LM :: Volume #3

#98: Adulator

Klein idling speed side head, looked at Danis one. 克莱恩慢速侧头,瞄了达尼兹一眼。 Posted a reward reaches as high as 5500 gold pound great pirate has closed the mouth immediately, the putting on a serious face hole, like was any matter has not occurred. 悬赏高达5500金镑大海盗当即闭紧了嘴巴,板起了脸孔,像是什么事情都没有发生过一样。 Determined that after Elaine does not have the accident/surprise boards passenger ship, Klein has transferred the body, turned back by the carriage, resembles asks at will: 确定伊莲没有意外地登上客轮后,克莱恩转过身体,走回了马车旁,状似随意地问道: „Did dialogue listen clearly?” “刚才的对话都听清楚了吧?” „, Little, little......” the Danis hollow laugh shakes the head. “没有没有,一点点,一点点……”达尼兹干笑摇头。 Klein lightly nodded and said: 克莱恩轻轻颔首道: Must recall, otherwise was recognized very much easily is false.” “必须回想起来,否则很容易被认出是假的。” Was recognized is false...... I?” Danis lifts the hand at a loss, points at own nose to say. “被认出是假的……我?”达尼兹茫然抬手,指着自己的鼻子道。 The Klein expression invariably said: 克莱恩表情不变地说道: She is the Sauron family person, has the extraordinary counter- tracing skill, in addition some slight movements and performance, confirmed sufficiently she is hunter path Sequence Seven, Arsonist, this and you match very much, you can act very well.” “她是索伦家族的人,拥有非凡的反追踪技巧,再加上刚才的一些细微动作和表现,足以确认她是‘猎人’途径序列7,‘纵火家’,这和你很匹配,你可以很好地扮演。” I? I am not good! I put on make-up radically inadequate that appearance! Only needs one, I will be recognized!” Danis had a scare. “我?我不行!我根本化妆不成那个样子!只需要一眼,我就会被认出来!”达尼兹吓了一跳。 Klein endures the happy expression, the voice was saying low and deep: 克莱恩忍着笑意,嗓音低沉地说道: I ‚’ will lend you Hunger's Squirming.” “我会把‘蠕动的饥饿’借给你。” „...... It is not good, I do not have the experience in this aspect, definitely hides the truth from Vice Admiral Disease subordinate!” Danis is exceptionally anxious exceptionally is shirking panic-stricken. “……不行不行,我没有这方面的经验,肯定瞒不过‘疾病中将’的手下!”达尼兹异常紧张异常惊恐地推脱着。 In his eyes, this is extremely the bullshit extremely ashamed matter, only then the anomaly or the lunatic can not have the psychological barrier to complete! 在他眼里,这是极其狗屎极其羞耻的事情,只有变态或者疯子才能毫无心理障碍地去完成! Klein echoes the nod, unemotionally said: 克莱恩附和点头,面无表情地说道: „, You are quite truly stupid.” “确实,你比较愚蠢。” Danis has squeezed the smiling face forcefully: Yes, I am very stupid.” 达尼兹强行挤出了笑容:“是的,我很愚蠢。” Klein no longer spoke, crosses Danis, opened the door of compartment. 克莱恩不再说话,越过达尼兹,打开了车厢之门。 The line of sight of Danis follows subconsciously, suddenly discovered that the temple of Gelman Sparrow turned into the red. 达尼兹的视线下意识跟随,忽然发现格尔曼.斯帕罗的鬓角变成了红色。 His delay winked under eye, seeing the profile line of opposite party to be already gentle, pupils was deep green, lip sips, slightly was gently weak and swing, had a neutral delicate and pretty feeling, with just departed shortly after Elaine to be exactly the same. 他呆滞地眨了下眼睛,看见对方的侧脸线条已然柔和,眼眸碧绿深邃,嘴唇轻轻抿着,略显软弱和摇摆,有种中性的俊美感,与刚离去没多久的伊莲一模一样。 „......” Gazes after the Gelman Sparrow form to enter the compartment, Danis turned head, the corners of the mouth have twitched two. “……”目送格尔曼.斯帕罗的身影进入车厢,达尼兹回过头来,嘴角抽动了两下。 His silent several seconds, silent talked to oneself: 他默然几秒,无声自语道: Really is a lunatic, said changes female changes the female, does not hesitate! “真是个疯子,说变女的就变女的,一点都不犹豫! Has saying that the Elaine men's clothing appearance for a part truly very well looks. “不得不说,伊莲的男装扮相确实挺好看的。 This extraordinary capability is very practical, if I can obtain similar item, and clarifies ideal in captain mind is any appearance, I can make the corresponding change, making her fall in love with me. “这种非凡能力真的很实用啊,如果我能获得类似的物品,并弄清楚船长心目中的理想型是什么样子,我就可以做相应改变,让她爱上我。 „Is the outcome that may as the matter stands, she fall in love with also I?” “可这样一来,她爱上的究竟还是不是我?” Danis one fell into philosophical question, hears together the cough sound until the back compartment. 达尼兹一下陷入了哲学问题,直到背后车厢内传来一道咳嗽声。 He sobers, controls the carriage, leaves the harbor, the preparation circles a great-circle to return again. 他清醒过来,驾驭马车,离开港口,准备绕个大圈再返回。 In the compartment, Klein was inferior that semblance is so tranquil, what although Elaine current puts on is the men's clothing, making him not need to consider the most ashamed that link temporarily, but makes the face feminizes, and squeezes out the chest, makes his mood heavy as before, is very awkward, is a little embarrassed. 车厢内,克莱恩并不如外表那样平静,虽然伊莲当前穿的是男装,让他暂时不用考虑最羞耻的那个环节,但让脸孔变得女性化,并挤出胸部,依旧使他心情沉甸甸的,很尴尬,有点难堪。 Yeah, Faceless Man the change of contour is very simple, difficult partially looks like in the innermost feelings, to act Faceless Man, many psychological barriers must one by one break through, if such does not do, must spend the massive time, acts one person several years, was approved by the status related all people, integrates that role completely, regards including oneself really...... This for me, challenges the bottom line, twists and crazy. “哎,‘无面人’外形的变化很简单,困难的部分看来都在内心啊,要想扮演好‘无面人’,许多心理障碍必须一一突破,如果不这么做,就要花费大量的时间,真实扮演一个人好几年,被身份相关的所有人认可,完全融入那个角色,连自己都当成真的……这对我来说,更挑战底线,更扭曲和疯狂。 To speed up the progress, must defeat certain barrier.” “为了加快进度,必须战胜一定的障碍。” Pull-off suitcase of Klein from the platform seat, turns discovers the cloth strip and clothing, has duplicated changing costume of Elaine completely. 克莱恩从车厢座位下拖出个行李箱,翻找出布条和衣物,完全复制了伊莲的改扮。 -- he just entered truly can make Danis camouflage, only needs magical item several days of Extraordinary characteristics manufacture not to have any problem to justice taking advantage of that with Faceless Man. ——他刚入确实可以让达尼兹来伪装,只需要向“正义”借那件用“无面人非凡特性制作的神奇物品几天就不存在任何问题。 However, this means that Danis has very big probability to face directly Vice Admiral Disease one-on-one Tracy, how long Clown he of ability almost could not have concealed, will have the enormous danger. 但是,这意味着达尼兹有很大概率单对单直面“疾病中将特雷茜,没有“小丑”能力的他几乎隐瞒不了多久,将有极大的生命危险。 Klein will never make others take such big risk for own matter, therefore, he can only challenge, goes on stage personally. 克莱恩不会也不可能让别人为自己的事情承担这么大的风险,所以,他只能挑战自我,亲自上场。 Quick, he was exactly the same as the Elaine appearance, under black silk top hat was opens leaning neutral delicate and pretty face, the line gentle with clearly all prepares, deep green pupils like gem attractive. 很快,他就与伊莲刚才的样子一模一样,黑色丝绸礼帽之下是张偏中性的俊美脸庞,线条柔和与分明皆备,碧绿的眼眸像宝石一样漂亮。 He has adjusted the stature, compared with short several centimeters, the shoulder had stricted, the skeleton changes is small, looked like as if light many. 他调整了身材,比原本矮了好几厘米,肩膀变窄,骨架变小,看起来似乎轻了不少。 In the Klein mind appeared rapidly the current appearance, this was Clown ability. 克莱恩脑海内迅速浮现出了自己当前的样子,这是“小丑”的能力。 Also good, does not have anything...... Perhaps does not have the relations of female attire, with changing Gelman Sparrow, changes Danis, changes other anything person too in a big way has not distinguished, was attractive a point, the chest burden a point...... If when Earth, I am long this appearance, already did not worry not to have the girlfriend.” He partly self-ridiculed that half was comfort pulls under the corners of the mouth. “还不错,也没什么嘛……或许是没女装的关系,与变格尔曼.斯帕罗,变达尼兹,变其他什么人没太大区别,就是漂亮了一点,胸口累赘了一点……如果在地球时,我就长这幅样子,早就不愁没女朋友了。”他半是自嘲半是安慰地扯动了下嘴角。 Places on Gelman Sparrow very ordinary movement, at this time appears somewhat is unexpectedly pitiful and suffering from injustice. 放在格尔曼.斯帕罗身上很平常的动作,此时竟显得有些可怜和委屈。 day! Klein criticizes one, adjusts the mentality busily, invested in real acting little. 日!克莱恩暗骂一声,忙调整心态,一点点投入到了真实的扮演里。 With the lapse of time, he discovered that oneself psychological barrier desalinated, following is relaxation, a tranquility, as if agreed with magical medicine. 随着时间的推移,他发现自己的心理障碍真的淡化了许多,随之而来的则是一种放松,一种平静,与魔药似乎更加契合了。 But this means that speed of digestion changes quick. 而这就意味着消化的速度会变快。 Really useful...... Klein silent talked to oneself, sets out quietly, counter four steps, enter above the grey mist, once again confirmed the degree of hazard of this motion. 果然有用……克莱恩无声自语了一句,悄然起身,逆走四步,进入灰雾之上,又一次确认了这次行动的危险程度。 After returning to the real world, he changes to the Elaine voice, presses desirably base and low: 返回现实世界后,他改用伊莲的嗓音,刻意压低道: Goes to the harbor No. 6 wharf.” “去港口六号码头。” Danis has not thought right, after change direction, suddenly awakens, cannot help but hit to tremble: With really same...... The appearance that if his which day turns into the captain deceives me, I possibly cannot distinguish......” 达尼兹没觉得不对,改变方向后才忽然醒悟过来,不由自主打了个寒颤:“和真的一样……如果他哪天变成船长的样子骗我,我可能都分辨不出来……” after a while, the carriage re-entry harbor, sails to the Elaine original that class of passenger steamer, but truly has not approached, has circled the half-turn, arrived in nearby warehouse. 过了一阵,马车重入港口,驶向伊莲原定的那班客船,但又未真正靠近,绕了半圈,抵达了附近的仓库。 Danis jumps down the carriage, has sounded the front door of warehouse according to the way of agreement. 达尼兹跳下马车,按照约定的方式敲响了仓库的大门。 Inside came out one batch to have the stevedore of obvious local blood relationship first, diverged toward all around. 里面先是出来了一批有明显本地血统的码头工人,向着四周散去。 Other after confirmation not situations, bald rebellious army Kairat sits the wheelchair to come out. 确认没有其他情况后,光头反抗军卡拉特才坐着轮椅出来。 Person?” He looks at Danis to say. “人呢?”他望着达尼兹道。 Through Elaine this matter, the Danis success and rebellious army have established the relation. 通过伊莲这件事情,达尼兹成功和反抗军建立了联系。 Danis hehe said with a smile: 达尼兹嘿嘿笑道: In compartment. “车厢里。 She drank has enabled the medicament that the person lost the strength, the effect also to maintain for ten hours. “她喝了使人失去力气的药剂,效果还能维持十个小时。 Remember, that 1000 pounds bounty I take 70%.” “记住,那1000镑赏金我拿70。” Kairat lifts the right arm, has wielded, immediately two thin rebellious armies boarded the carriage. 卡拉特抬起右臂,挥了一下,顿时有两位瘦削的反抗军上了马车。 Boss, is that woman.” They find out the head quickly, said with the local criminal syndicate -type tone. “头儿,是那个女人。”他们很快探出脑袋,用本地黑帮式的口吻说道。 Leads her to get down, our duties are to protect her.” Kairat also emphasized. “带她下来,我们的任务是保护好她。”卡拉特又强调了一遍。 That two rebellious armies on the side of a person put up Elaine of men's clothing to go down the carriage immediately. 那两名反抗军当即一人一边架着男装的伊莲走下马车。 Klein with the aid of Clown does the controlling force, installs the footsteps to be impractical, sway. 克莱恩借助“小丑”的控制力,装得脚步虚浮,摇摇晃晃。 He was shifted quickly, arrived in the room in Bayam common people region, at the same time, Kairat told a belief Sea God local gang member, looks Great Strongman Ozil, told the opposite party to find the goal, making him change players with 1000 pounds, as for Danis, then returned to the hotel waiting news. 他很快被转移,来到了拜亚姆平民区域的一栋房间内,与此同时,卡拉特吩咐一名信仰“海神”的本地黑帮成员,去找“巨力士奥兹尔,告诉对方这边已经找到目标,让他拿1000镑来换人,至于达尼兹,则已经回旅馆等待消息。 Arrived noon, Ozil has given the verbal message, said that does not know really or false, wants to send a person to make the confirmation. 到了中午,奥兹尔给了口信,说不知道是真的还是假的,想派一个人过来做确认。 Kairat accepted his request. 卡拉特答应了他的要求。 Close to the evening, the person's shadow appeared outside that house together. 临近傍晚,一道人影出现在了那栋房屋外。 This is wears extravagant foot trousers, throws over the brown jacket, does the Ruen person who the native dresses up, his eyebrow is very short, only then normal person half, the eye socket gets sucked, the pupil is the sepia, the edges and corners are quite distinct. 这是个穿阔脚裤,披棕夹克,做本地人打扮的鲁恩人,他眉毛很短,只有正常人一半,眼窝深陷,眸子呈棕褐色,棱角相当分明。 Kairat is pushing the wheelchair, arrives at entrance, looked at eye man, the sinking sound asked: 卡拉特推着轮椅,来到门口,看了眼这男子,沉声问道: Misol Jin?” 米索尔.金?” I whether should indicate to be honored, you actually know me.” The man has smiled one. “我是否该表示荣幸,你竟然认识我。”那男子笑了一声。 He is Vice Admiral Hurricane a captain of Klingus hand/subordinate pirate ship, after Lady of Diseases Tracy subdues, has held the post of the opposite party flagship The Black Death third officer, nickname Adulator, bounty 5400 pounds. 他原本是“飓风中将齐林格斯手下一条海盗船的船长,被“疾病少女特雷茜收服后,担任了对方旗舰“黑死号”的三副,绰号“巧言者”,赏金5400镑。 Kairat has not responded, rotates the wheel, made way the path. 卡拉特没有回应,转动轮子,让开了道路。 Misol under the influence of gang member, enters by inside that room, sees to wear Elaine that the gentleman installs to sit in the bedside, pupils moves aside from time to time instead stares from time to time, the tooth is biting the lip lightly, is angry and frightened, despairs and stubborn. 米索尔在一名黑帮成员的引领下,进入靠里面那个房间,看见身着绅士装的伊莲坐在床边,眼眸时而躲闪时而反瞪,牙齿轻咬着嘴唇,又愤怒又恐惧,又绝望又倔强。 Is she right, but I cannot affirm, because she melted very thick makeup, once the woman melted the heavy powder, is very difficult to see her true appearance, polishes her face, I identify again. Don't you wear the handcuff to her? You know that she is very dangerous?” Misol carefully examined carefully, withdrew vigilantly two steps. “是她没错,不过我不敢肯定,因为她化了很浓的妆,女人一旦化了浓妆,就很难看出她真正的样子,把她的脸擦干净,我再辨认一下。诶,你们怎么不给她戴手铐?你们知道她很危险吗?”米索尔仔细审视了一遍,警惕地退后了两步。 She was filled the medicament, does not have any strength, moreover now has not revolted. Since you such request......” Kairat to move the chin to a rebellious army. “她被灌了药剂,没什么力气,而且现在也没有反抗。既然你这么要求……”卡拉特对一名反抗军动了动下巴。 That rebellious army turns looks for the take action handcuffs, walked, Klein's both hands with hands tied behind the back, handcuffs. 那反抗军翻找出手铐,走了过去,将克莱恩的双手反剪于后,铐了起来。 When Klein like before expresses that complex mood, is showing acting skills strongly: Struggles unceasingly, is helpless. 克莱恩就像之前表现那种复杂情绪时一样,竭力展现着演技:不断挣扎,又无能为力。 Then, other gang member looks for the clear water, scratches his face with the rough towel. 接着,另外的黑帮成员找来清水,用粗糙毛巾擦起他的脸庞 Fortunately this era many cosmetics not waterproofing...... Klein with the aid of covering up of towel, starts to adjust the line and outline of face. 还好这个时代很多化妆品不怎么防水……克莱恩借助毛巾的遮掩,开始调整脸部的线条和轮廓。 Useless how long, Misol saw face wet Elaine, only thinks her under such condition to have is above the ordinary delicacy and beauty, the deep green pupils model of domestic virtue jumps projects the thick hatred with the confusedness that being hard to eliminate. 没用多久,米索尔看见了脸庞湿漉漉的伊莲,只觉这样状态下的她有着超乎平常的柔弱和美丽,碧绿的眼眸内则迸射出浓浓的恨意与难以消除的迷茫。 What a pity, she is the captain...... The Misol throat wriggled. 可惜,她属于船长……米索尔喉咙蠕动了一下。 As a man pirate, he will fantasize frequently Vice Admiral Disease Tracy and red hair Elaine simultaneously puts into own bosom, but also can only think. 作为一名男人一个海盗,他经常会幻想“疾病中将特雷茜和红发的伊莲同时投入自己的怀抱,但也只能那么想一想。 Really disgusting look...... Klein nearly gastric disorder. 真是恶心的眼神……克莱恩险些反胃。 Although he knows what that aims is red hair Elaine, has nothing to do with oneself, but could not bear a goosebumps as before. 虽然他知道那针对的是红发伊莲,与自己本身无关,但依旧忍不住起了层鸡皮疙瘩。 At this moment, he entered to the real self- understanding one step, understands that something definitely did not accept. 这一刻,他对真实自我的认识又进了一步,明白有些事情自己肯定接受不了。 Truly is she.” Misol turns head to say to Kairat, this is your bounty.” “确实是她。”米索尔回头对卡拉特道,“这是你们的赏金。” He the leather packet has thrown in the hand was taking. 他将手里提着的皮制小包扔了过去。 Kairat slightly checks, loses to the subordinate, has hesitated one second of say/way: 卡拉特略作检查,丢给下属,沉吟了一秒道: We also need your aid.” “我们还需要你们的援助。” Does not have the issue, when the time comes looks for Ozil directly.” Misol points at red hair Elaine in room saying that I can lead her to walk?” “没问题,到时候直接找奥兹尔。”米索尔指着房间内的红发伊莲道,“我可以带她走了吧?” Ok.” Kairat made way once again the path. “可以。”卡拉特又一次让开了道路。 Klein does not want to be supported by the arm by Misol, disguises to restore an action, staggers outward. 克莱恩并不想被米索尔搀扶,假装恢复了点行动力,踉跄往外。 The Misol fear Vice Admiral Disease Tracy, can only hold the shoulder of opposite party, getting her to get up stopped outside carriage. 米索尔害怕“疾病中将特雷茜,只能托着对方的肩膀,领着她上了停在外面的马车。 The carriage to the city, to the private port, Misol brought to camouflage red hair Elaine Klein to mount has prepared the good fishing boat ahead of time, by starlight, left Bayam. 马车一路离城,到了私港,米索尔带着伪装成红发伊莲克莱恩登上了提前准备好的渔船,趁着夜色,离开了拜亚姆 After near one hour of navigation, they saw the strip to anchor the ships in some islands cliff shadow, above was fluttering greatly diagrammed the flag of white bone. 近一个小时的航行后,他们看见了条停泊在某个岛屿悬崖阴影里的船只,上面飘荡着一面巨大的绘有白色骨头的旗帜。 The Black Death! 黑死号
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