South Sea Ning Clan, surpasses this world the most influence. 南海宁族的豪富,超过这个世界的绝大部分势力。 Just approached this Silver Ning City. Then departs over a hundred Darkness Ghost Bat, Wu Mozhi and Ning Shan thorough surrounding. 刚刚靠近这座白金宁城。便飞出上百只黑暗鬼蝠,将武莫织宁潸彻底包围。 Is I.” Wu Mozhi lightly said. “是我。”武莫织淡淡道 Instantaneous, space all Darkness Ghost Bat, all fall to the ground. The above Blood Pupil Demon armed forces, together with Darkness Ghost Bat, kneel to bend down completely on the ground. 瞬间,天上所有的黑暗鬼蝠,全部落地。上面的血瞳魔军,连同黑暗鬼蝠,全部跪伏在地上。 Golden Avenue two sides all people. Kneels to bend down completely on the ground, moves does not dare to move. 黄金大道两边所有人。全部跪伏在地上,一动不敢动。 Here maidservant, each face is pretty. However on everyone, can only throw over the grey cloth, is binding the body reluctantly, the graceful attractive body, the major part can only expose in the air. 这里的女奴,每一个都面孔俏丽。但是每一个人身上,都只能披着灰色的布,勉强裹着身体,曼妙诱人的躯体,绝大部分都只能裸露在空气中。 On their feet, has not worn the shackles, but on neck. Is bringing the collar as before. 她们的脚上,没有戴着镣铐,但是脖子上。依旧带着项圈。 These collars, have the different colors separately. 这些项圈,分别有不同的颜色。 Black, grey, white, golden color. 黑色,灰色,白色,金色。 But the golden color, is the gold. 而金色,就是黄金。 The Ning Clan maidservant collar, builds with the gold! 宁族的女奴项圈,都是用黄金打造! Wu Mozhi enters Ning City, has not paid attention to anybody. Direct enters indifferently. 武莫织进入宁城,没有理会任何人。直接冷漠进入。 But Ning Shan, then dresses up into her guard! Is bringing the golden mask. Wears the black cape., 宁潸,则打扮成为成为她的护卫!带着黄金面具。穿着黑色的斗篷。、 ...... …… Wu Mozhi directly enters the most magnificent palace. 武莫织直接进入最华丽的宫殿。 Almost and entire urban isolation palace. Anybody, does not dare to enter this palace. 几乎和整个城市隔绝的宫殿。没有任何人,敢进入这个宫殿。 In palace appliance, basically only then three thing build. 宫殿里面的器具,基本上只有三种东西打造。 Gold, gem, blockhead. 黄金,宝石,木头。 Any furniture, after is carves. Covers the gold. 任何家具,都是精雕细琢后。镀上黄金。 Any household utensils, are the golden crustification gem. 任何器皿,都是黄金镶嵌宝石。 Has the rug, is thorough snow white, is similar to clouds same as is soft. 只有地毯,是彻底的雪白,如同云端一般柔软。 In the palace, has a person. That is a woman. 宫殿内,只有一种人。那就是女人。 All maidservants, the complete wear nearly transparent tissue, the entire body, almost exposes. 所有的女奴,全部穿着近乎透明的薄纱,整个躯体,几乎完全暴露。 With the golden appliance, stops up under them each. Cannot make them send out unclean gas. 用黄金器具,堵住她们下面的每一孔。不能让它们发出一丝不干净的气体。 Their hands freely already pure incomparable, actually as before must put on the white silk same as glove. 她们的手尽管已经纯净无比,却依旧要戴上白丝一般的手套。 In the entire palace, wants thorough spotless. 整个宫殿里面,要彻底的一尘不染。 In this palace in all maidservants, skin color completely snow white, is completely different from outside, is not the beeswax color, completely snow white. 这座宫殿内内所有的女奴,肤色全部是雪白的,和外面完全不一样,不是蜜蜡色,全部雪白。 It seems from the facial features and face, they and Wu Mozhi, completely is a race. 从眉眼和面孔看上去,她们和武莫织,完全是一个人种。 South Sea Ning Clan, is partial in the blood relationship of Earth Oriental, is the same with the Central State race. 南海宁族,是偏向于地球东方人的血统,和中州人种一样。 But Wu Mozhi, then completely is on similar Earth the Persian beautiful woman, Eastern European beautiful woman, with the marriage of Middle East beautiful woman. 武莫织,则完全是类似地球上波斯美人,东欧美人,和中东美人的结合体。 Sees Wu Mozhi to come, ground all maidservants, kneel on the ground completely, was saying the spoken language that no one can understand, on the face is bringing joyfully. 见到武莫织进来,地上所有的女奴,全部跪在地上,说着谁也听不懂的言语,脸上都带着喜悦。 Wu Mozhi told one. 武莫织吩咐了一声。 Immediately, several maidservant bird same as leave. 顿时,十几个侍女小鸟一般地离开。 Then, Wu Mozhi is similar to liberates same as, escapes cleanly oneself, has revealed magic same as enticement celestial body. 然后,武莫织如同解放一般,把自己脱得干干净净,露出了魔术一般诱惑的天体 Also then, comes to untie the Ning Shan clothing. 接着,又过来解开宁潸的衣衫。 Ning Shan one startled! He does not act the guard? His status is not cannot expose? 宁潸一惊!他不是扮演护卫的嘛?他的身份不是不能暴露的吗? husband, these maidservants are I bring completely, cannot beside the person of any Ning City with your me approach, will otherwise die an untimely death.” Wu Mozhi tender sound track: Your this does forget? Moreover, they do not understand any language besides Snow Clan language .” 夫君,这些女奴全部是我带来的,不能和你我之外任何宁城之人接近,否则会横死。”武莫织娇声道:“你连这个都忘记啦?而且,她们不懂得除了雪族语之外的任何语言。” Then, Wu Mozhi digs up cleanly Yang Dingtian. 然后,武莫织阳顶天扒得一干二净。 Then several maidservants come, are directing two people, arrives in a giant incomparable golden bathing pool. 然后几个侍女进来,引着两个人,来到一个巨大无比的黄金浴池之中。 The bathing pool divides into two. 浴池一分为二。 Left, is tepid fragrant milk! Right, is clear enough to see bottom, pure warm water that fragrant overflows. 左边,是温热芳香的奶!右边,是清澈见底,芳香四溢的纯净温水 Wu Mozhi jumps in pure warm water directly, then draws Ning Shan also to enter. 武莫织直接跳进纯净温水之中,然后拉着宁潸也进入。 Several maidservants, all take off completely the clothing, comes. 紧接着,十几个侍女,全部脱尽衣衫,也跟着进来。 Ning Shan is instantaneous, is red in the face. 宁潸瞬间手足无措,面红耳赤。 Wu Mozhi eats smiles tenderly, then stretches out the arms, whatever the maidservant cleans her each inch tender body. 武莫织吃吃娇笑,然后张开双臂,任由女奴清洗自己的每一寸娇躯。 With the special fragrant crystalline humor, washes each of mirror body. 用特殊芳香的晶液,洗镜身体的每一处。 Finally, each pore, releases the charming fragrance. 最后,每一个毛孔,都释放出迷人的芳香。 But 45 maidservants, clean on Ning Shan each inch flesh similarly. Any corner, any, has not let off, cleans each thoroughly. 而45个侍女,同样清洗宁潸身上的每一寸肌肤。任何角落,任何内部,都没有放过,彻底洗净每一处。 Even some place, turns inside out the cleaning. 甚至某个地方,都翻过来洗净。 Thoroughly after the cleaning, Wu Mozhi grips in other one side milk bath fiercely. 彻底洗净之后,武莫织猛地扎进另外一边的奶浴之中。 husband, comes...... Wu Mozhi to cheer toward Ning Shan quickly said. 夫君,快来啊……”武莫织宁潸欢呼道。 Ning Shan bridges over that half bathing pool, one was grasped directly by Wu Mozhi. 宁潸跨过那一半浴池,直接被武莫织一把抓过去。 Then, Wu Mozhi has drunk a bath milk directly, kisses the lip of Ning Shan, then has spent the milk. 然后,武莫织直接喝了一口浴奶,直接吻住宁潸的嘴唇,然后将奶度了过去。 Is the sheep's milk! And is clean. Boils the hot sheep's milk! Without the sheep's milk of rank odor. 是羊奶!而且是干净。煮热的羊奶!没有膻味的羊奶。 Wu Mozhi Ning Shan according to the pool, rides directly in the, tender sound track: husband, I most liked drinking the sheep's milk, I heard that you most did not like drinking. This is Snow Goat Milk. Come, we drink together.” 紧接着,武莫织一把将宁潸按在池子上,直接骑在边上,娇声道:“夫君,我最喜欢喝羊奶了,我听说你最不喜欢喝。这可是雪山羊的奶。来,我们一起喝。” Then, Wu Mozhi opens small mouth, drinks the sheep's milk of bathing pool. 说罢,武莫织张开小嘴,喝起浴池的羊奶。 Ning Shan has drunk several, thinks uncomfortable, then closes the mouth. 宁潸喝了几口,就觉得难受,便闭上嘴巴。 Wu Mozhi comes directly, feeds him to drink with own small mouth, moreover always enjoys completely, fed dozens not to dislike greasily. Drank the Ning Shan belly directly full. 武莫织直接过来,用自己的小嘴喂他喝,而且完全乐此不疲,喂了几十口都不嫌腻。直接将宁潸肚子喝饱了。 husband, I breathed out a moment ago secretly in inside, therefore you drank me......” Wu Mozhi to say near the Ning Shan ear suddenly in a low voice. 夫君,我刚才偷偷在里面嘘嘘了,所以你喝了我的……”武莫织忽然在宁潸耳边低声道。 The Ning Shan facial color breaks down. 宁潸面色一垮。 Hello, you were angry.” Wu Mozhi twists his face saying: Really mean-spirited, deceives your.” “喂,你生气了啊。”武莫织拧着他的脸道:“真小气,骗你的。” Then, she lies down in bathing pool gently, making the sheep's milk moisten own tender body completely, closes the beautiful pupil to say slowly: husband. In family|home good! I really cannot get used to living in Central State, cannot get used to living in Western World. Too crude, radically is not the place that the person lives in!” 然后,她轻轻躺在浴池里面,让羊奶完全滋润自己的娇躯,缓缓闭上美眸道:“夫君。还是家里好啊!我在中州真是住不惯,在西部世界更住不惯。太简陋了,根本就不是人住的地方呀!” Then, she lies down in the Ning Shan bosom inside lane gently: But, has the husband place, is the Zhizhi family|home!” 接着,她轻轻躺在宁潸的怀里道:“不过,有夫君的地方,才是织织的家!” Then, like this she lies down in the Ning Shan bosom. Goes off sweetly. 然后,就这样她躺在宁潸怀中。甜甜睡去。 ...... …… After waking up, is in the evening! 醒来之后,已经是晚上! Wu Mozhi sits in the Ning Shan bosom, has had an extremely luxurious supper. 武莫织坐在宁潸的怀里,吃了一顿极度奢侈的晚餐。 Moreover, two people are extreme ** does not wear the clothes, is only throwing over golden long gauze. 而且,两个人是极度**的不穿衣服,只披着一件金色的长纱。 Regarding Ning City over a hundred greetings. She rejects completely, is completely indifferent. 对于宁城的上百个拜见。她全部拒绝,完全漠视。 As can be seen, Wu Mozhi in the South Sea Ning Clan status, absolute supreme. 可以看出,武莫织南海宁族的身份,绝对的至高无上。 After finishing eating, Wu Mozhi used the soft hair brush gently, cleaned each of Ning Shan mouth tooth gently. 吃完之后,武莫织轻轻用柔软的毛刷,轻轻擦拭宁潸嘴里牙齿的每一处。 Then, cleans each of oneself tooth. 然后,又清洗自己牙齿的每一处。 Then, she puts in the Ning Shan mouth the tongue gently, cancels his tongue, including in own small mouth, sucks in gently, bites to nip gently, then softens the sound track: husband, Zhizhi owes you a nuptial chamber big ritual, tonight gives back to you!” 然后,她轻轻将舌头伸进宁潸嘴里,将他的舌头勾出来,含在自己的小嘴里面,轻轻吮吸,轻轻噬咬,然后柔声道:“夫君,织织欠你一个洞房大礼,今天晚上就还给你吧!” Then she pulls up Ning Shan directly, dragging him to arrive above 45 meters great bed. 然后她直接拉起宁潸,拖着他来到45米的巨床之上。 The bedpost, is the gold. 床柱,是黄金。 The head, is the snow white jade carves, then covers the soft silk, above mark the yellow gold thread. 床头,是雪白的玉石雕琢,然后蒙上柔软的丝绸,上面纹着黄色的金丝。 Puts on, is spreading dozens light wool, lies down above, is similar to lies down on the clouds same as. 穿上,铺着几十层薄薄的羊绒,躺在上面,就如同躺在云端上一般 Advances Ning Shan on bed, she tears off silk handkerchief directly, threw toward him on directly, rides directly on his neck. 一把将宁潸推到在床上,她直接扯掉身上的丝巾,直接朝他身上扑了上来,直接骑在他的脖子上。 Meanwhile, 45 nearly outstandingly beautiful maidservants, whole body ** climbs up the bed, starts to kiss to lick to lick Ning Shan body each. 与此同时,45个近乎绝色的女奴,也浑身**爬上床来,开始亲吻舔舐宁潸的身体每一处。 Ning Shan one startled, sits up to say fiercely: This, this was too absurd.” 宁潸一惊,猛地坐起道:“这,这太荒唐了。” Yo, our beautiful my dear was embarrassed.” Wu Mozhi giggle said with a smile tenderly: husband, in me since childhood, these maidservants is the outstandingly beautiful female who the entire clan chooses, grows up with me together. Finally marries together your, therefore these are also your woman. Because before us, relates not well, therefore you have not visited them, tonight makes up to you, they are not only the virgins, but also had not been bumped one inch flesh by any man, had not looked at one inch flesh by any man, they forever can only live in my house.” “哟,我们的美郎君还不好意思了。”武莫织咯咯娇笑道:“夫君,在我从小的时候,这些侍女就是全族挑选出来的绝色女子,跟着我一起长大。最后一起嫁给你的啊,所以这些也都是你的女人啊。因为我们之前关系不好,所以你也没有临幸她们,今天晚上给你补上,她们不但是处子,而且没有被任何男人碰过一寸肌肤,也没有被任何男人看过一寸肌肤,她们永远都只能住在我的房子里面。” „It is not good, I cannot bear this.” Ning Shan said. “不行,我受不了这个。”宁潸道。 Yo, my husband, you by person body possession? Although marrying of your Ning Clan and our Snow Clan starts from the previous generation, however my Auntie marries your father time, has presented 100 beautiful women.” Wu Mozhi said with a smile tenderly. “哟,我的夫君呀,你是被人夺舍了吗?虽然你宁族和我们雪族的联姻从上一代才开始,但是我的姑姑嫁给你父亲的时候,也是奉送了100个美人啊。”武莫织娇笑道。 But, what I love is you, I cannot bear this. What I love is your, this matter, must be based on loving.” Ning Shan earnest [say / way]. “可是,我爱的是你,我受不了这个。我爱的是你一人,这种事情,要建立在爱的基础之上。”宁潸认真道。 Wu Mozhi said blurredly: I also only love you, I do not allow you to love any other women, I cannot you get along with any other women, even look at me not to. But, these are our maidservants, they serve you on the bed, should be, they to take care you inborn exist.” 武莫织迷离道:“我也只爱你一个人,我也不允许你爱其他任何女人,我也不许你跟其他任何女人好,甚至看一眼我都不许。可是,这些是我们的女奴啊,她们在床上侍候你,是应该的啊,她们天生就是为了服侍你而存在的啊。” „It is not good, I cannot achieve.” Under Ning Shan board passageway. “不行,我做不到。”宁潸板下面孔道。 The Wu Mozhi putting on a serious face egg of said: husband, the matter on bed, I decide, do you want to revolt? Our Snow Clan custom, is this! The nuptial chamber big ritual of our Snow Clan King, certainly is this. I must return you a complete nuptial chamber!” 武莫织板起脸蛋道:“夫君,床上的事情,我说了算,你这是要造反吗?我们雪族的规矩,就是这样的!我们雪族王者的洞房大礼,一定是这样的。我一定要还你一个完整的洞房!” „It is not good!” Ning Shan fierce [say / way]. “不行!”宁潸厉声道。 Is the line!” Wu Mozhi incomparably said strongly: „The matter on bed, I decide! This is I owes your big ritual, must return, will otherwise be for a lifetime unhappy.” “就是行!”武莫织强硬无比道:“床上的事情,我说了算!这是我欠你的大礼,一定要还上,否则一辈子都不会幸福。” Even, her beautiful pupil is red, almost the tears must flow out. 甚至,她的美眸通红,几乎眼泪要流出。 Then, she rides directly on the neck of Ning Shan, holds down his both legs, said toward 45 outstandingly beautiful maidservants: You hurry, I must give back to my husband the complete nuptial chamber big ritual. Only by doing so, can happy for a lifetime!” 说罢,她直接骑在宁潸的脖子上,按住他的双腿,朝45个绝色侍女道:“你们赶紧上,我一定要把完整的洞房大礼还给我的夫君。只有这样,才能幸福一辈子!” Yes!” Five maidservant tender sound tracks. “是!”五个侍女娇声道。 Then, sat directly! 然后,直接坐了上去! Then, Ning Shan hardly braced the bow by the overlord. 就这样,宁潸被霸王硬上弓了。 Then, he passed this world, in history is absurdest, the most extravagant spoiled night. His two lifetime, have not passed through such time. Even in the dream, has not thought. 接下来,他度过了这个世界,有史以来最荒唐,最奢腐的一夜。他的两辈子,都没有经过过这样的时光。甚至在梦里,都不曾想过。 Here **, here luxury, the Central State people do not dare to imagine, let alone Western World! 这里的**,这里的奢华,连中州的人都不敢想象,更别说西部世界 That night, Wu Mozhi with alternative way, has given itself Ning Shan. 这一夜,武莫织用另类的方式,把自己交给了宁潸 Gives him completely a genuine wedding night. 完整地给他一个真正的花烛之夜。 Ning Shan on a management not the day that wanted to make an effort. 宁潸过上了一种办事都不要自己用力的日子。 ...... …… Next day, Wu Mozhi with the extremely arrogant manner, in the Ning City main hall, received all retainers. 次日,武莫织用极度高傲的态度,在宁城的大殿上,接见了所有的家臣。 Accepts their worshipping on bended knees, listened to their report. 接受他们的跪拜,听了他们的汇报。 Said accurately that has ignored their report, because her response does not have. Hears the impatient time, waves directly. 准确说,是漠视了他们的汇报,因为她一句回应都没有。听到不耐烦的时候,直接一挥手。 These retainers are quiet immediately, have drawn back. 那些家臣立刻住嘴,退了回去。 Enough after one morning routine business, she did not say a word, departed directly. 足足一上午的例行公事后,她一言不发,直接离去。 All retainers, kneel to bend down in the place, sees off their Mistress . 所有的家臣,跪伏在地,恭送他们的女主人 Here rank, was extremely stern, has gone far beyond western part and Central State. 这里的等级,极度森严,远远超过了西部中州 At noon! 中午时分! Wu Mozhi brought Yin attribute Chaos Magic Impurities directly, swaggering enters the Ning Clan treasure house radically with hands down, takes away directly. 武莫织直接拿来了阴性混沌魔浊,根本不费吹灰之力,大摇大摆走进宁族的宝库,直接拿走。 In the evening! 晚上时分! She asked straightforwardly: Kui Si? Where closes?” 她直接了当地问:“葵司呢?关在哪里?” Then, the Ning Clan elder said in the dungeon deep place. 然后,宁族长老说在地牢深处。 Brings, making me see!” She orders straightforwardly. “带过来,让我见见!”她直接了当的命令。 Then, her behind man, stayed thoroughly. 然后,她身后的男人,彻底呆了。 In he imagines, no matter steals Chaos Magic Impurities, rescues Kui Si, is the untold hardships, incomparable danger. 在他想象中,不管是偷混沌魔浊,还是救葵司,都是千辛万苦,无比危险。 Has not thought that unexpectedly such crude direct! 没有想到,竟然是这么的粗暴直接! The Wu Mozhi status in Ning Clan was not under one person above the evening, but was under nobody, above all people. 武莫织的身份在宁族不是一人之下晚上之上了,而是无人之下,所有人之上。
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