MCBW :: Volume #41

#4069: Ebullition

Pen interest pavilion, renews my iceberg beauty wife most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆! Chapter 4069 boils 第4069章沸腾 As if announced, also seems an interrogation. 仿佛是宣告,仿佛是一句质问。 Various several tens of thousands of Yaaz elite powerhouse, the surface sinks like the water, fell into the long-term peace. 现场数万亚斯兰各部精锐强者,面沉如水,陷入了长时间的安静。 They realized suddenly, even if the star gods of three figures, is hard to contend with such terrifying sword intent. 他们忽然意识到,哪怕现场有三位数的星神,也难以抗衡这样的恐怖剑意 The realm disparity, is not pure can make up by the population. 境界的差距,不是单纯靠人数能弥补的。 Today on the scene, is kills my?” “今日在场的,都是来杀我的吧?” Ye Fan unemotional say/way: I here, you , to rally together to attack, I am also optional.” 叶帆面无表情道:“我就在这里,你们若想群起而攻,我也随意。” Star god look on the scene looks mutually, meaning that is who first has not actually acted. 在场的星神互相眼神对望,却是谁也没先出手的意思。 Sees this, the person of dragon tree tribe, reveals the color of disdaining. 看到这一幕,龙血树部落的人,都露出不屑之色。 Said actually, is one group of coveting life and fearing death people, nothing to be afraid. 到底,还是一群贪生怕死之徒,不足为惧。 You do not begin, I will not call a halt.” “你们不动手,我可不会停手。” Ye Fan a few words, once again makes a numerous tribe be critical situation! 叶帆的一句话,却再次让一众部落都如临大敌! Sword God! You eventually is a bystander! Is it possible that you really must with the entire Yaaz world be an enemy!?” 剑神!你终究是外人!你莫非真要跟整个亚斯兰世界为敌!?” not bad, the spruce tribe provokes you, with our what does/works?” 不错,云杉部落招惹你们,与我们何干?” Ye Fan snorts contemptuously, good with your what to do!” 叶帆嗤之以鼻,“好一个‘与你们何干’!” I must ask but actually, since is the dragon blood and spruce struggle, your present also do here really!?” “那我倒要问问,既然是龙血和云杉之争,你们如今是在这里作甚!?” The numerous tribes are at a loss for words! 众部落语塞! Ye Fan rubbish, made hand gesture toward the following Betty pavilion. 叶帆也不废话,朝着后面的贝迪阁做了个手势 After the Betty pavilion receives an order, immediately directs one crowd of bringing mage|master, formed great formation rapidly. 贝迪阁领命后,立刻指挥一群带来的法师,迅速结成了一个大阵 That natural charm great formation, coordinates some Yaaz Rand's some tech equipment, is standing and waiting for a long time in all directions dozens translucent light beams. 那自然魔力大阵,配合一些亚斯兰特有的科技设备,在四面八方伫立起了数十根半透明光柱。 These light beams, impressively scene everyone, reflecting in inside. 这些光柱,赫然将现场的所有人,都给倒映在了里面。 Every word and deed, in real-time feeds back. 一言一行,都在实时反馈。 Demon prism?!” “魔棱柱?!” The numerous powerhouse expression is cramped. 强者表情局促起来。 This type naturally is the magic arts, is the Yaaz major tribes, is used for the long-distance meeting time use. 这种自然系法术,是亚斯兰各大部落,用来远程开会时候使用的。 These prism with temple law of major tribes, will produce responded, is equivalent to the real-time image telephone conversation. 这些棱柱会跟各大部落的神殿法阵,产生反应,相当于实时影像通话。 The scene, their every word and deed, are so subtle. 如此场面,他们的一言一行,都已经非常微妙。 Saw that the situation is not right, some people plan to advance the evacuation. 眼看情况不对,一些人打算先行撤离。 May just about to walk, hears in all directions, ten thousand swords sound together! 可刚要走,就听得四面八方,万剑齐鸣! Just like the mighty force, howls Longteng. 宛如千军万马,呼啸龙腾 One black golden flying sword, arrives at baseless, hangs in each Yaaz high-level top of the head! 一把把黑金色飞剑,凭空降临,高悬于每个亚斯兰高层的头顶! Moreover, nearby entire cloud Dian, had been given surrounding by the boundless flying sword sea continually! 不仅如此,连整个云巅附近,都已经被茫茫飞剑海给包围了! Sword like Xinghe, Wan Jun shock and awe! 剑如星河,万军震慑! This...... this is swordsman!?” “这……这还是剑客吗!?” swordsman of scene are many, sword king also several, but has not seen from the start, who is such uses the sword! 现场的剑客不少,剑王也有好几个,但压根就没见过,有谁是这么用剑的! The Singer and Nowland and other dragon tree of the people, can understand actually. 辛格和诺兰等龙血树的人,倒是非常能理解。 They just saw Ye Fan method initially, praised to the heavens, discovered that oneself was white practice the so many year. 他们当初刚看到叶帆的手段,也都是叹为观止,发现自己都是白练了这么多年。 Sword...... Sword God! You really must be ruthless!?” “剑……剑神!你真要赶尽杀绝!?” All complexion is ugly, they know, at this moment, all Yaaz world, can see here situation. 各方脸色难看,他们知道,此时此刻,所有亚斯兰世界,都能看到这里的情况了。 Then, if they escape again, will drop the handle. 如此一来,他们若再逃跑,都会落下把柄。 actually submits, the dying war, can only choose one forcefully! 到底是屈服,还是死战,只能强行选一个! Since came to come, that took a stand walks again.” “既然来都来了,那就表个态再走吧。” The Ye Fan tone is very relaxed, seems saying an insignificant matter. 叶帆语气很轻松,仿佛只是在说一件微不足道的事情。 Starting today, submits to me, kneels to bend down to bow politely, can walk.” “从今日起,臣服于我者,跪伏叩拜,就可以走了。” If planned, with spruce tribe, living and dying together...... I also help you.” “若是打算,跟云杉部落,同生共死的……我也成全你们。” During the speeches, everywhere flying sword has started humming sound to make noise, just like myriad dragon cry! 说话间,漫天飞剑都已经开始“嗡嗡”作响,宛如万千龙吟! I have no patience, my sword...... possibly falls momentarily.” “我没什么耐心,我的剑……随时都可能掉下来。” The Ye Fan corners of the mouth exude to wipe the smile, but in all person eyes, is more flagitious than any expression. 叶帆嘴角泛起一抹笑容,但在所有人眼中,却比任何表情都要凶残。 Sword God! You...... your grade of act, the reality is the robber act!” 剑神!你……你这等行径,实乃强盗行径!” Forces by the military force, dares to say the god absurdly!?” “以武力胁迫,也敢妄自称神!?” An old mage|master stand, loud reprimanding. 一名老法师站了出来,大声斥责。 Ye Fan shot a look at his one eyes, I recognize you, you are of winter tribe.” 叶帆瞥了他一眼,“我认得你,你是冬日部落的那个。” „Below cold winter Dharma king, Dierzi!” “在下凛冬法王,提尔兹!” Dharma king? Also is really what cats or dogs dares to call king, Ye Fan says with emotion. “法王?还真是什么阿猫阿狗都敢称王”,叶帆感慨道。 You!......” “你!……” Appearance that a Dierzi face hates bitterly. 提尔兹一脸痛心疾首的样子。 Brother Burns! But your dragon tree tribe the Yaaz ancient aristocrat, the conduct is noble and pure!” “拜恩斯老兄!你们龙血树部落可是亚斯兰的古老贵族,品行高洁!” You are resigned, let a such external robber, destroyed the reputation/honorary of your dragon tree tribe!?” “你们就甘心,让这么一个外来的强盗,毁了你们龙血树部落的名誉!?” Stands in following Burns, had not spoken. 站在后面的拜恩斯,一直没吭声。 Hears this saying, old man curses to say directly: bastard thing! Who is you friend!?” 听到这话,老头直接大骂道:“混账东西!谁是你‘老兄’!?” Spruce tribe is the lackey of Saimon, nearly destroys my clan dragon Xueshen to set up!” “云杉部落做塞蒙之爪牙,险些毁我族龙血神树!” Saimon colludes with the evil god, with the monster beast sea, injures my clan hundreds of thousands of clansmen!” “塞蒙勾结邪神,用怪物兽海,伤我族数十万族人!” Sir Sword God, even if a robber, is snatches visibly! Saimon and spruce tribe, are cruel lowly one, Yaaz degenerate!!” 剑神大人纵然是强盗,也是明着来抢!那塞蒙和云杉部落,就是阴损小人,亚斯兰败类!!” Dierzi and the others were dumbfounded, hadn't thought Burns such can be ready for any sacrifice!? 提尔兹等人目瞪口呆,没想到拜恩斯这么豁得出去!? You...... your old fogy was also insane! Do you dare to accuse Sir Saimon like this?!” “你……你这个老家伙也疯了!你敢这样指责塞蒙大人?!” Natural justice is just, comfortable will of the people! Even if his Saimon is the temple adjudicator, Yaaz civilization, will not be decided by him!” “天理公道,自在人心!就算他塞蒙是神殿裁决者,亚斯兰文明,也不会由他说了算!” Burns loud and clear words, lets person of one crowd of dragon tree tribes, hot blooded surges! 拜恩斯一番掷地有声的话,让一群龙血树部落的人,热血激荡! Below major tribes, many people also had the color of vacillation. 下方的各大部落,不少人也都产生了动摇之色。 Ye Fan heart satisfaction, this old man, Biesinger wants actually experienced many. 叶帆心中满意,这个老头,倒是比辛格要老练不少。 This debate, will make Yaaz from all walks of life see, if can seize the initiative, conquering various Yaaz sections will be easier. 这场辩论,会让亚斯兰各界都看到,若能赢得主动权,征服亚斯兰各部就会容易许多。 The armed suppression, is for a while, to stand firm truly, but must by buying the hearts of the people. 武力镇压,是一时的,要想真正稳住,还得靠笼络人心。 Natural marvelous method falls from the sky, you were then misled, internal fight is unceasing, solid lets one fearful......” “自然神方才陨落,尔等便遭人蛊惑,内斗不断,实在令人心寒……” Suddenly, a sigh, spreads over the four directions from Void. 突然,一声叹息,从虚空中传遍四方。 Ye Fan by no means accidental, Saimon really came. 叶帆并不意外,塞蒙果然来了。 After all projected on his supreme headquarters, did not come out, his Yaaz patron god became the joke. 毕竟都打到他大本营了,再不出来,他这个亚斯兰守护神就成笑话了。 It is estimated that Dierzi this person with no mind of his own, dares to stand the speech , has long known, Saimon will not sit by and do nothing. 估计,提尔兹这种墙头草,敢站出来说话,也是早就知道,塞蒙不会坐视不管。 At this time, gave full play to the full of vitality the blue-green natural charm, suddenly from the sky appeared. 这时,焕发勃勃生机的青绿色自然魔力,突然在空中出现。 With the time backflow, the innumerable cell tissues remould rapidly. 伴随着时间回流,无数的细胞组织迅速重塑。 Suddenly, just also killed Oudiz, appears in the people perfectly at present. 眨眼之间,刚刚还被杀死的乌迪,完好无损地出现在了众人眼前。 This...... this is casting a spell level magic, bull wheel returns to technique!?” “这……这是禁咒级魔法,‘大轮回术’!?” mage|master of some star god levels, recognize this move of powerful magic immediately, exudes the screams. 一些星神级的法师,立刻认出了这招强大的魔法,发出惊呼声。 After Oudiz look gawked slightly the moment, in the midair kneels to bend down immediately. 乌迪眼神微微愣了片刻后,就马上半空中跪伏下来。 Thank the graciousness of patron god resurrecting!” “感谢守护神复活之恩!” Was shouted by his such, following talent enlightened awakens! 被他这么一喊,下面的人才恍然惊醒! Is Sir Saimon!?” “是塞蒙大人!?” Patron god came!?” “守护神来了!?” In the repeated calling and urging, the space gate opens together. 在千呼万唤之中,一道空间门打开。 Saimon who wears the golden mask, the step walked gracefully. 戴着黄金面具的塞蒙,步履优雅地走了出来。 When is as good Ye Fan powerful pressure, covers the audience, the people of almost all Yaaz Tribe burst with joy! 当一股不逊于叶帆的强大威压,笼罩全场,几乎所有亚斯兰部落的人都沸腾了!
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