LCGIR :: Volume #25

#2436: Blue rain and Dong heart

? The blue buddhist and Dong Jing great happiness, quickly urged: Hasn't thanked desolate master?” ?蓝梵和董婧则大喜了,急忙催促道:“还不感谢萧师?” Junior for my Dong, for my Du Jia, thanked the senior gracious gift!” Dong line/traverse and Du Bin are grateful, bows to salute again. 晚辈代我董家,代我杜家,谢前辈恩赐!”董行和杜斌心怀感激,再次躬身施礼。 Such minor matter, old man already, no matter Xiao Hua helps up two people, said, even with the cooperation of Lanjia, later the article of letting discussed with you!” “此等小事,老夫已经不管”萧华扶起两人,说道,“甚至跟蓝家的合作,以后都让之文跟你们商议吧!” The blue buddhist was overjoyed similarly, he is also thinking how with the Xiao Hua opens the mouth, never expected that Xiao Hua so to come straight to the point. 蓝梵同样喜出望外了,他还想着如何跟萧华开口呢,没想到萧华如此开门见山。 The legendary abode of the immortals has not actually looked in the Xiao Hua eye, blue buddhist these Family Lord Supreme Purity immortals, in the clan the strength also is extremely small and weak, therefore Xiao Hua is other years later leaves directly, said to the group dwelling place of the immortals again. 玄圃其实并没有看在萧华眼中,蓝梵这些家主不过上清地仙,族内实力也太过弱小,所以萧华本是等万年之后就直接离开,到群玉楼再说。 But the ability and wisdom of blue buddhist, the cordialities of how many people moved Xiao Hua, such Ruan Immortal does not prop up, whom do oneself prop up? 可蓝梵的才智,还有几个人的情意感动了萧华,这样的儒仙不扶植,自己扶植谁啊? Moreover the legendary abode of the immortals has the jade lineage/vein, is good regarding the rise of Unending Merchant Union extremely, therefore Xiao Hua changed the mind. 而且玄圃有玉脉,对于络绎商盟的崛起也极有好处,所以萧华才改变了主意。 Yes, yes!” The blue buddhist and others accompanied to say with a smile, Junior will discuss with Fu Senior specifically.” “是,是!”蓝梵等陪笑道,“晚辈会跟傅前辈具体商议。” Xiao Hua in scholartree river sky boundary cultivation Mount Dī Motionless Secret Art, the space also attracts the baptism after Time Principle, all disciple therefore profit, even afterward ascension Fu Zhiwen wait/etc. still had almost the Great Principle Middle Rank strength, placing Heavenly Court is ready proper Supreme Purity immortal two or three! 萧华在槐江天境修炼堤山不动诀,空间也经过时间法则吸洗礼,所有弟子都因此受益,即便是后来飞升傅之文等也有差不多大罗中阶的实力,放在天庭就是妥妥的上清地仙二品或三品! As for Dong line/traverse, then looked at Dong Jing to say with a smile: Dong hasn't Jing, how you been worried to explain oneself bloodlines to Du Bin?” 至于董行,则看了一眼董婧笑道:“董婧,你不是一直担心如何跟杜斌解释自己的血脉么?” Now desolate master face to face, happen to can explain, avoid later regenerates troublesome!” “如今萧师当面,正好可以说明,省得以后再生麻烦!” Actually does not need Dong Jing to say with a smile to Du Bintian sweetly, previously I was also worried about anything, the instance that but stimulate to motion Yong city Jixian records, I felt that my heart ties has opened, why no matter I have the Du bloodlines, I was depended upon this to save my husband at that time, this is only enough.” “其实也不必了”董婧冲着杜斌甜甜一笑道,“先前我还担心什么,可催动墉城集仙录的瞬间,我感觉到自己的心结已经打开,不管我为何身上有杜家血脉,我当时就是依靠这个救了我的夫君,单这个已经足够。” I naturally cannot have anything to suspect,” Du Bin also slight nod, before your my four, has had the agreement, individual can have the privacy, but is public related to two people, although your I am a couple, I think that the blue buddhist also has the right that knows.” “我自然不会有什么猜忌的,”杜斌也微微点头了,“不过你我四个之前已经有过约定的,个人可以有隐私,但涉及两人就要公开,你我虽是夫妻,我想蓝梵也有知道的权利。” Also good!” Dong Jing smiles saying that this matter, although is my Dong is secret, but the time is remote, moreover related to Dong and Du, even Lanjia, if I did not explain, husband must be suspicious, explains at this time appropriately but actually.” “也好!”董婧笑笑说道,“此事虽然是我董家机密,但时间久远,而且涉及董家和杜家,甚至蓝家,若我不说明,夫君总要心存疑惑,此时说明倒也合适。” Saying, Dong Jing waves, the five colors air/Qi silk gushes out, instant Ruan Immortal female congeals, Xiao Hua saw with own eyes that this female stares unconsciously, is this female not just the space in the picture sees that pear flower Fairy previous generation? 说着,董婧挥手间,五色气丝涌出,瞬时一个儒仙女子凝结出来,萧华眼见这女子不觉一愣,这女子不正是自己在画中空间所见那个梨花仙子的前世么? This ancestor said Dong heart,” Dong Jing said, she was the concubine body lineage/vein blood relative's ancestor, but, she given name was vivid, has not recorded in the genealogy, because she was a product of plot.” “这位先祖名曰董心,”董婧说道,“她老人家是妾身这一脉嫡亲的先祖,但是,她老人家无论是名号还是形象,在族谱之内都没有记载,因为她老人家是一场阴谋的产物。” Then, Dong Jing apology look Du Bin said that my Dong ancestor has coveted Du Yong city Jixian record, therefore arranges my Dong senior to love one another with some Du blood relative senior, gave birth to Dong heart senior, if depended on the convention, Dong new senior should be called Du heart!” 说完,董婧歉意的看看杜斌说道,“我董家祖上一直觊觎杜家的墉城集仙录,所以就安排我董家一位前辈跟杜家嫡亲某位前辈相恋,生下了董心前辈,若是依了惯例,董新前辈应该叫做杜心!” However Dong heart senior knows after own life experience, would rather die than to be willing to become the friend birth Xiadujia bloodlines with Dong disciple, although Dong heart senior the resolution old and alone person is life-long, but people are just the victims of fate, she met the blue rain of Lanjia unexpectedly!” “而董心前辈知道自己身世后,宁死不愿意与董家弟子结为仙侣诞下杜家血脉,董心前辈虽然决议孤老终生,但造化弄人,她老人家居然遇到了蓝家的蓝雨!” Was saying Dong Jing waves again, five colors red clouds clouds that congeals another Male Immortal. 说着董婧再挥手,五色霞云凝结出另外一个男仙 Zhou Xiaoming! 州小明 Looks at that Male Immortal look is not just Zhou Xiaoming just like?? 看那男仙的相貌不正是一个活脱脱的州小明吗?? Does not know that what's the matter, Dong heart senior falls in love with the blue rain senior, but Dong heart senior to get rid of Dong, gives birth to one with the blue rain senior, after this child returns to Lanjia, with the blue rain senior left the legendary abode of the immortals!” “不知道怎么回事儿,董心前辈跟蓝雨前辈一见钟情,而董心前辈为了摆脱董家,跟蓝雨前辈生育一子,将这孩子送回蓝家后,就跟蓝雨前辈离开了玄圃!” Hears here, Dong line/traverse adds: This thing is I after taking over Family Lord, cleans up some obsolete secrets time sees, since Dong Jing is Dong heart senior lineage/vein, she should have the Du bloodlines, therefore I told this matter! Because the years are remote, these records are incomplete, know that this matter's ancestor west has turned over, therefore Dong heart senior, the deeds of blue rain senior, the record are extremely few.” 听到此处,董行补充道:“这东西是我在接掌家主之后,清理一些老旧隐秘的时候见到的,既然董婧是董心前辈一脉,那她应该有杜家血脉,所以我就把此事告诉了她!因为岁月久远,这些记载已经残缺,知道此事的先祖早就西归,所以董心前辈,还有蓝雨前辈的事迹,记载都极少。” Waits a bit!” The blue buddhist smiles bitterly saying that I know actually before for a long time is very very long, my Lanjia has the painting skilled artist named the blue rain, his paint brush such as bright, as long as starts to write all has the wind and thunder to move, but does not know that is blue rain in your mouth, I make the child body seek!” “诸位稍等啊!”蓝梵苦笑道,“我倒是知道很久很久之前,我蓝家有个丹青妙手名叫蓝雨,他画笔如有神,但凡落笔皆有风雷动,但不知道是不是你们口中的蓝雨,我让子身寻一下!” While this time, Xiao Hua asked Dong Hangdao: „Does your Dong have Scholar Dong?” 趁着这个时候,萧华问董行道:“你们董家有个董秀才么?” Our Scholar Dong Jia are many!” Dong Hangpei said with a smile, does not know what the senior said was which?” “我们董家秀才不少呢!”董行陪笑道,“不知道前辈说的是哪个?” Hears Dong line/traverse to reply, Xiao Hua naturally knows forest and mountain streams tall Yitu is not this Dong. 听得董行如此回答,萧华自然知道林泉高逸图并非这个董家的。 Xiao Hua promises Scholar Dong in forest and mountain streams tall Yitu the Primordial Spirit mark, returns to Heavenly Court his white bones skeleton, but Scholar Dong does not have to explain oneself come where, therefore Xiao Hua can only seek. 萧华在林泉高逸图内答应董秀才元神印记,将他白骨尸骸送回天庭,但董秀才没有说明自己出身何处,所以萧华只能自己找寻。 „Had you and others seen this?” “你等见过这处么?” Xiao Hua thinks, sends out that pavilion in Zhou Xiaoming memory. 萧华想了想,又将州小明记忆中的那片楼阁送出。 The people have a look to shake the head. 众人看看又是摇头。 „” Blue buddhist also opened the mouth at this time, he smiled bitterly was shaking the head, said, I in investigates Guozu have recorded, really had such blue rain, but this blue rain was ascended immortal, was my Mortal Realm Lanjia disciple. In the clan only then the record, just told me a little, as for his destination and life and death, even with the matter of Du senior, has not recorded totally!” “诸位”蓝梵此时也开口了,他苦笑着摇头了,说道,“我已经查过族内记载,确实有这么一个蓝雨,不过这个蓝雨是飞升仙,是我凡界蓝家弟子。族内只有一点儿记载,跟我刚刚所说一样,至于他的去处和生死,甚至跟杜家前辈的事情,一概没有记载!” Dong line/traverse said with a smile: Blue rain senior and whereabouts of Dong heart senior is unimportant, about these are our ancestors suspected mutually, matter that plans mutually, we do not need to investigate carefully, so long as we clarify the matter, must live anything to suspect not, wields together three on the line!” 董行笑道:“蓝雨前辈和董心前辈的行踪已经不重要,左右这些都是咱们先祖相互猜忌,相互算计的事情,咱们也不必细究,咱们只要把事情弄清楚,彼此间莫要生什么猜忌,共同把三家执掌好就行!” Yes, yes!” Du Bin has a look at Dong Jing saying that this/should so.” “是,是!”杜斌看看董婧说道,“正该如此。” Dong Jing said with a smile: Legendary abode of the immortals looks very big, is actually also small, I and others should go out of the legendary abode of the immortals, goes to the empty imperial city, even yellow city has a look.” 董婧笑道:“玄圃看起来很大,其实也小,我等就该走出玄圃,去虚皇城,甚至黄城看看。” Then, Dong Jing looked said to Xiao Hua: This opportunity also wants desolate master to give us.” 说完,董婧看向萧华道:“这个机会还要萧师给我们。” Haha Xiao Hua smiles, the big sleeve wields, sends out Fu Zhiwen, said, „the article, helping Sect Leader Third Master construct the Unending Merchant Union matter to give you.” “哈哈”萧华笑笑,大袖一挥,把傅之文送出,说道,“之文,帮助掌教三老爷建造络绎商盟的事情就交给你了。” Yes, Master!” Fu Zhiwen complies respectfully, but he himself was clear, the plan of Unending Merchant Union, the expansion has Bai Xiaotu to be completed, even Unending Merchant Union disciple will have other Good Fortune Sect disciple to act, oneself generation of Xiao Hua assume personal command. “是,师父!”傅之文恭敬答应,不过他自己清楚,络绎商盟的规划,扩张自有白小土完成,甚至络绎商盟弟子也都会有其他造化门弟子充当,自己不过代萧华坐镇而已。 Afterward, Fu Zhiwen brings three Family Lord to go to Xuan Feng to discuss how each other to cooperate, Xiao Hua is pinching the chin secretly thought: Now looks like, the blue rain should be the Supreme Purity palace master previous generation, Dong heart or Du heart is the pear flower previous generation, said needlessly, two people have fallen from the sky. Now needs to confirm that the moon/month one pure is the reincarnation of pear flower, after all the samsara is reincarnated is quite marvelous, sometimes might be similar to the previous generation look, but in fact, overwhelming majorities are impossible to be the same, the Supreme Purity palace master can have the aura of previous generation blue rain to be good.” 随后,傅之文带着三家家主前往玄峰商议彼此如何合作,萧华则捏着下巴暗道:“如今看来,蓝雨该是上清宫主人前世,董心或者说杜心是梨花前世,不消说的,两人已经陨落。现在需要确认月一纯是不是梨花的转世,毕竟轮回转世比较奇妙,有时候会有可能跟前世相貌相似,可实际上,绝大多数都不可能一样,上清宫主人能有前世蓝雨的气息已经不错。” Thank everyone enthusiastic support, everyone while beginning subscription, do not forget helps the 3 d highest place in hanun propagandize on, micro blog, trill and quick worker and other channels, thanked again 感谢大家热情支持,大家在起点订阅的同时,别忘了在、微博、抖音和快手等渠道上帮探花宣传,再次感谢了
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