MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5582: The flame monster of seal

Strange, how through the test, to be no good?” “奇怪,怎么通过考验,没有什么好处呢?” Quick, on Little Fishy face joyful also removes, because she realized, she has not obtained any advantage. 很快,小鱼儿脸上的喜悦也是褪去,因为她意识到,她并没有得到任何好处。 But at this time, periphery Chu Feng and Little Fishy, carefully are observing. 而此时,楚枫小鱼儿,都在仔细观察周围。 This is a very vast world, they could not have seen the palace. 这是一个很辽阔的世界,他们已经看不到刚才的宫殿了。 Because of the distant place, performing is the boundless white fog. 因为远处,尽是茫茫白雾。 The white fog is very strange, only blocked all around, has not actually blocked the sky and land. 白雾很怪,只挡住了四周,却没有挡住天空与大地。 Therefore the raise one's head obvious sky and land, some distant places cannot only see thing. 所以抬头可见天空与大地,唯有远处看不到东西 Where is here?” Little Fishy curious asking, simultaneously her eyes are also become bright. “这里是什么地方?”小鱼儿好奇的问道,同时她的双眼也是变得明亮。 That is a special observation method, is not Spirit Formation technique, but is cultivator one method. 那是一种特殊的观察手段,不是结界之术,而是修武者的一种手段。 Meanwhile, Chu Feng also uses Heaven's Eyes, carefully observes. 与此同时,楚枫也动用天眼,仔细观察起来。 Quick, under Chu Feng's Heaven's Eyes, the dense fog starts to dissipate. 很快,楚枫的天眼之下,迷雾开始消散。 Chu Feng can see, the distant place, has that palace. 楚枫能够看到,身后的远处,有那座宫殿。 But that palace front door has been closed, if they go back, must adopt the special method. 但那宫殿大门已经关闭,他们若要回去,显然是要通过特殊的方法的。 But the dead ahead of this world, is has passes through the formation barrier of the world together. 而这世界的正前方,则是有着一道贯穿天地的结界屏障。 That formation barrier, firm incomparable, only looked that Chu Feng knows, that is in a short time, formation that is unable to decode. 结界屏障,坚固无比,只看一眼楚枫就知道,那是自己短时间内,无法破解的结界 However, under Chu Feng's Heaven's Eyes, that barrier gradually turned transparently from the entity. 不过,在楚枫的天眼之下,那屏障从实体渐渐变成了透明的。 „Is that?” “那是?” But when that formation barrier, after can be seen through by Chu Feng, Chu Feng is actually in the heart one tight. 可是当那结界屏障,可以被楚枫看穿之后,楚枫却是心中一紧。 In the formation barrier, is sealing formation technique. 结界屏障内,乃是一座封印阵法 This big, the Chu Feng's line of sight, cannot look at the end unexpectedly. 此阵之大,楚枫的视线,竟一眼望不到尽头。 But under that formation technique, has a colossus, its whole body flame ascends, that flame and flame in body character copper gate looks like very much, but is stronger, did not know many times. 而在那阵法之下,有着一个庞然大物,它周身火焰升腾,那火焰与身字铜门内的火焰很像,只不过更强,强了不知多少倍。 But its body was too big, Chu Feng also cannot see its ending overall, in the vision institute and range, can only see its part. 但它身躯太大了,楚枫同样看不到它的完整体,目光所及范围内,只能看到它的一部分。 But Chu Feng judged, he should lie, part that he can see, should be the face of opposite party. 楚枫判断,他应该是趴着的,他所能看到的部分,应该是对方的脸。 Although because cannot see the body complete picture, but can actually see pair of incomparably giant eyes, is gazing at Little Fishy. 因为虽看不到身体全貌,但却能够看到一双无比巨大的双眼,正注视着小鱼儿 But that vision, Chu Feng is familiar, when precisely just he accepted the test, once had presented vision. 而那目光,楚枫熟悉,正是刚刚他接受考验之时,曾出现过的目光。 In the meantime, before that barrier, the form appears together. 就在此时,那屏障之前,一道身影浮现。 When this form just appeared, hundred thousand meters in height, the physique is the human form, the whole body is twining and that by the thing of same flame seal. 这道身影刚浮现之时,十万,体态为人形,周身缠绕着与那被封印之物相同的火焰。 What is main, after this form appears, then by the colossus of seal, was closed a pupil unexpectedly. 最主要的是,当这个身影出现之后,那被封印的庞然大物,竟闭上了眼眸。 However that sets eyes on Little Fishy also, but this vision, appeared on the body of that flame giant. 但是那锁定小鱼儿的目光还在,只不过这目光,出现在了那火焰巨人的身上。 Moreover, on their bodies, Chu Feng also felt the same aura. 不仅如此,在它们的身上,楚枫还感受到了相同的气息。 That was compared with the ancient times remote aura, they have had the World innumerable years, likely was Remote Antiquity Era then already the thing of existence. 那是比远古更久远的气息,它们已经存在于世无数岁月,很可能是太古时期便已存在之物。 After this thing appears, then has also been staring at Little Fishy, and walks fast to Little Fishy. 此物出现之后,便也一直盯着小鱼儿,且快速向小鱼儿走来。 Meanwhile, his body also starts to change, the figure reduces unceasingly, not only turned into the normal human race size, flame is also draws back disperses to go. 同时,其身体也开始变化,身形不断缩小,不仅变成了正常人族的大小,就连身上的火焰也是退散而去。 Finally transformed one, wore the female of fiery red long skirt, this female skin was fair, the both legs were slender, before the stature was , after being raised curled upwards, hot. 最终幻化成了一个,身穿火红长裙的女子,此女子皮肤白皙,双腿修长,身材更是前凸后翘,火辣至极。 Especially, she has a fiery red long hair unexpectedly, above that long hair the air current surges, at first sight, that like the hair, is less like the flame. 尤其是,她竟有着一头火红的长发,那长发之上气流涌动,乍一看,那不像头发,更像是火焰。 Her appearance, described appropriately with the seductress/evil spirit two characters. 她的长相,用妖精二字形容最为贴切。 But is actually that check person seizes the mortal form, very evil that seductress/evil spirit. 但却是那种勾人夺魄,很是邪恶的那种妖精。 From the hundred thousand meter flame giant, turns into this time charming female, her anything changed, but only that vision has not changed. 十万米的火焰巨人,变成此时的妩媚女子,她什么都变了,但唯独那目光没变。 Is staring at Little Fishy as before, harbors evil intentions as before. 依旧盯着小鱼儿,依旧不怀好意。 What's the matter, is it that by the thing of seal? How did it run?” Milady Queen also saw Chu Feng sees, is the big feeling is not wonderful. “怎么回事,它是那被封印之物吗?它怎么跑出来了?”女王大人也看到了楚枫所见到的,也是大感不妙。 Does not know, but felt the same person, is it possible that was the main body by the seal, but actually escaped a wisp of strength?” Chu Feng is guessing. “不知道,但感觉就是同一个人,莫非是本体被封印了,但却逃出来了一缕力量?”楚枫猜测着。 Although Little Fishy used the observation method, but does not have the clarity that Chu Feng looks. 小鱼儿虽使用了观察手段,但却没有楚枫看的清楚。 Sizes up all around at the same time, the vision is also vacant curious. 打量四周的同时,目光也是茫然好奇的。 But with nearness of that female, Little Fishy also detected that arrival, cast the vision. 但随着那女子的靠近,小鱼儿也察觉到了那位的到来,将目光投了过去。 Quick, that across the mist, appeared in the line of sight of Little Fishy. 很快,那位穿过雾气,出现在了小鱼儿的视线之内。 Follows the appearance of this female, Jie Tian also from awakens, since takes a look at present this rumor hot female carefully. 伴随这名女子的出现,界天也是从恍惚中惊醒,仔细打量起眼前这名谣言火辣的女子。 Girl is really good, you unexpectedly are only through the person of test.” “小妮子真是不错,你居然是唯一通过考验之人。” That this destiny, then turns over to you to be respective.” This words saying, the form of female then starts becomes illusory. “那这机缘,便归你所属。”此话说完,那女子的身影便开始变得虚幻。 Waits for.” “等一下。” But, the form appeared before the Little Fishy body in the meantime together suddenly, was Chu Feng. 可就在此时,一道身影却忽然出现在了小鱼儿身前,乃是楚枫 Just test, I can complete.” Chu Feng said. “刚刚的考验,我可以完成。”楚枫说道。 Oh?” Hears this words, the female vision changes slightly. “喔?”听闻此话,那女子目光微微变化。 „”, but Jie Tian, is contemptuous smiles: In front of benefit, anything relates, no more than so.” “呵”而界天,则是轻蔑一笑:“利益面前,什么关系,也不过如此。” He of understanding the true situation, thought Chu Feng wants to rob, destiny that this belongs to Little Fishy, therefore wants to apply for test opportunity again a time. 不明真相的他,是觉得楚枫是想抢夺,这本属于小鱼儿机缘,所以才想再申请一次考验机会。 But Little Fishy, not only has not been angry, instead rushed to the Chu Feng body before directly, kept off Chu Feng with the small hand after behind. 小鱼儿,不仅没有生气,反而直接冲到了楚枫身前,用小手将楚枫挡在了身后。 She vision like a torch, as if facing a formidable foe is staring at that female: Comes to me on the line.” 她目光如炬,如临大敌般盯着那名女子:“冲着我来就行。” Little Fishy, you......” Chu Feng realized, Little Fishy should also realize, this female will give her is not destiny, but is the bad risk. 小鱼儿,你……”楚枫意识到,小鱼儿应该也意识到,这名女子将给予她的不是机缘,而是凶险。 Little Fishy realized, Chu Feng wants to help her facing this bad risk, therefore not agrees makes Chu Feng replace her. 小鱼儿是意识到,楚枫想要帮她面对这凶险,所以才不肯让楚枫顶替她。 Little rascal, this empress can give you an opportunity.” “小鬼,本女皇可以给你一次机会。” But you , if unable to complete, but must die.” The female said to Chu Feng. “但你若无法完成,可是要死的。”那女子对楚枫说道。 Good.” Chu Feng should under. “好。”楚枫应下。 „It is not good, I take the lead through the test obviously.” Little Fishy opposed. “不行,我明明率先通过考验。”小鱼儿反对。 But that female, actually does not pay attention to Little Fishy, but is the palm wields gently, Chu Feng then by the strength of package teleportation, entered in just space again. 可那女子,却根本不理会小鱼儿,而是手掌轻轻一挥,楚枫便被传送之力包裹,再度进入刚刚的空间之内。 The body character copper gate, with the soul character copper gate, appears in Chu Feng again at present. 身字铜门,与魂字铜门,再度出现在楚枫眼前。 But this time, takes the lead to open, unexpectedly is the soul character copper gate. 可这一次,率先开启的,竟是魂字铜门。 Chu Feng was inhaled, that strange sound resounds again, to rescue Little Fishy, Chu Feng does not dare to have any turning on the water again, but transfers own willpower whole-heartedly, resists that sound. 楚枫被吸入其中,那诡异的声音再度响起,为了救小鱼儿,楚枫不敢再有任何放水,而是全力以赴的调动自己的意志力,去抵挡那声音。 Quick, Chu Feng then adapted to the influence of that sound. 很快,楚枫便适应了那声音的影响。 Afterward, the whole body scene changes, Chu Feng then in the world that returned to Little Fishy and Jie Tian is. 随后,周身景象变化,楚枫便回到了小鱼儿界天所在的世界之内。 Without started the test of character copper gate unexpectedly again, the soul character copper gate test finished, Chu Feng then direct homing. 竟然没有再开始身字铜门的考验,魂字铜门考验结束,楚枫便直接归位。 But Chu Feng knows, he should be qualified. 楚枫知道,他应该是合格了。 Really, when Chu Feng falls to the ground, the female will have looked at ahead of time on Chu Feng. 果然,楚枫落地之时,那女子已提前将目光锁定在了楚枫身上。 Good, your result, is better than her.” “不错,你的成绩,比她好。” Flesh and blood presses, you are the person of most suitable this empress.” The females said to Chu Feng. “骨肉按,你才是最适合本女皇的人。”女子对楚枫说道。 Is seeing with own eyes that female, must choose Chu Feng, Little Fishy flustered, rushes saying: I can be better, makes me come again one time.” 眼见着那女子,要选择楚枫,小鱼儿慌了,赶忙道:“我可以更好,再让我来一次。” But that female, actually shakes the head. 可那名女子,却是摇了摇头。 She extends the snow white slender hand, swung the finger to Little Fishy: No, you not possible to be better than him.” 她伸出雪白纤细的手,对小鱼儿摇了摇手指:“不,你不可能比他更好。” „Your first time already whole-heartedly, but he not.” “你第一次就已经全力以赴,而他并没有。” Hears this words, Chu Feng immediately in the heart one tight, he realized anything. 听闻此话,楚枫顿时心中一紧,他意识到了什么。 But , the vision of female, went to him. 而果然,那女子的目光,又投向了他。 You were very intelligent, detect the intention of this empress, therefore previously caused to cheat intentionally, pretending is unable through the test.” “你很聪明,察觉到了本女皇的意图,所以先前故意使诈,装作无法通过考验。” But you are not stupid, this empress not stupid.” The female eyes narrow two crescent moons, at first sight is charming, contains the endless bad risk actually. “但你不笨,本女皇也不愚钝。”女子双眼眯成两道月牙,乍一看迷人,实则蕴藏无尽凶险。 But sees that Chu Feng looks again to the distant dense fog, discovered that he uses Heaven's Eyes, is unable to see through that dense fog. 而见状,楚枫再度看向远方迷雾,发现他使用天眼,也无法看穿那迷雾。 At this time, Chu Feng is also suddenly enlighted. 此时,楚枫也是恍然大悟。 Originally the first test turns on the water, had been discovered by the female. 原来自己第一次考验放水,早就被女子发现。 Oneself, instead were on her working as. 自己,反而是上了她的当了。 Even, just saw through the formation barrier of that dense fog and distant place, is not the Heaven's Eyes strength, but is the opposite party has imagining to make Chu Feng see. 甚至,就连刚刚看穿那迷雾与远处的结界屏障,也并非是自己天眼的力量,而是对方有意想让楚枫看到的。 Is she is intentional, to make Chu Feng realize her danger intentionally, thus compels Chu Feng to inspect again. 都是她有意为之,故意让楚枫意识到她的危险,从而逼楚枫再度进行考核。 Do not fluster, this is your good fortune!!!” “别慌,这是你的福气!!!” The female is smiling to the Chu Feng evil charm, later then changes to together fiery red Mist, directly soars the Chu Feng impact. 那女子对着楚枫邪魅一笑,随后便化作一道火红气焰,直奔楚枫冲击而来。 Sees that Little Fishy also wants to resist. 见状,小鱼儿还想抵挡。 But in an instant, an unequalled oppression drops from the clouds, Chu Feng and Little Fishy, all cannot move. 可刹那间,一股无与伦比的压迫从天而降,楚枫小鱼儿,皆是动弹不得。 Only can look fiery red Mist that helplessly that female changes, enters Chu Feng's within the body. 只能眼睁睁的看着那女子化作的火红气焰,进入楚枫的体内。 Mist that the female changes, has entered in the Chu Feng's dantian world, at this moment, she restored the hundred thousand flame giant. 那女子化作的气焰,已经进入楚枫的丹田世界之中,此刻,她恢复成了十万火焰巨人。 Hahaha......” “呃哈哈哈……” Good, this empress has not really elected wrong, this little rascal is very sturdy.” “不错,本女皇果然没有选错,这小鬼的身体真的很棒。” Was a pity, is healthy, does not have enough ability, is doomed to become others the thing.” “只是可惜,身体再好,没有足够的本领,也注定成为他人之物。” From now henceforth, this body, then turned over to this empress all.” “从今以后,这具身体,便归本女皇所有了。” Hahaha......” “啊哈哈哈……” When it laughs wildly, First Level the First Level powerful flame scatters in all directions to go, is attacking Chu Feng's dantian unceasingly, within the quick naked eye sees, performs is swallowed by that flame. 当其狂笑之时,一重一重强大的火焰四散而去,不断冲击着楚枫的丹田,很快肉眼所见之内,尽是被那火焰吞噬。 - 唔- Chu Feng then felt, oneself is weak, own consciousness starts fuzzily, as if all, no longer are themselves. 楚枫便感觉,自己身体虚弱无比,自己的意识开始模糊,仿佛一切,都不再属于自己。 Own life and consciousness, want to dissipate at this moment. 自己的生命与意识,都要在此刻消散。 But suddenly, that consciousness fuzzy feeling does not see, all as if returned to normal. 可忽然,那种意识模糊的感觉不见,一切仿佛恢复了正常。 Originally is that floods the dantian flame to disappear. 原来是那充斥丹田的火焰不见了。 Un?” “嗯?” At this moment, the laughter of women's also stops suddenly. 这一刻,那女子的笑声也是忽然停止。 In her vision, did not have to have a new lease of life wild with joy, what displacing was wipes scared. 她的目光之中,没有了重获新生的狂喜,取而代之的乃是一抹恐慌。 When her turn head, sees only nine thunder huge beast, has appeared in her behind. 而当她的回头之际,只见九只雷霆巨兽,已是出现在了她的身后。 Even if her body, is the action as high as hundred thousand meters, is the thing of true being indomitable spirit. 哪怕她之身躯,已是十万之举,是真正的顶天立地之物。 But so short distance facing nine thunder huge beast, her body, actually becomes cannot withstand tiny, just like a normal human, stood in front of nine peaks. 可如此近距离的面对九只雷霆巨兽,她那身躯,却也变得渺小不堪,宛如一个正常的人类,站在了九座高峰面前。 Sees that nine thunder huge beast flash, the female then rushes to open the mouth. 看到那九只雷霆巨兽的一瞬间,女子便赶忙开口。 Sorry, was cracked a joke a moment ago, my walked.” “抱歉,刚才是开玩笑的,我这就走。” During the female speeches, has changed to red Mist again, wants to flee from this dantian world. 女子说话间,已是再度化作红色气焰,想要逃离这丹田世界。 - 嗷-- In an instant, nine angry roar also roars. 刹那间,九声怒吼同时咆哮。 Nine-colored Divine Lightning has changed to the thunder cage, is stranded the female in middle. 九色神雷已化作雷霆牢笼,将女子困在当中。 Whatever the female strength is strong, but is actually not able to get out of trouble!!! 任凭女子力量再强,可却也无法脱困!!! Therefore, she changes to the female appearance again, at this time did not have beforehand overbearing, instead with tears, puts in great inconvenience anxiously. 于是,她再度化作女子模样,此时没有了之前的霸道,反而眼含热泪,委屈巴巴。 Does, the openly expressing joke, puts me to walk, did I make a mistake was not good?” “干嘛呀,都说开玩笑的,放我走吧,我错了还不行吗?”
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