KMD :: Volume #12

#1164: Melting

Uncle Master.” 师叔。” Feng Beiluo lowers the head lowly, a face has no alternative. 酆北罗低垂着头,一脸无可奈何。 That skinny such as old monster of corpse ghost, a white down, such as skinny Bai Yuan, the eye pupil is jumping pale flame, clearly is, Corpse Poison Phosphorus Fire that Feng Beiluo said. 那位枯瘦如尸鬼的老怪,一身白色绒毛,如干瘦的白猿,眼瞳跳跃着的苍白火焰,分明就是酆北罗所说的,尸毒磷火 old monster gives the feeling of person, is somewhat similar to Han Yu. 老怪给人的感觉,和韩煜有些类似。 Han Yu, inhuman non- demon, with the Demon Eyed Monster Flower fusion, body situated in Demon and Human Race. 韩煜,非人非魔,和魔眼妖花融合,躯体介于妖魔人族之间。 This by the Feng Beiluo name for Uncle Master old monster, likely is the mixture of corpse ghost and person, inhuman non- corpse. 这位被酆北罗称呼为“师叔”的老怪,则像是尸鬼和人的混合体,非人非尸。 He has the shape of corpse ghost brightly, the eye pupil actually bright, the delay empty condition of non- corpse ghost. 他具备尸鬼的形态,眼瞳却熠熠有神,非尸鬼的呆滞空洞状态。 He also has obvious Soul Power fluctuation, can speak, can fight, can display all sorts of exquisite magic arts. 他还有非常明显的魂力波动,能讲话,能战斗,能施展种种精妙法决 Void Spirit Religion Qu Yi, goes bad my good deed!” old monster was cursing, I kept in that Starry Sky Giant Beast skull specially, together separate soul, cutting to extinguish by him.” 虚灵教屈奕,坏我好事!”老怪咒骂着,“我特意留在那头星空巨兽脑壳中的,一道分魂,被他给斩灭了。” Qu Yi!” 屈奕!” A Feng Beiluo brow wrinkle, the facial expression suddenly becomes dignified, shouted to clear the way: „If Qu Yi, this place is not suitable stays for a long time! Uncle Master, fast leaves along with me immediately!” 酆北罗眉头一皱,神情骤然变得凝重,喝道:“如果是屈奕的话,此地不宜久留!师叔,立即随我速速离开!” old monster of inhuman non- corpse, cursed angrily: You do not try to find the solution, removes that Qu Yi? Broken Star Ancient Temple Ji Cang, not under your conspiring plan, got sucked in not the well-known Foreign Domain starry sky, doesn't have the means to return?” 非人非尸的老怪,怒骂道:“你们怎么不想想办法,除掉那屈奕碎星古殿季苍,不是在你们的密谋算计下,就被深陷于不知名的外域星空,迟迟没办法归来吗?” Ji Cang and Qu Yi are different.” Feng Beiluo some do not bear, Void Realm that Qu Yi wields, can in the different starry skies, the different domain world run amuck. Moreover Void Realm, but can also, communicate in Void Turbulent Flow at will relays. Perhaps this in society, some people can exceed Qu Yi, Ji Cang have such ability.” 季苍屈奕不同的。”酆北罗有些不耐,“屈奕执掌的虚空境,能在不同星空,不同域界天地横行。而且虚空境,还能随意地,来往于虚空乱流地进行中转。这世间,或许有人能胜过屈奕,季苍就有这样的能力。” But, wants to surround Qu Yi, making him lose in not the well-known starry sky, almost impossible.” “但是,想要困住屈奕,令他在不知名的星空迷失,几乎不可能。” Ji Cang is not good, we are not good, other person, is not similarly good.” 季苍不行,我们不行,别的人,同样不行。” That Heavenly Corpse Sect old monster, but must speak, suddenly stuffy snort|hum. 天尸宗老怪,还要讲话,突闷哼一声。 His eye pupil deep place, caper Corpse Poison Phosphorus Fire , becomes does not have gloomily up. 他眼瞳深处,跳跃的尸毒磷火,变得暗淡无光。 Walks!” “走!” Feng Beiluo does not dare to hesitate, one entrains that old monster, is leading him, vanishes in that secret space luminous spot. 酆北罗再也不敢迟疑,一把拽住那老怪,带动着他,消失于那一条隐秘的空间光点。 The luminous spot has glittered several, thoroughly vanishes. 光点闪烁了几下,就彻底消失。 Shortly. 不久后。 Void Realm flashes in this quickly, Void Spirit Religion Religion Leader Qu Yi, one step treads from the mirror. 虚空境倏地于此闪现,虚灵教教主屈奕,一步就从镜子踏出。 Was here!” “就是这里了!” That Void Realm is shining all parties, the Qu Yi dissipation gives the strong sensation strength, but can also smell the Corpse Poison Phosphorus Fire smell, existence of corpse strength. 那面虚空境照耀着各方,屈奕散逸出超强感知力,还能嗅到尸毒磷火的气味,尸力的存在。 Two, include the rich and pure corpse strength, one is Feng Beiluo, another, who is also?” Qu Yi is thinking, realized that my coming, one step left first, they walked, does the head of that Starry Sky Giant Beast, no longer pay attention?” “两位,都含有浓郁而又精纯的尸力,其中一位是酆北罗,另外一位,又是谁?”屈奕思索着,“察觉到我的过来,先一步离开了,他们走了,那头星空巨兽的头颅,不再理会?” Starry Sky Giant Beast head center. 星空巨兽头颅中央。 Nie Tian two hands is pressing that section of bone, under Life Fusion, a little bit Blood Essence Ebullition combustion. 聂天两手按着那截骨头,在生命糅合下,一滴滴精血沸腾燃烧。 He gives birth, the incarnation is Origin Era, the running amuck world Starry Sky Giant Beast marvelous feeling. 他生出,化身为一头始源时代,横行天地星空巨兽的奇妙感。 Because Heavenly Corpse Sect that old monster, leads this place separate soul, was cut to kill by Qu Yi, the ominous soul that numerous gatherings come, loses control likely suddenly. 天尸宗那位老怪,主导此地的分魂,被屈奕斩杀,众多汇聚而来的凶魂,像是突然失控。 hu hu hu !” 呼呼呼!” The soul silk of ominous soul, major part by that section, the bone absorption that has by Nie Tian. 凶魂的魂丝,绝大部分都被那截,由聂天持有的骨头吸收。 On the contrary is in the head, gathers to the under mind ominous soul, are getting fewer and fewer. 反倒是头颅中,汇聚向下方脑海的凶魂,越来越少。 „!!” “喀嚓!喀嚓!” The distant place, has the appalling gnawing sound extremely, falls into the Nie Tian ear. 极远处,有令人毛骨悚然的啃噬声,落入聂天耳朵。 Once in a while, Nie Tian also faintly hears, the Stone Golem Race clansman of that 10-Step bloodlines, stone body ground sound. 间或的,聂天还隐隐听到,那位十阶血脉的石人族族人,石头般的躯体被碾碎的声响。 Why does not know, although had not seen that Nie Tian knows continually that 10-Step bloodlines, Stone Golem Race Great Venerable, degenerates into the sacrificial offering, was planned to refine that Starry Sky Giant Beast is the strongest Heaven Corpse person, sacrificing. 不知为何,虽没有看到,聂天还是知道连那位十阶血脉的,石人族大尊,也沦为祭品,被欲图炼制那头星空巨兽为最强天尸的人,给牺牲掉。 Pitiful, is pitiful, was used completely......” “可怜,又可悲,完全被利用了……” In the Nie Tian heart sighed one lightly, its Life Bloodline released, the vitality like the link, him with that section of bone, mixed perfectly together. 聂天心中轻叹一声,其生命血脉释放开来,气血如纽带,将他和那截骨头,完美地糅合在一块儿。 „!” “咻!” Qu Yi, returns once again, stands above Nie Tian. 屈奕,又一次归来,站在聂天上方。 „Does Nie Tian, have the means that prevents the rainbow light the overflow?” Qu Yi is hesitating, said: So long as does not have many Starry Sky Giant Beast vitalities, mixes in these Alien Race Great Venerable vitality sea, they can return to gradually normal. Causes trouble in secret, the Heavenly Corpse Sect two people, one step evacuated first.” 聂天,有没有办法,阻止虹光的外溢?”屈奕犹豫着,说:“只要没有更多星空巨兽的气血,混入那些异族大尊气血海,他们就能渐渐地恢复平静。暗中作祟的,天尸宗的两个人,已先一步撤离了。” Although expensive is Void Spirit Religion Religion Leader, in society is skilled in Space Secret Technique, but Qu Yi does not know how after preventing that dead, Starry Sky Giant Beast vitality that also gradually must short regain consciousness, dissemination world. 虽然贵为虚灵教教主,世间最精通空间秘术者,可屈奕还是不知道,如何阻止那头死去后,又渐渐要短暂苏醒的星空巨兽的气血,散播天地。 But Nie Tian's that section of bone, then can with its communication, he hope to pin on Nie Tian naturally. 聂天的那截骨头,则是可以和其沟通,自然而然地,他将希望寄托在聂天身上。 I give a try.” “我试试看。” Nie Tian grips the bone, condenses Soul Consciousness, concentrates on the bone, that ancient actually still very small and weak consciousness. 聂天握住骨头,凝聚灵魂意识,专注于骨头内部,那古老却依然很弱小的意识。 He can feel that consciousness, along with the ominous soul gathering, is expanding rapidly. 他能感觉到,那一股意识,随着凶魂汇聚,正在迅速壮大着。 But, restored to that consciousness once, there is a long boundless distance. 可是,离那股意识恢复到曾经,还是有一段漫长无垠的距离。 Rip! Rip! 哧啦!哧啦! Suddenly, revealed that outside, the skull of that Starry Sky Giant Beast, has the rainbow light such as the electricity sputtering. 突然间,显露于外的,那星空巨兽的头骨,有虹光如电溅射。 The mysterious matter, occurred immediately! 神奇的事情,顿时发生! Sees only that Alien Race Great Venerable, the Ancient Spirit Clan clansman, the rich vitality sea deep place, the color drills a crystal grain, just like was being attracted, is separated from vitality sea. 只见那一位位异族大尊,还有古灵族族人,浓郁的气血海深处,彩钻般的颗颗晶粒,宛如被吸引着,纷纷脱离气血海 The crystal grain, such as the multi-colored gravel, one by one falls into Starry Sky Giant Beast. 晶粒,如彩色的沙砾,一一落入星空巨兽 Hot tempered, Fragmentary Destroyed Battlefield tearing, earth-shaking that Starry Sky Giant Beast, unexpectedly little, becomes law-abiding. 暴躁地,将碎灭战场撕裂,天翻地覆的那头星空巨兽,居然一点点地,又变得安分下来。 Because of fleeing of Heavenly Corpse Sect old monster, because of numerous ominous souls, the majority was gained by Nie Tian that section of bone, in addition bone and its communication...... 天尸宗老怪的逃离,因众多凶魂,大部分被聂天那截骨头获取,加上骨头和其的沟通…… Deeply buries in the earth, is not resigned to be enslaved, is not resigned in this aggrieved way, degenerates into Heaven Corpse Starry Sky Giant Beast that but resurrects short, resembles to regain the initiative. 深埋于大地,不甘心被奴役,不甘心以这种憋屈方式,沦为天尸而短暂复活的星空巨兽,似重新获得主动权。 It rather permanent sinks the dormancy, waits for thousands of years, waits for other turning point again, is not willing to reactivate today. 它宁愿永久沉眠,等候千万年,再等别的契机,也不愿于今日复活。 It gathers to well up on own initiative, its being forced dissipation, belongs to its vitality strength. 它主动聚涌,它被迫散逸的,属于它的气血之力 The multi-colored crystal grain, sprinkles like rain to it, water-drop entering the sea, vanishes one by one. 彩色晶粒如雨般,洒落向它,水滴入海般,逐个消失。 From being split up earth, it that braves little, has not been born truly, sinks slowly, sinks bottom of Fragmentary Destroyed Battlefield, a piece of eternal gloomy dry lonesome underground space. 从四分五裂大地,一点点冒出来的它,还没有真正出世,又缓缓下沉,沉落于碎灭战场底部,一片永恒阴暗枯寂的地下空间。 Demon Clan Yuan Demon Great Venerable, spits the one breath lightly, the air/Qi such as the purple color Xiangyun, curls to ascend to heaven. 妖魔族元魔大尊,轻吐一口气,气如紫色祥云,袅袅升天。 In the purple color Xiangyun, lightning flame is wild, leaves behind few, the surviving corpse strength, the phosphorescent light, „” melts all. 紫色祥云中,闪电火焰狂暴,极少数遗留的,残存尸力,磷火,“噼里啪啦”地尽数消融。 Yuan Demon Great Venerable palatial such as great peak, the huge demon body after Ancestral Transformation, is contracting rapidly. 元魔大尊巍峨如巨峰,返祖后的庞大魔身,迅速收缩着。 It is not long, he once more turns into that to look extremely young, the deportment is natural, attire tasteful High-Level Demon. 没太久,他就再次变成那位看着极为年轻,仪态潇洒,衣着讲究的高阶妖魔 Heavenly Corpse Sect, plans to refining Starry Sky Giant Beast is strongest Heaven Corpse, by its disaster various clans.” The eye pupil of Yuan Demon Great Venerable, restores clear and bright gradually, he frowns, talked to oneself: Including me, because of continually battles, carelessly [say / way]. That Starry Sky Giant Beast vitality, to us...... Still also has the restraint strength.” 天尸宗,欲图炼化星空巨兽为最强天尸,以其祸乱各族。”元魔大尊的眼瞳,渐渐恢复清明,他皱着眉头,自语道:“连我,都因连番作战,不慎着了道。那头星空巨兽的气血,对我们……依然还有克制力。” Great Venerable Profound Dark, Great Venerable Withered Bones, several Alien Race Great Venerable, including Heaven Holding Djinn Chatt Vic, slowly sobers. 玄冥大尊,枯骨大尊,还有几位异族大尊,包括擎天巨灵查特维克,也都慢慢清醒过来。 Continues for a long time fight, finally closure. 持续许久的战斗,终于截止。 Is good because, Great Venerable and fight of God Domain, is not the short time can branch out the result, everyone Great Venerable and God Domain, although injuries of some varying degrees, do not have falling from the sky. 好在,大尊神域者的战斗,不是短时间能分出结果的,诸位大尊神域者,虽有不同程度的受伤,并没有陨灭者。 Nie Tian!” Mo Heng drinks suddenly lowly. 聂天!”莫珩突然低喝。 ...... Nt ……nt First sets a small target to oneself: For example collection:. Cell phone version website: m. 先给自己定个小目标:比如收藏:.手机版网址:m.
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