LCGIR :: Volume #29

#2836: Takes Wen Family

Chapter 2855 takes Wen Family 第2855章拿下闻家 The boundary stone gathers the potential to send, hides in the mountain peak, the end is unexpected, even Daoist Lei Ting still just found out the big hand with enough time. 界石蓄势而发,又藏在山峰之中,端是出人意料,即便是雷霆真人也不过刚刚来得及探出大手。 What a pity, his big hand just kept off before the stone, had been pierced by the boundary stone, like defeat cotton wool. 可惜,他的大手刚挡在界石头前,早就被界石洞穿,如同败絮。 Damn!!!” “该死!!!” Saw with own eyes that the boundary stone must pound the Fairy Hongxia surface gate, Liu Xing yun and Liu Chenyun has not acted with enough time, the heart of Daoist Lei Ting crashes into the ice cave all of a sudden. 眼见界石就要砸到红霞仙子面门,刘星云和刘辰云还没来得及出手,雷霆真人的心一下子坠入冰窟。 If Fairy Hongxia the matter, he simply does not have the means to explain to Xiao Hua! 红霞仙子若是出事儿,他根本没办法向萧华交待啊! Also in this is at a crucial moment, whiz the Fairy Hongxia whole body gives birth to together Light Halo immediately, this Light Halo entrains Fairy Hongxia to non-stop fly to soar to the heavens! 也就在这千钧一发之际,“嗖”红霞仙子周身立即生出一道光环,这光环拽着红霞仙子直飞冲天! ~ “噗~” The boundary stone fails, hit a crack the immortal boat directly! 界石落空,直接将仙舟打了个破洞! Damn ~ ~ “该死~~” Liu Xing yun and Liu Chenyun have a look mutually, in the eye has the anger simultaneously, they no doubt were the Fairy Hongxia urging, without the instruction can not make a move, the goal that but they came out was to protect Fairy Hongxia, now the boundary stone sneak attacks suddenly, if not there is Diamond Gem to protect, how Fairy Hongxia said also the severe wound! 刘星云和刘辰云相互看看,眼中同时生出愤怒,她们固然是得了红霞仙子叮嘱,没有吩咐不得出手,但她们出来的目的就是保护红霞仙子啊,现在界石骤然偷袭,若非有金刚琢护住,红霞仙子怎么说也得重伤! Roar ~ “吼~” Two Immemorial Origin Female Immortal simultaneous/uniform Qidi roar, lifts the hand to uncover in oneself hatch, suppresses boundary immortal talisman to disappear. 两个混元女仙齐齐低吼,抬手在自己顶门上一揭,压制境界的仙符消失。 Rumbling ~ “轰轰~” Liu Xing yun and Liu Chenyun figure no doubt has not changed, but in Immortal Body Immortal Power, all around Principle has the mutation immediately, the space fulmination gets up! 刘星云和刘辰云的身形固然没有变化,但仙躯之内仙力,四周法则立即生出异变,空间爆鸣起来! Liu Xing yun foot treads the immortal boat, lifts the hand to grasp toward the boundary stone, „”, the boundary stone all around mountain peak all was even grasped by her in the hand. 刘星云一脚踏出仙舟,抬手朝着界石一抓,“呜”,界石甚至四周山峰皆是被她抓在手中。 I...... my God ~ ~ “我……我的天啊~~” Looks that Liu Xing yun big hand raises, the boundary stone and all around mountain peak were pinched one group to grasp by her immediately in the hand, Li Mengyang could not bear in the heart call out in alarm, this...... this was the strength of Immemorial Origin!!” 看着刘星云大手一提,界石和四周山峰立即被她捏成一团握在手里,李梦阳忍不住心中惊呼了,“这……这就是混元之力吧!!” Looks at Liu Chenyun again, follows to tread the immortal boat after the elder sister, she lifts the left hand to grasp to the sky. 再看刘辰云,跟在姐姐之后踏出仙舟,她抬起左手抓向天空。 ~, seemed the backdrop to be opened, the in the air cremation that froze makes hot silk to fall into Liu Chenyun hand a continuously, later Liu Chenyun lifted the right hand, worked toward all around! “滋啦啦~”,好似天幕被揭开,冻住的空中火化作一缕缕火丝落入刘辰云手中,随后刘辰云又抬起右手,朝着四周抓起! Whiz whiz ~, in the world surplus, therefore the flame changes to Principle of Fire continuously to fall into Liu Chenyun hand. “嗖嗖~”,天地间剩余的所以火焰都化作一缕缕的火之法则落入刘辰云手中。 hears authority ~ “闻权~” Has a look at Principle of Fire in hand, Liu Chenyun to turn the head to look to the distant place vault of heaven, hasn't light saying, come to suffer to death??” 看看手里的火之法则,刘辰云转头看向远处天穹,淡淡的说道,“还不过来受死??” As Liu Chenyun vision pierces vault of heaven immortal restriction, hearing power whole body Immortal Power that looks grief-stricken pale completely loses, cannot help but flew, he looks at Liu Xing yun and Liu Chenyun, entreated in a low voice: Two seniors forgive, two seniors forgive! Small is willing to offer bluish green Mutian......” 随着刘辰云目光洞穿天穹仙禁,脸色苍白如丧考妣的闻权周身仙力尽失,不由自主的飞了出来,他看着刘星云和刘辰云,低声哀求道:“两位前辈饶命,两位前辈饶命!小的愿意献出碧木天……” Nonsense ~ “狗屁~” Daoist Lei Ting flew into a rage, raised the fist to pound directly to hears authority, in the mouth called out, who dares to forgive you, the father was anxious with him!” 雷霆真人暴跳如雷了,扬起拳头直接砸向闻权,口中叫道,“谁敢饶你,老子跟他急!” Looks at Fairy Hongxia to be well, Daoist Lei Ting really has a being survivor of disaster feeling, does he possibly let off the instigator? 看着红霞仙子无恙,雷霆真人真是有种劫后余生的感觉,他怎么可能放过始作俑者? ~ “噗~” Heard that power Immortal Power by Liu Chenyun seal, how possibly is the Daoist Lei Ting rival, Daoist Lei Ting this fist hearing the head of power hits pulpy! 闻权仙力被刘辰云封印,怎么可能是雷霆真人敌手,雷霆真人这一拳就把闻权的脑袋打得稀烂! Daoist Lei Ting has not dispelled anger, he single-handed and presses, bang ten several thunder light will hear directly the power Immortal Body struck the powder dust, saw with own eyes fell the Spirit and Soul completely extinguished fate! 雷霆真人还不解恨,他单手又是一按,“轰”十数道雷光直接将闻权的仙躯击成了碎末,眼见是落了个神魂俱灭的下场! This time Fairy Hongxia also flew back to the immortal boat, she somewhat is also fearful and apprehensive, but around her calm look, told: Liu Xing yun, Liu Chenyun, you and others, and received the hand, other things they are handled by Song Xiaodi!” 此时的红霞仙子也飞回了仙舟,她也有些心惊肉跳,不过她镇静的看看四周,吩咐道:“刘星云、刘辰云,你等且收手,其它事情由宋小笛他们处理!” Yes, disciple obeys orders!” “是,弟子听令!” Two Immemorial Origin Female Immortal received the hand to fall side Fairy Hongxia, but they did not dare to use immortal talisman to suppress the boundary, as before full power alert. 两个混元女仙收手落到了红霞仙子身边,但她们不敢在用仙符压制境界,依旧全力戒备。 Song Xiaodi and Li Mengyang seem awakening from a dream, quickly raises the signal flag to give orders saying: Kills ~ 宋小笛和李梦阳如梦初醒,急忙擎起令旗发号施令道:“杀~” Did not have the flame bamboo flute gorge of flame like to suppose spatially, Song Xiaodi and Li Mengyang brought Good Fortune Sect disciple to break in directly, led disciple games with hears Hong in one. 没了火焰的炎笙涧如同空设,宋小笛和李梦阳带着造化门弟子直接冲入,跟闻宏带领弟子在一处。 Did not have the boundary stone and heard bluish green Mutian who power does not garrison, Yang Shi, Jing Wei wait/etc. is like Song Xiaodi, will defend Wen Family disciple to kill collapses, hits declares Chengdian directly. 没了界石和闻权的碧木天更是不设防,阳石荆未等跟宋小笛一样,将守阵的闻家弟子杀得崩溃,直接打得宣承殿。 Only then, bluish green Mutian Wen Family disciple knows, hears outstanding, hears Yuan and Wen Xiao and other people were all killed by hears Quanmie! 直到此时,碧木天的闻家弟子才知道,闻卓、闻渊和闻啸等七人皆被闻权灭杀! The Wen Family disciple most fighting spirits of a group of people without a leader do not have, only then a few resists stubbornly, does not want to fall into the Unending Merchant Union hand. 群龙无首的闻家弟子大部分斗志全无,只有少数负隅顽抗,不想落入络绎商盟手中。 Sees with own eyes so, Fairy Hongxia quickly asked: Where hears first?” 眼见如此,红霞仙子急忙问道:“闻先何在?” He in immortal artifact space cultivation ~ “他在仙器空间修炼呢~” Daoist Lei Ting answered, he gave to hear azure bluish green Mutian the matter!” 雷霆真人解释道,“他把碧木天的事情交给闻青了!” Goes to call quickly hears first ~ “快去把闻先叫来~” Fairy Hongxia told immediately, this matter belonged to hears first!” 红霞仙子立即吩咐道,“此事非闻先不可!” No need?” “不必吧?” Daoist Lei Ting beckons with the hand saying that Fellow Daoist Xiao and hears first said that only important news azure then!” 雷霆真人摆手道,“萧道友和闻先都说了,只要闻青即可!” This for a while other for a while ~ “此一时彼一时~” Fairy Hongxia knows that heard first comes out Daoist Lei Ting to change mind, therefore she answered patiently, „the previous beloved thinks that we put to death the chief culprit, Wen Family still had hears outstanding, hears Yuan and others to assist, they naturally can comfort Wen Family disciple. But the Wen Family head all falls from the sky at this time, hears azure possible obedience? My Good Fortune Sect disciple no doubt can suppress, but where has to hear convenience that first comes out?” 红霞仙子知道闻先出来不过雷霆真人转念间,所以她耐心解释道,“先前萧郎以为咱们诛杀首恶,闻家尚有闻卓、闻渊等协助,他们自然可以安抚闻家弟子。可此时闻家首脑全部陨落,闻青怎么可能服众?我造化门弟子固然可以镇压,但哪里有闻先出来的便利?” This ~ “这个~” Daoist Lei Ting passes on the sound said in a low voice, I fear......” 雷霆真人低声传音道,“我怕……” Daoist Lei Ting is feared that leaked the Xiao Hua space secret, but he said half a word, suddenly thinks that Fairy Hongxia does not know the space secret! 雷霆真人是怕泄露了萧华空间秘密,可他说了半句,忽然想到红霞仙子也不知道空间秘密啊! Therefore, Daoist Lei Ting clenches teeth, said: You wait a bit!” 于是,雷霆真人一咬牙,说道:“你稍等!” Immediately, the Daoist Lei Ting mind enters the space, calls loudly: Fellow Daoist where?” 随即,雷霆真人心神进入空间,高声喊道:“道友何在?” Xiao Hua patched Fleshly Body in forest and mountain streams tall Yitu, the set time child body, hears Jaded-Document Lei Ting to summon, is very angry, his mind falls into the space, ill-humored asking: How?” 萧华本是在林泉高逸图内修补肉身,凝结时间子身,闻听玉牒雷霆呼唤,好不恼怒,他心神落入空间,没好气的问道:“又怎么了?” Fellow Daoist, fellow daoist ~ “道友,道友~” Jaded-Document Lei Ting saw that the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua complexion is uncomfortable, quickly accompanied smiling, quite somewhat flatters saying that you do not know, this attacked Wen Family bluish green Mutian, the Innate Everlasting Yuhua female immortal left vigorously, if not there are her, this poor Daoist feared wanted the severe wound......” 玉牒雷霆看到玉牒萧华脸色不爽,急忙陪了笑,颇是有些讨好道,“你可不知道,今次攻打闻家碧木天,先天无极玉华元君出了大力,若非有她,贫道怕是要重伤的……” What?” “什么?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua gawked strange say/way, who is the Innate Everlasting Yuhua female immortal?” 玉牒萧华愣了奇道,“谁是先天无极玉华元君?” Naturally is my family elder brother's wife Fairy Hongxia,” “自然是我家嫂嫂红霞仙子呀,” Jaded-Document Lei Ting winks to say to Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, fellow daoist let alone do not know! You did Grand Unity others......” 玉牒雷霆玉牒萧华挤眉弄眼道,“道友别说自己不知道啊!你都把人家搞成太乙了……” I...... I go!!” “我……我去!!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua nearly spits blood, he understood, Fairy Hongxia this Innate Everlasting Yuhua female immortal, with Liu Yanyu fights female immortal to compare, looks at such long given name again, Fairy Hongxia must compete with empress to really Ciyi Saint Emperor! 玉牒萧华差点儿吐血,他明白了,红霞仙子这个“先天无极玉华元君”,是跟柳晏妤的“斗姆元君”相比拟啊,再看这么长的名号,想必红霞仙子也要跟“坤极至真慈懿圣帝”试比高! Female Immortal ~ 女仙啊~” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua did not know whether to laugh or cry, whispered, how they thought!” 玉牒萧华哭笑不得了,低语道,“她们都是怎么想的啊!” This poor Daoist who they think does not know ~ “她们想的贫道不知道~” Jaded-Document Lei Ting successfully shifts the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua anger, a thread of conversation road for grain shipment, what this poor Daoist knows, this poor Daoist takes Wen Family bluish green Mutian, others need Wen Zhong to go out to manage the general situation!” 玉牒雷霆成功把玉牒萧华的怒气转移,话锋一转道,“贫道知道的是,贫道已经把闻家的碧木天拿下来,人家需要闻仲出去主持大局!” Thank everyone enthusiastic support, everyone while beginning subscription, do not forget helps the 3 d highest place in hanun propagandize on WeChat, QQ, micro blog, trill and quick worker and other channels, thanked again 感谢大家热情支持,大家在起点订阅的同时,别忘了在微信、qq、微博、抖音和快手等渠道上帮探花宣传,再次感谢了 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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