MOGX :: Volume #15 神魔世界

#1533: Blossoming and bearing fruit

Immortal Territory and a All Heavens World war, the All Heavens World rout, Immortal Territory collapse, is divided into four, four ten thousand years of time, Four Great Immortal Worlds various presently Control(ler). 仙域诸天世界一战,诸天世界大败,仙域崩毁,一分为四,四万年岁月,四大仙界各现主宰 Queen Mother of the West, northern Bai Yu, south Flame Emperor, eastern Azure Wood, Lords of Four Great Immortal Worlds, rules the world. 西王母,北白雨,南炎帝,东青木,四大仙界之主,君临天下。 The new and old influence takes turn, 40,000 years that Immortal Venerable vanishes, all were different. 新老势力交替,仙尊消失的40000年,一切都已不同。 However, many people know that Immortal Venerable has not died, but vanishes. 然而,不少人都知道,仙尊并没有死,只是消失而已。 Especially Lords of Four Great Immortal Worlds, had paid more attention to the Immortal Venerable news. 尤其四大仙界之主,更是一直关注了仙尊的消息。 Four people once followed Immortal Venerable, fully realized that Immortal Venerable strength, Immortal Venerable was too strong, formidable to making person All Heavens Monarch can not hold a candle. 四个人都曾跟随仙尊,深知仙尊的实力,仙尊太强了,强大到令人诸天君主都望尘莫及。 Although they now also visit Monarch Boundary, but, wants compared with Immortal Venerable, the disparity to be as before huge. 他们如今虽然也踏足君主境界,但是,想比仙尊,差距依旧巨大。 The people all have the selfishness, Immortal are no exception, after four Immortal World Monarch become side Immortal World Control(ler), naturally does not hope to lose the power and influence in hand. 人皆有私心,仙人也不例外,四位仙界君主成为一方仙界主宰后,自然不希望失去手中的权势。 After four Immortal World Monarch hearts have anxiety dominant Immortal World three ten thousand years, closes up Immortal Venerable that therapy to go out finally. 就在四位仙界君主心有忧虑的统治仙界三万载后,闭关疗伤的仙尊终于出关。 However, initially was the Human Race youth who the Human Race rise and fall fought a bloody battle has not chosen conforms with Immortal Territory, but returned initially to plant Undying Peach of Immortality Tree Eastern Immortal World silently. 然而,当初为人族兴亡而浴血奋战的人族少年并没有选择重新整合仙域,而是默默地回到了当初栽下不死蟠桃树东仙界 In Immortal Palace, after Azure Wood Immortal Lord sees Immortal Venerable, did not say a language, returned to the latter within the body. 仙殿中,青木仙主看到仙尊后,不言一语,回归后者体内。 No one has thought that four big Immortal Lord lowest-key Azure Wood Immortal Lord unexpectedly are Immortal Venerable Clone. 谁都没有想到,四大仙主最为低调的青木仙主竟是仙尊的一具分身 Azure Wood Immortal Lord returns to youth within the body, Aura of youth re-enters Peak. 青木仙主回归少年体内,少年的气息重回巅峰 Instant, all directions Immortal World, three Immortal Lord all feel that familiar constriction, looks to shock. 刹那,各方仙界,三位仙主全都感受到那熟悉的压迫感,面露震撼。 He came back! 他回来了! Eastern Immortal World, in Immortal Palace, the youth takes a step to walk into the Immortal Palace deep place, put out a hand to shove open stone gate. 东仙界,仙殿中,少年迈步走入仙殿深处,伸手推开了一座石门 After stone gate, in strange World, Undying Peach of Immortality Tree ups and downs, takes root on the floating island, day and night is sending out the astonishing living Yuan. 石门后,一方奇异的世界中,不死蟠桃树沉浮,扎根浮岛上,夜以继日散发着惊人的生元。 Ten ten thousand years of time, Undying Peach of Immortality Tree has not had the fruit as before, the youth does not worry, silently waiting. 十万载岁月,不死蟠桃树依旧没有结出果实,少年也不着急,默默等待。 In other three big Immortal World, three Immortal Lord gaze at the East, in the pupil is all having the congealing color. 其他三大仙界中,三位仙主注视着东方,眸中皆有凝色。 He came back, will do? 他回来了,会怎么做呢? Three Immortal Lord had waited for that waits for the decision of Eastern that Heaven and Earth Supremacy. 三位仙主一直等待,等待东方那位天地至尊的决定。 However, this first-grade is hundred years. 然而,这一等便是百年。 hundred years of time, the East has not had any sound throughout, Immortal Venerable has not acted to launch an attack. 百年岁月,东方始终不曾有任何动静,仙尊也不曾出面发难。 Hundred years of silencing, three Immortal Lord cannot sit still again, went to Eastern Immortal World on own initiative. 百年的静寂,三位仙主再也坐不住,主动前往了东方仙界 Eastern Immortal World, before Immortal Palace, the grandmother, White Emperor, Flame Emperor come, take a step into the palace. 东仙界,仙殿前,王母、白帝炎帝现身,迈步入殿。 In main hall, young standing still of pure white clothing, wind and frost, heartlessness of completely Years. 大殿内,素白衣衫的年轻静立,一身风霜,道尽岁月的无情。 Has seen Immortal Venerable!” “见过仙尊!” Three Immortal Lord kneel salutes, look respectful say/way. 三位仙主跪地行礼,神色恭敬道。 Before the throne, Eastern Immortal Lord looks at three people, the look tranquil say/way, does not need to be overly courteous, now you are also side Immortal Lord, does not need to salute to me.” 王座前,东仙主看着三人,神色平静道,“不必多礼,如今你们也是一方仙主,无须向吾行礼。” The grandmother, White Emperor, Flame Emperor three Immortal Lord hears word, the look shakes, looks the unbelievable color. 王母、白帝炎帝三位仙主闻言,神色一震,面露难以置信之色。 Did the word of Immortal Venerable, recognize their status? 仙尊之言,是承认了他们的地位? Looks at three people of shocking looks, Eastern Immortal Lord takes a step to go down the throne, opens the mouth saying that Immortal Territory, who also or the Immortal World master is, is unimportant, more importantly, prosperity and decline Human World.” 看着三人震惊的神色,东仙主迈步走下王座,开口道,“仙域,又或者仙界的主人是谁,并不重要,重要的是,人间的兴衰。” The Eastern Immortal Lord vision looks at the front is kneeling three people, the tranquil say/way, remembers that my words, go back.” 东仙主目光看着前方跪着的三人,平静道,“记得吾的话,回去吧。” Three people have gotten back one's composure, is once again respectful a ritual, at once sets out, departs impressionably. 三人回过神,再度恭敬一礼,旋即起身,患得患失地离去。 Even if keeps aloof, as side Immortal Lord, facing the success and failure of position of Immortal Lord, is not also able to maintain the ordinary heart. 纵然高高在上,身为一方仙主,面对仙主之位的得失,亦无法保持平常之心。 Three people go out of Immortal Palace, the Immortal Palace front door rumble the closure. 三人走出仙殿,仙殿大门隆隆关闭。 „Are the Immortal Venerable words, what intent?” The Flame Emperor opens the mouth, asked. 仙尊的话,是何意?”炎帝开口,问道。 Queen Mother of the West looks back, looks at the closure the Immortal Palace front door, the congealing sound track, looks like, Immortal Venerable does not care about this Venerable the position, is we thinks were too many.” 西王母回首,看着关闭的仙殿大门,凝声道,“看起来,仙尊根本就不在乎这个尊位,是吾等想的太多了。” Walks.” “走吧。” White Emperor said lightly, takes a step to depart. 白帝淡淡说了一句,迈步离去。 He is Human World first ascender, is longest in the time that Immortal Territory stays, but, until now, he is unable to completely understand this Immortal Venerable as before. 他是人间第一位飞升者,在仙域停留的时间最久,但是,时至今日,他依旧无法看透这位仙尊 Immortal Venerable wants what is? 仙尊想要的到底是什么? Three Immortal Lord return, after Eastern Immortal World one line, is relieved. 三位仙主回归,东仙界一行后,安下心来。 Later number ten thousand years, four Immortal Lord of respective Control(ler) side, little again has occurring together extremely, Eastern Immortal Lord was the Venerable of Immortal Territory incident once, buries gradually in Years. 之后的数万载,各自主宰一方的四位仙主,彼此之间,极少再有交集,东仙主便是曾经仙域之尊一事,渐渐掩埋在岁月中。 Along with passing of time, common people's memory about the Immortal Territory is gradually pale, in the cognition of people, in the world only has Immortal World, but non- is Immortal Territory. 随着时间的流逝,世人关于仙域的记忆逐渐淡去,人们的认知中,世上唯有仙界而非是仙域 Antiquity Era, Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi had been inferior that Immemorial Era is rich, but, once in a while, has cultivator to fly upwards as before God World, achievement True Immortal position. 远古时代,天地灵气已不如太古时代浓郁,不过,每隔一段时间,依旧有修炼者飞升神界,成就真仙位。 The Four Great Immortal Worlds continuous growth, is prosperous day by day. 四大仙界不断壮大,日益兴盛。 Compares the magnificence of other tripartite Immortal World, Eastern Immortal World has been very low-key, Eastern Immortal Lord little makes an appearance extremely. 相比其他三方仙界的辉煌,东仙界一直十分低调,东仙主更是极少露面。 As if retires after meritorious service, in Human World and Immortal Territory most magnificent Era, Eastern Immortal Lord left other people the stage and World, oneself hidden go from world. 仿佛功成身退,在人间仙域最辉煌的时代,东仙主将舞台和世界留给了他人,自己从世间隐去。 Ning Chen takes a step to walk into Immortal Palace, several tens of thousands years of time, before arriving at Peach of Immortality Tree, looks at Eastern Immortal Lord day after day waiting under peach blossom tree. 宁辰迈步走入仙殿,数万载岁月,来到蟠桃树前,看着桃花树下的东仙主日复一日的等待。 The scene that counts breaths, stated differently, he waited for hundred years, but Eastern Immortal Lord waited for number ten thousand years. 数息的场景,不同的是,他等了百年,而东仙主等了数万载。 When Undying Peach of Immortality Tree from is Immortal Vine was transferred to Eastern Immortal World by Eastern Immortal Lord from Primal Chaos World, now, has grown into immortal divine medicine finally. 不死蟠桃树从还是一根仙藤时便被东仙主混沌世界移到了东仙界,如今,终于长成了一株不死神药 Finally, Antiquity Era Late Stage, Undying Peach of Immortality Tree blossomed. 终于,远古时代后期,不死蟠桃树开花了。 The flower blooms the millenniums, millenniums snap fingers to flicker, Peach Tree result. 花开千年,千年弹指一瞬,桃树结果。 Under the peach blossom tree, Eastern Immortal Lord looks the only fruit that on Undying Peach of Immortality Tree has, the tranquil pupil has given birth to mighty waves finally. 桃花树下,东仙主看着不死蟠桃树上结下的唯一一颗果实,平静的眸子终于生出了一丝波澜。 But when the Undying Peach of Immortality Tree result, outside World, the change occurred once again. 而在不死蟠桃树结果之时,外面的世界,变化再度发生。 Years of ten number ten thousand years, Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was exhausted by more and more cultivator, Heaven and Earth changed arrives once again. 十数万载的岁月,天地灵气被越来越多的修行者耗去,天地之变又一次到了。 In Immortal Palace, Eastern Immortal Lord takes down the Undying Divine Tree fruit, before coming to a stone chamber. 仙殿中,东仙主取下不死神树的果实,来到了一座石室前。 After stone chamber front door, has three Azure Coffin, Eastern Immortal Lord opened most Azure Coffin. 石室大门后,有着三尊青棺,东仙主打开了最中间的一尊青棺 In Azure Coffin, a female calmly lies down in inside, the appearance is not the causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman, actually also fresh very beautiful. 青棺中,一位女子静静躺在里面,容颜并不算倾国倾城,却也生的十分美丽。 Eastern Immortal Lord melts the Undying Divine Tree fruit, integrates female within the body. 东仙主化开不死神树的果实,融入女子体内。 The go against heaven and change fate action, inspires the Heaven and Earth drastic change, sky over Immortal Palace, thunder erupts, the black thunder roar crazily galloping. 逆天改命的举动,引动天地剧变,仙殿上空,雷霆大作,黑色雷霆狂啸奔腾。 Rumble the vibration resounds through Eastern Immortal World, sky over entire Immortal World, the dark cloud blocks out the sun, the atmosphere constrains. 隆隆震动响彻东仙界,整个仙界上空,乌云蔽日,气氛压抑至极。 The thunder breaks out Immortal Palace, arrives at the stone chamber, however, the thunder has not fallen with enough time, rightmost Azure Coffin moves lightly, Azure Coffin opens three chi (0.33 m), handle Baleful Qi threatening Immortal Sword departs, cut the thunder directly. 雷霆劈开仙殿,降临石室,然而,雷霆还未来得及落下,最右边的青棺轻动,青棺打开三尺,一柄煞气逼人的仙剑飞出,直接斩开了雷霆。 In middle Azure Coffin, Undying Divine Tree fruit enters female within the body, Eastern Immortal Lord both hands grips tightly, waiting result. 中间的青棺内,不死神树的果实化入女子体内,东仙主双手紧攥,等待结局。 The time in the past, the female did not have any sound, the pupil deep place of Eastern Immortal Lord vicissitudes to flash through little as before wipes extremely painfully. 时间一点点过去,女子依旧没有任何动静,东仙主沧桑的眸子深处闪过一抹沉痛。 Was defeated! 还是失败了! However, at this moment, the female body moves slightly, is so slight, is almost indetectable. 然而,就在这时,女子身子微微一动,如此轻微,几乎不可察觉。 The Eastern Immortal Lord pupil shrank, sinks such as mood to have the mighty waves finally. 东仙主眸子一缩,沉如古波的心境终于起了波澜。 Eastern Immortal Lord puts out a hand, caresses to the female. 东仙主伸手,抚向女子。 Extremely unexpectedly! 殊不料! Eastern Immortal Lord puts out a hand to touch the female face flickers, the body trembles maliciously. 东仙主伸手触及女子脸庞的一瞬,身子狠狠一颤。
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