KLP :: Volume #9

#832: dragoness must melt the dragon

Such that just like Ji Yuan expects, Zuo Wuji and the others are at the breakthrough stage now , was unable to control the body to change completely, vitality the hold of strong destiny, naturally cannot escape the attention of Tianyu Continent each expert. 正如计缘所预料的那样,左无极等人如今正处于突破阶段,也还无法完全掌控身体变化,气血之强气运之盛,当然逃不过天禹洲各个高人的注意。 Regarding other immortals said that cultivator is road of not the clear so-called martial arts, clearly what can see is these martial artist talents different reported, naturally wants the income hanger-on, substitutes the hanger-on this destiny. 对于其他仙道修士而言是并不清楚所谓武道之路的,能清楚看到的是这几个武者的天赋异禀,自然想要收入门下,也将这气运代入门下。 Has not thought that these people really do not want to become an immortal unexpectedly, when is stunned also can only sigh to be a pity. 只是没想到这些人竟然真的不想成仙,错愕之余也只能叹息可惜。 ...... …… Several days later the Ji Yuan governing wind flies alone in the boundless sea, when saw that an island Ji Yuan fell from the sky, stands on the shore reef. 几天后计缘独自御风飞在茫茫大海上,在看到一座海岛的时候计缘才从天空落下,站到了岸边礁石上。 All around is the uneventful scene, the Ji Yuan sleeve cuff flings, Niu Batian, Mountain Monarch Lu, Wang Youhong and Corpse Nine all flew from the Ji Yuan sleeve. 前后左右皆是风平浪静的景象,计缘袖口一甩,牛霸天陆山君汪幽红尸九全都从计缘的袖中飞了出来。 Finally came out, old ox my for fear that Mister Ji you forgot us!” “终于出来了,老牛我生怕计先生您把我们忘了!” Niu Batian hehe spoke with a smile, could not see the tense feeling, but Mountain Monarch Lu also smiled in the nearby is saluting to Ji Yuan, bows the stance of bending the waist to be respectful, in mouth also tranquil say/way. 牛霸天嘿嘿笑着说话,丝毫看不出紧张感,而陆山君也在边上微笑着向计缘行礼,躬身弯腰的姿态毕恭毕敬一丝不苟,口中还平静道。 Many thanks the graciousness of Mister Ji not killing, below Lu Wu, ox the brother they is a good friend, this time Lu also spares no effort to help.” “多谢计先生不杀之恩,在下陆吾,牛兄他们皆是好友,此番陆某也是不遗余力帮忙的。” Wang Youhong and Corpse Nine also hurry with salute together, but Niu Batian and Lu Wu these two monster can achieve to be without turning a hair in this case, they two actually cannot achieve, particularly Lu Wu this fellow, sees Mister Ji for the first time before the experience, like that horror, unexpectedly can seem like the cool heart not to jump. 汪幽红尸九也赶紧随着一起行礼,但牛霸天陆吾这两个妖怪能在这种情况下做到面不改色,他们两却做不到,尤其是陆吾这家伙,第一次见计先生又见识之前那般恐怖景象,居然能看起来面不改色心不跳。 Ji Yuan nods toward Mountain Monarch Lu, later opens the mouth to say. 计缘向着陆山君点了点头,随后开口道。 Several do not need to be overly courteous, this can have such victory several to have lasting achievements, repaid some previous sins, what words can you have to say?” “几位不必多礼,今次能有如此战果几位功不可没,也算是偿还了一些此前的罪孽,你们可有什么话要说?” Corpse Nine opens mouth, wants to remind Ji Yuan do not forget to help him speaks in front of the teacher and master ancestor, but thought that Mister Ji will definitely not forget, oneself reminded is not instead beautiful, has not made noise. 尸九张了张嘴,本想提醒计缘不要忘了帮他在师尊和师祖面前说话,但又觉得计先生肯定不会忘,自己提醒反而不美,也就没有出声。 Ha, Mister Ji did not kill my old ox is the biggest gracious gift, old ox has turned a new leaf!” “哈哈哈,计先生不杀我老牛就是最大的恩赐了,老牛已经改邪归正了!” Niu Batian laughed was saying, but Wang Youhong and in the Corpse Nine heart actually cannot believe that old ox words, but Mountain Monarch Lu at the same time is smiling again a ritual. 牛霸天大笑着这么说,但汪幽红尸九心中却不太敢相信老牛的话,而一边的陆山君则是微笑着再行一礼。 Mister Ji wonderful expert, looking at reverently the mister graceful bearing is the good fortune!” 计先生道妙高人,瞻仰先生风姿便是幸事!” Looks at Niu Batian and Lu Wu two people performance, Ji Yuan has not said anything, after having swept Corpse Nine, finally fell Wang Youhong body the line of sight. 看着牛霸天陆吾两人的表现,计缘没说什么,扫过尸九后,最后将视线落到了汪幽红身上 But did some words say?” “可有话说?” Wang Youhong hesitant, opens the mouth to ask carefully. 汪幽红犹豫了一下,还是小心地开口问道。 „Can Mister Ji, give back to me the previous peach tree twig? The peach tree twig I refine to melt was very long, with me was closely linked, if the body of fractal, initially was therefore , can deceive Mister Ji one chapter......” 计先生,能把此前的桃枝还给我吗?桃枝我炼化了很久了,与我息息相关如若分形之体,当初就是因此,才,才能骗过计先生一回……” Ji Yuan smiled, took out the peach tree twig from the sleeve directly, the peach blossom on peach tree twig still the tender and beautiful desire drops at this moment. 计缘笑了下,直接从袖中取出了桃枝,桃枝上的桃花此刻依然娇艳欲滴。 Buzz......” “嗡……” Under a azure vine sword light cry, sword intent fills the air makes others chill in the air raid the body, particularly Wang Youhong, only thought that the whole body tingling with numbness fine hair stands upside down, even can feel that the immortal sword has hung in the side. 青藤剑一阵轻鸣,剑意弥漫之下令旁人寒意袭身,尤其是汪幽红,只觉得浑身发麻汗毛倒立,甚至能感觉到仙剑已经悬于身旁。 However the next quarter, all sword intent all vanished, as if just now is the misconception. 不过下一刻,所有剑意全都消失了,仿佛方才都是错觉。 Ji Yuan takes the peach tree twig to look carefully, later gives Wang Youhong it. 计缘拿着桃枝细细看着,随后将它递给汪幽红 This peach tree twig came from where, is anything relates with you, can say clearly with Ji.” “这桃枝从何而来,同你又是什么关系,可以同计某讲讲清楚。” Wang Youhong first is one happy, received the peach tree twig carefully, then in relaxes slightly also the own matter discussed. 汪幽红先是一喜,小心接过桃枝,然后在微微松一口气的同时也将自己的事讲了出来。 Returns to the words of mister, Wang Youhong is a Araki peach tree, long near one withered blood-color old peach trees, when also does not know starts, is getting more and more clear to the feeling, when I condensed the elf to discover these withering old peach started to pull out new unexpectedly, why did not know, they and me seduced enormously, I very natural took its essence cultivation, this peach tree twig was I in the law of refiner, grew from the source peach tree refinement......” “回先生的话,汪幽红本是一颗荒城桃树,长在一片枯萎的血色老桃树边,也不知什么时候开始,对外界的感觉越来越清晰,等我凝聚精灵才发现了那些枯萎老桃居然开始抽新枝了,不知为何,它们与我而言诱惑极大,我就很自然地取其精华修行了,这桃枝是我以炼器之法,从本源桃树炼制生长出来的……” old ox and under Mountain Monarch Lu heart understands clearly, originally Wang Youhong is the peach tree condenses the elf then to cultivate/repair the true body, no wonder they cannot look through this fellow true body are anything, can say that his ordinary condition is the true body, that Araki peach tree is also the true body. 老牛和陆山君心下了然,原来汪幽红是桃树凝聚精灵然后再修出真身的,难怪他们看不破这家伙真身是什么,也可以说他平常状态是真身,那荒城桃树也是真身。 Ji Yuan knits the brows slightly. 计缘微微皱眉。 Blood-color old peach, whether to bring Ji to have a look?” “血色老桃,可否带计某去看看?” On the Wang Youhong face slightly anxiously, replied cautiously. 汪幽红脸上略显紧张,小心翼翼地回答道。 That...... these old peach tree essence had been attracted completely by me, had degenerated into the rotten wood, otherwise my Wang short several hundred years on body of spiritual cultivation by vegetation elf now so cultivation, therefore, I from not giving a name quiet red...... mister, if looked, then goes back to take several old peach to see the mister below.” “那个……那些老桃树精华已经被我吸尽了,早已沦为朽木,不然我汪某也不会短短几百年就以草木精灵之身修道现在这般道行,正因此,我自起名幽红……先生若要看,在下便回去取几棵老桃来见先生。” Absorption? 吸收了? Wang Youhong does not want to expose the main body in this excusable, but Ji Yuan listened to the situation brow tight wrinkle of old peach tree, long time later asked one. 汪幽红不想暴露本体所在这情有可原,而计缘听了老桃树的情况则眉头紧皱,良久之后才问了一句。 How do you see?” “你怎么看?” Wang Youhong looked subconsciously to others, Niu Batian Mountain Monarch Lu looked at each other in blank dismay, thought that Ji Yuan did not ask them, but Corpse Nine also felt similarly, then several people have not spoken. 汪幽红下意识看向旁人,牛霸天陆山君面面相觑,觉得计缘不是问他们,而尸九也是同样感觉,遂几人都没说话。 At this moment, in the Ji Yuan sleeve has the slightly hoarse sound to pass on. 这一刻,计缘的袖中却有略显沙哑的声音传出来。 Makes him give me a drop of blood.” “让他给我一滴血。” Who is speaking?” “是谁在说话?” Wang Youhong asked carefully, seems somewhat anxious, but Ji Yuan had taken out the Xie Zhi picture scroll from the sleeve, and looked to Wang Youhong. 汪幽红小心地问了一句,显得有些紧张,而计缘已经从袖中取出了獬豸画卷,并且看向了汪幽红 Compels drop of blood drop to arrive marks, does not need the essence and blood, the casual drop can.” “逼出一滴血滴到画上,无需精血,随便一滴便可。” Now Ji Yuan said that anything wants is not too request awfully, Wang Youhong does not dare to violate, therefore extends the index finger to compel a drop of blood directly, flew high to drop in the picture scroll, at this time, the strange monster beast on picture scroll actually moved, opened mouth to catch the blood directly, but also squish the mouth tasted the flavor. 现在计缘说什么只要不是太要命的要求,汪幽红都不敢违背,所以直接伸出食指逼出一滴血,凌空滴落到了画卷上,这时候,画卷上的古怪妖兽却动了,直接张开嘴接住了血,还吧唧嘴尝了尝味道。 Un, the flavor is good, no obstructs greatly.” “嗯,味道还行,没什么大碍。” The Xie Zhi sound has no fluctuating, Ji Yuan nods to receive the picture scroll. 獬豸的声音没有什么起伏,计缘点了点头收起画卷。 That old peach can take one to look for me, if today does not have other matters, we then distinguish, another day is predestined friends meets again.” “那老桃可以去取一棵来找我,今日若无其他事,我们便就此分别,他日有缘再会。” Yes!” Sees off Mister Ji!” “是!”“恭送计先生!” No matter how four people the respective condition, will all salute to see off with one voice, after Ji Yuan returned to a ritual , the under foot lives the fog, treads the cloud to depart in later. 四人不管各自状态如何,自会全都异口同声行礼相送,计缘回了一礼后脚下生雾,在之后踏云离去。 When for a long time, the sensation did not arrive at escaping of Ji Yuan in the past again up, Wang Youhong and Corpse Nine relax. 等过去许久,再也感知不到计缘的遁光了,汪幽红尸九才松了一口气。 Has not thought that old woof you also are really the essence of vegetation , you are Duke or female?” “没想到老汪你还真是草木之精,呃,那你到底是公的还是母的?” old ox did not have the origin to ask, making Wang Youhong think suddenly the back sent cool scalp tingles. 老牛没由来这么问了一句,令汪幽红忽然觉得脊背发凉头皮发麻。 Your what meaning?” “你什么意思?” „, Does not have other what meaning, old ox I asks casually......” “呃,没别的什么意思,老牛我就是随便问问……” Niu Batian flexure scratched the head, what issue did his saying have? Heard the essence of vegetation condenses the elf time originally does not have the division of sex, has the sex because of the choice of intention, old ox regarding this is very curious. 牛霸天挠了挠头,他这话有什么问题吗?听说草木之精凝聚精灵的时候本来是没性别之分的,生出性别是因为自身心意的选择,老牛对此还是很好奇的。 However Wang Youhong evades to old ox like the viper. 不过汪幽红对老牛避如蛇蝎。 Naturally male, my inside and outside which point image female?” “当然是男的,我里里外外哪点像女的?” old ox grinning, high and low sized up Wang Youhong, the heart said that you cannot see the multi- men inside and outside, even the name is also, but this meets him not to stimulate the opposite party, chose shutting up. 老牛咧了咧嘴,上下打量了一下汪幽红,心道你里里外外也看不出多男人,连名字也是,但这会他也不想刺激对方,选择了闭嘴。 Because of such a, the atmosphere was actually relaxing, Corpse Nine has the smile to look at Mountain Monarch Lu to say. 因为这么一出,气氛倒是轻松了一些,尸九带着微笑看着陆山君道。 Lu Wu, you see Mister Ji to be so calm for the first time, is really rare.” 陆吾,你第一次见计先生就能如此冷静,实在是难得。” The Mountain Monarch Lu eye belt/bring ghost, actually has the happy expression reply. 陆山君眼带煞,却含着笑意回答。 Mister Ji has not exerted anything to ban the magic arts in my body, forgave my life, to Bill and others, I naturally is much relaxed.” 计先生并未在我身上施加什么禁制法术,又果真饶了我一命,对比尔等,我自然轻松不少。” This saying said several people of expressions one stiffly, later discussed several mutually simply, decided to act temporarily together, left the island quickly. 这话说得几人表情一僵,随后相互简单商议几句,决定暂时一起行动,很快也离开了海岛。 Ji Yuan treads the cloud to soar alone, the line of sight institute and is the connection of boundless sea and universe, this meeting, Ji Yuan also asked one suddenly. 计缘独自踏云高飞,视线所及是苍茫大海与天宇的交汇,这会,计缘忽然又问了一句。 Xie Zhi, Wang Youhong matter actually how?” 獬豸,汪幽红的事情究竟如何?” Previously Xie Zhi was very possible to retain, this met Ji Yuan to ask, really the answer was also different. 此前獬豸很可能有所保留,这会计缘一问,果然答案也不同了。 Hehe, when Ji Yuan, the withered blood peach in this population, must be the ancient times in these space peach trees, when is living should has brought the vitality/angry, after dying, actually full is death qi, this surnamed Wang can be extension of this old peach, said straightforwardly, is this old peach makes an all-out effort to live, but he himself has not known.” “嘿嘿,计缘,这人口中的枯萎血桃,应当是远古之时那些天上桃树中的一棵,只是活着时本该是带来生气,死后却满是死气,这姓汪的可以算是这老桃的延续,说得直白点,就是这老桃拼力生下来的,只不过他自己还不知道而已。” Ji Yuan understands that Xie Zhi referred to anything, but Xie Zhi also said later. 计缘明白獬豸指的是什么了,不过随后獬豸又道。 First is Li family that boy, now discovers this peach tree essence surnamed Wang, can only say that truly was the time, un said, Ji Yuan, this and you somewhat are actually similar in some ideas that the netherworld incited.” “先是黎家那小子,现在又发现了这姓汪的桃树精,只能说确实是时候了,嗯说起来,计缘,这和你在阴间鼓捣的一些想法倒是有些类似。” Reincarnation?” “转世么?” Ji Yuan said lightly, seems like the question, the tone is actually more like the affirmation sentence, is also muttering. 计缘淡淡说了一句,看似是问话,语气却更像是肯定句,然后又喃喃着。 So a unrestrained gambling?” “如此岂不是一场豪赌?” The Ji Yuan voice falls, Xie Zhi has no reply, after some little time, his sound spreads the Ji Yuan sleeve again spookily. 计缘话音落下,獬豸却没有什么回答,直到好一会之后,他的声音才再次幽幽传出计缘的袖子。 Actually is the poor men, but does not want to miss......” “其实都是可怜人,只是不想错过罢了……” Ji Yuan looks down to own sleeve cuff, suddenly asked one. 计缘低头看向自己袖口,忽然问了一句。 „Did that eat to you?” “那都给你吃了呢?” Ha, that is naturally best! However your meeting?” “哈哈哈,那自然最好啊!不过你会么?” Ji Yuan pulled out the mouth, returned to one lightly. 计缘抽了抽嘴,淡淡回了一句。 Cannot.” “不会。” Your his mother......” “你他娘……” The Xie Zhi words spread three characters, behind was sealed completely in the sleeve, what sound cannot pass on. 獬豸的话才传出三个字,后面就完全被封在了袖内,什么声音都传不出来了。 Also was at this time, the Ji Yuan intention moved spirit sense to have the feeling, immediately counts on the fingers immediately origin of clear feeling, eastern earth cloud Zhounan hung, Ying Ruoli must melt the dragon, this meeting opposite party has been as if hoping his Ji person went back, caused Ji Yuan to have the induction. 也是这时候,计缘心念一动灵觉有感,立刻掐指一算顿时明白感觉的来源,东土云洲南垂,应若璃要化龙了,这会对方似乎一直在盼着他计某人回去,也引得计缘心生感应。
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