MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5697: Chu Feng's limit

Chu Feng, you are what thing, you think the one who is strong is you, what is strong is the bloodlines of Sir Jie Ranqing, with World Spirit Sir Immortal King formation technique.” 楚枫,你算什么东西,你以为强的是你吗,强的是界染清大人的血脉,与界灵仙王大人阵法罢了。” You as before is a waste, and is a coward, can only show off ability with my Seven Worlds Saint Palace strength.” “你依旧是一个废物,并且还是一个懦夫,只能借我七界圣府的力量逞能。” With my Seven Worlds Saint Palace fight, you matches?” “与我七界圣府斗,你配吗?” In crowd, red hair man again speaking shame. 人群中,红发男子再度出言羞辱。 Many later generations also echo, the insult is unceasing. 紧接着,诸多后辈随之附和,辱骂不断。 Even if a war, Saint Rank Elder does not beat today. 哪怕今日一战,圣级长老都是不敌。 Even if today a war, they all protected ants. 哪怕今日一战,他们皆是被保护的蝼蚁。 But they, actually still dare to insult Chu Feng. 可他们,却仍敢辱骂楚枫 Because only, the Chu Feng talent is good, is all alone. 只因,楚枫天赋再好,也是孤身一人。 Far more than Seven Worlds Saint Palace, other colossi, can easily write off Chu Feng. 何止七界圣府,其他庞然大物,都可以轻易将楚枫抹杀。 But they, even if the talent is inferior to Chu Feng, may have powerful Seven Worlds Saint Palace to support behind, they as before are existences of keeping aloof, can as before live is better than Chu Feng, dares to insult Chu Feng as before. 而他们,就算天赋不如楚枫,可身后有强大的七界圣府撑腰,他们依旧是高高在上的存在,依旧能够活的比楚枫更好,依旧敢辱骂楚枫 Bang- 轰- But he taunted the words just to fall, only listened to the distant place to thunder crack, the red hair man has not clarified the condition, then the feeling neck was held ruthlessly. 可他嘲讽话语刚刚落下,只听远处轰鸣炸响,红发男子还未搞清状况,便感觉脖子被人狠狠的抓住了。 At this time, he Gold Light four shoot at present. 此时,他眼前金芒四射。 Carefully looked, was Chu Feng stands in his front unexpectedly, locked in his neck. 仔细一看,竟是楚枫站在了他的面前,锁住了他的脖子。 Chu Feng, in the wink of an eye, breaks open formation under Supreme Elder arrange/cloth unexpectedly. 楚枫,竟瞬息之间,破开太上长老布下的结界 Incessantly is he!!! 不止是他!!! Chu Feng releases the innumerable say/way golden color rope behind, across crowd, has chosen. 楚枫身后释放出无数道金色绳索,穿过人群,有所挑选。 Previously insulted Chu Feng's everyone, by that golden formation rope, locked in the throat. 先前辱骂楚枫的所有人,都被那金色的结界绳索,锁住了喉咙。 The Chu Feng arm makes an effort slightly, that red hair man was held up high. 楚枫手臂微微用力,那红发男子被高高举起。 Looks at this, on the same day in Area Saint Palace, provoked own red hair man on the multiple shame, the Chu Feng not slightly anger, was only tranquil asking 看着这个,当日在圣府内,就多次羞辱挑衅自己的红发男子,楚枫没有丝毫怒意,只是平静的问道 Your Seven Worlds Saint Palace, I kill you now, do they possibly rescue?” “你七界圣府这么了得,那我现在杀你,他们可能救下?” The red hair man, the vision looks to the distant place, he discovers Saint Rank Elder, as well as Supreme Elder, is approaching to Chu Feng. 红发男子,目光看向远处,他发现圣级长老,以及太上长老,都在向楚枫这边靠近。 But actually cannot come, two officers blocked them completely. 但却根本过不来,两尊将士将他们全部拦了下来。 clear/pain... Chu Feng, my my my I......” “楚…楚枫,我我我我……” The red hair man flustered, the lip vibrates, the tears frightened, starts talking wants to beg for mercy. 红发男子慌了,嘴唇抖动,眼泪都吓了出来,开口说话是想求饶。 The words that but he begs for mercy have not said that the Chu Feng palm makes an effort slightly. 可他求饶的话还未说出,楚枫手掌微微用力。 Tittering- 噗嗤- The neck of that red hair man, then by the smashing that Chu Feng pinches, is decapitated, assigns/life the mourning in this. 那红发男子的脖子,便被楚枫捏的粉碎,身首异处,命丧于此。 Saw with own eyes Chu Feng to kill the red hair man, these previously insulted Chu Feng, at this time actually quilt 眼见楚枫杀了红发男子,那些先前辱骂楚枫,此时却被 Locks in the later generation of neck, is flurried. 锁住脖子的后辈,皆是慌乱不已。 Regardless of the men and women, struggles at this moment either, either wails, even many frightened urination. 无论男女,此刻要么挣扎,要么哀嚎,甚至许多人都被吓的尿了出来。 The past glory and dignity, are nothing left. 往日的荣耀与体面,已是荡然无存。 But in the meantime, Chu Feng has turned around, the vision is vicious, is ordinary just like the deicide, looks to them. 而就在此时,楚枫则是转过身,目光凶狠,宛如杀神一般,望向他们。 You? Seven Worlds Saint Palace, can rescue below?” “你们呢?七界圣府,能够救的下吗?” The Chu Feng words leave, does not need these later generations to reply, sees only in the eye the ruthless color to flash through. 楚枫话出,也不待那些后辈回答,只见眼中狠色闪过。 In an instant, the blood such as a blooming lotus flower, splatters in the midair. 刹那间,鲜血如道道绽放的莲花,于半空喷溅。 In a flash, several tens of thousands of later generations are all decapitated, the life loses the hand of Chu Feng. 只是一瞬间,数万名后辈皆是身首异处,命丧楚枫之手。 must know, in these people, not only has several hundred -year-old later generation, has not reached hundred -year-old junior. 要知道,那些人中不仅有几百岁的后辈,还有未满百岁的小辈。 Talent resulting in outstanding existence. 许多,还是天赋了得的杰出存在。 Chu Feng, I must tear to shreds you!!!!” 楚枫,我要将你碎尸万段!!!!” Saw with own eyes that so many later generations were killed, the eyes of many Elder air/Qi blood red, really wishes one could to tear to shreds Chu Feng. 眼见这么多后辈被杀,诸多长老气的双眼血红,是真的恨不得将楚枫碎尸万段。 But regarding their incompetent angry roaring, Chu Feng has not paid attention, but direct raise one's head looks to seven Mansion Lord. 但对于他们的无能怒吼,楚枫则并未理会,而是直接抬头望向七界府主 Void above, seven Mansion Lord have been in the upper hand , to continue, that powerful armor officers, does not beat sooner or later. 虚空之上,七界府主已经占了上风,继续下去,那强大的铠甲将士,也迟早不敌。 But Chu Feng, is still unhurried. 楚枫,却依旧不慌。 Seven Mansion Lord, I kill your Seven Worlds Saint Palace later generation you unable to block, I must walk now, living that you block?” Chu Feng asked. “七界府主,我杀你七界圣府后辈你拦不住,我现在要走,你拦的住吗?”楚枫问。 Lowly thing, is to escape?” Seven Mansion Lord congealing sounds asked. “卑贱的东西,是要逃了吗?”七界府主凝声问道。 „......” “呵……” Chu Feng smiles lightly, immediately said 楚枫淡淡一笑,旋即说道 Seven Mansion Lord, you were sure to remember to me, must kindly treat my mother, in the future I can take her to leave this decayed place.” “七界府主,你给我切记,务必善待我娘,日后我会来接她离开这腐朽之地。” If I come time, my mother has what accident, but does not kill your tens of thousands later generations is so simple.” “若我来的时候,我娘有何三长两短,可就不是杀你几万后辈这么简单。” I can want your Seven Worlds Saint Palace, removes from this vast martial cultivation world permanently.” “我会要你七界圣府,从这浩瀚修武界永久除名。” The voice falls, that ten officers disintegrate unexpectedly, change to the strength of teleportation, just like the Saint light waterfall, inclines from the sky, floods into Chu Feng within the body. 话音落下,那十尊将士竟土崩瓦解,化作传送之力,宛如圣光瀑布,从天空倾斜而下,涌入楚枫体内。 Sees this situation, seven Mansion Lord as well as Seven Worlds Saint Palace everyone want to stop. 见此情形,七界府主以及七界圣府的所有人都想阻拦。 Cannot block!!! 只是,拦不住!!! The mark strength also has surviving, the officers strength was still scattering, but Chu Feng has actually vanished does not see. 印记力量还有残存,将士力量仍在飘散,可楚枫却已消失不见。 Escaped. 逃了。 Chu Feng, this 楚枫,就这 The type escaped. 样逃了。 Void above, seven Mansion Lord also vanish does not see, was pursues Chu Feng. 虚空之上,七界府主也消失不见,想必是去追赶楚枫了。 As for this place, is left over so many people obviously, may actually be completely silent. 至于此地,明明还剩下这么多人,可却是鸦雀无声。 They, could not speak, regardless of angry, regardless of unwilling, all was useless. 他们,都说不出话,无论有多愤怒,无论有多不甘,皆是没用。 All that because just had, will make their life unforgettable, even does not dare to face. 因为刚刚发生的一切,将让他们此生难忘,甚至不敢面对。 Far more than junior? 何止小辈? Far more than later generation? 何止后辈? Even if Saint Rank Elder, Supreme Elder, even is seven Mansion Lord. 哪怕圣级长老,太上长老,甚至是七界府主 Their all pride, the dignity, is stepped on today broken by that named Chu Feng's fellow!!! 他们所有的骄傲,尊严,今日都被那个叫做楚枫的家伙踩碎!!! But compares in majority, looks forward to Chu Feng dead the person of Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 但相比于大多数,巴不得楚枫去死的七界圣府之人。 On the scene, also there are to care about Chu Feng's, for example Fuxing. 在场之中,也有关心楚枫的,比如复星。 Fuxing hides in the crowd, is looking at that everywhere fragment, the surviving remaining prestige, and expression is angry, is difficult to cover the distressed Seven Worlds Saint Palace people, in her eye emerges to wipe to worry. 复星躲在人群,望着那漫天的碎片,残存的余威,以及表情愤怒,却难掩狼狈的七界圣府众人,她眼中涌现出一抹担忧。 Chu Feng, you show off today, but the future road, feared that was difficult to walk.” 楚枫,今日你是出了风头,可日后的路,怕是难走了。” ...... …… In the teleportation tunnel, all fast-flows, highlighted its teleportation speed together all around, the non- common Teleportation Formation method may compare. 一道传送隧道内,周遭一切快速流动,凸显出了它传送的速度,非寻常传送阵法可比。 Chu Feng kneels in the teleportation tunnel, in gulps is spitting the blood. 楚枫则是跪在传送隧道之中,大口大口的吐着鲜血。 The blood under that as if has spat to do half his within the body all blood. 那身下的鲜血之多,仿佛已经将他体内所有的血液都吐干了一半。 At this moment his pale scary, the lip is pale, the eyes filled the blood threads. 此刻他脸色苍白的吓人,嘴唇已经铁青,双眼更是充满了血丝。 Completely did not have the power and prestige when Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 全然没有了在七界圣府时的威风。 That mark, could not withstand, seven Mansion Lord offensive. 那印记,原本是承受不住,七界府主的攻势的。 At that time, the mark gave the Chu Feng two choices, one is escapes with the strength of teleportation directly, Seven Worlds Saint Palace no one can block. 于那时,印记给了楚枫两个选择,一个是直接用传送之力逃脱,七界圣府没人能够拦得住。 Another, then summons ten formation technique officers, a upfront war, but this price is enormous. 另外一个,则是召唤十尊阵法将士,正面一战,但这个代价极大。 Even chose, is still not necessarily able successfully to awaken. 甚至就算选择了,也未必能够成功唤醒。 Awakened was not necessarily able to summon. 唤醒了未必能够召唤。 Summoned, was not necessarily able to use for oneself. 召唤过来,也未必能为自己所用。 Can use for oneself, is not necessarily able to display the true strength. 能为自己所用,也未必能够发挥出真正力量。 Even if, is extremely difficult to control. 哪怕一尊,都极难驾驭。 That difficulty, is the ant goes to the command great resembles to use for oneself, is almost the not possible matter. 那种难度,就似是蚂蚁去号令巨像为自己所用,几乎是不可能的事。 But Chu Feng, almost displayed extreme. 楚枫,几乎发挥到了极致 But by the body of God-cloak, stimulates to movement existence of True Dragon peak, even if the formation technique strength, this price, naturally is also common person difficult withstands. 但以神袍之躯,催动真龙巅峰的存在,哪怕是阵法力量,这代价,自然也是寻常人难以承受。 Chu Feng is not does not want to slaughter, actually he thinks very much. 楚枫不是不想大开杀戒,其实他很想。 He is not cannot bear patiently, may work as seven Mansion Lord, insulted his father in the presence of everyone, the Seven Worlds Saint Palace people insults his father, keeping on proclaiming must extinguish his entire clan, when killed his good friend, he then did not endure. 他不是不能隐忍,可当七界府主,当众辱骂他的父亲,七界圣府众人辱骂他的父亲,口口声声要灭他全族,杀他好友之时,他便忍不了。 He wishes one could these people, kills off completely. 他恨不得将那些人,全部杀尽。 He reached the limit, in fact had reached the limit. 只是他到了极限,实际上早就到了极限。 Stimulating to movement eight officers is his limit. 催动八尊将士就是他的极限。 He does not leave behind two officers to protect itself intentionally. 他不是故意留下两尊将士护着自己。 But is he can only stimulate to movement eight officers. 而是他只能催动八尊将士。 Thinking, eight officers is striking to kill seven Mansion Lord, then slaughters. 原本想着,八尊将士击杀七界府主,然后再大开杀戒。 But who once thinks, seven Mansion Lord are like that powerful, eight officers can only block him, few is not good. 可谁曾想,七界府主那般强大,八尊将士只能将他拦下,少一尊都不行。 What is most annoying, vault of heaven Sect Master sneak attacks to Chu Feng unexpectedly, Chu Feng has to ten officers also stimulate to movement. 最可气的是,苍穹宗主竟对楚枫偷袭,楚枫不得不十尊将士同时催动。 This sped up the Chu Feng's consumption enormously. 这极大的加快了楚枫的消耗。 He must leave, otherwise... the life is worrying. 他必须离开,否则…性命堪忧。 But, Chu Feng is also so bearing the inhuman pain even if at this time. 可哪怕如此,楚枫此时也承受着非人的痛苦。 - 呃啊- Suddenly, Chu Feng holds to roar. 猛然间,楚枫抱头咆哮起来。 That did not roar, but was painful wailing. 那不是咆哮,而是痛苦的哀嚎。 Even if Chu Feng by the tolerance, is actually not able to withstand in the pain in the body transmitting at this moment, his body is collapsing. 哪怕楚枫以的忍耐力,此刻却也无法承受于身体内传来的痛楚,他的身体正在崩溃。 Trades to be the average man, such pain, only needs the flash, then sufficiently nervous breakdown, lifelong crazy. 换做常人,这样的痛苦,只需一瞬间,便足以让人精神崩溃,终身疯癫。 But such pain, continued enough one double-hour on Chu Feng. 而这样的痛楚,在楚枫身上持续了足足一个时辰。 After a double-hour, Chu Feng weak kneeling on the ground, mouth slightly, wood, if the dull chicken, his strength did not have. 一个时辰之后,楚枫无力的跪在地上,嘴巴微张,木若呆鸡,他一丝力气都没有了。 But suddenly, the flame ignites from Chu Feng within the body unexpectedly. 可忽然,竟火焰自楚枫体内燃起。 It is not outside ignites, but ignites from within the body. 并非是外面燃起,而是从体内燃起。 Chu Feng sees with one's own eyes, his skin was destroyed, the muscle combustion completely, the quick flesh evaporates thoroughly, was only left over the skeleton. 楚枫亲眼看到,他的皮肤被摧毁,肌肉燃烧殆尽,很快血肉彻底蒸发,只剩下了骨骼。 But the skeleton is also reduced to ashes quickly, was only left over the weak soul. 但骨骼也是很快化为灰烬,只剩下了虚弱的灵魂。 The soul, unexpectedly also becomes tiny, is getting more and more weak. 就连灵魂,竟也变得渺小,越来越弱。 Limit? 极限了吗? Am I dying? 我要死了吗? Chu Feng is unable to determine, oneself this time whether to support. 楚枫也无法确定,自己这次能否撑过去。 Made his cultivation realm, should not the matter of doing, he also probably pay the price. 做了他这个修为,不该做的事,他也要付出代价。 But if asked him, paid such price, made just matter, the value? 但若要问他,付出这样的代价,做出刚刚之事,值吗? He will say the value, even can separate by gravity, still does again one time. 他会说值,就算能够重选,也是再做一次。
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