LCGIR :: Volume #19

#1896: With old friend

Newest website: Xiao Hua understands, this is the Ye Jian Essence Blood warm support result. After he ponders over slightly, said: „When Ye Jian, be honest with you, you fainted, the old man gave you some chances, continued the life with the thing of some Dragon Territory for you, but this numerous must be wonderfully dragon qi of Dragon Territory can patch part of disappointment, you wanted the numerous to be wonderful, while the sacrifice refine, but must have Monster Alliance, Spirit Realm and Dark Spirit World chance is good!” 最新网址:萧华明白,这是叶剑精血温养的结果。他略加思忖后,说道:“叶剑,不瞒你说,你昏死之时,老夫给你了一些机缘,用一些龙域之物为你续命,而这众妙也必是得了龙域龙气才能修补一部分缺憾,你想要众妙完整,在祭炼的同时,还要有妖盟灵界暗灵界的机缘才好!” I go,” Ye Jian listened, could not bear shouted lowly, master, but was immortal artifact, so to be how troublesome?” “我去,”叶剑听了,忍不住低呼了,“师父,不过是一个仙器,怎么如此麻烦?” This thing origin is extraordinary, wanting the complete nature many to whet.” Xiao Hua smiles, said, naturally, these chances you do not need to worry, my Good Fortune Sect disciple has Unending Merchant Union, these things cannot be regarded anything, when results in the time to be mature, the old man arranges for you!” “此物来历非凡,想要圆满自然多有磨砺。”萧华笑笑,说道,“当然,这些机缘你不必担心,我造化门弟子络绎商盟,这些东西都算不得什么,待得时机成熟,老夫为你安排!” Many thanks master!” Ye Jian great happiness. “多谢师父!”叶剑大喜。 But,” a Xiao Hua thread of conversation road for grain shipment, „before your chance, you needs to refine artifact spirit of small halberd, otherwise does not wait for the chance to approach, you became in the artifact spirit mouth the thing!” “不过,”萧华话锋一转道,“在跟你机缘之前,你需要将小戟的器灵炼化,否则不等机缘来临,你自己就成了器灵的口中之物!” „Do the numerous have artifact spirit wonderfully?” Ye Jian one startled, that...... doesn't that pass Spirit Immortal? How to appear in Lower Realm?” “众妙有器灵?”叶剑一惊,“那……那不是通灵仙器么?怎么会在下界出现?” This thing is somewhat strange,” Xiao Hua said that „, although the old man has not investigated carefully, but since has Dragon Territory, Monster Alliance, Spirit Realm and Dark Spirit World four types of unusual animals aura, then this artifact spirit nature possible minute to make four, their each other anything condition cannot know. If the fusion is one, you want to offer a sacrifice to refine, feared must consume enormously at heart ; If there is not united, you are actually easier. However, situation of following the crowd wonderful restore, the possibility that Four Forms unites is not big. Now numerous wonderful dragon qi occupies, your within the body dragon qi is extremely also powerful, therefore you can also control, but after treating can , the air/Qi of other three elephants were tyrannical, don't said the control, is the strength of backlash you are unable to resist......” “此物有些古怪,”萧华说道,“虽然老夫不曾仔细探察,但既然有龙域妖盟灵界暗灵界四种异兽气息,那么这器灵自然可能分作四个,他们彼此什么状态尚未能知。若是融合为一,你想祭炼,怕要耗费极大的心里;若是不曾合一,你倒是容易一些。不过,从众妙修复的情况来看,四象合一的可能性不大。如今众妙龙气居上,你体内龙气也极强盛,是故你还能掌控,而待得以后其它三象之气强横了,莫说掌控,就是反噬之力你都无法抵挡……” „...... The sacrifices of your more than hundred discipline refine, no doubt somewhat enters the profit, but the method is not right, did not say the wasted effort, only your courage vigor was swallowed by the numerous wonderfully much, therefore the idea of present must first surrender Four Forms!” “……你百余纪的祭炼,固然有些进益,但方法不对,不说事倍功半,单是你的血气都被众妙吞食了不少,所以如今之计还是要先降服四象!” Surrenders Four Forms?” A Ye Jian eyeball revolution, asked that master, with Four Forms Lingerment Array?” “降服四象?”叶剑眼珠一转,反问道,“师父,用四象盘桓阵么?” Four Forms Lingerment Array is the strategy foundation,” Xiao Hua said with a smile, naturally can use, but before, you must have to drive a horse the say/way of Four Forms!” 四象盘桓阵是阵法根基,”萧华笑道,“自然是可以用的,但用之前,你也得有驭动四象之道啊!” Drives a horse Four Forms? Isn't that offers a sacrifice to artifact refinement spirit?” Ye Jian such as had thought that „, but the disciple feeling sacrifice refine such, seems simply has not discovered what artifact spirit.” “驭动四象?那不就是祭炼器灵么?”叶剑如有所思了,“但弟子感觉祭炼了如此之久,好似根本没发现什么器灵的。” That is because artifact spirit is extremely huge,” the Xiao Hua pertinent say/way, in your opinion, this artifact spirit is the nihility, or is entire immortal artifact.” “那是因为器灵太过庞大,”萧华一针见血道,“在你看来,这器灵就是虚无,亦或者就是整个仙器。” disciple understands,” Ye Jian is a point passes, immediately greeted with a smile, 弟子明白,”叶剑着实是一点就通,立即陪笑了, Originally the master also has the technique of better sacrifice building up not to teach to disciple!” “原来师父还有更好的祭炼之术没有传授给弟子啊!” Hehe,” Xiao Hua smiled, said, is not the old man hides contraband, was the old man also just obtained entire secret technique.” “嘿嘿,”萧华笑了,说道,“不是老夫藏私,是老夫也刚刚得到整个秘术。” At this point, Xiao Hua has a look at all around different scenery, said: Old man happen to have the matter, you give the old man to drive a boat, old man the secret technique 11 lectures!” 说到此处,萧华看看四周异景,说道:“老夫正好有事,你来给老夫驾舟,老夫将秘术一一讲来!” The Ye Jian great happiness, quickly offers a sacrifice to the immortal boat say/way: Master invited.” 叶剑大喜,急忙祭出仙舟道:“师父请。” When Xiao Hua rides the Exalted Immortal boat, Ye Jian asked the direction, Xiao Hua thinks, offered a sacrifice to immortal localizator to look, said: And toward here!” 待得萧华上仙舟,叶剑问方向,萧华想了一下,祭出仙概瞰看了一下,说道:“且往此处吧!” Yes, master Ye Jian understands Space Principle, the nature compared with that Xiao Hua becomes lost frequently, he smiles the stimulate to motion immortal boat, in a swagger. “是,师父”叶剑深谙空间法则,自然比萧华经常迷路的强,他笑眯眯催动仙舟,扬长去了。 Ye Jian,” Xiao Hua sits quietly, puts out ink immortal disc, the law of sacrifice building up Feather Immortal honored arched will previously give wrote gave Ye Jian, said, you first had a look, the old man explained things with you again, this secret technique somewhat risked danger, several places must guard actually.” 叶剑,”萧华安坐,拿出一个墨仙瞳,将先前羽仙钧穹给的祭炼之法写了递给叶剑,道,“你先看看,老夫再跟你分说,这秘术有些行险,几个地方倒是一定要提防。” Master,” Ye Jian received ink immortal disc, has not gone see, but is some awkward say/way, disciple sees the master, is...... has another matter to report.” “师父,”叶剑接过墨仙瞳,并没有探看,而是有些尴尬道,“弟子来见师父,是……是有另外一件事情禀告。” „?” Xiao Hua gawked, he also thinks that Ye Jian looks for him is the numerous is wonderful, may think , others Ye Jian simply has not opened the mouth, oneself leaning the topic belt/bring, the Xiao Hua racket the forehead smiles saying that old man was muddled, haha, which miss settled on? And you mentioned, the old man sent disciple to go to you to snatch!” “啊?”萧华愣了,他还以为叶剑找他就是众妙,可想了一下,可不,人家叶剑根本没有开口呢,自己就把话题带偏,萧华拍拍自己额头笑眯眯道,“老夫糊涂了,哈哈,是不是看中哪家姑娘了?你且说来,老夫派弟子去给你抢来!” On Ye Jian face one red, accompanies to say with a smile: disciple seeks the master is disciple when the sacrifice refining up the numerous are wonderful remembers the incident.” 叶剑脸上一红,陪笑道:“弟子寻师父是弟子在祭炼众妙时想起一事。” Un, you said!” Xiao Hua nods. “嗯,你说吧!”萧华点头。 „The disciple sacrifice refining up the numerous to be wonderful, in many somewhat inexplicable news,” Ye Jian said, for example the numerous wonderful name, these news disciple feel bewilderedly, mostly recorded casually. But in some strange Monster Alliance Monster Race outlines, looked that...... seems like with the disciple instructing kind teacher is somewhat similar, disciple remembered in Mysterious Origin Space about extinguishing the legend of the world evil phoenix unconsciously, naturally, the edition of this legend were many, disciple did not think 11 explanations, feared that caused the misunderstanding of master, in brief was a few words, Mysterious Origin Space by creating world Tianfeng lives, finally by extinguishing world evil phoenix, but finally!” 弟子祭炼众妙,内中不乏有些莫名的讯息,”叶剑说道,“比如众妙的名字,这些讯息弟子感觉莫名其妙,大多都随便记了。但内中有一些古怪的妖盟妖族的轮廓,看……看起来跟弟子授业恩师有些相似,弟子不觉想起了玄元空间中关于灭世邪凤的传说,当然,这个传说的版本很多,弟子也不想一一说明,怕引起师父的误解,总而言之是一句话,玄元空间由创世天凤而生,最后由灭世邪凤而终!” Xiao Hua moves at heart, immediately thought that mysterious Tianfeng. 萧华心里一动,立即想起来那个神秘的天凤了。 Un, you then said that” Xiao Hua slight nod. “嗯,你接着说,”萧华微微点头了。 However, Ye Jian hesitated unexpectedly the moment, then said: Is open about the facts the master, strangeness that in the past the disciple instructing kind teacher presented that disciple thinks that he extinguishes the world evil phoenix, but disciple was the person of destiny, afterward disciple discovered, although he surface was cold, but the heart was hot, possibly was not extinguishes the world evil phoenix.” 但是,叶剑居然迟疑了片刻,才又接着说道:“不瞒师父,当年弟子授业恩师出现的诡异,弟子以为他老人家是灭世邪凤,而弟子就是天命之人,后来弟子才发现,他老人家虽然面冷,但心热,怎么也不可能是灭世邪凤。” Un un,” Xiao Hua said with a nod, at this time you should also know, your instructing kind teacher also has the origin, does not extinguish the world evil phoenix.” “嗯嗯,”萧华点头道,“此时你也应该知道,你授业恩师也是有来历的,并非什么灭世邪凤的。” Yes, this disciple has understood, Ye Jian nods, said, what disciple wants to say is another person, his name is Jiang Hao early morning.” “是,这个弟子已经明白,”叶剑点头,道,“弟子想说的是另一个人,他的名字叫做姜皓晨。” Jiang Hao early morning?” Xiao Hua knit the brows, said, I listened to your instructing kind teacher saying that he fine jade was bright with you for a while, in the Mysterious Origin Space life was an enemy, after that you and others the salvation, was separated from Mysterious Origin Space simultaneously, your instructing kind teacher returned to Four Great Continent, he once had been ahead of time this personal name, how?” “姜皓晨?”萧华皱眉了,说道,“我听你授业恩师说过,他跟你一时瑜亮,在玄元空间一生为敌,其后你等同时救世,脱离玄元空间,你授业恩师返回四大部洲,他曾提前过这个人名,怎么了?” Jiang Haochen with the disciple life is an enemy,” Ye Jian said with a smile, until reconciled with disciple in the face of the principle of righteousness finally. However, disciple also has the doubts to his growth, the disciple back has the instructing kind teacher, he? In being separated from space in a short time, disciple as if saw on very much him also has the phoenix shadow, but disciple had not asked with enough time. Since the disciple instructing kind teacher does not extinguish the world evil phoenix, his back phoenix shadow?” “姜皓晨是跟弟子一生为敌的,”叶剑笑道,“直到最后在大义面前才跟弟子和解。不过,弟子对他的成长也颇有疑惑,弟子背后有授业恩师,他呢?在脱离空间的很短时间内,弟子似乎看到他身上也有凤影,只不过弟子没来得及多问。既然弟子授业恩师不是灭世邪凤,那他背后的凤影是不是呢?” Phoenix shadow?” In the Xiao Hua heart had a clear(ly) to become aware, Huang Tong was Phoenix Avatar, when did not put down with the group osprey valley breeze spelled to fight falls into Space Fissure, if Huang Tong to Mysterious Origin Space, the wind uneven fine mortal form naturally also passed, Huang Tong can the sensation to the wind uneven fine mortal form, the wind not put down should also be able the sensation to Huang Tong, but Huang Tong has never mentioned with Ye Jian. “凤影?”萧华心中生出一丝明悟,凰桐本是自己法身,不过在跟群鹗谷风不平拼斗时落入空间裂痕,若凰桐到了玄元空间,风不平的精魄自然也过去了,凰桐能感知到风不平的精魄,风不平应该也能感知到凰桐,只不过凰桐从来不曾跟叶剑说起过。 Such a came Ye Jian saying that white early morning back phoenix shadow, should be the wind is uneven! 这么一来叶剑所说皓晨背后的凤影,应该就是风不平了! Thinks, Xiao Hua said: Matter is this, when your instructing kind teacher cultivates to spell to fight with bird in Mortal Realm......” 想了一下,萧华说道:“事情是这样的,你授业恩师在凡界跟一个禽修拼斗时……” Xiao Hua matter from beginning to end said, finally said: „After your instructing kind teacher returns, once mentioned these, but he cannot completely affirm, the phoenix shadow that therefore, you see most likely is that wind uneven fine mortal form, he should not extinguish the world the strength.” 萧华将事情的原原本本说完,最后道:“你授业恩师返回后,曾提及这些,但他不能完全肯定,所以,你看到的凤影十有八九是那个风不平的精魄,他应该没有灭世的力量。” ,” Ye Jian long vents anger, saying with a smile, that was good. disciple when the sacrifice refining up, is prompted by a sudden impulse, suddenly thinks that Jiang Haochen, his aptitude is stronger than disciple, disciple can ascended immortal, he should also to leave from that war territory, therefore disciple requested earnestly the master to pay attention slightly, looked whether to run into him.” “呼,”叶剑长长出了口气,笑道,“那就好。弟子在祭炼的时候,也是心血来潮,忽然想到姜皓晨的,他资质比弟子强,弟子飞升仙界,他应该也能从那个战域中脱出,所以弟子恳请师父略微留意一些,看能否遇到他。” Runs into Jiang Hao early morning?” Xiao Hua smiled bitterly, feels the nose saying that you should also know Immortal World had was big, did not say that Jiang Hao early morning strength whether to catch up with you, even were similar, you impossible to bump into an old friend in the Realm of Form 18 days! Let alone, he also possibly changes the look.” “遇到姜皓晨?”萧华苦笑了,摸着鼻子道,“你应该也知道仙界有多大了,不说姜皓晨实力能否追得上你,即便差不多了,你也不可能在色界十八天碰到一个故交啊!哦,更别说,他还可能改换相貌。” Hehe, he is always proud, will change the look absolutely not.” Ye Jian knew about Jiang Haochen actually very much, assured say/way. “呵呵,他一向骄傲,断不会更改相貌的。”叶剑对姜皓晨倒是很了解,笃定道。 Xiao Hua suggested: Since surnamed Jiang, you not, if asks Jiang Meihua.” 萧华建议道:“既然姓姜,你不若问问姜美华。” beautiful Senior Brother magnificence has revolted Jiang Family,” Ye Jian shrugs saying that he said that has not heard named Jiang Haochen.” “美华师兄早就叛出姜家,”叶剑耸耸肩道,“他说没听说过一个叫做姜皓晨的。” Un,” Xiao Hua nods, said that „, if there is free time, I first ask Jiang Zibo!” “嗯,”萧华点头,说道,“若是有暇,我先问问姜子博吧!” Hee hee, had Master Lao!” Ye Jian explains, the stimulate to motion immortal boat, said as before, master can explain this law of sacrifice building up!” “嘻嘻,有劳师父了!”叶剑交待完毕,依旧催动仙舟,道,“师父可以讲解这祭炼之法了!” Offers a sacrifice to the law of building up but actually also simply, but explained things several day to finish, Ye Jian asked several puzzled places, remain he himself to offer a sacrifice to refine, chance that Xiao Hua said that naturally after was the Ye Jian sacrifice refine numerous wonderful artifact spirit, sends in space Spirit Realm and space Monster Alliance and space Dark Spirit World matter, at this time said early, Xiao Hua has not raised, later the safe/without matter, Xiao Hua made Ye Jian drive a boat simply, oneself spoke thoughtlessly with him chats anything. This day is saying, whiz distant horizon place, the azure red sword light flashes to pass together, seemed the meteor to pass over gently and swiftly. 祭炼之法倒也简单,不过分说数个元日已经完毕,叶剑问了几个不解的地方,所剩就他自己祭炼了,萧华所说的机缘,自然是叶剑祭炼了众妙器灵之后,送入空间灵界、空间妖盟和空间暗灵界的事情,此时说了还早,萧华也就没提,随后无事,萧华索性让叶剑驾舟,自己随口跟他聊些什么。这元日正说间,“嗖”远远的天际处,一道青红剑光一闪而逝,好似流星掠过。 The time that the sword light presents is extremely short, but Xiao Hua looks up by coincidence to the distant place, saw that this sword light Xiao Hua cannot bear the brow raise, says with a smile: Just added that Realm of Form 18 days nearly infinite, is unlikely to run into the old friend, now hits the face by the Heavenly Dao.” 剑光出现的时间极短,可偏巧萧华抬头看向远处,看到这道剑光萧华忍不住眉头一扬,笑道:“刚刚还说色界十八天近乎无限,不太可能遇到故交,如今就被天道打脸了。” Ye Jian also raised the head, looks at as before Principle infinite Nothingness Exceeding Weight Heaven, said with a smile: Whom did master bump into?” 叶剑也抬头,看着依旧法则无限的虚无越衡天,笑道:“师父碰到谁了?” „A Star Vault fellow daoist,” Xiao Hua said, was does not hit did not finalize, walked, in the past had a look.” “一个星穹道友,”萧华说道,“也算是不打不成交吧,走,过去看看。” The “Oh?” Ye Jian also brow raises, said that here left near has no Immortal accumulation is, no teleportation immortal array, such as compares Mortal Realm, should be the boundless sea, or the boundless wilderness, the master is really also predestined friends with this senior.” “哦?”叶剑也眉头一扬,说道,“此处左近并无什么仙人聚集的所在,更没有什么传送仙阵,如比拟凡界,该是苍茫的大海,或是无垠的荒漠,师父跟这位前辈还真是有缘。” After flying half tea , presents one motley brown fragments by far, these fragments covered the enormous region unexpectedly, Xiao Hua moved at heart, seemed thought of anything, said: Ye Jian, you conceal the look and cultivation base, other old man a little things.” 飞了半盏茶后,远远的,出现一片斑驳的土黄色碎片,这些碎片居然覆盖了极大区域,萧华心里一动,好似想到了什么,说道:“叶剑,你掩饰一下相貌和修为,老夫有点其它事情。”
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