MT :: Volume #7

#649: Peace conference

Subject that this empire summit discussed was: Continent peace symposium. 这次帝国峰会讨论的主题是:大陆和平讨论会。 This conference advocated and proposed convention in Miracle City, its place choice is still the Miracle royal palace, the Miracle royal palace since the construction, now became the Miracle Continent most top venue. 这场会议是在奇迹城倡导与提议了召开,其地点选择依然是奇迹王宫,奇迹王宫自修建以来,现在已经成为奇迹大陆最顶级的会议场所。 Continent altogether has empire level influence 22, including three did not ask the special group of humans affair completely, even if on Continent had such big matter, they still showed the manner of being indifferent. Therefore after these three, 19 influences attended this conference. 大陆总共有帝国级势力22个,其中有三个是完全不问世事的特殊群体,即使大陆上发生这么大的事情,他们依然表现出漠不关心的态度。因此除去这三个以后,还有19个势力参加了这次会议。 Does not need to doubt. 无需置疑。 An unprecedented super summit. 一次史无前例的超级峰会。 Each people in attendance are the Continent influence peak exist. 每一个与会者都是大陆势力巅峰存在。 This subject is to discuss the establishment as well as the Continent future development situation of Miracle federation, each emperor King Level character complexion dignified sitting in conference room, regardless of the Miracle City relations are good or bad, almost does not have a king to be willing to see that Miracle City annexes Dagan Empire becomes the super influence. 这次主题是探讨奇迹联邦的成立以及大陆未来的发展局势,每一位帝王级人物都脸色凝重的坐在会议室,无论与奇迹城关系是好还是坏,几乎没有一位帝王愿意看到奇迹城吞并大乾帝国成为超级势力。 Chu Tian City Lord ideological change is too quick, your this big marriage starts the disturbance not to stand still in Continent, must establish any Miracle federation in a flash, our these old fogies may really a little unable to follow your mentality.” First what starts talking is from Dragon Territory Dragon Feudal Lord, but as one of the six big ally countries, Dragon Territory and Miracle City relates continuously good, therefore Dragon Feudal Lord one has not come out to oppose Chu Tian, but patient said to Chu Tian: If establishes the Miracle federation, I want by Miracle City now the momentum, status and fame, is favored. Now the issue is, you encircled place the range too to be rather big.” 楚天城主思想变化过快,您这大婚在大陆掀起风波尚未停歇,现在转瞬间又要成立什么奇迹联邦,我们这些老家伙可实在有点跟不上你的思路了。”首先开口说话的是来自龙域龙领主,不过作为六大盟友国之一,龙域奇迹城关系一直良好,因此龙领主并没有一出来就反对楚天,只是耐心的对楚天说:“如果只是成立奇迹联邦,我想以奇迹城现在声势、地位、名望,也是众望所归。现在问题是,您圈地的范围未免太大了。” Yes!” Wild Beast Empire Wild Beast Emperor cannot sit still: Miracle federation itself area was higher than empire average area/proportion, if also integrates Dagan Empire, then shortly will seize west half Continent and entire West Sea, at that time perhaps was 35 empire influences adds not to compare the Miracle federation in territory.” “是啊!”狂兽帝国狂兽大帝坐不住:“奇迹联邦本身疆域就已经高于帝国平均面积,如果将大乾帝国也融入进来,那么顷刻间就占领半个西大陆和整个西海,那时候恐怕就是35个帝国势力加起来在领土方面也比不上奇迹联邦。” Burning Heavens Great Emperor start to talk: Asked City Lord to think things over carefully before acting, after all your action will possibly undermine and relations of Continent various country's, will damage Miracle City in the image of Continent mold.” 焚天大帝开口:“请城主三思而后行啊,毕竟你的举动可能会破坏与大陆诸国的关系,也会损坏奇迹城大陆塑造的形象。” I said you, such politely does with him?” A king took a stand in the presence of everyone, he got angry directly however gets up, released the formidable and dignified imposing manner from the body: Continent each obtains to approve the empire influence is to have ten thousand years of long history, your Miracle City this rashly annexes one, I looked that definitely will cause the area to be chaotic, finally emits across entire Continent, becomes the blasting fuse that raises entire Continent to be turbulent, I cannot agree that this matter occurred!” “我说你们,跟他这么客气干什么?”一个帝王当众表态,他直接怒然而起,从身上释放出强大而威严的气势:“大陆每一个获得认可帝国势力都是有着万年悠久历史,你们奇迹城就这样贸然吞并一个,我看必然会引起地区混乱,最后放射到整个大陆各地,成为掀起全大陆动荡的导火索,恕我不能同意这个事情发生!” Is so right!” Another emperor King Level character stands to speak: Continent has formed tends the balanced aspect, such stable aspect has continued for over a thousand years, although between the empires occasionally has the friction, however the millenniums have not appeared have extinguished the country war. Miracle City must annex Dagan Empire at one fell swoop, doesn't this disrupt the power balance?” “正是如此没错!”另一个帝王级人物站起来发话:“大陆已经形成趋于平衡的局面,这样的稳定局面已经持续上千年,虽然帝国间偶有摩擦,但是千年来从来没有出现过灭国大战。奇迹城一举要吞并大乾帝国,这不是破坏势力平衡吗?” Opposition!” “反对!” Opposition!” “反对!” This matter does not permit occurrence absolutely!” “这种事情绝对不允许发生!” Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu have not started talking, the entire conference room is an opposition sound. However this phenomenon also in expected, therefore they have not displayed to be surprised for them, but calm waited for them to say the words. 楚天梦轻舞没有开口说话,整个会议室就都是一片的反对声音。不过这种现象也是在意料之中,因此两人并没有为他们表现而感到惊讶,只是心平气和的等着他们把话说完。 My manner is very simple.” Chu Tian sits in the seat is safely motionless, he is not the peon, even if facing these kings, he will not have any rude or gives way to traffic: Today lets loose the words said that asking everybody to meet to here, to consult the solution of this matter with everybody, but did not make everybody prevent our.” “我的态度很简单。”楚天坐在座位安然不动,他已经不在是无名小卒,即使是面对这些帝王,他也不会有任何失态或避让:“今天就把话放开说了,请大家到这里来开会,是为与大家协商这件事情的解决方法,而不是让大家来阻止我们的。” Chu Tian, your anything meaning!” 楚天,你什么意思!” Hasn't understood?” Chu Tian hits a sound to refer to gently: „The Miracle City standpoint is firm, regardless of you did agree, in this matter will not vacillate absolutely. Miracle federation establishment will in must be good, this is the established facts, no one is able to prevent to occur, today here discussed that peace agreement in this established facts foundation, explores Continent next hundred years and even the millenniums development, establishes to be able the pattern of the common prosperity and development.” “还没听懂?”楚天轻轻打一个响指:“奇迹城的立场非常坚定,无论你们同意不同意,此事上绝对不会动摇。奇迹联邦成立志在必行,这已经是既定事实,谁也无法阻止发生,今天在这里是商量在这个既定事实基础上的和平协议,探索大陆未来百年乃至千年的发展,奠定能共同繁荣和发展的格局。” The people look at each other in blank diamay all. 众人无不面面相觑。 Several kings started to be angry. 几个帝王已经开始生气了。 This extremely arrogant young child does not pay attention to them simply. 这个狂妄小儿简直就是不把他们放在眼里。 Here became famous several hundred years of even over a thousand years to continue, Chu Tian this boy just did not rise in Continent for two years, dares not to pay attention to them unexpectedly completely, this is really very bad behavior. 这里一个个都已经成名数百年甚至上千年不止,楚天这小子刚刚在大陆崛起没两年,竟然敢完全不把他们放在眼里,这实在是非常恶劣的行为。 Chu Tian truly has not paid attention to them, therefore continued: Miracle federation establishment is general trend, is not any sound of opposition can interrupt. Miracle City has on Continent the most formidable science and technology, Dagan Empire is the West Sea most powerful empire, once our two influences the fusion establishes the Miracle federation, will immediately become the western Continent most formidable influence collective. I might as well said that queering words, at that time all people joined up, not necessarily can exceed us.” 楚天确实没有把他们放在眼里,因此继续说了下去:“奇迹联邦成立已经是大势所趋,不是任何反对的声音能中断的。奇迹城拥有大陆上最强大的科技,大乾帝国是西海最强盛的帝国,我们两个势力一旦融合建立奇迹联邦,立刻就会成为西大陆最强大的势力集体。我不妨说一句得罪人的话,那时就算所有人联合起来,也不一定可以胜过我们。” The people complexion changes. 众人脸色都是大变。 This fellow was really too rampant. 这家伙实在是太嚣张了。 Is this wants to declare war with Continent all influences? 这是想跟大陆所有势力宣战吗? Is good your Chu Tian, has not thought that you are such careerist, it seems like today does not have what to talk about.” “好你楚天,没有想到你是这样的野心家,看来今天没有什么好谈的。” Right, we prepare to make war!” “没错,我们准备开战吧!” „Couldn't our 19 big influences, have coped with your this small Miracle federation? Your again being proud good and evil do not go too far!” “我们19大势力,难道还对付不了你这个小小的奇迹联邦?你就算再自负好歹也不要太过分!” Several kings want to leave the table angrily. 几个帝王愤然想离席。 You calmly, listening to him to say the words.” At this time an ice-cold sound of any vitality had not passed on, what this start to talk is Underworld Sea Dark King, Dark King is in these kings qualifications deepest one, because is the relations of not dead clan, no one knows that he lived many years. “你们冷静点,听他把话说完。”这时一个没有什么生气的冰冷声音传过来,这次开口的是冥海冥王,冥王是这些帝王里面资历最深的之一,因为身为不死族的关系,谁也不知道他到底活了多少年。 Actually in all kings, Dark King most does not hope that breaks off with Miracle City. 其实现场所有帝王里面,冥王是最不希望与奇迹城决裂。 Not dead clan name does not refuse stubbornly to extinguish will never be senile, actually really understood that not the dead Undead person does not think, actually not the dead clan will also fall from the sky, once because transforms Undead, all sense organ functions do not exist, vision, sense of hearing, sense of touch, sense of smell wait / etc., moreover all physiological functions also stop, does not need to eat meal, does not need to reproduce, does not need the sleep. Undead probably closes in the basket one group of fires, can only come sensation world in a special way. 不死族名义是不死不灭永远不会衰老,其实真正了解不死亡灵的人并不会这么想,其实不死族也是会陨灭的,因为一旦转化成亡灵,所有感官功能就不复存在,视觉、听觉、触觉、嗅觉等等,另外所有生理功能也都停止,不需要吃饭,不需要繁殖,不需要睡眠。亡灵就好像关在笼子里一团火,只能以一种特殊方式来感知这个世界。 Such condition duration is longer, the soul and spirit will present the decline, the senility of human body have the means to maintain by the medicine, once the soul declines completely is irreversible. 这样状态持续时间越久,灵魂和精神就会出现衰退,肉体的衰老是有办法以药物来维持,灵魂一旦衰亡则完全不可逆转。 Recently the birth of Miracle Continent, making Underworld Sea Undead spill into Miracle Continent massively, these Undead in the Miracle Continent restructuring mortal body, they can relieve the entire world in the biological way, this has the greatest improvement effect to Undead without doubt senilly. 最近奇迹大陆的诞生,让冥海亡灵大量涌进奇迹大陆,这些亡灵奇迹大陆重构肉身,他们又能以生物方式解除整个世界,这无疑对亡灵衰老有着莫大的改善效果。 Undead is one not wanted the non- asking race, Underworld Sea takes Continent to be most mystical one of the most glorious influences, does not know that is hiding how formidable terrifying inside story. Underworld Sea does not want to participate in Continent in at sixes and sevens contest, because wealth strength power and influence to his these meaningless, making them truly eternal immortally can underline the maximum value. 亡灵本来就是一个无欲无求的种族,冥海作为大陆最神秘最悠久势力之一,其中不知道隐藏着多么强大恐怖的底蕴。冥海根本不想参与到大陆里乱七八糟的争夺战里去,因为财富力量权势对他这些毫无意义,让他们真正永恒不朽才才能突显最大价值。 Several want to leave the king hesitant. 几个本来想离开帝王犹豫了一下。 Now the biggest problem is the manner of Miracle City alliance six countries'. 现在最大问题是奇迹城联盟六国的态度。 This Underworld Sea is in Miracle City alliance six countries the inside story and history is deepest, if the Underworld Sea choice stands this side the Miracle federation, then wants to overthrow the Miracle federation simply not to have what hope. 冥海奇迹城联盟六国中底蕴和历史最深厚,如果冥海选择站在奇迹联邦这一边,那么想要推翻奇迹联邦根本没有什么希望。 Everybody thinks carefully words that the Chu Tian words extremely arrogant are extremely arrogant, but not necessarily is not the fact. Miracle City develops today's this situation, existence that they no longer casually have been able to eliminate. The transmission, logistics and communication Continent cash, is a Miracle City leadership establish. In other words, if they and Miracle City are the enemies, then Miracle City only needs to shut off these things, they will back quickly up to return to the beforehand condition. 大家仔细想起来的话,楚天的话狂妄是狂妄一点,但是未必不是事实。奇迹城发展到今天这种地步,他们已经不再是随随便便能消灭的存在了。大陆现金的传送、物流、通讯,全部都是奇迹城一手主导建立起来的。也就是说,如果他们与奇迹城为敌,那么奇迹城只需要切断这些东西,他们很快就会倒退回到以前状态。 At that time do not say that attacked Miracle City. 那时不要说攻打奇迹城 Various Empire Allied armies surmount length and breadth Continent to arrive in full entirely, perhaps does not have 1-2 years to be insufficient. The Miracle City formidable telematics, especially space gate this greatly kills, the deep space weapon that as well as some time ago was presenting, completely is capable of defeating before the Continent allied armies set one by one. 各帝国联军们跨越广袤大陆统统到齐,恐怕没有一两年时间都是不够的。奇迹城强大的传送技术,特别是空间门这样大杀器,以及在不久前亮相的深空武器,完全有能力在大陆联军集合前逐个击破。 The Continent allied armies can gather. 大陆联军真的能够集合起来。 Can they defeat the Miracle federation? 他们就能够打败奇迹联邦吗? Too difficult! The Miracle City science and technology leads Continent to be too many, every year possibly is a brand-new world, therefore there are too many uncertainty. Initially when Dagan Empire attacked Miracle City, Miracle City is only general Warring States influence wants the inferior point place influence a continually, at that time who thinks fell the loser to be Dagan Empire? 太难了!奇迹城科技领先大陆太多,每一年可能都是一个全新天地,因此有太多的不确定性。当初大乾帝国攻打奇迹城时,奇迹城只是一个连一般战国势力都要逊色一点的地方势力,当时谁又会想到落败方会是大乾帝国呢? The history is always orderly. 历史总有规律。 Now the Continent numerous countries jointly cope with the Miracle federation, naturally looks like the Miracle federation does not have the stratagem which ensures success to say, the time of but really hitting who knows the result? Once this fight starts, wanted to stop is very difficult. 现在大陆众国联合对付奇迹联邦,当然看起来奇迹联邦毫无胜算可言,可是真的打起来的时候谁又知道结果呢?这种战斗一旦打响,想要停下来就很难了。 The Miracle alliance besieges facing several 20 influences, even if cannot insist, but Miracle City is going to downcast, Miracle City can also fall back on West Sea temporarily, falls back on underground, falls back on Outerspace, as the matter stands in any event takes them not to have the means to pursue, after all they do not have the necessary science and technology. 奇迹联盟面对十几20个势力围攻,哪怕真的坚持不住而奇迹城将要陷落,奇迹城也能暂时退到西海,退到地下,退到天外,这样一来无论如何都拿他们没有办法追过来,毕竟他们不具备相配套的科技。 If cannot one time eliminate cleanly Miracle City. 如果不能一次把奇迹城消灭干净。 This will influence sooner or later stage a comeback, it becomes a nightmare on Continent! 这支势力迟早会卷土重来,它将成为大陆上的一个噩梦! Today this conference, wants to open to get down, does not want to open also to result, if cannot discuss that lets all satisfactory result, then Continent might welcome an unprecedented catastrophe very much. 今天这场会议,想开下去得开想下去,不想开下去也得开下去,如果不能商量出一个让各方都满意的结果,那么大陆很有可能就会迎来一场前所未有的浩劫了。
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