LCGIR :: Volume #15

#1496: Will eat wonderful magnificence immortal tree of person

You, if the belt/bring, that added something superfluous and ruined the effect!” Tian Zheng said, my Punishment Palace regulation does not allow to lead Lower Realm to cultivate Higher Realm secretly, you brought, how let the Sir from the place? Moreover the Sir only makes your me investigate that situation, has not said other, your I am immortal official, completes the job then, cannot overstep.” “你要是带了,那才是画蛇添足!”天正说道,“我刑罚宫律法可是不允许私自带下界凡修上界的,你带了,让大人如何自处?而且大人只让你我探察那处情况,并不曾说别的,你我乃是仙吏,做好份内之事即可,万万不能逾越。” Yes, was......” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 listens to the hurried nod to comply, he said Xu Zhi and Fairy Xing Yue matter hesitant, this saying sent out a scout to see if anybody is about, since Tian Zheng, how 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 also does dare to say again? “是,是……”@000107749[email protected]听了急忙点头答应,他本是犹豫是否说出徐志星月仙子的事情,这话不过是投石问路,既然天正如此说来,@000107749[email protected]还怎么敢再说? 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 does not know, he has not raised Xu Zhi, this was kept a life by oneself, otherwise has not waited for him to return to Punishment Palace, has been the injust devil. @000107749[email protected]可不知道,正是他没提徐志,这才让自己留了一命,否则还不等他返回刑罚宫,早已经做了冤死鬼。 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3, Tian Zheng asked in low spirits suddenly: What Dao Venerable is Heavenly Mansion investigating? Can you detect?” @000107749[email protected]闷头间,天正突然问道:“道尊天府在探察什么?你可有察觉?” Sir report/give......” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 and has nothing to hesitate, immediately said, this matter humble official has also observed, and inquired, among Four Great Continent has so-called Innate divine restriction, separates from Four Great Continent Yilin Continent, moreover Yilin Continent was also made Yilin Continent and Dawn Rain Continent by dividing named Millions Mist Mountain, place that the Sir said in Dawn Rain Continent......” “禀大人……”@000107749[email protected]并没有任何迟疑,立即说道,“此事卑职也观察过,并且也打探了,四大部洲之间却是有个所谓的先天神禁,将亦麟大陆四大部洲分开,而且亦麟大陆同时也被一个叫做百万蒙山的分作亦麟大陆晓雨大陆,大人所说的地方在晓雨大陆……” These old men know, you picked key to say!” “这些老夫都知道,你捡重点儿说!” Is......” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 quickly replies, Four Great Continent and Myriad Monsters Realm have four strange ; first, to extinguish world ephemeral fly ; second, dark spirit clan ; third, Innate divine restriction collapses ; fourth, recent Millions Mist Mountain vanishes. Knows by humble official, Heavenly Venerable's Mansion should investigates the matter that Millions Mist Mountain vanishes.” “是……”@000107749[email protected]急忙回答道,“四大部洲万妖界有四件怪事,其一是灭世蜉蝣,其二是暗灵一族,其三是先天神禁崩溃,其四是最近的百万蒙山消失。以卑职所知,天尊府应该是探察百万蒙山消失的事情。” Why?” “为什么?” Because of Millions Mist Mountain related to forbidden technique.” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 replied. “因为百万蒙山涉及禁忌之术。”@000107749[email protected]回答道。 Then he has a look at Tian Zheng also to add, extinguishes the world ephemeral fly, the dark spirit clan and Innate divine restriction collapse is more than hundred year beforehand things, Heavenly Venerable's Mansion, if investigates, should come early! Moreover reverse channel was destroyed, is dark spirit clan behavior, Guan Tianyue does not need to treat in Mortal Realm most likely is too long, needing secret what/anything.” 然后他看看天正又补充道,“灭世蜉蝣、暗灵一族和先天神禁崩溃都是百余世年之前的事情,天尊府若是探察,早该来了!而且逆行通道被毁,十有八九是暗灵一族所为,关天越没必要在凡界待太久,也没必要隐秘什么。” Good, good!” Tian Zheng said with a smile, this was right! Is briefly and to the point good.” “不错,不错!”天正笑道,“这就对了!言简意赅才好。” Such as is forbidden technique, I and others do not need to pay attention, this is the Heavenly Venerable's Mansion matter!” Tian Zheng also then said that „, if Innate divine restriction, extinguishes the world ephemeral fly, possibly involves that Xiao Hua, this Xiao Hua also has the relations with Imperial Thunder Sect Myriads Thunder Valley, that has to guard, is good because of present Xiao Hua, Good Fortune Sect disciple fell from the sky, I and other assignment is also complete.” “如是禁忌之术,那我等不必理会,这是天尊府的事儿!”天正又接着说道,“若是先天神禁,灭世蜉蝣,又可能涉及那个萧华,这萧华御雷宗万雷谷又有关系,那就不得不防,好在如今萧华,还有造化门弟子都陨落了,我等的差事也算圆满。” Yes, yes, took advantage of the good fortune owing to the merits of ancestors of Sir, humble official then can be out of danger......” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 quickly to bow to say. “是,是,都是依仗了大人的福荫,卑职这才能转危为安……”@000107749[email protected]急忙躬身道。 Good that you make, this matter remembers the security......” Tian Zheng smile saying that waited the Sir to have other command edicts again, the old man sought you, you were not also anxious, although the Sir took constant care of many affairs of sate, person but who strove for him, he remembers!” “你做的不错,此事记住保密……”天正笑眯眯道,“待得大人有了其它令谕,老夫再来寻你,你也莫急,大人虽然日理万机,但为他老人家出力的人,他老人家都记得!” humble official understands!” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 seizes the chance saying that Sir bestows Immortal Pill and other thing, humble official has felt grateful.” 卑职明白!”@000107749[email protected]趁机说道,“大人所赐仙丹等物,卑职已经感激。” Ok, good......” Tian Zheng said with a smile, said long time, critical you have not raised, this matter...... is quite troublesome, the old man first reported that report that news, you first looked for a steed with the aid of its picture, check were saying again.” “行了,行了……”天正笑道,“说了半晌儿,还有个紧要的你没提,这事儿……比较麻烦,老夫先禀报那处讯息,你自己先按图索骥,查着再说。” This......” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 hesitated, accompanies to say with a smile, Sir, investigates that matter that receives and instructs immortal artifact, the humble official jurisdiction is insufficient!” “这个……”@000107749[email protected]迟疑了一下,陪笑道,“大人,探察那个接引仙器的事儿,卑职权限不够啊!” „...... Tian Zheng said with a smile to xuan, „your could not compare that Guan Tianyue, the old man, since made you check, to you jurisdiction, your saying...... will naturally appear the old man not to handle the matter actually!” “离烜……”天正笑道,“你这一点就比不得那个关天越,老夫既然让你查,自然会给你权限,你这一说……倒是显得老夫不会办事儿!” Yes, yes, humble official understood!” The 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 forehead sees the perspiration. “是,是,卑职明白了!”@000107749[email protected]额头见汗。 Gives you!” Tian Zheng throws a command perfectly straight route conveniently, you take this thing conduct!” “给你!”天正随手扔出一个令箭道,“你拿此物行事!” Many thanks the Sir......” 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 met the signal arrow, thunder Zhouru the arrow departed, 00010 7 * 7 = 49 3 does not know, he is going to face the Immortal World rarest strange vortex. “多谢大人……”@000107749[email protected]接了令箭,雷舟如箭飞出,@000107749[email protected]不知道,他将要面对仙界最为罕见的诡异漩涡。 As for Xiao Hua, he cannot think a how oneself are facing strange big tree. 至于萧华,他也想不到自己正面对一个怎么稀奇古怪的大树。 Because Xiao Hua just thinks, humming sound......” above vault of heaven, the flame proliferates is, if the huge water-blue color shape the waterdrop of full moon drops baseless! 因为萧华正想间,“嗡嗡……”天穹之上,火焰遍布的所在,有一个巨大水蓝色状若圆月的水滴凭空跌落! „?” Xiao Hua in great surprise, the hurried stimulate to motion figure flies to the water bloom to avoid at the same time! “啊?”萧华大惊,急忙催动身形飞往水华一边躲避! Well? Xiao Immortal Power......” discovered until this time Xiao Hua, imprisoned Magical Ability immortal restriction to vanish. “咦?萧某仙力……”直到此时萧华才发现,禁锢自己神通仙禁消失了。 Humming sound......” Xiao Hua just flew wave of more than thousand zhang (3.33 m), the water bloom was, also there is a thundering sound, in water bloom surges a shape, if the fireball of Sun follows that waterdrop to crash! “嗡嗡……”萧华不过刚刚飞了千余丈,水华如潮的所在,又有轰鸣声响,水华翻腾中一个状若太阳的火球跟着那水滴坠落! „Doesn't this want the Xiao life?” Feels the fireball and water splash the imprisonment that flies to fall, Xiao Hua has a wanting to cry but have no tears feeling, this just had/left the tiger's den to enter the wolf's lair! “这不是要萧某的命么?”感受到火球和水花飞落的禁锢,萧华有种欲哭无泪的感觉,这才是刚出虎穴又入狼窝啊! But, when the Xiao Hua guts trembles, the fireball and water-drop closing up gradually, brushing has not dropped to Xiao Hua top of the head, has melted in the same place, forms the shape, if the thing of immortal fruit, Xiao Hua sees clearly, on this circular thing is covering the shape, if primal chaos totem! 可是,就在萧华胆颤的时候,火球和水滴渐渐的靠拢,“刷”还没有跌落到萧华头顶,已经融在一起,形成状若仙果的东西,萧华看得清楚,这圆形的东西上面覆盖着状若太极的图腾! Moreover the primal chaos chart that on this immortal fruit covers 10%, a primal chaos chart revolution, the immortal fruit falls into the big tree to vanish to disappear slightly. 而且这仙果上覆盖的太极图10%,太极图微微一转,仙果落入大树之内消失不见了。 Being saved from death Xiao Hua long vents anger, wants to emit the Amplified Sense investigation, this investigation is not important, Xiao Hua discovered impressively, in this big tree is really Plane, inside proliferates the space of vegetation, just fell on inside immortal fruit does not know where! 死里逃生的萧华长长出了口气,想放出衍念探察,这一探查不打紧,萧华赫然发现,这大树之内果然是个界面,里面是遍布草木的空间,刚刚落在里面的仙果根本不知道掉在了哪里! Xiao Hua naturally does not dare easily to enter Plane, he has a look at the huge big tree, all around Amplified Sense is unable to investigate void of boundary, the secretly thought: What to do?” 萧华自然不敢轻易进入界面,他看看庞大的大树,还有四周衍念无法探察到边际的虚空,暗道:“怎么办?” Thinks, the Xiao Hua mind enters the space, called White Marsh. 想了一下,萧华心神进入空间,把白泽叫了出来。 Master......” White Marsh departs, first salutes to Xiao Hua, then has a look at all around, facial expression calm say/way what matter to have?” “老爷……”白泽飞出,先是冲萧华施礼,然后看看四周,神情波澜不惊道“有什么事儿么?” White Marsh, do you know this big tree?” 白泽,你认识这大树吗?” Master waited a bit......” White Marsh to comply with one, had not replied immediately, but flew to fall to the big tree by, had a look carefully, had a look at the sea of fire and water spray on vault of heaven, this said, master, this big tree seemed wonderful magnificence immortal tree, but I cannot affirm. It is said wonderful magnificence immortal tree blossoms every 100000 years, 100,000 years a result, the hot tree bears extremely cold fire fruit, ices the tree to bear extremely hot fire fruit, and 100,000 years only give birth to the double fruit, one is the ice fruit, one is the hot fruit. This pair of fruit cannot pick, can only drop every 1000000 years. The immortal twin double breath, falls, that corresponds will also fall, two fruits will melt will form to cover the primal chaos chart Wonderful Magnificence Fruit......” “老爷稍等……”白泽应了一声,没有立即回答,而是飞落到大树旁边,仔细看看,又看看天穹上的火海和水浪,这才道,“老爷,这棵大树好似妙华仙树,不过我不能肯定。据说妙华仙树每100000年一开花,十万年一结果,火树结极寒之火果,冰树结极热之火果,且十万年只生出双果,一为冰果,一为火果。这双果不能采摘,只能每1000000年自己跌落。仙果双生双息,一枚落,相对应的一枚也会落下,两果相融就会形成覆盖太极图的妙华果……” Did not wait for White Marsh saying that Xiao Hua touches the nose saying: That...... this was wonderful magnificence immortal tree, just Xiao saw that Wonderful Magnificence Fruit fell into wonderful magnificence immortal tree to vanish does not see!” 不等白泽说完,萧华摸摸鼻子道:“那……这就是妙华仙树了,刚刚萧某见到妙华果落入妙华仙树消失不见!” „? Really??” White Marsh was surprised, asked. “啊?真的??”白泽惊讶了,反问道。 „Does Xiao deceive you to do really?” Xiao Hua has not paid attention to surprised of White Marsh, said, „the present key is, I and other present fell in the wonderful magnificence immortal tree space, how can return to Immortal World through wonderful magnificence immortal tree?” 萧某骗你作甚?”萧华没理会白泽的惊讶,说道,“现在的关键是,我等如今落到了妙华仙树的空间之内,如何才能通过妙华仙树返回仙界呢?” Master......” the White Marsh pleasantly surprised say/way, you possibly does not know, Wonderful Magnificence Fruit is in the world rare immortal fruit, to grasping principles and breaking the boundary, Divine Soul, Immortal Body wait/etc. was good, if you can find, can...... whether to bestow disciple one??” “老爷……”白泽惊喜道,“您可能不知道,妙华果是天底下少有的仙果,对悟道、破境、神魂仙躯等都有好处,您老若能找到,能……能否赐弟子一个??” Wonderful Magnificence Fruit falls to inside disappears!” Xiao Hua wonderful magnificent immortal tree has said, Xiao Amplified Sense could not find!” 妙华果掉到里面不见了啊!”萧华一直妙华仙树道,“萧某衍念都找不到!” Naturally is not easy to look......” White Marsh accompanies to say with a smile, said according to the master, this wonderful magnificence immortal tree itself was Plane, wants to find the fruit that Plane congealed...... extremely to be certainly difficult in Plane, the master was the generation of extremely lucky, if can find, hopes that can bestow disciple one!” “当然不好找的……”白泽陪笑道,“据老爷所言,这妙华仙树本就是一个界面,想在一个界面内找到界面凝结的果实……当然极其艰难,老爷乃福缘深厚之辈,若是能找到,希望能赐给弟子一个!” Un, un......” the Xiao Hua some anti- nod, did not ask that Xiao asked how you return to Immortal World through wonderful magnificence immortal tree!” “嗯,嗯……”萧华有些不耐的点头了,问的,“萧某问你如何通过妙华仙树返回仙界呢!” Wonderful magnificence does immortal tree have no relations with Immortal World?” All around White Marsh has a look saying that here Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi is wonderful magnificence immortal tree , there is nothing to do with Immortal World!” “妙华仙树仙界没什么关系吧?”白泽看看四周道,“这里的仙灵元气是妙华仙树的,跟仙界无干!” Damn!” Hears to fail, Xiao Hua could not bear scolded lowly, having a look at all around saying that Plane of this nonsense did not have the stars, Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi where came?” “该死!”听得希望落空,萧华忍不住低骂了,看看四周说道,“这狗屁的界面连日月星辰都没有,哪里来的仙灵元气?” This......” White Marsh saw Xiao Hua to get angry rarely, hesitates just to explain, Xiao Hua actually beckoned with the hand saying that , if really could not find to return to the Immortal World road, the old man settled down here, you and others also occupied the tree here is a king, our Good Fortune Sect set up a separate establishment......” “这个……”白泽难得见到萧华发怒,迟疑了一下刚想解释,萧华却摆手道,“罢了,罢了,若真是找不到返回仙界的路,老夫就在这里安家落户了,你等也在这里占树为王,咱们造化门另立门户……” Master......” White Marsh listened, the complexion drastic change, urgently said, does not may!” “老爷……”白泽听了,脸色剧变,急道,“万万不可!” What has not?” Xiao Hua sighed, old man spent completely untold hardships, found Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi finally, has not thought Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi was not Immortal World, was this Four Seasons Heaven! It is not right, is not right, should be called Wonderful Magnificence Immortal Realm, that Four Seasons Heaven is the night dead early morning fresh grass! Without the outlet, the old man does not walk simply, occupied this Wonderful Magnificence Immortal Realm to consider as finished......” “有什么不可以的?”萧华叹气道,“老夫费尽千辛万苦,总算是找到了仙灵元气,可没想到仙灵元气不是仙界的,是这个四季天的!不对,不对,应该叫做妙华仙境,那个四季天不过是个夜死晨生的小草!既然没有出路,老夫索性就不走了,占了这个妙华仙境算了……” Master may once think......” White Marsh has a look at the huge tree's shadow, all around vegetation, accompanies to say with a smile, where this Wonderful Magnificence Immortal Realm does Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi come?” “老爷可曾想过……”白泽看看巨大的树影,还有四周的草木,陪笑道,“这妙华仙境仙灵元气从哪里来的?” „Isn't Wonderful Magnificence Immortal Realm wonderful magnificence immortal tree? The Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi nature comes up from wonderful magnificence immortal tree......” 妙华仙境不就是妙华仙树么?仙灵元气自然从妙华仙树上来的……” How that wonderful magnificence immortal tree does Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi give birth?” “那妙华仙树仙灵元气怎么生出的?” Xiao Hua pounds to pound the mouth to reply: Inborn day raises!” 萧华砸吧砸吧嘴回答道:“天生天养的呗!” „Hasn't master planted the tree?” White Marsh said with a smile. Cuts...... ” the Xiao Hua ill-humored say/way, master has not only planted the tree, but also has planted the medicinal herbs, has cultivated the rice standing grain!” “老爷没种过树吧?”白泽笑道。切……”萧华没好气道,“老爷不仅种过树,还种植过药草,耕种过稻禾呢!” Hee hee......” White Marsh said with a smile, that master should know that the planter...... needs to irrigate and apply fertilizer?” “嘻嘻……”白泽笑道,“那老爷应该知道种植……是需要灌溉和施肥的吧?” Damn!” A White Marsh saying, what Xiao Hua understood immediately, all around he jumps to have a look saying that is it possible that this Wonderful Magnificence Immortal Realm does meet...... will eat the person?” “该死!”白泽一说,萧华立时明白了什么,他跳将起来看看四周道,“莫非这妙华仙境会……会吃人?” White Marsh said with a nod: Master said is really, wonderful magnificence immortal tree will really eat the person!” 白泽点头道:“老爷所说甚是,妙华仙树真的会吃人!” Then, White Marsh referred to the wonderful magnificence immortal tree above flame and water bloom said: immortal tree on Plane is different from common Plane, this Plane Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi by Yin & Yang Principle, rather than stars, but Yin & Yang Principle cannot support Plane to use completely, Plane will derive Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi from the expansion from outside, with big tree to grow, must root to bind very deep general. immortal tree derives not necessarily is Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi, possibly is other thing, as the matter stands, immortal tree must transform Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi these things, master cultivation has, the body of achievement True Immortal, is the immortal tree best nutrition, naturally, the master should have secret technique, immortal tree cannot perceive master's aura, otherwise...... the master cannot stand here absolutely in good condition......” 说完,白泽指了妙华仙树上空的火焰和水华道:“仙树化就的界面跟寻常界面不同,这界面仙灵元气阴阳法则,而非日月星辰,而阴阳法则并不能完全支撑界面所用,界面就会从扩展从外面汲取仙灵元气,就跟大树为了生长,要把根扎得很深一般。仙树汲取的不一定是仙灵元气,也可能是别的东西,这样一来,仙树必须把这些东西转化成仙灵元气,老爷修炼有成,成就真仙之体,可是仙树最好的营养,当然,老爷应该是有秘术的,仙树觉察不出老爷的气息,否则……老爷绝对不能好端端的站在此处……”
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