MT :: Volume #7

#651: Federation

Several days later. 数日以后。 This close conference announced the final outcome like entire Continent. 这场封闭会议就像全大陆宣布最终结果。 19 empires in a Continent midpoint ordinary Wang Guozuo are the addresses, officially establishes UN, is led by the joint parliament. 19帝国在大陆正中央一个普通王国作为地址,正式成立联合国,由联合议会主导。 Joint parliament member altogether 19 seats. 联合议会成员一共19个席位。 Each king sends out most trusted subordinate person to become the congressman. 每一个帝王派出最亲信人出任议员。 When this parliament will take safeguarding the Continent peace as own duty, Continent various countries appears cannot adjust the contradiction, the joint parliament can the parliamentary application involve, the parliament is authorized the passive or initiative involvement, and carries on the notarization trial. If some country does not obey trial result, then the parliament will have the qualifications to mobilize the peacekeeping regiment to carry on the punitive expedition to this country, other member nations have the duty to assist the peacekeeping troops combat. 这个议会将以维护大陆和平为己任,大陆各国出现不可调节矛盾时,联合议会可以对议会申请介入,议会有权被动或主动介入,并且进行公证审判。如果某国不服从审判结果,那么议会将有资格发动维和军团对该国进行讨伐,其他成员国也有义务协助维和部队作战。 This joint parliament is founded looks like to safeguard the Continent peace probably, actually the main starting point and goal are actually the Miracle federations that to point to is going born. Because Miracle federation, once reveals fondness of countryside, then the parliament will jointly summon that entire Continent resists the Miracle federation, 这个联合议会成立看起来好像是为维护大陆和平,其实主要出发点和目的却是直指将要诞生的奇迹联邦。因为奇迹联邦一旦显露出野性,那么联合议会将号召全大陆来对抗奇迹联邦, Miracle City regarding this not only does not have any opposing opinion, instead announced the establishment in the joint parliament on the same day, bestowed warship five, fighter aircraft hundred, cannon thousand, Source Energy weapon several thousand, moreover invested to donate money for the joint parliament builds space gates and four Transmission Tower, other to manufacture 500 to transmit Scroll, these will transmit Scroll to deliver to the heads hand, in addition gave a joint parliament giant palace in the Miracle Continent holy city gold section as the virtual world business location, Continent had any paroxysmal incident to react promptly. 奇迹城对此非但没有任何反对意见,反而在联合议会宣布成立当天,赠送军舰五艘,战机百架,大炮千门,元力兵器数万件,另外出资出钱出力为联合议会打造一座空间门、四座传送塔、另外制作500张传送卷轴,这些传送卷轴都将送到各国首脑手里,另外还在奇迹大陆圣城黄金地段送给联合议会一座巨大宫殿作为虚拟世界办公地点,大陆有任何突发情况都能及时的做出反应。 Regardless of this world develops the how civilized situation, but is still the strength to revere in the final analysis, not having enough strength, the joint parliament to establish exists in name only, finally will become a puppet or simply is a nominal waste organization. 这个世界无论发展到多么文明的地步,可是归根到底依然是力量为尊,没有足够实力,联合议会成立就形同虚设,最终会成为一个傀儡或者干脆就是一个有名无实的废物机构。 The massive weapon support are necessary very 大量武器支援十分有必要 Transmission Tower and space gate, transmits Scroll and communication equipment, the virtual business location, is whole set facility. 传送塔、空间门、传送卷轴、通讯设备,虚拟办公地点,全是整套设施。 Miracle City uses six Datong allies to drop sharply the Dagan Empire matter to spread in entire Continent, everyone knows that Miracle City invents one type to deliver to mysterious transport unit that in Continent each corner goes to the army fast space gate. 奇迹城利用六大同盟国重挫大乾帝国的事情已经在全大陆传开,谁都知道奇迹城发明一种能够快速将军队送到大陆每一个角落里去的神秘传送装置“空间门”。 Whose this type of terrifying equipment grasps in hand, represents who can have the entire Continent willfully fight capability, this is a very terrifying deterrent treasure. The joint parliament officially has not been founded, first has Miracle City to bestow large quantities of precious weaponry, there is a space gate that the Miracle City help constructs, this has made the joint parliament have the considerably large strength and jurisdiction. 这种恐怖设备掌握在谁手里,就代表谁能拥有全大陆任意打击力量,这是一个非常恐怖的威慑重器。联合议会还没有正式成立,先有奇迹城赠送大批珍贵武器装备,又有奇迹城帮忙援建的空间门,这已经让联合议会具有相当大的力量和权限了。 The Miracle Commerce construction is no doubt essential, but only depends on the support of Miracle Commerce unable to support one to be completely independent beyond the numerous influences the joint parliament. Has the qualifications becomes the joint parliament member, the first condition is the Continent top empire, each joint parliament members the top regiment that will reassign 100,000 scales from our country, finally will establish scale about 2 million super group armies in the joint parliament. 奇迹商会援建固然必不可少,可是光靠奇迹商会的支援支撑不起一个能完全独立在众势力外的联合议会。有资格成为联合议会成员,首要条件就是大陆顶尖帝国,每一个联合议会成员都将从本国抽调100000规模的顶级军团,最终在联合议会成立一支规模近2000000的超级集团军。 Moreover, each empire must pay the membership dues to the joint parliament every year, Miracle Commerce will support this UN to establish various factories to form the industry chain, before this UN can be self-sufficient, the deficit parts of all funds disbursements, are allocated the payment by each empire completely. 另外,每个帝国每年都要向联合议会缴纳会费,奇迹商会将支援这个联合国建立各种工厂来形成产业链,不过在这个联合国能自给自足前,其所有经费支出的赤字部分,全部由各个帝国平摊支付。 The joint parliament most major characteristics are the neutrality. 联合议会最大特点就是中立。 This must an absolute neutral influence. 这必须一个绝对中立的势力。 In the future to guarantee the neutrality of joint parliament, the parliament establishes Initial Stage to select one to live 30,000 years of soul Sage from Underworld Sea to hold the post to discuss Chairman, this soul Sage has the incomparably learned wisdom and story freely, but he basic lost the self- ability, can only act according to establishes the good energetic magic arts to complete a matter from my hypnosis, is wielded the joint parliament to guarantee by him fairly. 未来为确保联合议会的中立,议会成立初期将从冥海选拔一位活30000年的亡灵贤者来担任议会长,这位亡灵贤者尽管有着无比博学的智慧和阅历,不过他基本已经丧失自我能力,只能根据设定好的精神法术来自我催眠来完成一件事情,由他来执掌联合议会将确保公正。 In the future, the major empires will possibly seek the Miracle Commerce help, builds special-purpose super SmartBrain for the joint parliament, has not been held the post to discuss Chairman by super SmartBrain of this any sentiment, the mood of parliament member may by the situation about, but SmartBrain not, SmartBrain to situation superelevation analysis and handling ability, makes him exceed entire general staff corps. 未来,各大帝国可能会寻求奇迹商会帮忙,为联合议会打造一款专用超级智脑,由这个没有任何感情的超级智脑来担任议会长,议会成员的情绪或许会被事态左右而智脑不会,智脑对事态超高分析和处理能力,也让他胜过一整个参谋团。 Like this joint state establishment to the Continent pattern influence without doubt is very huge, has to be separated from all empires to be ordered to unite the group army of parliament directly, has the formidable armament and resources incline superiority, in the future will become mainstay that will safeguard the Continent peace. 这样联合国度成立对大陆格局影响无疑是非常巨大的,有着脱离所有帝国直接受命联合议会的集团军,有着强大军备和资源倾斜优势,未来将成为维护大陆和平的中流砥柱。 This is in this conference the biggest harvest. 这就是本次会议中最大收获。 Various aspects prepare like a raging fire in carries on. 各方面准备都在如火如荼的进行。 The matter of Miracle federation was unable to drag again. 奇迹联邦的事情已经不能再拖下去了。 Chu Tian arrives at Dagan Empire to clean up aftermath with Meng Qingwu, Dagan Empire for a long time unceasingly involves and adjusts after Meng Qingwu, now 90% accepted into a Miracle federation fact from the common people to the aristocrat, but regardless of the Meng Qingwu method is wise, will always have the opponent to appear. 楚天梦轻舞来到大乾帝国收拾残局,大乾帝国经过梦轻舞这么长时间不断介入和调整,现在从平民到贵族90都已经接受成为奇迹联邦一员的事实,可无论梦轻舞的手段再高明,总是会有反对者出现的。 These opponents are headed by the aristocrat community that the benefit is damaged, these aristocrats did not agree that the Miracle federation is tenable, in the armies and people through the instigation hand, ultimately forms continuously the resistance force. About this opposition forces, the Chu Tian processing mode is also very simple, can spend money to buy to spend money to buy, cannot buy frightening, could not frighten to hit, hits to refuse to accept to kill. 这些反对者以利益受损的贵族群体为首,这些贵族不同意奇迹联邦成立,又通过煽动手中军队和民众,最终形成一直抵抗力量。关于这种反对势力,楚天处理方式也是很简单,能用钱买就用钱买,买不了吓唬,吓不了就打,打不服就杀。 The Miracle City fighter aircraft adjusts the Dagan Empire region completely, the deep space weapon also aims at the Dagan Empire national territory, even if any place appears rebels against the regiment, this is impossible to hide the truth from the Miracle City eye. The Miracle City deep space weapon and fast-moving troops can eradicate it by the thunder speed and offensive. 奇迹城战机全部调到大乾帝国区域,深空武器也纷纷对准大乾帝国国土,哪怕任何一个地方出现反叛军团,这都是不可能瞒得过奇迹城眼睛的。奇迹城深空武器和快速部队就能以雷霆般的速度和攻势将其铲除。 Probably after half a month time. 大概经过半个月时间。 The Dagan Empire opposition forces cease all activities. 大乾帝国反对势力偃旗息鼓。 Miracle City in the time is not only to eradicate the opposition faction in half a month, is unites Dagan Empire both sides also to invest, establishes Transmission Tower at the short half a month time in the Dagan Empire 36 Dazhou counties separately, moreover covers entirely the entire empire the communications signal with the sky net class warship of Miracle City latest research and development strong signal, in such several days, this seal and never has the contact excessively advanced science and technology Dagan Empire, felt the science and technology to bring to be convenient and convenient suddenly. 奇迹城在这半个月时间里不仅仅是铲除反对派,更是联合大乾帝国双方同时出资,以短短半个月时间在大乾帝国36大州郡分别建立起一座传送塔,另外以奇迹城最新研发超强信号的天网级军舰把通讯信号布满整个帝国,这样短短几天的时间里,这个封闭且从来没有接触过先进科技的大乾帝国,突然间感受到了科技带来便利与方便。 This starts merely, in the future along with the Transmission Tower mushroom growth emergence, Space Warehouse will build the very strong big logistics system, the Miracle Commerce product emerges in abundance, the empire people know that will join the Miracle federation is a how advantageous matter. 这仅仅开始而已,未来随着传送塔雨后春笋般出现,空间仓库打造好强大物流系统,奇迹商会的产品纷纷涌入其中,帝国人民就知道加入奇迹联邦是一件多么有利的事情。 Game is as good as lost. 大势已去。 The opposition faction has to take. 反对派不得不服。 Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu still Dagan Empire smoothly. 楚天梦轻舞顺利平定大乾帝国 Almost is at the same time, the Continent central union parliament is founded, Chu Tian is to show the Miracle federation validity, for the newborn joint parliament strong momentum, he submits the application of establishment federation by the Miracle City City Lord status to the joint parliament. 几乎是在此同时,大陆中央联合议会成立,楚天为彰显奇迹联邦合法性,同时也是为新生的联合议会壮声势,他以奇迹城城主的身份向联合议会提交成立联邦的申请。 Reason that the Miracle federation establishment is the matter that the interior came to an arrangement about, Chu Tian must such move unnecessarily, mainly to give the Miracle federation sought a legitimate province again. Because the joint conference is various Great Emperor national strength strength jointly establishes, if the joint conference through represents entire Continent to pass, then the Miracle federation establishment is justifiable, later will not have any person to dare in the back to gesticulate. 奇迹联邦成立已经是内部谈妥的事情,楚天之所以要这么多此一举,主要是为给奇迹联邦再谋求一个合法省份。因为联合会议是各大帝国势力联合成立起来的,如果联合会议通过就代表全大陆都通过,那么奇迹联邦成立就名正言顺,以后再不会有什么人敢在背后指手画脚了。 The joint parliament needs Miracle federation heavyweight object the standing erect credibility, even if, general trend Miracle City wants to establish the federation also to need to apply at the height of power to the joint parliament, what influence also has to dare to bypass the joint parliament on this main road? 联合议会则需要奇迹联邦这样一个重量级的对象来竖立公信力,哪怕是如日中天、大势所趋的奇迹城想要成立联邦都还需要向联合议会申请,那么在这个大路上还有什么势力敢绕过联合议会呢? Both sides accord to his need. 双方各取所需。 Chu Tian submitted the application, joint parliament accepted the application, finally analyzed to discuss after the parliament that finally passed by ballot the federal government to establish. The joint conference plans Miracle federation effective area/proportion, including: Forest Alliance and kingdom alliance, underground alliance, West Sea Alliance and Dagan Empire, altogether five regions. Each region will set up the local government to enjoy the ordinary executive power and police power, most important military authority by Miracle City management as a whole. 楚天提交了申请,联合议会受理申请,最终经过议会分析讨论,最终投票通过联邦政府成立。联合会议规划出奇迹联邦有效面积,其中包括:森林联盟、王国联盟、地下联盟、西海联盟、大乾帝国,总共五个区域。每一个区域都会设地方政府享有普通行政权和治安权,最重要的军权则由奇迹城统筹管理。 The joint parliament and Miracle federation signs a contract. 联合议会与奇迹联邦签署一份契约。 After this contract is the Miracle federation establishes, will never expand and never invade, never the castle three restraints, moreover cannot set out the large-scale army to attack the restraints of other states on own initiative wait / etc., these announced to the world through the joint parliament name, comes the notarization and inspector general by the world carries out. 这份契约是奇迹联邦建立以后,永不扩展、永不侵略、永不城堡三条约束,另外不能主动出动大型军队攻打其他国度的约束等等,这些都通过联合议会名义向全世界公布,也由全世界来公证和监督执行。 The mediation struggle of Meng Qingwu achieves the complete success. 梦轻舞的这场斡旋斗争获得圆满胜利。 The major empires establish means not to have with the Miracle federation now, but Miracle federation publication of across the sky, its influence scale and intensity will exceed Continent any empire by far, from now becomes the Continent first super influence! 各大帝国现在是拿奇迹联邦成立一点办法都没有,而奇迹联邦的横空问世,其势力规模和强度将远远胜过大陆任何帝国,从此以后将成为大陆第一的超级势力! However the Miracle federation did not say that establishes to establish. 不过奇迹联邦不是说建立就能建立起来的。 Because Miracle Commerce develops until now altogether for several years in Forest Of Chaos, actually strict Miracle Commerce links Forest Of Chaos completely not to have a thorough understanding, before the Miracle federation announced was established, in Forest Of Chaos also many cities maintain the neutral fields of force. 因为奇迹商会混乱森林里发展至今总共就几年时间,其实严格来说奇迹商会连一个混乱森林都还没有完全吃透,在奇迹联邦宣布成立以前,混乱森林里面还有很多城市保持中立的力场。 Trivial Forest Of Chaos has not handled, now one must conform with five districts, big of its difficulty in one single day cannot complete. However these are not most important, the most important point is, the Miracle federation has established, but did not have the justifiable leader. 一个区区混乱森林都没搞定,现在一下要整合五个大区,其难度之大绝非一朝一夕所能完成。不过这些都不是最重要的,最重要一点是,奇迹联邦已经成立了,但是还没有名正言顺的领导人。 Because the Miracle federation and Continent any country system is different, this is not an empire, therefore the king title is inappropriate. Because the federal head needs the overall to plan many district and innumerable state counties, therefore this supreme position will name by president. 因为奇迹联邦与大陆任何国家制度都不一样,这不是一个帝国,因此帝王称号是不合适的。因为联邦首脑需要总体统筹多个大区和无数州郡,因此这个至高无上的职位将以“总统”来命名。 The presidential election cannot the hereditary or direct commission, to create a best beginning, although clearly knows that the result does not have what suspense, but Miracle City starts one time to campaign for the activity of president to the entire Miracle federation. 总统选举不能世袭或直接任命,为创造一个最好的开端,虽然明知道结果没有什么悬念,但是奇迹城还是对整个奇迹联邦发动一次竞选总统的活动。
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