LCGIR :: Volume #19

#1817: Day awaking day of Chen

Newest website: Father!” In Chen Xiaoyun in the soul imprisoned was somewhat anxious, said, when I said the master didn't let my samsara reincarnation? Just didn't you listen to that person to say? Is my Divine Soul has different, cannot the samsara!” 最新网址:“爹!”陈小允在魂囚内有些急了,说道,“我几时说老爷不让我轮回转世了?刚刚你不是也听那人说了吗?是我神魂有异,不能轮回!” You, and gets up!” Xiao Hua wields the sleeve to help up Chen Zijun, light saying, old man, since receives slightly permits to make disciple, slightly will certainly permit the best arrangement. Previously did not make his samsara reincarnation have two reasons ; first, he wants to come back to have a look at you, told you own news personally, he was a loyal son, knows an own reincarnation was not oneself ; Second, the condition that the samsara is reincarnated cannot be regarded maturely, the old man cannot guarantee whether his special Divine Soul smoothly can enter the samsara.” “你且起来!”萧华挥袖将陈子君扶起,淡淡的说道,“老夫既然收小允做徒儿,就一定会给小允最好的安排。先前不让他轮回转世有两个缘由,一是他想回来看看你,把自己的消息亲口告诉你,他是个孝子,知道自己一转世就再也不是自己;二是轮回转世的条件算不得成熟,老夫不能保证他这种特殊的神魂能否顺利进入轮回。” At this point, in Xiao Hua has a look at the soul to imprison Chen Xiaoyun, said: Slightly permits, now your wish already, you , to enter the samsara, the reincarnation repairs, old man this arranges, naturally, you also felt relieved, after the reincarnation, as before is my disciple! You consider, told me to decide then!” 说到此处,萧华看看魂囚内的陈小允,说道:“小允,如今你的心愿已了,你若是想进入轮回,转世重修,老夫这就安排,当然,你也放心,转世之后依旧是我的弟子!你考虑一下,告诉我决定即可!” Master!” Chen Xiaoyun quickly said, „the matter of disciple is arranged by the master, disciple was not worried. disciple wants to ask the master to look after a Xiachenjia, just disciple also heard to understand, my Chen...... is a tragedy, in the clan the heir were not many, therefore, disciple discussed with the father, gives to the master that gold/metal earth Thunder Eye, received exchange for my multiplication of Chen living!” “老爷!”陈小允急忙说道,“徒儿的事情由老爷安排,徒儿不担心。徒儿想请老爷照拂一下陈家,刚刚徒儿也听得明白了,我陈家……就是个悲剧,族内子嗣本就不多,所以,徒儿跟爹爹商议了一下,把那个金土雷眼献给老爷,换取我陈家的繁衍生息!” This!” Xiao Hua frowns, he when had looked in the don't field range Chen, the Chen heir several hundreds, all are Dust Immortal, placing Immortal World is really the same as the dust, moreover they later depending on pu easy puqun thunder wood of living, sooner or later do not wither away. “这样啊!”萧华微皱眉头,他早在来时已经将陈家所在莫垌岭看了一遍,陈家子嗣不过数百,皆是尘仙,放在仙界真的跟尘埃一样,而且他们以后还没有赖以生息的巬逡puqun雷木,迟早是要消亡的。 Naturally, this is not most important, what is most important is Old Man Tian Ji, if Old Man Tian Ji knows that the Chen family is also living, definitely again under killer. 当然,这都不是最重要的,最重要的还是天机老人,若是天机老人知道陈家人还活着,必然会再下杀手的。 Un,” Xiao Hua thinks said that this condition cannot be regarded anything, the old man received them then.” “嗯,”萧华想了一下说道,“这个条件算不得什么,老夫将他们都收了即可。” Many thanks master, many thanks master,” Chen Zijun delighted hurried kneels down again. “多谢老爷,多谢老爷,”陈子君欢喜的急忙再次下跪。 Father,” some Chen Xiaoyun side discontented say/way, my family master is generous, you had anything to say directly are, be not beating around the bush, even put forward what condition.” “爹,”陈小允再旁边有些不满道,“我家老爷宽厚仁慈,您老有什么事儿直接说就是,别在拐弯抹角,甚至提什么条件。” Slightly permits!” Xiao Hua scolded, elderly man only then your child, he put forward what condition, naturally also for your own good, although the way was not right, but the old man understood.” “小允!”萧华呵斥道,“老人家心里只有你这个孩子,他提什么条件,自然也是为你好,虽然方式不对,但老夫理解。” Yes, yes,” Chen Xiaoyun hurried reply. “是,是,”陈小允急忙回答。 That, Master,” Chen Zijun was helped up by Xiao Hua again, said in a low voice, „after our Chen disciple, can engrave Immortal Mark?” “那,老爷,”陈子君被萧华再次扶起,低声道,“我们陈家弟子以后能不能镌刻仙痕?” Recently didn't have?” Xiao Hua asked with a smile. “最近一直没有么?”萧华笑着问道。 Listened to...... that Sir saying that has been OK, “听……那位大人说已经可以了, But the disciple aptitude is too bad, no can with slightly permit the ratio...... ” 弟子们资质太差,没一个能跟小允比的……” You feel embarrassed the old man!” Xiao Hua said, I can guarantee your Chen heir is prosperous, how can guarantee that they can engrave Immortal Mark?” “你这是为难老夫了!”萧华说道,“我能保证你陈家子嗣昌盛,怎么能保证他们都能镌刻仙痕呢?” Many thanks master, many thanks master!” Chen Zijun hears the word great happiness, hurried must kowtow. “多谢老爷,多谢老爷!”陈子君闻言大喜,急忙又要磕头。 Xiao Hua did not know whether to laugh or cry, this Chen Zijun cannot change the thoughts of niggling every possible profit! 萧华哭笑不得了,这个陈子君还是改不了打小算盘的心思啊! Ok, does not need so!” Xiao Hua helps up Chen Zijun saying that you said one to the clansman, after half double-hour, I take away you.” “行了,不必如此!”萧华扶起陈子君道,“你跟族人说一声,半个时辰之后吧,我把你们收走。” Chen Zijun thanked profusely went, Xiao Hua had a look at the soul to imprison saying: Slightly permits, the matter of Chen has arranged, you feel relieved! Later they, very good life. Now must arrange you......” 陈子君千恩万谢的去了,萧华看看魂囚说道:“小允,陈家的事情已经安排好了,你放心吧!以后他们,会很好的生活。现在要安排你了……” Master,” who would have guessed that Chen Xiaoyun clenches jaws saying that „the disciple present has not wanted to be reincarnated the samsara, disciple wants dead the older generation in immortal puppet hand for my Chen so many year revenges!” “老爷,”哪知道陈小允咬牙切齿道,“徒儿现在还不想转世轮回,徒儿想替我陈家这么多世年死在仙傀手中的先辈报仇!” Xiao Hua has not persuaded again, the strength of hatred he is very clear, the hell judge can pursue Mortal Realm from the hell, pursues Immortal World from Mortal Realm again. Moreover Chi Xiaoxia must kill Old Man Tian Ji, Chen Xiaoyun is the helper to Chi Xiaoxia, is excellent! 萧华也没再劝说,仇恨的力量他很清楚,地府判官能从地府追到凡界,再从凡界追到仙界。而且池小夏也要杀天机老人,陈小允池小夏做帮手,也是极好的! Good!” Xiao Hua simply is also agile, said, that I send you to a place, you continue cultivation there!” “好!”萧华也干脆利索,道,“那我送你去一个地方,你在那里继续修炼吧!” Previously Jaded-Document Xiao Hua to space Yin Side did not have the strength of control, Xue Xue not to wake up, Xiao Hua does not dare to deliver Chen Xiaoyun to go to space Yin Side, now the space Yin Side order formation, Xue Xue also starts to remould the deep palace, helpless will awake, at this time delivered Chen Xiaoyun to go to space Yin Side cultivation to be appropriate! 先前玉牒萧华对空间阴面没有掌控之力,薛雪也不曾醒来,萧华不敢送陈小允去空间阴面,如今空间阴面秩序成型,薛雪也开始重塑冥殿,无奈将醒,此时送陈小允去空间阴面修炼正是合适! Yes, disciple hear of masters arrange!” Chen Xiaoyun was very happy. “是,弟子听老爷安排!”陈小允很是高兴。 After less than half food, Chen Zijun returns, said that has told, everyone is preparing, waits to move. 不过半顿饭后,陈子君返回,说已经吩咐下去,大家都在准备,等候迁徙。 The Xiao Hua racket the forehead, knows oneself neglected, without the confession is clear, but he is also disinclined to explain, making Chen Zijun lead to go to gold/metal earth Thunder Eye. 萧华拍拍额头,知道自己疏忽了,没有交代清楚,不过他也懒得解释,让陈子君带着自己前往金土雷眼 By Chen Zijun's strength, is not naturally able to send cash earth Thunder Eye, but hell judge making a move seal is, if not Chen Zijun refers, even Xiao Hua is unable to seek. 以陈子君的实力,自然无法发现金土雷眼,而地府判官出手封印的所在,若非陈子君指出来,即便是萧华也无法寻到。 In using Netherworld Source Power eradicated the seal of hell judge, Xiao Hua saw the thunder tide is turbulent, after half double-hour, gold/metal earth Thunder Eye that White Tiger Primal Spirit and Qilin Primal Spirit roared! 在动用了幽冥原力将地府判官的封印破除,萧华看到了雷潮汹涌,半个时辰之后,白虎元灵和麒麟元灵咆哮的金土雷眼 stimulate to motion Thunderclap Great Hand the gold/metal earth Thunder Eye income space, throws the region that Imperial Thunder Sect is, roar roar in original Water and Fire Thunder Eye, there is Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird Primal Spirit shakes the cry, causes Imperial Thunder Sect disciple to fly in abundance. 催动雷霆大手将金土雷眼收入空间,扔到御雷宗所在的区域,“吼吼”原有的水火雷眼中,有玄武朱雀元灵震鸣,引得御雷宗弟子纷纷飞起。 Wu Qing, Cui Yingying and Xiang Zhili are also naturally one of them, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua does not have the time to pay attention to them, said the long and short of the story simply, making in the space Imperial Thunder Sect disciple nurse well, oneself then left the space. 无情崔莺莺向之礼自然也在其列,玉牒萧华没时间理会他们,将事情的来龙去脉简单说了,令空间内御雷宗弟子好好看护,自己便脱出了空间。 Chen Zijun waits beyond the space of seal, saw that Xiao Hua so easily received gold/metal earth Thunder Eye, in the heart likes, Xiao Hua departs, he quickly flew, is winning good will by deferential behavior said: Master, my Chen......” 陈子君候在封印的空间之外,见到萧华如此轻易将金土雷眼收了,心中更是欢喜,萧华飞出,他急忙飞了过来,陪着小心道:“老爷,我陈家……” This arranges!” Xiao Hua nods, said, told them to resist not!” “这就安排!”萧华点头,说道,“告诉他们莫要抵挡!” Yes!” Chen Zijun complies with one, quickly flies back to Chen, then, making he life-long unforgettable one arrive! “是!”陈子君答应一声,急忙飞回陈家,然后,让他终生难忘的一幕降临! Falling that the clear light blots out the sky together, covers entire don't Dongling lives, strength of the world seems the god to arrive, several hundred Chen disciple are like Chen Zijun, trembles under strength of the place of this day, many people are weak on the ground. 一道清光铺天盖地的落下,将整个莫垌岭罩住,紧接着一股天地之力好似神祗般降临,数百陈家弟子跟陈子君一样,在这天地之力下瑟瑟发抖,不少人都瘫软在地上。 As if like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds, seems dizzy, after rocking of moment, all return to normal! 似乎风卷残云,也好似天旋地转,片刻的晃动之后,一切又都恢复平静! Around Chen Zijun's inconceivable look, all have not changed! 陈子君不可思议的看看四周,一切的一切都没有改变! Master, Master,” Chen Zijun was greatly anxious, shouts, „??” “老爷,老爷,”陈子君大急了,喊道,“这是怎么回事儿??” Saw with own eyes that Xiao Hua had not replied, Chen Zijun was greatly anxious, exclaimed to the clansman: „Didn't master say? No one can revolt, you just who moved?” 眼见萧华没有回答,陈子君大急了,冲着族人吼道:“老爷不是说了么?谁都不能反抗,你们刚刚谁动了?” Hehe,” at this time, the Xiao Hua sound conveys, said, you and others in original dong deep red continent dongjiang continent, here is not the old man immortal artifact space. Because there is an urging that slightly permits, therefore the old man received entire don't Dongling! Later this don't Dongling on the clan place of Chen!” “呵呵,”此时,萧华的声音传来,说道,“你等已经不在原来的苳绛大陆dongjiang大陆,此处乃老夫仙器空间。因为有小允的叮嘱,所以老夫将整个莫垌岭都收了!以后这莫垌岭就你陈家的族地!” Chen Zijun great happiness, soared to the heavens bows saying: Many thanks master.” 陈子君大喜了,冲天躬身道:“多谢老爷。” Chen Zijun,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua said that „, since carves since at this time now, the destiny of Chen has changed, you may willfully life cultivation on this piece of Immortal World continent, the glorious future, in your hands!” “陈子君,”玉牒萧华说道,“自今时今刻起,你陈家的命运已经改变,你们可任意在这片仙界大陆上生活修炼,美好的未来,就在你们自己手里!” The Chen juniors remember clearly, in ancient book that in the ancestor ancestral hall consecrates, was called as a day of awaking day this day. Because starting from this day, Chen disciple turned into itself from the board game piece, solemn becomes from the bludger sober. 陈家子弟记得清楚,在祖祠内供奉的典籍中,将这一元日称作天醒之日。因为从这一天开始,陈家弟子从棋子变成了自己,从混混噩噩变得清醒。 Arranged Chen, Xiao Hua roughly to say the matter to Chen Xiaoyun. 安排好陈家,萧华将事情跟陈小允大致说了一下。 Chen Xiaoyun does not know how should the shape such as this time mood, he want to see the father finally one side, listened to hell judge clone merely, had to ask Xiao Hua to protect the Chen descendants the idea. He has not thought that oneself master does so thoroughly, has such master, even if gave him the life, how has? 陈小允不知道该如何形如自己此时的心情,他不过是想看爹爹最后一面,也仅仅是听了地府判官分身的话,才有了请萧华护住陈家后嗣的想法。他从来没想自己的师父做得如此周到,有如此师父,即便是把命都给了他,有如何? Xiao Hua naturally cannot want the Chen Xiaoyun life, his mind one volume of souls imprison fall into space Yin Side without consulting anybody. 萧华自然不会要陈小允的命,他心神一卷魂囚径自落入空间阴面 Imprisons from the soul in Chen Xiaoyun sends out, brushing the Chen Xiaoyun whole body flashed emerald light to fall into Netherworld Blood Sea! 陈小允从魂囚内送出,“刷”陈小允周身闪了碧光就要落入幽冥血海 Jaded-Document Xiao Hua lifts the hand to wield, gold light protects together Chen Xiaoyun, scolded: Hasn't transported Cultivation Art to resist quickly?” 玉牒萧华抬手一挥,一道金光陈小允护住,呵斥道:“还不赶快运起功法抵挡?” Yes, Master!” Chen Xiaoyun quickly transports/fortunes the merit, the figure stands firm in the midair. “是,师父!”陈小允急忙运功,身形才堪堪在半空站定。 Along with me comes!” “随我来!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua does not return brings Chen Xiaoyun to fall to a reef rock in! 玉牒萧华头也不回带着陈小允落到一个礁岩上! Fellow Daoist where?” “道友何在?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua looks at the distant place, asking with a smile. 玉牒萧华看着远处,笑吟吟的问道。 In!” Statue Zhang Xiaohua treads the dark clouds fully. “在!”石像张小花足踏黑云而来。 Silk Chen Xiaoyun looks at ordinary statue Zhang Xiaohua, felt that aura of direct impact world must submerge oneself generally. “丝”陈小允看着貌不惊人的石像张小花,感觉一股直冲天地的气息要将自己淹没了一般。 Fellow Daoist,” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua bows to statue Zhang Xiaohua, said, this is poor Daoist believers Chen Xiaoyun, he must the following fellow daoist practice the say/way of slaughtering, but also asked the fellow daoist to comply!” “道友,”玉牒萧华冲石像张小花稽首,说道,“这是贫道徒儿陈小允,他要跟着道友习练杀戮之道,还请道友答应!” Good!” Although this time statue Zhang Xiaohua from was also different previously, but his reply as before is a character. “好!”虽然此时的石像张小花也跟先前不同,但他的回答依旧是一个字。 Slightly permits, hasn't paid a visit the gear-driven master in a big hurry?” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua turns the head to clash Chen Xiaoyun to say. “小允,还不快快拜见传功师父?”玉牒萧华转头冲陈小允说道。 disciple Chen Xiaoyun, pays a visit the gear-driven master!” Chen Xiaoyun does not dare to neglect quickly kneels down to kowtow. 弟子陈小允,拜见传功师父!”陈小允不敢怠慢急忙跪倒磕头。 Gets up!” Statue Zhang Xiaohua does not help up, only said two characters. “起来!”石像张小花也不扶起,只说两个字。 Chen Xiaoyun bows politely solid nine times, became the acknowledging as teacher big ritual, this sets out. 陈小允结结实实叩拜九次,成了拜师大礼,这才起身。 Gave the fellow daoist!” The Jaded-Document Xiao Hua heart said to statue Zhang Xiaohua several, shoot up to the sky again. “交给道友了!”玉牒萧华心底跟石像张小花说了几句,再次冲天而起。 disciple sees off the master!” Chen Xiaoyun sees that quickly salutes to say respectfully. 弟子恭送老爷!”陈小允见状,急忙恭敬施礼道。 Jaded-Document Xiao Hua had/left space Yin Side not to leave the space immediately, but looked to the reflecting snow body that in void was detained. 玉牒萧华出了空间阴面并没有立即脱出空间,而是看向虚空中滞留的映雪躯壳。 Although this Absolute Beginning's Lost Immortal Fleshly Body does not have wielding of Xue Xue, but its body surface has pale golden light thread to walk randomly as before, that might enormous cold moon/month nine lotus lamps were received in forehead, a nine colors heart shape stone was received in the heart in warm support. 太初遗仙肉身虽然没有薛雪的执掌,但其体表依旧有淡金色光丝游走,那威力极大的寒月九莲灯被收在眉心处,一个九彩的心状石头则被收在心胸的所在温养。 Should be rescues Vast Wave!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua pinches the chin, has a look at the Immortal World space imprisoned cold words and permits, the secretly thought, this time cannot lead them, after all that ten thousand spend in Immortal World to have what Wahuanggong that gardenia rather said that although this Wahuanggong this poor Daoist does not know is anything, but even the Star Vault fellow daoist of boundary of Great Principle must covet, this Wahuanggong natural origin is extraordinary! Good that causes complications not!” “该是去救沧浪子!”玉牒萧华手捏下巴,看看仙界空间被禁锢的冷语和斐允,暗道,“不过此次不能带着他们,毕竟那万花仙界之内有宁栀子所说的什么娲皇宫,这娲皇宫贫道虽然不知道是什么,但连大罗之境的星穹道友都要觊觎,这娲皇宫自然来历非凡!还是莫节外生枝的好!”
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