LCGIR :: Volume #14

#1314: 9 mark chessboards

Once slightly peeps to sit the photo, the Xiao Hua courage increases, dices to plan also to start to accomplish a task with ease, unexpectedly after more than hundred fights with all might, with immortal puppet tie one game. 一旦略窥坐照,萧华胆气大增,投子谋划也开始游刃有余起来,居然在百余拼杀后,跟仙傀平手一局。 Please......” some immortal puppet as if premonitions, do not need the number, to see with own eyes that early Xiao Hua catches the eye to look at itself, immediately sets out to make way! “请……”仙傀似乎早有预感,根本不必数子,眼见萧华抬眼看自己,立时起身让开! Receiving lets......” the Xiao Hua great happiness, sets out to express gratitude again submissively, although at present is immortal puppet, but others so play chess with oneself, but also teaches itself many, Xiao Hua respects as before. “承让……”萧华大喜,起身再次拱手道谢,虽然眼前是个仙傀,但人家跟自己对弈如此之多,还教授自己很多,萧华依旧尊重。 However Xiao Hua treads the nine curves mark chessboard, suddenly the intention moves, catches the eye has a look everywhere, because he felt that in the space had Jaded Document clone to summon itself, seemed like the Black and White Chess Saint seal his Magical Ability, cannot the seal space! 然而萧华踏出九曲纹枰,突然心念一动,抬眼四处看看,因为他感觉到了空间内有玉牒分身在呼唤自己,看起来黑白棋圣封印了他的神通,并不能封印空间啊! Visits the nine curves mark chessboard the concrete boundary, after Xiao Hua bows to salute, said with a smile: Junior just slightly had obtained, can realize from experience the moment?” 踏足九曲纹枰之具体境,萧华躬身施礼后笑道:“晚辈刚刚略有所得,能否体悟片刻?” „...... immortal puppet returned to one not to pay attention as you like. “随你……”仙傀回了一句再不理会。 Xiao Hua sat cross-legged to sit facing the checkerboard, the mind entered the space. 萧华面对棋盘盘膝坐了,心神进入空间。 Well?” The front surface saw Jaded-Document Wen Qu and Jaded-Document Dá, on two Jaded Document clone faces brings thick puzzled, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua strange say/way, how?” “咦?”迎面就见到了玉牒文曲玉牒龘,两个玉牒分身脸上都带着浓浓的不解,玉牒萧华奇道,“怎么了?” Fellow Daoist looks and......” “道友且看……” A Jaded-Document Wen Qu finger/refers of Heavenly Court space, but Jaded-Document Dá aims at the Dragon Territory space. 玉牒文曲一指天庭空间,而玉牒龘则指向龙域空间。 Fu Zhiwen and Qiongqiong? Jiang Hong??” 傅之文茕茕江虹??” The Jaded-Document Xiao Hua seeing that great happiness, clapped hands saying that they also ran into fellow daoist finally, great happiness?” 玉牒萧华见状大喜了,抚掌道,“他们也终于遇到诸位道友,岂不是大喜?” Issue was......” Jaded-Document Wen Qu and Jaded-Document Wen Qu liangs clone also wants to say anything, outside Jaded-Document Xiao Hua somewhat vigilant look, said, this poor Daoist also had the urgent matter not to delay outside, when resulted in this poor Daoist to have the free time to say again not lately!” “问题是……”玉牒文曲分身还想说什么,玉牒萧华有些警觉的看看外面,说道,“贫道在外面还有急事耽搁不得,待得贫道有暇再说不迟!” „!” Jaded-Document Wen Qu and Jaded-Document Dá each other have a look, did not have to say anything again, no matter what Jaded-Document Xiao Hua cuped one hand in the other across the chest, prepared to leave the space. “也罢!”玉牒文曲玉牒龘彼此看看,也没再多说什么,任玉牒萧华拱拱手,准备脱出空间。 Also, in the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua preparation leaves, Jaded-Document Feng Wu spreads the wings to fly into, he saw that Jaded-Document Xiao Hua shouts and wrangles saying: Fellow Daoist, the fellow daoist, this poor Daoist helped Yuan Ya seek Dai'er!” 可是,也就在玉牒萧华准备离开时,玉牒凤梧展翅飞入,他见到玉牒萧华大呼小叫道:“道友,道友,贫道帮渊涯寻到黛儿了!” What?” The Jaded-Document Xiao Hua Daleng, he had a look at Jaded-Document Wen Qu and Jaded-Document Dá, as if understood meaning in two clone eyes. “什么?”玉牒萧华大楞了,他看看玉牒文曲玉牒龘,似乎明白两分身眼中的意味。 Oh, when resulted in this poor Daoist to cross this so-called nine curves mark chessboard to say again not lately!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua sighed to leave the space. “唉,待得贫道过了这所谓的九曲纹枰再说不迟!”玉牒萧华叹息一声脱出空间。 The following two passes/tests with concrete and pass the playing chess of quiet boundary two immortal puppet, lets Xiao Hua to some chessgame whole again profound understanding, moreover that many chess manual is fuzzy. 接下来两关是跟具体和通幽境两个仙傀的对弈,让萧华对棋局整体再有深刻理解,而且那诸多的棋谱再一次模糊。 The chess manual blurred, Xiao Hua felt own...... also had an own chess manual at heart, although this chess manual is still fuzzy, but Xiao Hua knows, according to looking for a rhythm walks downward, later will be surely clear. 棋谱模糊了,萧华感觉自己的心里……又有了一个自己的棋谱,虽然这棋谱依旧模糊,但萧华知道,按照找个节律往下走,以后必定会清晰。 These two immortal puppet, Xiao Hua is ties, but to with wisdom boundary immortal puppet, the style was suddenly sharp, the immortal puppet layout makes Xiao Hua praise to the heavens, to map out strategic plans in an army tent, the determining the final outcome thousand li (500 km) described, is really appropriate! Xiao Hua focuses on thinking that the technique of immortal puppet study layout, the global outlook, really benefits greatly. 这两个仙傀,萧华皆是战平而出,但到了用智境界仙傀,棋风陡然犀利起来,仙傀的布局让萧华叹为观止,以运筹帷幄,决胜千里形容,实在是贴切!萧华着力想仙傀学习布局之术,大局观念,实在是受益匪浅。 As for exquisite boundary immortal puppet, what emphasized is detail preying, receives the potential taking advantage of intent, and occupying land area searches for the root. Black white fighting with all might interwines, the manipulating strategically method, all kinds of thoughts suddenly revealed in the chessgame. 至于小巧境界仙傀,讲求的是细节搏杀,借意收势,以及占地搜根。黑白子拼杀交织在一起,勾心斗角手段,五花八门心思竟然在棋局中显露。 Hence, Xiao Hua had seen the war from the chessgame, realizes from experience wonderful of attacking a city, then relates the beforehand layout, Xiao Hua compares two wars that oneself participate in again, even the war of Mortal Realm, many realizing from experience well up. 至此,萧华已经从棋局中看到了战局,体悟到攻城掠地之神妙,然后再联系之前布局,萧华再对照自己参与的两次大战,甚至凡界之战,更多的体悟涌上心头。 Arrived fought the boundary of strength, the chess strength is elegant is receiving the officer, preying of black and white board game piece, Xiao Hua each board game piece falls, the feeling that some type of white knife going in red knives come out, however fights with all might, the immortal puppet style changes suddenly, there is a method to emit, the victory or defeat is half and half, making Xiao Hua loudly shout satisfies a craving. 到了斗力之境,棋力考究在收官,黑白棋子的搏杀更甚,萧华每一棋子落下,都有种白刀子进去红刀子出来的感觉,然拼杀中,仙傀棋风陡然变化,又有手段放出,胜败各半,让萧华大呼过瘾。 Xiao Hua previously had to rarely seen striving for victory, saw with own eyes after several struggle, Xiao Hua has to plant the feeling of taking off/escaping the cocoon rebirth, begins the offense and defense to fluctuate freely, is big by little changed/easy, strikes east the western reality wait/etc. various skilled artist frequencies to leave, Xiao Hua do not believe! 一股萧华先前向不多见的求胜之心生出,眼见几番挣扎后,萧华有种脱茧重生的感觉,落子间攻守变幻自如,以小易大,击西实东等等各种妙手频出,连萧华自己都不相信! Fights strength boundary immortal puppet to set out to make way, Xiao Hua has not given full expression, after he sets out, some cannot believe turns the head to have a look at the whence, has a look at present immortal puppet again, a difficult word floods the mind/bosom self-confidently! 斗力境仙傀起身让开,萧华意犹未尽,他起身后,有些不敢相信的转头看看来处,再看看眼前仙傀,一种难言的自信充斥胸怀! Xiao Hua does not know how long oneself spent on these three mark chessboards, but his clear awareness, oneself follow to step into the Black and White Dao main hall. These three immortal puppet do not compare beforehand several, tying is not absolutely good, not only need win, but must win to pass through! 萧华不知道自己在这三个纹枰上花费了多长时间,但他清楚的知道,自己跟已经踏入黑白道厅堂。这三个仙傀可不比之前几个,战平是绝对不行,不仅要胜,还要大胜才能过关! Xiao Hua almost can believe that if confront being enthralled boundary immortal puppet at this time, has words at fingertips and writes with facility absolutely! 萧华几乎可以相信,若此时自己对阵入神境仙傀,绝对信手拈来的! Xiao Hua ambitious steps the eighth mark chessboard, he believes that oneself had found the key that Black and White Dao won! 萧华雄心勃勃的踏上第八个纹枰,他相信自己已经找到了黑白道致胜的关键! But the reality is to really hit the Xiao Hua face, the start when Xiao Hua threatens attacks a city to plunder, hits when immortal puppet goes well without the resistance, he suddenly discovered, immortal puppet waits at ease for an exhausted enemy, retreats in order to advance, introduces the trap him unexpectedly, a move of wonderful child cuts to kill the Xiao Hua abundant incomparable big dragon! 可现实实在是打萧华脸的,当萧华气势汹汹的开始攻城掠阵,将仙傀打得手无招架之力时,他蓦然发现,仙傀以逸待劳,以退为进,竟然将他引入陷阱,一招妙子将萧华雄厚无比的大龙斩杀! Silk......” Xiao Hua looks at the aftermath, cannot bear hold breath a cold air/Qi, this...... this is if simple-minded boundary? Really above cannot think, fights with all might also has the so unique boundary, copes with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, wise often appear slow-witted!” “丝……”萧华看着残局,忍不住倒吸一口冷气,“这……这就是若愚之境么?真是想不到,拼杀之上还有如此超脱的境界,以不变应万变,大智若愚!” Xiao Hua also wants to praise several again, may have words on the tip of the tongue, he swallowed, at present the aftermath gives him many inspirations, deduces again, making him have enduring gladly realizing from experience! 萧华还想再多夸赞几句,可话到嘴边,他又是咽了下去,眼前残局给他更多的启迪,再次推演起来,让他有种甘之如饴的体悟! And is several plays chess, Xiao Hua discovered, oneself likes this style gradually, even this winning by striking only after the enemy has struck ideal condition. 而又是几盘对弈下来,萧华发现,自己渐渐喜欢上这种棋风,甚至这种后发制人的意境。 Previously although battles on several mark chessboards were refreshed, but Xiao Hua felt that did not agree with own moral character, but plan of this subsequent hand usually handled affairs with oneself tallies very much, this made Xiao Hua feel to the taste! 先前几个纹枰上的厮杀虽然爽快,但萧华感觉跟自己的品性不太契合,而这种后手的谋划跟自己平素行事很是相符,这才让萧华感到对味! But the taste is the taste, wants to give birth from this chessgame, is difficult, fight with all might several times, Xiao Hua racks one's brains, each time the feelings of extracting the whole body physical strength, even so, Xiao Hua falls in leeward as before. 但品味是品味,想要从这棋局中生出,又是艰难,几次拼杀,萧华殚精竭虑,每次都有一种抽取全身气力的感觉,但即便如此,萧华依旧落于下风。 Botches it by rushing......” has not known how long, Xiao Hua remembered this extremely ordinary words suddenly, then Xiao Hua relaxes the state of mind, will previously study all displays in the match, gradually, there is an antelope to hang the corner/horn nimble and resourceful, entire style also from strong, combative changes does lightly. “欲速则不达……”不知过了多久,萧华突然想起这句极其平常的话,而后萧华放松心境,将先前所学皆是在对局中施展,渐渐的,也有羚羊挂角的灵动,整个棋风也从浓重,杀气腾腾变作平淡。 Has not known how long, Xiao Hua raised the head from the chessgame suddenly, in that pair of pupil actually brought some vicissitudes. 又不知过了多久,萧华蓦然从棋局上抬起头来,那双眸中竟然带了一些沧桑。 At this time, the Black and White Chess Saint sound resounded from immortal puppet: Little friend, nine curves mark chessboard is informed and experienced you to complete, and along with me arrives at the summit of Qishan!” 此时,黑白棋圣的声音从仙傀上响起了:“小友,九曲纹枰的历练你已经完成,且随我到棋山之巅吧!” „?” Xiao Hua gawked, he has a look at the chessgame to knit the brows saying that Junior has not won!” “啊?”萧华愣了,他看看棋局皱眉道,“晚辈还没有赢呢!” Hehe, the little friend was fascinated!” Black and White Chess Saint said with a smile, I only said that went out of this nine curves mark chessboard, did not say that wanted each mark chessboard to walk one. Regarding the combat generals of Mending Heaven corps , exquisite and fights the strength to be most important with the wisdom, they passed these three passes/tests, I only make them realize from experience, if simple-minded makes them leave, after all comes the informed and experienced combat general, many are to give True Immortal of military appointment newly, has not arrived at the command rank, their mental, or battlefield experience with, if simple-minded and is content with lack of skill does not match!” “呵呵,小友入迷了!”黑白棋圣笑道,“我只说走出这九曲纹枰,并非说一定要每个纹枰都要走一遍的。对于补天战队的战将来说,用智、小巧和斗力最为重要,他们过了这三关,我只让他们体悟一下若愚就让他们离开,毕竟来历练的战将,多为新授军职的真仙,还没有到得统帅级别,他们的心智,亦或者沙场经验跟若愚和守拙不配!” At this point, Black and White Chess Saint said meaningfully: As for the little friend, I did not favor you to use the wisdom, exquisite and fights the strength the achievement, after all your moral character is placed there. But, the performance of little friend these three mark chessboards make me fresh, I almost can look, the little friend takes the experience that Realm passage fought with all might to plan the chessgame, this also makes the style of little friend many steadiness that one type was hard to shake, this is three divorcing oneself from reality immortal puppet cannot hope to attain......” 说到此处,黑白棋圣意味深长道:“至于小友,我本不太看好你在用智、小巧和斗力的成就,毕竟你的品性摆在那里。可偏偏的,小友这这三个纹枰的表现让我耳目一新,我几乎能看得出来,小友是拿了界冲拼杀的经验来统筹棋局,这也让小友的棋风多了一种难以撼动的稳重,这是三个闭门造车的仙傀所不能企及的……” Therefore, if simple-minded this mark chessboard, my making an exception makes you realize from experience such, but at this time the distance corps arrangement the deviation are many, I must lead you to look true double reveres the playing chess, this is the unrivalled difficult homing opportunity, haven't you walked quickly?” “所以在若愚这个纹枰,我破例让你体悟如此之久,而此时距离战队安排已经偏差不少,我还要带你去看真正的双尊对弈,这是旷世难寻的机会,你还不快走?” Who would have guessed that Xiao Hua thinks, bows saying: Junior many thanks the senior directs, but Junior wants to be different from the senior, double reveres the playing chess...... is the grand feast of Black and White Dao expert, Junior feared after all has not arrived at that and other altitudes, therefore Junior invited the senior many to the Junior time,...... played a match some on this nine curves mark chessboard......” 哪知道,萧华不过是想了一下,躬身道:“晚辈多谢前辈指点,但晚辈所想跟前辈可能不同,双尊对弈……毕竟是黑白道高手的盛宴,晚辈怕还没有到得那等高度,所以晚辈请前辈多给晚辈时间,在这九曲纹枰上……多对局一些……” You were actually interesting!” Black and White Chess Saint Daleng, after the moment, said, „the Mending Heaven corps the combat general, can it be that want to peep the Two Revered Playing Chess Chart mystery, thinks that you so...... are not interested, is first! But, your Black and White Dao strength is too bad, be honest with you,...... gave you again hundred year, you were also unlikely to win being content with lack of skill immortal puppet!” “你倒是有意思了!”黑白棋圣大楞了,片刻后才说道,“补天战队所来战将,莫不是想一窥双尊对弈图的奥秘,想你这般……根本不感兴趣的,还是第一遭!可偏偏的,你黑白道实力太差,不瞒你说,再……给你一百世年,你也不太可能赢了守拙的仙傀啊!” Xiao Hua some were competitive, strange say/way: Why?” 萧华有些不服输了,奇道:“为何?”
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