LCGIR :: Volume #34

#3346: The unlucky year, selects

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But this lizard behind, thump thump thump ~ roar roar roar ~ has several hundreds fully is not the Dragon Race huge thing, or has run from the ground, has flown from the sky, all pursues to the lizard. 而这蜥蜴身后,“咚咚咚~”“吼吼吼~”足有数百并非龙族的庞然之物,或是从地面跑过,或是从天空飞过,皆是追向蜥蜴。 Mumbling ~ “叽里咕噜~” Except for roar roar beside angry roaring, these huge thing mouths make the strange sound, some similar dragon language , the languages of some similar Monster Alliance, this sound listens in the Xiao Hua ear, can understand some meanings faintly: Halts...... stays behind......” 除了“吼吼”的怒吼之外,这些庞然之物嘴里发出古怪的声音,有些类似龙语,又有些类似妖盟之语,这声音听在萧华耳中,隐隐能懂得一些意思:“站住……留下……” Fully after half tea, these huge thing are above mundane thoughts to go, had been stepped on flat Xiao Hua to be disinclined. 足有半盏茶后,这些庞然之物才绝尘而去,已经被踩成扁平的萧华都懒得起来了。 He has perceived, these dragon beast each or are inferior the Great Principle strengths, oneself small Two Qi Immortal, pulls on shoes to others does not match! 他已经觉察到,这些龙兽每个都要不逊于大罗的实力,自己一个小小的二气仙,连给人家提鞋都不配啊! Daoist Dá ~ 龘真人啊~” Xiao Hua is with great difficulty energetic ahead of time, pulls out oneself from the ground, looks at the four directions saying that which you did go? You deceive here this poor Daoist, oneself were captured by others......” 萧华好容易提前精神,从地上把自己拔起来,看着四方道,“你到底去哪儿了?你把贫道骗到这里,自己却被人家擒拿……” ~ “呜~” The wind sound/rumor gave the Xiao Hua reply, but a blue ring-like multi-colored sunlight air-splitting, brings howling, „” on face that hits in Xiao Hua! 风声给了萧华回答,一道蓝色环状霞光破空而至,带着呼啸,“啪”的一声打在萧华的脸上! Who?” “谁?” Xiao Hua one startled, quickly looks to the Light Halo whence, the anger exclaims, knows that who the grandfather is?” 萧华一惊,急忙看向光环的来处,怒吼道,“知道爷爷是谁么?” „...... It is not I ~ “不……不是我~” Not far away, four claw small pythons have been flying quietly, now frightens immediately stands in the midair, holds up pair of claws, timid saying. 不远处,一个四爪小蟒蛇正悄悄飞过,如今吓得立即站立在半空,举起双爪,怯怯的说道。 Even looks at the facial expression on Xiao Hua face, but also the probe said specially, master ~ ~ Grandfather ~ ~ 甚至看着萧华脸上的神情,还特意试探道,“爷~~爷爷~~” Xiao Hua did not know whether to laugh or cry, scolded to that small python: Go away ~ 萧华哭笑不得了,冲那小蟒蛇骂道:“滚~” to slide ~ “滋溜~” The little python son departs several li (0.5 km) speedily, direction that suddenly, Light Halo flies, rumbling ~ some dragon beast rampant flies, the direction that the small python flies away is obviously different, but it stopped the moment in the midair, turns around to clash Xiao Hua to shout: Master ~ Grandfather, haven't you escape?” 小蟒蛇一溜烟儿飞出数里,忽然,光环飞来的方向,“轰轰轰~”又有龙兽嚣张的飞来,小蟒蛇飞走的方向明显不同,不过它在半空停了片刻,转身冲萧华喊道:“爷~爷爷,您还不逃么?” Escapes?” “逃?” Xiao Hua also hears certainly the sound, he about goes see the place that must hide hastily, hears the words of small python, his strange say/way, why does father want to escape?” 萧华当然也听到动静,他连忙左右探看要躲藏的地方,听到小蟒蛇的话,他奇道,“老子干嘛要逃?” Father ~ ~ “老子~~” The small python looks that the distant place has the dragon beast shadow numerous, quickly shouts high, you snatched selecting of these signs of the dragon, hasn't hurried to escape?” 小蟒蛇看着远处已经有龙兽影子重重了,急忙高喊道,“您抢了那些大龙的遴,还不赶紧逃?” Selects?” “遴?” Xiao Hua compels ignorant, strange say/way, what selects?” 萧华更加懵逼,奇道,“什么遴?” During the speeches, dragon beast the shadow is near, looks at the appearance of Xiao Hua country bumpkin, the small python first was incites to slide one to run several li (0.5 km), then clenched teeth to turn around to clash again, held on Xiao Hua dragon claw to say anxiously: Father, let alone, said again died!” 说话间,龙兽的影子已经近了,看着萧华乡巴佬的样子,小蟒蛇先是滋溜一声跑了数里,而后再次一咬牙转身冲过来,拉住萧华龙爪焦急道:“老子,别说了,再说就没命了!” In its there ~ “在它那里~” Really , in dragon beast has by far shouted, that clown dragon ~ 果然,远远的,龙兽中已经有喊的了,“那个小丑龙~” „It is not right, just without seeing it there, where it braved?” “不对啊,刚刚没看到它在那里,它从哪里冒出来的?” Kills it, dares to snatch me and other signs of the dragon selects......” “打死它,敢抢我等大龙的遴……” Xiao Hua was towed is staggering by the small python, he really does not know that had anything. 萧华被小蟒蛇拖得是踉踉跄跄,他实在不知道发生了什么。 However, with roaring of dragon beasts, murderous aura, but solid falling to his body, Xiao Hua thinks suddenly hits on own face strikes, he quickly looked, I go, brilliant illumination of a blue ring-like halo on own forehead! 但是,随着龙兽们的咆哮,一股股杀气可是实实在在的落到了他的身上,萧华忽然想到了打在自己脸上的一击,他急忙一看,我去,一个蓝色的环状光晕在自己额头上灼灼发光! Damn ~ “该死~” Xiao Hua quickly lifts the hand, wants to whisk off Light Halo, what a pity the place of Immortal Power stimulate to motion, like the dry well, does not have the water splash, on the contrary is because holds up dragon claw, his body imbalance, bang ~ hits nearby big tree directly. 萧华急忙抬手,想要拂去光环,可惜仙力催动之处,如同枯井,丝毫没有水花,反倒是因为举起龙爪,他的身体失衡,“轰~”的一声直接撞到旁边一棵大树。 „” “咔嚓嚓” The big tree crack, inside finds out a dead wood big mouth, just about to bites Xiao Hua, may have a look at Light Halo of Xiao Hua forehead, behind is pursuing one flock of dragon beasts, dead wood ga ga called several, unexpectedly shrank. 大树龟裂,里面探出一个枯木血盆大口,刚要去咬萧华,可看看萧华额头的光环,还有后面追着的一群龙兽,枯木尜尜叫了几声,居然缩了回去。 The small python was also entrained one to stagger by Xiao Hua, it shouted lowly: „Does father, you do!” 小蟒蛇也被萧华拽得一个踉跄,它低呼道:“老子,你干嘛!” Made this not on the line?” “把这个弄掉不就行了?” Xiao Hua quickly answered, this thing fell baseless, was not I wants ~ 萧华急忙解释道,“这东西凭空降下来,也不是我想要的~” Makes a ball ~ “弄个球啊~” The small python had a look at the following dragon beast, the tail to tremble, called out, selected to fall on whom, whose was, only if died, otherwise could not pick off!” 小蟒蛇看看后面的龙兽,尾巴都打颤了,叫道,“遴落在谁身上,就是谁的,除非死了,否则拿不掉的!” Really saying, „” dark clouds is floating from the distant place, covers the land, all around jet black piece! 真说着,“呜”一股黑云从远处飘来,将大地笼罩,四周漆黑一片! Mother ~ “妈呀~” The small python screamed one, turned around to escape in other direction, did not attend to Xiao Hua. 小蟒蛇尖叫一声,一转身朝着另外方向逃了,再不顾萧华 This should be Yanyu just saw ~ “这该是晏妤刚刚见到的~” Xiao Hua turns around to have a look at the sky, a jet black thing that resembles dragon non- dragon Siyun non- to say flies, Xiao Hua, may work as a aggressive murderous intention looking pensive Xiao Hua locking, Xiao Hua awakens, damn, this is must kill my!” 萧华转身看看天空,一个似龙非龙似云非云的漆黑之物飞来,萧华若有所思了,可当得一股凶悍的杀机将萧华锁定,萧华才醒悟过来,“该死,这是要杀我的!” Xiao Hua does not dare to neglect, the hurried stimulate to motion figure escapes toward one! 萧华不敢怠慢,急忙催动身形朝着一处逃去! Clown dragon ~ “小丑龙~” Above Gao Tian, that jet black dragon beast said with a smile ferociously, I wanted your head, other did not want, if you must escape, no wonder I was cruel and merciless!” 高天之上,那漆黑的龙兽狞笑道,“我只要你的头颅,其它不要,你若是要逃,莫怪我心狠手辣!” Believing you were has ghost ~ “信了你才有鬼呢~” Xiao Hua does not dare to stand still, the edge is investigates within the body situation, after the moment, he almost must cry, let alone Immortal Power, is writing strength, Soul Power, even all sort of Magical Ability cannot perceive, he only depends on the Grand Mystery Ancient Dragon instinct to fly now, the Xiao Hua intention seeks for Dragon Race Cultivation Art anxiously, but he does not use for a long time, still remembers what besides dragon language where? 萧华根本不敢停歇,边飞边是探察体内情况,片刻后他几乎要哭了,别说仙力,就是文力,魂力,甚至诸般神通也都根本觉察不到,他如今仅凭太玄古龙的本能飞行,萧华心念又急切找寻龙族功法,可他许久不用,除了龙语哪里还记得什么? But dragon language, Xiao Hua said that except for the clear pronunciation and mellow voice, the might did not have! 而龙语,萧华说出来,除了字正腔圆,一点儿威力都没有啊! Your Sir ~ “你大爷~” Xiao Hua scolded the sentence, the pronunciation is extremely pure! 萧华骂了句,发音极其纯正! Demon Blade Shí!” 魔刀弑!” Pangu Axe!!” 盘古斧!!” Anxious such as among stray cur, Xiao Hua thought of immortal artifact in space suddenly, on his face the wild with joy, hurried mind takes, but the mind has swept, space unexpectedly strange sensation! 急急如丧家之犬间,萧华忽然想到了空间内的仙器,他脸上狂喜,急忙心神去拿,可心神扫过,空间居然诡异的感知不到! I go ~ “我去~” Xiao Hua compelled ignorant, in the heart roared, this didn't want the father life? Just didn't the father enter the space? How this little while......” 萧华懵逼了,心中咆哮道,“这不是要老子命么?刚刚老子不还进空间了么?怎么这会儿……” Thinks of here, Xiao Hua has not nearly given a big slap in the face. 想到此处,萧华差点儿没给自己一个大耳光的。 Also with saying? 还用说么? Surely is blue Light Halo of that what nonsense, that so-called selecting! 必定是那个什么狗屁的蓝色光环,那个所谓的遴! Because of this blue Light Halo, Xiao Hua is unable to use Immortal Power, is unable to transfer writing strength, is unable the sensation space! 正是因为这个蓝色光环,萧华无法使用仙力,无法调动文力,无法感知空间啊! I am so how hapless!” “我怎么这么倒霉啊!” Xiao Hua is blaming god and man, suddenly heard the voice of small python to resound panic-stricken: Old...... father, do not come ~ 萧华正怨天尤人间,忽然又听到小蟒蛇的声音惊恐的响起了:“老……老子,你不要过来~” Xiao Hua looked was happy, originally flew to fly the small python blindly unexpectedly behind, Gao Tian black dragon beast above, but also after being in violation, chased down dragon beast the aura also to affect it, except for scared shitless, Xiao Hua really could not find out better words and expressions to describe it. 萧华一看就乐了,原来自己瞎飞间居然又飞到小蟒蛇身后了,那高天之上的墨色龙兽,还有背后追杀龙兽的气息也将它波及,除了屁滚尿流,萧华实在想不出更好的词语来形容它。 Roar ~ “吼~” Xiao Hua naturally cannot implicate this boy, roars to charge into another direction lowly. 萧华自然不会连累这厮,低吼一声冲向另外一个方向。 ~ “嗷嗷~” The small python also shouted several lowly, fled in the opposite direction. 小蟒蛇也低叫几句,朝着相反的方向窜了过去。 ~ “咔嚓嚓~” Xiao Hua just separated with the small python, above his top of the head appears immediately single layer black ink cloud apparition, the outline of that dragon beast appears in the clouds from black ink, the wind and rain thunder and lightning falls in abundance, crazy raiding to Xiao Hua. 萧华刚刚跟小蟒蛇分开,他的头顶之上立即浮现出一重墨云虚影,那个龙兽的轮廓从墨云中浮现出来,风雨雷电纷纷落下,疯狂的袭向萧华 For „the fattest cow dung in addition ~ 为“最肥的牛粪”加更~ Thank everyone enthusiastic support, everyone while beginning subscription, do not forget helps the 3 d highest place in hanun propagandize on WeChat, QQ, micro blog, trill and quick worker and other channels, thanked again 感谢大家热情支持,大家在起点订阅的同时,别忘了在微信、qq、微博、抖音和快手等渠道上帮探花宣传,再次感谢了
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