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#374 Part 1: Sword air/Qi flute heart( sought subscription)

Chapter 376 sword air/Qi flute heart( sought subscription) 第376章剑气箫心(求订阅) PS: Asked the monthly ticket, really after monthly ticket high, subscribed also increased much, asked the monthly ticket! PS:求下月票,果然月票高了后订阅也增加了不少,求月票! Greatly black day day Ka brought the people are walking into the refined appearance building hand/subordinate the time, saw the above place golden light to crash together. ‘大黑天’日迦罗带着手下众人走入风神楼内的时候,就见上方处一道金光坠落。 day Ka searches hand one move, will take in the hand. 日迦罗探手一招,将之拿在手里。 This is the entry token that outside on the obelisk said that the token golden color, is carving the graph of Sun all over the body directly, explained that this is Yang Ling. 这正是外面方尖碑上说的通关令牌,令牌通体金色,正面刻着太阳的图形,说明这是‘阳令’。 day Ka the cage in the hand, will sweep conveniently later looks at the front. 日迦罗随手将之笼在手里,随后扫望前方。 In this building is a north-south thing achieves three hundreds of zhang (333 m) the tremendous spaces. 这楼里面是一个南北东西都达到三百丈的巨大空间。 Around here is the hard rough stone walls, not only does not have any decoration and vulture article, even the surface of stone wall has not polished. 这里四面都是坚硬粗糙的石墙,不但没有任何装饰与雕文,甚至连石墙的表面都没怎么打磨。 God sea turtle worthless person obviously not in this stone wall high and low anything time. 神鳌散人显然没在这石墙上下什么功夫。 However that stone material is actually the secret mark mica, is one of the world's hardest several stone materials, reaches four experts, will be very difficult destroying. 不过那石材却是秘纹云石,是天地间最坚硬的几种石材之一,强达四品的高手,都很难将之打碎。 This refined appearance building builds by the secret mark mica all over the body, and is ten several feet thick, is very firm, even withstands 12 expert to fight in this sufficiently, its intention did not say may know. 这座风神楼通体都是以秘纹云石筑造,且都厚达十数丈,无比坚固,甚至足以承受一二品的高人在此交手,其用意不言可知。 The central place is stone columns that need 50 talents to joint hold. 中央处则是一个需要五十人才可合抱的石柱。 Stone column in rotation slowly, above seal cutting innumerable strange traces, but also has a writing of all various professions. 石柱在缓缓的转动,上面篆刻着无数奇异的纹路,还有着一行行的文字。 In stone column four sides, or far or near sits more than 70 people. 在石柱的四面,或远或近的坐着七十多人。 At present the sea of clouds immortal palace altogether only has 24 teams, in addition some teams have the personnel buckle, total number of people already only 120 people over. 目前云海仙宫一共只剩下二十四支队伍,加上一些队伍还有人员折损,总人数已经只余一百二十人出头。 At this time the small some people have not come. 此时还有一小部分人没有进来。 And does not have the people of god sect and others, sat in north ; Asked the bhat clothes with extremely the eastern Ice City people, then sat cross-legged in the northeast position. 其中无相神宗的一众人等,都坐在了北面;问铢衣与极东冰城众人,则盘坐于东北侧的位置。 Greatly black day arriving of day Ka instinct sat down far away from the positions of these two sides. ‘大黑天’日迦罗本能的走到远离这两方的位置坐下。 Afterward he knitting the brows head, eye presently the color of meditation. 随后他又皱了皱眉头,眼现凝思之色。 This place is improper! 此地不妥! A moment later he stood up the body, arrived the nearby that does not have god sect that two teams of people sat. 片刻之后他又站起了身,走到了无相神宗那两队人的附近坐了下来。 Does not know whether he wants to be many, day Ka discovered time that Chu Xisheng side looks, on the face is with the smile of appreciation. 不知是否他想多了,日迦罗发现楚希声侧头看过来的时候,脸上似含着赞赏的微笑。 In day Ka surface the desert was wooden, the pupil light such as the stagnant water was also common, does not have the fluctuation. 日迦罗面上漠无表情,眸光也如死水一般,毫无波动。 In his heart is numerous cold snort/hum. 他心内则是重重的一声冷哼。 This child body supports the ya zi bloodlines, if in the future will not die, surely will be a blood ya blade Monarch, even must be stronger than blood ya blade Mr . 此子身拥睚眦血脉,未来如果不死,必定又是一个血睚刀君,甚至比血睚刀君还要更强。 This is on his lord must want to eliminate it, is his mortal enemy. 这是他的主上必欲除之的,也是他的死敌。 Today and first restrains the lackey, for the time being bears patiently. When the sea of clouds immortal palace incident settles, seeks this child to do accounts again not lately. 今日且先收敛爪牙,暂且隐忍。等到云海仙宫一事了结,再寻此子算账不迟。 The fox heart of distant place flatters to see this, did a lot of talking. 远处的狐心媚望见这一幕,却不禁一阵磨牙。 Ponders this greatly black day, is really is not very concerned about face! 忖道这个大黑天,真是忒不要脸! Does he also match to advance into list? 他也配跻身‘地榜’? The fox heart flatters meditated later slightly, gets up with the people, is not having god sect and the others the right rear to sit. 狐心媚随后稍稍凝思,也起身带着众人,在无相神宗等人的右后方坐了下来。 She deliberately considered that day Ka can put the smog, oneself same, she also excels at the imaginary technique, can the chaotic person informer. 她寻思日迦罗能放烟雾,自己一样可以,她还擅长幻术,可以乱人耳目。 swallow Guilai sees this scenery, is actually the pupil light one severe. 燕归来望见此景,却是眸光一厉。 He thinks that these two groups of people encircle, is thinks that they don't have god sect Haoqi? 他想这两伙人围过来,是以为他们无相神宗好欺么? Jian Cangfeng has actually guessed correctly the thoughts of these two groups of people, his look is strange: Teacher's younger brother can not care, these two gangs of people are less than create disaster.” 剑藏锋却已猜出这两伙人的心思,他眼神怪异:“师叔勿需在意,这两股人不足为患。” The swallow return selected the eyebrow. 燕归来挑了挑眉。 Did Jian Cangfeng this saying rather a little pull rank? 剑藏锋这话未免有点托大了吧? This is one one, two on. 这是一个一品下,一个二品上。 Even his swallow returns, when to these two must raise several points of spirit. 即便他燕归来,对上这两人时也需提起几分精神。 He restrained the train of thought later, told with rapt attention: „It is not round!” 他随后收敛起了思绪,凝神吩咐:“不圆!” The side was not round raised the spirit reluctantly: Disciple is compliant, meets paying attention to remember.” 方不圆勉强提起了精神:“弟子遵命,一定会留神记忆。” The side not round incurs to near god who the god sea turtle worthless person leaves behind extremely uninteresting. 方不圆对神鳌散人留下的近神极招毫无兴趣。 Therefore was duty-bound, bears to stand guard a duty. 所以责无旁贷,负担起了警戒一职。 He the form fluttered later, arrived on the turtle back of little Black Tortoise, spoke with Zhou Liangchen: Small boat, good of our in turn security. Like this how? You are staring at 11 p.m. to 1 a.m to the 1 to 3 p.m, I am staring at 3 to 5 p.m to 9 to 11 p.m .” 他随后身影一飘,来到了小玄武的龟背上,与舟良臣说话:“小舟,我们二人还是轮流警戒的好。这样如何?你盯着子时到未时,我盯着申时到亥时。” Zhou Liangchen does not have the intention that the ginseng/partake research sword incurs. 舟良臣也没有参研剑招的意图。 He was not round with the side is the same, studied uselessly, the Zhou Liangchen sword incurred the deviation river system and ice department, derived last of the ten Heavenly Stems sea mine law. 他与方不圆一样,学了没用,舟良臣的剑招偏向水系与冰系,还有由此衍生的癸水雷法。 The side of god sea turtle worthless person incurs is actually the wind system, does not build with him. 神鳌散人的极招却是风系,与他不搭。 After Zhou Liangchen listened to the side not round words, the vision actually sparkles, pondering this is really a profiteer. 舟良臣听了方不圆的话之后,目光却闪了闪,忖道这果然是个奸商。 11 p.m. to 1 a.m to the 1 to 3 p.m is eight double-hour, 3 to 5 p.m to 9 to 11 p.m. is four double-hour. 子时到未时是八个时辰,申时到亥时是四个时辰。 His watch time is side not round one time. 他的值班时间是方不圆的一倍。 This bastard is bullying the honest and good-natured person. 这混蛋在欺负老实人。 Ok!” “可以!” Zhou Liangchen slightly one nods, complied without hesitation: I with slightly turned over to gradually to enter five half a month later, at the appointed time is unable to be on duty, wanted Senior Brother Lao Qingfang to protect the law.” 舟良臣微一颔首,不假思索的应了下来:“不过我与小归归在半个月后会陆续进入五品,届时无法值班,也要劳请方师兄护法。” Little Black Tortoise stayed for several thousand years in the egg. 小玄武在蛋里面呆了好几千年。 It was born time, is six below step positions. 它出生的时候,就是六品下的阶位。 The emperor of that two bottles of liquefication flows the thick liquid, lets its monster strength savings breakthrough thousand years sufficiently. 那两瓶液化的帝流浆,足以让它的妖力积蓄突破千载。 As for Zhou Liangchen, his previous breakthrough is six months ago, gathers now quickly fully really Yuan. 至于舟良臣,他上次突破是在半年前,现在也快将自身真元蓄满。 He must six refine blood god pill, can promote five below really the Yuan at one fell swoop the peaks, after going out, may attempt to search secret medicine, steps into five on. 他还得了一枚‘六炼血神丹’,可以将真元一举提升五品下的巅峰,出去后就可尝试寻觅秘药,踏入五品上。 The side non- round corner/horn pulls out, secretly thought/passage a trouble. 方不圆唇角一抽,暗道了一声麻烦。 He nods, jar sound jar gas channel/angrily said: Also ok!” 他点了点头,瓮声瓮气道:“也行!” He thinks that this honest and good-natured person looks like also honest limited, like this calculates, two people taking turns on duty time are just close. 他想这老实人看来也老实的有限,这样算来,两人的轮值时间刚好相近。 Chu Xisheng has actually concentrated on own martial arts treasure house. 楚希声却已全神贯注于自己的武道宝库。 So-called preparation must not delay performance, the labor wants the good its matter to Xianli its. 所谓磨刀不误砍柴工,工欲善其事必先利其器。 Before starting the ginseng/partake research, he wants to have a look, whether tenth tertiary remote antiquity passes god to brush. 开始参研之前,他想看看,能否将第十三重的‘太上通神’刷出来。 Also does an experiment while convenient, having a look at own system really to have the intelligence, does he need anxiously? 也顺便做个实验,看看自己的系统是否真有着灵性,急他所需? The result is intelligent. 结果是有灵性的。 Invests 300 blood Yuan points in Chu Xisheng, after continuing 500 to brush for the 60 th time continually, he sees in own martial arts treasure house, presented a familiar commodity graph. 就在楚希声投入三百个血元点,持续第六十次五百连刷之后,他看到自己武道宝库里面,出现了一熟悉的商品图表。 That is a Chu Xisheng head picture, on the forehead has a flying of dragons and dancing of phoenixes god character. 那是一个楚希声的头像,脑门上有着一个龙飞凤舞的神字。 The remote antiquity passes the god( ten third-order)- needs 85293 blood Yuan points. 太上通神(十三阶)-需要85293个血元点。 Chu Xisheng also has enough blood Yuan point exchange. 楚希声也恰好有足够的血元点兑换。 Ties the purple eyebrow day Monarch water like the song, is new issue of «Secret Military Spectrum» Gundam/reaches as high as 300,000 to a blood Yuan point that he brings, after Chu Xisheng traded ten third-order blood for all eternity , many surplus. 逼平紫眉天君水如歌,还有新一期《天机武谱》给他带来的血元点高达三十万,楚希声换了十三阶‘万古千秋之血’后还有不少剩余。 In addition before , he in the harvest of second pass/test, just may ten third-order remote antiquity passes god to buy. 加上之前他在第二关的收获,刚好可把十三阶的‘太上通神’买下来。 Ten third-order remote antiquity passes god the annotation information changes not in a big way, acquires understanding of esoteric teachings only, the god knowledge, the inspiration, peeps the day four talent abilities, strengthened some. 十三阶‘太上通神’的注释信息变化不大,唯独通玄,神知,灵感,窥天四种天赋能力,增强了些许。 Chu Xisheng own feeling is clear. 楚希声自身的感受却非常清晰。 These complex lines on revolving stone column, in his eyes become simpler, had the orderliness. 旋转石柱上的那些复杂线条,在他眼中变得更简单,更有条理了。 A clear sword road, the law of necessary really Yuan transporting, rapid forming in his mind. 一条清晰的剑路,还有配套的真元搬运之法,在他脑海内迅速成形。 The effect of this perception improvement, gets quick results simply! 这悟性提升的效果,简直是立竿见影! This type incurs extremely, is called ‚the wound of wind. 这一式极招,叫做‘风之伤’。 Chu Xisheng keen detection, the marks of wound and between the wind this wind, has the relation of secret. 楚希声敏锐的察觉到,这风之伤与风之痕之间,有着隐秘的联系。 He waited and saw the moment with rapt attention, felt that these two type blades incur the relation to be getting more and more close. 他又凝神观望了片刻,感觉这两式刀招之间的联系越来越紧密。 senior brother stops.” “诸位师兄且停一停。” The Chu Xisheng sound of talking, side the people in ginseng/partake research comprehension, was attracting with rapt attention. 楚希声的语声,将旁边正凝神参研领悟中的众人,都吸引了过来。 If I have not guessed wrong, in this refined appearance building, but also lacked one move of type concentrating on the main points. The final near god incurs extremely, is not eight moves unites, but is nine blades blends. Lacked the blade of this type general outline, not only ginseng/partake research these blades incur the meeting wasted effort, finally evolves wind completely remnant mark the possibility is also minimal.” “如果我没猜错的话,这风神楼内,还缺了一式提纲挈领之招。最后的近神极招,不是八招合一,而是九刀融汇。缺了这一式总纲之刀,不但参研这些刀招会事倍功半,最后衍化出‘风尽残痕’的可能性也微乎其微。” Young Junior Brother white Hanguang in people, selected the eyebrow: „The Senior Brother clear/pain meaning is, the mark of wind?” 众人中的小师弟白含光,不由挑了挑眉:“楚师兄的意思是,风之痕?” What white Hanguang and several people on the scene are different, he has also entered the nine chief ministers of state mystical place, has studied completely ‚the mark of wind. 白含光与在场的几人不同的是,他也进入过九品秘境,也学过完整的‘风之痕’。 He also had such feeling a moment ago faintly, was far from Chu Xisheng saying was so clear. 他刚才也隐隐有这样的感觉,却远没有楚希声说的这么明白。 Good!” “不错!” Chu Xisheng searches the hand to have the blade, has delimited a trace in void. 楚希声探手出刀,在虚空中划过了一道痕迹。 This is incurs ‚the mark of wind extremely, the blade fast was actually slowed down hundred times by him. 这正是极招‘风之痕’,刀速却被他放缓了百倍。 Chu Xisheng dismantles this blade in detail, 11 shows the people each detail at present. 楚希声将这一刀式详细拆解,将每一个细节都一一展现众人的眼前。 At this time he has the induction suddenly, discovers not far away, asked that the vision of bhat clothes also in looks toward here. 此时他忽然心生感应,发现不远处,问铢衣的目光也在往这边看过来。 And is a sword beautiful woman asks the bhat clothes incessantly, that fox heart flatters, day Ka and the others, in peep toward here. 且不止是一剑倾城问铢衣,那狐心媚,日迦罗等人,也在往这边偷看。 Obviously wants to be truant the move of this type general outline. 显然都想偷学这式总纲之招的。 Chu Xisheng has not actually cared. 楚希声却没有在意。 Blade is to coordinate the heart secret art to display, does not have the law of necessary really Yuan transporting, the pure movement is unable to play the might. 刀式是要配合心诀施展的,没有配套的真元搬运之法,单纯的动作无法发挥威力。 But when Chu Xisheng explanation, ties sound to become string specially, only then more than ten talents may hear clearly. 楚希声讲解之时,特意束音成线,只有身边十几人才可听清。 However after inducing to asking the line of sight of bhat clothes, Chu Xisheng will tie the sound to become string range, expanded a point toward the east side slightly. 不过在感应到问铢衣的视线之后,楚希声就将束音成线的范围,稍稍往东面扩大了一点。 Asked that the bhat clothes look moves, toward his slightly one nods, thanks. 问铢衣眼神一动,朝着他微一颔首,以示感谢。 In her team, that wields immortal palace secret-key the youngster , in the nine chief ministers of state mystical place the ginseng/partake has ground this type ‚the mark of wind the stele, actually cannot study completely. 她的队伍里面,那名执掌‘仙宫秘钥’的少年,也在九品秘境中参研过这式‘风之痕’的石碑,却没能学完整。 This person stems from the southern Fuzhou, the martial arts level misses too compared with the north. 此人出自于南方的福州,武道水准较之北方差得太远。 But the god sea turtle worthless person incurs the stele in that nine swords that the nine chief ministers of state mystical place leaves behind, is no one can ascertain the outcome. 而神鳌散人在九品秘境留下的那九座剑招石碑,不是什么人都能窥破究竟的。 Chu Yunyun also induced the Chu Xisheng petty action. 楚芸芸也感应到了楚希声的小动作。 She listens to Chu Xisheng to explain, while focused attention on Chu Xisheng one with rapt attention, in the blue pupil appears the inexplicable mood. 她一边听楚希声讲解,一边凝神注目了楚希声一眼,碧蓝色的眸中现出莫名的情绪。 However she restrained the vision later, the wholly absorbed ginseng/partake ground this type ‚the mark of wind. 不过她随后收敛起了目光,专心致志的参研起了这式‘风之痕’。 Chu Yunyun realized oneself are very suspicious, was somewhat oversuspicious. 楚芸芸意识到自己是杯弓蛇影,有些多疑了。 Chu Xisheng to asking the bhat clothes explanation blade incurs, is only pure showing good will, is to asking returning a courtesy of bhat clothes, rather than other what intention. 楚希声向问铢衣讲解刀招,只是单纯的示好,是对问铢衣的回礼,而非是别的什么意图。 The fox heart of distant place flatters, actually ‚’, criticizing this brat was mean-spirited! 远处的狐心媚,却不禁‘嘁’了一声,暗骂这竖子小气! She the look moves later, threw six pill bottles: Boy, spoke to me really the law of Yuan transporting understands, these emperors flowed the thick liquid are your.” 她随后神色一动,将六枚丹瓶抛了过去:“小子,把真元搬运之法给我讲明白,这些帝流浆就是你的。” This is she through the reward of third pass/test. 这都是她通过第三关的奖赏。 The god sea turtle worthless person has not given her the Buddhist musical instrument, actually gave the emperor of six bottles of liquefication to flow the thick liquid, can make any monster class be increases with the god beast 300 years of monster strength. 神鳌散人没有给她法器,却给了六瓶液化的帝流浆,能够让任何妖类与神兽之属增加三百年的妖力。 The fox heart flatters to have no alternative but to spend this wasted money. 狐心媚不能不花这冤枉钱。 Their these monster beasts are, the side of ginseng/partake research use human incurs was difficult, if lacked the law of necessary really Yuan transporting, is difficult. 他们这些妖兽之属,参研使用人类的极招本就艰难,如果缺了配套的真元搬运之法,就更是难上加难。 She wants to incur this swordsmanship extremely, transforms the move that oneself can use, required lots of time. 她想要将这剑法极招,转化成自身可以施展的招法,本就需要大量的时间。 But the god sea turtle worthless person gives their time, only has one month merely. 而神鳌散人给他们的时间,仅仅只有一个月。 Really the Chu Xisheng robe sleeve strokes, is involved in that six pill bottle totals the sleeve, that bunch of sound to become string range expands again. 果然楚希声袍袖一拂,将那六枚丹瓶全数卷入袖中,那束音成线的范围就再次扩大。 Greatly black day day Ka is frowning, looks to nearby another youngster. ‘大黑天’日迦罗则是皱着眉头,看向旁边的另一个少年。 The youngster actually shakes the head, he stems from the southern Huzhou. That side martial arts level, where also without is stronger than Dongzhou to goes. 那少年却摇了摇头,他出自南方的湖州。那边的武道水准,也没比东州强到哪去。 day Ka sighed secretly, two pill bottles, a Buddhist musical instrument of four under step positions, threw. 日迦罗暗暗一叹,也将两枚丹瓶,还有一件四品下阶位的法器,抛了过去。 These are also presenting of god sea turtle worthless person. 这些也是神鳌散人的馈赠。 He cannot use, happen to brings to work as the school expense. 他是用不上的,正好拿来当学费。 Chu Xisheng kindly accepts immediately. 楚希声当即笑纳。 This Buddhist musical instrument is high-quality goods fights armor. 这件法器是一件精品战甲。 Chu Xisheng adds up totals the person in the second correlation, snatched several four Buddhist musical instruments. 楚希声在第二关连杀数人,也抢到了几件四品法器。 And does not have one, can compare with the war armor that the god sea turtle worthless person bestows. 其中却没有一件,能与神鳌散人赐下的这件战甲相比较。 He cannot use, with gives Liu Ruoxi to be actually good. 他本人是用不上的,拿回去给刘若曦倒是不错。 In Chu Xisheng continues to widen the bunch sound to become string range, a white light raids from the side, fled the Chu Xisheng top of the head. 就在楚希声继续扩大束音成线的范围之际,一道白光从侧旁袭来,窜到了楚希声的头顶。 The swallow return vision cold Liru the blade, took a fast look around the past immediately, immediately he restrained to kill intent. 燕归来目光当即冷厉如刀,扫视过去,随即他就收敛起了杀意。 That is the Chu Xisheng spirit favors Bai Xiaozhao. 那是楚希声的灵宠白小昭 Before swallow return, has seen this Hinayana yellow. 燕归来以前见过这头小乘黄。 Although he is not clear, how Chu Xisheng this spirit favored on the blending Li mountain the sovereign lineage/vein, but this was not an enemy. 虽然他不明白,楚希声这头灵宠怎么就混成了黎山的皇脉,不过这不是敌人。 Chu Xisheng is slightly one happy: Xiaozhao did you also come?” 楚希声则是微微一喜:“小昭你也来了?” He and Bai Xiaozhao mind the department, knows all her is well. 他与白小昭心神相系,知道她平安无事。 However at this time he personally sees Bai Xiaozhao to jump for joy, is actually very happy. 不过此时他亲眼见白小昭活蹦乱跳的,却还是很开心。 Chu Xisheng grasped Bai Xiaozhao of top of the head, first caressed her head, with hand flexure her chin. 楚希声将头顶的白小昭抓了下来,先抚了抚她的头,又用手挠了挠她的下巴。 When Bai Xiaozhao closes one's eyes enjoys, Chu Xisheng mind suddenly one cool, looks askance to look. 就当白小昭闭着眼享受之际,楚希声忽的心神一凉,侧目回望。 Sees only that side whole body to be bedecked with jewels, the elegantly dressed and bejewelled woman, the makings are elegant, the graceful natural middle-aged woman of quality by the swift and fierce vision, is staring to him. 只见那边一位浑身珠光宝气,珠围翠绕,气质闲雅从容,雍容大方的中年贵妇正以凌厉的目光,向他凝视过来。 That Li mountain contains up madame. 那正是黎山的‘含光夫人’。 Chu Xisheng notices in this middle-aged woman of quality's eyes, appeared a dual pupil impressively, in the pupil shows wipes blue severe light. 楚希声注意到这位中年贵妇的眼中,赫然现出了一双重瞳,瞳中则透出一抹青蓝厉光。 The Chu Xisheng secret heart is startled. 楚希声不由暗暗心惊。 Including the main body of light madame is a heavy bright bird, although only has two on cultivating is, in 9000 about monster strength. 含光夫人的本体是一只重明鸟,虽然只有二品上的修为,九千年左右的妖力。 But above this strength, actually dominates in the fox heart by far flatters. 可这位的战力,却远远凌驾于狐心媚之上。 Chu Xisheng is certain on the mind immediately, being without turning a hair nods including the light madame toward this hints. 楚希声随即就心神一定,面不改色的朝着这位含光夫人颔首示意。 He knows that this madame is discontented with him because of the matter of Bai Xiaozhao. 他知道这位夫人是因白小昭之事对他不满。 However this matter, Chu Xisheng has no being in the wrong place. 不过这桩事,楚希声没有任何理亏的地方。 Bai Xiaozhao regards him because of the matter of nine chief ministers of state mystical place like the father, because of his reason evolution to ride the yellow bloodlines, hobbling and sentiment of child curtain with him does not shear, does not cut off. 白小昭是因九品秘境之事视他如父,也是因他的缘故进化为乘黄血脉,与他之间的牵绊与孺幕之情是剪不断,斩不断的。 Even that Li mountain old mother still has no alternative. 即便那位黎山老母也无可奈何。 Contains up the madame regarding this, he treats with good manners then. 对于这位含光夫人,他以礼相待即可。 Including the light madame sees that , then coldly one, arrived by the side that the fox heart flattered three zhang (3.33 m) place to sit directly: Makes way! Arrived side.” 含光夫人见状则冷冷一哼,直接走到了狐心媚的侧旁三丈处坐了下来:“让开!到旁边去。” This position, is away from Bai Xiaozhao is quite near, she can nearby nurse. 这个位置,是距离白小昭比较近的,她可以就近看护。 This child is Li mountain old mother's same clan, is Li mountain pure blood sovereign, she has no alternative but to pay attention to look. 这孩子是黎山老母的同族,是黎山的纯血皇裔,她不能不留神照看。 However cannot bear the fox stink that the fox heart flatters including the light madame. 不过含光夫人受不了狐心媚的狐臭味。 In the eye that the fox heart flatters appeared two groups of white flame immediately, she is pressing down firmly the anger: Including the light, you do not go too far.” 狐心媚的眼中顿时现出了两团白焰,她强捺着怒火:“含光,伱不要欺人太甚。” Smiles including one that the light madame actually disdains: You , if not let, now may do with me, making me have a look at the entry token in your hand, is Yin is Yang?” 含光夫人却不屑的一声哂笑:“你要是不让,现在就可与我做过一场,让我看看你手中的通关令牌,是阴是阳?” The fox heart flatters the complexion pale change, finally her double fist stubbornly grasps, moved to the shape to change positions directly, moves sideways beyond dozens zhang (3.33 m): How then concedes to you?” 狐心媚面色青白变化,最后她双拳死死的一握,直接移形换位,闪身到了数十丈外:“便让于你又如何?” Including that dual pupil of light madame, not only can the penetrating regard to understand thoroughly, sits sees ten sides, but may also see clearly all imaginary techniques. 含光夫人的那双重瞳,不但能彻视洞达,坐见十方,还可洞察所有幻术。 These heavy bright birds, day to subdue|grams their all fox clans. 这些重明鸟,天克他们所有狐族。 Dreading that the fox heart flatters to containing the light madame, even is as good asks the bhat clothes, in fog that mysterious person of high skill. 狐心媚对含光夫人的忌惮,甚至不逊于问铢衣,还有雾中那位神秘高人。 She has the confidence with this building in all 12 socialize, actually only to these three people ungodly. 她有信心与这楼内的所有一二品周旋,却唯独对这三人毫无信心。 The fox heart flatters in the heart actually soon going crazy of air/Qi. 狐心媚心内却还是气的快要发疯。 Her pupil light flash moves, can deliberately consider the law of retaliation to the utmost. 她的眸光闪动,极尽所能寻思着报复之法。 „The disciple of fox mouse!” Including smiles, later the look that the madame does not only spare a glance moves slightly. “狐鼠之徒!”含光夫人不屑一顾的一笑,随后就又神色微动。 She had heard Chu Xisheng in the explanation knife skill. 她已听到了楚希声在讲解刀法。 Including light madame beginning when does not care. 含光夫人初时不在意。 But she notices immediately, side resembles to ask that bhat clothes and other characters also in austere allow to listen attentively. 可她随即就注意到,旁边似问铢衣等人物也在肃容倾听。 Is strange including the light madame dark sleep/felt, paid attention to listen to several. 含光夫人暗觉奇怪,也留神听了几句。 Over time, on this face also appeared the dignified meaning gradually. 随着时间推移,这位的脸上也渐渐现出了凝重之意。 Approximately after thirty minutes time, the explanation of Chu Xisheng comes to the end, 大约两刻时间之后,楚希声的讲解就告一段落, The god sea turtle worthless person recorded on the stele initially ‚the mark of wind, seemingly mysterious its profound, was unreadable, actually to add many mysterious contents. 神鳌散人当初刻录于石碑上的‘风之痕’,看起来玄乎其玄,让人难以理解,其实是加了许多故弄玄虚的内容。 The blade incurs it is actually not very complex. 刀招本身其实不是很复杂。 After all the main purpose of that god sea turtle worthless person, the talent perception that to test the school people, rather than makes them study ‚the mark of wind this type sword to incur. 毕竟那位神鳌散人的主要目的,是考校众人的天赋悟性,而不是让他们学‘风之痕’这一式剑招。 And initial these cultivated/repaired for the youngster of nine chief ministers of state, with Chu Xisheng at present these people, regardless of the martial arts attainments or the perception, the experience, has the enormous disparity. 且当初的那些修为九品的少年,与楚希声眼前这些人,不论武道造诣还是悟性,见识,都有着极大的差距。 But when Chu Xisheng explanation move, understands succinctly, clearness that all concise elaborated. 楚希声讲解招法时,简练明了,将所有精要都阐述的明明白白。 He also explained continuously two, made afterward contained the light madame also to be able completely hears Qimiao. 他还连续讲解了两遍,让后来的含光夫人也能尽闻其妙。 This is original ‚the mark of wind the swordsmanship essential meaning, I have not made any fluctuation. However following I in this foundation, some sensibility and delaying, and will transform the blade to incur, your interested words, can listen to the following content.” “这便是原版‘风之痕’的剑法精义了,我未做任何增减。不过后续我在这基础上,还有一些感悟与延展,且将之转化成了刀招,你们有兴趣的话,也可以听听后续的内容。” Chu Xisheng continues with the long blade gesture, has actually squeezed him to tie the sound to become string range. 楚希声继续用长刀比划,却已收窄了他束音成线的范围。 Following is his personal martial arts achievement, the fox heart flatters the words that wants to listen to with day Ka and the others again, that must give money additionally. 后续是他私人的武道成就,狐心媚与日迦罗等人再想听的话,那就得额外给钱。 However this partial content are not many. 不过这部分内容不多。 Merely after small little while time, Chu Xisheng already mark to wind the understanding, the total told. 仅仅小半刻时间之后,楚希声就已将自身对‘风之痕’的理解,全数讲述完毕。 After the sect three draws listen, train of thought numerous. 宗三平听完之后思绪纷呈。 The innumerable inspirations multiply in his mind, there are innumerable person's shadows, dances to transport the sword in his thought. 无数的灵感在他的脑海滋生,有无数个人影,在他意念当中起舞运剑。 On that revolving stone column some he thinks that not the clear place suddenly gains a thorough understanding. 那旋转石柱上一些他想不明白的地方豁然贯通。 So that's how it is- 原来如此- His look grateful toward a Chu Xisheng ritual: Many thanks the Junior Brother helps! This time calculates that I owe you a favor.” 他神色感激的朝着楚希声一礼:“多谢师弟成全!这次算我欠你个人情。” If non- were Chu Xisheng ‚the mark of wind says this type understood, he possibly took three days later, can comprehend the content on revolving stone column completely. 如非是楚希声将这一式‘风之痕’讲明白了,他可能需三天之后,才能完全领悟旋转石柱上的内容。 On first, the first type already so difficult, let alone following several. 在第一层,第一式就已如此艰难,更何况后续的几层。
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