NGTFOW :: Volume #10 晓域

#2052: The secret of 【Akatsuki】 member

thunder clan?” “雷族?” When Lin Chuan told the Qin Lang related antiquity race matter, Qin Lang was mystified, he does not know to these things obviously completely. 林川告诉秦朗有关上古种族的事情时,秦朗一脸迷惑,显然他对这些东西完全不知道。 Right, do you have to hear similar legend in Qin, for example the origins of Qin wait/etc.......” the Lin Chuan reminder said. “没错,你在秦家的时候有没有听到过类似的传说,比如你们秦家的来历等等……”林川提醒道。 The Qin Lang hesitation moment, recalled a next childhood's matter, partly after making a sound shakes the head, said: I, although waits the time is not long in Qin, but also knows various legends of Qin, but inside has not mentioned thunder clan, if were really related with the antiquity race, I think that should no one conceal, after all this was a propaganda......” 秦朗沉吟片刻,回忆了一下童年的事情,半响后摇了摇头,说:“我虽然在秦家待得时间不长,但是也知道秦家的各种传说,但里面都没有提到雷族,而且如果真的跟上古种族有关的话,我想应该没人会隐瞒吧,毕竟这是一个宣传……” However at this point, the brow of Qin Lang is actually a wrinkle, seemed like thought of anything. 然而说到这里,秦朗的眉头却是一皱,似乎是想到了什么。 Probably is really uncertain, by relations of Zhongchuan Royal Family with too clan, if makes one know that Qin is the thunder clan descendant, perhaps will have the disaster of extermination of the clan.” Qin Lang knits the brows to say. “好像还真的不一定,以中川皇室与太一族的关系,如果让人知道秦家是雷族后裔,恐怕会有灭族之灾。”秦朗皱眉道。 If Lin Chuan is the same, he is Maha Clan descendant matter had not publicized, until did not have the means finally, exposed Maha Holy Scripture, the bystander knows that he was the Maha Clan person, before he does not dare to expose on own initiative, otherwise radically exactly less than now. 林川一样,他是摩诃族后裔这件事情一直没有宣扬出去,直到最后没办法了,暴露了摩诃圣经,外人才知道他是摩诃族的人,之前他是万万不敢主动暴露的,否则根本活不到现在。 I estimated, perhaps in our 【Akatsuki】 continued you two antiquity race.” Lin Chuan saying looking pensive. “我估计,我们【晓】之中恐怕不止你们两个上古种族。”林川若有所思的说道。 Your meaning is......” the Qin Lang facial color concentrates slightly, understood the meaning of Lin Chuan. “你的意思是……”秦朗的面色微微一凝,明白了林川的意思。 First is Meng Jingxian, I see his time for the first time, remembered him from the antiquity family of the deceased, if this antiquity family of the deceased were the large clan of antiquity, a dark clan that then this race can be famous for dark Spiritual-Power?” Lin Chuan guessed. “首先是孟惊仙,我第一次见到他的时候,记得他是来自上古遗族,如果这个上古遗族就是上古的一个大族,那么这个种族会不会是以黑暗灵力著称的暗之一族?”林川猜测道。 The Meng Jingxian most major characteristics are dark Spiritual-Power, this point have not seen in the human besides Meng Jingxian, when an information according to former too clan secret meeting speculated, under three big Greenwich families should have is next to their families, these families are very possible to dominate Cultivation World by some excellent Spiritual-Power attribute. 孟惊仙最大的特点就是黑暗灵力,这一点在除了孟惊仙之外的人身上都没有见到过,而如果按照之前太一族密会时的信息来推测,三大本初家族之下应该是有一些仅次于他们的家族的,这些家族很可能是以某种过人的灵力属性称霸修真界 Constructing the clan is only a name, this race actually can also call it the wooden clan, thunder clan is direct, therefore the inference, likely still had the hot clan based on this at that time, water clan, wind clan wait/etc. powerful races. 建族只是一个称呼,这个种族其实也可以称之为木族,雷族就更是直接,所以据此推断,很可能当时还存在火族,水族,风族等等强大的种族。 That defers to the words that you spoke, in our 【Akatsuki】 in some attribute aspect has the prominent ability has, Void is the hot clan, South Star is of a clan light, the beautiful woman is a water clan, but was short of gold/metal clan and Monguor.” Qin Lang tone somewhat rapid saying. “那按照你这么说的话,我们【晓】之中在某个属性方面极具突出能力的还有很多啊,空陈是火族,南斗是光之一族,玉女是水族,只是少了金族和土族。”秦朗语气有些急促的说道。 Has this possibility. Moreover, if counted species the Pill Refining ability that history enters, whether we can think he came from pill clan, but small graduated arm from Yin-Yang clan.” Lin Chuan thinks are more. “有这个可能。另外,如果把史进的炼丹能力算作一种属性的话,我们是不是可以认为他是来自丹族,而小衡来自阴阳族。”林川想的更多。 This......” in the Qin Lang vision has shocking, the significance that if this guess, behind that this represents somewhat was fearful. “这……”秦朗的目光中有震惊,这个猜测如果是真的,那这背后所代表的意义就有些可怕了。 Lin Chuan is frowning, in the mind various thought lightning flashes, had only thought that the brain is chaotic, is unable to ponder the issue. 林川皱着眉头,脑海中各种念头电闪而过,只觉得脑子非常乱,无法静下心来去思考问题。 Ok, these things first do not think, after we go out, verifies, now cultivates well, waits to cope with the present aspect to say again.” Qin Lang looked at Lin Chuan to be disturbed, pats his shoulder to say. “算了,这些事情你先别想了,等我们出去以后再去查证吧,现在就好好修炼,等应付完眼下的局面再说。”秦朗林川心绪不宁,拍了拍他的肩膀说道。 Good!” Lin Chuan nods, can only first not have the matter of clue first to press these, puts on the attention in Cultivation. “好!”林川点了点头,只能先将这些没有头绪的事情先压下去,把注意力放在修炼上。 Three days later, Spiritual-Power Uzumaki in manor restrains slowly, vanishes thoroughly does not see, immediately Mahayana initial aura erupts together suddenly, sweeps away entire Konoha, the trees in all cities explode in this moment instantaneously is two or three meters, Wood Attribute Cultivator bathes in fresh air, Spiritual-Power in within the body was stimulated, probably is ordinary facing a king, wants to worship on bended knees to go on a pilgrimage. 三天后,庄园之中的灵力漩涡缓缓收敛,彻底消失不见,随即一道大乘初期的气息猛然爆发,横扫整个木叶,所有城中的树木都在这一刻瞬间爆长两三米,木属性修士如沐春风,体内的灵力被激发,像是面对一个君王一般,想要跪拜朝觐。 White Tiger Divine Envoy completed the breakthrough finally!” 白虎神使终于完成了突破!” At this moment, in the city everyone realized the origin of this aura, on the faces of many showed the pleasantly surprised look. 这一刻,城中所有人都意识到了这道气息的来历,很多人的脸上都露出了惊喜的神色。 Qin Lang and Lin Chuan also perceive the aura immediately, put down the matter in hand, returned to the manor, happen to saw that Bu Lianshi restraining of green clothes cultivates is, goes out from cultivation room slowly. 秦朗林川也在第一时间觉察到气息,纷纷放下了手中的事情,回到了庄园之中,正好看到一袭绿衣的步练师收敛修为,从修炼室中缓缓走出。 In her forehead diamond-shaped Yin Seal mark, were many a emerald green trees mark, is lending the light wood spirit aura, before soon, that World Tree that cultivates. 在她眉心菱形阴封印印记中,多了一颗翠绿的树木标记,散发着淡淡的木灵气息,正是不久之前培育出来的那株建木 Step by step!” Lin Chuan saw Bu Lianshi, the happy expression on face cannot keep immediately, came up to give a Bu Lianshi bear to hug, transfers two not to hate to put. “步步!”林川看到步练师,脸上的笑意立刻藏不住了,上去就给了步练师一个熊抱,转了两圈都舍不得放下来。 Aii, some people, limelight.” Qin Lang reminded with a smile, by forcefully stopper a mouth dog grain. “哎哎,有人在呢,注意点。”秦朗笑着提醒道,又被强行塞了一嘴狗粮。 In the room, Lin Chuan inquired in detail situation that Bu Lianshi breaks through. After he can very clear feeling promote to Great Ascension Stage, Bu Lianshi strength rise unusual are many, particularly in the Wood Attribute aspect, achieved others the degree that is hard to attain. 房间中,林川详细询问了步练师突破的情况。他能够很清晰的感受到晋升到大乘期步练师实力提升的非常多,尤其是在木属性方面,更是达到了旁人难以企及的程度。 Has been able to achieve to have words at fingertips and write with facility to Wood System Secret Art of Lin Chuan instruction, meanwhile obtained the powerful treatment and self-recovery ability, it can be said that present Bu Lianshi is actually very difficult to kill. With the step and so on, few individuals are her opponent, Cultivator upward, Bu Lianshi same can achieve the defeat not dead, this is the great strength of strength of wooden spirit. 林川传授的木系秘法已经可以做到信手拈来,同时还获得了强大的治疗和自愈能力,可以这么说,现在的步练师其实已经很难杀死了。同阶之类,没几个人是她的对手,再往上的修士,步练师一样可以做到败而不死,这就是木灵之力的强大。 But World Tree now or seedling stage, when this antiquity divine wood growth some time, Bu Lianshi can control the World Tree fight again, the battle efficiency will have an enormous promotion. 建木现在还是幼苗阶段,等到这株上古神木再成长一段时间,步练师便可操控建木战斗,战斗力会有一个极大的提升。 After chatting the promotion of Bu Lianshi, Lin Chuan also told Bu Lianshi the matter of these days, particularly constructed the clan related. 聊完步练师的提升后,林川也把这段时间发生的事情告诉了步练师,尤其是有关建族的。 Constructs the clan! I hear this name actually for the first time, but I summoned the World Tree ability to be truly inherent, if the antiquity really had such a race, I indeed likely had their bloodlines.” Bu Lianshi hesitates was saying. “建族!我倒是第一次听到这个称呼,不过我召唤建木的能力确实是与生俱来的,如果上古真的有这么一个种族,那我的确很可能有他们的血脉。”步练师沉吟着说道。 Suddenly felt that the Cultivation World water is very deep.” Qin Lang said. “突然感觉修真界的水很深。”秦朗说道。 Constructs the clan, when the time comes enters Heaven error to be able to clarify, my time cultivates for the breakthrough, there is World Tree to assist, could open Heaven error in half a month, pours the time to enter, certainly can discover the clue.” Bu Lianshi said. “是不是建族,到时候进入九重天阙应该就能够弄清楚,我这次修为突破,又有建木相助,或许能够在半个月内开启九重天阙,倒时候进入其中,一定可以发现线索的。”步练师说道。 Since constructs the clan to perch above World Tree, and Heaven error constructs the clan to construct, once that enters, she as constructing the clansman definitely will discover, this point is quite actually good to confirm. 既然建族是栖息在建木之上,且九重天阙是建族构建,那么一旦进入其中,她作为建族人必然会有所发现,这一点其实还是比较好验证的。 For half a month the time, does not know does catch up with on, that too Si life/command has revived, how long perhaps could not want to Konoha begin.” Saying that Qin Lang somewhat worries about. “半个月时间,不知道赶不赶的上,那个太一司命已经苏醒了过来,恐怕要不了多久就要对木叶动手了。”秦朗有些担忧的说道。 Practices too a really spirit boundary, the strength achieves to cross the tribulation period Cultivator, he terrifying, perhaps the average person is inconceivable radically, by the Konoha present strength, is very difficult to contend with such powerhouse. 一个修炼到太一真灵境界,实力达到渡劫期的修士,他到底有多恐怖,恐怕一般人根本难以想象,以木叶现在的实力,是很难与这样的强者抗衡的。 „The worst case scenario has not happened, they only awakened this Saint ancestor, otherwise the matter somewhat was troublesome.” The Lin Chuan light say/way, in the look too many worry, have not tried to find the solution of manipulation actually obviously. “不过最坏的情况没有发生,他们只唤醒了这一位圣祖,否则事情就有些麻烦了。”林川轻道,神色中倒是并没有太多的担忧,显然已经想好了应付的办法。
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