NGIR :: Volume #4 世家

#1149: ‚spirit cauldron’ transformation

Hiss! Bang! 嘶!轰! Roar! Bang! Bang! 吼!轰!轰! Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm , the spirit monster, the spirit evil has no spirit wisdom, even if the fourth-order level, fights also with the instinct. 灵鼎秘境’之中,无论是灵妖、还是灵孽都没什么灵智,哪怕是四阶层次,战斗起来也都是凭着本能。 Fourth-order spirit monster hard to deal at confusion and rebellion the strength of principle, is momentarily easy to lose control, causes the disaster of return to Dao. 四阶灵妖难缠在混乱、暴动的法则之力,随时容易失控,引发道化之灾。 But this fourth-order spirit evil, in its whole body chaos miraculous glow, is too hard to deal with big regarding the strength of restraint principle. 而这四阶灵孽,难缠在其周身混沌灵光,对于法则之力克制太大。 When holds their weakness, after seeking the means of coping with, the fourth-order spirit monster, the fourth-order spirit evil, naturally becomes easier to cope. 但是当抓住它们的弱点,寻到对付的办法后,无论是四阶灵妖、还是四阶灵孽,自然都变得更容易对付。 Prohibits to deal with the fourth-order spirit monster by Sacred Mountains of China, thousand honored peaks copes with the fourth-order spirit evil by spirit treasure, is twice the result with half the effort. 以‘五岳封禁’之阵应对四阶灵妖,以灵宝‘千钧峰’对付四阶灵孽,都是事半功倍。 At this time, the spirit evil of that snake body tiger's head kills to come, to shout unceasingly unceasingly, Liang Zhaohuang thousand honored peaks times pounds down spirit treasure, the spirit evil has almost no consciousness of avoidance, was fallen the midair by bang, then once again times shouting roared to clash. 此时,那蛇身虎头的灵孽不断扑杀而来,嘶吼不断,梁昭煌灵宝‘千钧峰’一次次砸下,灵孽几乎都没有什么躲避的意识,被一次次轰落半空,然后又一次次的嘶吼咆哮着冲上来。 Is ordinary like the fight of average person and wild animal. 就像普通人与野兽的战斗一般。 Just, this fourth-order spirit evil is harder to deal with than and is more difficult the wild animal to cut to kill. 只不过,这四阶灵孽比野兽更难缠、更难斩杀。 On Liang Zhaohuang spirit treasure thousand honored peaks each bang pounds on the spirit evil, the created destruction and injury, will restore in a minute most. 梁昭煌手上灵宝‘千钧峰’每一次轰砸在灵孽身上,造成的破坏、伤势,都会在片刻间恢复大半。 The characteristics and hard to deal with that the spirit evil quickly restores, on this fourth-order spirit evil, obtained big enhancement without doubt, incisiveness that manifests. 灵孽迅速恢复的特性、难缠,在这四阶灵孽身上,无疑又得到了大大的加强,体现的淋漓尽致。 So that Liang Zhaohuang bang pounded ten by thousand honored peaks several times, on the fourth-order spirit evil of that snake body tiger's head also received a small wound and small destruction. 以致梁昭煌以‘千钧峰’轰砸十数次,那蛇身虎头的四阶灵孽身上也只是受了点小伤、小破坏。 Let him look at the brow straight wrinkle. 让他看着不禁眉头直皱。 Initially in Xinhai State Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm coped with the third-order spirit evil, Liang Zhaohuang has learned the lessons. 当初在新海郡灵鼎秘境’对付三阶灵孽时,梁昭煌就总结过经验。 To cut to kill the spirit evil, only then two means that are consumption lots of time and energy wearing down slowly cut to kill either, either kills its direct bang at the absolute strength. 想要斩杀灵孽,只有两个办法,要么就是耗费大量的时间、精力慢慢的消磨斩杀,要么就是以绝对的力量将其直接轰杀。 At that time, in his hand has the five elements thunder orb, can by massive thunder orb explosions, kill the third-order spirit evil by the absolute strength bang directly. 当时,他手上有着五行雷珠,能以大量的雷珠爆炸,直接以绝对的力量轰杀三阶灵孽。 However now, Liang Zhaohuang trump card is Five-Colored Divine Light and formation, and even the five elements god thunder, actually by this fourth-order spirit evil restraint. 但是如今,梁昭煌的杀手锏是五色神光阵法、乃至五行神雷,却都被这四阶灵孽克制。 He also can only depend on the time and energy, slowly wore down. 他也只能靠着时间、精力,慢慢消磨了。 Finally the time-consuming about six double-hour, spirit treasure thousand honored peaks bang pounds in that fourth-order spirit evil over a thousand times, just now kills its thorough bang. 最后足足耗时近六个时辰,灵宝‘千钧峰’轰砸在那四阶灵孽身上上千次,方才将其彻底轰杀。 This is because this fourth-order spirit evil has no spirit wisdom, all fights depending on the instinct, the entire journey has no avoidance and running away, otherwise Liang Zhaohuang estimated that is hard to cut to kill it thoroughly. 这还是因为这四阶灵孽根本没有什么灵智,全凭本能战斗,全程没有什么躲避、逃遁,否则梁昭煌估计都难以将其彻底斩杀。 Near half-day time, offer a sacrifice to thousand honored peaks to pound down over a thousand times, consumed his more than half spirit consciousness and magic power. 近半天时间,上千次祭起‘千钧峰’砸下,也消耗了他过半的灵识法力 Following the battle, Liang Zhaohuang must the training, restore, magic power and spirit consciousness that will consume get back, otherwise latter facing on fourth-order spirit monster, and even the spirit evil, is perhaps easy to have problems. 战斗结束后,梁昭煌也必须修养、恢复一番,将消耗的法力灵识恢复过来,否则后面对上四阶灵妖、乃至灵孽,恐怕容易出问题。 However, although the consumption is big, when sees the harvest, in the Liang Zhaohuang surface also appears the smile. 不过,消耗虽大,当见到收获时,梁昭煌面上也不禁浮现起笑容来。 As the spirit monster of that snake body tiger's head was killed by the thorough bang, common cultivator looked not the big miraculous glow departs, divides into two in the midair, half fly to the Secret Realm sky, the other half is flies to Liang Zhaohuang, submerges in his sea of consciousness spirit cauldron. 随着那蛇身虎头的灵妖被彻底轰杀,一点寻常修士看不大的灵光飞出,在半空中一分为二,一半飞向秘境天空之中,另一半则是直向梁昭煌飞来,没入他识海中的‘灵鼎’内。 This miraculous glow, compared with him initially in Xinhai State Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm cut killed the third-order spirit evil, sees the miraculous glow to want on big several times to continue. 这灵光,比他当初在新海郡灵鼎秘境’斩杀三阶灵孽时,所见灵光要大上数倍不止。 When that half of miraculous glow submerges spirit cauldron, Liang Zhaohuang obviously induces spirit cauldron to vibrate slightly to sea of consciousness, changes and transforms is speeding up rapidly. 当那一半的灵光没入‘灵鼎’之中,梁昭煌明显感应到识海中‘灵鼎’在微微震动起来,其中变化、蜕变在迅速加快。 Liang Zhaohuang looks is happy and worried at the same time. 梁昭煌看着是喜忧参半。 Happy is the miraculous glow that this fourth-order spirit evil has, made him see finally several points spirit cauldron completed the hope of qualitative change ; Sorrow is these spirit evils, was too difficult to kill, not only consumed the time and consumed the energy. 喜则是这四阶灵孽产生的灵光,总算让他看到了几分‘灵鼎’完成质变的希望;忧则是这些灵孽,太难杀了,既耗时间又耗精力。 Also this state level Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm is opens luckily for three months, in addition the time is enough. 也幸亏这州级‘灵鼎秘境’是开启三个月的,时间尚且足够。 Otherwise, Liang Zhaohuang must consider behind first avoids the spirit evil, after going out, prepared in view of trump card of spirit evil, next time after coming, cut to kill these spirit evils. 否则,梁昭煌都要考虑着后面是不是先避开灵孽,等出去后准备了针对灵孽的杀手锏,下次进来后再斩杀这些灵孽了。 Observed in sea of consciousness spirit cauldron vibration and change, the determination need are more spirit evil miraculous glow. 观察了一番识海中‘灵鼎’的震动与变化,确定还需要更多灵孽‘灵光’。 Afterward, Liang Zhaohuang returns to the mountain that the original spirits of ancestors evil occupies, revolves Five Elements Dharma Eye really to discover a stretch of treasure trove in the mountain, accumulated is living false innate earth element and gold element treasure. 随后,梁昭煌又返回原先灵孽盘踞的高山,运转‘五行法目’果然在山中又发现一片宝地,其中蕴生着‘伪先天’的土行金行宝物。 Liang Zhaohuang emits Kunpeng dharma idol, a thought transfers, Kunpeng dharma idol expresses a cry cry, starts the astral wind such as blade broken mountain Lieshi, pair of sharp claws grasp unceasingly, quick mines together the warm jade and a Ms. Jin from the mountain. 梁昭煌放出‘鲲鹏法相’,一个念头转下,鲲鹏法相发出一声唳鸣,掀起罡风如刃破山裂石,一双利爪不断抓下,很快就从高山中开采出一块暖玉、一枚金母。 These are the fourth-order valuable materials, contains false innate attribute that Secret Realm is inaugurating, is used to refine spirit treasure, so long as refiner master slightly somewhat horizontal, at least is middle-grade spirit treasure starts ; Then is the non- refiner, buries Liu Prefecture underground, several hundred years later can give birth to spirit jade mine lineage/vein in underground accumulated, as well as spirit gold/metal mineral resource ; If buries in other family/home Secret Realm, can grow the Secret Realm source, promoting Secret Realm to grow and expand. 这些都是四阶宝材,却蕴含着秘境初开的‘伪先天’属性,用来炼制灵宝,只要炼器师稍有些水平,至少都是中品灵宝起步;便是不炼器,埋入琉州地下,数百年后都能在地下蕴生出一条灵玉矿脉、以及一条灵金矿藏来;若是埋入家其它秘境之中,都能增长秘境本源,促进秘境成长、扩张。 Is the extremely precious treasures. 都是极为珍贵的宝物。 Cry! 唳! After the half day, plundered the treasure of this mountain, a Kunpeng dharma idol cry cry, flutters to fly, above Liang Zhaohuang sits cross-legged, restores magic power and spirit consciousness. 半日之后,搜刮了这片高山的宝物,鲲鹏法相一声唳鸣,振翅飞起,梁昭煌盘坐其上,恢复起法力灵识来。 But Kunpeng dharma idol is hovers, both wings even/including Shan, raises the tornado violent, at the same time sweeps the medium low rank spirit monster that is meeting along the way, is collecting spirit source ore, simultaneously is searching for the resources, treasure and fourth-order spirit monster, and spirit evil. 而鲲鹏法相则是翱翔而起,双翅连扇,掀起龙卷风暴,一边扫荡着沿途遇上的中低阶灵妖,收集着‘灵源矿’,同时搜寻着资源、宝物、四阶灵妖、以及灵孽。 After several days, suppression of Liang Zhaohuang under arrange/cloth five side Sacred Mountains of China five elements town/subdues formation by ‚the five elements precious pearl, locks in a earth cave, and other methods completely leaves with formation and Kunpeng dharma idol, Five-Colored Divine Light, the earth cave occupies a great toad appearance fourth-order spirit monster that to cut to kill, harvests a fourth-order spirit source ore, also harvests a toxicity in this earth cave false innate spirit treasure. 数日后,梁昭煌以‘五行宝珠’布下‘五方五岳五行封镇大阵’镇压、锁住一片地窟,以大阵、鲲鹏法相五色神光等各种手段尽出,将地窟中盘踞的一头巨蟾模样四阶灵妖斩杀,收获一枚四阶‘灵源矿’,同时在这地窟中还收获一件毒性‘伪先天’灵宝 Such toxicity false innate spirit treasure, Liang Zhaohuang and Liang family juniors, although cannot use, but gives governing beast Mud Dragon Serpent to use is also good. 这样的毒性‘伪先天’灵宝,梁昭煌梁家子弟虽然用不上,但是交给御兽‘鼍蛇’用也是不错的。 After ten several days , above a butte, cuts to kill one group of cloud beast appearance the spirit monster, harvests some false innate the cloud is the spirit material. 十数日后,又在一片孤峰之上,斩杀一团云兽模样的灵妖,收获一些‘伪先天’的云属灵材。 Such spirit material, the essence is high, product Jiegao, even if Liang family cannot use, however is is very absolutely popular in various immortal dynasty rich and powerful aristocratic family. 这样的灵材,本质高、品阶高,就算梁家用不上,但是在仙朝世家门阀之中是绝对十分受欢迎的。 Similarly, can be used to refine into other Secret Realm, strengthens other Secret Realm sources, promoting Secret Realm to grow. 同样,也可以用来炼入其它秘境之中,增强其它秘境本源,促进秘境成长。 Half a month later, Liang Zhaohuang sought the second spirit evil in the sea, occupied in a Submarine volcano, the figure was fierce, distortion, such as was several hundred meat insect kinking in the same place, is mixing that sea area and volcano, erupted the fire and tsunami unceasingly, a turbulent Secret Realm stretch of the world. 半个月后,梁昭煌在海中寻到第二个灵孽,盘踞在一片海底火山之中,身形狰狞、扭曲,如是数百条肉虫绞缠在一起,搅动着那片海域、火山,不断爆发地火、海啸,动荡秘境一片天地。 These spirit evils, the itself/Ben is Secret Realm opens, in the evolution process, the loophole and flaw fermentation lives, its exists regarding Secret Realm throughout is a destruction and threat, even is losing the Secret Realm source unceasingly, is destroying the stability of Secret Realm. 这些灵孽,本就是秘境开辟、衍化过程中,漏洞、破绽酝酿而生的,其存在对于秘境本身就始终是个破坏、威胁,甚至在不断损耗着秘境本源,破坏着秘境的稳定。 But this time, in this deep sea, cuts to kill this fourth-order spirit evil, without doubt is more troublesome, consumes the energy and time. 而这一次,在这深海之中,斩杀这四阶灵孽,无疑更加麻烦,更耗精力、时间。 The volcano that the enormous and powerful sea water, often erupts, cut to kill the fourth-order spirit evil to create the huge hindrance to him. 浩荡的海水,不时爆发的火山,都对他斩杀四阶灵孽造成了巨大的阻碍。 Fortunately this time, Kunpeng dharma idol does not need to take back in sea of consciousness again, it starts the boundless sea water bang to pound in side unceasingly, by the strength of principle, does not only pound by the pure endless sea water bang, is some quite effects. 所幸这一次,鲲鹏法相不用再收回识海中,其在旁不断掀起磅礴海水轰砸而下,不以法则之力,只以纯粹的无尽海水轰砸,还是颇有些效果的。 Engages in fierce battle more than for day, wears down finally, that fourth-order spirit evil collapses dispersing suddenly, turns into over a hundred ‚the meat insect appearance, scatters in the sea, Submarine volcano. 鏖战一天多,消磨到最后,那四阶灵孽突然崩散开,化成上百条‘肉虫’模样,散落海中、海底火山中。 Liang Zhaohuang costs near half-day time, suppresses one by one kills, just now cuts to kill this fourth-order spirit evil thoroughly. 梁昭煌又耗费近半天时间,逐一剿杀,方才将这头四阶灵孽彻底斩杀。 A miraculous glow departs, half fly to the sky, half fly into his sea of consciousness spirit cauldron. 一点灵光飞出,一半飞向天空,一半飞入他识海中‘灵鼎’内。 spirit cauldron vibration is even more fierce, above the miraculous glow blooms, transformation and promotion even more is obviously rapid. 灵鼎’震动越发厉害,其上灵光绽放,蜕变、提升的明显越发迅速起来。 Liang Zhaohuang takes back the attention quickly, as the spirit evil was cut to kill, Submarine volcano of this sea area, looks like the pricked blister, erupts thoroughly. 梁昭煌很快收回注意力,随着灵孽被斩杀,这片海域的海底火山,就像是被挑破的水泡,彻底爆发起来。 Massive place bottom burning sun and magma melt class/flow erupts from the seabed, simultaneously throws off all around sea area directly, raises the endless tsunami and difficult situation. 大量的地底毒火、岩浆熔流从海底爆发而起,同时将四周海域直接掀翻,掀起无尽海啸、惊涛骇浪。 Liang Zhaohuang takes out three jade bottles from storage bag rapidly, a jade bottle collects the place bottom burning sun that Submarine volcano spouts, these bottom burning sun similarly is very rare spirit material, contains false innate attribute, the sacrifice refining up the governing hot method, is used for the refiner, is the excellent material, the might is huge. 梁昭煌迅速从储物袋中取出三个玉瓶来,一个玉瓶收集海底火山喷出的地底毒火,这些地底毒火同样是非常难得的灵材,蕴含‘伪先天’属性,无论是祭炼成御火手段,还是用来炼器,都是绝佳的材料,威力巨大。 Another two jade bottles, is used for the magma melt class/flow that collects to erupt, is used for all around the collection the enormous and powerful sea water. 另外两个玉瓶,一个用来收集喷发的岩浆熔流,一个用来收集四周浩荡的海水。 The magma melt of this eruption flows is the rare treasure, is contains various farm bottom rare and precious spirit gold/metal and mineral resource, is implication false innate attribute, not fault-tolerant. 这爆发的岩浆熔流本身就是难得的宝物,其中更是蕴含各种地底珍稀灵金、矿藏,都是蕴含‘伪先天’属性的,不容错过。 But as for collects all around sea water, was actually Liang Zhaohuang with that fourth-order spirit evil fight, Kunpeng dharma idol raised the endless wild waves to assist in side a moment ago, the inspiration of gradually having. 而至于收集四周海水,却是梁昭煌刚才与那四阶灵孽战斗,鲲鹏法相在旁掀起无尽骇浪相助,渐渐生出的灵感。 Although said, the fourth-order spirit evil has the effect of restraint regarding Kunpeng dharma idol much, dharma idol many methods, are useless to the fourth-order spirit evil. 虽然说,四阶灵孽对于鲲鹏法相本身多有克制之效,法相本身许多手段,都对四阶灵孽无用。 However, this does not mean that Kunpeng dharma idol was useless. 但是,这并不意味着鲲鹏法相就没用了。 dharma idol can draw support from the external force similarly. 法相同样可以借助外力。 This enormous and powerful sea water, the giant stone and hill, even are nine days astral wind wait/etc thing of essence above , so long as are many, is big enough and is heavy enough enough, similarly can cause the threat and damage to the fourth-order spirit evil. 这浩荡的海水,巨石、山丘、甚至是九天之上的罡风等等实质之物,只要足够多、足够大、足够重,同样都是能过对四阶灵孽造成威胁、伤害的。 The threat that perhaps poses is not big, but many a little makes a mickle, at least can help Liang Zhaohuang save time and energy, compared with is better a Kunpeng dharma idol such fourth-order strength idle. 或许造成的威胁不算大,但是积少成多,至少能够帮梁昭煌节约一点时间、精力,也比将鲲鹏法相这么一个四阶战力闲置要好。 After collecting a lot of sea water, Liang Zhaohuang rides Kunpeng dharma idol to fly the upper air, sought place of the astral wind gathering, collects a lot of astral winds. 收集了大量的海水之后,梁昭煌又乘着鲲鹏法相飞上高空,寻了一处罡风汇聚之处,收集大量的罡风。 In the place of this astral wind gathering, has the flight spirit monster to occupy, accumulated is living various types of being in fashion treasure materials, and even spirit treasure. 在这罡风汇聚之处,同样有着飞行灵妖盘踞,蕴生着各种风行宝材、乃至灵宝 Here, Liang Zhaohuang and Kunpeng dharma idol collaborates, the bang kills a Pegasus appearance the fourth-order spirit monster, discovers one false innate being in fashion source, accumulated has not produced spirit treasure. 在这里,梁昭煌与鲲鹏法相联手,轰杀一个飞马模样的四阶灵妖,发现一份‘伪先天’风行本源,还未蕴生成灵宝 Liang Zhaohuang receives carefully it, although this false innate being in fashion source, regarding his ‚the five elements precious pearl and no use, but is used to promote governing beast Kunpeng decides wind bead, without doubt is just appropriate. 梁昭煌将其小心收起,虽然这份‘伪先天’风行本源,对于他的‘五行宝珠’并无什么用处,但是用来提升御兽鲲鹏的‘定风珠’,无疑是正合适。 After that Liang Zhaohuang rides Kunpeng dharma idol to have in Secret Realm to go on patrol, is exterminating the spirit monster, is plundering the treasure and resources, similarly will seek for some appropriate mountains and giant stones to disrupt to collect, can be following Kunpeng dharma idol to cope with the fourth-order spirit evil the method. 其后,梁昭煌乘着鲲鹏法相存有秘境之中巡游,清剿着灵妖,搜刮着宝物、资源,同样会寻找一些合适的山岳、巨石碎裂开收集起来,都可以作为后面鲲鹏法相对付四阶灵孽的手段。 In an instant, Liu Prefecture Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm already opens for two months, Liang family that side stronghold already establishes thoroughly, Liang Ruiwei, Liang née Zheng and other family juniors, the spirit valley, spirit plant and efficacious medicine that also planter of already in stronghold prepares, cultivate spirit some water, spirit hot and spirit jade, spirit gold/metal and other resources points. 转眼间,琉州灵鼎秘境已经开启两个月,梁家那边据点已经彻底建立好,梁瑞薇梁郑氏等家族子弟,也已经据点中种植上准备的灵谷、灵植、灵药,培育起一些灵水、灵火、灵玉、灵金等资源点。 Liang Ruiqin, Liang Ruijian and the others, already starts to use the formation agitation world spiritual energy, is attracting in all directions the distant place, many efficacious medicine attacks, thus suppresses with the aid of formation massively kills the spirit monster. 梁瑞钦梁瑞坚等人,已经开始利用大阵搅动天地灵气,吸引着四面八方更远处、更多的灵药来袭,从而借助大阵大量剿杀灵妖。 Liang Zhaohuang also the already bang killed four spirit evils at this time, when cutting to kill the following two spirit evil, Kunpeng dharma idol use collection sea water, rock, astral wind and other thing of help one another from side, although is the boost is limited, pouring was also saved some time and energy for him. 梁昭煌这时候也已经轰杀了四个灵孽,在斩杀后面两个灵孽时,鲲鹏法相利用收集的海水、山石、罡风等物从旁相助,虽是助力有限,倒也算是为他节省了一些时间、精力。 During this period, Liang Zhaohuang also smooth seeking to false innate Water element, fire element, earth element and strength of gold element source, integrates to decide Haizhu, to decide in the hot bead, an earth-mother Yuan bead and Ms. Jin Yuan bead, making in four precious pearl spread out one line of the world respectively, starts to turn toward middle-grade spirit treasure to enter the step. 在这期间,梁昭煌也顺利的寻到了‘伪先天’的水行火行土行金行本源之力,融入定海珠、定火珠、地母元珠、金母元珠之中,使得四枚宝珠之中各衍一行世界,开始向着中品灵宝进阶。 In this bleak, chaotic and wild Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm , the itself wood element treasure and resources are very scarce and difficult to seek, but as for can promote spirit treasure wooden source bead promote false innate wood element source, two months later, Liang Zhaohuang going on patrol most Secret Realm, had not discovered, even a clue does not have. 只是,在这荒凉、混乱、狂暴的‘灵鼎秘境’之中,本身木行宝物、资源就十分稀少、难寻,而至于能够促进灵宝‘木源珠’晋品的‘伪先天’木行本源,两个月下来,梁昭煌巡游大半秘境,更是没有丝毫发现,甚至连一点线索的没有。 In Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm that’ this inaugurates, itself does not have the life to breed, does not have, wants to seek for false innate the wood element source including green, is how difficult! 在这初开的‘灵鼎秘境’之中,本身就没有生命蕴育,连一点绿色都没有,想要寻找‘伪先天’的木行本源,何其难! Was seeing with own eyes is only left over for a month, but this Spirit Cauldron Secret Realm, his also already does an inspection most, Liang Zhaohuang also knits the brows and worry unavoidably. 眼见着只剩下一个月时间,而这‘灵鼎秘境’,他也已经巡查大半,梁昭煌也不禁难免皱眉、忧心起来。 Cannot, necessary ‚the five elements precious pearl, other four precious pearl succeed to promote middle-grade spirit treasure, leaves behind wood element alone wooden source bead also in the low-grade spirit treasure level, this will undoubtedly affect ‚the five elements precious pearl greatly necessary use. 总不能,配套的‘五行宝珠’,其它四枚宝珠都成功晋升中品灵宝,独留下木行的‘木源珠’还在下品灵宝层次,这无疑将大大影响‘五行宝珠’的配套使用。 On this day, Liang Zhaohuang northeast Secret Realm, in the big piece bad land, met in Secret Realm the fifth fourth-order spirit evil, gathers the spirit evil that becomes like the inscription on stone tablet and bronze rampart carelessly, such as mountain and like giant oddity. 这一日,梁昭煌秘境西北部,大片荒原之地中,遇上了秘境中第五头四阶灵孽,一个有如金石胡乱垒聚而成的灵孽,如山岳、如巨怪 This in the spirit evil that sea is more formidabe, body that it such as the inscription on stone tablet and bronze rampart gathers, on already is extremely firm, the defensive power is very intrepid, rockery fourth-order spirit evil terrifying restoration effect. 这却是比那海中灵孽更难对付,其本身如金石垒聚的身体,就已经是极为坚固,防御力十分强悍,假山四阶灵孽恐怖的恢复效果。 Liang Zhaohuang and Kunpeng dharma idol, almost exhausted the method, uses nearly five days, just now wears down to perish it slowly. 梁昭煌与鲲鹏法相,几乎是耗尽了手段,用时近五天,方才将其慢慢消磨而亡。 In this period, Liang Zhaohuang want to give up several times, rides Kunpeng dharma idol to retreat in advance, definitely when can wait for next time Secret Realm opening, preparing more and be stronger, a more suitable method, coped with such hard to deal with spirit evil again. 期间,梁昭煌几次都想放弃,乘着鲲鹏法相先行退走了,完全可以等下次秘境开启时,准备了更多、更强、更适合的手段,再来对付这样难缠的灵孽。 However, after cutting to kill front four spirit evil, Liang Zhaohuang obvious already induces, in sea of consciousness spirit cauldron transformed already to the most essential time, obviously only missed finally. 不过,在斩杀前面四个‘灵孽’之后,梁昭煌明显已经感应到,识海中的‘灵鼎’蜕变已经到了最为关键的时候,明显只差最后一点。 This fifth fourth-order spirit evil, should be the turning point of its transformation, Liang Zhaohuang actually does not want to give up. 这第五个四阶‘灵孽’,应该就是其蜕变的契机,梁昭煌却是不想放弃。 But, fourth-order that after Liang Zhaohuang is extremely finally difficult to kill this spirit evil grinding kills, a miraculous glow flies into spirit cauldron, spirit cauldron the vibration reaches the peak instantaneously, almost must fly from his sea of consciousness. 而果然,当梁昭煌最后将这极度难杀的四阶‘灵孽’磨杀之后,一点灵光飞入‘灵鼎’之中,‘灵鼎’的震动瞬间达到巅峰,几乎要从他识海中飞出来。 Liang Zhaohuang revolves hastily four rounds Five Color Halo, big piece Five Color Buddha Light suppression and package, will just now vibrate spirit cauldron that’ wants to fly to suppress firmly in sea of consciousness, has not flown the exposition. 梁昭煌连忙运转四轮‘五色圆光’,大片‘五色佛光’镇压、包裹,方才将震动欲飞的‘灵鼎’牢牢镇压在识海中,没有飞出来暴露。 Meanwhile, the radiant and boundless miraculous glow erupts from spirit cauldron, the light shadow fluctuates, seems myriad scenes appears and passes. 同时,璀璨、磅礴的灵光从‘灵鼎’中爆发而出,其中光影变幻,似有万千景象在其中浮现、流转。
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