LCGIR :: Volume #13

#1277: Exceeds the induction and Death Substitution Talisman of space and time

Thinking, Xiao Hua is imprisoning the soul from the space sends out, Chen Xiaoyun in cultivation, is seeing with own eyes Xiao Hua to appear, was extremely happy, bowing say/way master......” 想着,萧华将魂囚从空间送出,陈小允正在修炼,眼见萧华出现,极其高兴,躬身道“老爷……” Some old man things want you to be done, but you do what one can, if not good, immediately explained with the old man......” “老夫有些事情想要你去做,不过你量力而行,若是不行,立即跟老夫说明……” Chen Xiaoyun busy does not select the nod of place, then according to Xiao Hua said that imprisoned to flutter the preparation to fly from the soul toward the space deep place, but, has not departed more than hundred zhang (3.33 m), Chen Xiaoyun called out in alarm one to flutter the soul to imprison, called out master, was not disciple does not go, was...... is all around has the blade to be sharp, cuts the disciple body, disciple does not dare to fly again......” 陈小允忙不择地的点头,然后根据萧华的所言,从魂囚内飘出准备往空间深处飞去,但是,还不曾飞出百余丈,陈小允惊呼一声又飘回魂囚,叫道“老爷,不是弟子不去,是……是四周有刀刃锋利,切割弟子身体,弟子不敢再飞……” Un......” the Xiao Hua racket the forehead, said with a smile, old man understood, that Soul had Death Substitution Talisman to protect, can therefore span the space, you did not have...... to fear that was not good.” “嗯……”萧华拍拍自己额头,笑道,“老夫明白了,那个魂魄是有替死符护着,所以能跨越空间,你没有……怕是不行。” Master......” Chen Xiaoyun suddenly has to raise the head to have a look at extremely happy palace direction, strange say/way, disciple feels that place somewhat kind aura......” “老爷……”陈小允突然有抬起头看看极乐宫方向,奇道,“弟子觉得那处有些亲切的气息……” Naturally!” Xiao Hua answered, there had the immortal corpse, the aura you were naturally kind......” “当然!”萧华解释道,“那里本有个仙尸的,气息你自然亲切……” At this point, Xiao Hua has a look at the Chen Xiaoyun soul to imprison, thinks anything, said right, and you waited a bit, there had a coffin, must be the origin is extraordinary, the old man made to you!” 说到此处,萧华看看陈小允的魂囚,想起来什么,说道“对了,你且稍等,那里有个棺木,必是来历非凡,老夫弄来给你!” Xiao Hua returns to extremely Le Gong, to bind with the mind the immortal corpse coffin, sent in the space directly, Chen Xiaoyun saw the great happiness, the coffin may imprison much compared with the soul. 萧华返回极乐宫,将仙尸所用棺木用心神裹了,直接送入空间,陈小允见了大喜,棺木可比魂囚强了不少。 Places good Chen Xiaoyun, Xiao Hua somewhat to be as if at the end of the rope, he catches the eye to have a look at the purple faint star palace in upper air, the position of that place should correspond the stone bridge in ground, who can think that is a prisoner's cage? 安置好陈小允,萧华似乎又有些技穷,他抬眼看看高空的紫微星宫,那处的位置应该对应地面上的石桥,谁又能想到那是一个囚笼? Xiao Hua thinks, the mind entered the space to take Five Colors Light Heart, prepared the space to try. 萧华想了一下,心神进入空间把五彩光心拿了,准备出了空间试试。 But after taking Five Colors Light Heart, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua has to see to put in the space Death Substitution Talisman! 但拿了五彩光心后,玉牒萧华一眼有看到放入空间的替死符 Temporarily is not suitable risks danger, after all in purple faint star palace also seal many Immortal!” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua secretly thought, not, if first realizes from experience this Death Substitution Talisman, perhaps in Death Substitution Talisman has the method of what seal, first wait/etc. rescued Lu Shu, then risks danger not lately!” “暂时不宜行险,毕竟紫微星宫内还封印不少仙人!”玉牒萧华暗道,“不若先体悟这替死符,或许替死符内有什么封印的法门,先将陆书等救出来,再行险不迟!” Makes up mind, the Jaded-Document Xiao Hua double pupil gives birth to the clear light, falls on Death Substitution Talisman! 拿定主意,玉牒萧华双眸生出清光,落在替死符上! Saw with own eyes that enough more than 35,000 charm depart from Death Substitution Talisman, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua claps hands saying that unconsciously worthily is Immemorial immortal talisman, really......” 眼见足足三万五千余个符箓替死符内飞出,玉牒萧华不觉抚掌赞道“不愧是太古仙符,果然了得……” What a pity, but was examines carefully the moment, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua knit the brows, talked to oneself that no wonder Maiden Huan can only suppress Divine Soul with this Death Substitution Talisman, originally this charm is incomplete, in Sino-French rune/symbol array also had the buckle, but...... this poor Daoist only studied the law of broken banning, poured does not need extremely to haggle over......” 可惜,不过是细看片刻,玉牒萧华皱眉了,自语道“难怪焕姬只能拿此替死符镇压神魂,原来这符箓早就残缺,内中法符阵也有折损,不过……贫道只研究破禁之法,倒也不必太过计较……” Just like Jaded-Document Xiao Hua talked to oneself, not only in Death Substitution Talisman has charm, rune/symbol array, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua, even if not look at charm, the light investigated rune/symbol array still to spend several double-hour unexpectedly! 正如玉牒萧华自语,替死符内不仅有符箓,还有符阵,玉牒萧华即便不看符箓,光探察符阵居然也花了数个时辰! When must receive the vision, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua closing eyes moment, when he opens the eye, smiled bitterly as before, originally this rune/symbol array with charm is a body, if rune/symbol array is the shape, this charm is a god, without charm rune/symbol array is only a empty shell, is not meaningful! 待得收了目光,玉牒萧华闭目片刻,当他睁开眼睛,依旧苦笑了,原来这符阵跟符箓乃是一体,若符阵是形,这符箓就是神,没有符箓的符阵只是个空壳,没有任何意义! „......” Jaded-Document Xiao Hua has looked at charm one by one, will then sense to change to the light shadow passes to Heavenly Dao Xiao Hua, after the moment, Jaded-Document Xiao Hua to leave the space, as before mind homing! “罢了……”玉牒萧华逐一将符箓看过,然后将感悟等化作光影传给天道萧华,片刻后玉牒萧华脱出空间,依旧心神归位! Here has the Eighteen Palaces of the Purple Tenuity suppression, not suitable cultivation, when Xiao realizes from experience after outside has, again comes here is not late!” “此处有紫薇十八宫镇压,不宜修炼,待得萧某在外面体悟有成之后,再来此处不迟!” Xiao Hua has a look at all around, flies extremely from Le Gongdun, the diameter drops down to an eastern mountain on! 萧华看看四周,从极乐宫遁飞出去,径直落到东尊山上! At this time Autumn Brush Moon overhangs, bluish green quiet/dark the moonlight sprinkles, the entire east mountain is lonesome and quiet! 此时秋毫月高挂,碧幽的月光洒落,整个东尊山幽静无比! An extremely wonderful feeling gives birth from the Xiao Hua heart, he felt when oneself as if returned to Mortal Realm Millions Mist Mountain, the ship seeping Grandmaster by that night that Six-Eared Macaque kills, he cannot bear have a look at Death Substitution Talisman in hand, in the heart wonderful say/way this thing should be extremely important, but how...... to make me have this feeling?” 一股极其神妙的感觉从萧华心底生出,他感觉自己似乎回到了凡界百万蒙山时,轲沁大师被六耳猕猴袭杀的那个夜间,他忍不住看看自己手中的替死符,心中奇道“此物应该极其重要,不过……怎么会让我生出这种感觉?” Xiao Hua naturally does not know, in the remote nighttime sky, exceeds the time and space, if a huge shape the charm space, quiet blue bright is sending out the weak brilliance!( For details sees «Six Years of talisman manufacturing Study Compulsory education»). 萧华自然不知道,在渺渺夜空中,超越时间和空间的一处,一个巨大的状若符箓的空间,一个幽碧的明佩正散发微弱的光焰!(详见《六年制符学义务教育》)。 In here!” Xiao Hua received the distracting thoughts, about has a look, sits cross-legged to sit in the eastern mountain summit simply, first is under the waving arrange/cloth immortal restriction, then five hearts start to realize from experience the previous light shadow upwards. “就在此处吧!”萧华收了杂念,左右看看,索性盘膝坐在东尊山山巅,先是挥手布下仙禁,然后五心朝天开始体悟先前的光影。 Approximately after is day, in the Xiao Hua mind transmits realizing from experience of Heavenly Dao Xiao Hua about Death Substitution Talisman gradually. 约是一个元日后,萧华的脑海中渐渐传来天道萧华关于替死符的体悟。 Xiao Hua starts both hands to pinch, inspires Immortal Spirit Primordial Qi to experiment immortal secret art. 萧华开始双手掐动,引动仙灵元气试验仙诀 After that each day will have realizing from experience of charm to well up, about less than half year, Xiao Hua does not dare to neglect, realizes from experience 11 absorptions these. 其后每个元日都会有一个符箓的体悟涌来,将近小半个世年,萧华不敢怠慢,将这些体悟一一吸收。 Saw with own eyes that more than 35,000 charm are going to realize from experience, Xiao Hua slightly has obtained, this Death Substitution Talisman should have 36,500 charm, the digit is like the Dragon Form and phoenix of phoenix of pavilion palace unusual animals and Dragon Pond palace of stone bridge. 眼见三万五千余符箓将要体悟完毕,萧华已经略有所得,这替死符该有三万六千五百个符箓,数字跟石桥的异兽、龙池宫的龙相和凤阁宫的凤相一样。 Therefore he realizes from experience these, will have at a moderate pace previously about zu realizing from experience took the adduction, began to make up simultaneous/uniform 1000 charm. 所以他边是体悟这些,又不紧不慢有将先前关于“诅”的体悟拿出来引证,着手补齐一千来个符箓 If only charm simple making up is uneven, is not an easy matter, but charm also has the conjunction with Death Substitution Talisman rune/symbol array, therefore in following three year, Xiao Hua charm and rune/symbol array, the spell puts together realizes from experience, mutual verification, supplementary simultaneous/uniform , with the profound mystery of Xiao Hua thorough charm, rune/symbol array the exquisiteness, he almost forgot gradually the original intention of realizing from experience Death Substitution Talisman. 若单凭符箓简单的补齐,并非易事,可符箓替死符的符阵又有契合,所以接下来三个世年中,萧华符箓、符阵,还有符咒放在一起体悟,相互印证,相互补齐,渐渐的,随着萧华深入符箓的玄奥,符阵的精妙,他几乎忘记了体悟替死符的初衷。 Saw with own eyes that this day symbol charm all comprehends insightfully, even cursed rune technique also had the considerable advancement, Xiao Hua cannot bear face upward to cry loud and long, clapped hands say/way Immemorial immortal restriction, by 36,500 hundred charm, congealed to be 18 rune/symbol array, 18 rune/symbol array corresponded Nine Ethereal Souls Nine Corporeal Souls, may engrave the Immortal Soul mark in symbol Jinnouchi, as long as there are to destroy the attack of Soul to give birth, Death Substitution Talisman rune/symbol array can offer a sacrifice to for resisting the Soul mark!” 眼见这元日无论是符阵还是符箓皆是参悟通透,连咒符之术也有长足的进境,萧华忍不住仰天长啸了,抚掌道“太古仙禁果然了得,以三万六千五百符箓,凝做十八个符阵,十八个符阵又对应九魂九魄,可将仙人魂魄印记镌刻于符阵之内,但凡有毁灭魂魄的攻击生出,替死符的符阵就可以将魂魄印记祭出用于抵挡!” Then, Xiao Hua cannot bear both hands form hand seals, wants to refine charm, but immortal secret art makes, Xiao Hua couldn't help laughing, not to mention oneself simply know how Death Substitution Talisman offers a sacrifice to refine, does not know that refines the Death Substitution Talisman material quality. Said only oneself realize from experience the Death Substitution Talisman goal...... is to rescue the numerous immortals of seal! 说完,萧华忍不住双手掐诀,想要炼制符箓,不过仙诀打出,萧华自己就哑然失笑了,且不说自己仅仅知道替死符如何祭炼,并不知道炼制替死符的材质。单说自己体悟替死符的目的……是为了解救封印的众仙啊! Xiao Hua received joyfully, emits Amplified Sense to have a look, stone bridge as before, unusual animals sculpture as before, even Xiao Hua enters extremely Le Gong and Dragon Pond palace, in also no change. 萧华收了喜悦,放出衍念看看,石桥依旧,异兽雕塑依旧,甚至萧华进入极乐宫和龙池宫,内中也没有什么变化。 However, Xiao Hua looks at Eighteen Palaces of the Purple Tenuity at this time again, he was confident, entire great array was actually Death Substitution Talisman rune/symbol array, has symbol of flaw to eradicate this that Xiao Hua must do! 不过,萧华此时再看紫薇十八宫,他又是胸有成竹了,整个大阵其实就是替死符的符阵,萧华要做的就是把这个已经有了破绽的符阵破除! Not too easy...... Xiao Hua to look at the purple faint star palace, some feelings of being cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt, brow tight wrinkle, secretly thought, „, if the purple faint star palace still under 18 palaces, I possibly has 10,000 means to eradicate symbol one by one, but purple faint star palace outside, I, so long as eradicates rune/symbol array, other 17 rune/symbol array will be unbalanced, may have the uncertain attack to fall into, moreover most possible is 17 attacks! Lu Shu their situation is unknown, Xiao really does not dare to begin at will!” “还是不太容易……”萧华看着紫微星宫,有些投鼠忌器的感觉了,眉头紧皱,暗道,“若是紫微星宫还在十八宫之下,我可能有一万种办法将符阵逐一破除,但紫微星宫在外面,我只要破除一个符阵,其它十七个符阵就会失衡,可能就会有不可预测的攻击落入其中,而且最可能是十七道攻击!陆书他们情况不明,萧某真是不敢随意动手!” Buckles from a Death Substitution Talisman symbol faint trace, the double nine number Yin-Yang are balanced, if eradicates, feared that must break through the formation by, Xiao Good Fortune Sect disciple are many, but can the set up formation in this space is not many, even if Xiao now, depends to a symbol understanding, it is estimated that impossible flight free......” “从替死符的符阵丝丝相扣,双九之数阴阳平衡,若要破除,怕是要以阵破阵,萧某造化门弟子不少,但能在这空间内布阵的又是不多,即便是萧某现在,仗着对符阵的了解,估计也不可能飞行自如……” Thinks of here brightly, Xiao Hua suddenly at present one! 想到此处,萧华突然眼前一亮! .
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