LM :: Volume #3

#147: Heavenly body cult

In the sacred light beam, lost the burl and flesh of external strength support breaks up fast, probably met the snow of heat iron ball. 神圣的光柱之中,失去了外在力量支撑的树瘤和血肉飞快崩解,像是遇到了烧红铁球的积雪。 Indescribable inciting in sound, Cynthia's cheek wrinkled, seems exceptionally painful. 难以言喻的滋滋声里,辛西娅的脸蛋皱了起来,显得异常痛苦。 She about rotates difficultly, on lifts to look, the expression becomes gradually panic-stricken and confused, as if finally discovered oneself condition is not right. 她艰难地左右转动,上抬下看,表情逐渐变得惊恐和迷茫,似乎终于发现了自己状态不对。 General her voice shivers, the fear and looks desperately to the front, but actually can only discover a strange face. “将军”她声音颤抖,又害怕又绝望地看向前方,可却只能发现一张陌生的脸孔。 Klein can use the Cynthia residual flesh and spiritual body feeding Hunger's Squirming, but sighed at this moment, said moderately: 克莱恩原本可以用辛西娅残留的血肉和灵体喂食“蠕动的饥饿”,但此刻只是叹息了一声,语气平和地说道: Later do not contact strange item or the religion.” “以后不要接触奇怪的物品或宗教了。” In his opinion, Cynthia turns into now this appearance, or related to the cults, either because of some dangerous item, with exists to have the involvement that cannot look straight ahead, will therefore respond. 在他看来,辛西娅变成现在这幅模样,要么涉及邪教,要么因为某件危险的物品,与不可直视的存在发生了勾连,所以才会如此回应。 Cynthia understands indistinctly anything, only remained she of heads and some flesh shed tears suddenly: 辛西娅隐约明白了点什么,只剩一个脑袋和些许血肉的她突然流下了眼泪: Yes, is the desire mother tree, is heavenly body cult “是,是欲望母树,是天体教派 General, General, I do not want dead, does not want dead! “将军,将军,我不想死,不想死! Saves me! Saves me!” “救救我!救救我!” Desire mother tree heavenly body cult this Klein expression in my mystery science knowledge range has not changed, the vision pities looks at Cynthia who the collapse prays for rescue, opened the both arms again, the low and deep opens the mouth said: 欲望母树天体教派这不在我的神秘学知识范围内克莱恩表情未变,目光怜悯地看着崩溃求救的辛西娅,再次张开了双臂,低沉开口道: Death was not the end point, you will obtain the redemption side God.” “死亡不是终点,你会在神灵身边获得救赎的。” Also is the bright pure light beam falls together, the beautiful face of Cynthia tears tears crossflow frames thoroughly. 又是一道明净纯粹的光柱落下,辛西娅涕泪横流的美丽脸庞彻底定格。 Her vision despairs suddenly, but also remains for several points after dying the hope of heaven. 她的目光霍然绝望,但又残留着几分对死后天国的希冀。 „Under Sun shines, her head and remnant body are melting at the visible speed, vanishing, was obtaining the final purification. “太阳”照耀下,她的脑袋和残躯以肉眼可见的速度融化着,消失着,获得了最终的净化。 Klein seemingly is looking at this tranquilly, for a very long time does not have the change of expression and movement. 克莱恩看似平静地望着这一幕,久久没有表情和动作的变化。 When all subside, his corners of the mouth slightly check, was hard to cover smiled one bitterly and astringently lowly: 等到一切平息,他嘴角微勾,难掩苦涩地低笑了一声: Really is a crazy and chaotic world “真是一个疯狂而混乱的世界” The experience made him not dare spiritism directly, the strange place of matter made him give up Cynthia spiritual body had to above the grey mist inquiry the plan, but facing that evil feeling is unable to mediate, and corroded more and more serious situation, he can only choose to help Cynthia obtain the purification promptly, after all this was a world that had the true God, after dying, perhaps truly had the heaven. 刚才的经历让他不敢直接“通灵”,事情的许多诡异之处则使他放弃了将辛西娅灵体带到灰雾之上“询问”的打算,而面对那种邪恶感觉无法排解且腐蚀越来越严重的情况,他只能选择让辛西娅及时获得净化,毕竟这是一个有真神的世界,死后也许确实存在天国。 As for Hunger's Squirming backlash, Klein was not worried temporarily, after such long being together, this by to a certain extent seal magical item wears in more and more well with him, will not only use to give it one time immediately food, it restored the original condition, once were opened, 24 hours only eat one time, no matter were used many to return, naturally, not used that day, definitely does not need to eat food. 至于“蠕动的饥饿”的反噬,克莱恩暂时并不担心,经过这么久的相处,这件被一定程度上封印着的神奇物品与他磨合得越来越好,不会只使用一次就必须立刻给它食物,它恢复了原本的状况,一旦被开启,24小时只吃一次,不管被使用了多少回,当然,没被使用的那一天,肯定是无需进食的。 Therefore, Klein also has enough time is Hunger's Squirming searches food, does not injure to the innocent person. 所以,克莱恩还有充分的时间为“蠕动的饥饿”寻觅食物,不伤害到无辜的人。 Really is not good, but can also lose to above the grey mist Klein looks all around, discovered the male and female waiters in member and house that general guard were separated from the influence of enlargement desire, the stupor in the past, in this includes the entrance to seize the companion throat to obtain the maid of praise and approval, including blonde secretary Ruehr secure. 实在不行,还可以丢到灰雾之上克莱恩环顾一圈,发现将军卫队的成员、房屋内的男女侍者都脱离了放大欲望的影响,昏迷了过去,这里面就包括门口掐住同伴喉咙想要获得赞美和认同的女仆,包括金发秘书吕尔安。 Really, solved the root of issue, can make the thing completely finish “果然,解决了问题的根源,才能让事情彻底结束 According to the description of Admiral Amyrius, Ruehr secure at least is Sequence Six extraordinary, doubtful Rotten Baron, even possibly achieved Sequence Five in secret he such easily enlarged desire control, explained that is extremely high with the aid of that strength essence that Cynthia arrives, but why I had a spring dream “据艾弥留斯上将的描述,吕尔安至少是序列6非凡者,疑似‘腐化男爵’,甚至可能暗中达到了序列5他都这么轻易被放大的欲望控制,说明借助辛西娅降临的那种力量本质极高,可为什么我只是做了个春梦 „ It is not magical item, I and Ruehr secure should be in the same level “不算神奇物品,我和吕尔安应该是处于同一层次的 „ Do that some strengths that because grey mist and reality interweave have to provide the help? Because Admiral Amyrius binder agreement limit? Do two factors all have? “因为灰雾与现实交织的那部分力量有提供帮助?因为艾弥留斯上将‘临时契约’的限制?或者两种因素皆有? Un, without them, as me of Cynthia main objective, the desire in that aspect will definitely be enlarged the pinnacle, this will not have a fond dream of ambiguity Klein routine to extend the right hand to caress under the face, changed the Amyrius Liweite appearance. “嗯,如果没有它们,作为辛西娅主要目标的我,那方面的欲望肯定会被放大到极致,这就不会只是做一场旖旎的美梦了”克莱恩习惯性伸右手抚了下脸孔,重新变回了艾弥留斯.利维特的样子。 Because the rest and others did not have the danger temporarily, he carefully examines the room carefully, the inspiration touches suddenly. 因其余人等暂时没有了生命危险,他仔细审视起房间,灵感忽有触动。 Goes forward several steps, Klein arrives at the Cynthia disappearance place, bent the waist in that pile breaking open clothing picked up a necklace from the bed. 上前几步,克莱恩来到辛西娅消失处,弯腰从睡床上那堆撑破的衣物里捡起了一根项链。 That necklace is hanging a knuckle big sinker, becomes the black all over the body, the rhinoceros horn of shape reduction, its surface was quite as if dim, covered entirely many fissures, except for some evil different feelings, no spirituality brilliance. 那项链吊着一个指节大的坠子,通体成黑色,形状仿佛缩小的犀牛角,它的表面极为黯淡,布满了繁多的裂痕,除了些许邪异感,没有任何灵性的光彩。 This causes Cynthia mutation dangerous item? Because has connected existence that on that cannot look straight ahead, it completed the mission, filled to inject Cynthia's within the body all strengths?” Klein made the guess according to the situation and beforehand experience of sinker initially. “这就是导致辛西娅异变的危险物品?因为已经连接上那位不可直视的存在,它完成了使命,将所有力量灌注入了辛西娅的体内?”克莱恩根据坠子的情况和之前的经历初步做出了猜测。 He examined one, does not have other harvest again, therefore takes the paper person, processed under the scene trace, and lifted the limit of talisman, then arrives by the flowers is swallowed shortly by blonde secretary Ruehr secure that remains some corrosion traces, raised the knee, kicked opposite party several with the tip of the toe. 他查看了一阵,再没有别的收获,于是抽出纸人,处理了下现场痕迹,并解除了符咒的限制,然后走到被花朵短暂吞噬过残留些许腐蚀痕迹的金发秘书吕尔安旁边,提起膝盖,用脚尖踢了对方几下。 With the Amyrius character, should unable to make the thing that squats to shake to wake the secretary, before this fellow , the attitude that type overlooks arrogant is very loathful, wants to punch his Klein to stop the movement, expression was serious sinks to congeal looks that Ruehr secure revived slowly. 艾弥留斯的性格,应该做不出蹲下来摇醒秘书的事情呵,这家伙之前那种傲慢俯视的态度真的很让人讨厌,想揍他一顿克莱恩停下动作,表情严肃沉凝地看着吕尔安缓慢苏醒过来。 General Ruehr secure somewhat is for a while confused, as if the resolution is unclear in the dream, is realistic. “上将阁下”吕尔安一时有些迷茫,似乎分辨不清是在梦中,还是现实。 As high-rank, without explanation voluntary Klein is overlooking him, the voice said low and deep: 作为上位者,没有解释的义务克莱恩俯视着他,嗓音低沉地说道: You awaken here minor wound completely, part of treatment surplus people, part investigate heavenly body cult of Oravi island immediately, they worship named ‚a desire mother tree since Evil God, un checks from the Cynthia surrounding person. “你将这里的轻伤者全部唤醒,一部分救治剩余的人,一部分立刻调查奥拉维岛的天体教派,他们崇拜一个叫‘欲望母树’的邪神,嗯从辛西娅周围的人查起。 I in study room waiting report.” “我在书房等待汇报。” Then, he is grasping the reduction rhinoceros horn sinker of that breakage, turns around to go out of the gate of master bedroom, entered had not received the influence peaceful study room. 说完,他握着那枚破裂的缩小型犀牛角坠子,转身走出主卧室的门,进入了未受到影响的安静书房。 As military influential figure, in has certain helplessness facing the kingdom leadership, must the selectivity neglect something, for example, just had to fire Governor Aston the telegram order, the new governor has arrived in this to explain that the opposite party embarked ahead of time a long time, but as the commander-in-chief of Sunya Sea army, Amyrius Liweite has not received the message unexpectedly, but in the Oravi island, when facing Secretary Ruehr secure and local police system and naval base member, has the absolute authority as before, does not need to investigate, some are the manpower can arrange. 作为一位军方大人物,虽然在面对王国高层时有一定的无奈,必须选择性忽视一些事情,比如,刚有解除奥斯顿总督职务的电报命令,新任总督就已抵达这说明对方提前出发了很长一段时间,而身为中苏尼亚海军的最高统帅,艾弥留斯.利维特竟一点也没收到消息,但在奥拉维岛,在面对吕尔安秘书、当地警察系统和海军基地成员时,依旧有着绝对的权威,不需要自行调查,有的是人手可以安排。 half God only needs to alert the accident/surprise, waits for the news, does not need to rush about busily! 半神只需要戒备意外,等待消息,不用忙碌奔波! In the study room, Klein is listening to outside the disorderly sound of footsteps and panic-stricken squeal, the inquiry sound and AC hum, in the mind cannot help but appears that radiant starry sky and that blooming bright ray star. 书房内,克莱恩听着外面杂乱的脚步声和惊恐的尖叫声、询问声、交流声,脑海内不由自主浮现出了那片璀璨的星空和那颗绽放明亮光芒的星星。 Actually is this symbolizing what?” Klein frowns, sits to the desk following chair on, the form plunges in the darkness that the window curtains brought. “这究竟象征着什么?”克莱恩皱起眉头,坐至书桌后面的靠背椅上,身影浸入了窗帘带来的黑暗中。 He soon had certain association, because of the Silver City legend and Emlyn White to the description of blood race situation, making him confirm moon path has multiplication reproduction some lawful rights, this quite agrees with Cynthia's intention and performance. 他很快有了一定的联想,因为白银城的神话传说和埃姆林.怀特血族情况的一些描述,让他确认“月亮”途径有“繁衍繁殖”的部分权柄,这与辛西娅的意图和表现较为吻合。 Radiant starry skies gate mister told Great Emperor Russell, tarot card of goddess correspondence was star, rather than moon, is could it be that this illusory starry sky symbolizing him? Un, Primordial Moon is suspected as is the waistcoat of some God, Angel or top devil, the goddess has scarlet moon esteemed name, could it be that is he pretends Primordial Moon, was in the corresponding position, grasped the necessary authority?” Although Klein knows that such idea blasphemed, but suspected Goddess of the Night inevitably. “一片璀璨的星空‘门’先生告诉罗塞尔大帝,女神对应的塔罗牌是‘星星’,而非‘月亮’,难道这虚幻的星空就象征着祂?嗯,‘原始月亮’被怀疑为是某位神灵天使或高位恶魔的马甲,女神则有‘绯红之月’的尊名,难道是祂假冒‘原始月亮’,占据了相应的位置,掌握了必要的权柄?”克莱恩虽然知道这样的想法非常亵渎,但还是不可避免地怀疑起黑夜女神 But he denied this guess quickly, no matter because Primogenitor of Vampires Lilith, is Primordial Moon, displays is pure multiplication reproduction, does not involve the demand that the appetite, arrogant and hope approves, this and performance contradictions of beforehand some victims, but other polite names of Goddess of the Night do not contain the corresponding domain. 但他很快就否定了这个猜测,因为不管吸血鬼始祖莉莉丝,还是“原始月亮”,表现出来的都是纯粹的“繁衍繁殖”,不涉及食欲、傲慢和渴望认同的需求,这与之前部分受害者的表现矛盾,而黑夜女神的其余尊称也不包含相应的领域。 This conforms to devil actually ‚’ the path characteristics, ‚’ what Apostle of Desireis expert could it be that in similar aspect replaces Primordial Moon is really a top devil, even is saysDark Side of the Universe the king of that devil, Sequence Zero abyss? This is likely, but the issue lies in this should not present the illusory starry sky and bright star, regardless of moon, is abyss, irrelevant Klein more deliberates with similar symbolic sign more thought that this guess has the issue. “这倒是符合‘恶魔’途径的特点,‘欲望使徒’是类似方面的专家难道顶替‘原始月亮’的真是一个高位恶魔,甚至是自称‘宇宙暗面’的那位恶魔之王,序列0‘深渊’?这个可能性很大,但问题在于这不应该呈现虚幻的星空和明亮的星星,无论‘月亮’,还是‘深渊’,都和类似的象征符号无关”克莱恩越推敲越觉得这个猜测有问题。 The train of thought that he associated to a concept numerous suddenly. 思绪纷呈间,他突然联想到了一个概念。 Takes the important content to appear in the mystery science knowledge that he contacts frequently, does not have the concept of detailed description and explanation! 一个在他接触的神秘学知识里经常作为重要内容出现,却始终没有详细描述和解释的概念! That is, star! 那就是,“星界”! Except that Life School and other organizations believe that absolutely rational world and other niche knowledge, in most mystery science, the world and spiritual world and star comprised of reality. 除了生命学派等少数组织相信“绝对理性世界”等小众知识,大部分神秘学里,世界都是由“现实”、“灵界”和“星界”组成的。 Reality it is no doubt that spiritual world the knowledge is the foundation of many magical ceremony and extraordinary capability, only then star basic blank in the Klein's cognition. “现实”不用说,“灵界”的知识是许多仪式魔法和非凡能力的基础,只有“星界”在克莱恩的认知里基本一片空白。 Therefore, the illusory starry sky represents star, the bright star is star some does exist? I have suspected star is the true God residence, that this symbolic picture expressed that Primordial Moon is not cannot accept Klein no longer to think, recollection couple days ago detail content, while waits for the findings of subordinates. “所以,虚幻的星空代表‘星界’,明亮的星星是‘星界’的某个存在?我一直怀疑‘星界’是真神的居所,那这幅象征画面表示‘原始月亮’也不是不能接受”克莱恩不再多想,一边回忆之前几天的细节性内容,一边等待属下们的调查结果。 Time one minute one second passes by, Klein hears the familiar sound of footsteps to go upstairs and approach finally. 时间一分一秒过去,克莱恩终于听见熟悉的脚步声上楼并靠近。 Blonde secretary Ruehr secure knocks on a door to enter, the low head, the calm report said: 金发秘书吕尔安敲门进入,低下脑袋,冷静汇报道: General, had found heavenly body cult, caught their leaders. “上将阁下,已经找到天体教派,抓到了他们的首领。 This is the clue that Miss Cynthia's parents provide. “这是辛西娅小姐的父母提供的线索。 This cult is quite active in Oravi in recent years, by not putting on clothes, returns to the nature, indulging the instinct is the objective, thinks that human race can obtain the liberation of spirituality in this state. “这个教派最近几年在奥拉维相当活跃,以不穿衣物,回归自然,放纵天性为宗旨,认为人类在这种状态下能获得灵性的解放。 Reproducing the descendant is the attached product of this idea.” “繁殖后代是这种理念的附属产物。” Stopped, Ruehr secure added: 停顿了一下,吕尔安补充道: Their leaders are extraordinary, Sequence Eight lunatic.” “他们的首领是一个非凡者,序列8的‘疯子’。” Lunatic? Prisoner path lunatic? Related with Rose School? Un, the Rose School interior has controlling and indulging two factions, latter's idea and condition also quite tallies in the Klein heart one startled, the surface said calmly: “疯子”?“囚犯”途径的“疯子”?与玫瑰学派有关?嗯,玫瑰学派内部存在“节制”和“放纵”两个派系,后者的理念与现场的状况也相当吻合克莱恩心中一惊,表面却不动声色地说道: Leads him to come.” “带他过来。” . Nine deity sovereign 。九天神皇
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