MCBW :: Volume #41

#4075: Has a person

Pen interest pavilion, renews my iceberg beauty wife most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆! Chapter 4075 has a person 第4075章有个人 Lijia then realized, oneself was swindled. 弗丽嘉这才意识到,自己上当了。 She as most ancient a number of Lord God, experiences countless people, the experience is extraordinary. 她作为最古老的一批主神,阅人无数,经历非凡。 But must say among the men and women that matter, but also really has no experience. 但要说男女之间那点事,还真没什么经验。 After all, she is the beautiful god of keeping aloof, the common person cannot be joined to her, she also disdains to have a liking for the general character. 毕竟,她是高高在上的美神,寻常人配不上她,她也不屑看上一般的人物。 Discovered that oneself actually said the heart words incautiously, Lijia also shames also to be angry. 发现自己竟然一不小心说出了心里话,弗丽嘉恼。 Sword God, you little think oneself infallible! I help you, looks in Du Muci face.” 剑神,你少自以为是!我帮你,也是看在杜木茨的面子上。” Since Du Muci gave you his memory, explained that he trusts you.” “既然杜木茨将他的记忆给了你,说明他信任你。” „The spruce and dragon tree struggle, have made the too many Yaaz person sacrifice, hopes that do not fall short of his anticipation.” “云杉和龙血树之争,已经让太多亚斯兰人牺牲,希望你别辜负他的一片期待。” Lijia sincere said: Remember, Yaaz is four Chinese rhubarb Jin Wenming one, without you thinks that simply!” 弗丽嘉正色道:“记住,亚斯兰乃是四大黄金文明之一,没你想得那么简单!” Then, Lijia changes to the star glow, vanishes. 说完,弗丽嘉化作星芒,就此消失。 With Lijia's departure, several hidden in all parties' pressure, suddenly also departs one after another...... 伴随着弗丽嘉的离开,数股隐于各方的威压,突然也相继离去…… Ye Fan knit the brows, how many pressure, before he unexpectedly, hasn't detected? 叶帆皱了皱眉头,那几股威压,他竟然之前都没察觉到? Although the hidden, truly did not find intentionally easily, but if does not have enough realm , is not possible to achieve. 虽然故意隐藏,确实不容易发现,但若没足够的境界,也是不可能做到的。 It seems like...... Lijia this, but also led the other helper? 看来……弗丽嘉这趟来,还带了别的帮手? No wonder, this woman said that Yaaz civilization is not simple. 怪不得,这个女人说亚斯兰文明没那么简单。 Yaaz some old monster, actually also. 亚斯兰的一些老怪物,其实也都还在。 Like five these old person too, does not have the particular reason, even if Yaaz civilization destruction, they are not willing to meddle new generation's matter. 只是跟五太的那些老人一样,没特殊理由,哪怕亚斯兰文明毁灭,他们都已经不愿意插手新生代的事情了。 It is estimated that also on Lijia this old Lord God, can use the favor relations, asking them to leave the mountain. 估计也就弗丽嘉这种老主神,才能动用人情关系,请他们出山。 However, this is not difficult to understand, the long years, Yaaz is possible, only then Saimon such does enter the creator in temple competently? 不过,这也不难理解,悠悠岁月,亚斯兰怎么可能只有塞蒙这么一个够资格进神殿的造物主? „...... This gives me intentionally the signal, making me leave goes too far?” “呵……这是故意给我信号,让我别太过分?” Ye Fan whispered the sentence. 叶帆嘀咕了句。 „Did Sir Sword God, what you say?” Nowland and the others came up to ask at this time. 剑神大人,您说什么?”诺兰等人这时上来问道。 Ye Fan smiles, no, cleans up the aftermath, should finish.” 叶帆笑了笑,“没什么,收拾残局吧,该结束了。” Yes!” “是!” After this war, the spruce cavalry sees Saimon awkward behavior to leave completely, has had no interest for it death war. 经此一战,云杉铁骑见塞蒙洋相出尽,也已经无心为之死战。 Big priest Oudiz of spruce tribe, has run away dingily, disappears without a trace. 云杉部落的大祭司乌迪,早已经灰溜溜跑走,不知去向。 The dragon tree tribe wins total victories, all tribe alliance, is trembling. 龙血树部落大获全胜,各方部落联盟,也已经战战兢兢。 Within one day, the dragon tree tribe took over control of the dispirited spruce smoothly, established the hegemonic position of Yaaz world. 一天之内,龙血树部落顺利接管了人心涣散的云杉,奠定了亚斯兰世界的霸主地位。 On the same day, the Burns big priest announced to all Yaaz world, was based on two biggest tribes, formed Yaaz Alliance. 当日,拜恩斯大祭司向全亚斯兰世界宣布,以两个最大部落为基础,建立“亚斯兰联盟”。 Regardless the name of dragon tree and spruce, is only symbolizing the unity of Yaaz world. 抛开龙血树和云杉的名字,只象征着亚斯兰世界的团结。 such approach, although there is an ingredient of show, but lets these people of spruce tribe, heart is easier to accept. 这样的做法,虽然有作秀的成分,但却让云杉部落的那些人,心里更容易接受。 After all, in name, they were not annexed, formed an alliance. 毕竟,名义上,他们不是被吞并,是结盟了。 Over the following several days, all tribes turn, is willing as member, to become an alliance member. 接下来的几天,各方部落都纷纷来投靠,愿意以成员的身份,成为联盟一份子。 These tribes, before were the worship natural god are the lord, a few were also the beautiful god believe. 这些部落,之前都是崇拜自然神为主,少数也是美神信仰的。 But at this time, Burns also proposed one time: 而在这时,拜恩斯一次提出: Yaaz Alliance member, whether or not believes in the beautiful god or the natural god, must in the major key cities, set up the Sword God resembles! 亚斯兰联盟成员,不管是否信奉美神或自然神,都必须在各大主要城市,立剑神像! Although does not have to say visibly, but without a doubt, is to make Sword God the Yaaz new Lord God...... 虽然没明着讲,但毫无疑问,是要让剑神成为亚斯兰新的主神…… Regarding this point, Yaaz major tribes, although the folk has the veiled criticism, but the official acted accordingly. 对于这一点,亚斯兰各大部落,虽然民间颇有微词,但官方都是照办了。 Dares with the creator who the destiny Great Emperor does against, sets up a statue in own city, is not excessive! Also does not lose face! 敢跟天命大帝对着干的造物主,立个雕像在自家城里,不过分!也不丢人! Whether as far as can become Lord God, that must look at the Sword God oneself later display, could attract the follower. 至于能否成为主神,那也要看剑神自己以后的发挥,能否吸引信徒了。 Suddenly, after Yaaz world experience long years, once again enters the news of united league, spread over macrocosm many civilizations. 一时间,亚斯兰世界经历漫长的岁月后,再次进入统一联盟的消息,传遍了大世界诸多文明。 Sword God given name, in the true sense, resounds through the entire world. 剑神的名号,也真正意义上,响彻寰宇。 ...... …… Microcosm that is located in the Yaaz civilized edge. 一处位于亚斯兰文明边缘的小世界。 In an ancient temple, the fine dust does not dye. 古老的一座神殿里,纤尘不染。 Here had been left uncultivated for a long time, until days before, some people came this prayer. 这里已经被荒废了许久,直到前几日,才有人来此祷告。 A that person of white law robe, the meeting misfortune big priest of indeed spruce tribe, Oudiz. 那人一身白色的法袍,正是云杉部落的落难大祭司,乌迪。 Originally, do you hide here?” “原来,你躲在这里?” Oudiz turns around fiercely, sees a female, does not immediately dare to believe. 乌迪猛地转身,看到一个女子,顿时不敢置信。 Hathaway? How will you find this?!” “海瑟薇?你怎么会找到这?!” After he before Hathaway pursued, again has not paid attention to this useless adopted daughter, thinks that she was extremely insulted, dies in some place. 他之前将海瑟薇驱逐后,就没再理会过这个没用的义女,以为她不堪受辱,死在了某个地方。 This idol, is not the beautiful god, is not the natural god......” “这神像,不是美神,也不是自然神呢……” Cheap person! Whom were you lead to come together?” Oudiz about looks around anxiously. “贱人!你是带谁一起来了?”乌迪紧张地左右张望。 But quick, he a flower, Hathaway changes at present. 可很快,他眼前一花,海瑟薇变了个样子。 Sir Saimon!?” “塞蒙大人!?” Oudiz is stunned, at once is wild with joy: Sir Saimon! You save me......” 乌迪愕然,旋即狂喜:“塞蒙大人!您来拯救我……” Told only half, Oudiz realized is not right. 说到一半,乌迪意识到不对了。 „...... You are not......” “不……不……你是……” A Hathaway face ponders: Originally...... your heart, is Saimon the most beautiful that person?” 海瑟薇一脸玩味:“原来……你心中,塞蒙就是最美的那个人?” I have found it strange before, facing the such beautiful adopted daughter, you do not move unexpectedly......” “我之前还一直觉得奇怪,面对这么美的‘义女’,你竟然不动心……” Originally...... you like, is Saimon?” “原来……你喜欢的,是塞蒙啊?” Beautiful god!? You are the beautiful god!!?” “美神!?你是美神!!?” Oudiz shouted hysteric, the eyeball must stare! 乌迪歇斯底里大喊,眼珠子都要瞪出来了! Lijia look becomes cold, sprinkled massive odor poisonous insects conveniently. 弗丽嘉眼神变冷,随手洒出了大量的恶臭毒虫。 This is I borrows with the arrange/cloth beautiful virtue there, is a small gift.” “这是我跟布丽德那儿借来的,算是一份小礼物。” The poisonous insect falls on the Oudiz surroundings and body, starts to climb up, even explodes, the odor dirty thick juice scatters! 毒虫落在乌迪周围和身上,开始攀爬,甚至爆裂,恶臭肮脏的浓汁四溅! Oudiz loses color, twitches panic-stricken: Dirty! Dirty!! Go away! Go away!!-” 乌迪面无血色,惊恐抽搐:“脏!脏!!都滚开!滚!!-” To the person of his extreme cleanliness/mysophobia, this lives to might as well die simply! 对他这种极度洁癖的人而言,这简直生不如死! Lijia enjoys looks at all these, until looking a little bored, had a yawn. 弗丽嘉享受地看着这一切,直到看得有点厌倦了,才打了个哈欠。 As long as you are good to the own adopted daughter, will not have today.” “但凡你对自己的义女好一些,也不会有今日。” Her white hand point, the star glow twinkle, Oudiz faints together thoroughly...... 素手一点,一道星芒闪烁,乌迪彻底昏了过去…… He in the dreamland, by various contamination baptism, will die until the radical nervous breakdown unceasingly. 他会在梦境中,不断地被各种污秽洗礼,直到彻底精神崩溃地死去。 Finished all these, Lijia stretches oneself, turns around to go out of the temple. 结束这一切,弗丽嘉伸了个懒腰,转身走出神殿。 Is looking at the distant place, she muttered: next time...... plays what role to be good......” 望着远方,她喃喃自语:“下次……扮演个什么角色好呢……” In the mind, appears suddenly a form of man. 脑海里,突然浮现一个男人的身影。 In beautiful Jiamei pupil reveals an indignation, then also shows a faint smile. 弗丽嘉美眸中露出一丝气愤,然后微微一笑。 Right, has not tried that role...... to be very interesting probably.” “对了,好像还没试过那种角色……应该很有意思。” ...... …… The world of sword. 剑之世界。 Since cloud Dian one post-war, Ye Fan the remaining things, gave Burns and others to process. 自从云巅一战后,叶帆把剩下的事情,交给了拜恩斯等处理。 Conquers Yaaz civilization, although a little uses to him, but is also used to rise to the prominence. 征服亚斯兰文明,虽然对他有点用,但也只是用来打响知名度。 To the strength of Lord God belief, how his actually by no means regards as important. 对主神信仰之力,他其实并不怎么看重。 On the contrary fight with destiny Great Emperor, making his heart many somewhat puzzled. 反倒是跟天命大帝的交手,让他心中多少有些困惑。 For these days, after returning to the own world, Ye Fan continuously turning round plate. 这几天,回到自己的世界里后,叶帆一直在复盘。 Which the actually issue leaves in......” 到底问题出在哪……” Ye Fan sits cross-legged on a cliff, opened the eye. 叶帆盘坐在一处悬崖上,睁开了眼。 Obviously is a creator, oneself has emperor sword intent obviously, but seems horizontally a gap, he is unable to span. 明明都是造物主,明明自己有帝王剑意,可就仿佛是横着一条鸿沟,他无法跨越。 „The strength of destiny...... probably is also the strength of emperor......” “天命的力量……好像也是帝王之力……” Ye Fan muttered, he a little suspected, but also does not dare to believe firmly. 叶帆喃喃,他有点怀疑,但不敢确信。 Because of the strength of destiny Great Emperor, he does not have to analyze with enough time well, is a little fuzzy. 因为天命大帝的力量,他也没来得及好好分析,有点模糊。 But even the strength of emperor, is not the reason that he cannot be victorious. 可就算是帝王之力,也不是他打不过的理由。 realm of creator, really has the way greatly. 造物主之境界,果然是大有门道。 While at this time, Ye Fan detected that outside has the sound. 正当这时,叶帆察觉外面有动静。 He returns to the god to set up the platform, the front surface has old person with a smile. 他回到神树平台,迎面已经有个笑吟吟的老人 „Did group uncle, so quick come back?” Ye Fan also thinks, Ye Qun will go very long a while. “群叔,这么快回来了?”叶帆还以为,叶群会去很长一阵子。 If must spend too for a long time, why Young Master did want the old servant in the past? Not because, familiar house?” “若是要花费太久,少爷何必要老奴过去?不就因为,熟门熟路吗?” Pouring is also.” “倒也是。” Young Master, the idle talk were not many said, had a person...... to see Young Master, Ye Qun sincere said. 少爷,闲话不多说,有个人……想见见少爷”,叶群正色道
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