LCGIR :: Volume #19

#1894: Gaoling loosen and Wang Lang

Newest website: Approximately after is half tea, huge pale golden Achievement Mark melts with Immortal Mark in the same place, exudes the sound of rock the earth thundering! 最新网址:约是半盏茶后,巨大的淡金色臻纹仙痕融在一起,发出震天动地的轰鸣之声! Roar thunders, is one angrily roars, the figure of Gaoling loosen departs from the pale golden ray, at this time his five hearts sit cross-legged to sit upwards, in forehead Immortal Mark bright like star, Immortal Nascent of similar size sits cross-legged back to back, is actually the whole body flashes brightly gold light, forehead Achievement Carving such as Yang. “吼”轰鸣中,又是一声怒吼,高陵松的身形从淡金色光芒中飞出,此时他五心朝天盘膝而坐,眉心间仙痕明亮如星,一个同样大小的仙婴背靠背盘坐,却是周身闪动金光,眉心臻契明亮如阳。 Looks at Immortal Body of Gaoling loosen again, in silver light also has the blood-color to surge, the blood-color is a human form, the outline is flashing in the silver brilliance similarly. 再看高陵松的仙躯,银光之内又有血色涌动,血色同样是个人形,轮廓正在银色光耀内闪动。 stretch/open stands, is around other disciple, can it be that to be delighted, they are clear, so-called Luo, intent is to include, Great Principle refers to comprehensively, the meaning of students myriad things. 无论是张站,还是其他四周弟子,莫不是眉飞色舞,他们心里清楚,所谓罗,意为包罗,大罗则是指包罗万象、诸生万物的意思。 They naturally also clear, Dao births One, One births Two, Two births Three, Three births All Living Things! 他们当然也清楚,道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物 Great Principle is comprehensive, the students myriad things, is from Immortal Mark, bloodlines and Achievement Carving three, fusion unification. The Gaoling loosen wants the midair, Achievement Carving that the Immortal Mark mark that Tree of Principle congeals, pale gold/metal Achievement Mark congeals combines under the blood-color apparition function, that foot treads into Great Principle! 大罗要包罗万象、诸生万物,就是要从仙痕、血脉和臻契三者着手,将之融合统一。高陵松只要将半空中,法则之树凝结的仙痕印记,淡金臻纹凝结的臻契在血色虚影作用下合二为一,那就是一脚踏入大罗 stretch/open stands and the others are also clear, this saying said easily, may do is difficult, did not say that Immortal Nascent Achievement Carving and fusion of Immortal Body Immortal Mark, said whether only Immortal Nascent Nascent Soul Body can undergo in Immortal Mark Principle in the impact of it strength, seven stopped Nine Palaces Immortal to keep off beyond the Great Principle boundary sufficiently! 张站等人同样清楚,这话说起来容易,可做起来又是难上加难,不说仙婴臻契仙躯仙痕的融合,单说仙婴婴体能否经受仙痕之内法则在之力的冲击,就足以将七停九宫仙挡在大罗境之外了! Therefore saw with own eyes that cauldron shape Achievement Mark wrapped silver Immortal Mark, previously started to follow Achievement Mark to attack the fluctuation of space clean, stretch/open stands and the others the hearts hung. 所以眼见鼎状臻纹包裹了银色仙痕,先前将空间清洗的波动开始顺着臻纹冲击了,张站等人的心都悬了起来。 Humming sound,” , the fluctuation mistake, Achievement Mark has similar Principle texture, but the texture shivers crazily, just started Achievement Mark to flash slightly, entire cauldron shape Principle can still undertake, but is integrates in the pale gold/metal to entire Tree of Principle, far end Achievement Mark starts to collapse. “嗡嗡,”果然,波动过处,臻纹生出类似法则的纹理,而纹理疯狂颤抖,刚开始臻纹微微闪动,整个鼎状法则犹能承担,而到得整个法则之树皆是融入淡金之内,最末端的臻纹开始崩溃。 „It is not good,” station at heart one startled, he thought of the crystal symbol in hand suddenly, said hastily respectfully: Sir, my family master possibly falls short, you whether......” “不好,”张站心里一惊,他忽然想到了手中的晶符,连忙恭敬道:“大人,我家老爷可能功亏一篑,您老能否……” „” Did not wait for stretch/open stands saying that the crystal symbol made the thunderclap sound, shot up to the sky, bang center that fell to cauldron shape array. “咔嚓”不等张站说完,晶符发出霹雳声响,冲天而起,“轰”的一声落到鼎状法阵的中央。 With like the water, spreads following Achievement Mark, shivers collapse Achievement Mark to start stably. 随着雷丝如水,顺着臻纹蔓延,颤抖崩溃的臻纹开始稳固。 very good ! station great happiness. 大善!”张站大喜。 But, does not wait for stretch/open stands and the others to relax, buzz the Gaoling loosen Immortal Nascent forehead back to back, Achievement Carving sends out to shake the cry, immediately the unusual brilliance starts to scatter gives birth, „” is almost visible, huge fissures give birth in the Immortal Nascent whole body! 可是,不等张站等人松口气,“嗡”高陵松背靠背的仙婴眉心,臻契发出震鸣,随即异样的光耀开始散落生出,“咔嚓嚓”几乎是肉眼可见的,一条条巨大的裂痕在仙婴周身生出! Oh the Gaoling loosen sits cross-legged a Immortal Body sigh that sits, “唉”高陵松盘膝而坐的仙躯一声叹息, Pats forehead Immortal Mark gently, bang above Gao Tian, that huge Tree of Principle was shattered, the silver is motley, the Immortal Mark outline vanishes! 轻轻一拍自己眉心仙痕,“轰”高天之上,那巨大的法则之树破碎,银色斑驳间,仙痕轮廓消失! Oh,” don't said that Gaoling sighed, is stretch/open stands and other disciple also sighs. “唉,”莫说高陵松叹息了,就是张站等弟子也都叹息。 Afterward, the Gaoling loosen falls together with Immortal Nascent to space central that pale golden color ray, in 100,000 li (0.5 km) space seems has the hurricane to blow, all phenomenon sweep away. 随后,高陵松连同仙婴落向空间中央那点淡金色光芒,十万里空间内好似有飓风吹过般,所有异象一扫而空。 Opening stands,” Gaoling loosen slightly exhausted sound resounds in the midair. “张站过来,”高陵松略显疲惫的声音在半空响起。 Yes, Master,” stretch/open stands complies with one, has not instantly left, only before looking, in space, wipes water color melancholy giving birth, then the rhombus outline such as the flower blooms, a palace with overpowering momentum gave birth to reappear from the space, he trod Qingyun to fly into fully. “是,老爷,”张站答应一声,并没有立即动身,只看着头前空间中,一抹水色忧郁的生出,而后菱形轮廓如花绽放,一个气势磅礴的殿宇从空间生出浮现出来了,他才足踏青云飞入。 Above main hall, the Gaoling loosen sits cross-legged to sit, if the surface the pale gold/metal, some whole body as before gold light and silver light disintegrate, his some be in a daze look the space that all around still stirs, seems to be still tasting just experience. 大殿之上,高陵松盘膝而坐,面若淡金,周身依旧有些金光银光散碎,他有些发愣般看着四周犹自鼓荡的空间,似乎还在回味刚刚的经历。 Master,” stretch/open stands the voice resounds beside main hall, awakens from absent-minded him. “老爷,”张站的声音在大殿之外响起,把他从失神中惊醒。 Oh,” the Gaoling loosen sighed one secretly, the heart said, is it possible that this old man was extremely hurried? Underprepared?? However closes up ten number scales, is the time is too short......” “唉,”高陵松暗叹一声,心道,“莫非此次老夫太过匆忙?准备不足??不过是闭关十数纪,还是时间太短……” Master,” stretch/open stands the voice conveys again, stirs up the Gaoling loosen slightly anger, scolded, came in!” “老爷,”张站的声音再次传来,惹得高陵松微怒,呵斥道,“进来!” Master,” stretch/open stands the respectful say/way, in main hall Strength of Principle is too abundant, disciple is unable to go in!” “老爷,”张站恭敬道,“大殿法则之力太盛,弟子无法进去!” „,” The Gaoling loosen awakens, the hurried big sleeve wields, Strength of Principle that will stir whisks off, said, comes in!” “哦,”高陵松醒悟过来,急忙大袖一挥,将鼓荡的法则之力拂去,说道,“进来吧!” Master,” a station flies into, single knee kneels down. “老爷,”张站飞入,单膝跪倒。 Gets up, good that you make,” the Gaoling loosen has a look at the crystal symbol in hand, on the face to squeeze the smiling face saying that „, although the old man falls short finally, but you adapted to changing circumstances help the old man be busy really!” “起来吧,你做的不错,”高陵松看看手中的晶符,脸上挤出笑容道,“虽然老夫最后还是功亏一篑,但你随机应变着实帮了老夫大忙!” Does not dare,” stands up to accompany to say with a smile, is master great fortune simultaneous/uniform heaven, happen to bumps into the Sir to pass on a message.” “不敢,”张站起身陪笑道,“都是老爷洪福齐天,正好碰到大人传讯。” Oh,” the Gaoling loosen sighed again, raises hand to put out a faith token to deliver to front of a station saying that this thing bestowed you, had the time to go to hold Qidian, selects Cultivation Art that oneself needed, Immortal Pill and other thing.” “唉,”高陵松再次叹息,扬手拿出一个信物送到张站面前道,“此物赐你,有时间去盛戚殿,挑自己需要的功法,仙丹等物。” Mr. thanks,” station great happiness, met the faith token to express gratitude again and again. “谢老爷,”张站大喜,接了信物连连道谢。 „During old man closes up, what important matter in Grotto Heaven can have?” The Gaoling loosen with the graining symbol, spoke thoughtlessly to ask. “老夫闭关期间,洞天内可有什么要事?”高陵松拿起晶符,随口问道。 According to disciple knows not to have,” stretch/open stands quickly replied, „must ask First Senior Brother specifically!” “据弟子所知没有,”张站急忙回答道,“不过具体还要问成大师兄!” The Gaoling loosen nods, says with a smile: Un, you should be today taking turns on duty, gets down.” 高陵松点点头,笑道:“嗯,你该是今元日轮值,下去吧。” stretch/open stands leaves, the Gaoling loosen has a look in the hand the crystal symbol, said respectfully: disciple many thanks the Sir aids, disciple this meets the Sir imperial decree!” 张站离开,高陵松看看手中晶符,恭敬道:“弟子多谢大人援手,弟子这就接大人手谕!” Saying, after the Gaoling loosen set out to salute respectfully, both hands form hand seals hits above the crystal symbol. 说着,高陵松起身恭敬施礼后,双手掐诀打在晶符之上。 Brushes,” has the light clear light from the crystal symbol flood, in the clear light charm flower general declining, appear inside light cyan ink immortal disc. “刷,”有淡淡的清光从晶符上泛起,清光中一道道符箓花一般的败落,浮现出里面一个淡青色墨仙瞳 Gaoling loosen Amplified Sense sweeps, the brow wrinkled unconsciously, whispered: „Does Sir Heavenly Venerable want to begin? In view of this, Gao had previously told the Sir that matter must cash.” 高陵松衍念一扫,不觉眉头微皱了,低语道:“天尊大人要动手了么?既如此,先前高某跟大人说过的那桩事儿就要兑现了。” Whispered, the brow tip of Gaoling loosen had one wisp to blush, says with a smile: Recently the clone sacrifice refine active, Sir Heavenly Venerable bestows Gao to migrate Formlessness Realm Heaven especially, if this merit fell, Gao must request earnestly Sir Heavenly Venerable to some chances, the boundary of this Great Principle was too difficult to overstep!” 低语间,高陵松的眉梢生出一缕红晕,笑道:“前次分身祭炼有功,天尊大人特赐高某移居无色界天,若是这件功劳落定了,高某得恳请天尊大人给一些机缘了,这大罗之境实在太难逾越了!” Then, the Gaoling loosen raises hand gently, Jaded As-You-Will Scepter offers a sacrifice, with Gaoling loosen graceful Jaded As-You-Will Scepter, brushing, the iris pierces together directly void. 说完,高陵松轻轻一扬手,一个玉如意祭出,随着高陵松优雅的一点玉如意,“刷”,一道虹彩直接洞穿虚空。 Well?” The place of iris piercing is a secret room, in places dazzlingly some rarely and preciously, when the Gaoling loose vision has looked at a rack, on the face had the unusual look unconsciously, lost the sound said, how to disappear?” “咦?”虹彩洞穿之处乃是一个密室,内中琳琅满目摆放一些珍稀,但是,当得高陵松目光看过一个架子时,不觉脸上生出异色了,失声道,“怎么不见了?” The Gaoling loosen pondered over slightly, quickly shouts: Wang Lang, Wang Lang......” 高陵松略加思忖,急忙喊道:“王浪,王浪……” Master,” beside main hall, a slightly startled sound resounded, disciple to become void/false apologized.” “老爷,”大殿之外,一个略显惊慌的声音响起了,“弟子成虚请罪。” What's the matter?” Gaoling Matsumoto was the pale gold/metal complexion was suddenly pale, quickly set out saying that to become void/false, came in a big hurry!” “怎么回事儿?”高陵松本是淡金的脸色忽然惨白了,急忙起身道,“成虚,快快进来!” Master,” to become void/false the hand flew into with a crystal ball half step, called out, young master he......” “老爷,”成虚手拿一个晶球快步飞入,叫道,“少爷他……” Wang Lang he how?” Does not wait to become empty so-called, the Gaoling loosen snatches to seize the crystal ball, when he sees in the crystal ball, when large ghostly green apparition such as person ghost, his both hands were shivering, furious say/way, this...... this outcome what's the matter?” 王浪他怎么了?”不等成虚所谓,高陵松劈手夺过晶球,待得他看到晶球之内,一个斗大的幽绿虚影如人似鬼时,他双手都在颤抖了,怒不可遏道,“这……这究竟是怎么回事儿?” Mr. report/give,” to become void/false also smiles bitterly saying that disciple does not know what's the matter! After you close up, disciple follows orders the Grotto Heaven seal, but young master are doing loose palace cultivation, approximately before is more than 200 year, Ji Chengdian suddenly has danger omen, disciple rushes hastily, discovered that unexpectedly has in Grotto Heaven disciple to fall from the sky, disciple is puzzled, quickly uses Grotto Heaven immortal artifact, this discovered that the young master falls from the sky. You also know, disciple cannot enter does the loose palace, but when the young master leaves Grotto Heaven, disciple is not clear!!” “禀老爷,”成虚也苦笑道,“弟子也不知道是怎么回事儿啊!您老闭关之后,弟子就奉命将洞天封闭,而少爷自己在乾松殿修炼,大约是两百余世年前,吉成殿忽然有警兆,弟子连忙赶往,发现居然有洞天弟子陨落,弟子不解,急忙动用洞天仙器,这才发现少爷陨落。您老也知道,弟子不能进入乾松殿,而少爷几时离开洞天,弟子都不清楚啊!!” How you...... Gaoling loosen breathless drinking did not scold early, but said half a word he shut up, he closed up is early the main hall seal, oneself did not open, or surpassed the external force of seal to open, these disciple were impossible to open informs oneself! “你怎么不早……”高陵松气急败坏的喝骂,可是说了半句他又是闭嘴,他闭关是早将大殿封印,自己不打开,亦或者超过自己封印的外力打开,这些弟子根本不可能打开通知自己的! Brushing the Gaoling loosen wants not to be Jaded As-You-Will Scepter, brushing another iris air-splitting, the Gaoling loose figure falls into a flash. “刷”高陵松想也不想又是一点玉如意,“刷”另一道虹彩破空,高陵松身形一晃落入其中。 The Gaoling loosen departs the iris, is an empty palace, palace all around has immortal restriction such as the water to overflow. 高陵松飞出虹彩,正是一个空荡荡的殿宇,殿宇四周有仙禁如水流溢。 The Gaoling loosen narrowed the eye to look at the moment, lifted a hand point, brushing the main hall corner had the spark to depart, but in the spark, red ink immortal disc came clearly into view! 高陵松眯着眼睛看了片刻,抬手一点,“刷”大殿角落有火花飞出,而火花之内,一个赤色墨仙瞳赫然在目! The Gaoling loose big hand searches, ink immortal disc in the hand, Amplified Sense sweeps impatiently, in the eye has the stern countenance, Legislation Palace? Damn, Wang Lang took old man immortal artifact unexpectedly, steals Yellow Past Heaven??” 高陵松大手一探,迫不及待将墨仙瞳拿在手里,衍念一扫,眼中生出厉色,“掌律宫?该死,王浪居然拿了老夫仙器,偷下黄曾天??” Quickly!!” The Gaoling loosen wants not to think the high sound said, to become void/false, goes to Legislation Palace with the old man faith token quickly, looks a female named Yu Miao!” “快!!”高陵松想也不想高声道,“成虚,快拿老夫信物去掌律宫,去找一个叫做余淼的女子!” Old...... master,” to become void/false does not dare to follow, he in iris other end, said in a low voice, here is Formlessness Realm Heaven, disciple and the others cannot leave blesses and protects Grotto Heaven!” “老……老爷,”成虚不敢跟着进来,他在虹彩彼端,低声道,“这里是无色界天啊,弟子等人不能出福佑洞天的!” Damn, damn, damn Wang Lang!!” The Gaoling loosen cannot bear stamp the feet, scolded lowly, you took what inadequate, unexpectedly with the portrait of old man! You died also died, at the worst the old man returned to Form Realm Heaven from Formlessness Realm Heaven again! Now may be good, how you make the old man think that Sir Heavenly Venerable did confess??” “该死,该死,该死的王浪!!”高陵松忍不住跺脚,低骂道,“你拿什么不成,居然拿老夫的画像!你死了也就死了,大不了老夫再从无色界天返回色界天!如今可好,你让老夫如何想天尊大人交代??” Saying, the Gaoling loosen looked over a wide area to look in all directions to look at the moment again, knows that Wang Lang took many things, therefore the complexion was uglier! 说着,高陵松再次游目四顾看了片刻,知道王浪拿了不少东西,于是脸色更加难看! When the Gaoling loosen returns to main hall, to become void/false lowers the head slightly, does not dare to speak. 待得高陵松返回大殿,成虚微微低头,不敢吭声。 The Gaoling loosen is looking in the hand ink immortal disc, hesitated for a long time, clenched teeth finally, emits Amplified Sense to write several words, then the hand pinched immortal secret art again, „” on ink immortal disc flood removed mines the light, but the moment ruler shape crystal symbol congealed, finally the Gaoling loosen saluted to say to the crystal symbol respectfully: Sir, disciple is unfilial, makes a mess of the matter, that...... that Wang Lang took that thing Lower Realm, Wang Lang is extinguished kills, that thing did not know the trace, was good is taken back by disciple because of the Wang Lang remnant soul, disciple this Lower Realm pursued that thing, ten thousand will not delay the Heavenly Venerable important matter! The Sir feels relieved......” 高陵松看着手中墨仙瞳,迟疑了许久,终于一咬牙,放出衍念在内中写了几句话,而后再次手掐仙诀,“咔嚓嚓”墨仙瞳上泛起雷光,不过片刻尺状晶符凝结出来,最后高陵松冲着晶符恭敬施礼道:“大人,弟子不肖,把事情搞糟,那……那王浪拿了那物下界,王浪被人灭杀,那物不知所踪,好在王浪残魂被弟子收回,弟子这就下界去追那物,万不会耽搁天尊的要事!大人放心……” Then, rumble in ruler shape crystal symbol has the scarlet brilliance, shoots up to the sky, the top of direct hole broken main hall vanishes does not see. 说完,“轰隆隆”尺状晶符上生出赤红光焰,冲天而起,直接洞破大殿之顶消失不见。 Oh,” looks at the brilliance to vanish, the Gaoling loosen sits on the ground dejected, somewhat muttered, I was really silly, what tricks played? After attaining that thing, should give the Sir directly. I am only thinking just arrived at Formlessness Realm Heaven, is not good to open the mouth to ask anything to grant again, only after waiting , the looking for an opportunity meeting, asked that again the Sir wants some advantage, which...... where knows that unexpectedly has something go wrong! This damn Wang Lang!!!” “唉,”看着光焰消失,高陵松颓然坐在地上,有些喃喃道,“我真是傻啊,耍什么小聪明?拿到那物后就应该直接交给大人。我只想着刚到得无色界天,不好再开口求什么赏赐,只等以后再寻机会,再问大人要些好处,哪……哪知道居然就出了岔子!这该死的王浪!!!”
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