MR :: Volume #15

#1496: Unzoned fearfulness

Chapter 1462 unzoned fearfulness 第1462章不受限制的可怕 Far away from deck? If we did leave deck that us to go? Now jumps from this ship? Returned to the cabin? On this spirit ship everywhere is the dangers, does not have the region of true security, can only look for a relative security the place.” “远离甲板?我们如果离开了甲板那我们能去哪?现在就从这船上跳下去?还是返回刚才的船舱?这幽灵船上到处都是危险,没有真正安全的区域,只能找一处相对安全的地方。” A Yang Jian this moment brow wrinkle, looks all around the surroundings, has not detected exceptionally. 杨间此刻眉头一皱,环顾周围,并没有察觉到异常。 However the empty deck is silent, the surroundings cover dark, when here also indeed is not a great idea, but they must wait for the spirit ship to appear in the reality here next time, only then this can seize the opportunity to be separated from the spirit ship. 但是空荡荡的甲板寂静无声,周围只有黑暗笼罩,待在这里也的确不是一个好主意,可是他们必须在这里等待幽灵船下次出现在现实的时候,只有这样才能抓住机会脱离幽灵船。 If hides in the cabin, when the time comes the spirit ship appears in the reality, perhaps they cannot catch up with that time of disembarking. 如果躲进船舱之中,到时候幽灵船在现实之中浮现,他们或许赶不上下船的那个时机。 Felt at ease, my pet reminded me like this, so long as we collaborated, in this world simply did not have the danger to make us feel the fear, we in deck superior, looks that this spirit ship is doing anything.” Ye Zhen then also haha said with a smile. “安心好了,我的宠物只是这样提醒我罢了,只要我们联手的话,这个世界上根本没有危险可以让我们感到害怕,我们就在甲板上等着,看一看这幽灵船到底在搞什么。”叶真转而又哈哈笑道。 Where your pet has not told you to have on this spirit ship is safe? We do not need to go to deal with the forthcoming danger on own initiative, this/should avoidance time should withdraw.” Yang Jian earnest saying. “你的宠物就没有告诉你在这艘幽灵船上有什么地方是安全的么?我们没必要去主动应对即将到来的危险,该退避的时候就应该退避。”杨间认真的说道。 Ye Zhen returns said: Allows me to ask.” 叶真回道:“容我问一问。” Afterward he both eyes absent-minded, mouth gathers to start with the back person body to exchange occasionally. 随后他又双目失神,嘴巴一张一合开始和背后的人偶尸体交流起来。 Yang Jian as if heard that Aba'A to reverberate in the ear again, making people a little be really hard to accept this exchange way. 杨间仿佛又再次听见了那一声声阿巴阿巴在耳边回荡,让人实在有点难以接受这种交流方式。 Was good is not very long, after exchanging for probably more than ten seconds, Ye Zhen because of this time recovered, he says immediately: I asked a moment ago, without the safe place, it is said that we had stared, so long as will still have the danger on this ship, but it also said, the deck is the most dangerous place, if we can hide in the opportunity that in the cabin perhaps also has to live.” 好在这一次持续的时间并不是很长,交流了大概十几秒之后叶真就回过神来了,他立刻道:“刚才我问了,没有安全的地方,它说我们已经被盯上了,只要还在这艘船上就会有危险,但是它又说,甲板是最危险的地方,如果我们能够躲进船舱里或许还有活下来的机会。” Hides in the cabin? Listens to this meaning to feel that this ghost thing wants to make us enter in the cabin, I thought that it disclosed the information that is completely incredible, cabin inside hid many ghosts no one to know, once will penetrate us to die in inside very much, in outside deck at least also had the opportunity of being separated from the spirit ship.” “躲进船舱?听这意思感觉这鬼东西想要引我们进入船舱里面,我觉得它透露出来的信息完全不可信,船舱里面隐藏了多少鬼没有人知道,一旦深入我们很有可能会死在里面,待在外面的甲板上至少还有脱离幽灵船的机会。” Yang Jian says immediately, simultaneously is staring at behind Ye Zhen that person of occasionally corpse vision even more is unfriendly. 杨间立刻说道,同时盯着叶真背后的那具人偶尸体目光越发的不友善了。 This thing estimated that cannot compare humanskin paper, the humanskin paper good and evil said is the truth, but in the truth is hiding the unknown trap, but this thing may not be uncertain, it only exchanges, the thing that said with a Ye Zhen person also has no credibility completely. 这东西估计连人皮纸都比不上,人皮纸好歹说的都是真话,只是真话之中隐藏着未知的陷阱,但是这东西可就不一定了,它只和叶真一个人交流,说出来的东西也完全没有什么可信度。 I also thought so that you should not think my Ye is so good to deceive, it is said that what I do believe what?” Ye Zhen doubt looks at Yang Jian to say. “我也是这么觉得的,你该不会以为我叶某人那么好糊弄吧,它说什么我就信什么?”叶真狐疑的看着杨间道。 Yang Jian said: You, if really had such consciousness that to be good, since we did not plan to enter the cabin avoidance danger, then must upfront resistance forthcoming the unknown bad risk in the deck, when the time comes what happened anyone is also unforeseen.” 杨间说道:“你要是真有这样的觉悟那就好了,既然我们不打算进入船舱躲避危险,那么就得在甲板上正面对抗即将到来的未知凶险,到时候会发生什么事情谁也无法预料。” Ok, the idle talk were not many said that prepared.” “好了,闲话就不多说了,准备一下吧。” Then, Yang Jian looked for quite suitable position to treat in the deck a relatively. 说完,杨间在甲板上找了一个相对比较适合的位置待着。 Ye Zhen nods, later also looked for a position to treat: I stand here with you mutually for the potential of attacking from a pincer-like position, is absolutely absolutely safe.” 叶真点了点头,随后也找了一个位置待着:“我站在这里和你互为掎角之势,绝对万无一失。” Danger also how long?” Yang Jian inquired. “危险还有多久到?”杨间询问道。 Seven.” Ye Zhen put out a hand to gesticulate. “七。”叶真伸手比划了一下。 Seven minutes?” “七分钟?” Ye Zhen continues saying: Six, five, four 叶真继续道:“六,五,四” Ok, ok, you can shut up, next time will encounter the peculiar circumstance to say again earlier.” Yang Jian quickly waves, interrupted his words. “行了,行了,你可以闭嘴了,下次再遇到特殊情况早点说。”杨间急忙挥了挥手,打断了他的话。 Expert gambles, several seconds can be divided the victory and defeat, I left behind seven seconds of preparation to give this spirit deck very much.” Ye Zhen as before that unruly attitude. “高手博弈,几秒就能分胜负,我留下七秒时间准备已经是很给这艘幽灵船面子了。”叶真依旧那副桀骜不驯的态度。 Yang Jian is disinclined to speak with him now, in this world can with either be that person of occasionally corpse that he exchanges, either is Gui Tong, the normal person is very difficult to exchange with Ye Zhen such person. 杨间现在懒得和他说话了,这个世界上能和他交流的要么是那人偶尸体,要么就是自己身边的鬼童,正常人是很难和叶真这样人交流下去的。 Quick. 很快。 Time that in the Ye Zhen mouth the danger arrives at. 叶真口中危险降临的时间到了。 Yang Jian thought that the person must by oneself, at this time did not count on that Ye Zhen can collaborate with, he vigilant periphery all, just started had not discovered that surrounding has what unusuality, in the cabin does not have terrifying malicious ghost to appear, this makes him somewhat suspect that person of corpse disclosed occasionally the information that is really the false. 杨间觉得人还是得靠自己,这个时候也不指望叶真能和自己联手了,他警惕周围的一切,刚开始的时候并没有发现周围有什么异常,船舱之中也没有恐怖的厉鬼出现,这让他有些怀疑那人偶尸体透露出来的信息到底是真是假。 But when this idea just appeared. Afterward he detected the surrounding change fiercely. 可是当这个想法刚刚出现的时候。随后他才猛地察觉到了周围的变化。 Ray in tarnish. 光线在变暗. No, to is not the ray in the tarnish, but is the spirit outboard that darkness is corroding unceasingly, just like big black thick fog to start to swallow the entire ship. 不,不对不是光线在变暗,而是幽灵船外的那片黑暗正在不断的侵蚀过来,犹如一大片黑色的浓雾开始在吞噬整艘船。 But strange that on the ship only remains luminously also in rapid extinguishment. 而船上仅剩的一点诡异光亮也在迅速的熄灭。 I can feel the spirit ship to lose some balance.” The Yang Jian complexion changes suddenly, because he felt that his strange limit is vanishing. “我能感受到幽灵船正在失去某种平衡.”杨间脸色骤变,因为他感觉到自身的灵异限制正在消失。 Also because of disappearance of this strange limit, the surrounding darkness will therefore cover the spirit ship, if spirit ship to strange limit also, then nearby darkness is unable to corrode absolutely. 也正是因为这种灵异限制的消失,所以周围的黑暗才会笼罩幽灵船,如果幽灵船对灵异的限制还在,那么附近的黑暗绝对无法侵蚀过来。 What resists darkness is not luminous on ship, but is the spirit ship. 对抗黑暗的并不是船上的光亮,而是幽灵船本身。 However now spirit ship's is strange is abating. 但是现在幽灵船本身的灵异正在消退。 Once the spirit ship lost the strange limit, will then cause what consequence can be imagined. 一旦幽灵船失去了灵异限制,那么会带来什么后果可想而知。 malicious ghost on entire ship will lose the limit thoroughly, the complete recovery wakes up, but this is the danger that behind Ye Zhen that person of corpse said occasionally. 整艘船上的厉鬼都将彻底失去限制,全部复苏醒来,而这就是叶真背后那具人偶尸体所说的危险。 Afterward, the darkness raided directly embezzled Yang Jian and Ye Zhen together, simultaneously put in order the spirit ship thoroughly also quiet in this darkness. 随后,黑暗袭来直接将杨间叶真一起吞没了,同时整艘幽灵船也彻底沉寂在这片黑暗之中。 Even if they are separated by very near, but each other is unable to see, even is unable to feel existence of opposite party. 哪怕是两人相隔很近,可彼此都无法看见,甚至无法感受到对方的存在。 In darkness, the spirit ship loses the limit to malicious ghost, so under the scene is the spacious place more bad risk, are more because of the malicious ghost quantity of spacious place gathering, is the narrow place instead is safer, no wonder that person of corpse said in occasionally the cabin is instead safer.” “黑暗之中,幽灵船失去对厉鬼的限制,如此情景下越是空旷的地方就越凶险,因为空旷的地方汇聚的厉鬼数量就越多,越是狭隘的地方反而越安全,难怪那人偶尸体说船舱之中反而更安全一些。” Yang Jian started gradually to understand that person of occasionally corpse words at this moment, the discovery a moment ago these words as if not wrong. 杨间此刻开始逐渐理解了那人偶尸体的话,发现刚才那些话似乎并没有错。 But even so they cannot hide in the cabin, because they must disembark, must disembark must the waiting time in the deck, cannot hide. 可是即便如此他们也不能躲进船舱里,因为他们必须下船,要下船就得在甲板上等待时机,绝不能躲起来。 „The ghosts on spirit ship are terrifying malicious ghost that the king organization does not want to face, each terrifying is incomparable, is not good to deal.” The Yang Jian heart sank gradually, he decides to start to use strange of ghost lake, has a look at the ghost lake whether to lead itself to be separated from here. “幽灵船上的鬼都是国王组织不想面对的恐怖厉鬼,每一只都恐怖无比,不好应对。”杨间心渐渐沉了下去,他决定开始动用鬼湖的灵异,看看鬼湖能否带自己脱离这里。 But the reality told itself is not easy. 可是现实告诉自己没那么容易。 Strange of ghost lake seemed like isolated, is unable to span the strange hindrance to break into on this spirit ship. 鬼湖的灵异像是被隔绝了,无法跨越灵异的阻碍入侵到这幽灵船上。 Even the Yang Jian under foot is wet, may not have the water to gather as before. 即便是杨间脚下已经湿漉漉了,可依旧没有积水汇聚。 The water does not gather means that he is unable to use strange of ghost lake to be separated from here. 积水不汇聚就意味着他无法利用鬼湖的灵异脱离这里。 Ghost has come.” “鬼已经来了。” Unexpectedly, Yang Jian felt that an intense sense of crisis, this crisis just like the tide to well up generally toward oneself in the darkness, making people feel absolutely terrified. 蓦地,杨间感觉到了一种强烈的危机感,这种危机在黑暗之中犹如潮水一般朝着自己涌来,让人感到毛骨悚然。 He can hear in the deck to hear intermittent rapid sound of footsteps, can hear the corpse in the sound that the ground crawls, even can hear the confidence sound that some are unable to understand. Various fearful strange sound one after another appearances. 他可以听见甲板上传来了一阵阵急促的脚步声,也能听见尸体在地上爬行的声音,甚至能够听到一些无法理解的私语声.各种可怕的灵异动静接二连三的出现。 Cannot wait for passively, the winner begins.” “不能被动等待,得主动动手。” The Yang Jian vision was cold , without the slight hesitation, Ghost Eye to open at this moment. 杨间目光冷冽,没有丝毫的犹豫,鬼眼此刻睁开了。 Afterward the pale-green jack-o'-lantern starts to appear in the surroundings, directly neighbor all lighting, was the darkness that raided dissipated at this moment much. 随后淡绿色的鬼火开始出现在周围,直接将附近的一切给点燃了,便是袭来的黑暗此刻都消散了不少。 However the flame lightens the dark flash, the pupil of Yang Jian shrinks suddenly, because he sees to wear the white clothes in his front one, the five senses fuzzy female is tilting the head to look unexpectedly toward here. 然而火光点亮黑暗的一瞬间,杨间的眸子都陡然一缩,因为他看见在他的前面一个身穿白色衣服,五官模糊的女子竟歪着头朝着这边看过来。 Yang Jian lifted in the hand subconsciously the red long spear/gun, when his a blink eyeball at present this wears the white clothing, the five senses fuzzy female of actually vanishes immediately. 杨间下意识的抬起了手中红色的长枪,可是当他一眨眼睛的时候眼前这个身穿白衣,五官模糊的女子却又立刻消失了。 This thinks has a false alarm, when his again winking eye this strange female actually appeared once again. 本以为是虚惊一场,但是当他再一次眨眼睛的时候这个诡异的女子却又一次浮现了出来。 This ghost was nearer to Yang Jian, is separated by less than five meters. 只是这一次鬼离杨间更近了,彼此之间相隔不足五米。 Once saw this Ghost, only needs to wink eye is so ghost a time will vanish, winks eye ghost to appear again a time, and ghost who presents for the second time can be away from you to be nearer Yang Jian as if to understand at present this malicious ghost murder rule. “一旦看见了这只鬼,只需要眨一次眼睛那么鬼就会消失,再眨一次眼睛鬼就会出现,并且第二次出现的鬼会距离你更近”杨间似乎明白了眼前这厉鬼的杀人规律。 Such being the case, that dismembered this ghost.” “既然如此,那就肢解了这鬼。” The Yang Jian not winking eye, proceeds to walk with stride, in hand red long spear/gun without hesitation cuts toward this Ghost at present. 杨间不眨眼睛,大步往前走去,手中红色的长枪毫不犹豫的朝着眼前这只鬼砍了下去。 However the dismemberment of hatchet not effective, probably cuts in the air from malicious ghost body has delimited equally directly, has not caused a wee bit damage. 然而柴刀的肢解并未奏效,像是砍在空气上一样直接就从厉鬼身上划过,没有对其造成一丁点的伤害。 Without entity, this is the ghost who has idealist, in that moment ghost who you see already in your line of sight, does not have in the reality, if the normal person responded, the continual winking eye, the ghost almost will kill instantaneously, was impossible to have the time to find out the murder rule is anything.” “没有实体,这是唯心存在的鬼,在你看见的那一刻鬼就已经在你的视线之中了,根本不存在现实之中,如果正常人反应不及,连续眨眼睛,鬼几乎瞬间就会将人杀死,根本不可能有时间去摸清楚杀人规律是什么。” Yang Jian realizes anything immediately. 杨间立刻意识到了什么。 He resisted the strange experience is too rich, almost short meeting, the probe can find out the malicious ghost murder rule. 他对抗灵异的经验太丰富了,几乎短暂的见面,试探就能摸清楚厉鬼的杀人规律。 However copes with this ghost Yang Jian to have the means as before. 不过对付这种鬼杨间依旧有办法。 Afterward he fished out a copper coin from body rapidly. 随后他从身上迅速的摸出了一枚铜钱。 Before this is, from red elder sister body resulting in the copper coin, is strange goods, so long as will throw the ghost certainly to pick, but in that moment of picking taking, will then be the ghost presents in the reality, the ghost who even if not be able to see will still make an appearance at that time. 这是之前从红姐身上得的铜钱,是一件灵异物品,只要丢出去的话鬼一定会去捡,而在捡取的那一刻,便是鬼呈现在现实的时候,即便是看不见的鬼那个时候也会露面。 Quick, the copper coin loses, accurate losing to front that wear white clothing, in front of five senses fuzzy malicious ghost. 很快,铜钱丢出,准确的丢到了前面那个穿着白衣,五官模糊的厉鬼面前。 The copper coin falls to the ground, the present ghost had the movement, really started to bend the waist to pick. 铜钱一落地,眼前的鬼就有了动作,果然开始弯腰下去捡拾了。 Opportunity.” Yang Jian narrows the eye, the hatchet in hand has been holding up, the waiting ghost contacts this copper coin that moment. “机会。”杨间眯着眼睛,手中的柴刀已经举起,就等待鬼接触这铜钱的那一刻。 However the matter does not seem to imagine is so smooth. 但是事情似乎并没有想象中的那么顺利。 At this moment. 就在此刻。 Below of deck, one full was the arm of silt extended suddenly, then approached toward that copper coin rapidly. 甲板的下面,一条满是淤泥的手臂突然伸了出来,然后朝着那铜钱迅速靠近。 Nearby ghost not, only then, other ghosts will then also go to pick money by the copper coin attraction. 附近的鬼并不只有一只,其他的鬼也会被铜钱吸引然后前去捡钱。 Second Ghost? No. Third Ghost.” Yang Jian wants to change the goal, but his body trembles later fiercely. “第二只鬼?不。还有第三只鬼.”杨间想改变目标,但是随后他身体猛地一颤。 In his behind, an ice-cold breath transmits, the head/number of people that unexpectedly is growing the disorderly hair searched from his shoulder place, then the unceasing swaying from side to side neck, extends toward the copper coin of that ground. 在他的身后,一个冰冷的呼吸传来,竟有一颗长着杂乱头发的人头从他的肩膀处探了出来,然后不断的扭动脖子,朝着那地上的铜钱伸去。 That breath ice-cold death head/number of people as if no arm, is only the neck in unceasing extending, elongates, makes the bone collapse broken voice, creaks to make noise. 那呼吸冰冷的死人头似乎没有手臂,只是脖子在不断的延伸,拉长,发出骨头崩断的声音,嘎吱作响。 Fourth Ghost also appeared.” “第四只鬼也出现了。” This thinks the surrounding ghost only then these, Yang Jian that but just prepared to begin actually sees in nearby darkness has anything fast in toward here to crawl. 本以为周围的鬼就只有这些,可是刚准备动手的杨间却又看见附近的黑暗之中有什么东西正在快速的朝着这边爬过来。 At this moment he thought that loses this copper coin to seem like a wrong decision. 这一刻他觉得丢出这枚铜钱似乎是一个错误的决定。 This copper coin looked like the ghost who white Ghost Candle same neighbor will hide to give to direct completely. 这铜钱就像是白色的鬼烛一样将附近隐藏的鬼全部给引了出来。 Since appeared together, that copes together, so as to avoid hidden in the surroundings makes me nervous.” Yang Jian vision one cold, that dead head/number of people that after stretching out Ghost Hands to seize neck, found out directly. “既然一起出现了,那就一起对付,免得隐藏在周围让我提心吊胆的。”杨间目光一冷,直接伸出鬼手一把揪住了脖子后探出的那颗死人头。 Then the hand has the blade to fall. 然后手起刀落。 That unceasingly elongated neck cut off, an ice-cold head/number of people was carried by him in the hand. 那不断被拉长的脖子被砍断,一颗冰冷的人头被他拎在了手中。 Loses this head/number of people conveniently, the Yang Jian jack-o'-lantern wreaks havoc, directly the terrifying form package that crawls rapidly, then unscrupulous combustion. 随手将这人头一丢,杨间鬼火肆虐,直接将那迅速爬来的恐怖身影包裹,然后肆无忌惮的燃烧起来。 Nails fast that hand to me.” “给我钉住那只手。” Yang Jian made a vow later in a low voice, the long spear/gun also lost, did not want the copper coin to lose, the arm that preventing under the that armor board to extend. 杨间随后低声许愿,长枪也丢出,不愿意铜钱遗失,阻止了那甲板下伸出的手臂。 The long spear/gun departs, along with strange of making a vow, long spear/gun accurate nailed fast that fully is the arm of silt. 长枪飞出,伴随着许愿的灵异,长枪准确无误的钉住了那条满是淤泥的手臂。 The time of flash, he prevented nearness of three malicious ghost. 一瞬间的时间,他阻止了三只厉鬼的靠近。 But at present that white clothes, five senses fuzzy malicious ghost and does not care about surrounding the situation, it is bending the waist as before, slowly reached that copper coin the hand. 而眼前那白色衣服,五官模糊的厉鬼并不在意周围发生的情况,它依旧弯着腰,缓缓的将手伸向了那铜钱。 Yang Jian has not begun at this moment, he as in waiting ghost and that moment of copper coin contact. 杨间此刻并未动手,他依旧在等待鬼和铜钱接触的那一刻。
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