NGIR :: Volume #4 世家

#1369: Great Jin Immortal Dynasty final brilliance

Bang!! 轰!咔嚓! The space is blustery, the thunder thunders. 天上风起云涌,雷霆轰鸣。 Imperial College supervises the whole body to emerge the light of Saint virtue, in the mouth reads aloud is reading Saint virtue, the aura goes nonstop to the clouds, is colluding the becoming an immortal tribulation of space, stops in ‚Phoenix dharma idol front. 国子监监正周身涌现圣德之光,口中诵念着‘圣德经’,气息直通云霄,勾连着天上的成仙劫,阻拦在‘法相’前方。 ling! 呤! ‚Phoenix dharma idol phoenix cry, induces world power of origin that all around is surging, the tribulation of becoming an immortal the space lowers, is leaves to draw back, does not dare to go near. 法相’凤鸣一声,感应着四周涌动的天地本源之力,天上降下的成仙之劫,也是抽身而退,不敢靠前。 Although already becomes an immortal, but under the tribulation of becoming an immortal, will not manage you are immortal, falling into does not die is also the severe wound. 虽然已经成仙,但是成仙之劫下,可不会管你是仙凡,陷入其中不死也是重伤。 Like good swimming, no doubt can cross the sea, but if meets the storm surge and vortex, similarly is a narrow escape. 就像善泳者,固然可以横渡大海,但若是遇上风暴海啸、旋涡,同样是九死一生。 Below battlefield, slaughters both sides that and fight intensely, separates rapidly, avoids Imperial College to supervise by far is crossing the place of tribulation. 下方战场中,激烈厮杀、战斗的双方,也都迅速分开,远远避开国子监监正渡劫之地。 The immortal dynasty army of already almost collapse, seizes the opportunity to retreat to go, catches up with Yongkang Human Sovereign. 已经几乎崩溃的仙朝大军,抓住机会撤退而去,追上永康人皇 Yue armies who Liang family leads, Liang Xiangyao and the others look that retreats immortal dynasty army who goes, also looked that to in the air crosses Imperial College of tribulation to supervise positively, full is unwilling saying: Is this old man misdemeanor!” 梁家率领的越国大军这边,梁祥垚等人看着撤退而去的仙朝大军,又看向空中渡劫的国子监监正,满是不甘道:“都是这老头坏事!” At this time, already and army converge, but the aura and complexion obviously very weak Liang Ruijian, are actually look in the air Imperial College supervises positively, looks shaking the head of respect, said: Great Jin Immortal Dynasty commands world near ten thousand years, raises the gentleman several thousand years, always has is willing for its dying for life!” 此时,已经与大军汇合,但气息、面色明显都十分虚弱的梁瑞坚,却是看着空中的国子监监正,面露敬意的摇了摇头,道:“大晋仙朝统领天下近万载,养士数千年,总有愿意为其殉命的!” This perhaps was the Great Jin Immortal Dynasty final brilliance.” “这恐怕是大晋仙朝最后的光辉了。” Let alone, each can arrive at the peak, has to attack the immortal level qualifications, and dares to attack the generation of becoming an immortal, is worth respecting.” “更何况,每一个能够走到巅峰,有着冲击仙阶资格,且敢于冲击成仙之辈,都值得敬重。” Yongkang Human Sovereign and immortal dynasty army escaped then escaped, until now this situation, they were also barely manage to maintain a feeble existence. Escaped division prefecture city, but can also escape Heavenly Capital to be inadequate?” “永康人皇仙朝大军逃便逃了,到如今这局势,他们也不过是苟延残喘罢了。逃得了司州城,还能逃得了天京不成?” Bang! 轰! In the thundering thunder sound, the tribulation of becoming an immortal lowers, crosses Imperial College of tribulation to supervise that is covering. 轰鸣雷响之中,成仙之劫降下,将那渡劫的国子监监正笼罩。 The distant place, Yongkang Human Sovereign looks that covers Imperial College to supervise the immortal tribulation, the complexion several change, finally offered a sacrifice to the golden imperial jade seal, above the golden light and thunder light surged, try to disturb and weaken this tribulation of becoming an immortal, helped Imperial College supervise helping hand. 远处,永康人皇看着笼罩国子监监正的仙劫,面色几变,最后又祭起了金色玉玺,其上金光与雷光涌动,试图干扰、削弱这成仙之劫,助国子监监正一臂之力。 Initially in beam prefecture city, he can skid the Heavenly Dao with humanity, affected to increase the fire god the becoming an immortal tribulation, making it fall from the sky under the immortal tribulation, now naturally can also attempt to weaken supervises the immortal tribulation. 当初在梁州城,他能够以人道撬动天道,影响增加火神的成仙劫,使其殒落在仙劫之下,如今自然也可以尝试着削弱监正的仙劫。 If can help supervise is successfully crossing the tribulation to become an immortal, then regarding present almost already to the immortal dynasty center and imperial family of life and death moment, without doubt is also huge helping. 若是能够帮助监正成功渡劫成仙,那对于如今几乎已经到了生死存亡关头的仙朝中央、皇室,无疑也是个巨大的臂助。 Just, Yongkang Human Sovereign just offered a sacrifice to the imperial jade seal, its whole body aura declined suddenly for several points, even the complexion in instantaneous was paler. 只不过,永康人皇刚祭起玉玺,其周身气息忽然又衰落了数分,甚至面色都在瞬间苍白了许多。 He turns head to look suddenly to the west side harmony prefecture city direction. 他猛然扭头看向西面州城的方向。 In just, his already induced to harmony prefecture city already is also broken through, immortal dynasty and imperial family humanity's power weakened immediately, he suffered backlash again. 就在刚刚,他已经感应到雍州城已经被攻破了,仙朝皇室人道之力顿时又削弱许多,他再度遭受了反噬。 In Yongkang Human Sovereign surface appears the hesitant color, turn head looked at a direction of Heavenly Capital city. 永康人皇面上不禁浮现出犹豫之色,又回头看了一眼天京城的方向。 Afterward imperial jade seal stimulation of movement that clenches teeth to offer a sacrifice , the golden light brushes together, brushes into to cover Imperial College to supervise in the becoming an immortal tribulation, is immediately turbulent, the thunder tribulation of bombardment to be as if suppressed some. 随后咬牙将祭起的玉玺催动,一道金光刷出,刷入笼罩国子监监正的成仙劫中,顿时其中汹涌、轰击的雷劫似乎都被压制些许。 But the next flash, Yongkang Human Sovereign is the complexion changes suddenly, the opens the mouth spouts the big piece blood. 但下一瞬间,永康人皇便是面色突变,张口喷出大片鲜血来。 The decline of immortal dynasty, the instability of humanity’s destiny, has caused his strength far inferior initially when beam Zhou, did not have to chat affects the becoming an immortal tribulation to cause the fire god destruction the relaxedness. 仙朝的衰落,人道气运的倾颓,早已使他的力量远不及当初在梁州之时,没有了谈笑间影响成仙劫使得火神覆灭的轻松。 humanity's power that he can transfer at this time is limited, the strength of Heavenly Dao skids are less, tries to affect and weaken Imperial College to supervise the becoming an immortal tribulation, immediately then received him to backlash, received the heavy losses. 他此时能够调动的人道之力有限,撬动的天道之力更少,试图影响、削弱国子监监正的成仙劫,顿时便受其反噬,受了重创。 Your majesty!” Stands at the side to inscribe imperial family True Monarch of Nascent Soul cultivator, goes forward to block Yongkang Human Sovereign to continue to act, sinking sound said: That side Heavenly Capital city, but also needs your majesty to assume personal command to manage, cannot waste the strength in this.” “陛下!”一旁立刻有皇室元婴真君修士,上前拦住永康人皇继续出手,沉声道:“天京城那边,还需要陛下坐镇主持,不可在此浪费力量啊。” Supervising the honorable person's cultivating talent in Imperial College are innumerable, the merit adds the body, can successfully cross the tribulation to become an immortal surely.” “监正大人在国子监中育人无数,功德加身,必定能够成功渡劫成仙的。” Yongkang Human Sovereign hears word, is actually looks to hesitate, shakes the head to say slightly: Supervises if just can cross the tribulation to cross, why must to wait till the present?” 永康人皇闻言,却是面露迟疑,微微摇头道:“监正若能渡劫早就渡了,何须等到现在?” „ His life wants to carry out the college, pares seeing of the world powerful family private study. “他这一生都想要推行公学,削去天下门阀私学之见。 May unable to succeed, the state of mind, cultivation and Grand Dao are all discontented, how can also cross the tribulation of becoming an immortal?” ”“可始终未能成功,心境、修行大道皆不满,又如何能够渡过成仙之劫?” Heard Yongkang Human Sovereign to say like this that stop was also the complexion several changes before imperial family True Monarch, but was a ritual said finally: That is also supervises the honorable person to obtain a sought-after object!” 听到永康人皇这样说,那阻拦在前的皇室真君也是面色几变,不过最后还是一礼道:“那也是监正大人求仁得仁!” Please your majesty do not disappoint to supervise the opportunity that the honorable person braves death to capture, asking your majesty to return to Capital instantly, assumes and manage the Heavenly Capital city.” “还请陛下不要辜负监正大人冒死夺取的机会,请陛下即刻返京,坐镇、主持天京城。” Asks your majesty to return to Capital instantly!” “请陛下即刻返京!” At this time, some imperial family and royal family who cultivator all around gathers, simultaneously leaves ranks toward a Yongkang Human Sovereign ritual pleads to say. 此时,四周汇聚的一些皇室、王族修士,也都齐齐出列向着永康人皇一礼请命道。 Oh......” Yongkang Human Sovereign sees this to sigh, puts out a hand imperial jade seal that takes down to offer a sacrifice, toward supervising is crossing the direction of tribulation, bends the waist a ritual saying: Supervises positively, is my Sima is unfair to you!” “唉……”永康人皇见此叹息一声,伸手取下祭起的玉玺,向着监正渡劫的方向,弯腰一礼道:“监正,是我司马氏对不起你!” Please feel relieved, your honest and upright clear name must meet during the inscribing history, along with my Great Jin Immortal Dynasty is together immortal!” “请您放心,你的忠正清名必会铭刻青史之中,随我大晋仙朝一起不朽!” The voice falls, he looks to all around cultivator and army, the sinking sound orders: Withdraws troops Heavenly Capital!” 话音落下,他看向四周修士、大军,沉声下令道:“撤军回天京!” Hears order that retreats, in all around cultivator and army, some obviously many people relaxed the tone, the complexion was more affable. 听到撤退的命令,四周修士、大军之中,明显有许多人轻松了口气,面色舒缓许多。 At that moment Yongkang Human Sovereign, imperial family and royal family juniors, the immortal dynasty central army, evacuates from the division prefecture city battlefield in abundance, returns to the Heavenly Capital city. 当下永康人皇皇室、王族子弟,仙朝中央大军,纷纷从司州城战场撤离,返回天京城。 Division prefecture city battlefield here, only stayed behind followed Imperial College to supervise 800 disciples who came, actually not with the meaning that Liang family and Yue armies fought, but read aloud in the distant place is reading Saint virtue, the waiting supervised is crossing the result of tribulation. 州城战场这里,只留下了追随国子监监正而来的八百弟子,却也没有与梁家、越国大军战斗的意思,只是在远处诵念着‘圣德经’,等待监正渡劫的结果。 But this becoming an immortal tribulation, really such as Yongkang Human Sovereign said finally, ends in failure. 而这一场成仙之劫,最终也果然如永康人皇所言,以失败告终。 Imperial College supervises is falling from the sky finally in the becoming an immortal tribulation, without the pitiful yell, does not have the pain to sob and not curse angrily, only the sigh dissipates gradually. 国子监监正最后陨落在成仙劫中,没有惨叫、没有痛泣、没有怒骂,仅有一声叹息渐渐消散。 In the Liang family army, Liang Ruijian looks in the sky gradually the becoming an immortal tribulation of dissipation, a serious ritual, is to the respect and seeing off of this antecedent. 梁家大军之中,梁瑞坚看着天空中渐渐消散的成仙劫,面色肃然的一礼,算是对这位前行者的敬重与送行。 At this time has the army who the Liang family juniors lead, that 800 follows Imperial College to supervise cultivator that comes to sphere, in these people only True Monarch of Nascent Soul, remaining most probably is refining cultivator, less than half Foundation Building, Golden Core less than five people. 此时有梁家子弟率领的大军,将那八百追随国子监监正而来的修士围住,这些人中仅有一位元婴真君,剩下的大半都是炼气修士,小半筑基,金丹不足五人。 It can be said that faces the Yue army who Liang family is leading, only need begin gently, can their thorough destruction. 可以说,面对着梁家率领的越国大军,只需轻轻动手,就能将他们彻底覆灭。 But meaning that these eight hundred Imperial College cultivator have not resisted, True Monarch of Nascent Soul audience Liang family here commanding general who only then leads. 而这八百国子监修士也没有抵抗的意思,只有领头的元婴真君请见梁家这边的主将。 After surrounding their Liang family juniors consider one, it brings to see right in front of one Liang Ruijian. 包围他们的梁家子弟考虑一番后,将其带来面见梁瑞坚 Comes the person to see Liang Ruijian, when first a ritual said: Supervises the honorable person before crossing the tribulation has the word, if he crosses the tribulation failure, then I and other Imperial College disciples may surrender Yue.” 来人见到梁瑞坚,当先一礼道:“监正大人在渡劫之前有言,若他渡劫失败,则我等国子监弟子可投降越国。” Liang Ruijian hears word looks to the opposite party, vision becomes the deep several points, immediately the chuckle asked: „Do you want to surrender, have what cast to describe?” 梁瑞坚闻言看向对方,目光似是变得深沉几分,随即轻笑问道:“你们想要投降,有何投名状?” Has Saint virtue, and Heavenly Capital city garrison chart.” “有‘圣德经’一部,并天京城防图一份。” The opposite party lower the head saying that both hands present two jade slip. 对方低头言道,双手呈上两枚玉简 The Liang Ruijian frown selected, received two jade slip examinations to put down from now on, the slight nod said: Regarding the person of same belief who any is willing to bring order out of chaos, our Liang family and Yue are willing to admit.” 梁瑞坚双眉微挑,接过两枚玉简查看过后放下,微微点头道:“对于任何愿意拨乱反正的同道,我们梁家、越国都愿意接纳。” Afterward told nearby Liang Xiangyao, said: You lead them to place.” 随后吩咐一旁梁祥垚,道:“你带他们下去安置起来。” Yes.” “是。” Liang Xiangyao receives an order the belt/bring person to go immediately. 梁祥垚当即领命带人而去。 Soon after returns, salutes upon meeting asks: Uncle Ruijian, can Imperial College these people believe?” 不久之后归来,见礼问道:“瑞坚叔,国子监那些人能信吗?” Liang Ruijian nods, shakes the head, said: Can not believe importantly, safeguards them, when we took the Heavenly Capital city, no matter they really surrender, leeway that also has not changed.” 梁瑞坚点了点头,又摇了摇头,道:“能不能信不重要,将他们看管起来,等到我们拿下了天京城,不管他们是不是真的投降,也都没有改变的余地了。” These person some skills, later our Liang family should serve a need.” “这些人还是有些本事的,以后我们梁家应该用得着。” Liang Xiangyao heard that word nod of looking pensive, looks later to the direction of Heavenly Capital city, looks several points of exciting color, said: Uncle Ruijian, division prefecture city already overcomes now, the Heavenly Capital city in front, we must follow up a victory with hot pursuit, takes the Heavenly Capital city?” 梁祥垚闻言若有所思的点了点头,随后又望向天京城的方向,面露几分激动之色,道:“瑞坚叔,如今司州城已经打下,天京城就在前面,我们要不要乘胜追击,将天京城也拿下?” „Not anxious......” Liang Ruijian actually beckons with the hand, said: First reorganizes in division prefecture city, waits for other three armies.” “不急……”梁瑞坚却是摆了摆手,道:“先在司州城整顿一番,等一等其他三家的大军。” Liang Xiangyao hears word, actually looks several points of anxious color, said: Why can wait for them? Liu, Yang two said that first enters Heavenly Capital is the sovereign!” 梁祥垚闻言,却是面露几分急色,道:“为什么要等他们?刘、杨两家可是说了,先入天京者为皇!” So long as we enter the Heavenly Capital city, our Liang family may be this immortal dynasty new royalty.” “只要我们打入天京城去,我们梁家可就是这仙朝新的皇族了。” First enters Heavenly Capital is the sovereign?” Liang Ruijian heard that word chuckle, looks in an instant to Liang Xiangyao, said: Auspicious yao, you also lived for several hundred years, will cultivation to the boundary of True Monarch, how also believe this nonsense?” “先入天京者为皇?”梁瑞坚闻言轻笑一声,转眼看向梁祥垚,道:“祥垚,你也是活了几百年了,一路修行到了真君之境,怎么还会相信这鬼话?” On this day, always only then the powerhouse is an sovereign, where has what first to enter Heavenly Capital for the sovereign?” “这天下,从来只有强者为皇,哪有什么先入天京者为皇的?” Liang Xiangyao hears word, the surface has the awkwardness, but said: Be that as it may, so long as we can first storm into the Heavenly Capital city, can occupy the name and Italy, other three cannot say anything much.” 梁祥垚闻言,面有尴尬,不过还是道:“话虽如此,但只要我们能够抢先攻入天京城中,就能占据名与义,其他三家也不能多说什么。” Let alone, the immortal dynasty center and imperial family operate in the Heavenly Capital city for nearly ten thousand years, saved many treasures and resources surely, we present capture may be we.” “更何况,仙朝中央、皇室天京城经营近万年,必定积攒了许多宝物、资源,我们现行攻下可都是我们的了。” Liang Ruijian hears word looked at him, shakes the head saying: Auspicious yao, it seems like I lead you in the side, rather than sent the alone lead(er) leaning army does right.” 梁瑞坚闻言不禁看了看他,摇了摇头道:“祥垚,看来我将你带在身边,而不是派出去独领偏军是做对了。” You, since knows, imperial family operates near ten thousand years in the Heavenly Capital city, only sees treasure and resources, can't see the possible danger?” “你既然知道,皇室天京城经营近万载,难道就只看到其中的宝物、资源,看不到可能的危险?” Ten thousand years, who knows how many imperial family did make to arrange in the Heavenly Capital city?” “万年时间,谁知道皇室天京城中做了多少布置?” Moreover, this Yongkang Human Sovereign rather leaves the Heavenly Capital city, must come to division prefecture city here to prevent us to attack, is imperial family has anything to arrange in the Heavenly Capital city surely, he comes this shield and protracted time.” “而且,这次永康人皇宁愿离开天京城,也要来司州城这里阻挡我们进攻,必定是皇室天京城中有什么布置,他来此掩护、拖延时间的。” We, if kills the Heavenly Capital city rashly, falls into a trap and is seriously battered inevitably!” “我们若是贸然杀去天京城,必然落入陷阱、遭受重创!” This time is four countries encircles the immortal dynasty center, why are we going against the thunder anxiously?” “这一次是四国合围仙朝中央,我们又何必急着上去顶雷?” Liang Xiangyao heard that word some are actually not convinced, raised the hand referred to the day, said: „Don't we have Phoenix old ancestor? What trap no matter what in its Heavenly Capital city has and arrangement, but can also be able to stall the attack of Phoenix old ancestor?” 梁祥垚闻言却还是有些不服气,抬手指了指天,道:“我们不是有老祖吗?任它天京城中有什么陷阱、布置,还能挡得住老祖的进攻?” You......” Liang Ruijian shake the head, resemble said thoroughly disappointedly: I told you, immortal level was not multipurpose, otherwise already not our Liang family anything matter.” “你呀……”梁瑞坚摇了摇头,似是彻底失望道:“我告诉你,仙阶也不是万能的,否则早就没有我们梁家什么事了。” Afterward also no longer talks too much, has transferred the thread of conversation: Ok, you reorganized the good army, paid attention to guard against the counter-attack of Heavenly Capital city direction, and sent out the manpower to watch other three attack, passed on a message agrees to them besieges the Heavenly Capital city together.” 随后也不再多言,转过话锋道:“好了,你去整顿好军队,注意提防天京城方向的反击,并派出人手关注其余三家的进攻情况,传讯给他们约定一起围攻天京城。” Moreover, tidies up and arranges this battlefield, five days later I must cross the tribulation in this!” “另外,将这处战场收拾、布置一番,五天后我要在此渡劫!” Yes.” The Liang Xiangyao custom receives an order, later just now responded, startled say/way: Crosses the tribulation? Uncle Ruijian you...... can you cross the becoming an immortal tribulation?” “是。”梁祥垚习惯领命,随后方才反应过来,惊道:“渡劫?瑞坚叔你……你要渡成仙劫?” Has anything to make much ado about nothing.” Liang Ruijian is actually beckons with the hand saying: I have sought road of immortality, this time the war has also shoved open the final gateway, crossing the tribulation becomes an immortal is the logical matter.” “有什么大惊小怪的。”梁瑞坚却是摆摆手道:“我早已寻到成仙之路,此番大战也已推开了最后的门户,渡劫成仙不过是顺理成章之事罢了。” But that is the tribulation of becoming an immortal......” in the Liang Xiangyao surface worried that the color is difficult to cover, just experienced failure the tribulation of becoming an immortal, crosses tribulation to unravel, has not left slightly the trace. “可那是成仙之劫啊……”梁祥垚面上担忧之色难掩,刚刚才见识了一场失败的成仙之劫,渡劫者灰飞烟灭,没留下丝毫痕迹。 Now, Liang Ruijian must cross the tribulation to attack immortal level, naturally is unavoidably anxious. 如今,梁瑞坚又要渡劫冲击仙阶,自然是难免让人担忧。 Liang Ruijian is the complexion is firm, beckons with the hand saying: Ok, does not need to talk too much, this matter I have the position. You get down the reorganization team, tidies up the battlefield.” 梁瑞坚却是面色坚定,摆手道:“好了,无需多言,此事我自有主张。你下去整顿队伍,收拾战场吧。” Yes.” “是。” Liang Xiangyao sees this , can only receive an order to go. 梁祥垚见此,也只能领命而去。 Next day, above division prefecture city projects Cloud Firmament Minor World that’ and arrives, under two five elements immortal light shoots, goes out of two forms from the immortal light, is Liang Zhaorong and Liang Ruiqin. 第二天,司州城上方投影、降临的‘云霄小世界’之中,有两道五行仙光射下,从仙光中走出两道身影,正是梁昭熔梁瑞钦 Sister-in-law/Little aunt and Sixth Brother, you came, I can feel relieved that crossed the tribulation to attack immortal level.” “小姑、六哥,你们来了,我就可以放心渡劫冲击仙阶了。” Liang Ruijian has been greeting them in this, at this time immediately welcomed, said with a smile. 梁瑞坚早已在此迎接着他们,此时当即迎上,笑着说道。 Liang Zhaorong looks to the opposite party, said: Receives your pass on message, I made the connection with Li Qing, caught up.” 梁昭熔看向对方,道:“接到你的传讯,我就与李青做了交接,赶了过来。” Your this crosses the tribulation, some actually how many assurances? Also wants us to assume personal command?” “你这渡劫,究竟有多少把握?还要我们来坐镇?” Nearby Liang Ruiqin, is to also be worried at this time looks to him, said: Yes, grasping to be big, needs me to help you arrange some formation to assist?” 一旁的梁瑞钦,此时也是担心的看向他,道:“是啊,把握大不大,需不需要我帮你布置些阵法相助?” Liang Ruijian is saying with a smile: 60%-70% grasp always has, but must guard against some accidents/surprises.” 梁瑞坚笑着道:“60%-70%把握总还是有的,只不过总要防备些意外。” If really has problems, sister-in-law/little aunt, only then you can suppress these family juniors and Yue armies , to continue to break through the Heavenly Capital city.” “若是真的出了问题,小姑,也只有你们能够镇压住这些家族子弟与越国大军,继续攻破天京城。” This matter concerns life and death battle of Patriarch in hell, cannot make the slight mistake.” “这事关乎到族长在地狱中的生死争斗,不能有丝毫差错。” „Others, the Liang Liqing qualifications are insufficient, now are most can lead to replace the sister-in-law/little aunt you to assume Yi Prefecture ; Auspicious yao exercises insufficiently, may be the assistant, cannot do.” “其他人,梁李青资格不够,如今最多能够领军代替小姑你坐镇益州;祥垚还是锻炼不够,可做副手,不可做正将。” He is saying shaking the head, said: As for formation does not need, this battlefield to be I best crossing tribulation paradise.” 他说着摇了摇头,道:“至于阵法就不必了,这处战场就是我最好的渡劫福地。” Let alone, I have family this behind Yue various states that go on an expedition to overcome, humanity go on a punitive expedition against and support of humanity's power, this was the best crossing tribulation treasure.” “更何况,我身后还有着家族这一路征战打下的越国诸州,人道征伐以及人道之力的支持,这就是最好的渡劫宝物了。” Saw him saying that Liang Zhaorong and Liang Ruiqin two people also no longer talked too much, coordinating the opposite party to take over and reorganize the family juniors and Yue armies. 见他如此说,梁昭熔梁瑞钦两人也不再多言,配合着对方接手、整顿起家族子弟、越国大军来。 But Liang Ruijian is going to cross the news that the tribulation becomes an immortal, already spread in the Yue armies, triggered a big stir, had to worry that had excitedly and excitedly. 梁瑞坚将要渡劫成仙的消息,也已经在越国大军之中传开,引发不小轰动,有担忧的,更有激动、兴奋地。 In an instant to four days later, Liang Ruijian inspires the tribulation of becoming an immortal in the division prefecture city battlefield. 转眼到了四天后,梁瑞坚在司州城战场之中引动成仙之劫。 Although what he with Liang Zhaohuang same cultivation is Five Qi Lotus Sutra, but has taken own path, the tribulation of becoming an immortal at this time triggers also with Liang Zhaohuang then difference. 他虽然与梁昭煌一样修行的是‘五气莲华经’,但早已走出自己的道路,此时引发的成仙之劫也与梁昭煌当时的不同。 The tribulation of annihilation except that five elements repels one another, but also has the tribulation strength that all sort of humanity and Heavenly Dao go on a punitive expedition against evolves and erupts. 除了五行相克的湮灭之劫,还有着诸般人道、天道征伐的劫力在其中衍化、爆发。 A Liang Ruijian sword in the hand, the whole body five colors sword light evolves, including five elements to engender and overcome, has humanity to go on a punitive expedition against, has humanity to cut down the god, to have humanity to cut down the day, had him previously in the following to subdue|grams to cut down Human Sovereign wait/etc all sort of scenes evolved and erupts, finally all integrated in the five colors sword light, 11 cut various becoming an immortal tribulations that broken all around shelled to come. 梁瑞坚一剑在手,周身五色剑光衍化,其中有五行生克,有人道征伐,有人道伐神、有人道伐天,更有他此前以下克上伐人皇等等诸般景象在其中衍化、爆发,最后俱都融入五色剑光之中,一一斩破四周轰击而来的各种成仙之劫。
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