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#37: Honored Emperor wreaks havoc

Hometown Chaos Void. 家乡混沌虚空 Here actually wants tranquil many compared with Heart Boundary Continent, before may actually be the wind and rain wants the tranquility! 这里却比界心大陆要宁静的多,可却是风雨欲来前的宁静! Entire Chaos Void first Experts Saint Lord dives to cultivate wholeheartedly, absorbs in huge Ancient Sacred Place the innumerable subjects' beliefs, rely on Sacred Ancient incarnation transfers the source strength. In other Sacred Place, chaos lands and other everywhere place, some believes innumerably his, in unceasingly Contribution the strength of belief. Saint Lord when gathering potential, is preparing, in big Destruction arrives comes one time again final impact, attempt whether can in this time control Supreme rule, making oneself Chaotic Source Being. If failed, can only wait for the next time. 整个混沌虚空第一强者圣主’一心潜修,吸收庞大古圣界内无数子民们的信仰,借助古圣化身转为本源力量。在其他圣界、混沌陆地等一处处地方,也有无数信仰他的,在不断贡献着信仰之力。‘圣主’一直在蓄势,准备着在大破灭降临之时再来一次最终的‘冲击’,尝试是否能够在这个时代掌控‘至高规则’,让自身成为浑源生命。若是失败,就只能等下个时代了。 But other Universe God , etc. like Dongbo Xueying, wholeheartedly is diving to cultivate. 而其他宇宙神们,像东伯雪鹰等一个个,也都在一心潜修。 Inadequate Extreme Peak, is unable firmly resist source world Destruction as well as new life. 不成究极,是无法硬抗源世界破灭以及新生的。 ...... …… But in Confusing Corridor. 而在迷界走廊 In seals up in Space, suspended black flowers, the flower petal of flowers is closing up completely. 在一座封闭空间内,悬浮着一朵黑色花朵,花朵的花瓣完全合拢。 Also has separated the long years, this black flowers eventually blooms slowly, reveals one that in has sat cross-legged to sit evilly has the thin man of long scales tail, is Destruction Demon Clan, is Confusing Corridor nowadays all Destruction Demon Clan leader Honored Emperor. 也隔了漫长岁月,这黑色花朵终于慢慢绽放,露出了里面盘膝坐着的一位邪恶的有着长长鳞甲尾巴的瘦削男子,正是一位毁灭魔族,也是迷界走廊现如今所有毁灭魔族的首领钧帝 Honored Emperor opens eyes slowly, in the eye pupil has the wonderful surprising color color. 钧帝缓缓睁开眼,眼眸中却有奇异色彩。 Extreme Peak Realm, my eventually achieved!” Honored Emperor is difficult to cover stimulated, he looks at front Space, the innumerable strength lines fill the air everywhere, but all these rules were controlled by him, he can control this Extreme Peak strength with ease. 究极境,我终于达到了!”钧帝难掩亢奋,他看着面前的空间,无数的力量线弥漫处处,而这一切规律都被他掌控,他轻轻松松就能掌控这一股究极的力量。 Achieves Extreme Peak Realm, at least, this source world big Destruction, I can also anti-, be able to live easily easily the next time.” Honored Emperor narrows the eye to think, listens to the senior to direct, in this source world has stone Old Monster and Saint Lord two Extreme Peak Realm, before Saint Lord is also Destruction Demon Clan of some long, time. However, a source world , can only have one to control Supreme rule finally, they are my match.” “达到究极境,至少,这源世界就算大破灭,我也能轻易抗住,能轻易活到下个时代了。”钧帝眯眼思索着,“听前辈指点,这源世界内有石老怪圣主两个究极境,圣主也是很久以前某个时代的毁灭魔族。不过,一座源世界,最终也只能有一个掌控至高规则的,他们都是我的对手。” Honored Emperor after achieving Extreme Peak, has been planning is jumping out confinement, achieved Chaotic Source Being. 钧帝在达到究极后,已经在谋划着跳出樊笼,达到浑源生命了。 But becomes Chaotic Source Being...... 而成为浑源生命…… The most common way, wields a source world, takes a source world huge strength to use as, was another Life level by oneself. 最常见的方式,就是执掌一座源世界,以一座源世界庞大的力量为己用,让自己达到另一个生命层次。 As for another way, in strength broken law! cultivation oneself, oneself can jump out this confinement forcefully, by that time, can control a source world in turn actually easily. 至于另一个方式,就是以力破法!修炼自身,自身就能强行跳出这一樊笼,到那时候,反过来倒是轻易就能掌控一座源世界了。 Stone Old Monster and Saint Lord, become Extreme Peak are very long are very long, their background compared with me deeply.” “石老怪圣主,都成究极很久很久,他们底蕴都比我深。” I must result in seize the opportunity, now this time, I am Supreme rule initiative breeding, since birth then for Destruction, so long as my Destruction are more, Supreme rule then has big granting.” The Honored Emperor secret passage, does not begin already, begins, cannot give Saint Lord and a stone Old Monster opportunity. Must destroy the entire source world as soon as possible, making it enter big Destruction rapidly.” “我必须得抓住机会,如今这个时代,我乃是至高规则主动孕育而出,生来便为了毁灭,只要我毁灭越多,至高规则便有大赐予。”钧帝暗道,“不动手则已,一动手,就不能给圣主、石老怪一点机会。必须尽快摧毁整个源世界,令它迅速进入大破灭。” Once big Destruction. 一旦大破灭 Non- Extreme Peak Realm, completely all body will die, is these Destruction Demon Clan also completely is extinguished. 究极境,将尽皆身死,便是那些毁灭魔族也会尽皆被灭。 Honored Emperor does not care. 钧帝可不在乎。 What he cares, oneself can obtain big granting of Supreme rule! His Destruction, is takes advantage of opportunity, but is, the potential of Supreme rule being suitable. 他在乎的是,自身能够得到至高规则的大赐予!他毁灭,便是顺势而为,顺的至高规则之势。 However, like Dongbo Xueying and other innumerable Practitioner, they are not resigned on such destruction. The life has reading of seeking livehood, naturally does utmost, maintains this time. 不过,像东伯雪鹰等无数修行者而言,他们可不甘心就这么覆灭。生灵都有求生之念,自然竭尽全力,维持这一时代。 „Under first consolidates the strength.” “先巩固下实力。” Once appropriate, is getting rid time.” Honored Emperor shows a smiling face, Saint Lord their even though is not inferior to me, may unable to threaten me, cannot stop me.” “一旦妥当,便是出手时刻。”钧帝露出一丝笑容,“圣主他们虽然不亚于我,可也威胁不了我,阻拦不了我。” ...... …… Merely several thousand years later, Honored Emperor confessed that has consolidated the strength. 仅仅数万年后,钧帝自认已巩固实力。 Should get rid.” “该出手了。” Honored Emperor cracks into a smile. 钧帝咧嘴一笑。 Rips ~~~ the surroundings twist the black hole void suddenly, Honored Emperor take a step then to enter the black hole to vanish do not see. 撕拉~~~周围虚空陡然扭曲出黑洞,钧帝一迈步便进入黑洞消失不见。 Appears again is ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place. 再出现就已经是万古圣界 Ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place.” “万古圣界。” Honored Emperor goes out from the black hole, under bird's eye view, sees in the boundless wilderness the distant place to have a tribe, in the tribe some massive subjects in this life. The distant place vaguely has a huge city. 钧帝从黑洞中走出,俯瞰下方,看到茫茫荒野上远处有着一支部落,部落内更有大量子民在这生活。更远处依稀有着一座庞大城池。 Ahem.” “哼哼哼。” Honored Emperor ice-cold smiles, his long scales tail has flung flinging successively. 钧帝冰冷一笑,他长长的一节节鳞甲尾巴更是甩了甩。 Immediately wields him fully is the palm of scales. 随即才挥出他满是鳞甲的手掌。 Rips ~~~~ “撕拉~~~~” The front boundless void starts to twist suddenly, the earth was twisted Destruction completely, even was passed through including earth most deep place, saw ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place most under another end Chaos Void. This distortion toward affects in all directions, that tribe changes to void instantaneously, the huge city of distant place immediately is also affected to twist Destruction. 前方无边虚空陡然开始扭曲,大地完全被扭曲毁灭,甚至连大地最深处都被贯穿,看到了万古圣界最下方的另一端的混沌虚空。这扭曲更是朝四面八方波及,那一支部落瞬间就化作虚无,远处的庞大城池也立即被波及扭曲毁灭 In city innumerable subjects, even also has Chaos Boundary City Lord! 城池内无数子民们,甚至还有一位混沌境城主 But useless, an opposition force does not have, as if cleans from the drawing general, that huge city was then extinguished together with the internal life. 可是没用,一点反抗力量都没有,就仿佛从图画上擦拭掉一般,那座庞大城池连同内部生灵便被灭了。 Honored Emperor the move is too cut-throat, he slaughters by no means desirably, his genuine goal must destroy entire ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place directly! Ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place, are Witch Ancestor and Jie Ancestor they consumes the long years to construct laboriously, even if Extreme Peak Realm must completely destroy, needs to select the time. 钧帝的出招太凶狠,他并非刻意去屠戮,他真正的目的是要直接摧毁整个万古圣界!万古圣界,是巫祖界祖他们辛辛苦苦耗费漫长岁月才建造起来的,就算究极境要完全摧毁,也是需要点时间的。 Anything.” “什么。” In Ancient Sacred Place. 古圣界 As Extreme Peak Realm Experts Saint Lord induction is clear and bright, Honored Emperor like that recklessly displays the move fully, when just displayed, Saint Lord induces. 作为究极境强者的‘圣主’感应何等明锐,钧帝那般肆意的全力施展招数,在刚施展时,圣主就感应到了。 He wears the black gauze clothes, looks at the distant place distantly, then saw scenes in ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place. 他穿着黑色纱衣,遥遥看着远处,一眼便看到了万古圣界中的场景。 „Did he become Extreme Peak?” Saint Lord is somewhat surprised, the expression changed. “他成究极了?”圣主有些吃惊,表情都变了。 even though with is Destruction Demon Clan. 虽然同为毁灭魔族 But Saint Lord joyfully does not have, instead some are angry! 圣主却一点欣喜都没有,反而有的是恼怒! „To want the line of Destruction matters, obtains Supreme rule to grant? Good in the future, to have confidence to wield higher natural law?” In the Saint Lord eye the cold light twinkle, he then disappears baseless does not see. Obviously is determined to walk like stone Old Monster with the road of strength broken law, may at the critical moment, is a drag on Saint Lord! Because Saint Lord, once wields Supreme rule, stone Old Monster life and death, whatever Saint Lord controlled. “欲要行毁灭事,得到至高规则赐予?好将来,更有把握执掌更高规则?”圣主眼中寒光闪烁,他凭空便消失不见。就像石老怪明明是决心走以力破法的路,可每到关键时刻,还是拖圣主的后腿!因为圣主一旦执掌至高规则,石老怪的生死,就任由圣主掌控了。 Let alone, Honored Emperor, will not walk most likely in strength broken law this most difficult road. 更别说,钧帝,十有八九不会走‘以力破法’这条最艰难的路。 Because stone Old Monster builds up body class, does not have the means to choose in the strength broken law! 老怪因为是炼体流,没办法才选择以力破法! Therefore...... 所以…… Honored Emperor, can be a future Saint Lord bigger match. 钧帝,才会是将来圣主更大的对手。 ...... …… Um?” “嗯?” Stone Old Monster in primitive Extreme Yang Star deep sleep, although the deep sleep, may be similarly keen to the induction of outside. 在原始太阳星沉睡中的石老怪,虽沉睡,可对外界的感应同样敏锐。 That terrifying strength erupts, actually and Saint Lord is entirely different, made stone Old Monster wake up all of a sudden. 那股恐怖力量爆发,却又和圣主截然不同,一下子令石老怪醒来了。 His huge body floats off from primitive Extreme Yang Star. 庞大的身躯从原始太阳星浮起。 New Extreme Peak Realm? Destruction Demon Clan?” The thin and small old man takes a step, then vanishes on primitive Extreme Yang Star, he will not make another Extreme Peak Realm obtain Supreme rule to grant similarly easily greatly. “新的究极境?还是毁灭魔族?”瘦小的老头一迈步,便消失在原始太阳星上,他同样不会让另一个究极境轻易得到至高规则大赐予的。 ...... …… How can like this?” “怎么会这样?” Only can ask the master.” Jie Ancestor and Witch Ancestor two as ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place leaders, naturally were also the earliest possible time induces, but faced Honored Emperor to destroy recklessly, they also had a headache. “只能求师傅了。”界祖巫祖两位作为万古圣界的领袖,自然也是第一时间就感应到了,只是面对钧帝肆意破坏,他们也头疼。 Initial Saint Lord, to do missionary work, for made the innumerable lives believe him, but did not go to Destruction wholeheartedly. 当初的圣主,那为的是传教,为的让无数生灵信仰他,而不是一心去毁灭 Honored Emperor is different. 钧帝不同。 Even if Jie Ancestor and Witch Ancestor prevent, Honored Emperor recklessly will also display the large-scale move, two Universe God 2nd stratum peak masters are unable to protect small and weakly. 即便界祖巫祖去阻挡,钧帝也会肆意施展超大规模招数,两位宇宙神二层巅峰的高手根本无法保护弱小。 Stop.” Ice-cold shouting angrily, Saint Lord came. “住手。”冰冷的怒喝,圣主来了。 This source world was approaching big Destruction gradually, do you why slaughter?” Thin and small stone Old Monster also came. “这源世界已经在逐渐逼近大破灭,你何必屠戮?”瘦小的石老怪也来了。 They get rid as if by prior agreement. 他们俩不约而同出手。 Saint Lord, you are the big devil in Chaos Void, saves these lives unexpectedly?” Honored Emperor laughs, was actually the flash transferred the most ten thousand Ancient Sacred Place distance, went to another to continue to destroy. 圣主,你可是混沌虚空中的大魔头,竟然来拯救这些生灵?”钧帝大笑,却是一瞬间就挪移了大半个万古圣界的距离,去另一处继续破坏。 Bang.” “轰。” Stone Old Monster emerges out of thin air side Honored Emperor, a fist pounds. 老怪凭空出现在钧帝身旁,一拳就砸过去。 Honored Emperor actually smiles, the surroundings innumerable line distortions, making a fist of stone Old Monster terrifying be removed most, the remaining strengths, Honored Emperor is actually the form ghosts and demons dodges, then hides distant. 钧帝却是笑着,周围无数线条扭曲,让石老怪恐怖的一拳被卸去大半,剩下的力量,钧帝却是身影鬼魅一闪,便躲的远远的了。 Bang ~~~~ ash-gray thunder arrives, Saint Lord grasps the lance, must prevent fully. “轰隆隆~~~~”灰色雷霆降临,圣主手持长矛,也要全力阻止。 Ha Ha......” “哈哈……” Honored Emperor is laughing, the surroundings innumerable line distortions, he is defending, is fending, an injury does not have. 钧帝大笑着,周围无数线条扭曲,他只是在防御,在闪避,一点伤势都没有。 After all with is Extreme Peak Realm, maintaining life ability is greatly strengthened. If must avoid to wholeheartedly run away, Saint Lord stone Old Monster very difficult wound to him. 毕竟同为究极境,保命能力都极强。如果一心要躲避要逃,圣主老怪都很难伤到他。 Rips ~~~, but Honored Emperor is still displaying the move, his palm wields chops, is the innumerable void distortions destroys, his attack move range is broader. Saint Lord is the thunder achieves Extreme Peak together, stone Old Monster is builds up the body class most to excel at the close combat. They are very suddenly difficult to prevent Honored Emperor destroy Destruction wantonly. “撕拉~~~”而钧帝还在施展着招数,他一掌挥劈,便是无数虚空扭曲破坏,他的攻击招数范围更加广阔。圣主乃是雷霆一道达到究极,石老怪更是炼体流最擅近战。他们一时间都很难阻挡钧帝进行大肆破坏毁灭 Scoffs.” “嗤。” Together sword light very towering appearance. 一道剑光很突兀的出现。 Punctures directly from Honored Emperor, punctures from the chest. 直接从钧帝背后刺进来,从胸口刺出。 Honored Emperor lowers the head Jianfeng who unbelievable looks at the chest, turns the head to look to behind, is a white hair man. 钧帝难以置信低头看着胸口的剑锋,转头看向身后,正是一位白发男子。 Sword Master?” Honored Emperor is staring at the white hair man. 剑主?”钧帝盯着白发男子。 Sword Master?” How Honored Emperor stone Old Monster and Saint Lord , the shock looks at this, that is quietly actually extremely a terrifying sword, stone Old Monster and Saint Lord also the sword after Honored Emperor discovered that they felt threat feeling that the intense threat feeling, Sword Master has brought, but also above Honored Emperor. 剑主?”一直奈何不得钧帝的石老怪圣主,也震惊看着这幕,那悄无声息却又极为恐怖的一剑,石老怪圣主也都是在钧帝中剑后才发现的,他们都感觉到了强烈的威胁感,剑主带来的威胁感,还在钧帝之上。 ** **
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