KMD :: Volume #10

#997: Raises the bone

Bone entering the sea instant that perches in the starry sky giant beast of jet black deep sea, vast endless consciousness, seepage to bone. 骨头入海霎那,栖息于漆黑深海的星空巨兽,浩瀚无尽的意识,就似渗透向骨头。 Nie Tian falls to sea water Star Pupil, such as was shielded, is difficult to induce to the aura of starry sky giant beast. 聂天落向海水的星瞳,如被屏蔽,再难感应到星空巨兽的气息。 Meanwhile, a tearing vault of heaven, twists the broken domain Stars terrifying aura, multiplies gradually. 与此同时,一种撕裂天穹,绞碎域界星辰的恐怖气息,渐渐滋生出来。 Nie Tian Star Pupil, has the fearful feeling that must split. 聂天星瞳,都生出要裂开的可怕感。 Shouted!” “呼!” Star Pupil departs from the sea water hurriedly, floats to Nie Tian, does not dare to continue to stop over. 星瞳急忙从海水飞出,又漂浮向聂天,不敢继续逗留。 His complexion also fiercely changes. 他脸色也猛地一变。 In Star Pupil flies from, he realizes keenly that he with the subtle relation of that bone, interrupts quickly. 就在星瞳飞离时,他敏锐地察觉出,他和那根骨头的微妙联系,也倏地中断。 The bone, once had been dropped by him a little bit blood essence, his life blood essence integrated the bone, in the blood mark brand mark of bone, was his life aura alone. 骨头,曾被他滴落了一滴滴精血,他的生命精血融入了骨头,在骨头的血纹烙印了,独属于他的生命气息。 In the past, the bone left the hand, he was relying on the relation of vitality, but can also be clear about the sensation to the bone position, even can shout recalls. 以往,骨头离手,他凭借着气血的联系,还能明确感知到骨头方位,甚至能呼喊召回。 But now, because of vitality linkage interrupt, he induces to existence of bone again difficultly. 可如今,因气血连接中断,他再难感应到骨头的存在。 „Won't the fellow, my bone, appropriate to oneself?” “那家伙,不会将我的骨头,据为己有吧?” Nie Tian secretly unstated criticism, faint worry. 聂天暗自腹诽,隐隐担心。 This bone, imperial moves in the hauling of Life Bloodline, became his strongest attack method. 这根骨头,在生命血脉的牵引御动下,已成为他最强攻击手段。 8-Step Bloodline Alien Race, cannot withstand bone to strike, will be pierced the body. 八阶血脉异族,都承受不住骨头一击,会被洞穿躯体。 Although this thing consumption is big, but the hugeness of might, making Nie Tian regard as important extremely. 此物消耗虽大,可威力之巨大,让聂天极为看重。 From Broken Star Ancient Temple, he understands that bone came from a starry sky giant beast of origin time, with hiding deep sea, is the same species. 碎星古殿那边,他明白骨头来自于一头始源时代的星空巨兽,和潜藏深海的,乃是同一物种。 Since is the same species, that fellow of deep sea, can wrest away forcefully? 既然是同一物种,深海的那家伙,会不会强行霸占过去? „Is that bone, actually what thing?” Dong Li is curious, also has, deep sea below existence, what is also?” “那骨头,究竟是什么东西?”董丽非常好奇,“还有,深海下方的存在,又是何物?” Same tribal group.” Nie Tian said vaguely. “同一族群。”聂天隐晦地说道。 Same tribal group?” Dong Li with amazement. “同一族群?”董丽骇然。 This matter, in Broken Star Ancient Temple is also the secret, did not announce to the outside.” Nie Tian nodded, „before I float the land, has promised the Sect Gate elder, cannot disclose the Sect Gate secret. However relates by your me, said that might also as well to you. You only need to know that bone, existence of deep sea, is compared with Heaven Holding Djinn and Ancient Beast clan and Desolate Ancient Era different insect, more ancient remote life race on line.” “此事,在碎星古殿也是秘密,不对外宣告。”聂天点了点头,“我来浮陆前,答应过宗门的长老,不能将宗门秘密透露。不过以你我关系,说些给你也无妨。你只需要知道,那根骨头,还有深海的存在,乃是比擎天巨灵古兽族、荒古时代的异虫,更为古老久远的生命种族就行了。” Dong Li is surprised. 董丽惊奇无比。 Then, Nie Tian notes that tranquil deep sea, lives to change suddenly. 然后,聂天注意到那平静的深海,忽生变化。 The sea water, just like was coagulated, becomes the solid from the liquid. 海水,宛如被凝固,从液体成为固体。 This feeling, comes does not have the omen, as if in suddenly, sees the deep sea that sees, changes into a complete Moyu. 这种感觉,来的毫无预兆,仿佛在突然间,入目所见的深海,就化为一块完整的墨玉。 He and Dong Li eyes, do not have the means to find the scene under sea water, Soul Consciousness is similarly impenetrable , not the clear seabed, is actually having anything. 他和董丽的眼睛,没办法瞧见海水下的场景,灵魂意识同样难以渗透,也就不清楚海底,究竟正发生着什么。 Can know that only, is the consciousness of starry sky giant beast, arrives thoroughly, by them could not be understanding the way, examines that bone. 唯一能知道的,就是星空巨兽的意识,彻底降临,正在以他们理解不了的方式,检测那根骨头。 The unusual form, has continued for a long time for a long time. 异状,持续了许久许久。 Suddenly, such as solid state deep sea, flood slight mighty waves. 忽然间,如固态化的深海,泛起细微波澜。 The strange jet black sea, resembles shortly, restores to the original condition. 诡异的漆黑海洋,似在顷刻间,恢复原貌。 Shouted!” “呼!” The bone that velamen Nie Tian throws, floats to rise from the sea water, swiftly flying apsaras. 那根被聂天抛落的骨头,从海水内浮升而出,倏然飞天。 The relation of he and bone, flies from the sea water in the bone that moment, establishes. 他和骨头的联系,在骨头飞离海水的那一刻,重新建立。 He by the hauling of life vitality, the innermost feelings issues the summon, toward bone that the sky flies, was touched, the direction changes, rushes to him to come, was grasped by him again in the hand. 他以生命气血的牵引,内心发出呼唤,向着天空飞逝的骨头,受到触动,方向一变,奔着他而来,被他再次握在手中。 Star Pupil, takes advantage of opportunity to sink to deep sea. 星瞳,也顺势沉落向深海。 This thing, can you come from where?” The consciousness of starry sky giant beast, transmits from sea water, drills into Star Pupil comprehensively, exchanges with him. “此物,你从何得来?”星空巨兽的意识,从海水内传来,无孔不入地,钻入星瞳,又和他交流起来。 domain of lizard clan, from an old man hand of lizard clan obtained.” “蜥蜴族的域界,从一位蜥蜴族的老者手中所得。” „Is the vitality in bone, you?” “骨头之中的气血,属于你?” Good.” “不错。” How do you pour into in inside the vitality?” “你如何将气血灌注于内?” blood essence drops, my vitality, my mark, natural brand mark in, has substituted for the that person 9-Step clansman of lizard clan, in the blood mark by bone was admitted joyfully.” 精血滴落,我的气血,我的印记,就自然烙印其中,取代了蜥蜴族的那位九阶族人,被骨头中的血纹欣然接纳。” „......” “……” After a dialog, starry sky giant beast was suddenly silent. 一番对话后,星空巨兽忽然沉默了。 After long, the starry sky giant beast subpoenaed again, I can give you to suggest.” 很久后,星空巨兽再次传讯,“我可以给你一些建议。” Please say!” “请讲!” This bone, you, once has unnecessarily, extra blood essence, irrigation in it. After my judgment, has your more than 100 drops of blood essence again, it will have the first change.” “这根骨头,你一旦有多余的,额外的精血,就灌注于它。经过我的判断,再有你的100多滴精血,它会发生第一次变化。” „After the first change occurred, it can in star river any, gather to well up in star river , helping its nutrient, slowly buys.” “第一次变化发生后,它能够在星河任何一处,聚涌星河之中,有利于它的养分,慢慢吸纳。” „Side change in the event, you do not keep it again. You can choose a nobody dead star, the place of peripheral too many bright domain Stars, has not thrown down it.” “变化一旦发生,你不要再将它留在身边。你可以选择一个无人死星,周边没有太多鲜活域界星辰之地,将其丢下。” Your blood essence, can touch it, making it sublimate. May finally, it probably take advantage of itself. Broad star river, is its original ownership, but not your Human Race Storage Ring.” “你的精血,能触动它,令它升华。可最终,它还是要依仗自己。广阔星河,才是它本来的归属,而非你们人族储物戒。” When needs it to you, when with it battles, you can find it.” “待到你需要它,用它作战时,你可以去找到它。” Other times, you, so long as keeps it in the star river deep place then. When to your Bloodline , to continue to transform, blood essence also has the qualitative change, may continue to drop blood essence , to continue for it to the next round changes the step.” “其余时候,你只要留它在星河深处即可。待到你的血脉,继续蜕变下去,精血也发生质变,可继续将精血滴落,供它继续向下一轮变化进阶。” „......” “……” The consciousness of starry sky giant beast, is the Nie Tian direction direction, determined that Nie Tian earnestly listens respectfully, after taking down, said: Was good, you can walk now. Later, I do not hope you, is bringing it, floats the land again. I do not want to say goodbye you, does not want to say goodbye this bone.” 星空巨兽的意识,为聂天指引方向,确定聂天认真聆听,都记下后,说道:“好了,你现在可以走了。以后,我也不希望你,带着它,再来浮陆。我不想再见你,也不想再见这根骨头。” The words, the aura of starry sky giant beast, dissipates, as if went far away. 话罢,星空巨兽的气息,就消散开来,仿佛已远去。 Nie Tian grabs that bone, is puzzled, continues to pour into blood essence for it, again about hundred drops, it will have the change, can in Foreign Domain star river, gather to well up to suit its nutrient spontaneously? Remote star river, is its ownership, is it should in place, but non- Storage Ring?” 聂天抓着那根骨头,一脸困惑,“持续为其注入精血,再有百滴左右,它会产生变化,能在外域星河,自发聚涌适合它的养分?渺渺星河,才是它的归属,是它应该在的地方,而非储物戒?” You thought aloud that what to whisper?” Dong Li strange saying. “你自言自语嘀咕什么?”董丽奇道 Nothing.” Nie Tian shook the head. “没什么。”聂天摇了摇头。 When do we go back?” Dong Li asked again. “我们何时回去?”董丽再问。 Temporarily is not anxious.” Nie Tian hesitates half sound, decides to believe the suggestion of starry sky giant beast. “暂时不急。”聂天沉吟半响,决定相信星空巨兽的建议。 Now in his hands, is storing up numerous Alien Race corpses, many corpses are 8-Step Bloodline, uses the Life Drain words, can pull out separates out the rich flesh essence. 如今在他手中,囤积着众多异族尸体,其中很多尸体都是八阶血脉,动用生命汲取的话,能抽离出浓郁的血肉精气。 Life Bloodline at this moment, is at being dormant condition, no longer earnestly seeks the supplies of flesh essence. 此刻的生命血脉,处于蛰伏状态,不再渴求更多血肉精气的供给。 He accumulates these Alien Race corpses, is prepared to continue quenching of Heavenly Wood Rebirth Technique, then transforms in Life Bloodline, after entering the step once more, is the Life Bloodline following breakthrough provides the flesh energy. 他积累那些异族尸体,本来是准备继续天木重生术的淬炼,然后在生命血脉蜕变,再次进阶后,为生命血脉后续突破提供血肉能量。 The words of starry sky giant beast, making him change the mind. 星空巨兽的一番话,让他改变了主意。 Wait / Etc. left again.” “等等再离开。” Following some time, he ten drops of blood essence of heart place, strips, drops to that bone. 接下来的一段时间,他将心脏处的十滴精血,又剥离出来,滴落向那根骨头。 The bone like the sponge, very short time that ten drops of blood essence, buying to integrate. 骨头如海绵,很短时间就将那十滴精血,给吸纳融入。 Weak induced leaves, Nie Tian the Alien Race corpse, takes, does not evade Dong Li, started Life Drain directly, by blood strings that comes out from his within the body hurricane, to the Alien Race corpse. 虚弱感生出,聂天异族的尸体,取出来,也不避讳董丽,直接发动了生命汲取,以一条条从他体内狂飙出来的血线,扎向异族尸身。 Full and strong, vitality rich Alien Race corpse, rapid withered, such as insolation dry corpse. 饱满、强壮、气血浓郁的异族尸体,迅速干瘪,如暴晒干尸。 The flesh essence, following blood strings, rushes him crazily. 血肉精气,顺着一条条血线,狂涌向他。 The rich flesh essence, gathers on own initiative to the heart, under the function of his Life Bloodline, concludes blood essence once more. 浓郁的血肉精气,主动汇聚向心脏,在他生命血脉的作用下,再次缔结精血 When to Alien Race corpses, such as after the corrosion of thousands of year time, after all flesh essence exhausts, new ten drops of blood essence, turning round in his heart re-assemble. 待到一具具异族尸体,如历经千万年时光的侵蚀,所有血肉精气耗尽后,新的十滴精血,又滴溜溜地在他心脏重聚 New blood essence, took out by it, drop to that bone. 新的精血,又被其取出,滴向那根骨头。 This process, he mechanicalness is continuing, Alien Race corpse that his side scatters, are getting more and more. 这个过程,他机械性地持续着,他身旁散落的异族尸体,越来越多。 blood essence concise, consumes mind extremely, he also slightly will stand on the way still, smiles with regret to Dong Li. 精血凝炼,极耗心神,途中,他还会稍稍停歇一下,对董丽抱歉一笑。 Early knows his special Dong Li, gradually after the custom, looked at the period of time, thinks senseless, oneself went to the palace entrance, goes to stable realm by Spirit Jade, no longer pays attention to him. 早知他特殊的董丽,渐渐习惯后,看了一阵子,觉得无趣,自己去了宫殿门口,以灵玉去稳固境界,不再理会他。 Two months later. 两月后。 Nie Tian from floating Alien Race skeleton of land gain, almost soon by Life Drain, all looting. 聂天从浮陆获取的异族尸骸,几乎快要被生命汲取,全给洗劫一番。 He also slowly awakens, concluding of each drop of blood essence, must exhaust the huge flesh essence, if not this floats the land harvest quite a lot, he does not have the ability, congeals unceasingly blood essence, pours into to that bone. 他也慢慢醒悟出,他每一滴精血的缔结,都要耗去庞大的血肉精气,若非这趟浮陆收获颇多,他是没有能力,不断凝结出精血,灌注向那根骨头的。 Also was on the several th, drop of life blood essence, on dropping bone, the blood mark in bone, such as lightened filament, was swiftly dazzling bright. 又是几日,一滴生命精血,滴落骨头上,骨头中的血纹,如被点亮的灯丝,倏然明耀。 ...... ……
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