LCGIR :: Volume #22

#2170: Zhao Pan instigation

Executes in the monster city, Immortal was obviously short were too many, moreover no one dares to emit Amplified Sense, after Zhao Pan caught up with Daoist Lei Ting, has not greeted, but has flown directly, pretended to turn the head occasionally, on the face gave birth pleasantly surprised, will stop, said submissively: Originally is the thunder brother, is really the fortunate meeting, previously young veiled Xianxiong assisted, bids to four wonderful pill, has also been thinking the relation immortal brother, expressed gratitude.” 诛妖城内,仙人明显少了太多,而且谁都不敢放出衍念,肇判追上雷霆真人后,并没有招呼,而是直接飞过,装作偶尔转头,脸上生出惊喜了,停将下来,拱手道:“原来是雷霆兄,真是幸会,先前小的蒙仙兄相助,竞买到四妙丹,一直还想着联系仙兄,表示感谢呢。” No need, no need!” Beckoning with the hand that Daoist Lei Ting disdains said, is the slight effort!” “不必,不必!”雷霆真人不屑的摆手道,“不过是举手之劳罢了!” No Zhao Panji said, acquaintance might as well meet by chance . Moreover the immortal brother has graciousness Brother in, come, come, the little brother must ask the immortal brother to be drunk!” “别啊”肇判急道,“相识不如偶遇,而且仙兄有恩于小弟,来,来,小弟得请仙兄一醉!” Daoist Lei Ting most fears others to think highly, Zhao Pan this saying, his tail has curled upwards, turned around with Zhao Panjin the restaurant, looks Yan Zhan and Good Fortune Sect disciple thought threw into beyond the highest heavens early. 雷霆真人最怕别人恭维,肇判这一说,他的尾巴已经翘了起来,掉头就跟着肇判进了酒楼,去找燕战造化门弟子的念头早抛到了九霄云外。 The restaurant business is not very good, saw with own eyes that some people come, the waiter asked them to enter the peaceful room attentively. 酒楼生意很不好,眼见有人过来,伙计殷勤的请他们进了静室。 immortal wine and other thing came up, Zhao Pan exchanges toasts with Daoist Lei Ting, but said several, Zhao Pan somewhat heaved a sigh. 仙酒等物上来,肇判跟雷霆真人推杯换盏,不过说了几句,肇判就有些唉声叹气了。 Zhao Pan naturally plays a trick, but Daoist Lei Ting is willing to enter the wrap/sets, his strange say/way: Little friend how?” 肇判自然是设局,可雷霆真人就是愿意入套,他奇道:“小友怎么了?” Oh, said that somewhat ashamed,” Zhao Pan sighed, started to speak but hesitated, good that did not say.” “唉,说起来有些羞愧,”肇判叹息一声,欲言又止了,“还是不说的好。” If others, did not say that did not say, but the Daoist Lei Ting curiosity was selected, is disgruntled: You, since wants saying that hurried saying that why so womanishly fussy?” 若是旁人,不说就不说了,可雷霆真人的好奇心被挑了起来,不悦道:“你既然想说就赶紧说,为何如此婆婆妈妈?” This is little brother's privacy,” on Zhao Pan face slightly red, said in a low voice, „, moreover involves little brother's face, if not the immortal brother, the little brother will not tell absolutely, the immortal brother listened to for the little brother keep secret.” “这是小弟的隐私,”肇判脸上微红,低声道,“而且也涉及小弟的脸面,若非仙兄,小弟绝对不会吐口,仙兄听了一定要替小弟保密。” You said!” The Daoist Lei Ting casual say/way, I always keep one's mouth shut.” “你说吧!”雷霆真人大大咧咧道,“我一向守口如瓶。” Is this,” Zhao Pan said that little brother not from Yellow Past Heaven directly to Nothingness Exceeding Weight Heaven, sect gate to reward the little brother, bestows the little brother an industry......” “是这样的,”肇判说道,“小弟不是从黄曾天直接到得虚无越衡天嘛,宗门为了奖赏小弟,将一处产业赐给小弟……” „?” Daoist Lei Ting was startled, said, xiao glass sea also does have such good deed? My Vigorous Pavillion Mountain how?” “啊?”雷霆真人吃惊了,说道,“绡璃海还有这样的好事?我冲轩山怎么就没有?” Having, not necessarily is the good deed!” “有,不一定就是好事啊!” Zhao Pan smiles bitterly saying that this industry is a Junior Brother, his cultivation idled, sect gate deprived his right, bestowed the little brother.” 肇判苦笑道,“这产业本是一位师弟的,他修炼懈怠了,宗门就剥夺了他的权利,赐给了小弟。” „Isn't this good?” Daoist Lei Ting was puzzled. “这不是挺好的?”雷霆真人不解了。 Seemingly good!” “看起来挺好啊!” Zhao Pan raises glass saying that may disciple of that industry, be that Junior Brother subordinate, little brother did not have disciple, simply does not have the means to take over that place, but since these year, except for that name, the little brother has not obtained any advantage!” 肇判举杯道,“可那处产业的弟子,都是那个师弟手下,小弟自己还没有弟子,根本没办法接掌那处,而这些世年以来,除了那个名义,小弟没有得到任何好处啊!” I go, you may enough vexed!” Daoist Lei Ting knits the brows saying that can extinguish these disciple directly kills, punishes one as a warning to others! Moreover can also report the Teacher?” “我去,你可够窝囊的!”雷霆真人皱眉道,“直接可以将那些弟子灭杀,杀鸡骇猴啊!而且也可以禀告师长吧?” Zhao Panyin immortal wine, said: Reported the Teacher nature, but little brother's face also either? A little minor matter cannot complete, how does the Teacher see the little brother?” 肇判饮了仙酒,说道:“禀告师长自然可以,但小弟的脸面还要么?这么一点儿小事都做不好,师长如何看小弟?” Punishing one as a warning to others is also good, but these disciple have the backer in the sect gate, this backer is fiercer than the little brother, you said how the little brother does dare to tidy up them?” “杀鸡儆猴也是好的,但那些弟子在宗门之内也有靠山,这靠山比小弟还要厉害,你说小弟怎么敢收拾他们?” This is not good, that is not,” Daoist Lei Ting knits the brows saying that what to do do you want?” “这样不行,那也不是,”雷霆真人皱眉道,“你想怎么办?” Little brother does not know!” “小弟也不知道啊!” Zhao Pan the face was saying painstakingly, how, or the little brother comes out from the sect gate, to executes the monster city to stroll blindly!” 肇判苦着脸说道,“要不小弟怎么从宗门出来,到得诛妖城瞎逛啊!” At this point, Zhao Pan has a look at Daoist Lei Ting to say in a low voice: What ingenious method can immortal brother have?” 说到此处,肇判看看雷霆真人低声道:“仙兄可有什么妙法么?” I “我自己” Daoist Lei Ting said three characters, immediately beckons with the hand saying that where I know your matter!” 雷霆真人说了三个字,立即摆手道,“我哪里知道你的事情啊!” Then takes up the liquor back, meaning that some drink in low spirits. 然后拿起酒樽,有些闷头喝酒的意思了。 In Zhao Panxin laughed in one's heart, he also no longer raises, similarly holds up the liquor back, exchanges toasts with Daoist Lei Ting, is about the less than half double-hour, saw with own eyes that Daoist Lei Ting had the feeling of being drunk slightly, Zhao Pan probed saying: Is open about the facts the immortal brother, actually, the little brother has a little idea, but...... the little brother does not dare to tell the person, now sees the immortal brother, remembered previously the contact with immortal brother, thought that the immortal brother was warmhearted, therefore wants to ask the immortal brother's suggestion.” 肇判心中暗笑了,他也不再多提,同样举起酒樽,跟雷霆真人推杯换盏起来,约是小半个时辰,眼见雷霆真人略微有了醉意,肇判试探道:“不瞒仙兄,其实呢,小弟是有那么一点儿想法,但……小弟不敢跟人说,如今见到仙兄,想起先前跟仙兄的交往,觉得仙兄是个古道热肠的,所以想问问仙兄的建议。” The Daoist Lei Ting brow selects, strange say/way: Why your idea does not say with the fellow apprentices who in the gate did get to know each other well?” 雷霆真人眉头一挑,奇道:“你这想法为何不跟门内相熟的师兄弟说说呢?” First said that the little brother just came Nothingness Exceeding Weight Heaven, no fellow apprentices of knowing well,” Zhao Panjian Daoist Lei Ting enters the jar, the careful say/way, said only this idea is shoulders to trouble begins in the home, the little brother does not dare to speak with the fellow apprentices.” “先说小弟刚来虚无越衡天,没有什么熟识的师兄弟,”肇判间雷霆真人入瓮,小心道,“单说这想法乃是挑起祸起萧墙,小弟就不敢跟师兄弟们明言。” Ok,” Daoist Lei Ting said with a smile, you, and said, I helped your staff officer!” “行吧,”雷霆真人笑道,“你且说,我帮你参谋!” This,” Zhao Pan has a look at left near, in the forehead executes the monster symbol obviously somewhat to flash, must emit Amplified Sense to be executed the monster symbol to block, Zhao Pan then passes on the sound said in a low voice, little brother after the recent observation, these disciple in little brother industry is not a heart, they are divided into three kinds probably, first kind of disciple that is the previous sect school comes, the second kind is these disciple brings from the gate, the third order is they rogue immortal that lacks a foundation from Nothingness Exceeding Weight Heaven these draws on. In this third-order rogue immortal quantity are actually more than original sect gate disciple, first kind and the second kind is , they who the little brother heart ties previously controlled disciple to send, the little brother is not good to repatriate immortal sect......” “这样的,”肇判看看左近,眉心间诛妖符明显有些闪动,想必是要放出衍念被诛妖符挡住,肇判这才低声传音道,“小弟经过最近的观察,小弟产业里的那些弟子也并非一条心,他们大概分成三类,第一类是先前宗门派来的弟子,第二类是这些弟子从门内带来的,第三类是他们从虚无越衡天那些没根基的散仙中招来的。这第三类散仙其实数量上比原来的宗门弟子还多,第一类和第二类就是小弟心结的所在,他们是先前掌控弟子派来的,小弟不好遣返回仙门……” „...... Little brother's idea is, first starts from third-order disciple, found own trusted aide from them, making these trusted aides control third-order disciple, this is first step......” “……小弟的想法是,先从第三类弟子下手,从他们中间找到自己的心腹,让这些心腹去掌控第三类弟子,这是第一步……” „...... The second step, starts from first kind of disciple, they should have three, three people of good hearts must vary, I can certainly find one is not concerted with them, then, hehe......” “……第二步,是从第一类弟子下手,他们应该有三个,三人行心必不一,我一定可以找到一个跟他们心不齐的,然后,嘿嘿……” Following words Zhao Pan had not said, continued the result, then possibly remaining one or two position high disciple, I can control the part in second kind of disciple, by this time, the third orders and second kind of most disciple I controlled, can resort to the last resort!” 后面的话肇判没说,继续说结果,“接下来可能就会剩下一个或两个位置较高的弟子,我就可以掌控第二类弟子中的一部分,到了这个时候,第三类和第二类大部分弟子我都掌控了,就可以动用最后的手段!” Last resort??” “最后的手段??” Daoist Lei Ting gawked, the raising one's wine cup back puts down, front Zhao Pan said that with him thinks, although some differences, but is generally comparable, what is the last resort? 雷霆真人愣了,把酒樽放下,前面肇判所说跟他所想虽然有些出入,但大体相当,可最后的手段是什么呢? Makes these disciple that I control cause the internal strife,” Zhao Pan said in a low voice, then seizes the chance these disciple, except that even makes them mutually wounded, I make a move to eliminate again, changes into my trusted aide completely, this is the true control.” “让我掌控的这些弟子引起内讧,”肇判低声道,“然后趁机将那些弟子除去,甚至让他们两败俱伤,我再出手肃清,全部换成我的心腹,这样才算是真正掌控。” Silk “丝” Daoist Lei Ting held breath a cold air/Qi, is staring at Zhao Pan long time, looks at Zhao Pan some at heart to be scared, said in a low voice, how? Immortal brother......” 雷霆真人倒吸了一口冷气,盯着肇判半晌儿,看得肇判有些心里发毛,低声道,“怎么了?仙兄……” Fierce!” “厉害啊!” In the Daoist Lei Ting hand has the thunderclap to make the vigor pat Zhao Pan the shoulder, Zhao Pan were silent Immortal Power, but his strength is far inferior to Daoist Lei Ting to hide now does not evade, fortunately, Daoist Lei Ting was the sincerity admires, said, how I haven't thought this?” 雷霆真人手中生出霹雳使劲儿拍肇判的肩膀,肇判都默仙力了,可他实力现在远逊雷霆真人想躲都躲不过,还好,雷霆真人不过是真心佩服,说道,“我怎么没想过这个?” Immortal brother,” “仙兄,” Zhao Pan the great happiness, quickly asked that „did you look like this feasible?” 肇判大喜了,急忙问道,“您看这样可行么?” Feasible, was too feasible!” “可行,太可行了!” Daoist Lei Ting held up the liquor back, said, presses this to handle affairs, the old man wishes you to succeed.” 雷霆真人举起了酒樽,说道,“就按此行事,老夫预祝你成功。” Good!” “好!” Zhao Pan also took a step to bump, said, little brother this went back, the immortal brother heard little brother's good news and!” 肇判也举步碰了,说道,“小弟这就回去着手,仙兄且听小弟的好消息吧!” Then, Zhao Pan accompanied Daoist Lei Ting to drink a while, this said goodbye. 说完,肇判又陪雷霆真人喝了一会儿,这才告辞走了。 Daoist Lei Ting goes out of the restaurant, looks at the city main mansion of distant place, in the heart the secretly thought: „The situation that this Zhao Pan encounters is like me, Qingqing explains, this Unending Merchant Union is some child later taking advantage, I must him in the hand, Fellow Daoist Xiao in Realm passage, have no time now this matter, I who strikes the first blow has the advantage, first from Yang Shi these disciple.” 雷霆真人走出酒楼,看着远处的城主府,心中暗道:“这肇判遇到的情况岂不是跟我一样,青青说得明白,这络绎商盟是某家孩儿以后的依仗,我一定要将他拿在手中,萧道友如今在界冲,无暇此事,我得先下手为强,先从阳石这些弟子着手。” Today the mentality that sentences from Zhao looked, happens to hold the same view with Qingqing, Yang Shi they for the bright hand, I must seek 1-2 to treat as the dark hand from Unending Merchant Union these new disciple......” “今天从肇判的思路上看,又跟青青不谋而合,阳石他们为明手,我也得从络绎商盟那些新招的弟子中寻1-2当做暗手……” Thinking, before the Daoist Lei Ting figure is flying the city main mansion . 想着,雷霆真人身形飞到城主府前。 Senior,” guarded a gate disciple naturally is Good Fortune Sect disciple, they blocked Daoist Lei Ting, accompanied to say with a smile, did not know the senior......” “前辈,”守门弟子自然是造化门弟子了,他们挡住雷霆真人,陪笑道,“不知前辈……” Is I!” “是我!” On the Daoist Lei Ting face gives birth disgruntledly, scolded in a low voice, couldn't look?” 雷霆真人脸上生出不悦,低声呵斥道,“难道看不出来么?” „Is senior?” “前辈是?” These disciple Daleng, they had a look at Daoist Lei Ting up and down, each other had a look, finally accompanied to say with a smile, Junior my faulty vision, does not know the senior was which?” 这些弟子们大楞了,他们上下看看雷霆真人,又彼此看看,最后陪笑道,“恕晚辈眼拙,不知前辈是哪位?” At this time, True Immortal Middle Rank disciple flew hurriedly. 这时候,一个不过真仙中阶弟子急匆匆飞了过来。 „Don't I know?” “连我都不知道?” Daoist Lei Ting scolded, made Yang Shi come.” 雷霆真人呵斥道,“让阳石过来。” Senior,” value defends disciple to accompany to say with a smile as before, „can you first reveal the status? Otherwise we are not good to ask Yang Shi Grandmaster to come, after all he takes constant care of many affairs of sate......” “前辈,”值守弟子依旧陪笑道,“您能先表露身份么?否则我们不好请阳石师祖过来的,毕竟他老人家日理万机……” Senior,” that flies disciple to see that says with a smile, Junior is just about to see Yang Shi Junior Uncle, if you have what faith token, might as well with, Junior takes to him to you.” “前辈,”那飞来弟子见状,笑道,“晚辈正要去见阳石师叔,您若有什么信物,不妨拿出来,晚辈给您老带给他老人家。” Damn!” “该死!” Daoist Lei Ting prepares to get angry, but thinks the urging of Qingqing, own child, endured unconsciously, nodded, passes on the sound said, you said that the thunder came.” 雷霆真人准备发怒,不过一想青青的叮嘱,还有自己的孩子,不觉是忍了,点头了,传音道,“你就说雷霆来了。” This?” “就这样?” That disciple some surprise. 弟子有些诧异。 Un un, goes quickly!” “嗯嗯,快去吧!” Daoist Lei Ting some do not bear. 雷霆真人有些不耐。 That disciple complies with one, puts out own faith token to give the value to defend disciple saying: I am Tan white, this is my faith token.” 弟子答应一声,拿出自己的信物递给值守弟子道:“我是谭白,这是我的信物。” Un, Senior Brother Tan invited!” “嗯,谭师兄请!” The value defended disciple to examine the faith token, invited the Tan white entering a city main mansion, said to Daoist Lei Ting carefully: Also asked the senior to wait a bit, Senior Brother Tan went, quick had careful.” 值守弟子验看了信物,请谭白进了城主府,小心对雷霆真人道:“还请前辈稍等,谭师兄进去,很快就有小心。” I know!” “我知道!” The Daoist Lei Ting face raises, the nose faced upwards, how he must have a look at Yang Shi they to come but actually to greet is half tea time, rumbling in city main mansion the thunder rings out, the nine colors multi-colored sunlight direct impact horizon, then around the city main mansion immortal restriction opens, no one could notice that in the city main mansion exactly had anything. 雷霆真人脸一扬,鼻子朝天了,他倒要看看阳石他们如何过来迎接不过是半盏茶工夫,“轰轰”城主府内雷霆大作,九彩霞光直冲天际,而后城主府四周仙禁开启,谁也看不到城主府内到底发生了什么。 Hehe “嘿嘿” Only then Zhao Pan distant looks, the corners of the mouth reveal to sneer, in the heart the secretly thought, thunder entered Unending Merchant Union, with the Xiao Hua disloyalty, does not only know surely he does have disciple in Unending Merchant Union, can meet as an equal to Xiao Hua. However greets the etiquette that from the city main mansion, his weight/quantity is unclear, then, Unending Merchant Union must disintegrate, by that time, I had the opportunity. Perhaps swallows the thunder, swallows Xiao Hua, naturally, swallowing Xiao Hua is best, this boy has the big destiny, this excellent primordial chaos Immortal World can fall to my hand in truly.” 只有肇判远远的看着,嘴角露出冷笑,心中暗道,“雷霆进了络绎商盟,必定跟萧华异心,只不知道他有没有弟子络绎商盟,能不能跟萧华分庭抗礼。不过从城主府迎接的礼仪来看,他的分量不清,如此一来,络绎商盟必会分崩离析,到那时候,我就有机会了。或是吞噬雷霆,或是吞噬萧华,当然,吞噬萧华最好,这厮有大气运,这大好鸿蒙仙界才能真正落到我的手中。” Fellow Daoist, the chapter belonged to Daoist Lei Ting recently, Sir Xiao is enjoying, he is not easy, we let us not disturb him! 诸位道友,最近章节属于雷霆真人,萧大人正享受呢,他也不容易,咱们就别打扰他了! 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