LCGIR :: Volume #10

#998: Mutation and wind permanent beast

? Truly!” Xiao Hua nods saying that somewhat cannot breathe heavily the feeling of air/Qi, moreover top of the head as if there is solid ice!” ?“确实!”萧华点头道,“有些喘不过来气的感觉,而且头顶处似乎有坚冰!” Un!” In thunderous mouth not only some disappointed and some rejoiced, replied, even Yutian has the world of desire-driven beings day light to penetrate unreliably, but here no doubt had the strength of monster pledge star moon/month to prevent unreliably light, but the principle disorder, don't said gathers Yuanxian, melts the spirit immortal, has not come here, will inspire the immortal strength is not steady!” “嗯!”雷鸣口中既有失望又有庆幸,回答道,“平育天已经有欲界天玄光透过,而此处固然有妖盟星月之力阻挡玄光,但法则更加紊乱,莫说聚元仙,就是化灵仙,没有来过此处,都会引动仙力不稳!” Saying, puts out a crystal sign to give Xiao Hua dao thunderously: This is the broken crystal symbol, you use the immortal strength to offer a sacrifice to then!” 说着,雷鸣拿出一个晶牌递给萧华道:“这是破界晶符,你用仙力祭出即可!” Xiao Hua received the crystal sign to look, with Jiang Meihua that almost, but he does not have to offer a sacrifice to immediately, but first takes in the hand, conceals in sleeve. 萧华接过晶牌看了一下,跟姜美华那个几乎一样,不过他没有立即祭出,而是先拿在手中,藏于袖内。 „?” Looked thunderously, strange doesn't say/way, how offer a sacrifice to?” “哦?”雷鸣看了,奇道,“怎么不祭出?” Xiao Hua smiles saying: „To try below again!” 萧华笑笑说道:“在下想再试试!” This!” Understood thunderously, said with a smile, good that this thing do not tough it out, did not need!” “这样啊!”雷鸣明白了,笑道,“这种事情还是不要硬挺的好,没必要!” Un, un!” Xiao Hua spoke thoughtlessly to respond, shows neither approval nor disapproval. “嗯,嗯!”萧华随口应着,不置可否。 Thunderous also no longer said, leading Xiao Hua to break in two barriers again. 雷鸣也不再多说,带着萧华再次冲入两界屏障。 As before with previously, but the contact surface imprisonment compared with it previously, Xiao Hua also understands finally why thunderous rushed to the colored glaze boundary to spend for a long time. 依旧跟先前一样,只不过界面禁锢比之先前更甚,萧华也终于明白,为什么雷鸣等赶到琉璃境费了那么长时间。 Saw with own eyes that the forehead also has the blue photoproduction to leave, eliminates the heavy pressure of contact surface barrier, Xiao Hua shows a faint smile, will decode the crystal symbol to offer a sacrifice, that crystal symbol flashing place is only similar to the blue, there is fluctuation ripples, but this fluctuation compared with it blue light simply is the fine powder. 眼见眉心又有碧光生出,将界面壁垒的重压消除,萧华微微一笑,将破解晶符祭出,那晶符闪动处跟碧光相似,也有波动涟漪,不过这波动比之碧光简直就是微末。 Thunderous although flies before Xiao Hua tou, but he pays attention to Xiao Hua frequently, sees Xiao Hua to offer a sacrifice to the broken crystal symbol, unconsciously secretly heart startled: This dejected honorable person looks gathers the Yuanxian preliminary boundary, unexpectedly has the gathering Yuanxian middle rank strength . Moreover the method is strange, immortal is sharp, until putting down Yu Tiancai offers a sacrifice to the broken crystal symbol, whom this strength did not have 雷鸣虽然飞在萧华头前,但他时刻注意萧华,见到萧华祭出破界晶符,不觉暗自心惊:“这萧真人看起来不过聚元仙初阶境界,居然有聚元仙中阶实力,而且手段古怪,仙器犀利,直到平育天才祭出破界晶符,这实力也是没谁了” Just thought of here thunderously, among contact surface barriers suddenly has the single layer blister to give birth, the blister seemingly drifts with the current to run out the entire contact surface barrier in a minute! 雷鸣刚想到此处,“噗”界面屏障间突然有一重水泡生出,水泡看似随波逐流可片刻间已经将整个界面屏障冲出! „It is not good!” The thunderous complexion emergency, passes on the sound said hastily, this is “不好!”雷鸣脸色急变,连忙传音道,“这是” What a pity has not waited to say thunderously, no matter his personal appearance were blocked by the air bubble, his sound also stops suddenly. 可惜还不等雷鸣说完,不管他的身形被气泡挡住,他的声音也戛然而止。 Damn!” Xiao Hua where does not know oneself and the others have fallen into the ambush? He scolded one lowly, has changed to the Daoist monk's cap to wear in head star palace seal runs out immediately, myriad star moon/month light beams from fell void. “该死!”萧华哪里不知道自己等人已经落入埋伏?他低骂一声,一直化作道冠戴在头上的星宫印立时冲出,万千星月光柱从虚空落下。 However, powerful incomparable star moon/month light beam beside two barriers, at this time actually seems weak, like long sleeve distortion! 但是,在两界壁垒之外强悍无比的星月光柱,此时却显得软弱,如同长袖般扭曲! squeak squeak in blister, gives birth suddenly neighs, kicks out to the blister with the small silver similar monster beast whole body flashing black and white light mark, these monster beast personal appearance were different from Xiao Hua and the others, had not been elongated, the principle of contact surface barrier falls on their bodies stirs up the black and white light mark to send out the dazzling light shadow merely. “吱吱”水泡之内,骤然生出嘶鸣,一个个跟小银相似的妖兽周身闪动黑白光纹冲水泡扑出,这些妖兽身形跟萧华等人不同,并没有被拉长,界面屏障的法则落在它们的身上仅仅惹得黑白光纹发出刺目光影。 Space monster beast?” Xiao Hua was somewhat unpredictable, in the heart was startled secretly. “空间妖兽?”萧华有些捉摸不定,心中暗惊。 Does not wait for him to stimulate to movement the magical powers, the personal appearance of several monster beasts pass through the barrier suddenly, drilled toward Xiao Hua one side of crazily, Xiao Hua thinks that they must run away, may count breaths, a severe pain transmits from his chest front, is looking down, that several space unusual animals do not know when has drilled into the immortal body! 不等他催动神通,几个妖兽的身形突然穿过壁垒,朝着萧华一侧疯狂钻了过去,萧华本以为它们要逃走,可不过数息,一股剧痛从他胸前传来,在低头看去,那几个空间异兽不知何时已经钻入自己仙躯! Xiao Hua is startled, quickly searches the hand to grasp to own chest front, but his hand shade twists, does not know unexpectedly takes bearing where! 萧华大吃一惊,急忙一探手抓向自己胸前,可是他的手影扭曲,竟不知道探向何处! Here is the space barrier, the naked eye sees is not true, the spatial warping is unusual, the ordinary magical powers cannot the accomplishment!” “此处乃空间壁垒,肉眼所见并非真正,空间扭曲异常,普通神通并不能建功!” Sees the unusual animals to drill into the immortal body, the broken crystal symbol is similar to the paper silks radically, Xiao Hua had immediately clearly became aware, he stimulated to movement the monster pledge mortal body secret technique hastily. 见到异兽钻入自己仙躯,破界晶符根本如同纸帛,萧华顿时有了明悟,他连忙催动妖盟的肉身秘术。 Brushing star moon/month light shadow no doubt twists, but falls into Xiao Hua Within the body to make Xiao Hua mortal body enter the iron stone as before firmly, these unusual animals kept off in outside the body! “刷”星月光影固然扭曲,但落入萧华体内依旧让萧华肉身坚入铁石,那些异兽被挡在体外! The space unusual animals are very resourceful, saw with own eyes that Xiao Hua is irresistible, to transfer the personal appearance to plunge Jiang Meihua and the others immediately! 空间异兽很是机敏,眼见萧华不可抵挡,立即调转身形扑向姜美华等人! Roar roar Jiang Meihua body surface dragon twists, there is a Qilin empty shade to give birth, naturally also blocks the space unusual animals. “吼吼”姜美华体表龙相扭曲间,有麒麟虚影生出,自然也将空间异兽阻住。 Unexpectedly pitiful yell sound that „” in Xiao Hua er presents Liu Yun shu. “啊啊”萧华耳中竟然出现刘云舒的惨叫声。 Xiao Hua does not dare to stay in the contact surface barrier, saw that a weakness to exploit hurried stimulation of movement personal appearance departs! 萧华不敢在界面壁垒中多停留,见到有隙可乘急忙催动身形飞出! Brushing seems from under water runs out, Xiao Hua felt thoroughly the tone unexpectedly, but, did not allow him to see clearly all around situation, „” rumor/wind sound, Xiao Hua wants not to think suddenly, quickly toward high place to! “刷”好似从水底冲出,萧华居然觉得透了口气,但是,根本不容他看清四周情形,“呜”风声骤起,萧华想都不想,急忙朝着高处冲起! However is soars more than thousand zhang (3.33 m), suddenly an powerful great strength sweeps from one side, this great strength is Xiao Hua always only sees, Xiao Hua just saw the shadow to sweep, but was brandishes the fist just to block like the glorolers hardness, bang a loud sound, Xiao Hua's personal appearance is slanting departure! 不过是高飞千余丈,蓦然间一股强悍的巨力从侧面扫来,这巨力乃萧华平生仅见,萧华刚看到阴影扫来,不过是抡起拳头刚刚挡住如冰岩般的坚硬,“轰”的一声巨响,萧华的身形斜着飞出! A numb and aching transmits from his right arm! 一阵酸麻从他右臂传来! After this is Xiao Hua congealing body, this time so admits defeat! 这是萧华凝体后此次如此吃瘪! „?” Xiao Hua is startled, quickly looks up, sees only a shadow to say above complete coverage, the shadow like the cloud, just hit on own fist, resembles the hurricane that in the cloud concentrates unexpectedly! “哦?”萧华吃惊,急忙抬头看去,只见一片阴影将森罗道上空完全覆盖,阴影如云彩,刚刚打在自己拳头上的,竟似云彩中凝出的飓风! Such hurricane has ten several every large or small, distributes, in said around the vortex, during hurricane revolving had the enormous suction, this suction covered the entire space. 这样的飓风大大小小有十数个,分布在森罗道漩涡四周,飓风旋转间生出极大的吸力,这吸力将整个空间笼罩。 Xiao Hua personal appearance flies up at angle, after that is unsafe, has been close to another hurricane, that hurricane revolves slender cloud trace/strand who gives birth to the tentacle to be possible and! 萧华身形斜飞,其后并不安全,已经接近另外一个飓风,那飓风旋转间生出的纤细云丝已经触手可及! Bang Xiao Hua where dares to have the slightest bit to neglect! He almost without hesitation, raises hand to hold up the pleasant stick . Moreover the right arm searches, on the arm the light shadow illness flashes, the phoenix claw of phoenix firmiana reveal! “轰”萧华哪里敢有半分怠慢啊!他几乎不假思索,扬手将如意棒擎出,而且右臂一探,手臂上光影疾闪,凤梧的凤爪显露出来! „” Pleasant stick pounds, the wind stops the might to be infinite, pierces the hurricane, but that huge hurricane crazy volume to Xiao Hua, to/clashes Xiao Hua personal appearance is not steady like the strength of sea tide contact surface as before! “呜”如意棒砸出,风湮威力无穷,将飓风洞穿,可那庞大的飓风依旧疯狂的卷向萧华,一股如海潮般的界面之力冲得萧华身形不稳! What to do?” Xiao Hua has never seen so the unusual animals, moreover this unusual animals invisible, the strength is boundless, even if Xiao Hua gathers the Yuanxian high rank strength, feeling that one type is unable to start. “怎么办?”萧华从未见过如此异兽,而且这异兽无形,力道磅礴,萧华即便是聚元仙高阶实力,也有一种无从下手的感觉。 Xiao Hua feature is unable to open, the whole body silver light was torn, his both hands rub, the innumerable thunder well up crazily, Xiao Hua wants to stand firm the personal appearance with the aid of the strength of thunder in the strength of wild contact surface, but the effect is unsatisfactory. 萧华眉目无法睁开,周身银光被撕裂,他双手搓动,无数雷霆狂涌而出,萧华想借助雷霆之力在狂暴的界面之力中稳住身形,但效果不佳。 Wind wind permanent beast?” A weak sound conveys from the Xiao Hua left under space, Xiao Hua hears clearly, is thunderous, his sound was elongated, moreover is somewhat helpless, how this grade of monster clan possibly arrives at to say “风风恒兽?”一个微弱的声音从萧华左下空间传来,萧华听得清楚,正是雷鸣,他的声音被拉长,而且有些无奈,“这这等妖族怎么可能到得森罗道” Bang thunderous words have not said, the sound of thundering rings out, does not need to look that thunderous was definitely hit by the wind permanent beast flutters! “轰”雷鸣的话不曾说完,轰鸣之声大作,不必看的,雷鸣肯定被风恒兽打得翻飞! Wind permanent beast?” Thunderous called out in alarm reminded Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua intention racing, patted the forehead immediately, brushing immortal mark opened one, but saw the immortal mark in the starry sky, green stars shone suddenly. Xiao Hua sensation forehead ballooning, decides at heart, is probing the stimulation of movement principle stars. “风恒兽?”雷鸣一声惊叫提醒了萧华,萧华心念急转,随即一拍自己眉心,“刷”仙痕睁开一丝,但见仙痕的星空之内,一颗青色星辰骤然发亮。萧华感知眉心鼓胀,心里微定,试探着催动法则星辰。 Previously Xiao Hua is the immortal infant's body, frail incomparably simply did not have the means to withstand the strength of principle backlash, now New Year's Day is different, but saw the principle of stars wind to flash, some azure light projected from the immortal mark. 先前萧华乃是仙婴之体,脆弱无比根本没办法承受法则反噬之力,今元日又是不同,但见风之法则星辰闪动,有些许青光从仙痕内射出。 „” Azure light falls into changes to the space of strong winds around Xiao Hua to pad immediately, the strength of contact surface breaks in this space band, exudes whiz whiz the sound, annihilates in a minute most. “呜”青光落入立时化作狂风将萧华四周空间填塞,界面之力冲入这空间夹层,发出“嗖嗖”的响声,片刻间湮灭大半。 Xiao Hua great happiness, he stimulates to movement the immortal strength again, uses the technique of wind escaping, brushing a azure light flash moves, Xiao Hua body surface has the phoenix feather to give birth! 萧华大喜,他再次催动仙力,施展风遁之术,“刷”一阵青光闪动,萧华体表有凤羽生出! Right!” Xiao Hua at present one bright, the personal appearance gradually transforms, other monster clan he does not dare saying that transforming phoenix that is the old profession! “对呀!”萧华眼前一亮,身形逐渐幻化,别的妖族他不敢说,幻化凤凰那是老本行啊! Really, after Xiao Hua changes to the shape of phoenix, the principle of immortal mark stroke is easier to stimulate to movement, moreover his both wings unfold within also to force to stand firm the personal appearance in the hurricane. 果然,萧华化作凤凰之状后,仙痕中风之法则更是容易催动,而且他双翅展动间也能勉强在飓风稳住身形。 Hitting Xiao Hua coming to a stop personal appearance, the phoenix claw raise the pleasant stick, this time pleasant stick grew thickly extremely numerous, under a stick, hits dissipation half hurricane under cloud unexpectedly! “打”萧华站稳身形,凤爪又将如意棒擎起,此时的如意棒粗长了极多,一棒之下,竟将云彩之下的一个飓风打得消散一半儿! In Xiao Hua must be ruthless, above the top of the head the cloud has an vortex suddenly, „” wind howls, the every large or small debris raids to fall like the rainstorm! 就在萧华要赶尽杀绝之时,头顶之上云彩骤然生出一个漩涡,“呜”风啸间,大大小小的空间碎片如同暴雨般袭落! Damn!” Xiao Hua yan read sweeps, has investigated in the bad risk, he scolded one lowly, unfolded the both wings to make a getaway. “该死!”萧华衍念一扫,早就探察到内中凶险,他低骂一声,展动双翅逃之夭夭。 Roar Xiao Hua just flew away, under his body, Lu Qing grasps the long spear/gun to depart, at this time the armor silver light of Lu Qing whole body is motley, if some shapes the monster clan of mouse still swallows Lu Qing immortal strength in the tear and bite! “吼”萧华刚刚飞走,他的身下,鲁晴手持长枪飞出,此时鲁晴周身的盔甲银光斑驳,一些状若小鼠的妖族还在撕咬吞噬鲁晴的仙力! Lu Qing has bad luck, just ran out, above the top of the head has the debris to dip, he spreads out reads sweeps has also had a big shock. Let alone Lu Qing, is the space unusual animals that his whole body tears and bites, sees with own eyes the fragment to pound, each one chirp jumps out from Lu Qing, slid toward two barriers! 鲁晴算是倒了霉,刚刚冲出,头顶之上就有空间碎片倾落,他衍念扫过同样大惊失色。别说鲁晴,就是他周身撕咬的空间异兽,眼见碎片砸来,各自唧唧的从鲁晴身上窜出,朝着两界壁垒溜了下去! „” Was a pity, does not wait for Lu Qing to depart thousand zhang (3.33 m), that hurricane has hit like the tentacle of cloud on Shangdong clear, Lu Qing hurried racket beast swallows, „” a spirit bead departs, in spirit pearl has the withered and yellow gloss, this gloss one presently, all around strong winds are calm. “呜”可惜,根本不等鲁晴飞出千丈,那飓风如同云彩的触手已经打在鲁晴的身上,鲁晴急忙一拍兽吞,“呜”一颗灵珠飞出,灵珠上有枯黄光泽,这光泽一现,四周狂风波澜不惊。 The spirit bead gloss was just occupied by Lu Qinghu, rumble during the bangs, has the debris to fall early, even if Lu Qing gathers the immortal Secret Art, there are numerous flame to give birth, only will still be small some fragments to burn annihilates, oneself were hit the left leg smashing by the debris, small half-length covered with blood. 只是,灵珠光泽刚将鲁晴护住,“轰隆隆”的巨响间,早有空间碎片落下,鲁晴即便收取仙诀,有重重火焰生出,也仅将小部分碎片烧得湮灭,自己还是被空间碎片打得左腿粉碎,小半身血肉模糊。 Roar Lu Qing angrily roars, pats the chest front to protect the heart mirror, bang one group of flame run out, that flame spreads to sweep, a vermilion bird light shadow gives birth, vermilion bird, the principle of fire all around several miles space will cover all of a sudden. The debris and hurricane fall in this space, although cannot annihilate completely, but also was blocked less than half! “吼”鲁晴一声怒吼,一拍自己胸前护心镜,“轰”一团火焰冲出,那火焰遍扫间,一个朱雀光影生出,朱雀一出,火之法则一下子将四周数里空间笼罩。空间碎片和飓风落在这空间之内,虽然不能完全湮灭,但也被挡住小半! Meanwhile, Keng clang the sound of gold/metal calling resounds from the upper air, then sees the golden color like the morning sun initial rise, treads the golden great sword tearing cloud to clash toward Lu Qing thunderously fully! 与此同时,“铿铿”的金鸣之声从高空响起,然后就见到金色如同朝阳初升,雷鸣足踏金色巨剑撕裂云彩冲往鲁晴! Lu Qing seeing that great happiness, quickly pats the top of the head mail-armor and helmet, buzz on mail-armor and helmet the azure light changes to the bolt of white silk to shoot up to the sky, that thunderous heart has on the tacit mail-armor and helmet also to have the azure photoemission to leave! 鲁晴见状大喜,急忙一拍自己头顶甲胄,“嗡”甲胄上青光化作匹练冲天而起,那雷鸣心有默契甲胄上也有青光射出! Also is going to touch in two azure light, Lu Qing complexion big change, raised a hue and cried suddenly: Careful 也就在两道青光将要触及,突然间鲁晴脸色大变,大声疾呼道:“小心” Ps: Fellow Daoist who likes this book, welcome to beginning( book. /info/1010594608) subscription supports, casts a monthly ticket, casts the recommendation ticket, the collection, hits to enjoy, thank all forms of support!! Ps:喜欢本书的诸位道友,请到起点(book./info/1010594608)订阅支持一下,投个月票,投个推荐票,收藏,打赏,感谢一切形式的支持!! Is ambush under whose arrange/cloth?? Such fierce! 是谁布下的埋伏??这么厉害!
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