LCGIR :: Volume #37

#3605: pill benefit

Moreover proves law Heavenly Venerable to explain, oneself did not say, he will not lead himself to go to the Heavenly Venerable sea, even some cool breeze premonitions, even if oneself did not say, some of his still means know all that he wants to know. 而且证法天尊说得明白,自己不说,他就不会带自己去天尊海,甚至清风有种预感,即便自己不说,他也有办法知道他想知道的一切。 After all lost the cool breeze of blue stone, besides a status, has no difference from other common Golden Immortal. 毕竟失去了青石的清风,除了一个身份之外,跟其他寻常金仙没什么区别。 Good ~ “好吧~” Helpless the cool breeze said, what you do want to know?” 清风无奈道,“你想知道什么?” All!” “所有!” The mouth of middle-aged person puts out two characters. 中年人的嘴里吐出两个字。 Ok ~ “可以~” Cool breeze said with a nod, „, but I want to remind your am, I can not return to Three Purities Heaven, but you also planned that didn't want Heavenly Venerable's Mansion?” 清风点头道,“但我想提醒你的是,我可以不回三清天,但你也打算不要天尊府了么?” Yes ~ “是的~” Middle-aged person also does said with a nod, under compound nest, how can there be end the egg?” 中年人也点头道,“覆巢之下,焉有完卵?” The cool breeze complexion changed, stares at the middle-aged person to say every single word or phrase: Is it possible that have you had long known?” 清风脸色微变了,盯着中年人一字一句道:“莫非你早就知道?” First did not say Yellow Past Heaven large quantities of every immortal Immortal Three Wanings ~ “先不说黄曾天大批凡仙仙人三衰~” The middle-aged people said with a smile, is not no need to say in the Supreme Unity Immortal eye not to have the road of Immemorial Origin again, said only I and other Heavenly Venerable source strength had the sign of depletion, you said, I and other Great Dao control...... can not know?” 中年人笑道,“也不必说太乙仙眼中再无混元之路,单说我等天尊源力都有枯竭的迹象,你说,我等这些大道掌控者……能不知道么?” Oh ~ “唉~” The cool breeze sighed a sound said, I do not know that what's the matter, originally was Immortal World in good condition, how to have the matter suddenly? This saying must succeed in giving up two halves to mention from the town/subdues space alum......” 清风叹息一声道,“我也不知道怎么回事儿,本是好端端的仙界,怎么忽然就出事儿了呢?这话还得从镇宇明石断成两半说起……” No rush, don't anxious ~ “别急,别急~” The middle-aged person brow selects, says with a smile, how does town/subdues space alum break? From the middle, is from equally? Is horizontally, setting upright? Before the break, what had?” 中年人眉头一挑,笑道,“镇宇明石是怎么断裂的?从中间,还是从一边儿?是横着,还是竖着?断裂之前发生了什么?” The middle-aged people asked carefully, the cool breeze was helpless, can only according to remembering, little related in detail. 中年人问得仔细,清风无奈,只能按照记忆,一点点的细说。 The cool breeze understands at heart, regardless of Three Purities Heaven exactly has anything, oneself never are control, oneself or take advantage of three masters, or takes advantage of present Heavenly Venerable, own knows is own value. 清风心里明白,无论三清天到底发生什么,自己始终不是掌控者,自己或是依仗三位老爷,或者依仗眼前的天尊,自己的所知就是自己存在的价值。 Four Brahma Heaven, dragon Bianfan day, shape, if the sui billows dwelling place of celestial beings of flowers is lending the tranquil aura as before, around the dwelling place of celestial beings also does not have the light, splendid light that but above the dwelling place of celestial beings blooms illuminates trillion li (0.5 km) well-illuminated. 四梵天,龙变梵度天,状若花朵的懳澜仙府依旧散发着恬静的气息,仙府四周同样无光,但仙府之上绽放的华光将亿万里照得通亮。 In splendid light, the innumerable gossamers such as the dragon shape dances in the air, inexplicable Principle unceasing living extinguishes, forms the sharp contrast with the tranquilness of dwelling place of celestial beings actually. 华光之内,无数游丝如龙形飞舞,莫名的法则不断的生灭,倒是跟仙府的恬静形成鲜明的对比。 Bang ~ “轰~” In the vault of heaven above dwelling place of celestial beings, nine colors stars tearing flies to fall dark slowly, the stars mistake, Principle was shattered, the space annihilation, the halo of single layer heavy distortion until falling into dwelling place of celestial beings's splendid light returns to normal. 仙府之上的天穹中,一个九彩星辰撕裂黑暗缓缓飞落,星辰过处,法则破碎,空间湮灭,一重重扭曲的光晕直到落入仙府的华光中才恢复正常。 Power and influence that the stars crash no doubt with amazement, but dwelling place of celestial beings splendid light cannot vacillate the half a point. 星辰坠落的威势固然骇然,可连仙府华光都不能动摇半分。 The stars fall to the dwelling place of celestial beings above towering stopping, starts revolving slowly, nine colors such as the fireworks falls in the dwelling place of celestial beings, around the dwelling place of celestial beings space started to ripple like the water surface. 星辰落到仙府之上突兀的停下,开始缓缓的旋转,一道道九彩如烟花落在仙府上,仙府四周的空间开始如水面般荡漾了。 Oh ~ “唉~” Approximately several breaths, the sound of pill benefit resounds from the dwelling place of celestial beings, really feared that anything comes anything......” 约是数息,叶丹惠的声音自仙府中响起,“真是怕什么来什么……” With sound, buzz ~ above dwelling place of celestial beings has the multi-colored sunlight to give birth, such as the flowers bloom, after the stars fall into the multi-colored sunlight, vanishes does not see. 随着声音,“嗡~”仙府之上有霞光生出,如花朵绽放,星辰落入霞光后消失不见。 When results in the stars to appear again, before is seemingly common main hall . 当得星辰再次出现,已经是一个看似寻常的大殿之前了。 In this time main hall, has the sound of thunder to thunder as before unceasingly, similarly, with the thunder sound, has the light shadow of spring, summer, autumn, winter Four Seasons unceasingly, in the halo the innumerable life and death and Karma Principle fluctuates such as the water to fall in torrents, but, this time fluctuation is thin, not previously like that boundless. 此时的大殿之内,依旧有雷霆之音轰鸣不断,同样的,随着雷霆声响,不断生出春夏秋冬四季之光影,光晕之内无数的生死和因果法则波动如水倾泻,只不过,此时的波动已经稀薄,并不似先前那般磅礴。 In the thunder sound, the sound of pill benefit resounds: Xuan posture?” 雷霆声响中,叶丹惠的声音响起:“萱姿?” Sir ~ “大人~” Xuan posture Fairy flies to fall from the distant place pavilion, respectful say/way, I.” 萱姿仙子从远处楼阁飞落,恭敬道,“我在呢。” Asked husband to come ~ “去请夫君过来~” pill Hui told. 叶丹惠吩咐道。 „?” “啊?” Xuan posture Fairy gawked, obviously somewhat feels helpless. 萱姿仙子愣了一下,显然有些不知所措。 Goes ~ “去吧~” pill benefit light saying, husband anything knew.” 叶丹惠淡淡的说道,“夫君什么都知道了。” Yes, Sir ~ “是,大人~” Xuan posture Fairy smiles, to set out to depart at once. 萱姿仙子抿嘴一笑,旋即起身飞出。 Xuan posture Fairy went shortly, ~ in main hall has the thunder light flash to move again, immediately the sound of thunder vanishes, bright projects from main hall together, falls on the stars. 萱姿仙子去了不久,“咔嚓嚓~”大殿之内再有雷光闪动,随即雷霆之音消失,一道光明从大殿之内射出,正是落在星辰上。 The stars transferred in the light turning round several, changes to the projectile to fly into main hall, falls to wearing in emperor's clothes the hand of pill benefit. 星辰在光明中滴溜溜转了几下,化作弹丸飞入大殿,落到身着天衣的叶丹惠的手中。 pill benefit present Immortal Body the congealing reality, could not have seen what difference, but in Immortal Body as before some thunder light once for a while flashing, are not card law Heavenly Venerable that type unequalled steady with Wu Chen. 叶丹惠如今的仙躯已经凝实,看不出什么异样,但仙躯之内依旧会有些雷光时不时的闪动,远不是证法天尊那种无与伦比的稳重和无尘 Oh ~ “唉~” pill benefit has a look in the hand the stars, said with a sigh in a low voice, seemed like me to face eventually.” 叶丹惠看看手中星辰,低声叹息道,“看起来我终究是要面对了。” Wife ~ “娘子~” pill benefit finishes barely the words, the Wang Zhenfei sound resounded beside main hall, calculates that the time has not arrived, you worry anything, the law of my jade also not reach a high degree of proficiency.” 叶丹惠话音未落,王靕飛的声音就在大殿之外响起了,“算算时间还没到呢,你着急什么啊,我这种玉之法还没有炉火纯青呢。” The Wang Zhenfei words sound seem cultivation, but each words pass have double meaning, nearby Xuan posture Fairy hears is dumbfounded, but the corners of the mouth of pill benefit actually exude the happy expression. 王靕飛的话听起来好似修炼,但每句话都透着一语双关,旁边的萱姿仙子听得是目瞪口呆,可叶丹惠的嘴角却是泛起了笑意。 Husband ~ “夫君~” The sound of pill benefit is gentle, I do not have the means that has star Cambodia to fly to fall, I must go to the Heavenly Venerable sea, therefore has to disturb your cultivation, said goodbye with you.” 叶丹惠的声音温柔,“我也没办法,有星柬飞落,我得去天尊海了,所以不得不打扰你修炼,跟你告别。” What?” “什么?” Wang Zhenfei steps into main hall, looks at the shape, if sui billows Heavenly Venerable of gentle and graceful girl, he urgently said, you do want to leave now? You did not say before has not restored the strength, won't make one know?” 王靕飛踏入大殿,看着状若窈窕淑女的懳澜天尊,他急道,“你现在就要离开?你不是说没有恢复实力之前不会让人知道吗?” Had Heavenly Venerable to invite the Immortal King command ~ “有天尊请了仙王令~” sui billows Heavenly Venerable pill Hui finger/refer the stars in midair was saying, sends out star Cambodia from the Heavenly Venerable sea, receives Heavenly Venerable of star Cambodia to go, otherwise violates the Immortal King command. ” 懳澜天尊叶丹惠指着半空中的星辰说道,从天尊海发出星柬,接到星柬的天尊必须前往,否则就是违背仙王令。” Who is not concerned about face ~ “谁这么不要脸啊~” Wang Zhenfei curled the lip, scolded, unexpectedly dares to confuse the happy life of our couple.” 王靕飛撇嘴了,骂道,“居然敢搅乱我们夫妻的甜蜜生活。” Hehe ~ “呵呵~” pill benefit puts out a hand to hold on the hand of Wang Zhenfei, saying with a smile, is who is unimportant, more importantly, my goes to the Heavenly Venerable sea, the matter that the strength has not replied has been known by other Heavenly Venerable, first did not say the beforehand some gratitude and grudges, said only my previous whereabouts are not good to explain, therefore husband, my went likely unable to rotate.” 叶丹惠伸手拉住王靕飛的手,笑道,“是谁已经不重要了,重要的是,我这一去天尊海,实力未复的事情已经会被其他天尊知道,先不说之前有些恩怨的,单说我先前的去向就不好交待,所以夫君,我这一去很可能就不能回转了。” I go ~ “我去~” Wang Zhenfei calls out in alarm said, works as Heavenly Venerable so to be how dangerous!” 王靕飛惊呼道,“当个天尊怎么这么危险啊!” Makes danger that Heavenly Venerable naturally does not have you to imagine ~ “做天尊当然没有你想象的危险~” pill benefit said with a smile, just I, for Heavenly Venerable, became enemies in the past a lot, then for still further, offended many Heavenly Venerable, now goes to the Heavenly Venerable sea, some people will naturally ask me to settle Karma.” 叶丹惠笑吟吟道,“只不过我为了当天尊,以往没少结仇,而后为了更进一步,更是得罪了不少天尊,如今前往天尊海,自然会有人找我了结因果的。” At this point, pill benefit has a look to look on respectful vertical Xuan posture Fairy, said: My passing matter, the Xuan posture should be very clear, after I leave, she will explain things with you......” 说到此处,叶丹惠看看旁观恭立的萱姿仙子,说道:“我过往的事情,萱姿应该很清楚,待得我离开之后,她会跟你分说……” Sir!” “大人!” Xuan posture Fairy one startled, urgently said, „your person does go to the Heavenly Venerable sea?” 萱姿仙子一惊,急道,“您自己一个人去天尊海?” pill benefit has not paid attention to Xuan posture Fairy, holds the hand of Wang Zhenfei to go out of main hall, walks while said: Husband, my lifetime to coming and going freely, regardless in Immortal World cultivation, Mortal Realm is reincarnated, is always the pleased love and hate, jokes aside, I have not thought that I will have husband......” 叶丹惠没有理会萱姿仙子,拉着王靕飛的手走出大殿,边走边说道:“夫君,我这一生向独来独往,无论在仙界修炼,还是凡界转世,从来都是快意恩仇,说真的,我从来没想到我会有夫君……” Here in addition successfully finished, many thanks everyone supports, behind is more splendid...... 此处加更圆满结束,多谢大家支持,后面更精彩…… Thank everyone enthusiastic support, everyone during subscription, do not forget helps the 3 d highest place in hanun propagandize on WeChat, QQ, micro blog, trill and quick worker and other channels, thanked again 感谢大家热情支持,大家在订阅的同时,别忘了在微信、qq、微博、抖音和快手等渠道上帮探花宣传,再次感谢了
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