LCGIR :: Volume #13

#1279: Green skin bottle gourd

However, did not wait for Xiao Hua saying that consciousness actually made the obscure sound, this sound was sharp, seems extremely surprised: Well? How...... possible? Is it possible that seals......” 但是,不等萧华说完,那意识却发出晦涩的声音,这声音尖亢,好似极其惊讶:“咦?怎……怎么可能?莫非还有封……” „......” The words of sound have not said, the single layer light purple thunderclap falls, hits blood-color apparition dissipates, the imposing manner of that consciousness was also wrecked most! “咔嚓嚓……”声音的话不曾说完,一重淡紫色霹雳落下,将血色虚影打得消散,那意识的气势也被击毁大半! „......” That consciousness sighs one lightly, falls suddenly, Xiao Hua immortal restriction is the paper sticks in this consciousness eye, bang, eastern mountain Juzhen, that consciousness vanishes with the vibration does not see! “罢了……”那意识轻叹一声,骤然下落,萧华仙禁在这意识眼中就是纸糊,“轰”的一声,东尊山巨震,那意识随着震动消失不见! Many thanks the senior......” the Xiao Hua great happiness, thanked after respectfully, the mouth blood falls on seven bronze crystal silk, brushes......” seven crystal silk simultaneously the flashing blood-color, after bright years which are multiples of nine 981 times, there is obscurer immortal secret art to fall into the Xiao Hua mind! “多谢前辈……”萧华大喜,恭敬谢了之后,口血落在七个青铜晶丝上,“刷……”七个晶丝同时闪动血色,明暗九九八十一次之后,又有更加晦涩的仙诀落入萧华的脑海! Xiao Hua closes eyes to comprehend , after is month, comprehends immortal secret art, this immortal secret art is pure Human Race immortal secret art, but is all connected with «Primordial Spirit, Grand and Supreme Chapter», Xiao Hua refining up seven bronze crystal silk sacrifices with enough three year. 萧华闭目参悟,又是一个衍月后,才将仙诀参悟完毕,这仙诀是纯粹的人族仙诀,但跟《元神太上篇》一脉相承,萧华又用足足三世年才将七个青铜晶丝祭炼完毕。 When seven bronze crystal silk sacrifices refine completely, brushing in Xiao Hua mysterious Dark Cloud, seven institutes are giving birth to seven Flower Lantern, Flower Lantern falls on seven bronze crystal silk the flaming combustion. 七个青铜晶丝祭炼完全时,“刷”萧华神秘阴云中,七个所在生出七朵灯花,灯花落在七个青铜晶丝上熊熊燃烧。 The Xiao Hua corners of the mouth lifted a hand point with a smile, the bronze books curl seven bronze flame to close, the malignant influences of difficult word congealed to make seven arrows to show from the bronze books, murderous aura also runs out from Xiao Hua! 萧华嘴角含笑抬手一点,青铜书卷卷了七个青铜火焰合上,难言的煞气凝做七个箭头从青铜书卷上透出,一股杀气也从萧华身上冲出! This murderous aura with before is slightly different, several had to break the meaning of Tianfu place. 这杀气跟之前略有不同,几有破天覆地之意。 Xiao Hua the left hand grasps immediately, Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book falls starts, bang shakes greatly, the left hand shivers, the single layer heavy bronze light shadow spreads following the Xiao Hua finger on, until right-hand man, bronze light shadow mistake, phoenix claw that engraves the strange texture reveal! 萧华随即左手一抓,钉头七箭书落入手中,“轰”的一声巨震,左手颤抖,一重重青铜光影顺着萧华手指蔓延而上,直至膀臂,青铜光影过处,一个镌刻古怪纹理的凤爪显露出来! This phoenix claw nature proliferates differently with Xiao Hua incarnation Feng Wu Star Mark, is Huang Tong clone to! 这凤爪自然跟萧华化身凤梧星痕遍布不同,乃凰桐分身所至! Immemorial True Immortal is really fierce!” The Xiao Hua double pupil is bright, looks at the left arm phenomenon, secretly startled say/way, they unexpectedly by the body of Human Race, from comprehending Monster Alliance soul casting art, and casting will build up immortal artifact, if not Xiao has Monster Race clone, there is a Nine Streams ( yingyu ) soul casting art scratch coat, how possibly does the sacrifice refine? Really does not know how they develop one's own style, how to refine this immortal artifact sacrifice by greatest Magical Ability successfully!” 太古真仙果然厉害!”萧华双眸炯炯,看着左臂异象,暗自惊道,“他们居然以人族之身,强自领悟妖盟铸魂之法,并且将之铸炼成仙器,若非萧某妖族分身,又有九潆欤(yingyu)铸魂之法打底,怎么可能祭炼?真不知道他们是如何独辟蹊径,如何以莫大神通将这仙器祭炼成功啊!” Human Race has Seven Corporeal Souls, this Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book takes Nine Streams ( yingyu ) Seven Corporeal Souls. Previously Xiao cast to refine Nine Corporeal Souls, has not cared, now looks like, Xiao flowed in the surface, has not penetrated its li (0.5 km). Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book chooses Seven Corporeal Souls to seem like strange, this Seven Corporeal Souls with Corpse of Dog, Concealed Arrow, Yin of Sparrow, Seizing Thief, Non-Toxic and Remove Filth, Smelly Lung is seemingly different, but...... but really cast to refine can know, Human Race Seven Corporeal Souls was extremely similar to Monster Race this Seven Corporeal Souls, or Source same......” 人族七魄,这钉头七箭书就取九潆欤(yingyu)其中七魄。先前萧某铸炼九魄,并没有在意,如今看来,萧某还是流于表面,并不曾深入其里。钉头七箭书所选七魄看起来更是诡异,这七魄尸狗伏矢雀阴吞贼非毒除秽,臭肺看起来不同,但……但真的铸炼了方能知道,人族七魄妖族七魄极其相似,亦或者说本源相同……” „...... Difficult...... to be difficult to be inadequate Human Race Seven Corporeal Souls to evolve from Monster Race Nine Corporeal Souls? This...... does this cast to refine the Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book Human Race senior this...... to have Monster Race Divine Soul??” “……难……难不成人族七魄是从妖族九魄衍化而来?这……这铸炼钉头七箭书人族前辈本……本就有妖族神魂??” Thinks of here, Xiao Hua shakes the head slightly, this involves Absolute Beginning hard secret, at all is not his small True Immortal can involve, therefore he grasps Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book, flies to fall extremely Le Gong again. 想到此处,萧华微微摇头,这又涉及太初辛秘,根本不是他这个小小的真仙可以涉及,所以他手持钉头七箭书,再次飞落极乐宫。 Decides in extremely happy palace advance party again, Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book in Xiao Hua hand has not caused the Eighteen Palaces of the Purple Tenuity phenomenon! 再次在极乐宫前站定,萧华手中的钉头七箭书并没引起紫薇十八宫的异象! Xiao Hua discrete look in all directions, in the heart previously wants in the mind, to confirm again does not have the careless mistake again, this reprimanded one lightly, went......” 萧华谨慎的四处看看,心中将先前所想重新在脑海中过了一遍,确认再无纰漏,这才轻斥一声,“去……” Whiz......” Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book air-splitting. “嗖……”钉头七箭书破空而出。 Once were separated, the control of Xiao Hua, Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book gives birth to the bronze flame again, rumbling......” all around 18 palaces the blooming light, this light glitters simultaneously rapidly, Xiao Hua is unable to stand firm, the figure tries stimulate to motion, falls to Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book under without consulting anybody! 一旦脱离了,萧华的控制,钉头七箭书再次生出青铜火焰,“轰轰轰……”四周十八个宫殿同时绽放光明,这光明急速闪烁,萧华无法站定,身形尝试催动,径自落到钉头七箭书下方! The Xiao Hua figure falls, immediately inspires Eighteen Palaces of the Purple Tenuity, that seems like like the palaces of 18 ominous beasts revolves suddenly, although unhappiness of palace rotation, the vigorous great strength that but that type is unable to be a worthy opponent endured closed to well up compared with the world, assumed spiral-shaped forces on Xiao Hua to fly! 萧华身形落下,立时引动紫薇十八宫,那看起来如同十八凶兽的殿宇骤然旋转起来,虽然殿宇转动的不快,但那种根本无法匹敌的浑厚巨力堪比天地闭合般涌了过来,呈螺旋状逼迫萧华上飞! Any Principle, what Immortal Power, is extremely pale in the face of this great strength! 什么法则,什么仙力,在这巨力面前都极度苍白! Really......” the Xiao Hua facial expression is invariable, “果然……”萧华神情不变, Is only narrowing the eyes shortly to all around, simultaneously the sensation figure cannot help but floats off, the secretly thought, 18 palaces force on Xiao to fly, naturally must fall into the purple faint star palace, the purple faint star palace is the captivity is, is it possible that this great array...... is not the suppression, but is the captivity?” Saw with own eyes that 18 palaces revolve to a place, the Xiao Hua eyelid lift suddenly, the left hand pinches immortal secret art, but sees that shape, if on the arm of phoenix claw the quiet emerald light flame seems the water splash to congeal, as Xiao Hua reprimanded one lowly, tied......” 只眯着眼看向四周,同时感知身形不由自主浮起,暗道,“十八宫逼迫萧某上飞,自然是要落入紫微星宫,紫微星宫又是囚禁的所在,这大阵……莫非不是镇压,而是囚禁?”眼见十八宫旋转到一个地方,萧华骤然眼皮一抬,左手掐动仙诀,但见那状若凤爪的手臂上幽碧光焰好似水花凝结,随着萧华低斥一声,“结……” That water splash falls on Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book! 那水花落在钉头七箭书上! Bang......” Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book flashing bronze brilliance, seems the books to launch! “轰……”钉头七箭书闪动青铜光耀,好似书卷般展开! Brushes in the brilliance that......” splits open, seven arrows also project, this arrow shape varies, is similar to the flame that Xiao Hua previously realized from experience, above also has the sound of fairy severe howl. “刷刷刷刷……”绽开的光耀中,七个箭头同时射出,这箭头形状各异,跟萧华先前体悟的火焰相似,其上又有神鬼厉啸之音。 Seven arrows just revealed, all around space shakes immediately, seems like the space to sway, seems is the arrow shivers, seven arrows flicker 7 * 7 = 49! 七个箭头不过是刚刚显露,四周空间顿时震荡,似乎是空间摇晃,也好似是箭头颤抖,七个箭头瞬化七七四十九个! The Xiao Hua backhand pats the forehead, Breaking Deception Eye opens, silver-white light pillar bang falls to the books in again, the books blooming light, Xiao Hua bellows: Goes......” 萧华反手一拍自己眉心,破妄法眼张开,银白色光柱“轰”的再次落到书卷上,书卷绽放光明,萧华大吼一声:“去……” Whiz whiz......” 49 arrows change to the meteor shape to charge into Dragon Pond, the phoenix pavilion and other palaces! “嗖嗖……”四十九个箭头化作流星状冲向龙池、凤阁等十八宫! rune/symbol array of Eighteen Palaces of the Purple Tenuity in according to Death Substitution Talisman arranges, corresponded Immortal Divine Soul, but in Head Shooting Seven Arrows Book Seven Corporeal Souls also corresponds Immortal Divine Soul, therefore a 7 * 7 = 49 arrow according to corresponds Divine Soul to fall respectively, instant tears to pieces the great strength that Xiao Hua is unable to resist, becomes one type mysteriously sharp raids into great array! 紫薇十八宫按照替死符内符阵排列,正是对应了仙人神魂,而钉头七箭书七魄也对应仙人神魂,所以七七四十九个箭头按照各自对应神魂袭落,瞬时就将萧华无法抵挡的巨力撕破,成一种玄奥的锐利生生袭入大阵之内! Rumbling......” “轰轰轰……” In the Dragon Pond palace, thunder Dragon Form roared, made threatening gestures to plunge shoots at its three arrows, 龙池宫上,雷霆龙相咆哮,张牙舞爪扑向射向它的三个箭头, In the phoenix pavilion palace, the flame phoenix dances in the air, spreads the wings to plunge shoots at its two arrows, 凤阁宫上,火焰凤相飞舞,展翅扑向射向它的两个箭头, As for other every palace, all has the unusual animals to angrily roar, prepares to meet the approaching enemy the arrow. 至于其它各各宫,皆有异兽怒吼,准备迎击箭头。 Above the upper air, brushing has the ancient bronzes palace to change to the rainbow bridge shape to pound down toward the Xiao Hua overhead, the strength of that imprisonment is not Xiao Hua can resist. 高空之上,“刷”更有古铜殿宇化作虹桥状朝着萧华当头砸下,那禁锢之力绝非萧华可以抵挡。 Comes well!” Xiao Hua sees that does not get angry counter- happily, roars lowly again stimulate to motion Breaking Deception Eye, buzz......” silver-white light pillar overstrikes suddenly, in the bronze books, bang......”, the 50 th arrow departs! “来得好!”萧华见状,不怒反喜,低吼一声再次催动破妄法眼,“嗡……”银白色光柱骤然加粗,青铜书卷之内,“轰……”,第五十个箭头飞出! This 50 th arrow is different from other arrows, seems apparition, seems the distortion, but the arrow far exceeds other from the power and influence! 这第五十个箭头跟其它箭头不同,好似虚影,也好似扭曲,但箭头自威势又远超其它! The 50 th arrow speed is extremely fast, but has shot above rainbow bridge suddenly! 第五十个箭头速度极快,不过眨眼间已经射到虹桥之上! Bang......” a loud sound, rainbow bridge was shattered, the heart of Xiao Hua mentioned the throat all of a sudden , rainbow bridge was fortunately stave, saw the space to shake the cry, huge palace apparition fell rapidly, pounds to the 50 th arrow. “轰……”的一声巨响,虹桥破碎,萧华的心一下子提到嗓子眼儿,还好,虹桥破碎,又见空间震鸣,一个巨大的殿宇虚影急速下落,砸向第五十个箭头。 Goes......” to see with own eyes that palace compels curvingly the arrow, Xiao Hua lowers roars, lifting the hand is one finger/refers, brushes......” originally arrow replications of some distortions, unexpectedly is vertical toward under flies to fall! “去……”眼见那殿宇将箭头逼得弯曲,萧华低吼一声,抬手又是一指,“刷……”本就有些扭曲的箭头一个折转,居然垂直朝着下方飞落! „......” Sensation to the sexually harassed palace, as if sends out to angrily roar, bringing apparition to pound layer on layer/heavily rapidly. “呜……”感知到被调戏的殿宇,似乎发出怒吼,带着重重虚影飞速砸来。 The Xiao Hua figure illness/quick falls, but his vision is to reveal extremely surprisedly, because the purple faint star palace reveals the true feature in apparition layer on layer/heavily, unexpectedly...... is the green skin bottle gourd! 萧华身形疾落,但他的目光又是露出极度的惊讶,因为紫微星宫在重重虚影中露出真实面目,竟然……是个青皮葫芦!
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