LCGIR :: Volume #43

#4235: Infinitely merciful Guanyin Bodisattva female body Law Manifestation

Oh ~ “唉~” Vairocana Revered One of the World said with a sigh, „, if were so simple, why this place did worry? Dismantles Karma also to live Karma, when Karma duplicate/restores Karma does Karma rest?” 大日如来世尊叹息道,“若如此简单,本座何必发愁?拆解因果亦生因果,因果因果因果何时休?” Dīpankara Ancient Buddha also shakes the head saying: Ablation Karma needs the greatest belief and intense buddha radiance, even the slightest misstep will also make a false counter-accusation by Karma, the Junior Brother came from Lower Realm, knows that locates Karma to become the disasters respectively early, is not the simple ablation can solve.” 燃灯上古佛也摇头道:“消融因果需要莫大的信仰和强烈的佛光,稍有不慎还会被因果反噬,师弟来自下界,想必知道各处因果早成洪水猛兽,并非简单的消融就能解决。” From top to bottom inadequate, from bottom to top not good ~ “自上而下不成,自下而上也不行~” The Venerable Buddha Maitreya forced smile said, is it possible that wants both moreover?” 弥勒尊佛苦笑道,“莫非要两者兼之?” Dīpankara Ancient Buddha and Vairocana Revered One of the World has a look mutually, simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform asked: Can't develop one's own style?” 燃灯上古佛大日如来世尊相互看看,齐齐问道:“不能独辟蹊径么?” Develops one's own style?” “独辟蹊径?” Venerable Buddha Maitreya one startled, looks at two Revered One of the World strange say/way, is it possible that......” 弥勒尊佛一惊,看着两世尊奇道,“莫非……” Is saying, above main hall, beside buddha radiance, has the strong winds to blow suddenly, but sees this strong winds bone-chilling cold, buddha radiance curled such as the bushes are stave, disorderly buddha radiance falls to the Venerable Buddha Maitreya eye, immediately changes to the single layer heavy murderous intention. 正说间,大殿之上,佛光之外,骤然有狂风吹起,但见这狂风凛冽,佛光都被卷的如茅草破碎,凌乱的佛光落到弥勒尊佛眼中,立即化作一重重杀机。 Salutes more Amitabha ~ “南无弥阿弥陀佛~” Venerable Buddha Maitreya shouted lowly, disciple knew!” 弥勒尊佛低呼道,“弟子知道了!” Salutes Amitabha ~ “南无阿弥陀佛~” Vairocana contains to say with a smile, what did Junior Brother know?” 大日如来含笑道,“师弟知道什么了?” Revered One of the World ~ 世尊~” Venerable Buddha Maitreya hesitant, opened the mouth to say five characters, Star Territory greatly to seal/confer God!” 弥勒尊佛犹豫了一下,开口说出了五个字,“星域大封神!” Salutes Amitabha ~ “南无阿弥陀佛~” The Vairocana say/way, seemed like the Junior Brother also to start to recall meaningfully passing.” 大日如来意味深长道,“看起来师弟也开始回忆起过往了。” No ~ “不~” Venerable Buddha Maitreya not hesitant, shakes the head saying that Revered One of the World, disciple hear of others said that disciple does not seem these memories.” 弥勒尊佛没有犹豫,摇头道,“世尊,弟子听他人说的,弟子好似没有这些记忆。” Might as well ~ “无妨~” Dīpankara Ancient Buddha Revered One of the World said with a smile, Junior Brother, since knows that was the opportunity, seemed like this to eliminate the heavy responsibility of Buddha State Karma to fall to the shoulder of Junior Brother on.” 燃灯上古佛世尊笑道,“师弟既然知道就是机会,看起来这消除佛国因果的重任就要落到师弟的肩上了。” What?” “什么?” Venerable Buddha Maitreya is somewhat surprised, 弥勒尊佛有些惊讶, Said, wants...... to fall to the disciple shoulder on?” 说道,“要……要落到弟子肩上?” Junior Brother, but Revered One of the World Venerable Buddha Maitreya,” “师弟可是弥勒尊佛世尊,” Dīpankara Ancient Buddha said, „is also future Buddha Lord, Star Territory to seal/confer God eliminates the Karma good opportunity greatly, similarly is also the Buddha State new student/life, how could it not be the Junior Brother to take a strength to undertake?” 燃灯上古佛说道,“也就是未来佛主,星域大封神是消除因果的良机,同样也是佛国的新生,师弟岂不要一力承担?” Salutes Amitabha ~ “南无阿弥陀佛~” The Venerable Buddha Maitreya mouth proclaimed buddhist name saying that future Buddha State matter disciple has not thought that but hears Star Territory greatly to seal/confer God, disciple thought that this was the golden opportunity of removing firewood from under the pot......” 弥勒尊佛口宣佛号说道,“未来佛国的事情弟子从来没有想过,不过是听得星域大封神,弟子觉得这是釜底抽薪的绝佳机会……” Did not wait for Venerable Buddha Maitreya saying that Vairocana suddenly one startled, looked up to main hall, shouted lowly: Azure emperor?” 不等弥勒尊佛说完,大日如来忽然一惊,抬头看向大殿之外,低呼道:“青帝?” Heavenly Court azure emperor??” 天庭青帝??” Venerable Buddha Maitreya was also shocked, said, how he did come?” 弥勒尊佛也愣住了,说道,“他怎么来了?” Quick ~ “快~” Vairocana shouted lowly, passed on disciple......” 大日如来低呼道,“传弟子……” Just, Vairocana just said several characters, he beckoned with the hand, said: Does not need, the azure emperor to visit to a private capacity, said that has the matter of secret!” 只不过,大日如来刚说了几个字,他又是摆手了,说道:“不必了,青帝以私人身份拜会,说有隐秘之事!” How possibly?” “怎么可能?” The Venerable Buddha Maitreya secretly thought, listens to Wen Qu to say at heart, shortly after Wu Dan azure just did not walk, how has he possibly arrived at Spirit Mountain?” 弥勒尊佛心里暗道,“听文曲所言,吴丹青不是刚走不久,他怎么可能已经到得灵山脚下?” Dīpankara Ancient Buddha, said actually in a soft voice: My Buddha, since is the matter of secret, disciple with Revered One of the World Venerable Buddha Maitreya whether can avoid?” 倒是燃灯上古佛,轻声道:“我佛,既然是隐秘之事,弟子弥勒尊佛世尊是否要回避?” Other disciple avoid also and that's the end ~ “其他弟子回避也就是了~” Vairocana beckons with the hand saying that two Junior Brothers naturally do not use.” 大日如来摆手道,“两位师弟自然不用。” Then, Vairocana set out to tread the lotus throne, said: Azure emperor comes visiting, I and others obtained the palace to greet.” 说完,大日如来起身踏了莲台,说道:“青帝来访,我等怎么也得出殿迎接。” Good ~ “不错~” Dīpankara Ancient Buddha and Venerable Buddha Maitreya nod, simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform set out to tread the lotus throne to depart. 燃灯上古佛弥勒尊佛点头,齐齐起身踏了莲台飞出。 When Buddha State three Revered One of the World depart main hall, Wu Dan azure has flown Spirit Mountain, he looks at three Buddha Lord, on the face appears respectful, holds their palms together saying: Xiaosheng Wu Dan is blue, has seen three Revered One of the World.” 当得佛国世尊飞出大殿,吴丹青已经飞上灵山,他看着三个佛主,脸上显出恭敬,双手合十道:“小生吴丹青,见过三位世尊。” Salutes Amitabha ~ “南无阿弥陀佛~” The Vairocana vision falls to Wu Dan azure on, but looked at the moment, seemed understood anything , the double palm proclaimed buddhist name about ten, benefactor was polite.” 大日如来目光落到吴丹青身上,不过看了片刻,好似明白了什么,也双掌合十口宣佛号,“檀越客气。” Dīpankara Ancient Buddha and Venerable Buddha Maitreya also mouth proclaimed buddhist name to salute upon meeting, Venerable Buddha Maitreya very clear Wu Dan came the Buddha State reason at heart azure, but Wu Dan azure did not look for him, therefore his double palm about ten lowered the head does not speak. 燃灯上古佛弥勒尊佛也口宣佛号见礼,弥勒尊佛心里很明白吴丹青来佛国的来由,但吴丹青又不找他,所以他双掌合十低头不语。 Vairocana comes straight to the point actually, asked directly: „Does benefactor come to Spirit Mountain for the Karma worry?” 大日如来倒是开门见山,直接问道:“檀越远来灵山可是为了因果烦恼?” Yes ~ “是的~” Wu Dan azure is not accidental/surprised, his said with a nod, this Karma worry is not only the worry of my humble self, similarly also affected the Heavenly Court foundation, therefore the my humble self has to take the liberty to come to ask the Buddha to act.” 吴丹青毫不意外,他点头道,“这因果烦恼不仅是小生之烦恼,同样也影响了天庭的根基,所以小生不得不冒昧前来求佛祖出手。” Vairocana smiled bitterly, oneself just also with two Revered One of the World discussed how to eliminate Buddha State Karma, how possibly to manage others Karma again, let alone at present this, but the Heavenly Court azure emperor, his Karma also involves Heavenly Court. 大日如来苦笑了,自己刚刚还跟两个世尊商议如何消除佛国因果呢,怎么可能再管他人因果,更别说眼前这位可是天庭青帝,他的因果还涉及天庭 Salutes Amitabha ~ “南无阿弥陀佛~” Vairocana not good direct to reject, his mouth proclaimed buddhist name saying that Karma of time benefactor......” 大日如来也不好直接拒绝,他口宣佛号说道,“檀越因果时机……” Did not wait for Vairocana to say the words, bang ~ above the square of side of main hall had the bellow to resound, the whence of sound revealed that woof Bishui, above Bishui myriad lotus dragged. 不等大日如来把话说完,“轰~”大殿之侧的广场之上有轰鸣声响起,声音的来处显露出一汪碧水,碧水之上万千莲荷摇曳。 How at this time to have the disciple card to result in Buddhahood ascension?” “此时怎么会有弟子证得佛果飞升?” Venerable Buddha Maitreya somewhat knit the brows, opened both eyes to look to Bishui, in the heart was quite the secretly thought that was surprised, hasn't buddha radiance that unexpectedly received and instructed continually appeared? Is it possible that was the war casualty of Karma so serious?” 弥勒尊佛有些皱眉了,微睁了双目看向碧水,心中颇是纳罕的暗道,“居然连接引的佛光都不曾出现?莫非因果之殇如此严重了?” However, when Venerable Buddha Maitreya sees, the water glare billowing place, 100,003,200 lotus blooms together, in each lotus has buddha radiance together to run out, but waits all buddha radiance to congeal light pillar, infinitely merciful Guanyin Bodisattva Revered One of the World departs from, the eye of Venerable Buddha Maitreya opens the eyes like the bronze bell, in the heart to shout immediately lowly: I go, who this...... is this is pretending to be Fellow Daoist Xiao??” 但是,当得弥勒尊佛看到,水光潋滟处,一亿三千二百莲荷齐齐绽放,每个莲荷之中都有一道佛光冲出,而待得所有佛光凝结成光柱,大慈大悲观世音菩萨世尊自内中飞出,弥勒尊佛的眼睛登时睁得如同铜铃,心中低呼道:“我去,这……这是谁在冒充萧道友??” Let alone Venerable Buddha Maitreya, is Xiao Hua, feels unthinkable, but sees his figure to fly to fall the buddha radiance abyss, saw with own eyes that the entire figure submerges buddha radiance, bang ~ the Xiao Hua whole body congeals immediately gold light, this gold light such as the water overflows changes to a female body unexpectedly! 别说弥勒尊佛,就是萧华自己,也觉得匪夷所思,但见他身形飞落佛光深渊,眼见整个身形没入佛光,“轰~”萧华周身立即凝结出金光,这金光如水流溢居然化作一个女身! Infinitely merciful Guanyin Bodisattva! 大慈大悲观世音菩萨 Xiao Hua cannot bear said startled: I go, how can like this??” 萧华忍不住惊慌道:“我去,怎么会这样??” However, made the Xiao Hua shocking matter still in behind, Xiao Hua just change to the female body, ~ in the buddha radiance abyss had the huge suction, this suction was intrepid, could not allow Xiao Hua to struggle, entrained Xiao Hua to fall into the bottom of abyss early! 然而,更加让萧华震惊的事情还在后面,萧华刚刚化作女身,“呜~”佛光深渊之内又生出巨大的吸力,这吸力强悍无比,根本容不得萧华挣扎,早拽了萧华落入深渊之底! Buzz ~ “嗡~” When the Xiao Hua figure bangs into the single layer shape, if the lotus multi-colored sunlight he a flower, then notices at present Wu Dan wears Qingyi Station azure before present three Revered One of the World. 当得萧华身形撞入一重状若莲荷的霞光他眼前一花,而后就看到吴丹青身着青衣站在眼前三个世尊头前。 Nnd ~ “nnd~” Xiao Hua gawked, in the heart called out in alarm, „didn't this boy just arrive at Buddha State? How to arrive at Thunder Sound Temple??” 萧华愣了一下,心中惊呼了,“这厮不是刚到佛国么?怎么就到了雷音寺??” However, Xiao Hua has nothing hesitant, he lifts the hand, a direction to the Wu Dan azure forehead, in the mouth scolded: Bold......” 然而,萧华根本没有任何犹豫,他一抬手,一指点向吴丹青眉心,口中呵斥道:“大胆……” Sees with own eyes the finger to disregard the distance, among the electric light flint fell the Wu Dan azure forehead, Xiao Hua smiled, he knows, present Seven Worlds no one is the enemy of his referring, to at this time, even if three Revered One of the World acted, was impossible to save Wu Dan to be blue! 眼见手指无视距离,电光火石间就落到了吴丹青眉心,萧华笑了,他知道,如今的七界无人是他一指之敌,到得此时,即便是三世尊出手,都不可能救得了吴丹青! For „the fattest cow dung in addition ~ 为“最肥的牛粪”加更~ Thank everyone enthusiastic support, everyone while beginning subscription, do not forget helps the 3 d highest place in hanun propagandize on, micro blog, trill and quick worker and other channels, thanked again 感谢大家热情支持,大家在起点订阅的同时,别忘了在、微博、抖音和快手等渠道上帮探花宣传,再次感谢了 7017 k 7017k
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