MGS :: Volume #10

#987: Unusual Status/Situation? Transformed failure?

( Thanked forgot dust child tears 1888 dozens to enjoy very! As well as I am S!’, cloud Qiqing the valley and rtcc and butterfly snow resists the frost and book territory demon gate hitting enjoys!) (十分感谢‘忘尘子泪’的1888打赏!以及‘我就是个s!’、‘云歧青谷’、‘rtcc’、‘蝶雪傲霜’、‘书域魔门’的打赏!) ( The new month came! Friend friends! Please the monthly tickets in your hand! Hits to enjoy! Such as leans! If leans will feel grateful!) (新的一个月来了!友友们!请把你们手中的月票!打赏!都给如倾吧!如倾会感恩的!) ( Sought the subscription! Asked the monthly ticket! Asked to hit to enjoy! Sought the collection! Sought the recommendation! Asked!) (求订阅!求月票!求打赏!求收藏!求推荐!求求求求求!) Ha?” split second, Natsuki dumbfounded. “哈?”一瞬间,那月呆住了。 Washes...” Nagisa is stiff the face, cheek dyeing slowly has become the red, looks at Wu Yan Kanon with the look that does not dare to believe that probably does not believe that just words said from the Wu Yan's mouth, only had Kotori, a person was smiling bitterly there. “洗洗洗洗…”凪沙僵硬着脸,一张脸蛋慢慢的染成了红色,就连夏音都用非常不敢置信的眼神看着无言,好像不相信刚刚的话是从无言的嘴中说出来的一样,唯有琴里,一个人在那里苦笑着。 Is only a pity is very regrettable, just words, truly were Wu Yan personally say. 只可惜很遗憾,刚刚的话,确实是无言亲口说出来的。 Yes!” As if absolutely does not have to realize oneself said the how astonishing words are the same, Wu Yan double bracelet in the chest front, opens the mouth to say naturally: You not in deep sleep in Prison Barrier ten years? in other words, haven't you ten years taken a bath?!” “是啊!”似乎完全没有意识到自己到底说了多么惊人的话语一样,无言手环在胸前,理所当然般的开口说道:“你不是在‘监狱结界’里沉睡了十年吗?也就是说,你已经十年没有洗澡了吧?!” Hears the Wu Yan's words, Natsuki has not nearly been mad to faint, complexion ugly frowning , the eye contains murderous aura. 听到无言的话,那月险些没有被气晕过去,脸色难看的皱起了眉头,眼含杀气 Do not give the words that I said casually slander to come, I did not have you to think was so dirty!” “别给我随随便便的说出诋毁的话来,我没有你想的那么脏!” But this is the fact!” The Wu Yan pursing the lips lip, looks to Kanon and Nagisa. Kanon, Nagisa, could it be that do you also think? That is not one day two days, but is the entire ten years...” “可是这是事实啊!”无言抿了抿嘴唇,看向夏音凪沙。“夏音,凪沙,难道你们也这么认为吗?那可不是一天两天,而是整整十年哦…” Kanon and Nagisa two people look at each other in blank dismay. 夏音凪沙两人面面相觑了起来了。 From fact, Natsuki, truly already in deep sleep in Prison Barrier ten years , the entire ten years have not taken a bath... 从事实上来看,那月,确实已经在‘监狱结界’里沉睡了十年,也整整十年没有洗澡了… In the heart ascends such idea, Kanon and Nagisa two people looked that immediately also became to the Natsuki vision strange, that appearance, just like in looking at anything makes thing that one regretted same, makes on Natsuki forehead in seal several well character. 心中升腾起这样的想法,夏音凪沙两人看向那月的目光顿时也变得古怪了起来,那个样子,犹如在看着什么令人惋惜的东西一样,令得那月额头上印上了几个‘井’字了。 May be similar to Wu Yan said that this is a fact, because even if Prison Barrier is own world. Stays there, own body radically dirty, but Natsuki said again is also a young girl, which young girl meeting has to be willing to be regarded as the person who ten years do not take a bath?... 可如同无言所说的一样,这是一个事实,即使因为‘监狱结界’是自己的世界。呆在那里,自己的身体根本脏不起来,但那月再怎么说也是一个少女,有哪一个少女会愿意被人看做是十年不洗澡的人呢?… Deeply has attracted several tones, depresses the innermost feelings bad the anger, the Natsuki look looks at Wu Yan. even so, I can also a person wash, why washes with you together?!” 深吸了几口气,压下内心的怒气,那月眼神不善的看着无言。“就算是这样,那我也可以一个人洗,为什么得跟你一起洗啊?!” On the Wu Yan face has hung up a radiant smiling face immediately, smiled the eye crookedly. 无言脸上立即挂上了一个璀璨的笑容,笑得眼睛都歪了起来了。 Has any relations Ma...” He said like this: In any case you now are just less than ten -year-old little girl, goes to wash with me together. What does not have at the worst?!” “有什么关系…”他这样子说道:“反正你现在只不过是个不到十岁的小女孩,跟我一起进去洗洗。也没什么大不了的吧?!” Who told you not to have what at the worst?!” The Natsuki sound enhanced some. By this expressed the anger in own heart. You will not regard as real little girl me. Can others help to wash including the bath?...” “谁告诉你没什么大不了的?!”那月的声音都不禁提高了些许了。以此来表示自己心中的怒气。“你不会把我看成真的小女孩了。连澡都得别人帮着洗吧?…” Good...” Wu Yan helpless spread has spread own hand, let Natsuki coldly snorted, smiled bitterly to make noise including Kotori, Kanon and Nagisa three people. “好吧…”无言无奈的摊了摊自己的手,让那月冷哼了一声,连带的,连琴里夏音凪沙三人都苦笑出声了。 In the people thinks that Wu Yan only cracks a joke. Had not planned that really with Natsuki takes a bath together, who knows, Wu Yan that let go stretched out both hands suddenly, small Natsuki hugging. 就在众人以为无言只是开个玩笑。没有真的打算跟那月一起去洗澡的时候,谁知道,正在摊手的无言陡然伸出了双手,将小小的那月给抱了起来了。 what are you doing!” Natsuki calls out in alarm makes noise. 你干什么!”那月惊呼出声。 Hee hee...” By own line of sight to the Natsuki that startled eye, Wu Yan had been laughing and playing, said one ambiguous. “嘻嘻…”让自己的视线对上了那月那惊慌中的眼睛,无言嬉笑了一声,暧昧的说了一句。 Saa, Natsuki-chan, takes a bath with me together!” “撒,那月酱,跟我一起去洗澡吧!” Do not call me Natsuki-chan!” The rebuttal of Natsuki condition launch, shortly afterwards has struggled. “别叫我那月酱!”那月条件发射的反驳了一句,紧接着挣扎了起来。 Lets loose to me!” “给我放开!” Is weak regarding Natsuki that relative with the ant same struggling strength. Wu Yan directly disregarding, has hugged is struggling desperately Natsuki, entered in the bathroom. 对于那月那相对自己而言弱得跟蚂蚁一样的挣扎力道。无言直接给无视了,抱着苦苦挣扎中的那月,走进了浴室里。 „......” Kanon and Nagisa two people dull looks at small Natsuki like this holding the bathroom by Wu Yan, quite a while has not responded. “……”夏音凪沙两人呆呆的看着小那月就这样被无言给抱进了浴室,半天没有反应过来。 „Did Oh? launch new capturing?...” Kotori cast aside direction one of the bathroom, the corners of the mouth has brought back a curve. Very competent Ma...” 哦?展开新的攻略了吗?…”琴里撇了浴室的方向一眼,嘴角勾起一个弧度。“挺能干的…” hearing this. Kanon and Nagisa that just recovered almost fell into disorderly Status/Situation. 闻言。刚刚才回过神来的夏音凪沙差点又陷入了凌乱的状态了。 I said! Kotori-chan!” Nagisa somewhat breathless closing one's eyes, to Kotori to shout. could it be that you do not manage Sensei? He now in... In...” “我说!琴里酱!”凪沙有些气急败坏的闭着眼睛,对着琴里呐喊。“难道你都不管管老师的吗?他现在可是在…在…” I know, is taking a bath with other girl together Ma!” Kotori holds lollipop, unemotionally jolted to curl upwards one leg on the other foot. In any case was not the first time...” “我知道,在跟别的女孩子一起洗澡!”琴里含着棒棒糖,面无表情的颠了颠正翘着二郎腿的脚。“反正又不是第一次了了…” Ha?” “哈?” You, leaves cares good...” Finds some two girls delay the appearances, Kotori sighed. Otherwise, later has your aerobic...” “你们啊,也别太在意的好…”瞧见两女有些呆滞的模样,琴里叹了一口气。“否则啊,以后有你们好气的了…” Then, Kotori stood up, returning to oneself room to go, only left behind two cute and pretty young girls to be dumbfounded there, does not know completely should be what to do good, at once, entire hall silent. 说完,琴里站起身,回到自己房间里去了,只留下两个可爱漂亮的少女在那里大眼瞪小眼,完全不知道该怎么办才好,一时之间,整个大厅都寂静了下来。 what are you doing... Stop!” 你干什么…住手啊!” obediently stands should not be moving! How otherwise to escape clothes!” 乖乖站着别动!不然怎么脱衣服啊!” Who allowed you to escape my clothes!” “谁允许你脱我衣服了!” How doesn't escape clothes to take a bath?!” “不脱衣服怎么洗澡啊?!” Said I can wash!” “都说了我自己可以洗!” Has come in you to add this saying, good, such being the case...” “都已经进来了你还说这话,好吧,既然如此…” „! Stop!” “啊!住手!” Hee hee, this also escaped...” “嘻嘻,这件也脱了吧…” No...!” “不…啊!” In the bathroom, Wu Yan prevails screams resounding that repeatedly the laughter and Natsuki startled anger occur simultaneously, made the dialogue of person let the imagination wander swing the ear of Kanon and in Nagisa with that let two pure and innocent young girls all of a sudden has blushed a thoroughness. 浴室里,无言得逞般的笑声与那月惊怒交加的惊呼声频频的响起,与那令人联想翩翩的对话荡进了夏音凪沙的耳中,一下子让两个纯情的少女的脸红了一个透彻。 Just, Nagisa blushes at the same time, what in the eyes is bringing is indignant, Kanon blushes at the same time, the vision was looking secretly to the direction of bathroom, in the eyes had been bringing actually envied. 只不过,凪沙红着脸的同时,眼中带着的是忿忿,夏音红着脸的同时,目光却是一直偷偷的瞄向了浴室的方向,眼中带着的却是羡慕了。 She also very much wants to take a bath with Wu Yan together said... 她也很想跟无言一起洗澡的说… ...... …… plop...” 噗通…” Along with clear falling splashing/underwater sound, Natsuki of diminished version threw into the water directly, the fortunately Wu Yan useful hand is holding, otherwise Natsuki affirmed to drink several taking a bath water. 随着一声清脆的落水声,缩小版的那月直接被扔进了水里,幸好无言有用手托着,不然那月肯定得喝上几口洗澡水了。 Your this fellow!” Shrinking is holding the body bitterly, Natsuki stares is sitting in own front, face grinning Wu Yan, if were not now her power by no.014 seizing, she wants really directly with oneself Chain Projection Wu Yan hanging in midair. “你这个家伙!”畏畏缩缩的抱着身体,那月恨恨的盯着坐在自己的面前,一脸笑嘻嘻的无言,如果不是现在她的力量已经被‘no.014’给夺走了,她真想直接用自己的‘戒律之锁’将无言给吊在半空中。 Facing Natsuki that murder general look, Wu Yan actually pays to smile, although smiling face as before, the feeling of but being smiling did not have, instead appears somewhat earnest. 面对那月那杀人一般的眼神,无言却是付以一笑,笑容虽然依旧,但嬉皮笑脸的感觉已经没有了,反而显得有些认真。 In Natsuki another calling out in alarm, Wu Yan has hauled in the bosom her, sprinkles her body the water, while the palm has pressed down the head of Natsuki, very earnest stroked that attractive long straight hair. 那月又一声的惊呼中,无言将她拉进了怀里,一边将水泼到她的身上,一边手掌按上了那月的脑袋,很认真的抚摸起了那一头漂亮的长直发 Is as is always so mild-mannered, main body or Avatar...” “还是一如既往的那么柔顺呢,无论是本体还是分身…” Was planning that to the Natsuki body that a Wu Yan elbow strikes stiff, lost the strength slowly, relied on the Wu Yan's bosom. 正打算给无言一记肘击的那月身体僵了下来,缓缓的失去了力道,倚在无言的怀中了。 That is natural...” Lowers the head, Natsuki also touched own hair. That is I according to entity Avatar that own body makes , compared with the main body, the difference almost does not have...” “那是当然的了…”低着头,那月也抚摸起了自己的头发。“那本来就是我依照自己的身体制造出来的实体分身,跟本体比起来,差别几乎没有…” Right?...” The Wu Yan chuckle, has rubbed the head of Natsuki with the chin. But I feel or have very big difference...” “是吗?…”无言轻笑了一声,用下巴蹭了蹭那月的头。“但我感觉还是有很大的区别呢…” The hand of link on Natsuki waist also tightened, letting her creamy body closer own chest, Wu Yan gathers by the ear of Natsuki the mouth, said one carefully. 环在那月腰上的手也紧了紧,让她滑腻的身体更加贴近自己的胸口,无言将嘴巴凑到那月的耳朵旁边,细细的说了一句。 Feeling, compared with Avatar, main body must warm were many...” “感觉,比起分身,本体要温暖的多了…” idiot...” Some Natsuki unnatural has put aside own head, in eyes flood the mighty waves of faint trace, making her heartbeat also accelerate, can only say one moderately scolded to conceal oneself mood at this moment. 笨蛋…”那月有些不自然的撇开了自己的头,眼眸中泛起丝丝的波澜,令得她的心跳也跟着加速,只能说出一句不轻不重的责骂来掩饰自己此刻的心情。 For a temperature, makes entire Itogami Island earth-shakingly, is really idiot...” “为了一点温度,就将整个弦神岛闹得天翻地覆,真是个笨蛋…” Shaking the head of Wu Yan laughs in spite of trying not, helping Natsuki wash the body. 无言失笑的摇了摇头,帮那月洗起了身体来。 If this is idiot, that makes me work as idiot for a lifetime!” “如果这样是笨蛋的话,那就让我当一辈子的笨蛋吧!” Natsuki was silent, lowers the head, for a very long time has not said a word, after long time the mosquito sound has put out one. 那月沉默了,低着头,久久没有言语,直到良久之后才蚊声吐出了一句。 idiot...” 笨蛋…” Perhaps from the Natsuki tone listened to different meaning, on the Wu Yan face to reappear a gentle smiling face... 或许是从那月的语气中听出了一点不一样的意味,无言脸上浮现了一个柔和的笑容… Natsuki depended on own body the Wu Yan bosom completely, closed the eye, in the heart exceptionally tranquil... 那月将自己的身体全部靠进了无言怀中,闭上眼睛,心中异常的平静… ...... …… Ding! Character Minamiya Natsuki and User body conjunction! mind/energetic conjunction! Has the nature to conform to Demonic Beast Engraved Seal activation condition! Demonic Beast Engraved Seal activation! Character Minamiya Natsuki transformation is Familiar!” 叮!人物南宫那月’与使用者身体契合!精神契合!存在性质符合‘妖兽刻印’激活条件!‘妖兽刻印’激活!人物南宫那月’转化为眷兽!” ...... …… The System Notification sound that makes a sound from the mind deep place made the smiling face on Wu Yan face coagulate, has not waited for him to respond, notification sound resounded together. 从脑海深处里响起来的系统提示音让无言脸上的笑容凝固住了,还没等他反应过来,又是一道提示音响起。 ...... …… Beep! Character Minamiya Natsuki is in exceptionally Status/Situation! Familiar transformation failure! When Character Minamiya Natsuki restores normal Status/Situation! The transformation will be again conducted...” 滴!人物南宫那月’处于异常状态眷兽转化失败!当人物南宫那月’恢复正常状态时!转化将再一次进行…” ...... …… Wha...” Wu Yan amazed calling made noise, brings in the Natsuki doubts the look. “什…”无言惊诧的叫出了声,引来那月疑惑的眼神。 what happened?...” 怎么了?…” Does not have... Not anything...” Spoke thoughtlessly to be perfunctory Natsuki one, did not give a thought to the Natsuki that doubts the look, Wu Yan is continuing the movement in hand as before, in wine red eyes completely was looking pensive... “没…没什么…”随口敷衍了那月一句,不顾那月那依旧疑惑的眼神,无言继续着手中的动作,酒红色的瞳孔中尽是若有所思…
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