MP :: Volume #36

#3503: Therefore arrange deceptive battle array

Quick, Bai Ya then felt matter of Yang Kai to the gate earnest was somewhat excessive. 很快,伯牙便感觉杨开对界门之事认真的有些过分了。 Mainland walk, each gate he must inspect carefully, result these complete gates naturally cannot have any issue, for no reason has wasted many time actually. 一块块大陆走过来,每一道界门他都要仔细检查一番,结果那些完好的界门自然不会有什么问题,倒是平白地浪费了许多时间 This makes Bai Ya somewhat speechless, urged Yang Kai several times not to have any effect, no longer said simply, you liked wasting time on waste time, at the worst accompanied your several months. 这让伯牙有些无语,明里暗里劝了杨开好几次都没什么效果,索性也不再多说了,你爱浪费时间就浪费时间,大不了陪你几个月。 Until one month later, enters in a mainland, Yang Kai said suddenly: „The Bai Ya brother, looked that you ran around along with me recently are also very bored, or I had resulted in this place, whether there is I have a look here gate issue, if no issue, we start the next place.” 直到一个月后,又进入一块大陆中,杨开忽然道:“伯牙兄,看你最近随我四处奔波也挺无聊的,要不就在此地等我得了,我看看这里的界门有无问题,若无问题的话,咱们就启程去下一个地方。” Bai Ya has hesitated, opens the mouth saying: Also good, that Brother Yang returns at once on fast.” Mainly is this mainland gate continuously stability very much, simply has not had any problem, according to the beforehand experience, he also knows that Yang Kai takes certainly gates to inspect, finally has achieved nothing. 伯牙沉吟了下,开口道:“也好,那杨兄就速去速回。”主要是这块大陆的界门一直稳定的很,根本没有出现过什么问题,按照之前的经历,他也知道杨开肯定是要一道道界门检查下去,最后一无所获。 Yang Kai nods, calls own 10,000 from starting, until being far away from the Bai Ya perception area, in the eye flashes through fine glow, mother, finally this quack remedy flinging, has not wasted a own recently/previously time effort. 杨开点点头,招呼自己的10000部从启程,直到远离了伯牙的感知范围,眼中才闪过一丝精芒,妈的,总算把这狗皮膏药给甩了,没白费自己前段时间的一番努力。 This mainland extant gate truly stabilizes incomparably, in material that but Yang Kai obtains, once had together the gate collapse, but that gate connection mainland, one and vanishes does not see. 这个大陆现存的界门确实稳定无比,但杨开得到的资料中,却曾经有一道界门崩溃,而那个界门连通的大陆,也一并消失不见。 Bai Ya only knows that he can maintain these unstable gate, repairs mainland that these can connect still have gate, but mainland, if vanished, that and this mainland related gate did not have the means to look. But Bai Ya does not know, Yang Kai does not have the matter that the means achieve, Return to the Ruins can actually provide some help. 伯牙只知道他能维护那些不稳定的界门,修复那些能连通还存在的大陆的界门,可大陆若是消失了,那与这个大陆相关的界门就没办法找回来了。可伯牙不知道的是,杨开没办法做到的事,归墟却能提供一些帮助。 Has not wasted time, Yang Kai is leading own 10,000 the gate place that from went to that already to vanish directly, assigned Tu Qialuo Heyin, Ba Zha and the others the surrounding area ten miles place strict blockade, did not permit anybody to approach. 没浪费时间,杨开领着自己的10000部从直接去了那早已消失的界门处,命图恰罗和音,巴扎等人将方圆十里之地严密封锁,不准任何人靠近。 Several Demon King naturally do not doubt him, before also did, was already familiar and easy, more than 10,000 are appropriate from the quick arrangement. 几个魔王自然不疑有他,之前也都是这么干的,早就轻车熟路了,10000多部从很快安排妥当。 Yang Kai then leisurely however arrives at the gate place that vanishes, has distinguished the position earnestly, slightly sensation 12, turns the head to look at all around, determined that nobody pays attention to own, hurried to put from Mysterious Small Boundary Return to the Ruins. 杨开这才施施然来到那消失的界门处,认真地辨别了一下方位,稍稍感知12,又转头瞧了瞧四周,确定没人注意自己,赶紧将归墟小玄界中放了出来。 Return to the Ruins assumes an air of self approbation, opens the big mouth directly, is nipping to some Void one, bites a gap that Void directly. 归墟摇头晃脑,直接张开血盆大口,对着虚空某一处就一口咬下,直接将那虚空咬出一个缺口。 Several get down, aura of another world already from that side, if did not have to transmit. 几口下去,另外一个世界的气息已经从那边若有所无地传递过来。 Yang Kai received it hastily, stimulates to movement Space Principle, makes a connection with this Void Tunnel. 杨开连忙将它收了起来,催动空间法则,将这虚空甬道打通。 own cannot pass, if Bai Ya is prompted by a sudden impulse to run this place, could not see that own must certainly give birth to the mighty waves, that can only make Embodiment go. 自己不能过去,万一伯牙心血来潮跑来此地,看不到自己肯定要生出波澜,那就只能让法身前往了。 to grasp a swing, shot the opposite that mainland Mysterious Boundary Bead directly, was waiting for silently, to cover their ears and eyes, Yang Kai even also used Space Principle to confuse that Void Tunnel trace, then, even if Bai Ya real this time caught up, may not discover anything. 屈指一弹,直接将玄界珠弹到了对面的那块大陆,然后默默地等待着,为掩人耳目,杨开甚至还动用空间法则混淆了那虚空甬道的痕迹,如此一来,就算伯牙真的这个时候赶过来了,也不一定能够发现什么。 An enough 45 day time, Yang Kai suddenly the look moves, Space Principle unconstrained, searches the hand to grasp toward front Void. 足足45日功夫,杨开才忽然神色一动,空间法则跌宕之下,探手朝前方虚空抓去。 After a little while, receives the hand again time, took Mysterious Boundary Bead, does not have the time and Embodiment communicates its this line of harvests, to the front Void heavy bombing several fists, having made the strength of that Void more chaotic, turns around, leaves this place. 少顷,再收手的时候,已经将玄界珠取了回来,也没功夫与法身沟通一下它此行的收获,冲前方虚空猛轰了几拳,让那虚空之力变得更加混乱,一转身,离开此地。 Here trace will soon restore, at the appointed time incumbent no one want to nose anything. 这里的痕迹用不了多久就会恢复过来,到时候任谁也别想查探到什么。 He does not have to look for Bai Ya anxiously, but gets the own unit from continuing other gate place nosing, acting in a play naturally must make the complete set to be good. 他没有急着去找伯牙,而是领着自己的部从继续去其他界门处查探,做戏自然得做全套才行。 In half-way, with a Embodiment communication, knew that its this harvest is not small, although the first several times also found three disappearances mainland in the Yu Rumeng domain, but only first time obtained some Myriad Demon Pill, behind two mainland have destroyed including Myriad Demon Cave, naturally cannot find any Myriad Demon Pill. 半道上,与法身一沟通,也得知它这次收获不小,前几次虽然也在玉如梦的地盘上找到三块消失的大陆,但只有第一次得到了一些万魔丹,后面两次的大陆连万魔窟都毁了,自然也没能找到什么万魔丹 These time has harvested actually, similarly more than 1000 grains of Myriad Demon Pill start, in addition the previous time these, almost sufficed Embodiment to promote Half Saint to need, even if just it had Heavens Devourer Battle Law, refine these Myriad Demon Pill also to need certain time, after all Myriad Demon Pill the energy of internal storage somewhat was really unthinkable. 这一次倒是有所收获,同样有1000多粒万魔丹入手,加上上次的那些,差不多够法身晋升半圣所需了,只不过纵然它有噬天战法,炼化这些万魔丹也需要一定的时间,毕竟万魔丹内部储存的能量实在有些匪夷所思。 After several day, the last gate noses, one group of people bang are spreading toward Bai Ya, prepares to go with him to converge, enters the next mainland. 几日之后,最后一道界门查探完毕,一群人轰隆隆地朝伯牙所在驰去,准备前去与他汇合,进入下一个大陆。 Bo Ya has flown side Yang Kai suddenly, turns head to look at him. 波雅忽然飞到了杨开身边,扭头瞧着他。 The Yang Kai squint looks, knits the brows: Does really!” 杨开斜眼望去,皱眉道:“作甚!” Bo Ya stammering, the curiosity got the winning side finally: „Can you find the mainland that these vanish?” 波雅期期艾艾一阵,最终还是好奇心占据了上风:“你能找到那些消失的大陆?” The Yang Kai eye narrows the eyes: Your what meaning?” 杨开眼睛微眯:“你什么意思?” Bo Ya showed the whites of the eyes, some character and style ten thousand types: Is the meaning in wording, do not install, the place that you go to from the beginning had the gate to connect a mainland together, but that mainland several thousand years ago vanished, if not for you can find it, how to delay in that side that for a long time.” 波雅翻了个白眼,有些风情万种:“就是字面上的意思,别装了,你一开始去的地方本来有一道界门连通着一块大陆,不过那大陆几千年前就消失了,你若不是能找到它,怎么会在那边耽搁那么久。” Yang Kai said lightly: I study, has a look whether to find the trace of that mainland, formerly in the Rumeng Saint Venerable domain, I also such did, what issue has?” 杨开淡淡道:“我只是研究一下而已,看看能否找到那个大陆的痕迹,先前在如梦圣尊的地盘上,我也是这么做的,有什么问题?” Bo Ya does not know what he said is really false, is only some suspicions, hears word knits the brows: But I clearly noticed that you took any thing to come out from Void probably, do not forget, I was Feather Demon!” Speaks, but also put out a hand to poke the eye of own, indicated that a own Feather Demon vision was very good, the thing that others could not see did not represent her unable to see. 波雅也不知道他说的是真是假,只是有些怀疑罢了,闻言皱眉道:“但是我分明看到你好像从虚空里取了个什么东西出来,你别忘了,我是羽魔!”说着话,还伸手戳了戳自己的眼睛,表示自己一个羽魔视力是很好的,别人看不到的东西不代表她也看不到。 You misread.” Yang Kai cold faint is looking at her. “你看错了。”杨开幽幽地瞧着她。 Bo Ya curls the lip: „It is careful, relax, I, since said these to you, expressed that cannot publicize outward, otherwise I may go to inform with that Bai Ya greatly secretly, I am only somewhat curious.” 波雅撇撇嘴:“还挺小心的,放心吧,我既然跟你说这些,就表示不会对外宣扬,否则我大可偷偷地去跟那个伯牙告密,我只是有些好奇罢了。” Curiosity will kill the person.” Yang Kai cold snort. “好奇心是会害死人的。”杨开冷哼一声 Bo Ya is angry: Knew knew, is really annoying, chatted well inadequately, cynical looked to whom? Soul puppet of old lady still in your hand, I can also not hope you do select? After I must remind you, is more careful.” 波雅恼道:“知道了知道了,真是烦人,好好聊天都不成,阴阳怪气的给谁看?老娘的魂傀还在你手上,我还能不盼着你点好?我是要提醒你以后小心些。” Yang Kai shows neither approval nor disapproval, although did not determine that actually she saw anything, but had discovered absolutely that the Feather Demon vision truly is not the average person can compare, but there is soul puppet in the hand, Yang Kai did not fear matter that but actually she will make anything to be disadvantageous to own, the words that otherwise own met with a disaster, she must certainly with bad luck. 杨开不置可否,虽不确定她究竟看到了什么,但绝对是有所发现,羽魔的视力确实不是一般人能比的,但有魂傀在手,杨开倒也不怕她会做出什么对自己不利的事,否则自己遭殃的话,她肯定要跟着倒霉。 Tu Qialuo and Ba Zha, remain in Blue Source Continent another high-rank Demon King are also so, these three are more pitiful than Bo Ya, had been planted the Divine Soul brand mark by Yang Kai, is true read may decide the life and death. 图恰罗巴扎,还有留守在蓝原大陆的另外一个上品魔王也是如此,这三位比波雅还要凄惨,都被杨开种下了神魂烙印,是真正的一念可决生死。 Once more after Bai Ya converges, passes the gate to enter the next mainland. 再次与伯牙汇合之后,通过界门进入下一个大陆。 But the discovery had such an experience, the later journey facilitated to be many finally. 而发现有了这么一次经历,之后的旅途总算方便多了。 When the repair maintenance gate, Bai Ya will defend in the one side pays attention, but when he noses these complete gates, Bai Ya is always disinclined to follow. 只有在修复维护界门的时候,伯牙才会守在一旁关注,但当他去查探那些完好的界门的时候,伯牙从来都懒得跟随。 This naturally facilitated Yang Kai's to handle affairs quietly. But after having the Bo Ya previous reminder, Yang Kai also becomes discrete many, lets own 10,000 directly from security 30 miles away, only has Tu Qialuo, Ba Zha and Bo Ya three people remains in ten miles inner loop. The legato was excluded. 这自然是方便了杨开的悄悄行事。而有了波雅上一次的提醒之后,杨开也变得谨慎的许多,直接让自己的10000部从警戒在30里之外,唯有图恰罗,巴扎波雅三人留守在十里内圈。连音都被排除在外。 This, Tu Qialuo and Ba Zha also thought that matter some are not right, although not too clear Yang Kai is doing, but obviously is not the good deed, but was planted the Divine Soul brand mark by Yang Kai, even if in the heart the doubt does not dare to ask. 这一下,图恰罗巴扎也觉得事情有些不对了,虽然不太明白杨开到底在干什么,但显然不是什么好事,无奈被杨开种下神魂烙印,纵然心中狐疑也不敢开口询问。 So in the course of contacts, Yang Kai had found three disappearances mainland in the Bei Limo domain, the Mysterious Small Boundary area expanded once again, Myriad Demon Pill once more has also harvested one time. 如此一来二去,杨开北璃陌的地盘上已经找到了三块消失的大陆,小玄界的面积再度扩张,万魔丹也再次收获了一次。 These by the mainland that Mysterious Small Boundary swallows, combined a new world in Mysterious Small Boundary again, was remaining very obvious Demon Territory characteristics, was flowing the world principle of Demon Territory. 那些被小玄界吞噬的大陆,重新在小玄界内组合成了一块新的天地,残留着很明显的魔域特征,流淌着魔域的天地法则。 Yang Kai estimated that loses some Demon Race to go , can also make them in live well. 杨开估计就算丢一些魔族进去,也能让他们在里面活的好好的。 Two months later, another mainland. 两个月后,另外一个大陆。 In a wilderness, 10,000 from dispersing inside and outside 30, this place only has four forms, is Yang Kai and Bo Ya, Tu Qialuo and Ba Zha and the others. 一处旷野之中,10000部从分散在30里外,此地只有四道身影,正是杨开波雅,图恰罗巴扎等人。 The strong winds stroke, the clothing flap flap, the Yang Kai's look concentrates austere, Bo Ya and other people also somewhat were intense the restless, few days ago all sorts of experiences let their all guesses, knew in the heart at this moment feared to laying cards on the table time. 狂风拂来,衣衫猎猎,杨开的神色凝肃至极,连带着波雅等三人也有些紧张不安,前些日子的种种经历让他们所有猜测,心知此刻怕是到了摊牌的时候。 In three people, only then Bo Ya understanding are slightly more, many that because she sees, Tu Qialuo and Ba Zha, although knows that Yang Kai definitely has the matter to conceal, actually also not clear is any matter. 三人之中,只有波雅了解的稍微多一些,因为她看到的多,图恰罗巴扎虽然知道杨开绝对有事隐瞒,却也不清楚到底是什么事。 Today Yang Kai keeps here their three suddenly alone, must have any movement obviously, is not good, must invite trouble. 今日杨开忽然将他们三个单独留在这里,明显是要有什么动作,一个不好,恐怕就要惹火上身。 The Yang Kai's vision has swept from front three people, finally frames on Bo Ya, opens the mouth saying: Your three, are the people who this King most trusts, with this King is also if one suffers, all suffers, if one prospers, all prospers, therefore this King will keep here you, if this King has an accident, your three people are also difficult to run away die, if I am safe, you and others naturally may have no more worries.” 杨开的目光从面前三人身上扫过,最终定格在波雅身上,开口道:“你们三位,算是本王最信任的人,与本王也是一损俱损,一荣俱荣,所以本王才会把你们留在这里,本王若是出事,你们三人也难逃一死,我若平安,你等自然可高枕无忧。” Listens to be so serious, three people that he said somewhat are anxious, Tu Qialuo braces oneself to hold the fist in the other hand saying: Great King , if there is matter, although told that I and others decided whole-heartedly!” 听他说的这么严重,三人都不禁有些惴惴不安,图恰罗硬着头皮抱拳道:“大王若是有事,尽管吩咐,我等定全力以赴!” Ba Zha also echoes saying: Also asked Great King to order.” 巴扎亦附和道:“还请大王下令。” Bo Ya did not speak, a non- sentiment of face did not hope, since had discovered after a Yang Kai's small secret, apparent did not have any good deed with him absolutely, now looks like really so! The intestines of for a moment regret were blue, initially thinks that can protect own to be complete with the strength of Yang Kai, who knows then joined a gang of evildoers. 波雅不吭声,一脸的不情不愿,自从发现了一点杨开的小秘密之后便知跟着他绝对没什么好事,现在看来果然如此!一时间悔的肠子都青了,当初以为能借杨开之力能护得自己周全,谁知这下上了贼船。 Yang Kai shows a faint smile: „It is not the dangerous matter, do not want to be too many, this King only needs you to keep this place......” 杨开微微一笑:“也不是什么危险的事,你们不要想太多,本王只需要你们留在此地……” At that moment passes message quietly, told three people of several, three people listened, look at each other in blank dismay, but had not asked that obediently is obedient. 当下悄悄传音,吩咐了三人几句,三人听了,一阵面面相觑,不过还是没有多问,乖乖听话。 The Tu Qialuo whole body shakes, when blood energy turns wells up, in the world a dark red color, the time, the people in it place then by one group of blood fog are covered suddenly, that blood fog has to isolate the effect of Spiritual Mind, only if cultivation level strong Tu Qialuo, otherwise is hard to discover absolutely clue. 图恰罗浑身一震,血气翻涌时,天地之间一片殷红之色,眨眼功夫,众人所在之地便被一团血雾所笼罩,那血雾有隔绝神念之效,除非修为强过图恰罗,否则绝对难以发现其中端倪。
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