LCGIR :: Volume #37

#3603: star Cambodia

Yes, yes ~ “是,是~” Liu Ming frightens scared shitless, quickly departs. 刘铭吓得屁滚尿流,急忙飞出。 Sir ~ “大人~” Late is brave passes on the sound said again, „, since has had no consideration for face, this act does not need scruples anything, lifts the Heavenly Venerable's Mansion full power!” 迟勇再次传音道,“既然已经撕破脸了,此举就不必顾忌什么了,举天尊府全力吧!” Right ~ “没错~” Luan Zhengning said with a smile, recently I went to Facing Heaven Watchtower to lose face, this time cannot make a mistake absolutely.” 栾证狞笑道,“前次我去朝天阙就丢了脸面,这次绝对不能失误。” Immediately Luan Zheng sent ten several people to go out one after another, this deeply inspired, said: Late is brave, you then contributed to the great merit, follows by me, does not need to go out again.” 随即栾证又接连派了十数人出去,这才深吸一口气,说道:“迟勇,你这才立了大功,就跟在我旁边,不必再出去了。” Many thanks Sir ~ “多谢大人~” Late is brave not too many joy, but after is the expression of gratitude, said, humble official also has a matter to remind the Sir.” 迟勇并没有太多的欣喜,而是道谢之后,说道,“卑职还有个事情要提醒大人的。” Said quickly, said quickly ~ “快说,快说~” Luan Zheng great happiness. 栾证大喜了。 Ancient Aristocratic Family and Immemorial Immortal Clan is all missing ~ 上古世家太古仙族皆是失踪~” Late brave confident saying, „, these wander about destitute in disciple of other Immortal World places......” 迟勇不疾不徐的说道,“那么,那些流落在仙界其它地方的弟子……” Good!” “好!” Luan Zheng pats the thigh again, said with a smile, these disciple have become the sweetie pie now, I knew, my audience Sir Heavenly Venerable, you waited here.” 栾证再次一拍大腿,笑道,“那些弟子现在已经成了香饽饽,我知道了,我这就去请见天尊大人,你在此处等候。” Sir is not anxious ~ “大人莫急~” Late is brave said again, humble official has not said!” 迟勇再次说道,“卑职还没说完呢!” Also?” “还有?” Luan Zhengleng, the hand pinched the chin saying that was difficult to be inadequate also has me not to think??” 栾证愣了,手捏下巴道,“难不成还有我没想到的??” Sir is the wise man thousand worries must have one to lose ~ “大人是智者千虑必有一失~” Late said with a smile bravely, humble official was the even a fool occasionally has a good idea must have one.” 迟勇笑道,“卑职是愚者千虑必有一得罢了。” Luan Zheng laughed: Haha, said quickly, said quickly ~ 栾证大笑了:“哈哈,快说,快说~” Sir ~ “大人~” Late is brave minute/share saying that this matter's secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator Sir thinks has somewhat haggled over, but the Sir has thought that why Ancient Aristocratic Family walked, leaves behind Xi Family only?” 迟勇分说道,“此事的幕后黑手大人想必已经有些计较,但大人有没有想过,为什么上古世家都走了,唯独留下奚家?” Very simple ~ “很简单~” Luan Zheng said with a smile, „, because previous time I besieged Facing Heaven Watchtower with several other Fellow Immortal, Xi Xun was the planted agent, Feng Family wait/etc. traded with others, excluded surely Xi Family!” 栾证笑道,“因为上次我跟其他几个仙友围攻朝天阙,奚勋做了内应,风家等跟其他人交易,必定把奚家排除在外!” Un un ~ “嗯嗯~” Late brave said with a nod, this must remind by this, can rule out many possibilities from this only a little!” 迟勇点头道,“这就是被这要提醒的,单从这一点儿就可以排除不少可能!” Good, good, pole pair that you said ~ “不错,不错,你说的极对~” Luan Zheng is saying, does not dare to neglect quickly departs main hall. 栾证说着,不敢怠慢急忙飞出大殿 Sir ~ “大人~” As before is that stretch of the world, Luan Zheng respectful all things after the middle-aged person said that said, matter is urgent, I have not reported with you, makes Liu Ming capture Xi Family disciple, but also asked the Sir to show.” 依旧是那片天地,栾证恭敬的把所有事情跟中年人说了之后,说道,“事情紧急,我没有跟您禀告,就让刘铭把奚家弟子擒拿,还请大人示下。” You do very well, this matter itself/Ben is you manages, all make a decision by you ~ “你做得很好,这事儿本就是你主持,一切都由你决断~” Middle-aged person with a smile said with a nod, „, moreover this news we knew, other Heavenly Venerable also know surely, therefore who strikes the first blow has the advantage, does not need scruples anything. Also, you said the pole pair henceforth, Heavenly Venerable Bo Min and Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen can remove, in this case, some of my also approximately mentalities.” 中年人含笑点头道,“而且这消息我们知道了,其他天尊也必定知道,所以先下手为强,也不必顾忌什么。还有,你说得极对,泊岷天尊樾臻天尊可以从此中排除,这样的话,我也大致有些思路了。” Obtains the affirmation of middle-aged person, in Luan Zhengxin likes, immediately reminded: Right, Realm passage, since Ancient Aristocratic Family and Immemorial Immortal Clan disciple disappears, Realm passage Ancient Aristocratic Family disciple may become the goods in great demand, that place Sir has urged, small does not dare to excel, but also asked the Sir to give orders......” 得到中年人的肯定,栾证心中欢喜,立即提醒道:“对了,还有界冲,既然上古世家太古仙族弟子都不见了,界冲上古世家弟子可就成了抢手货,那处大人叮嘱过,小的不敢擅动,还请大人发号施令……” Did not need and other Luan Zheng saying that the middle-aged person laughed, clapped hands saying: Really, I said that xiao glass sea disciple coming for no reason? Originally their Karma should in Realm passage, when the day Mending Heaven corps the rising sun will once mention him to have Ancient Aristocratic Family Yin Family disciple forever, I am prompted by a sudden impulse to bestow his some advantage, therefore sought Xi Xun, now looks like this is a skilled artist.” 不用等栾证说完,中年人就大笑了,抚掌道:“果然啊果然,我就说嘛,绡璃海弟子怎么会平白无故的过来?原来他们的因果是应在界冲啊,当元日补天战队永旭曾说起过他手下有上古世家尹家弟子,我心血来潮赐他一些好处,并因此寻了奚勋,如今看来这才是一记妙手啊。” Yes, Sir layout like as if made by Heaven ~ “是啊,大人这布局如同天成~” Luan Zheng said with a nod, small admiration!” 栾证点头道,“小的仰慕不已!” But had the careless mistake eventually ~ “可终究还是有了纰漏啊~” The middle-aged people received the smile, said,Ancient Aristocratic Family and Immemorial Immortal Clan is also missing unexpectedly, 中年人收了笑容,说道,“上古世家太古仙族居然同时失踪, This surprises me, who is dares to undermine this balance? ” Saying, the middle-aged person is moving, looks up to the horizon, on the face showed the meaningful smile: „It seems like, some people must Immemorial Immortal Clan and Ancient Aristocratic Family in the hand chip that when negotiated......” 这让我着实意外,到底是谁敢打破这个平衡呢?”说着,中年人心里一动,抬头看向天际,脸上露出了意味深长的笑容:“看起来,有人要把太古仙族上古世家拿在手中当谈判的筹码了……” Wha...... what meaning?” “什……什么意思?” Luan Zheng one startled, said in a low voice, Sir sensation to what?” 栾证一惊,低声道,“大人感知到了什么?” The middle-aged people lift hand one finger/refers, said: You have a look ~ 中年人抬手一指,说道:“你看看~” As the middle-aged person lifts the hand, if the shape the chaos space appears the pure brightness immediately, bang ~, the vault of heaven end, a meteor drags the long star tail flying general to come, this meteor flies every time a space, all around multi-colored sunlight fluctuates one time, when to Luan Zheng field of vision , the entire vault of heaven was dyed nine colors. 随着中年人抬手,状若混沌的空间立时显出清明,“轰~”,天穹尽头,一个流星拖着长长的星尾飞将过来,这流星每飞一段空间,四周霞光就变幻一次,到得栾证视野中时,整个天穹都被染成九彩 star Cambodia?!” “星柬?!” In Luan Zheng eyes screens the star light, is quite the exciting say/way, Sir, some people opened the Heavenly Venerable sea.” 栾证的眼中映出星光,颇是兴奋道,“大人,有人打开天尊海了。” Yes ~ “是啊~” Middle-aged person said with a nod, „, since I am not even able to practice divination Ancient Aristocratic Family and Immemorial Immortal Clan destination, some that naturally people shielded Karma, if not some people work as the chip with them, I could not really have found out other reasons.” 中年人点头道,“既然连我都无法占卜出上古世家太古仙族的去处,那自然是有人屏蔽了其中的因果,若非有人拿他们当筹码,我还真想不出其它缘由。” Saying, the middle-aged person is turning the head to have a look at Luan Zheng, said with a smile: However you, snatched the final chip in the hand, therefore this stars sea, you accompanied me to go.” 说着,中年人转头看看栾证,笑道:“而你,则把最后的筹码抢在了手中,所以这次星辰海,你陪我去吧。” Many thanks Sir ~ “多谢大人~” Luan Zhengpo somewhat felt extremely flattered, this is small should do.” 栾证颇是有些受宠若惊了,“这是小的应该做的。” Bang ~ “轰~” The stars fall to middle-aged person top of the head, above Xinghua has restrained in revolving slowly, Space Principle has the shape with revolving, if Star Pattern of top, the middle-aged person lifts the hand at will this genuine stars in the hand, narrows the eyes to focus to be just about to examine, suddenly he is the brow raises, looks to other direction, strange say/way: What's the matter? Came back quickly.” 星辰落到中年人头顶,其上星华已经在缓缓旋转中收敛,空间法则随着旋转生出状若陀螺的星纹,中年人随意一抬手将这真正的星辰拿在手中,眯着眼正要查看,忽然间他又是眉头一扬,看向另外的方向,奇道:“怎么回事儿?这么快就回来了。” Who?” “谁?” Luan Zhengleng. 栾证愣了一下。 Naturally was xiao glass sea disciple ~ “自然是绡璃海弟子了~” The middle-aged people smile, said that possible......” 中年人笑笑,说道,“可能……” Oh ~ “哎哟~” Suddenly, on the middle-aged person rare face of gave birth pleasantly surprised, calling out, unexpectedly was he! Quickly, Luan Zheng, goes to four buddhist temples immediately, greets honored guest!” 忽然间,中年人罕见的脸上生出惊喜了,叫道,“居然是他!快,栾证,立即前往四梵宫,去迎接贵客!” Honored guest?” “贵客?” Luan Zheng, he cannot think in great surprise xiao glass sea disciple can lead what honored guest to come, but he does not dare to neglect, immediately must depart. 栾证大惊了,他想不到绡璃海弟子能带什么贵客过来,但他丝毫不敢怠慢,立即就要飞出。 Also, in the meantime, bang ~ in the world suddenly shape, if the clouds light blue appears, reflects all around the thunder to scatter. 可是,也就在此时,“轰~”天地间忽然有一个状若云朵的浅蓝色出现,映得四周雷霆四溅。 Yue Zhen?” 樾臻?” The middle-aged people are somewhat surprised, he does not know why Heavenly Venerable Yue Zhen suddenly appears, his eyeball revolution, signals by nodding him to Luan Zheng slightly and other, then he blows the one breath lightly, brushes ~ all around the thunder extinguishes, the pale blue clouds change to a human form. 中年人有些纳罕,他不知道樾臻天尊为何突然出现,他眼珠一转,冲栾证微微点头示意他等一下,然后他轻吹一口气,“刷~”四周雷霆熄灭,淡蓝色云朵化作一个人形。 Yue Zhen?” 樾臻?” Middle-aged person light asking, „do you have what matter?” 中年人淡淡的问道,“你有何事儿?” Ancient Aristocratic Family disciple disappears ~ 上古世家弟子不见了~” The human form asked that „did you know?” 人形问道,“你知道么?” Luan Zhenggang told me ~ “栾证刚跟我说~” The middle-aged people looked at Luan Zheng, replied. 中年人看了一眼栾证,回答道。 That is good ~ “那就好~” The human form said with a smile, I feared that Ancient Aristocratic Family had/left what mistake again, therefore made simultaneous/uniform Yue receive Immeasurable Heaven Watchtower......” 人形笑道,“我怕上古世家再出什么差池,所以让齐樾把量天阙收了……” You!” “你!” The middle-aged person complexion changes, nearby Luan Zheng noticed clearly wipes the brown color to give birth from middle-aged person within the body, the figure of middle-aged person blurs immediately, one type destroys the day to extinguish the aura to flash to pass. 中年人脸色微变,旁边的栾证清楚的看到一抹土黄色从中年人体内生出,中年人的身形立即模糊,一种毁天灭地气息一闪而逝。 Thank below for Fellow Immortal of representative, to cultivating the great support of god, they were: The bird, return and years rolling like a stream that the shield governing, the southern emperor north horse, Li Jian, Wang Chenglin, daddy longlegs, sang, traceless, the vanilla taste and path tracked down, river Fengyuan, but static, proud Shenzhou, Daoist Stupidity, the flowered class/flow sea, qianli0504 and dust non-, sesame seed opened..., the busy old man, to move bricks the labor and wind but the line, Zfwz666 and great waves, withered N mules and starry sky meng, * H. 感谢以下为代表的仙友,对修神的大力支持,他们是:盾御、南帝北马、李健、王成林、臭蚊子、唱歌的小鸟、回归、似水流年、无痕、香草味、轨迹追寻、江风远而静、傲神州、笨道人、花流海、qianli0504、尘非、芝麻开…、忙叟、搬砖工、风而行、Zfwz666、洪涛、干死n个骡子、星空檬,*H等。 Thank everyone enthusiastic support, everyone while beginning subscription, do not forget helps the 3 d highest place in hanun propagandize on WeChat, QQ, micro blog, trill and quick worker and other channels, thanked again 感谢大家热情支持,大家在起点订阅的同时,别忘了在微信、qq、微博、抖音和快手等渠道上帮探花宣传,再次感谢了
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