MPASLUI :: Volume #9

#814: Gene tangled warfare, god courtyard plan!

. Sits in the slightly jet black cabin, the Su Mo surface toward the sea, lights a wax candlestick gently on front cake. The cake is very simple , without the gaudy decoration, on even shop/spread the cream only to carve digit 28 simply. This is that he does not say inadvertently late carefully, before Zhang Min just before leaving, specially birthday present of preparation. . Su Mo calmly blows out the candle, closes the eye. Unknowingly, already was I arrives at the Wasteland third year now.” In his heart tranquil say/way. Six months in reality Wasteland, 12 months in Baisha Ruins, in addition this Ruins 9 months. The time has reached for 27 months, far over two years. Although stayed nine years of human also some young compared with this side Ruins world. But to Su Mo, these already that he underwent is several times of human continues. Presses in the pressure of his shoulder, has not changed is small, but are getting more and more. Long time, he opens eyes slightly, wolfing down finished eating the entire cake completely. Winter winter winter. The door was sounded. Su Mo takes up a paper goods, scratches the clean corners of the mouth, puts in the corner the cake plate. Which?” Sir Su, is I, Zhou Xun.” Comes.” The door shoves open, vigorous and healthy Zhou Xun walked, in the hand is holding thick stack of materials. Sir, this was latest research data that transmitted from the territory, Dean swallow Xiaqing also made the postil specially, said that must make you look a bit faster then gave an opinion, they well development next part of work.” Such quickly?” Su Mo selected the eyebrow, set out to receive to place on the material the table completely. At present goes to sea is one week of time passes, did the territory make the result on basic of Sea God cell quickly? Opens the material, turns on the desk lamp. Zhou Xun body leaves quietly, closes the door backhandedly, keeps Su Mo one person to enter the peaceful reading condition alone. Outside the cabin Sea Breeze howls, occasionally follows rain to be continuous. The white ocean waves whip the upper deck occasionally, leaves behind an intermittent fishy smell salty sea water to flow out following the freeing port trickle. Glances through the material that two pages of swallow summer transmitted azure carefully, Su Mo is pressed the brow. Is Wasteland chaotic, if really Foreign Race decides. Sea God cell recent breakthrough that actually not in this material records, but is the rapid growth of blood epidemic disease virus. According to the gene sequencing, under the frequent cross infection, currently the outside world occupies the mainstream blood epidemic disease virus to contend the victory and defeat finally. These are mixing with the blood epidemic disease virus of small and weak Foreign Race gene, starts gradually to be eliminated. Displacing is some blood epidemic disease virus that contains the powerful gene occupy the human body. And, Five Great Royal Families gene impressively in row. The Cursed Tiger gene can make human all various illnesses not invade, to the resistivity sharp increase of nature adverse circumstance. The gene of crystal dragon can make more tenacious, the strength that the human skin changes is more tremendous, the receptivity high person even also has Ability of release barrier. The gene of Yuan pig can make one eat more food, stores up energy to trade more powerful physique. The gene of dogs and hay worthless thing can make a person of sensation in combat more intense, even in the certain significance has sentences Ability in advance. But the gene that most powerful thunder Hou, its gene brings is more abnormal, it can cause the human absorption electrical energy, the storage ration in the body. When combat, can contact the instances of others, the release electrical energy, brings the effect paralysis. When daily life, can be regarded as the large size charge treasure, energizes to the electric appliance. But these receptivity high people, in the hearsay also mentioned they can separate the spatial electric discharge, direct incarnation thunder and lightning Dharma king. „The Five Great Royal Families gene is expanding fast, it is expected that most two months, then can be the majority in infected person „, but is hardest to deal with is...” They discovered human, only then suffered from the malignant tumor, can pass the blood epidemic disease virus smoothly?” Looks origin that in this material records, Su Mo is somewhat surprised, somewhat understands clearly. Since he achieves after the transaction of adventurer alliance, the Tianyuan territory then entered the honeymoon with the adventurer alliance. Especially this period of time, information communication between both are more frequent. The adventurer alliance depends on distributes in regional adventurers, very easy then can receive the news that oneself want. Probably at present publicizes human to accept the evolution, these crowds that taps the family background within the body potential. They from number god courtyard, the subordinate are leading various wild ghost crooked gods. Depends on day after day the strong team, at present west bank New Continent, the south bank, already degenerates into the back garden of this group of people thoroughly. So long as long as refuses them to expand the territory of request, will brutally be broken through, the burn plunders to continue to expand the team. Looks at this line of march, this group of people do not seem like foolhardy, are they intending to surround the ultra-large territory?” After glancing through, several pages of war maps, Su Mo feels a thorniness. Only remained less than two months from this Ruins, not only other territories have not researched and developed the hemorrhage epidemic disease the antidote. Tianyuan territory, had not found the direct restraint blood epidemic disease the means. Wants average person who rescues these to be infected the external gene, must catch to implant the Sea God cell them. But has the material, the instrument, the current consumption, the personnel dispatch the expense. First does not propose the difficulty, is only this expenditure enough makes the Tianyuan territory give extra three big territories to go bankrupt at the scene. It seems like two months later new and old human must have a war!” Must look for means to find out these to infect the new generation of Five Great Royal Families gene earlier, having a look at their methods to have anything.” Drew the conclusion, Su Mo also saw swallow Xiaqing postil that while convenient , under gave. The academy of science in the foreign gene detection, discovered two familiar genes from the gene of blood epidemic disease virus accidentally. Oreo gene? Moore gene?” fuck? This what ghost?” Looks that in the gene sequence composes the darling bear head, Oreo that as well as a face smiles badly. Su Mo alarms from the previous ponder, feels the headache. At this time he remembered oneself previously to send the dragon flag territory Oreo suddenly, looks Moore to be able with. Looks at present this situation, a dog bear fears already to meet smoothly. Putting that Oreo should not have loses, she makes all these should well-founded first to watch changes quietly, waiting following development!” Stemming from the trust of Oreo and Moore, Su Mo does not think that two small also plan and Five Great Royal Families does a matter to come out. The big probability, they do now, provides for a rainy day for future certain matters. Read reaches to this, Su Mo stood up, shoves open upper level in the captains cabin of door toward deck to walk. On to the deck, he will look in the future, then discovered several merchants are hiding in the storm, closely bites to death behind the ships. Paul does, behind that group of people do, hurrying makes them approach shore such big storm, they do not really think that our camouflage merchants can walk, can they also walk?” Opens the front door of captains cabin, saw sitting that Paul is calm and composed even in press of work is drinking the hot tea in the captain position. Su Mo hurried to refer to the rear area, the reminder said. Sir, that is not the ordinary merchant ship, with our several days, my is to make them swallow the bait Paul to set out intentionally, pours one cup of hot tea again, handed over. Follows we?” Yes, we slow the tempo they also to slow down, we pick up the speed they also to speed up, is the future is evidently bad, the big probability is to wait till the front death sea area to beginthat present not to kill them again? ” Su Mo wonders to say. Tittering. Tea that Paul just drank almost spurted. He also planned a moment ago introduced throws off opposite party ingenious plan using the storm, hasn't actually thought really dry/does...?” That also has the false, we do not think of the weapon, first gives me to rumble to get down, what person do I want to take a look at to dare but actually to pursue us?”... Quick, pursues to me, do not let them run!” In rear merchant ship deck. Is going against greatly baldly, in the hand is pinching a strong man of black long stick, been able to suppress is shouting curses. He behind is the men of more than ten same attire, even if the storm is enormous, the ships sway unceasingly, can stand in the deck steadily looks to the front. God already issued posting a reward, who can take Su dog, then can obtain divine power doing abhiseka, is promoted the promotion!” We occupy the situation, certainly cannot miss this golden opportunity, must catch up before others takes!” They led the god duty, person who comes the Tianyuan territory dissemination god courtyard news. But previously after the Tianyuan port hit the news that Su Mo must leave accidentally. yellow Cauldron then decides to give up the original duty at the scene, leads subordinate manpower to pursue hastily. In posting a reward of god courtyard, this Su has the development level of sect to arrange at sixth, so long as can capture him, reaches the sky in a single bound sufficiently. Sir gold/metal, the ship's speed of opposite party was too quick, possibly discovered us.” Now the storm is too big, our ships cannot catch up!” What?” yellow Cauldron has turned the head, in the pitch-black eye pupil flashes through an electric current. Cannot catch up gives the father to open fire, they must cook, hits to sink their ships!” They do not really think that our ships are the merchants?” In yellow Dingyan flashes through a cruelty. Their already pursued for seven days, the plan began in the front lonely waters. But looks at now this situation, the opposite party, since discovered them, prepares to cook. That did not need the scruples to hide, so long as can attack and sink the ship of opposite party, such big storm was also not whatever they did act bashful? Bang. Towering crack erupts suddenly, causes the entire merchant ship to sway fiercely. yellow Cauldron turns the head to look, discovered behind startled own fleet ship already burns, borders on the disintegration. Grass, open fire of whose his mother projected on the person on one's own side, was a blind person?” gold/metal... Sir gold/metal, is front, is... is their ships first attacks!” Just heard the instruction the captain who went back to arrange not to walk with enough time, shock is looking at the front. The artillery on their ship is the old style self-propelled artillery, after needs to load artificially, can work. But front that was pursued on one week of merchant ship by them, at this time actually splits an opening towering, revealed a strange installment. Yes . On their ships has the torpedo, is of completely automatic belt/bring tracing!” The captain the soldier who retires from some large-scale territory navy, obviously can judge the quality of goods. But yellow Cauldron is only an average person, question that his some do not believe in evil doctrines: What, on merchant ship whose his mother's attire torpedo?” The voice falls, sees only that installment to flash through a flame suddenly. After about 45 seconds, in the fleet the ship was really hit suddenly, Menglie burns. Grass, is really a torpedo!” The yellow cauldron whole person fine hair exploded. Since he obtains the strength of thunder and lightning, already was very long no danger to make him again so frightened. But now, facing the high-tech weapon of human, he suddenly discovered, the individual strength is not useful. His thunder and lightning Ability is strong, is difficult to be inadequate can also separate rubs a lightning to sink the ship of opposite party spatially. „It is not good, they do not plan to call a halt, must fall all our ship complete bang!” Bang. Also the merchant ship disintegrates in the explosion loudly, the above almighty troops does not have the pitiful yell, was gasified. Sees the so terrifying scene, the yellow cauldron was frightened instantaneously is frightened out of one's wits, he never imagined, then to shout one: Jetty, travelled by the lifeboat in the past!” Opposite party, since the aback must attack and sink our ships, only then snatched their ship, with their near body combat, we can go on living saying that yellow Cauldron then neat jumps downward, sinks to the water. Then put out from Storage Space has prepared the good lifeboat to throw outward, insane proceeded to hover. Bang! Hears one again crack, the ominous courageous air wave from erupts behind. Then proceeded to push many distances him instantaneously. At this time, yellow Cauldron will look in the future, discovered startled own sitting down merchant ship already was rumbled the fragment, is burning is submerging downward. These subordinates who he brings, at this time only then lived less than 1/5 people, just and he equally distressed floating on water surface. Damn, damn!” Toward their ship attacks, after I looks at body , can they also be victorious we!” yellow Cauldron shouts one, raises morale, then takes the lead to paddle the oar in the ships direction. But he delimited several, then detected startled oneself good to be getting more and more near with the distance of opposite party ships. That has in the ship of escaping, opened unexpectedly? Good opportunity, to prepare to attack!” Against propriety not to reciprocate, since they use to attack us, we are impolite put out rpg to me, to their bow bang!” By critical moment, what nonsense thunder and lightning strength, but also really does not have round of rpg to be easy-to-use. yellow Cauldron sits on the lifeboat, fierce shoots the tube with set off, loads the good ammunition quickly. Touches off the trigger, the rocket ammunition belt tail flame spraying, straight flies toward the opposite party ships bow. But pitifully, when the warhead enters the opposite party ships 30 meters, actually bumped into what hard object probably, loudly explosion. But the rocket projectile that others fire not come singly but in pairs, the early burst, simply has not in tandem injured hull half a point. „It is not good, Sir gold/metal, their ships carried the force field of most new generation to defend System, our weapons could not shoot through this force field!” That captain, his desperate calling out in alarm, caused the yellow cauldron complexion big change before immediately. What, not only there is a torpedo, force field, is his mother's merchant ship?” In the face of the absolute technological strength, in his heart flashes through a despair suddenly. Now by wantonly the new generation of promotion, in the face of science and technology, originally also the does not have any strength of resistance. They from beginning to end, the surface of opposite party cannot even see, then already was soon rolled to extinguish. Under such terrifying combat strength, so-called god courtyard, how should also break through the defense lines of these ultra-large territories only to depend on the human life to go to the pile? Who can be willing to regard the weapon that the cannon fodder consumes these to manufacture continuously? Only if they stupidly fall, will obey the arrangements of these people plan. Bang, bang, bang! Crack, all merchant ship already are buried in the sea of fire one after another all. Looks at the innumerable ships wreckage to sway in the sea level behind, the innumerable thoughts also collide intensely in the yellow cauldron mind., He puts out an exponential horn from Storage Space suddenly suddenly, turns on the switch to shout: Sir Su!! We are the god courtyard come to go for shelter your, we will know the god courtyard in the future the plan about Tianyuan territory!”. 噗。坐在略显漆黑的船舱中,苏摩面朝大海,轻轻点燃一根蜡烛插在面前的蛋糕上。蛋糕很朴素,没有花里胡哨的装饰,平铺的奶油上只简简单单刻着数字28。这是那晚他不小心说漏嘴,张敏临走前特意准备的生日礼物。呼。苏摩静静吹灭蜡烛,闭上眼睛。“不知不觉,现在已经是我来到废土的第三个年头了。”他心中平静道。现实废土里的六个月,白沙遗迹中的12个月,加上本次遗迹的九个月。时间已达27月,远超两年。尽管比起这方遗迹世界里呆了九年的人类还有些“年轻”。但对苏摩自己而言,他经受的这些已经是外界人类的数倍不止了。压在他肩头的压力,从来都没有变小,而是越来越多。半晌,他微微睁开眼,狼吞虎咽的将整个蛋糕全部吃完。冬冬冬。房门被敲响。苏摩拿起一张纸巾,擦干净嘴角,又将蛋糕盘放入角落。“哪位?”“苏大人,是我,周迅。”“进来吧。”房门推开,健壮的周迅走了进来,手里抱着一厚沓资料。“大人,这是从领地里传来的最新研究资料,燕夏青院长还特意做了批注,说要让您快点看完然后给点意见,他们才好开展下一部分的工作。”“这么快?”苏摩挑了挑眉,起身将资料全部接过放在桌上。眼下出海才不过是一周时间过去,领地这么快就在海神细胞的基础上做出成绩了?翻开资料,打开台灯。周迅悄身离开,反手将房门关上,独留苏摩一人进入安静阅读状态。船舱外海风呼啸,偶尔伴随一阵阴雨绵绵。白色的海浪偶尔拍打上甲板,留下一阵阵腥咸的海水顺着排水口涓涓流出。仔细翻阅了两页燕夏青传来的资料,苏摩蹙起眉头。废土乱不乱,果真还是得异族说了算。这份资料上记载的倒不是海神细胞最近的突破,而是血疫病毒的高速发展。根据基因测序,在频繁的交叉感染下,目前外界占据主流的血疫病毒终于角逐出了胜负。那些夹杂着弱小异族基因的血疫病毒,开始逐渐被淘汰。取而代之的则是一些包含着强大基因的血疫病毒占据人体。其中,五大皇族的基因赫然在列。咒虎的基因可以使人类百病不侵,对自然恶劣环境的抵抗力大幅度上涨。晶龙的基因可以使人类皮肤变的更加坚韧,力量更加巨大,接受程度高的人甚至还拥有释放屏障的能力。元猪的基因可以使人吃掉更多的食物,囤积更多能量换来更强大的身体素质。刍狗的基因可以使人在战斗中的感知更加强烈,甚至一定意义上拥有预判能力。而最强大的雷猴,其基因带来的基因就更加变态,它可以使得人类吸收电能,储存一定量于身体中。战斗时,可以在接触其他人的瞬间,释放电能,带来麻痹效果。日常生活时,更可以当作是大号充电宝,给电器供能。而那些接受程度高的人,传闻中还提到了他们可以隔空放电,直接化身雷电法王。“五大皇族的基因正在快速壮大,预计最多两个月,便能占据感染者里的大多数”“但最难缠的是...”“他们发现了人类只有患上了恶性肿瘤,才能顺利度过血疫病毒?”看着这份资料上记载的来源,苏摩有些意外,又有些了然。自从他达成和冒险者联盟的交易协定后,天元领地便和冒险者联盟进入了蜜月期。尤其是这段时间,两者之间的情报来往就更加频繁。冒险者联盟靠着分布在各地的冒险者,很容易的便能拿到自己想要的消息。像是眼下宣扬人类必须要接受进化,挖掘出身体内潜能的这些人群。他们自号“神庭”,麾下率领着各种野鬼歪神。靠着日渐壮大的队伍,目前新大陆西岸,南岸,已经彻底沦为了这群人的后花园。但凡只要拒绝他们壮大要求的领地,都会被无情攻破,烧伤抢掠继续扩大队伍。“看这行进路线,这群人不像是有勇无谋,他们在有意包围超大型领地?”翻阅后几页的战事地图,苏摩感到一阵棘手。距离这次遗迹只剩不到两个多月了,不光其他领地没有研发出血疫的解药。就连天元领地在内,也没有找到直接克制血疫的办法。想要解救这些被感染外来基因的普通人,就必须要将他们抓来重新植入海神细胞。但有着材料,仪器,日常消耗,人员调遣费用。先不提难度,光是这笔花费就足够让天元领地外带三大领地当场破产。“看来两个月后新旧人类必有一场大战!”“得找个办法早点摸清楚这些感染了五大皇族基因的新人类,看看他们的手段都有什么。”得出结论,苏摩也顺带看到了燕夏青在下方给出的批注。科学院在对外基因检测中,无意中从血疫病毒的基因里发现了两个熟悉的基因。“奥利奥的基因?摩尔的基因?”“卧槽?这什么鬼?”看着基因序列组成里憨态可掬的熊头,以及一脸坏笑的奥利奥苏摩从先前的沉思中惊动过来,顿感头疼。这时他才忽然想起自己先前将奥利奥派去了龙旗领地,去找摩尔会和。看眼下这个情况,一狗一熊恐怕已经顺利相见。“奥利奥应该不会无的放失,她做这一切应该是有理由的”“就先静观其变,等待后续发展!”出于对奥利奥摩尔的信任,苏摩并不认为两小也打算和五大皇族搞点事出来。大概率,他们现在做的,正是为未来的某些事未雨绸缪。念及于此,苏摩站起身,推开房门往甲板上层的船长室里走去。只是才上到甲板,他往后看去,便发现几艘商船正隐藏在风浪中,紧紧咬死在舰船后方。“鲍雷,后面那伙人干嘛的,赶紧让他们靠岸去啊”“这么大的风浪,他们不会真以为咱们这伪装商船能走,他们也能走吧?”推开船长室的大门,看到鲍雷正好整以暇的坐在船长位置上喝着热茶。苏摩赶紧指了指后方,提醒道。“大人,那可不是普通的商船,跟了咱们好几天了,我这是故意引他们上钩”鲍雷起身,再度倒出一杯热茶,递了过来。“跟着咱们?”“是的,我们放慢速度他们也放慢,我们加快速度他们也加快,看样子是来者不善,大概率是要等到前面的死亡海域再动手”“那现在还不干掉他们?”苏摩纳闷道。噗嗤。鲍雷刚喝进去的一口茶差点喷了出来。他刚才还打算介绍利用风浪甩掉对方这一妙计,却没想...“真干?”“那还有假,我们不是装着武器吗,先给我轰一艘下来,我倒要看看什么人敢追咱们?”...“快,给我追上去,别让他们跑了!”后方的商船甲板上。一个顶着大光头,手里捏着一把黑色长棍的强壮男子,抑制不住的叫骂着。他身后是十多个同样装束的男子,哪怕风浪极大,船只不断摇晃,也能稳稳站在甲板上看向前方。“神主已经发布了悬赏,谁能拿下苏狗,便能获得神力灌顶,加官进爵!”“我们占据先机,一定不能错失这个大好机会,必须赶在其他人之前拿下!”他们本是领了神主任务,前来天元领地散播神庭消息的人。但先前在天元港无意中撞到苏摩要离开的消息后。黄鼎便当场决定放弃原有任务,连忙带着麾下人手追出。在神庭的悬赏中,这苏有宗的重要程度排在第六,只要能将他抓获,足以一步登天。“金雷大人,对方的船速太快了,可能是发现了我们。”“现在风浪太大,我们的船追不上啊!”“什么?”黄鼎转过头,乌黑的眼眸中闪过一丝电流。“追不上就给老子开炮,他们要熘,就把它们的船打沉!”“他们不会真以为我们的船是商船吧?”黄鼎眼中闪过一丝残忍。他们已经追了七天,本打算在前方的无人海域动手。但看现在这情况,对方既然发现了他们,准备熘掉。那也不用顾忌隐蔽了,只要能击沉对方的船,这么大的风浪还不是任由他们拿捏?轰隆。一声突兀的炸响突然爆发,引得整个商船剧烈摇晃起来。黄鼎转头一看,愕然发现自己船队后方的一条船已经燃烧起来,濒临解体。“草,谁他娘的开炮打到自己人了,是瞎子吗?”“金雷...金雷大人,是前面,是...是他们的船先攻击的!”刚刚听到指令还没来得及回去布置的船长又走了过来,震惊的望着前方。他们船上的火炮还是老式的自走炮,需要人工装填以后才能工作。但前方那艘被他们追逐了一周的商船上,此时却突兀裂开一个口子,露出了一个陌生的装置。“是..他们的船上有鱼雷,还是全自动带追踪的那种!”船长是从某大型领地海军退役下来的军人,明显是识货的。但黄鼎只是个普通人,他有些不信邪的质疑道:“什么,商船上谁他娘的装鱼雷?”话音落下,只见那装置突然闪过一丝火光。大约四五秒过后,船队中果然又有一艘船突然被击中,勐烈燃烧起来。“草,真是鱼雷!”黄鼎整个人汗毛都炸了起来。自从他获得雷电之力后,已经很久没什么危险让他再如此恐惧了。但现在,面对人类的高科技武器,他忽然发现,个体实力有个屁用啊。他雷电能力再强,难不成还能隔空搓个闪电把对方的船炸沉。“不好,他们不打算停手,要把我们所有船全部轰掉!”轰隆。又有一艘商船在爆炸中轰然解体,上面的神兵连惨叫都没,便被气化。见到如此恐怖场景,黄鼎瞬间被吓得魂飞魄散,他想都没想,便大喊一声:“跳船,搭乘救生艇过去!”“对方既然停船要击沉我们的船,只有抢了他们的船,和他们近身作战,我们才能活下去”说完,黄鼎便干脆利落的往下一跳,沉入水中。接着又从储物空间里拿出早就准备好的救生艇往外一抛,疯了似的往前游动。轰隆!再度传来一声炸响,凶勐的气浪从身后爆发。瞬间便把他往前推了不少距离。这时,黄鼎往后一看,愕然发现自己坐下商船已经被轰成了碎片,正燃烧着往下沉没。他带来的那些手下,此时只有不足五分之一的人活了下来,正和他一样狼狈的浮在水面上。“该死,该死!”“朝他们的船进攻,我看近身以后他们还能不能打得过我们!”黄鼎大喊一声,振奋士气,接着率先往舰船方向划动船桨。但他才划了几下,便愕然发觉自己好想和对方舰船的距离越来越近。那艘一直在逃跑的船,竟然开过来了?“好机会,准备进攻!”“来而不往非礼也,既然他们用炮轰咱们,我们也不客气了”“都给我拿出rpg,对着他们的船头轰!”到了关键时刻,什么狗屁雷电力量,还真就是没有一发rpg好用。黄鼎坐在救生艇上,狰狞的拿出发射筒,很快装填好弹药。扣动扳机,火箭弹带着尾焰喷射而出,直挺挺的往对方舰船船头飞去。但可惜,随着弹头进入对方船只三十米时,却像是碰到了什么硬物,轰然爆炸。而其他人发射的火箭弹也无独有偶,纷纷一前一后提前爆炸,根本没伤的了船体半分。“不好,金雷大人,他们的船只搭载了最新一代的力场防御系统,我们的武器根本射不穿这层力场!”还是之前那名船长,他绝望的惊呼,顿时引得黄鼎面色大变。“什么,不仅有鱼雷,还有力场,这是他娘的商船?”在绝对的科技力量面前,他的心中忽然闪过一丝绝望。如今被大肆鼓吹的新人类,在科技面前,原来也没有任何反抗之力。他们从头到尾,连对方的面都没能见到,便已经快要被团灭。在这样恐怖的战斗力下,所谓的神庭,又该如何攻破这些超大领地的防线只靠人命去堆?谁会愿意当成炮灰来消耗这些可以源源不断制造的武器?除非他们傻掉,才会听从这些人的安排出来的计划。轰,轰,轰!接连炸响,所有商船已经尽数葬身于火海之中。望着身后无数船只残骸在海面上晃荡,无数念头也在黄鼎脑海里激烈碰撞起来。忽的,他突然从储物空间中拿出一个扩音喇叭,打开开关大喊起来:“苏大人!!我们是神庭前来投奔您的,我们知道神庭未来关于天元领地的计划!”..。
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