LCGIR :: Volume #13

#1270: Pretty immortal corpse

On Chong Yuan face one happy, but also when he just about to the heart movement, whiz a light sound, hand Middle Ages copper lock suddenly vanishes, looked again when took in Xiao Hua. 崇缘脸上一喜,但也就在他刚要心动之时,“嗖”一声轻响,手中古铜锁头蓦然消失,再看时已经拿在萧华手里了。 Too...... Too fierce!” In Chong Yuanxin shock in the extreme, he is clear tight, this ancient bronzes lock is gives to the Maiden Huan guard, oneself do not know that the sacrifice has built up many worlds, don't said ordinary Qi Immortal, is True Immortal Lower Realm is impossible such easily to take away. “太……太厉害了!”崇缘心中的震撼无以复加,他可是清楚的紧,这古铜锁头是自己送给焕姬护身的,自己不知道祭炼过多少世,莫说普通气仙,就是真仙下界也不可能这么轻易夺去。 Suddenly, honored the reason almost to lose the courage of resistance! 一时间,崇缘几乎失去了抗争的勇气! However also when he loses courage, brushing that ancient bronzes lock sent in his hand by Xiao Hua. 不过也就在他失去勇气的时候,“刷”那古铜锁头又被萧华送入他手中。 You...... Do you do?” “你……你干嘛?” Honored the reason to be somewhat disorderly. 崇缘有些凌乱了。 All right, I have a look at this lock anything appearance, turns head also to give small Qiu Mo and Lu Shu child buys one!” “没事儿,我看看这锁头什么样子,回头也给小萩茉陆书的孩子买一个!” Xiao Hua does not return, was replying with a smile. 萧华头也不回,笑吟吟的回答着。 Honored the reason almost to collapse on the ground. 崇缘几乎要瘫倒在地上了。 However, sees with own eyes ancient bronzes gate Tonouchi, familiar side Le Gong appears in his at present, Chong Yuan clenches teeth, in the heart called out: Maiden Huan, you could rest assured that this world some people cannot break up us!” 但是,眼见古铜门户之内,熟悉的极乐宫出现在他的眼前,崇缘咬牙,心中叫道:“焕姬,你放心,这世间不会有人可以拆散我们!” Xiao Hua has not entered the Dragon Pond palace, therefore does not have what concrete impression to this so-called crape myrtle 18 palaces, Xiao Hua has a mind to call Lu Shu, may think this time Lu Shu key, he cannot harass the happiness of disciple second half lifetime, therefore also at will takes a walk in the phoenix pavilion palace. 萧华没有进入龙池宫,所以对这所谓的紫薇18宫没有什么具体的印象,萧华有心把陆书叫出,可想着这时候正是陆书的关键,他怎么也不能扰乱了弟子们后半辈子的幸福,所以也就随意在凤阁宫内走动。 The phoenix pavilion palace does not have to be tightly guarded, besides some immortal puppet that Xiao Hua thinks, some is quite the mysterious imprisonment, the entire palace is passing dreary and deterioration. 凤阁宫并没有萧华所想的戒备森严,除了一些仙傀,还有一些颇是玄奥的禁锢,整个殿宇透着萧瑟和衰败。 Naturally, in the phoenix pavilion palace proliferates the flame . Moreover the flame becomes the resembles of phoenix, this is also the reason of phoenix pavilion palace name! 当然,凤阁宫内遍布火焰,而且火焰多成凤凰之像,这也就是凤阁宫名字的来由吧! Along with the Xiao Hua thorough phoenix pavilion palace, Chong Yuan the facial expression starts obviously intense, Xiao Hua has a look at Chong Yuan not to speak, he waits for Chong Yuan to consider clearly. 随着萧华深入凤阁宫,崇缘的神情明显开始紧张,萧华看看崇缘并没有说话,他等着崇缘自己考虑清楚。 Saw with own eyes that a first three same palace gate stands erect, above has the similar flame ignition, there is a similar phoenix to dance in the air, but Xiao Hua not any hesitant, flies directly toward the left hand palace gate, honored the reason to collapse thoroughly, before he rushed to the palace gate, roared: desolate big honorable person, you...... How can you so bully the weak?” 眼见头前三个相同的殿门矗立,其上有相似的火焰灼烧,也有相似的凤凰飞舞,但萧华没有任何犹豫,径直朝着左手殿门飞去,崇缘彻底崩溃了,他冲到殿门之前,咆哮道:“萧大真人,你……你怎么能如此以大欺小?” Xiao Hua stopped, smiles saying: How did old man bully the weak?” 萧华停了下来,笑眯眯道:“老夫如何以大欺小了?” You...... Your Spirit Transformation Immortal, even there is a True Immortal strength, how also to bully me and other pitiful Dust Immortal?” “你……你都化灵仙,甚至有真仙实力了,怎么还欺负我等可怜的尘仙?” „Are you Dust Immortal?” Xiao Hua coldly said that you, when year has not clamored, Daoist Xiao, I will come back!’, Yes, you came back now, the old man also came, what's wrong...... Is this bully thing weak that you said?” “你是尘仙吗?”萧华冷冷道,“你当世年不是还叫嚣过,‘萧真人,我会回来的!’,是啊,你现在回来了,老夫也来了,怎么……这就是你说的以大欺小?” I...... I......” on Chong Yuan the face give birth awkwardly, moreover in the mouth the spoken language also stutters, all the way, he already calculated hundred and thousand, has thought the laws of innumerable dealing, but all laws of dealing bumped into Xiao Hua formerly easily to receive the strength of knocker, all changes to the flying ash! “我……我……”崇缘脸上生出尴尬,而且口中言语也结巴,一路上,他早就盘算成百上千遍,想了无数的应对之法,但所有应对之法一碰到萧华先前轻易收起门环的实力,皆都是化作飞灰! Already so......” in Chong Yuan the sudden heart gives birth decidedly, he lifts the hand in his chest front racket, ......” blood of blowout a wisp of bottom of the heart, falls to the ancient bronzes lock in his hand on, the stern voice and appearance said, Daoist Xiao, this is you compels, I died have made trouble do not let off you!” “既如此……”崇缘突然心中生出决然,他抬手在自己胸前一拍,“噗……”一缕心尖之血喷出,正是落到他手中的古铜锁头上,声色俱厉道,“萧真人,这是你逼的,我死了做鬼也不放过你!” Then, honored reason Immortal Body to start like the water ebullition, hand Middle Ages copper lock to have the beautiful brilliance, at the same time, all around palace error, the palace gate seemed is lit general, bloomed the dazzling brilliance, the burning hots of destructions started to flood in the space! 说完,崇缘仙躯开始如水般沸腾,手中古铜锁头生出妖艳光彩,与此同时,四周宫阙,还有殿门好似被点燃一般,绽放出刺目的光焰,一股股毁灭的炙热开始在空间内充斥! „When you make trouble I do not fear you, now possibly to be how afraid?” “你做鬼时我都不怕你,现在怎么可能害怕?” Xiao Hua light sneering, does he give back to Chong Yuan not to let him the lock so? 萧华淡淡的冷笑,他把锁头还给崇缘不就是想让他如此么? But sees the Xiao Hua big sleeve to wield, „......” golden light sprinkles, already honoring around the reason the space imprisonment, the golden light such as the water instant irrigated all around flame extinguishes! 但见萧华大袖一挥,“呜……”金光洒落,早就把崇缘四周空间禁锢,金光如水瞬时把四周火焰浇得熄灭! In Chong Yuan both eyes torching, a Xiao Hua finger check, was honored reason Essence Blood permeating the ancient bronzes lock to fall into the Xiao Hua hand, said: Old man also worried that the gateway of this phoenix pavilion palace is not good to open, you are actually intimate, early prepared the lock!” 就在崇缘双目喷火中,萧华手指一勾,那被崇缘精血渗入的古铜锁头落入萧华手中,说道:“老夫还担心这凤阁宫的门户不好打开,你倒是贴心,早把锁头准备好了!” Took the lock, Xiao Hua Amplified Sense has swept, look Chong Yuan of interested, said with a smile: Your words...... Right, this lock as if early offered a sacrifice to refine by you actually......” 拿了锁头,萧华衍念一扫,饶有兴趣的看看崇缘,笑道:“你的话……倒是没错,这锁头似乎早被你祭炼过……” Immediately Xiao Hua raises hand, places not far away the lock in the palace gate, in this time palace gate, this two knockers is, only then a knocker as before, above also has the slight flame to assume the phoenix to dance in the air. 随即萧华扬手,将锁头放在不远处的殿门上,此时的殿门上,本是有两个门环的所在,只有一个门环依旧,其上还有细微的火焰呈凤凰飞舞。 Bang......” lock falls on the knocker, that knocker also flashes, but the palace gate does not have what change, only exudes the bellow that sobs. “轰……”锁头落在门环上,那门环同时闪动,但殿门并没有什么变化,只发出呜咽的轰鸣声。 This had felt strange......” Xiao Hua puts out the knocker that formerly imprisoned, has a look at the lock, strange say/way, „a knocker and a lock cannot open, if two knockers? Chong Yuan, you do not have the lock, how can enter the main hall??” “这就奇怪了……”萧华拿出先前禁锢的门环,看看锁头,奇道,“一个门环和一个锁头不能打开,若是两个门环呢?崇缘,你没有锁头,怎么能进入大殿??” Although Chong Yuan clenches jaws, but in the double pupil has also revealed the worry, at this time every single word or phrase said: Who told you me to go in?” 崇缘虽然咬牙切齿,但双眸中也流露了担心,此时一字一句道:“谁告诉你我进去过?” Haha, originally you have defended in the entrance!” Xiao Hua laughs, „not clear is any situation!” “哈哈,原来你一直守在门口啊!”萧华大笑,“也不清楚里面到底是什么情况!” Then, Xiao Hua post of another knocker in toward the palace gate, bang......” two knockers sends out the ancient bronzes light shadow, its Shangfenghuang starts to dance in the air, the direction that but two phoenixes dance in the air is different, on the knocker gives birth to two direction opposite vortex! 说完,萧华把另外一个门环往殿门上一贴,“轰……”两个门环发出古铜光影,其上凤凰开始飞舞,不过两个凤凰飞舞的方向不同,门环上生出两个方向相反的漩涡! Brushes......” approaches the superposition along with two vortex, the knocker also vanishes, the palace gate changes to the single layer such as the flame of ripples. “刷……”随着两个漩涡靠近重合,门环同时消失,殿门化作一重如涟漪的火焰。 „Can I go in?” Xiao Hua looks at the flame to ask Chong Yuandao. “我可以进去么?”萧华看着火焰问崇缘道。 „Does foot on your leg, I decide?” Looks at the words of some Xiao Hua cat play mice, Chong Yuan has a mind not to be angry, but looks at the brilliant flame, his heart cannot be tranquil, cannot bear reply. “脚在你腿上,我说了算吗?”看着萧华有些猫戏老鼠的话,崇缘有心不生气,但看着灼灼火焰,他的心着实不能平静,忍不住回答道。 Also!” Xiao Hua smiles, takes a step to step into the flame. “也是啊!”萧华笑笑,举步踏入火焰。 Chong Yuan the vision somewhat anticipated, as if this flame is unusual, but the Xiao Hua whole body pale golden color gloss is dazzling than the color of it ancient bronzes, flame ignition in the past not any sound. 崇缘的目光有些期待,似乎这火焰非同寻常,但萧华周身淡金色光泽比之古铜之色更加耀眼,火焰灼烧过去没有任何动静。 ......” honors the reason long to vent anger, depressed of face, any schemes and tricks before Xiao Hua remarkably outstanding Magical Ability were the range chicken earthenware dog. “呼……”崇缘长长出了口气,一脸的沮丧,任何阴谋诡计在萧华卓然出众的神通前都是土鸡瓦狗。 “Oh?” Xiao Hua bridges over the gateway, the front surface is the space that flame floods, the space center has a shape, if the transparent coffin of phoenix, around the coffin, there is a phoenix that a 7 * 7 = 49 color varies to wave, these phoenixes are the flame congealments! “哦?”萧华跨过门户,迎面就是一个火焰充斥的空间,空间中央有个状若凤凰的透明棺木,棺木四周,有七七四十九个颜色各异的凤凰舞动,这些凤凰都是火焰凝结! The phoenix waves has assorted hot silk to fall into the coffin, but Xiao Hua sees clearly, this hot silk does not fall into the immortal corpse of coffin, but falls on charm of immortal corpse forehead! 凤凰舞动是有各色火丝落入棺木,但萧华看得清楚,这火丝并非落入棺木的仙尸,而是落在仙尸额头的一个符箓 The crape myrtle stars that if this charm shape the stars, saw with formerly Xiao Hua are somewhat similar, but on the stars is the flames, but the flame is dim now, is similar to the wind the things that may cause fires, momentarily can annihilate! 符箓状若星辰,跟先前萧华所见到的紫薇星辰有些相似,只不过星辰上都是火光,而火光如今黯淡,如同风中火烛,随时可以湮灭! Sitting that the flame deep place, several immortal puppet do not realize there, by immortal puppet also has a giant broad-ax! Is that broad-ax not just Xiao Hua that day gives Maiden Huan? 火焰深处,几个仙傀毫无意识的坐在那里,其中一个仙傀旁边还有个巨大板斧!那板斧不正是萧华元日交给焕姬的? The Xiao Hua figure flies, all around flame avoids immediately, under the Xiao Hua foot lives getting angry lotus to arrive above the coffin! 萧华身形飞起,四周火焰立时回避,萧华足下生出火莲走到棺木之上! Has not stemmed from the anticipation of Xiao Hua, in the coffin is one has thousand zhang (3.33 m) immortal corpse fully, the immortal corpse has a beautiful face Maiden Huan! 并没有出乎萧华的意料,棺木之内是一个足有千丈的仙尸,仙尸眉目如画正是焕姬
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