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#34: Witch wind Great Emperor( fourth)

Shouted.” “呼。” The Dongbo Xueying shuttle is easily void, then arrives at the witch wind world in a flash. 东伯雪鹰轻易穿梭虚空,转瞬便来到巫风世界。 The witch wind world, as a Great Emperor world, the alert is so stern, just entered this world in Dongbo Xueying, did not have watches this world with enough time well, then heard one to shout angrily. 巫风世界,作为一位大帝的世界,戒备何等之森严,在东伯雪鹰刚进入这个世界,还没来得及好好观看这一世界,便听到了一声怒喝。 Dares to excel at travelling the witch wind world!” Shouted angrily to resound through the world. “竟敢擅闯巫风世界!”一声怒喝响彻天地。 One crowd of soldier shuttle void emergence, are the first soldier looks angrily at Dongbo Xueying. 一群士兵穿梭虚空出现,为首士兵怒视东伯雪鹰 Requests to convey a message, I want to see witch wind Great Emperor.” Dongbo Xueying said. “烦请传话,我想要见巫风大帝。”东伯雪鹰说道。 Snort, but also is unreasonable! Is the Great Emperor what kind status, you wants to see can see?” Is the first soldier shouts angrily, fast get lost, I and others can also forgive your life. Otherwise do not blame me and others being heartless.” “哼,还敢无理!大帝何等身份,是你想见就能见的?”为首士兵怒喝,“速速滚出去,我等还能饶你性命。否则可别怪我等无情。” Great Emperor, the status is extremely high. 大帝,身份是极高。 They for paragon, manage the big piece area! Like world ‚the lord of world generally does not have the qualifications to see Great Emperor. 他们代至尊,管理大片疆域!像一个个世界的‘世界之主’一般都是没资格见大帝的。 The world main aura, good and evil initially entered the emperor level, did not have the qualifications to see. Dongbo Xueying aura is weaker. How will these soldiers give complexion? 世界之主的气息,好歹是初入皇级了,都没资格见。东伯雪鹰气息更弱。这些士兵岂会给好脸色? I am Flying Snow Emperor, visits witch wind Great Emperor especially.” Dongbo Xueying opens the mouth once more, oneself ask others for help, the social ease, sent out oneself name well, thinks that this soldier should know. “我是飞雪帝君,特来拜访巫风大帝。”东伯雪鹰再次开口,自己来求人,态度自然得好点,报出了自己名字,想必这士兵应该知晓。 Flying Snow Emperor? Any Flying Snow Emperor, the big courage, dares from unrivaled!” That is the first soldier shouts angrily, begins, expels him!” 飞雪帝君?什么飞雪帝君,好大的胆子,竟敢自称帝君!”那为首士兵怒喝,“动手,将他撵出去!” Dongbo Xueying was awkward immediately. 东伯雪鹰顿时尴尬了。 Own name, hasn't the opposite party listened? 自己名字,对方没听过? Beforehand banquet, but also thinks the breaking tooth mountain range that own name passed on publicity. 之前的宴会,还以为自己名字已经传的断牙山脉人尽皆知了。 He actually thought mistakenly! 他却想错了! His name, spreads in tooth mountain range most top layer actually rapidly. Like dust Yao Great Emperor originally dominant area, the army that because attacks retreats rapidly. These world naturally also immediately know. 他的名字,在断牙山脉最顶层倒是迅速传开。像‘尘曜大帝’原本统治的疆域,因为攻打的军队迅速退去。那些世界自然也立即知晓。 But other piece by piece areas...... If the status suffices to obtain communicate high actually, the status is lower, but also does not know the Flying Snow Emperor name really! 可其他一片片疆域……若是地位够高倒是能得到传讯,地位低些的,还真不知道飞雪帝君的名字! A reason! 还有一个原因! Dongbo Xueying comes was too quick! Receives the hosts of many world, immediately saw Wu Feng Great Emperor. If previous some time, his name will have disseminated gradually, messenger is other areas Wang Ji strength Experts feared that also mostly knew. Now? In the strength slightly weak level, has not spread completely! 东伯雪鹰来的太快了!接待完诸多世界之主,就立即来见巫风大帝了。若是过上一段时间,他的名字会逐渐传播开,相信便是其他疆域的‘王级’实力强者怕也大多都知晓了。现在?在实力稍弱层次,还没完全传开! Bang.” “轰。” Is the first soldier orders, other soldiers also immediately begin. 为首士兵下令,其他士兵也顿时动手。 Stop!” “住手!” A terrifying fluctuation arrives, that is the fluctuation of emperor level Experts, sees only a green robe female to go out from void, the terrifying pressure covers that group of soldiers. 一股恐怖波动降临,那是皇级强者的波动,只见一位绿袍女子从虚空中走出,恐怖威压笼罩那群士兵。 Birds and beasts feather god.” These soldiers see that frighten immediately link respectful to salute, the god of witch wind Great Emperor subordinates, will not have Bei River Great Emperor to be many, altogether also eight! Witch wind Great Emperor extremely trusts them, the power and influence is also large. “禽羽神将。”这些士兵们见状顿时吓得连恭敬行礼,巫风大帝麾下的神将,可没北河大帝多,一共也就八位!巫风大帝都是极为信任他们,权势也颇大。 Has seen Flying Snow Emperor.” The green robe female is actually the smile salutes toward Dongbo Xueying, these Patrol have not listened to the Emperor given name, has affronted Emperor, but also asked Emperor not to be offended.” “见过飞雪帝君。”绿袍女子却是微笑朝东伯雪鹰行礼,“这些巡守没听过帝君大名,冒犯了帝君,还请帝君别见怪。” dumbstruck that nearby soldiers look. 旁边士兵们看的目瞪口呆 Will solemn birds and beasts feather god to this white clothing youth, unexpectedly so be polite? 堂堂禽羽神将对这个白衣少年,竟如此客气? Has not apologized to Emperor!” The green robe female turns the head to scold to say. “还不向帝君赔礼!”绿袍女子转头呵斥道。 The soldiers are somewhat vacant, Emperor, entire indigenous people tribal group indeed does unrivaled also on the number of both hands, which this Flying Snow Emperor brave? 士兵们有些茫然,帝君,整个原住民族群敢自称帝君也就双手之数,这个飞雪帝君到底哪冒出来的? In the heart even though is puzzled, but respectful respectful respect salutes: Emperor forgives!” 心中虽然不解,不过还是恭恭敬敬行礼:“帝君恕罪!” This no wonder you.” Dongbo Xueying smiles, by lord of gratitude that many world, are thought actually their given name spread over various indigenous people tribal group places. “这怪不得你们。”东伯雪鹰一笑,倒是自己被那么多世界之主感激,都以为自己的名号传遍原住民族群各处了。 Flying Snow Emperor comes my witch wind world, my family Emperor also very much likes, the special order I greet, who wants almost to make these Patrol dash Emperor.” Green robe female warm [say / way], Emperor, please.” 飞雪帝君来我巫风世界,我家帝君也很是欢喜,特命我来迎接,谁想差点让这些巡守冲撞了帝君。”绿袍女子热情道,“帝君,请。” Please.” “请。” Two people break immediately together void, goes to the witch Wind God palace. 二人当即一同破开虚空,前往巫风神殿。 Leaves behind that group of soldiers to be somewhat vacant. 留下那一群士兵们有些茫然。 „Is Flying Snow Emperor, which Emperor? Two paragon subordinates now altogether eight Emperor, not called Flying Snow Emperor. If there is a new Great Emperor birth, I and others should early know.” 飞雪帝君,到底是哪位帝君?两位至尊麾下如今一共有八位帝君,没有一个叫飞雪帝君的吧。若是有新的大帝诞生,我等应该早知道了吧。” Had not heard.” “没听说。” But the god like that treats courteously Lord, had not heard that will order the birds and beasts feather god to greet including Great Emperor personally.” “可神将大人都那般礼待,没听说么,连大帝都命令禽羽神将亲自来迎接呢。” I ask the general, looked whether general knows.” “我问一问将军,看将军是否知晓。” Their also communicate inquiry. 他们也传讯询问。 In the witch wind world, most top layer knew actually. 在巫风世界,最顶层倒是知晓了。 What?” “什么?” „Will weak god, directly drop down in front of this Flying Snow Emperor? Life and death by its control?” “弱些的神将,在这位飞雪帝君面前都直接倒下?生死受其操控?” Bei River Great Emperor subordinates 30 six spirits the second god skeleton god the strength in front of Flying Snow Emperor will damage greatly, unexpectedly by a world of ordinary star light world principal runs away distressedly?” “北河大帝麾下30六神将中第二神将‘骸骨神将’在飞雪帝君面前实力大损,竟被一个普普通通的星光世界的世界之主打的狼狈而逃?” Bei River Great Emperor is on good terms this Flying Snow Emperor, issues an order, gives up attacking originally dust Yao Great Emperor subordinates all world?” “北河大帝交好这位飞雪帝君,一声令下,放弃进攻原本尘曜大帝麾下所有世界?” After these soldiers inquired the news, dumbstruck. 这些士兵们打听到消息后,不由目瞪口呆 Bei River Great Emperor treats oneself witch wind Great Emperor, so will be impolite. Heard that for dust Yao Great Emperor subordinates area, Bei River Great Emperor also used the scheme to bet the war to win, because of Flying Snow Emperor, gives up not going on an expedition? Too crazy? 北河大帝对待自家巫风大帝,都不会这么客气吧。听说为了尘曜大帝麾下疆域,北河大帝还用了计谋赌战获胜,因为飞雪帝君,就放弃不征战了?太疯狂了? No matter what, the background is very big.” These soldiers understand this, the common emperor level was swept away by this Emperor, where is they can provoke. “不管怎样,来头很大。”这些士兵们明白这点,寻常皇级都是被这位帝君横扫,哪里是他们能招惹的。 ****** ****** Witch Wind God palace. 风神殿。 I just heard the matter of Flying Snow Emperor, but also is sighing with emotion, on this day within has such Experts unexpectedly, the soul move can make the emperor level perish. Who thinks that Emperor visits me, makes me like really extremely.” Witch Emperor Wind God sees Dongbo Xueying, initiative walks to greet rapidly. “我刚听闻飞雪帝君之事,还在感慨,这天地间竟有如此强者,灵魂招数能让皇级沉沦。谁想帝君就来拜访我,真让我不胜欢喜啊。”巫风神帝一看到东伯雪鹰,主动迅速走来迎接。 Great Emperor was polite.” Dongbo Xueying is also observing this witch wind Great Emperor. 大帝客气了。”东伯雪鹰也观察着这位巫风大帝 The witch wind Great Emperor waist is hanging a handle blade, the hanging loose hair, the clothes robe is loose, quite free and easy at will. 巫风大帝腰间挂着一柄刀,披散头发,衣袍宽松,颇为洒脱随意。 Comes, sits down, Emperor comes me to break the tooth mountain range from Heart Boundary Continent, although treats some date and time in the star light world, feared that perhaps breaks the tooth mountain range unique good food good wine not to taste?” Witch wind Great Emperor said with a smile warmly, at this time also some maidservants one after another delivered the good food good wine. Is to other Emperor, witch wind Great Emperor so will be then impolite. “来来来,坐下坐下,帝君界心大陆来我断牙山脉,虽在星光世界待些时日,怕也许多断牙山脉特有美食美酒没尝过吧?”巫风大帝热情笑道,这时候也有一个个侍女接连送上美食美酒。便是对其他帝君,巫风大帝也不会这么客气。 May to Dongbo Xueying, actually differ from. 可对东伯雪鹰,却有所不同。 Because of other Great Emperor and he, is each other is struggling! But Dongbo Xueying Practitioner, what cares is the boundary. But is not these has big help Unique item to the strength of bloodlines. 因为其他大帝和他,都是在彼此争的!而东伯雪鹰一个修行者,在乎的是境界。而不是那些对血脉之力有大帮助的奇物 Before, witch wind Great Emperor their Emperor, but also worry this Flying Snow Emperor will hire oneself Bei River Great Emperor, tied up completely on Bei River Great Emperor that Warship! Now Flying Snow Emperor visits him, looks like, should with Bei River Great Emperor not stand completely. 之前,巫风大帝他们一个个帝君,还担心这位‘飞雪帝君’会投靠北河大帝,完全绑在北河大帝那一艘战船上!现在飞雪帝君来拜访他,看起来,应该没和北河大帝完全站在一起。 Has a mind to become friends with, has matter to ask others for help the help. 一有心结交,一有事求人帮忙。 What naturally discussed was guests and hosts having a good time. 自然谈的是宾主尽欢。 „The Flying Snow brother comes my this, does not know that is what, has the matter to speak frankly freely.” Witch wind Great Emperor eventually asks. 飞雪兄来我这,不知是何事啊,有事尽管直说。”巫风大帝终于开口询问道。 Boundary practice that Great Emperor, our Practitioner cares about, I come this, is the hope can close up taking advantage of seven bell towers.” Dongbo Xueying said that I know seven bell towers are breaks the tooth mountain range recognition calm the mind cultivation first Precious Treasure, stimulates to movement one time, in 1 trillion years are unable to use the second time. I asked Great Emperor to help, was thick the facial skin. Needs any condition Great Emperor to comply, Great Emperor also freely said.” 大帝,我们修行者在乎的还是境界修行,我来此,是希望能够借七铃塔闭关。”东伯雪鹰说道,“我知道七铃塔乃是断牙山脉公认的‘静心修炼第一至宝’,催动一次,1000000000000年内无法使用第二次。我请大帝帮忙,也是厚着脸皮。需要什么条件大帝能够答应,大帝也尽管说。” Witch wind Great Emperor listened to smile. 巫风大帝听了笑了。 1 trillion years use one time, seem like for a long time use very much one time. 1000000000000年使用一次,看似很久才用一次。 In fact his oneself early with sufficing! Uses again, to awakening own bloodlines is unhelpful. Generally is used for the external transaction. 实际上他自身早用够了!再用,对觉醒自身血脉都无帮助。一般都是用来对外交易。 „The Flying Snow brother must use seven bell tower practice, the minor matter.” Witch wind Great Emperor said with a smile, as for condition, my actually small requests, hopes that the Flying Snow brother complied.” 飞雪兄要用七铃塔修行,小事而已。”巫风大帝笑道,“至于条件,我倒是有一小小请求,也希望飞雪兄答应。” Great Emperor said freely.” Dongbo Xueying relaxes darkly. 大帝尽管说。”东伯雪鹰暗松口气。 Dispatches several avatar, goes to a yan emperor island along with me.” Witch wind Great Emperor said that this line, no matter is defeated successfully, afterward, the Flying Snow brothers can use seven bell tower practice.” “派遣几个分身,随我去一趟厣皇岛。”巫风大帝说道,“此行不管成功失败,事后,飞雪兄都可以使用七铃塔修行。” Dongbo Xueying has resulted in that many information, naturally knows where the yan emperor island is. 东伯雪鹰得了那么多情报,自然知道厣皇岛是什么地方。 The yan emperor, is below dead evil clan three big paragon 13 emperors one, strength and Great Emperor quite! Sky Island that the dead evil clan 13 emperor progressions, occupy is in innumerable Sky Island placed most front row, huge is incomparable, crisis on top of crisis. Islands own crisis, this yan emperor island is actually in 13 emperor Sky Island, Experts largest! 厣皇,是死孽族三大至尊以下的‘13皇’之一,实力和大帝们相当!死孽族13皇这种级数,占的浮空岛都是无数浮空岛中排在最前列的,都庞大无比,危机重重。岛屿自身危机就罢了,这‘厣皇岛’却是13皇浮空岛中,强者数量最多的一个! Had Flying Snow Emperor, most does not fear was the group attacks.” Witch wind Great Emperor likes secretly, he wants to invite Flying Snow Emperor before, but this Flying Snow Emperor was invited by Bei River Great Emperor! This in an instant, Flying Snow Emperor visits itself personally! The opposite party has asked that oneself have also striven, accords to his need, happy! “有了飞雪帝君,最不怕的就是群攻了。”巫风大帝暗暗欢喜,他之前就想邀请飞雪帝君,只是这飞雪帝君被北河大帝请去了!这一转眼,飞雪帝君亲自来拜访自己!对方有所求,自己也有所求,各取所需,皆大欢喜! ****** ****** Four finished. 四更完毕。
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