LCGIR :: Volume #11

#1004: Kills 2 immortals

? But......” Wen Feng looks at the Fixed Wind Beast of guarding under own, talked to oneself, I, if enters the channel, the spirit wind is not easy to do, it is Fixed Wind Beast, perhaps will cause the channel change!” ?“但是……”闻风又看看守在自己身下的风恒兽,自语,“我若是进入通道,灵风又不好办,它是风恒兽,说不定会引起通道变化!” „But if lets matters drift, does not go to put to death personally, could not find that thing!” “可若是听之任之,不去亲手诛杀,也找不到那东西啊!” „!” Ponders over, Wen Feng coldly smiled, talked to oneself, killed Gathering Essence Immortal Initial Rank, but also needed the Wen Ying aid?” “罢了!”思前想后,闻风冷冷一笑,自语道,“杀一个聚元仙初阶,还需闻影援手么?” Then, Wen Feng whispered several to the Fixed Wind Beast spirit wind, that Fixed Wind Beast figure reduced once more changes to the shape of mail-armor and helmet to fall on Wen Feng, Wen Feng had a look at the iron grey bead that fluttered, mouth one, swallowed into the endo-abdominal the bead, he does not want to leave any trace here. 说完,闻风冲着风恒兽灵风低语几句,那风恒兽身形再次缩小化作甲胄之状落在闻风身上,闻风看看飘飞的灰白色珠子,将嘴一张,把珠子吞入腹内,他不想在此处留下任何痕迹。 Breaks in the gap, the front surface is the familiar channel, this channel is unstable, once for a while somewhat inexplicable Stars and Moon Light Pillar, the powerful Plane fluctuation falls by the channel barrier, some occasional also Huo Wu residual water glares drift. 冲入缺口,迎面就是熟悉的通道,这通道并不稳固,时不时有些莫名的星月光柱,还有强悍的界面波动透过通道壁垒落下,偶尔的还有一些火舞残留的水光漂移出来。 Wen Feng has not emitted Amplified Sense, he pats oneself waist gently, the Fixed Wind Beast figure shivers, emits several thousand over ten thousand air/Qi silk to protect his whole body. 闻风没有放出衍念,他轻轻一拍自己腰间,风恒兽身形颤抖,放出数千上万的气丝将他周身护住。 Wen Feng flies into entrance more than hundred li (0.5 km), the stop will wave to whisk to put out slightly, that will whisk flutters with the wind, will look like is quite elegant, no matter what no one can think that this will be executes the immortal the sharp weapon, just extinguished kills Gathering Essence Immortal! 闻风飞入通道入口百余里,略微停顿挥手将拂尘拿出,那拂尘随风飘荡,看起来颇是飘逸,任谁都想不到这是诛仙的利器,刚刚灭杀聚元仙 The preparation is ready, the Wen Feng corners of the mouth show smiling face, flies slowly, seems the cat of chase mouse is the same, waits to compel the hopeless situation Xiao Hua. 准备停当,闻风嘴角露出笑容,缓缓飞动,就好似追逐老鼠的猫一样,等着把萧华逼到绝境。 The channel is not only curving, shatter that the light of star moon/month but also some distortions, Strength of Plane will reveal occasionally presses, the glimmer according to the Wen Feng face, reveals the self-satisfied smiling face. It seems is inspecting own achievement, Wen Feng has flown, the vision has swept from various channel places. Although cannot say that here slightest he is familiar, so long as can hide does not let off in him. 通道不仅弯曲,还有些扭曲,界面之力将偶尔显露的星月之光都压的破碎,微光照在闻风脸上,显露出得意的笑容。就好似在检阅自己的成果,闻风一路飞过,目光从通道各处扫过。虽不能说这里的分毫他都熟悉,但只要能藏身的所在他都不放过。 Saw with own eyes channel end, has not seen Xiao Hua, Wen Feng somewhat was anxious. 只是,眼见到了通道尽头,也不曾见到萧华,闻风有些惴惴不安了。 Is it possible that he......” just thought of here, in the distant place glimmer, saw that the Xiao Hua whole body flashes silver light, was similar to trapped/sleepy beast is staring at his vision stubbornly. “莫非他……”刚想到此处,远处微光中,就见到萧华周身闪动银光,如同困兽般死死盯着他的目光了。 Haha......” Wen Feng sees that to laugh, said, knows what is called to catch a turtle in a jar?” “哈哈……”闻风见状大笑,说道,“知道什么叫做瓮中捉鳖么?” Does not know!” Xiao Hua clenching jaws replied, I only know that anything was called to perish together!” “不知道!”萧华咬牙切齿回答道,“我只知道什么叫做同归于尽!” Haha, depends on you?” About Wen Feng has a look, you believe firmly that you do have the strength of broken? Moreover, you determined that I don't have subsequent hand?” “哈哈,就凭你?”闻风左右看看,“你确信你有破界之力?而且,你确定我没有后手?” Xiao Hua looks that Wen Feng retrocedes slightly, early expects Wen Feng not to grasp, coldly to ask back: Since you have the subsequent hand, why no longer goes forward several?” 萧华看着闻风微微后退,早料到闻风没有把握,不禁冷冷反问道:“既然你有后手,为何不再上前几步?” Wen Feng is biting the lip, stares at Xiao Hua not to speak, he fears Xiao Hua to perish together actually not, he dares to enter the channel naturally to run away, but Magical Ability, he has scruples is thunderous and the others the thing in hand. 闻风咬着嘴唇,也盯着萧华不语,他倒不是怕萧华同归于尽,他敢进入通道自然有逃遁而出的神通,他所顾忌是雷鸣等人手里的东西。 If formerly did not see thunderously, Wen Feng does not pay attention to this matter, may see, naturally does not want to miss this merit. But Wen Feng cannot state clearly with Xiao Hua, feared that is cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt to cause the Xiao Hua revolt. 若是先前不见到雷鸣,闻风也就不理会此事,可见到了,当然不想错过这件功劳。而闻风又不能跟萧华明说,怕投鼠忌器引起萧华反抗。 Xiao Hua looks at Wen Feng, actually with the Wen Feng same idea, he wants enters because of Wen Feng and Wen Ying together, may only then a Wen Feng person comes. Only kills Wen Feng one, matter is not complete, he wants to wait again. 萧华看着闻风,其实跟闻风一样的想法,他想因闻风闻影一起进入,可偏偏只有闻风一个人进来。只袭杀闻风一个,事情并不圆满,他想再等等。 What a pity Wen Feng does not give him opportunity, but sees in the Wen Feng hand various Xianchen to shake suddenly gently, ten thousand tattooing color break-ups move, he wants to put to death Xiao Hua early. 可惜闻风并不给他机会,但见闻风手中诸仙尘突然轻轻一抖,万点青光闪动,他想及早诛杀萧华 What a pity Xiao Hua early has to decide the idea, sees with own eyes Wen Feng to make a move, he hurriedly stimulate to motion Technique of Light Escape. Under Light Escape, the azure light changes acicular, all around rounds azure light such as the circumduction circles, Xiao Hua evaded strongly these light shadow lean the figure to fly from the wavilness azure light edge. 可惜萧华早有定计,眼见闻风出手,他急忙才催动光遁之术光遁之下,青光化作针状,四周一轮轮青光如环行盘旋,萧华竭力避过这些光影侧着身形从波浪状青光边缘飞过。 „?” Saw with own eyes that Xiao Hua vanishes suddenly, Wen Feng is extremely surprised, he emits Amplified Sense hurriedly, but has not discovered the Xiao Hua trail. But at this time the Fixed Wind Beast slight wind suddenly shivers, some azure light also annihilations of whisking, looked that annihilation the trail approaches itself. “啊?”眼见萧华突然消失,闻风极其惊讶,他急忙放出衍念,但并没有发现萧华的踪迹。而此时风恒兽的风丝蓦然颤抖,拂尘的青光也有一些湮灭,看那湮灭的踪迹正是靠近自己。 Damn!” Wen Feng in great surprise, he cannot think Xiao Hua also has this grade of Magical Ability unexpectedly, therefore he scolded one lowly, the figure moved, on that Fixed Wind Beast ran out of the hurricane to make a move to bind the Xiao Hua figure. “该死!”闻风大惊,他想不到萧华居然还有这等神通,所以他低骂一声,身形一动,那风恒兽身上冲出飓风出手要将萧华的身形裹住。 However, the Fixed Wind Beast tentacle just left, humming sound......” in channel some winds howl to sob, the space shivers extremely, obviously is unable to withstand Fixed Wind Beast Magical Ability. 但是,风恒兽触手刚出,“嗡嗡……”通道内有些风啸呜咽,空间极度颤抖,显然无法承受风恒兽神通 Wen Feng is helpless, can only pat Fixed Wind Beast, in that tentacle branches out stops hits to the Xiao Hua fuzzy trace. 闻风无奈,只能一拍风恒兽,那触手中分出一停打向萧华模糊的踪影。 What brushes......” makes Wen Feng more surprised is, the tentacle falling place enters hits spatially! “刷……”让闻风更加吃惊的是,触手落处进入打空! „It is not good!” Wen Feng realizes anything suddenly, in heart startled say/way, he...... He must run away......” “不好!”闻风突然意识到什么,心中惊道,“他……他要逃……” Brushes......” at this time, Wen Feng behind has the bloodstain and wind sound/rumor resounds, Xiao Hua treads the light once more appears the figure fully in the channel. “刷……”此时,闻风身后有血渍和风声响起,萧华足踏碎光在通道之内再次显出身形。 „To run away? Does not have the gate!” Wen Feng grins fiendishly, the body shakes suddenly, „......” around channel, myriad slight winds congeal the lattice, pulpy Xiao Hua has captured right in the face toward the left arm. “想逃?没门!”闻风狞笑,突然间身躯一震,“呜……”通道四周,有万千风丝凝结成网状,朝着左臂已经稀烂的萧华劈头盖脸兜来。 This slight wind is Wen Feng self-help, at this time used to surround Xiao Hua to be appropriate! 这风丝本来是闻风自救之用,此时用了困住萧华正是合适! Who knows that Xiao Hua does not pay attention to the Wen Feng slight wind, his left hand lifts, buzz Frost Sword wields, saw with own eyes that all around ice dregs gives birth, frozen freezes the slight wind, the Wen Feng both eyes circle opens the eyes urgently saying: Frost Sword??” 谁知道萧华根本不理会闻风的风丝,他左手一抬,“嗡”冰霜剑挥出,眼见四周冰渣生出,冰封将风丝都冻结,闻风双眼圆睁急道:“冰霜剑??” Brushing Wen Feng shakes to execute the immortal dust hurriedly, continuously thin extremely slight wind all around the space will seal up, although frozen is as before unapproachable, but the speed was slower! “刷”闻风急忙一抖诛仙尘,一缕缕极细的风丝将四周空间封住,虽然冰封依旧无可匹敌,但毕竟速度慢了很多! Buzz......” Fixed Wind Beast, although shivers, but the giant tentacle finds out once more, straight in-line to ice layer! “嗡……”风恒兽虽然颤抖,但巨大的触手再次探出,直直插向冰层! Bye......” Xiao Hua was suddenly surreptitious smiles, receives Frost Sword, both hands has raised, wū wū......” two fire dragons from out of the blue, crazy sneaking into ice layer! “再见吧……”萧华突然诡秘一笑,收了冰霜剑,双手一扬,“呜呜……”两条火龙破空而出,疯狂的窜入冰层! At this time in the channel, that ice layer has not congealed completely, in the fire dragon silk invades. 此时通道之内,那冰层没有完全凝结,火龙化丝侵入内中。 What meaning?” Wen Feng is somewhat puzzled, after all his Fixed Wind Beast hurricane is also ice-breaking. “什么意思?”闻风有些不解,毕竟他的风恒兽的飓风也在破冰。 However, when Xiao Hua raises hand once more, a crystal symbol falls, bang space fluctuation blasts open in the ice and hot gentle breeze, in the channel stands lives an enormous Principle turbulent flow! 但是,当萧华再次一扬手,一个晶符落入,“轰”空间波动在冰、火和风中炸裂,通道之内立生一股极大的法则乱流! „It is not good!” Wen Feng has been startled, he does not dare to let the Fixed Wind Beast stimulate to motion hurricane, is feared that inspires all around Plane mighty waves, but Xiao Hua this Principle turbulent flow may compared with the Fixed Wind Beast hurricane fierce several fold! “不好!”闻风魂飞天外了,他不敢让风恒兽催动飓风,就是怕引动四周的界面波澜,而萧华法则乱流可比风恒兽的飓风厉害数倍啊! These Xiao Hua direct the Plane mighty waves to extinguish kills oneself meaning! 这些萧华界面波澜灭杀自己的意思啊! The Wen Feng figure in a flash, executes immortal dust to make crazily, that Fixed Wind Beast also suddenly the exsomatize, changes to the clouds to charge into the Principle turbulent flow, is similar to makes dumplings to bind generally the turbulent flow! 闻风身形一晃,诛仙尘疯狂打出,那风恒兽也蓦然离体,化作云朵冲向法则乱流,如同包饺子一般将乱流裹住! Rumbling......” the sounds of innumerable fulmination get up, Fixed Wind Beast Monster Body was hit tattered and torn by the Principle turbulent flow, but beside the channel, the Plane turbulent flow to/clashes similarly like the sea tide, rips shatter the channel. “轰轰轰……”无数爆鸣之音响起,风恒兽妖躯法则乱流打得千疮百孔,而通道之外,界面乱流同样如海潮般冲来,将通道撕得破碎。 Brushes......” the Wen Feng figure to submerge Fixed Wind Beast one side within the body, departs from another side in a minute, but is during the breath, his Immortal Body had less than half shatter. “刷……”闻风身形没入风恒兽一侧体内,片刻间又从另外一侧飞出,不过是呼吸间,他的仙躯已经有小半个破碎。 The “Oh?” Wen Feng front surface sees Xiao Hua, Xiao Hua has not flown, he coldly said, you also do want to come one time again?” “哦?”闻风迎面又见萧华,萧华并没有远飞,他冷冷道,“你还想再来一次?” Saying, Xiao Hua takes up Frost Sword once more. 说着,萧华再次拿起冰霜剑 Damn!” Gives birth when the Wen Feng eye decidedly, prepares the broken cauldron sunken ship, Xiao Hua behind broadcasts the Wen Ying sound, accept you coming fate!” “该死!”就在闻风眼中生出决然,准备破釜沈舟时,萧华身后传来闻影的声音,“纳命来!” Wen Feng is overjoyed, in his forehead Immortal Mark opens, the unusual Eight Trigrams (gossip) light shadow dips, this light shadow mistake, the Wen Feng fuzzy figure like the water washout, reveals a slightly fat face. 闻风大喜过望,他眉心中仙痕张开,奇特的八卦光影倾落,这光影过处,闻风模糊的身形如水般冲刷,显露出一张微胖的脸面。 However Xiao Hua is inferior to look at the Wen Feng look, because of the place of his vest, fearful shiver of difficult word gives birth, Wen Ying that human form shadow has bullied to his! 不过萧华不及都看闻风的相貌,因为他的背心之处,难言的惊栗生出,闻影那人形影子已经欺到他的身后! This person of speed extremely......” Xiao Hua wants not to want stimulate to motion Technique of Light Escape, the secretly thought, to slaughter immediately at heart directly, I feared that is not his rival!” “这人的速度太过……”萧华想都不想立时催动光遁之术,心里暗道,“正面厮杀,我怕不是他的敌手!” Saw with own eyes that the Xiao Hua figure vanishes, Wen Feng urgently said: Seals up the channel, makes him run away!” 眼见萧华身形消失,闻风急道:“封住通道,莫让他逃过去!” Wen Ying does not know Wen Feng what intent, but he wields according to word both hands, the gray-black blade light blocks the channel! 闻影不知闻风何意,不过他依言双手一挥,灰黑色刀光将通道封死! However, just appeared in blade light, rumbling......” the sound of space thundering, the right hand place that vanishes from Xiao Hua resounds, but sees the flame, the water glare, the sword light wait/etc. seem the meteor gives birth generally suddenly, the thin barrier place flushed away toward the channel! 但是,也就在刀光刚刚出现,“轰轰轰……”一阵空间轰鸣之声,从萧华消失的右手处响起,但见火光,水光,剑光等等好似流星一般突然生出,朝着通道本就稀薄的壁垒处冲去! „!!” Wen Ying and Wen Feng have been surprised, said with one voice, he...... He must perish together!” “啊!!”闻影闻风大吃一惊了,异口同声道,“他……他要同归于尽!” The Xiao Hua crystal symbol naturally contains the Space Principle crystal symbol, this time may with a difference, then not have Fixed Wind Beast to protect the crystal symbol of blasting open first, the blasting open place channel barrier such as the paper stick was shattered, that Plane turbulent flow flood breaks in the channel, not only Wen Feng with the Wen Ying room partition, is by the plunging channel of roaring, turbulent flow mistake channel cuns (2.5 cm) break! 萧华的晶符自然蕴含空间法则的晶符,这次可跟先次不同,再没有风恒兽护住炸裂的晶符,炸裂处通道壁垒如纸糊般破碎,那界面乱流洪水般冲入通道,不仅将闻风闻影隔断,更是咆哮的扑向通道两侧,乱流过处通道寸寸断裂! Wen Feng......” Wen Ying was greatly anxious, called out, quick......” 闻风……”闻影大急,叫道,“快……” Wen Feng naturally does not dare to neglect, his figure wind jumps into the Plane turbulent flow, wants to throw to the place of Wen Ying, that Wen Ying puts out a hand similarly, although that big hand twists in the turbulent flow extremely, but as before slowly approaches Wen Ying...... 闻风自然不敢怠慢,他身形化风扑入界面乱流,想要扑到闻影之处,那闻影同样伸出手去,那大手虽然在乱流中极度扭曲,但依旧缓缓接近闻影…… Felt own big hand one tight, as if caught Wen Feng, the Wen Ying great happiness, just about to the use is Magical Ability, his, the Xiao Hua sound resounds: This channel is you and others supposed? When today you and other burial ground , is thunderous they to revenge......” 感觉自己大手一紧,似乎抓到了闻风,闻影大喜,刚要动用是神通,他的身后,萧华的声音响起:“这通道是你等设下的吧?今元日就当你等的葬身之地,也算是为雷鸣他们报仇了……” „?” Wen Ying is surprised, his inconceivable turning head, but sees Xiao Hua less than half Immortal Body to be stave, standing of whole body bloodstained in that place, but in his complete right hand, took an incomplete demon blade! “啊?”闻影大吃一惊,他不可思议的回头,但见萧华小半个仙躯破碎,周身血迹斑斑的站在那处,而在他完好的右手中,正是拿了一把残缺的魔刃! The Xiao Hua right arm is very the towering living hemorrhage light, myriad demons gush out from the blood light, immediately the Xiao Hua extremely decisive wielding demon blade, after brushes......” together the blood light, the channel was shattered, the Plane turbulent flow emerges from the shatter place, between the space Xiao Hua and Wen Ying submerges! 萧华右臂很是突兀的生出血光,万千的魔头从血光中涌出,随即萧华极其果断的挥动魔刃,“刷……”一道血光之后,通道破碎,界面乱流从破碎处涌入,将萧华闻影间空间淹没! You...... How do you arrive at me behind?” Wen Ying abandoned Wen Feng hurriedly, figure changes to the shadow to break in the Plane turbulent flow, he was Gathering Essence Immortal, how dares to fall into the Plane hedge was at? “你……你怎么到我身后的?”闻影急忙舍了闻风,身形化作影子冲入界面乱流,他不过是聚元仙,怎么敢陷入界面对冲的所在? However also in Wen Ying turns around, he sees Plane indistinctly shatter beside, seems a channel is, puts out is collapsing similarly, flashes the chaotic ray. 不过也就在闻影转身间,他隐约看到界面破碎之外,也有一个好似通道的所在,拿出同样在崩溃,闪动乱糟糟的光芒。 But Wen Ying has not examined carefully, his shadow falls into the Plane turbulent flow, immediately changes to trillion luminous spots, flushed toward Xiao Hua...... 只不过闻影没有细看,他的影子落入界面乱流,立时化作亿万光点,朝着萧华冲了过来…… Ps: Fellow Daoist who likes this book, welcome to beginning( book. /info/1010594608) subscription supports, casts a monthly ticket, casts the recommendation ticket, the collection, hits to enjoy, thank the support of all forms!! 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