NGTFOW :: Volume #10 晓域

#2040: Being repulsed

Nothing is inevitable. 没有什么是必然的。 If they really want, when Konoha defeats too a clan to turn thoroughly, that fears them also only to match to make a board game piece, regardless of under too a rule of clan, is in Konoha, they are impossible to be truly powerful. 如果他们真的要等到木叶彻底战胜太一族才来投靠,那恐怕他们也只配做一个棋子,无论在太一族的统治下,还是在木叶之中,他们都不可能真正强大起来。 Compares in leaf Qingyang and the others turning from the beginning, they actually also can only be now improved on perfection, but if waits again, that improved on perfection not. 相比于叶青阳等人一开始的投靠,他们现在其实也只能算是锦上添花了,但如果再等下去,那就连锦上添花都不是了。 With joining of Chen Xuan first-grade person, World Tree becomes lush green, Void Shadow congealing reality, even appeared toward the situation that the entity transforms. 随着陈玄一等人的加入,建木变得更加的青翠欲滴,虚影更加凝实,甚至出现了向着实体转化的情况。 Buzz! 嗡! In the sky transmits fluctuation slightly suddenly, the vision of many were attracted, look up. 天空中突然传来微微的波动,不少人的目光都被吸引,抬头看了过去。 Above nine days, a sun-blocking big tree float there, but this trees have lost plant, was only left over the incomplete tree trunk, is supporting there nine groups of silver rays. 九天之上,一个遮天蔽日的大树悬浮在那里,只不过这株树木已经枯死,只剩下了残缺的树干,支撑着那里的九团银色的光芒。 Many people see this, immediately responds, this is in that losing plant World Tree that World Tree Void Shadow by Heaven error summoned. 很多人看到这一幕,立刻就反应了过来,这是被建木虚影召唤出来的九重天阙中的那株枯死的建木 Although is the dead wood, but as the god tree of antiquity, its aura was still broad, hands over to echo with World Tree Void Shadow that Bu Lianshi summoned, after both's aura union, immediately makes World Tree power pressure rise again, directly caused to display too immortal hundreds of thousands of too clan Cultivator pressures to increase suddenly at this moment. 虽是枯木,但作为上古的神树,它的气息依旧恢弘,与步练师召唤出来的建木虚影交相呼应,两者的气息联合之后,立刻使得建木威压再次上升,直接导致此刻正在施展太一仙阵的数十万太一族修士压力陡增。 And cultivated for a quite low too clansman body had presented fierce rocking, obviously is unable to support so power pressure backlash of intensity. 其中一些修为比较低的太一族人身体已经出现了剧烈的晃动,显然无法支撑如此强度的威压反噬 Before too child long/grows sentiment to run over Konoha at one fell swoop, made in the clan awaken the Supreme First Dao Scripture person to come directly, but cultivating of these people were uneven for the level, including many Divine Transformation Void Refinement Cultivator, then became the weak area in strategy at this time, instead made entire too one immortal appeared not steady. 之前太子长情为了一举压死木叶,直接让族中觉醒了太一道经的人全部过来了,但这些人的修为层次不齐,其中有不少化神炼虚修士,这个时候便成为了阵法中的短板,反而使得整个太一仙阵出现了不稳。 Makes the clansman who these cannot support draw back completely!” “让那些支撑不住的族人全部退下来!” Discovered the issue is, too the child long/grows sentiment has to make part cultivate/repair for the insufficient person to draw back, otherwise existences of these people will directly possibly cause the strategy to collapse. 发现了问题所在,太子长情不得不让一部分修为不够的人退下来,否则这些人的存在可能会直接导致阵法崩溃。 Said the ancestor, this way was not good, Cultivator in third-level city is supporting continuously, these people united after with that World Tree Void Shadow together, was too big to our oppression strength, perhaps in addition Maha Holy Scripture, how long we could not support, must shut off their backing to be good!” And too head of the clan old facial color anxious saying. “道祖,这样下去不行啊,三级城市中的修士正在源源不断的支援过来,这些人与那建木虚影联合在一起后,对我们的压迫力太大,再加上摩诃圣经,我们恐怕支撑不了多久,必须切断他们的后援才行!”其中一个太一族长老面色焦急的说道。 In clan also many disciples, in addition has Cultivator that turns to my too clan, making these people attack these third-level cities, I looked that who also dares to help Konoha!” Another person of elder cold sound said. “族中还有不少弟子,另外还有投靠我太一族的修士,让这些人去攻打那些三级城市,我看谁还敢帮助木叶!”另一人长老冷声说道。 A person of clan clan were not many, awakens the Supreme First Dao Scripture person less, but turned to a person of clan is too many, most Cultivator Shi Tai clan subordinates in Big Dipper city, but these attacked a Konoha too clan time is prepares to show own impressive and dignified manner, looked at their fierce to the entire immortal day person, therefore has not used this group of troops, but now, they to extraordinary have not used. 太一族本族的人不多,觉醒了太一道经的人更少,但是投靠太一族的人却很多,其中七星城中的大部分修士是太一族手下,只不过这一次进攻木叶太一族是准备展现一下自己的威仪,给整个长生天的人看一下他们的厉害,因此没有动用这批人马,但是现在,他们已经到了不得不用的时候了。 „It is not good, now is late, once makes these people attack the third-level city, compels the people in these third-level cities fully to enter Konoha!” Too the child long/grows sentiment shakes the head. “不行,现在已经迟了,一旦让这些人去攻打三级城市,就是逼着这些三级城市的人全部进入木叶!”太子长情摇了摇头。 This he truly misjudged time. 这一次他确实是失算了。 Originally he thinks too after immortal opens, the space channel of hot shadow construction will be blocked, however the fact is not such. The hot shadow far exceeds his imagination regarding the space handling, even Shi Tai immortal is unable to block the space channel that he establishes, currently speaking, this ability is almost impossible to counterattack. 本来他以为太一仙阵打开后,火影构建的空间通道就会被封锁,然而事实并非如此。火影对于空间的掌控能力远超他的想象,即便是太一仙阵也无法封锁他建立的空间通道,从目前来看,这种能力几乎无法反制。 Initially passed on getting angry shadow to promise that the people led them to leave immortal the matter, too the child long/grows sentiment was not to spare a glance, however now, he actually has to acknowledge, this hot shadow possibly really had this ability. 当初传出火影许诺众人带他们离开长生界的事情,太子长情本来是不屑一顾的,然而现在,他却不得不承认,这个火影可能真的有这个能力。 „Do we want to do now? Remove too one immortal to launch the war directly?” Elder anxious saying. “那我们现在要如何是好?撤掉太一仙阵直接发动战争?”一个长老焦急的说道。 They truly have to be anxious, this fight projects on the present, had come as a surprise to their greatly, moreover from situation, their too clan not only has not controlled the situation, instead by the Konoha show a face, all kinds of card in hand unceasing lifting, being made the entire immortal day see the great strength of Konoha, this runs counter with the idea that they just started completely. 他们确实不得不急,这场战斗打到现在,已经大大出乎了他们的预料,而且从情形来看,他们太一族不但没有掌握局势,反而被木叶秀了一脸,各种各样的底牌不断的掀开,让整个长生天都看到了木叶的强大,这跟他们刚开始的想法完全是背道而驰的。 Late!” Too the child long/grows sentiment shakes the head. “晚了!”太子长情摇了摇头。 Perhaps if before the fight, they do that also uses, but now, they have missed the best time. 如果是在战斗之前,他们这么做或许还有用,但是现在,他们已经错过了最佳时机。 This punishing one as a warning to others, too a clan is a double loss time, they not only have not shown a Greenwich clan powerful with impressive and dignified manner, instead from one side contrasted the great strength of Konoha, the hot shadow great strength, this makes these plan the major cities that leave a leeway to see a play chose turning, in this situation continues to make war, that was not made war to Konoha, but was the complete third-level city makes war, was as for more four level five level cities. 这一次的杀鸡儆猴,太一族可谓赔了夫人又折兵,他们不但没有展现出自己本初一族的强大与威仪,反而从侧面烘托了木叶的强大,火影的强大,这让那些原本打算留一条后路看戏的各大城市纷纷选择了投靠,这种情况下继续开战,那就不是对木叶开战了,而是与全部三级城市开战,乃至于更多的四级五级城市。 Moreover, saw hot shadow Space Ability after this service people, is unable to block the space channel that he establishes including too a clan, such a character, he said that own future will have the ability belt/bring people to leave immortal, its persuasive power may want is too more than before high. 另外,经此一役众人也看到了火影的空间能力,连太一族都无法阻断他建立的空间通道,这样一个人物,他说自己未来有能力带众人离开长生界,其说服力可比之前要高太多了。 Although a clan strength is very too strong, but was restrained in the situations of most methods by the Konoha hot shadow, whoever to fight to lose whom to win finally, too a clan will pay the serious price, by that time, they can also unify immortal? 虽然太一族实力很强,但在被木叶火影克制了大部分手段的情况下,战斗到最后不论谁输谁赢,太一族都将付出惨重的代价,到了那个时候,他们还能统一长生界吗? That this fight......” the facial colors of several elders are very ugly, matter that too the child long/grows sentiment can watch, they can also look, but they do not like to believe oneself defeated like this. “那这场战斗……”几名长老的面色十分难看,太子长情能够看出来的事情,他们也能看出来,只是他们不愿意相信自己就这样败了。 Prepares to retreat! That hot shadow has Nine Day Black jade this immortal to support, is equivalent has infinite Immortal Qi, with him to consuming, us cannot withstand, temporarily withdraws troops, prepares to awaken the Saint ancestor!” Too the child long/grows sentiment said, the vision fell in the broad Konoha city, many some felt twilight hero's. “准备撤退吧!那火影有九天玄玉这件仙器撑着,相当于拥有无限的仙气,跟他对耗下去,我们承受不住,暂时撤兵,准备唤醒圣祖吧!”太子长情说道,目光落在了恢弘的木叶城中,多少有一些英雄迟暮的感觉。 Too a clan, no longer is once a that too clan. 太一族,已经不再是曾经那个太一族了。 Hears too the words of child long/grows sentiment, on the face of people is also dying embers. 听到太子长情的话,众人的脸上也是一片死灰。 Valiant spirited comes, dirty going back, this to a statement of their too clan without doubt is the huge blow. 雄赳赳气昂昂的来,灰头土脸的回去,这对他们太一族的声明无疑是巨大的打击。 But they truly did not have other better way, they do not dare to bet, because there are too many people to look at them dead, so long as a little opportunity, too a clan may be slightly beyond redemption, therefore they cannot choose the extremely radical fight. 但他们确实没有其他更好的办法了,他们不敢赌,因为有太多的人想要看他们死,只要稍微有一点机会,太一族可能就会万劫不复,因此他们不能选择太过激进的战斗。 The golden ray starts to abate, too immortal stopped the revolution gradually, all too clan Cultivator retroceded in abundance, evacuated around Konoha, was far away from that to make Maha Holy Scripture Rune that their soul trembled. 金色的光芒开始消退,太一仙阵渐渐停止了运转,所有的太一族修士纷纷后退,撤离了木叶周围,远离了那令他们灵魂震颤的摩诃圣经符文 At this time, these several tens of thousands Cultivator complexions are quite complex, as too one of the one clan, they have to acknowledge, this time they defeated, lost to new Konoha. 此时,这数万修士的脸色都极为复杂,作为太一族的一员,他们不得不承认,这次他们败了,败给了一个新崛起的木叶 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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