KLP :: Volume #8

#776: Then several months

Mountain Monarch Lu thought actually this Bei Mu a little violates inexpensively, possibly or all demons violate the inexpensive lord, he attitude to this fellow has been despises since some time contemptuously, starts also to conceal, now does not cover up. 陆山君倒是觉得这北木有点犯贱,或者可能所有魔头都是犯贱的主,他从相当一段时间以来对这家伙的态度就是鄙视轻蔑,开始还掩饰一下,现在更是毫不遮掩。 But north this attitude of demon to Mountain Monarch Lu instead good many, even if Mountain Monarch Lu knows that this fellow awes the strength, despises, naturally Apocalypse Alliance China-foreign in Lu Wu arrogant callous even brutal, but this also echoes the camouflage of some character to a certain extent. 可这北魔对陆山君的态度反而好了不少,哪怕陆山君知道这家伙是敬畏实力的,也不由鄙视,当然天启盟中外在的陆吾高傲冷酷甚至残酷,但这也算是一定程度上附和一些本身性格的伪装。 Where knew currently north this demon to Mountain Monarch Lu actually selects the sincere flavor to get up, although the word of demon was incredible, but was taught by Ji Yuan, making Mountain Monarch Lu understand the thing of this intuition level was very mysterious, even the cause were the Mountain Monarch Lu strength. 哪晓得现在这北魔倒是对陆山君有那么点真诚的味道起来了,虽说魔头之言不可信,但受过计缘教导,让陆山君明白这种直觉层面的东西还是很玄乎的,即便诱因是陆山君的实力。 Regarding Bei Mu matter, Mountain Monarch Lu thinks at will, the main train of thought this moment Apocalypse Alliance has actually been wanting them to go to at the Tianyu Continent matter, since Bei Mu mentioned, after Mountain Monarch Lu moment, asks. 对于北木的事情,陆山君只是随意想了想,主要思绪其实一直都在此刻天启盟要他们去天禹洲的事情上,而既然北木提到了,陆山君片刻后还是开口问了问。 When do we leave?” “我们什么时候动身?” Bei Mu cheerful raised the fishing pole, looked under the cliff to have the water surface the fishhook, then flung in the fishhook the sea. 北木乐呵呵的提了提鱼竿,看了看山崖底下才出水面的鱼钩,然后又将鱼钩甩回海中。 Does not worry, when I fished the fish to leave again, going to that was the sticky business, will unable to do well will lose one's life.” “不着急,等我钓完了鱼再动身,去那可是苦差事,搞不好会送命的。” Mountain Monarch Lu grinning, he knows himself, although in some people by Apocalypse Alliance was favored, but the right to know is quite few. 陆山君咧了咧嘴,他知道自己虽然被天启盟里的一些人看好,但知情权还是比较少。 Is short in this keeps guessing to me, Lu self-examined that has the confidence to aspire to seize the summit of cultivation, sometimes although cannot get used to seeing you, but north you demon truly is also in the demon the eminent, since you said that in the future your my two people will cooperate to accomplish, actually you will know anything, will tell me and that's the end!” “少在这给我卖关子,陆某自问有信心问鼎修行之巅,虽然有时候看不惯你,但你北魔确实也是魔中翘楚,既然你说将来你我二人合作成事,那你究竟知道些什么,告诉我就是了!” Heard Lu Wu saying that Bei Mu eye one bright, turned the head to look to this arrogant monster. 听到陆吾这么说,北木眼睛一亮,转头看向这高傲的妖怪 Good good, you said right, actually go to Tianyu Continent this matter, we two must equal!” “不错不错,你说得对,其实去天禹洲这事,咱两也得合计合计!” Bei Mu was saying inserts toward the ground the fishing pole, arrives approaches Mountain Monarch Lu position to sit cross-legged to sit down. 北木说着将鱼竿往地上一插,就走到更靠近陆山君身边的位置盘腿坐下。 Actually must go to Tianyu Continent may continue we, many people must go, this time movement is big, even makes me feel simply impervious, simultaneously rewards and punishes is also much bigger, the key is, I thought that this matter is impossible to achieve, fully does not conform to my Apocalypse Alliance over the years conduct criterion.” “其实要去天禹洲的可不止我们,好多人都要去,这次的动作大得很,甚至让我觉得简直不可理喻,同时奖赏和惩罚也大得夸张,关键是,我觉得这事根本不可能做到,完全不符合我天启盟历年来的行事准则。” Is impossible to achieve, what matter?” “不可能做到,什么事?” Mountain Monarch Lu knits the brows the inquiry, Bei Mu sneers, replied in a low voice. 陆山君皱眉询问,北木则冷笑一下,低声回答道。 Under some people do not know the situation, only said that must confuse the wind and cloud, but as far as I know, this time goal......” “下头的一些人不知情况,只道是要搅乱风云,而据我所知,这次的目的……” Listened to the Bei Mu rustling sound to say much, in the Mountain Monarch Lu heart was somewhat astonished, but in the surface narrowed a nod. 北木悉悉索索说了不少,陆山君心中有些惊愕,但面上只是眯眼点头。 „...... So that's how it is.” “哦……原来如此。” Lu Wu, doesn't your reaction energy select greatly? This time, is very easy to make my Apocalypse Alliance vitality damage severely, possibly loses one's life!” 陆吾,你反应能大点不?这次,很容易使得我天启盟元气大伤的,也可能送命的!” You feared the Apocalypse Alliance vitality damages severely, loses one's life?” “那你是更怕天启盟元气大伤,还是送命?” Bei Mu grinning. 北木咧了咧嘴。 That feared certainly that loses one's life!” “那当然是更怕送命!” I am also!” “我也是!” Two people look at each other to smile , to continue to fish , to continue to sit in meditation, but as if there is thoughts respectively, is only until three days of latter two people, must depend upon any magic arts to fish the fish, has no way to leave directly to Ji Yuan conveys a message. 二人相视笑了笑,一个继续钓鱼,一个继续打坐,不过似乎都各有心思,只是直到三天后二人出发,一个始终没能够不依靠任何法术钓到鱼,一个也没法直接离开给计缘带信。 After Mountain Monarch Lu and Bei Mu leave for a long time, several hair flutter with the wind. 陆山君北木离开许久之后,才有几根毛发随风飘走。 Also over the past three days, was sitting in the temple monk abandons Ji Yuan that the entrance sits in meditation to read to put out a hand to grasp casually, holds three hair that came with the wind, seems like three careful downs, but starts Ji Yuan to know that this is Mountain Monarch Lu. 又过去三天,正坐在寺庙僧舍门口静坐看书的计缘随便伸手一抓,就抓住了随风而来的三根毛发,似乎是三根细细的绒毛,但一入手计缘就知道这是陆山君的。 Because feared that was discovered by Bei Mu, Mountain Monarch Lu has almost not used what supernatural power, therefore on the hair the information are not many, even seems somewhat fragmentary, but Ji Yuan has the guess, Mountain Monarch Lu this was only helps him verify. 因为怕被北木发现,陆山君几乎没动用什么法力,所以毛发上信息不多,甚至显得有些零碎,但计缘本就已经有了猜测,陆山君这只是帮他印证了一些而已。 But, has not thought can actually be Apocalypse Alliance......” “不过,倒是没想到会是天启盟……” The Ji Yuan finger pinches, the three downs in hand have changed into the dust to vanish, the finger is whipping the knee gently, the line of sight still reads the books, in the heart , then considers unceasingly. 计缘手指一捏,手中的三根绒毛已经化为粉尘消失,手指轻轻拍打着膝盖,视线依然看着书本,心中则思量不断。 Apocalypse Alliance Ji Yuan had long known, but has not thought that this time can still be Apocalypse Alliance stirs up trouble, but this violated Apocalypse Alliance all along the quite careful criterion, after all the correct path potential is big, humanity prosperously is the situation, even before Apocalypse Alliance , the tentative plan sets up the heavenly palace, has not thought must exterminate humanity, but favors borrowing day uses snobbishly. 天启盟计缘早就知道了,但没想到这次依然会是天启盟挑事,可这又违背了天启盟一贯比较小心谨慎的准则,毕竟正道势大,人道昌盛更是大势,哪怕天启盟之前设想立天宫,也没想过要灭绝人道,而是更倾向于借天势利用。 Therefore is really because that chess falls, thus makes Apocalypse Alliance change the conduct attitude. 所以果然是因为那一枚棋落下,从而使得天启盟一改行事作风。 However exactly knows what mainly depends is Apocalypse Alliance, has the harvest to Ji Yuan, first is insufficient extremely to grasp blindly, although second the Apocalypse Alliance background is also very fearful, but his Ji person also buried several undercovers, perhaps the critical moment can add on one. 不过确切知道主要靠的是天启盟,对计缘来说还是有收获的,一来是不至于太过抓瞎,二来是虽然天启盟底蕴也很可怕,但他计某人也埋了几个卧底了的,说不定关键时刻能帮上一手。 In this time, before temple gate, rare became must be livelier, broke the peace of this temple, let at this moment the senior monk chanting scripture sound and warbling inside or outside stops shortly. 正在这时,寺庙门前少有的变得热闹了一些,打破了这座寺庙的安静,让此刻老和尚念经声和院内院外的鸟鸣声都短暂停止。 Temple front door, some the people of domestic servant appearance walk, the middle crowds around one to walk child hopping along. 寺院前门处,正有一些家仆模样的人走进来,中间簇拥着一个走路一蹦一跳的小孩。 Thump thump thump...... in the temple has the person? Thump thump......” “咚咚咚……庙里有人吗?咚咚……” A domestic servant goes forward to knock on a door, shouted a throat knocks the second time again, the gate had been knocked by him, therefore simply „” a gate that shoves open the temple looked around inward, sees only in the big temple institute the fallen leaf to roll up and push along with the wind, various scenes also seem very dreary. 一个家仆上前敲门,喊了一嗓子再敲第二次的时候,门已经被他敲开了,所以干脆“吱呀”一声推开寺院的门朝里张望了一下,只见偌大的寺庙院中落叶随风卷动,各处景象也显得十分萧瑟。 „, Young master, made a mistake?” “呃,少爷,是不是搞错了?” The young master in domestic servant mouth, is powder carves the young boy who the jade carves, seems like about 2-3 years old, walking is very steady, even can jump old tall, and balances extremely good does not see to throw down, the chubby body wears light blue clothes, on the neck the red string of bellyband reveals very obviously. 家仆口中的少爷,是一个粉雕玉琢的小男孩,看起来不过2-3岁大,走路却十分稳健,甚至能蹦得老高,且平衡极佳不见摔倒,胖乎乎的身子穿着一身浅蓝色的衣裳,脖子上肚兜的红线露得十分明显。 Without making a mistake, is this!” “没搞错,就是这!” The child voice was immature, referred to the temple, then took the lead to walk toward inside, the nearby six domestic servants hurried to follow, but these domestic servants, although only this child followed the lead, actually maintained two distances with the child, as if not want extremely to be close, not to mention who hugged him. 小孩声音稚嫩,指了指寺庙内,然后率先向里头走去,边上的六个家仆则赶紧跟上,不过这些家仆虽然唯这孩子马首是瞻,却都和孩子保持了两步距离,似乎也不想太过接近,更不用说谁来抱他了。 Around six domestic servants various two people, about respectively one person, encircles throughout side the child, after such a group of people entered the temple, a young monk slightly is running from inside, saw that this crowd of person also flexure scratched the head. 六个家仆前后各两人,左右各一人,始终围在孩子身边,这么一群人进了庙之后,一个年轻和尚才从里头小跑着出来,看到这群人也挠了挠头。 „Do fellow donors, what matter come my mud dust temple behavior?” “各位施主,来我泥尘寺所为何事?” Middle that child stared at this year light monk to watch a meeting, why did not know, the monk looked at some chicken skins, this child's look was extremely sharp, in addition such body, this contrast seemed somewhat strange. 中间那小孩盯着这年轻和尚看了一会,不知为何,和尚被瞧得有些起鸡皮,这孩子的眼神太过锐利了,加上这么个身体,这反差显得有些诡异。 Here is a temple, I heard that the temple is liking makes one burn incense, don't we burn incense good?” “这里是寺庙,我听说寺庙都是喜欢让人上香的,我们来上香不行么?” Hears such baby to speak, but his domestic servant has not all made a sound, the monk whispered strange, then held their palms together the line of Buddha rituals. 听到这么个幼儿说话而其家仆全都没吱声,和尚心里嘀咕一句奇怪,然后双手合十行佛礼。 Meritorious Great Bright King Buddha, everyone has not brought the incenses and candles to come, how to burn incense? My mud dust temple does not sell these.” 善哉大明王佛,诸位并没有带香烛过来,如何上香呢?我泥尘寺可不售卖这些。” The children look immediately to a domestic servant. 孩童当即看向其中一个家仆。 „Outside you go to buy.” “你去外头买一些。” „Is!” “是是!” The domestic servants turn around to depart immediately, but the child is smiling to the monk. 家仆立刻转身离去,而孩子则对着和尚笑了笑。 This downward? Now does not have the incenses and candles, I revolutions in temple?” “这下行了吧?现在没有香烛,我在庙里转转可以吗?” „......” “呃……” The monk cannot find out the words that anything refuted, then has to depend on. 和尚想不出什么反驳的话,便只好依了。 Several , to stroll, the nature yes, is accompanied by the monk.” “几位若是想逛,自然是可以的,就由小僧随同吧。” You also feared that we do steal the thing?” “你还怕我们偷东西啊?” Hehe, naturally is not!” “呃呵呵,自然不是!” Children snort/hum, strolled in the temple everywhere, first before a big hall for worshipping buddha, saw a senior monk and another young monk sit on the rush cushion, the young monk stands to inquire curiously own Junior Brother, the senior monk has not set out not to enlarge ones vision from beginning to end, has chanted scripture silently. 小孩“哼”了一声,自顾自在庙中到处逛了起来,首先就是到了一座大佛堂前,见到了一个老和尚和另外一个年轻和尚坐在蒲团上,年轻和尚好奇站起来询问自己师弟,老和尚则自始至终都没起身没开眼,一直默默念经。 The children stride in the main hall on own initiative, the young monk who has not paid attention to two speeches, the line of sight towed in the main hall middle reaches, has swept the obsolete bright king big buddha sculpture, has swept each corner, finally stayed a meeting on the head of senior monk gloss, went out of the hall for worshipping buddha, the domestic servants and both monks together with. 小孩主动跨入大殿,没理会两个说话的年轻和尚,视线在大殿中游曳了一番,扫过陈旧的明王大佛雕塑,扫过各个角落,最后在老和尚油光的脑袋上停留了一会,才走出了佛堂,家仆和两个和尚都一起跟了出去。 Old and after they walked opened the eye slowly, sees that departing child, meditated Buddha. 老和尚在他们走后才缓缓睁开了眼睛,看着那个离去的孩子,默念一句佛号。 Meritorious Great Bright King Buddha!” 善哉大明王佛!” The children lead the person to go round and round in the temple, more looks at his, two monks thought that this child is looking for the thing radically, is not burns incense. 小孩带着人在寺庙里绕来绕去,越看他这样,两个和尚就觉得这孩子根本就是在找东西,不是来上香的。 Arrives is planting the backyards of several old trees time, the child is staring at the treetop to look around, the domestic servant who just bought the incenses and candles came back. 走到种着几颗老树的后院的时候,孩子正盯着树梢看来看去,刚刚去买香烛的家仆回来了。 Young master young master the incenses and candles bought, the incenses and candles bought!” “少爷少爷香烛买来了,香烛买来了!” The domestic servants come back pantingly, obviously on the road does not dare to delay messes things up, this place leaning, no incenses and candles shop, he comes back is so quick fortunately. 家仆气喘吁吁地回来,显然路上不敢耽误事,这地方偏,没什么香烛店,也亏得他回来这么快。 Young donor, since there is incenses and candles, should burn incense?” “小施主,既然有香烛了,该去上香了吧?” Snort!” “哼!” The children looked indifferently to that domestic servant who buys the incenses and candles, the latter contacted this line of sight, a complexion paleness, the body trembles, in the hand shook, is raising the incenses and candles basket falls the ground, inside fragrant and several candles also fell. 孩童冷眼看向那个买回来香烛的家仆,后者接触到这视线,面色一下惨白,身子都哆嗦了一下,手上一抖,提着的香烛篮就掉到了地上,里头的一把香和几根蜡烛也摔了出来。 Aiya, the landing incenses and candles dyed the dust, the master said that this to disrespect, cannot be used to burn incense, bought again.” “哎呀,落地香烛染尘埃,夫子说此为不敬,不能用来上香,再去买。” „?” “啊?” Has not gone quickly.” “还不快去。” Yes, is!” “是,是是!” The domestic servants wielded the sleeve to wipe the perspiration, does not dare to say anything, how to come how to run on the round trip, the basket of ground did not pick. 家仆挥袖抹了把汗,不敢多说什么,怎么来的就怎么往回跑,连地上的篮子都不捡起来。 Two monks look at each other in blank dismay, does not know that should say anything, that Senior Brother is just about to open the mouth to speak anything, the child actually points at the distant place to say suddenly slightly. 两个和尚面面相觑,都不知道该说什么,那个师兄正要开口讲点什么,那孩童却忽然指着稍远处道。 That side? I go to that side to have a look again!” “那边是哪?我再去那边看看!” May not!” “不可!” Two monks with one voice, then that Senior Brother said. 两个和尚异口同声,然后还是那师兄道。 Young donor, in my temple various places may visit by you at will, but that is guest-quarters, lives in the temple the guest, the master said that cannot harass the person to be quiet.” “小施主,我寺中各处都可由你随意参观,但那一处是客舍,住着寺中客人,师父说了,不可扰人清静。” The children grinning, the diameter walked toward that side. 小孩咧了咧嘴,直径就往那边走。 Your masters and you said that had not said with me.” “你们师父和你们说的,没和我说。” Yeah young donor.” “哎小施主。” Two monks want to stop, was actually opened by the nearby several retinue standards. 两个和尚想要阻拦,却被边上几个仆从格开。 Before that institute the monk abandons the gate, Ji Yuan puts out a hand to caress shoulder small Paper Crane lightly, the latter the pecking makes the feather in that extension wing. 那一处院内僧舍门前,计缘伸手轻抚肩头小纸鹤,后者在那伸展翅膀又啄弄羽毛。 „Can he see you? Also wants to pursue you to catch you?” “他看得到你?还想追你抓你?” Small Paper Crane a launching wing will receive, is nodding to Ji Yuan, then another wing direction front gate direction. 纸鹤将其中一只展开的翅膀收起来,对着计缘点了点头,然后另一只翅膀指向院门方向。 Ji Yuan had heard the voice of that child, is knows that who the opposite party is. 计缘早已经听到了那孩童的声音,更是知道对方是谁。 Then several months......” “这才几个月啊……”
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